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2013 Board
Colonel V. Doner, Ph.D, Chairman
Rev. Mario Aviles, Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Monte Wilson, Director
Betel Lopez-Guiterrez, Vice-President
Rev. Wayne McNamara, Director
Rev. Warren Hays, Director
Members and Directors serve a two-year term. The governing board of CHRF is scheduled to meet three times annually.
Executive Staff
Colonel V. Doner, President
Kathleen W. McCall, Vice-President
Brant V. Doner, Assistant Vice-President
Terry Grave, Web Master
Derek Hammond, Emergency Relief Director
David Maina, Africa Water Development Director
Betel Lopez-Guiterrez, Director of Education
Gabi Schmitz, Project Coordinator
Miriam Norman, Donor Communications
Olivia Hernandez, Donor Communications
Ashley Steffensen, Donor Communications
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Helping People Transform Their Lives Is Our Business
What is Children’s Hunger Relief Fund all
about? What is our mission? We are part of
a non-denominational association of churches
whose primary purpose is saving children’s
lives and sharing God’s love. We do this by
helping people transform their lives and their
communities so they can live productively and
What makes us unique amongst a myriad
of other fine relief and development organizations? It’s the four agreements we make with you, our donor:
We agree to keep our operating overhead as low as possible; it has
been below 3½ percent for the past 16 years.
We agree to not duplicate relief efforts, but rather to go “where angels
fear to tread.” This means partnering with local groups “on the ground” to
serve those overlooked by other agencies and “digging in” – even in active war zones – when other agencies have pulled out due to life-threatening conditions.
We agree to help empower individuals and communities to move from
the self-perpetuating cycle of need and dependency to a sustainable model
of self-sufficiency. We do this on three levels: 1) Providing education and
vocational training. 2) Providing small family business training and capital.
3) Providing communities with infrastructure (such as clean water systems)
and self-sustaining agricultural projects. The result: sustainable social and
economic transformation.
We agree to multiply donations to achieve greater value by procuring
and shipping tons of donated relief aid (food, medicines, medical supplies,
etc.) for just the cost of procurement and distribution.
Lastly, we are committed to a true partnership with you. As we act as
the physical extension of your love and compassion to those in need,
you truly participate in the miracle of transformation…one child…one
family…one community at a time.
We offer you our deepest gratitude for making all of this possible this
past year! Your support is deeply appreciated and carefully stewarded.
Colonel V. Doner, Ph.D
Vision Statement
Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is part of a non-denominational association of churches focused on humanitarian work and dedicated to helping disadvantaged children
and families transform their lives and their communities through the power of practical compassion, honor and reciprocity (giving back). We save children’s lives today
through feeding programs, health care and abandoned children’s homes; and we
equip children and families for future success through education, training, and sustainable self-development through small business and agriculture projects.
Our Vision
How Your Compassion Reaches Around
Our relief teams once again
visited our amazing projects that
provide children living in garbage dumps and under bridges
with nutritious meals! Innocent
children who were trafficked and
sexually abused have found a
home and hope for the future.
Contaminated water is one
of the leading causes of
child deaths. We have built
community water systems
for over 30 years resulting in
thousands of children enjoying clean, disease-free water.
More than 6,200,000 meals served
by CHRF & our partners
CHRF has continued our work
in the Horn of Africa by providing hundreds of thousands of
life-saving meals to children and
their families. Because of your
help we continue our work making a difference in this forgotten
part of the world!
South Sudan
As fighting and war displaced
hundreds of thousands of
people and turned tens of
thousands of innocent children
into lost orphans, our team has
risked their lives in dangerous
missions in order to deliver
life-saving food and supplies.
More Than $62,289,000 of Aid Delivered
to Families in 23 Countries:
Burkina Faso
Costa Rica
Sierra Leone
South Africa
South Sudan
Life Transforming Services Provided:
6,200,000 million meals served
Orphan Care
Community Water Projects
Feeding Centers
Medical Supplies & Clinics
Child Immunization
HIV/AIDS Prevention Seminars
Hygiene Seminars
Micro-Enterprise Loans
Vocational Training
Sustainable Job Creation
Leadership Development
Emergency Assistance to War and Disaster Victims
6,200,000 Meals* Served
our partners!
If you can’t feed a hundred children, then feed just one.
- Mother Teresa
Malnutrition from
sustained hunger is the
#1 killer of children particularly small children.
Of the almost 7 million
children who die every
year before they reach
their fifth birthday, nearly
half (45%) die as a result
of poor nutrition. That’s
over 8400 little boys and
girls every day, simply
because they didn’t get
enough food to eat.
Malnutrition is the “invisible emergency” because its deadly effects are not
always obvious until the damage is already done. In addition to making small
children more vulnerable to disease, malnutrition also cripples their growth
and development and dulls their intellect.
If they manage to survive their fifth birthday, they are likely to develop
learning disabilities that will affect them for the rest of their lives.
In light of the terrible consequences of child hunger, it is staggering
to consider that one out of six children in developing countries is
malnourished. The numbers are even grimmer in sub-Saharan Africa and
Southeast Asia. If the hope of these children for a productive future is to be
preserved, they must have nutritious food to eat today - and tomorrow.
As evident by our name, bringing relief to hungry children is one of our
core purposes. To this end, CHRF and our partners provided over 6.2 million
life-saving meals to hungry children around the world including in Sudan,
Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uganda,
Philippines and Afghanistan. In 2013, we expanded our emergency food
distributions in Ethiopia and Somalia and brought relief to families displaced
by the war in Syria.
In addition to direct feeding programs, CHRF also continued to fund
projects aimed at addressing the root causes of child hunger at the family
and community levels. This included investing in sustainable agriculture
projects and micro-enterprise programs. (For more information on these
programs, please see “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.”)
*To determine meal numbers we use an average
based on our project partners reports and/or on
the amount of support given. Meal numbers are
affected by prices and availability of staple foods in
local markets. Consequently, they can vary greatly
from project to project and year to year, depending
on the location of the program as well as the political, environmental and cultural context.
Thanks to you, CHRF and our partners served more than
6.2 million meals to hungry children in 2013.
Food For Hungry Children
Community Water Systems
“If 90 school buses filled with kindergartners were to crash every day, with no
survivors, the world would take notice. But this is precisely what happens every
single day because of poor water, sanitation and hygiene” (Sanjay Wijesekera,
global head of UNICEF’s water, sanitation and hygiene program).
Globally, an estimated 2000 children
under the age of five die every day
from diarrheal diseases and of these
some 1800 deaths are linked to water,
sanitation and hygiene, according to
Most of these children live in subSaharan Africa, where as many as four
out of five rural households don’t have
access to safe water and are forced to
rely instead on water sources where
animals also drink and eliminate.
Filthy ditch water is all these
children have to drink.
The only water source is often a
stagnant pond or a muddy, barely
seeping water hole, where it can take
an hour or more of patient waiting to fill
a bucket with dirty water that most of
us wouldn’t give our pets.
Even where rain is plentiful, natural water supplies are contaminated
with disease-carrying parasites, which kill significant numbers of children.
Most will die of the wasting effects of simple diarrhea, and most will be little
girls and boys under the age of five.
Providing safe drinking water is
one of the most powerful and costeffective things that we can do to
save a child’s life - in fact, to save
a whole village of children and their
families for years to come!
A small family tank to collect and
store clean water costs as little as
$500 and can serve up to eight
people. A well or large tank for an
For the first time in their lives, these children in
entire village costs between $3500
and over 200 of their school friends have
and $5000 on average. These lifereliable access to clean drinking water!
saving projects have an average
useful life of 20 to 25 years! That
works out to a cost of pennies a day to provide clean, life-saving water to
desperate families.
Children scramble for their first drink of
clean, disease-free water in Uganda.
Providing access to safe drinking water is one of the most powerful and
cost-effective ways to save a child’s life - in fact, to save a whole village
of children and their families for years to come. In 2013, CHRF funded
community water systems that serve 31,131 people.
Water For Thirsty Children
AIDS/HIV Support
“We are very grateful for the work of Children’s Hunger Relief Fund in its efforts to
provide abandoned and orphaned children, particularly AIDS orphans, with nutritional assistance, clean water, educational materials and medical services.”
- Committee for African Affairs of the United Nations Association
A staggering 15.1 million children have
been orphaned by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
alone. CHRF donors funded the first of our
“Samaritan Homes” in 2000 to create a loving
environment for these children, many of them
infected since birth with the virus. Today, these
homes continue to provide nutrition, medical
attention, education and the love every child
Through the HIV/AIDS program in Kenya,
our support has helped bridge the gap
between HIV patients and the community.
People are educated about awareness,
understanding and prevention of HIV/AIDS.
The patients receive medical care, counseling,
and group support.
The face of AIDS
Along with medical and spiritual aid, a
feeding program is available for the home
care patients in need, providing them with 8
kg of maize and 8 kg of beans. This
food coupled with locally grown
vegetables and fruit is sufficient to
last an entire month.
In 2013, CHRF helped care
for children affected by AIDS
through homes for orphaned
children in Kenya and Uganda, a
crisis nursery for abandoned and
malnourished babies in Zambia,
as well as feeding centers and
HIV/AIDS prevention seminars in
Expanding The Value
Thanks to the project, women receive maize and
beans along with medical and spiritual aid.
Your Donations
Medicines And Life-Saving Miracles In The Philippines
In 2013, our Gifts-In-Kind
inspection team, led by twenty
year veteran board member
Dr. Monte Wilson and his team,
traveled to the Philippines to
visit the hospitals and clinics
that CHRF provides with
millions of dollars worth of
medicines and medical supplies
every year. While on their trip,
they also visited our partners
and projects that have been
working relentlessly to help end
the suffering of hundreds of thousands of children who live in severe poverty.
Dr. Wilson shared about the team’s trip:
“It’s really amazing to see what a blessing these medicines are to so many
good people. As I walked through the hospital inspecting the facilities, nurse after
nurse ran up to hug and thank me for our donations. I assured them that it was
the generous donors of CHRF that made these valuable donations possible. Many
of these hospitals in the Philippines are Roman Catholic and run by nuns; it’s
humbling to be thanked by selfless women who have dedicated their entire lives
to helping others. Many of these nurses and sisters urged us to come back soon
and begged us to continue sending the medical sustenance that we have been
providing for years.
If our CHRF donors could see the incredible and life-saving work that they are
helping make possible each and every single day, not only here in the Philippines
but around the world, I know they would be deeply encouraged!”
But our work isn’t finished; CHRF is continuing to work to provide medicine and
food for thousands of children in the Philippines, many of whom scavenge through
garbage dumps all day long in order to earn the ten cents it costs to buy a meal.
Together we are providing thousands of meals for these beautiful children.
Multiplying Your Dollars
Small family businesses ... providing dignity, not a handout.
In a world where one billion people live on a dollar or less a day, CHRF was
an early pioneer in funding small business loans (“micro-enterprise loans”) to help
families achieve financial self-sufficiency through their own entrepreneurial efforts.
As little as $250 can change a family’s life forever!
With your help, we have transformed thousands of lives. Parents have gained
the dignity of being able to feed and educate their children who are now growing
up in positive, productive environments with new hope for a better future. Jobs are
created for other members of the community, multiplying the benefit of the program
throughout local economies.
We call this “breaking the cycle of poverty.”
Displaying clothes for sale
Helping Families Become Self-Sufficient
Our Goal: Launch thousands
of small family businesses.
Here’s how it works: The first step
is to give a small loan of $250
or less to an industrious family.
When that loan is repaid, the
funds are loaned to another family.
By starting new businesses each
year, and by reinvesting the repaid
loans, thousands of newly selfsufficient families can break the
cycle of poverty.
Making baskets to sell
One of the simplest micro-credit
programs that CHRF supports
is our goat project in Kenya, Africa. After extensive training in animal husbandry
and basic business skills, qualified families are provided with a female goat. The
goat produces milk for the family and for sale – and it breeds! The first female ‘kid’
is repaid to the project (like a loan) so the young goat can be given to yet another
family once it matures. Then the cycle repeats itself. Eventually each family can
have its own flock of goats that provides them with meat, milk and self-sufficiency.
With your help, hundreds of families in Africa and Central America have been
able to feed their own children and become economically self-sufficient.
Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty
- and changing a child’s life forever.
We are committed to providing
children with education to help open new
doors of hope for each child’s future.
In 2013, our donors helped provide
thousands of children with access to
the transforming power of education
at schools in Mexico, Nicaragua,
Afghanistan, Haiti, Kenya and Uganda.
We are committed to not only
changing the current conditions for
children and families around the world
but also to improving their future. By
helping children go to school and receive a priceless education we are helping
to enable thousands of children around the world to BREAK the cycle of poverty.
When most children grow up around poverty and never receive an education, they
will have little to no chance to ever bring themselves or their future families out of
poverty. But, with the help of CHRF, we have broken this cycle for thousands of
children over the past four decades.
“CHRF has helped thousands of orphans not only get off the dangerous streets
of Juarez for more than 20 years, but has also given them the opportunity to
receive an education, an education that will in turn change their lives for the better.
We are so grateful to CHRF for their years of support. Without their integral help,
our children would not have the happy and healthy lives that they have today.”
Betel Lopez, Director, Juarez Orphanage
“No investment has such a
lasting effect as the education
of children.”
~ United Nations Children’s Fund
Vocational Training
“Our commitment is to turn poverty into productivity.”
~ Mike Bresnan, CHRF Member
We are committed to supporting
permanent transformation in the
lives of those we serve. To this
end, we continue to invest in life skills
development and vocational training.
This includes training programs in
different areas such as small business
management, computers, textiles,
machine tool operation and repair,
sewing, weaving, jewelry-making
businesses, carpentry and mechanic
Children learn sewing so that they may have
skills to provide for their future.
These programs create jobs
and provide opportunities for life
skills, as well as vocational and
management training.
Our vocational training
programs continue to produce
dramatic results in the lives of the
participants and their communities.
Math and language courses are taught to enhance the
children’s chances at becoming self-sufficient.
Your donations helped send 3,145 children to school in 2013
and helped train orphaned teens in marketable trades,
allowing them to become self-sufficient, productive adults.
Abandoned Children
Thanks to our committed donors, CHRF helps to rescue hundreds of orphaned
and abandoned children every year providing them with new lives of safety and
A Few Examples:
Uganda: The Power
of One
What happens when one man decides to change
his world? A miracle! Children who are born into
crushing poverty, living in the streets and eating
scraps from the garbage end up with a life full of
hope and promise! They go from being homeless
with no perspective for the future to a loving home
with a family, a solid education and skills that change
their life paths forever.
This man is Caleb, our project director in
Kampala, who was rescued as a child from a life on the streets by a kind stranger.
Now he is rescuing street children himself. He gives them not only a place to stay,
but a family, an education, medical care, vocational skills and a sense of pride,
belonging and safety. In short, Caleb gives them their childhood back.
Caleb has his work cut out for him for he is not only determined to help many
more children escape the filth, danger and despair of street life, but solve the street
children problem in Kampala for good!
During a recent visit, our team was able to witness how Caleb has grown his
program from caring for a small number of street children in two rented homes to
impacting the lives of over 100 orphans and street children at any given time in his
own children’s home, two rented transition homes, and soon a newly constructed
home for single mothers who are escaping life in the slum. Caleb’s holistic model of
giving hopeless mothers and destitute children a home, love, an education, skills,
values, a sense of self-worth and responsibility breaks the cycle of dependency
and despair and as a result, changes lives forever. His dedication and love for
street children is perhaps most evident in the many young adults - former street
children from his homes - who stay with him as mentors, caregivers or farm
workers to help him realize his vision of a country where every child has a loving
home. A vision well worth supporting!
Kenya: Samaritan Children’s Centers
More than 120 boys and girls call the Samaritan
Children’s Centers in Nakuru home. These
children come from different parts of the country
and various desperately poor backgrounds. But
what they all have in common is the fact that the
Samaritan Center is the only place they have
ever known where they can be children – no
younger siblings to raise, no walking for hours
through the scorching sun to fetch water for the
family, no scavenging for food, no working all day
or wondering if they will ever go to school. The
children at our homes are orphaned, abandoned
or displaced; before coming to the Samaritan Centers, they knew nothing but death,
disease, hunger and deprivations.
At the Centers life is simple – the children sleep in bunk beds in dorms, they have
few personal possessions, there is no indoor plumbing, meals are prepared on a
wood stove, the day is filled with school, homework and chores. And yet, there is
an overwhelming sense of belonging, purpose, joy and love when you visit. The
kids are open, friendly and curious. They love to share and play with visitors; they
are proud to show their home and talk about their dreams for the future. There is no
doubt – if you had to grow up in crushing poverty and lose your family, you couldn’t
end up in a better place than the Samaritan Centers!
In a small city in the Philippines,
CHRF works with a league of
extraordinary nuns lead by Mother
Superior Joan Claire. Mother Joan’s
heart is for the poor and disadvantaged
and that is why for years she has
sought out orphans and children who
have turned to the filthy trash of the city
dump to scavenge for food.
CHRF Team Member visits Mother Joan who has
dedicated her life to helping vulnerable children.
Mother Joan and her dedicated
order of sisters have not only set up
feeding programs at these dumps, but
also oversee an orphanage for abused
and abandoned children.
Your donations to CHRF helped rescue hundreds of abandoned children
off the streets in 2013. We call that saving the world – one child at a time.
Hope For Abandoned Children
War & Emergency Relief
Still Saving Lives
Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the
world, hasn’t yet recovered from the biggest
natural disaster of the century, the giant earthquake that destroyed the capital city, killing over
200,000 people, and leaving over 1,000,000
souls jobless and homeless.
Our CHRF team and partners have been
working hard in Haiti to help restore the lives of
the countless children who have been affected
and orphaned by this disaster. In 2013 we
worked with our medical partners to help fight
the growing cholera epidemic that has taken
the lives of thousands of children. Thanks to our
compassionate donors, we have helped ease
the suffering for these children and their families who have already been through so much
in recent years by treating over 6,200 cholera
And we plan to help even more! We’ve also
purchased brick-making machines in the past that continue to help re-build more
homes in Haiti!
“We cannot put into words the gratitude that we have towards your willingness
to stand with us and provide the opportunity of life to so many precious people.
Please know that your gift will continue to give
hope and healing for thousands in rural Haiti.” –
CHRF Partners in Haiti to YOU, our donors.
War & Emergency Relief
After a horrific civil war
broke out in Syria, the CHRF
Emergency Relief Team stepped
in to find and help the children
and families who had so quickly
lost everything. The facts cannot
be ignored:
• Over 100,000 people died in
the war.
• Two million people were
More than one million children are refugees. This family
of nine lives under this shelter made out of blankets.
Together we are helping them!
• More than one million refugees
are children.
In response to the refugee crisis, CHRF spoke with
the U.N. Human Rights Council to find villages of
refugees that NO OTHER relief agency had helped!
Many families are scared of staying in the larger
refugee camps where violence and crime are
terribly high. Because of this problem many
families choose to try and survive outside of
the camps where there was no help until
CHRF arrived and provided emergency
relief packages.
Thank you for your help to little boys like this precious
one who is happily sitting on food and supplies for his
family! You have provided them with HOPE!
The first victims in any war are the women and children. Often displaced from
their homes, their possessions and their livelihood, they are left stranded without
food, water, shelter or medical care. The relief provided by organizations such as
Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is often their only hope for survival.
Help For War & Disaster Victims
War & Emergency Relief
South Sudan: 900,000 People Displaced
Imagine a large town with a population of
150,000 with busy street markets, churches,
schools and despite their poverty, happy people.
But overnight evil brews and an endless tribal war
consumes the innocent town. The very next day
the air is horribly thick with the smell of death and
the smoke from burning homes and buildings.
Thousands have been tragically killed – men,
women and children!
All we can do is help the survivors. And that’s
exactly what the CHRF team did by being the FIRST relief team to help these
desperate families. Our international team leader reported to us about their daring
“Once we were in the town we found as many survivors as we could to give them
food and aid. I still cannot believe their horrendous stories of suffering and death.
This town used to have over 150,000 people, now it is a ghost town, most of it burnt
to the ground. We were able to find, help and feed over 2,000 people!
Despite the danger and constant fighting our team was able to provide 48,000
meals to people who hadn’t received ANY other help! Without YOUR help, none of
these miracles would have been possible! Thank you for working with CHRF to help
these suffering children and people!
OVER 500,000 meals and continuing
to provide HOPE to the hopeless!
In the summer of 2013, CHRF continued our mission and promise of going where
angels fear to tread by delivering life saving meals to children and even entire villages in Ethiopia, reaching families and children that no other relief agencies
had been able to find. Our international crisis relief team has been doing this work
for over 20 years, thanks to your generous help.
On one trip alone in the drought-affected country, we delivered 90 tons of food,
providing sustenance and hope for five starving villages. That’s over half a million
meals, enough food for months!
We also delivered 34 tons of seeds to 152 farmers. These farmers will reap 228
tons of wheat this year. They will give a percentage of their harvest to “the less fortunate,” keeping enough to support and feed their families for the year, and have
enough seeds to plant again next year. Talking with these farmers, each of them
noted what, for them, was the most exciting thing: they will be able to send their children to school. Hope for the next generation!
Donors like YOU make life-saving trips like this one by CHRF possible! Thank you
for not ignoring the need around the world; thank you for making a difference in the
lives of others, even if you’ve never met them; thank you for bringing hope to the
Help For War & Disaster Victims
CHRF Association of Churches making a difference:
Mercy work in the south of Mexico
In coordination with
our pastors in Mexico
our CHRF Association of
Churches delivered vital
aid to very poor regions
during the harsh winter.
Warm blankets were
delivered to children’s
homes, women’s shelters and homes for the
elderly. Many of these
centers were in great
need of blankets to help
the poor survive the
Betel Lopez and a few of our pastors from
the CHRF association of Churches
Our Association of
Churches worked with
different organizations to provide emergency aid to suffering families. The 13 congregations in the area that serve as members to our association were also blessed
with blankets for their families.
In order to continue our commitment to children we provided assistance to an
orphanage with approximately 40 children. They care for children who have been
abandoned and abused. They provide teens with psychological support, spiritual
care and practical skills for a better opportunity in life.
We also helped our partners that provide legal, medical, psychological, spiritual
and financial aid to women and children. In the city of Torreon there has been an
explosion of violence due to the drug cartel wars. Our partners have helped many
families recover from tragedies like deaths due to the drug war.
Through our Association of Churches in Latin America we continue to look for
partners and churches we can assist to teach God’s love and His compassion and
to help the poor and needy.
If your church would like to apply for membership in our Association of Churches,
please contact Betel Lopez, Director of Religious Education, at [email protected]
Fiscal Year January - December 2013
Allocated To
Life-Saving Programs
To Administration
Fundraising and Promotion 1,124,786
Management and General 1,082,612
Total Expenses
Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is an independent, nonprofit, charitable organization. Contributions to CHRF
are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. CHRF is also registered with the U.S. Agency for International
Development (USAID) as a private voluntary organization. CHRF is legally constituted as a non-denominational
association of churches.
8 Ways You Can Change
Child’s Life
Invest in a Child’s Future. Even the smallest gift can change a child’s life forever. See our contact information on the back of this report. Consider a monthly giving program. Visit our website
at www.chrf.org to learn more about our Online Giving System. This tool allows users to create a
personal donor log-on. This allows the donors to track gift history, manage reoccurring gifts, change
donor information and passwords, and much more.
Adopt a Project. Invest in something that moves your heart - like a feeding program to help hungry children, or child immunization, or clean water projects. Learn more by visiting our website at
Make a Memorial or Special Occasion Gift in the Name of a Loved One. Celebrate the life of
someone you love by giving a life-changing gift in his or her name to a child or family in need. A card
or note will be sent to acknowledge your special gift.
Make Your Next Party an Event. With your next birthday party, you could help rescue some AIDS
orphans off the street...or fund a child immunization drive for a village...or help build a water well for
a school or village. A special online giving link can be provided for your event. Contact us to learn more
about this Online Event Tool.
Planned Giving - Legacy of Miracles. Including us in your will or trust can be a wonderful way
to create a perpetual, living legacy that will continue to make a life-saving difference in the lives of
needy children. Contact Brant Doner at [email protected] or 888-781-1585.
Get Others Involved. Encourage a group you’re part of - like a class, business, club or other association - to sponsor a project. Together, you could raise money for something you care about - including Sudan refugees, hungry children and water well projects for African schools. A special online giving
link can be provided for your event. Contact us to learn more about this Online Event Tool.
Combined Federal Campaign. Children’s Hunger Relief Fund proudly participates in the CFC.
Please remember CHRF when you fill out your pledge card and choose charity #11730.
Pray. Find a favorite project on our website and pray for its success.
Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do it without you!
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