l a
july 2011
volume 60, number 7
the many ministries of Children’s Hunger Fund
throughout the United States.
In 2006, Future of Forestry (which got its
name from the poem by C.S. Lewis) signed with
Nashville-based Credential Recordings and
has six album credits including the critically
acclaimed Travel trilogy series. The concert
at LCPC will be their only performance in Los
Angeles County on their upcoming tour. Future
of Forestry has many videos posted on YouTube
and one of their songs is featured in a national
commercial. Their style of music is eclectic and
even incorporates elements of classical music.
We are thrilled to have this talented and Christcentered band performing at our church for
such a wonderful cause.
Due to an extensive promotional effort by
Children’s Hunger Fund and our church, we
anticipate a large turnout for this one of a kind
event that will rock the Crescenta Valley. For
more information about the band, visit their
website at:, or contact
Brent Kuszyk. And invite a friend.
pastor’s letter
deacons’ beacon
Lee’s latest
Children’s ministries
Student ministries
faces of lcpc
cfc heartbeat
LCPC will be sponsoring a benefit concert for
Children’s Hunger Fund on
Friday, July 15, at 7:00 PM
in the Sanctuary. We will
be hosting the alternative
Christian band “Future of
Forestry” as well as the band
“IAMWE.” The cost is $9 online at www.FutureofForestry.
com or $11 at the door. All
proceeds will go to support
worship schedule
pastor’s Letter
broaden the reach of your prayers, I invite you
to use the following in your private devotions
and maybe at your dinner table. Let’s remember
those who have left everything to follow Jesus
and who risk their lives every day because of
their great love for him.
Gracious God, you sent your Son, Jesus
Christ, to reconcile the world to yourself. We
praise you for those you have sent to preach
the gospel in places where your name is not
known. We thank you especially for martyrs
who have given their lives for you. Teach us,
like them, to value the things of heaven above
the things of this earth.
Lord, we have millions of brothers and
sisters around the world who are threatened
today with imprisonment, torture and death.
We pray for persecuted Christians in Sudan,
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria,
Morocco, East Africa, West Africa, Turkey, Kuwait, Brunei, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, India,
Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Bhutan, Burma
and Cambodia. We pray for missionaries
from this church family: Young and Bosun
Oh working with refugees in the borderlands
of Thailand; Man-Young and Jane Chang in
Dhaka City, Bangladesh; Darren and Elisabeth Kennedy at Evangelical Seminary in
Cairo, Egypt; Daniel Adams at Colby College
in Maine and currently in Uganda; Nicky
Spence in East Asia and Terri Hewitt in China.
Wherever your disciples face persecution,
protect them from harm. Surround them with
your angels. Strengthen them so they can
complete their race.
Lord Jesus, we pray also for ourselves.
We know that if we truly follow you, we, too,
will experience
rejection. Teach
us to suffer gladly
knowing that we
suffer for you.
Use our suffering
to advance your
kingdom, and
bring glory to
Awaken your
worldwide church to the plight of persecuted
believers of all faiths. Give leaders in our nation the vision and determination to promote
and protect religious freedom in all their
circles of influence.
We pray in the name of the Father, and the
Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Love and good cheer,
Andy Wilson
P.S. Also tying in nicely with the theme of
world missions is the July 15 benefit concert for
Children’s Hunger Fund. Bring a car load of
friends to hear “Future of Forestry” and help
them raise a ton of money for a stellar Christian
Dear friends,
In case you hadn’t noticed, recently God
has been sending us mission workers from the
front lines of ministry to remind us who we are
and what we’re supposed to be doing as Christ’s
Church. On May 29, Nicky Spence gave a moving account of her evangelistic work in East Asia
where millions are hungry for God’s truth and
hundreds are responding to the Gospel message
every day.
By the time you read this, Pat and Joan
Krayer will have spoken at our first Summer
Summit Seminar on the challenges and opportunities for the church in war-torn Afghanistan.
The international missions theme continues
on July 20 as my dear friends Darren and Elisabeth Kennedy describe what it was like to be in
Cairo during the recent revolution, and what the
future may hold for Christ’s Church in the new
Egypt. The Kennedys are both faculty members
of Evangelical Seminary, the largest school of its
kind in the Arab world.
Meanwhile, our friend Daniel Adams, the
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship leader at Colby
College, has been spending his summer coleading an InterVarsity trip to Uganda. His team
is working to spread hope among orphans and
former child soldiers.
All of these courageous friends are raising
our awareness of the plight of millions of Christians around the world who regularly experience
depravation and persecution. They remind us
of our calling to provide material support, but
also to pray in a disciplined way for the Church’s
missionaries and martyrs.
It’s sometimes hard to offer those prayers.
The world is a big place and the needs seem so
overwhelming! If you’re looking for a way to
la crescenta presbyterian church
Mark Williams
[email protected]
ARt director
Shawn Kelly
[email protected]
Lois Brown
messenger deadline
thursday, july 15
9:00 AM sharp
in the church office!
Saturday mornings,
anytime between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM
Messenger articles
and corrections should be
emailed to [email protected]
They can also be placed in the
Messenger folder. Electronic
versions (cd) are preferred.
Materials submitted
after the deadline
will likely be omitted at the
discretion of the editor.
lee’s latest
Summit has something for everyone! Each
Wednesday night this summer there are three
different opportunities to
learn and have fun. All
programs will meet from
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM unless
otherwise noted. Adult
programs will meet in the
June 29
All-Church and Community BBQ, 6:00 PM
at Dunsmore Park. Cost: $3
July 6
Kids – “Selfishness” with King George and
the Ducky
Youth – “Summer Kick-Off” from 6:00 PM8:00 PM
Adults – Join Lee as he leads a discussion
about Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins.
July 13
VBS Week! No classes.
July 20
Kids – “Peer Pressure” with Rack, Shack
and Benny
Youth – “Funky Bowling” from 6:00 PM 9:30 PM
Adults – Darren and Elisabeth Kennedy will
share their experiences as seminary professors at
the Evangelical Seminary in Cairo, Egypt.
July 27
Kids – “Courage” with Esther
Youth – “Glow Stick Ultimate Frisbee” from
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Adults – “Five Thresholds of Postmodern
Evangelism.” A new paradigm for understanding personal evangelism and practical help in
sharing your faith in everyday life with friends
and colleagues.
August 3rd
Kids – “God’s Children” with A Snoodle’s
Youth – “Movie Night” and “Nacho Tower
Building” from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Adults – “Music From the Movies: Who
Wrote It?” Jim Brown, who covered the entertainment industry for 25 years with the Today
Show on NBC, will talk about the composers
behind the music of some of our favorite movies
of the last 50 years. Tom Brown will assist on the
piano as Jim reveals background stories that set
the stage for the music of blockbuster films.
Summer is special
Summer is officially here. It seems the summer months are an especially busy time of year.
Even though school is out for many, the calendar tends to fill up with lots of events. Yet there is
a relaxed and casual atmosphere that no other
season seems to offer. It makes me feel grateful
for this season when we can come together on a
summer’s evening with friends, extending our
day by sitting outside, perhaps sharing a meal,
or meeting at Memorial Park in La Canada
listening to music on a Sunday evening which
lots of LCPC folks do.
During this special time of year when the
warmth of the day offers us more time to enjoy
the companionship of our friendships, let us
appreciate summer’s gifts. We are blessed with
peaceful evenings and their coolness, the casual
gatherings of friends, children laughing with
the pure pleasure that cool water provides,
gardens bursting with colorful splendor, the
night-blooming flowers scenting the air while
the crickets play their own cheery music. As we
enjoy these gifts through God’s grace, we feel
grateful which in turn allows us to perceive God
more clearly and to rejoice in His love.
When we feel His love coming to us through
our gratitude then we can also experience a letting go of our anxiety and feel a sense of security
that surrounds us automatically. It goes hand in
hand. Test it out yourself. Each day think of at
least three things you are grateful for. With this
positive juice running through you, it will begin
to cancel out anxiety and will bring you closer
to God. God’s Holy Spirit is the positive force in
our life!
And I am convinced that nothing can
ever separate us from God’s love. Neither
death nor life, neither angels nor demons,
neither our fears for today nor our worries
about tomorrow – not even the powers of hell
can separate us from God’s love. No power in
the sky above or in the earth below – indeed,
nothing in all creation will ever be able
to separate us from the love of God that is
revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.
(Romans 8:38-39, New Living Translation)
Did You Know?
There’s help available for women battling
cancer who are too ill to do their own housecleaning. Fighting cancer is difficult enough,
but living with it is even tougher and that’s
where the Cleaning for A Reason Foundation
steps in. This nonprofit organization offers free
professional housecleaning and maid services
to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer - any type of cancer.
Professional housecleaning and maid
service companies all across the country are volunteering to be part of this worthy cause. If you
or someone you know is in need of this service,
visit their Website –
– and fill out the application. On the flip side, if
you know of such a company, perhaps you could
encourage them to become part of this program.
I noticed our closest coverage is Burbank and
Arcadia and, of course, the need is everywhere.
God’s Grace to you and peace,
Nancy Coler
Are you looking for a good place to view the
CVHS fireworks extravaganza but don’t want to
fight all the parking and crowd issues that typically accompany a trip to the football field? Once
again this year, our friends from First Baptist
Church at La Crescenta (4441 La Crescenta
Avenue) are inviting us to share their perfectly
positioned parking lot for some spectacular
CVHS fireworks. They also have plenty of restrooms and playground equipment for the little
ones. Easy parking access both from Mary Street
and Community Avenue, fun and games, and a
quick exit are all available. Access to the parking
lot will begin at 5:00 PM. Just let them know
you’re with LCPC when you arrive.
r ies
It is easy for children’s programs to get lost
in the midst of VBS enthusiasm. However, we
have a few other important things going on in
July that I don’t want families to miss out on.
July is the month that 17 of our 4th-6th
graders will be headed off to Alpine Summer
Camp to worship Jesus in the great outdoors.
This isn’t cabin camping – these kiddos live
in tents for the week while learning about how
to live for Christ! Please join me in praying for
them from July 17-23.
While the older kids are away, the rest of us
will play. Friday, July 22, will be a beach day to
follow up our beach-themed VBS. All families
are invited to meet at the church at 10:00 AM
and we will carpool to Huntington Beach for the
day. I will provide snacks, but families are encouraged to bring their own bag lunches. If your
child is able to swim and would like to come
alone, please make sure to let me know ahead of
time so I can ask enough volunteers to attend.
We will be returning from the beach at 4:00 PM.
RSVP to [email protected]
Lastly, this summer we are trying something
new. Instead of having several small pool days
we are having one, big, huge, Pool Party! On
Tuesday, July 26th from
12PM-3PM there will be hot
dogs, lemonade, cookies,
pool games etc. All children
are invited but if a child
is unable to swim without
some kind of floating device,
parents are asked to stay. The
location of the party has not
yet been determined. Please
feel free to contact Ashley
with any questions ([email protected]
As you can see, July is
filled with opportunities
for LCPC children to enjoy
themselves, hopefully while
growing in their relationship with Christ. However,
we never want to forget the
many people who don’t
have the luxury of pool
parties, camps or even food
to fill their bellies. Did you
know there are more than
163 million orphans worldwide? This summer
LCPC is going to try and serve those children
by providing them money for food. During the
month of July, all children who come on Sunday
mornings will be participating in Project Rice
Bowl! Each child will receive a small clay bank
shaped like a rice bowl. They are asked to fill it
up with change throughout the summer. On August 28, all children will be asked to bring their
bowl in and together we will break them open
and gather up all the money. That money will
be sent to Rice Bowls – a Christian organization
dedicated to providing food for orphanages in
eight different countries including Haiti, South
Africa, Nicaragua and India. I came across this
organization while at a ministry conference and
talked to one of the leaders there. It is a tangible,
simple way for children to be involved and I
hope everyone enjoys this new project. I know I
am really excited about it.
I look forward to all of the time I will be
spending with the wonderful children of LCPC
and hopefully a wealth of new children from our
community during July. What a gift to be able
to have fun with them while sharing the gospel
and helping others!
Kids Say the
Darndest Things
Ashley: “God can make big, wonderful
changes. I mean, look at a caterpillar. God
changes a caterpillar into what?”
4-Year-Old: “A butterfly.”
Other 4-Year-Old: “But first it has to
be a raccoon!”
Ashley: “I think you mean it makes a
student ministries
My name is Faith Gonzales and I am so
excited to be the Summer Youth Intern here
at LCPC! I grew up in La Crescenta and have
attended church here my whole life. Growing up
I was an active member in the youth group and
I have so many amazing memories from that
time. Some of my fondest memories from youth
group are my summers at Mount Hermon. Not
only was it one of the most fun camps I have
ever been to, but it was a great time for me to
reconnect with God and to grow spiritually.
Growing up, youth group played a very important role in my life. Not only did it help me grow
in my relationship with God, but it provided me
with a group of adults that I know cared about
me and with a solid group of friends, many of
whom I am still very close to today. I truly val-
ued this and it helped shape me into the person
I am today.
I have always had a passion for working
with the youth. Growing up I always admired
my teachers and I decided at a young age that
that is what I wanted to be when I grew up. I
have been working towards that goal for most
of my life. My junior year of high school I
had the opportunity to begin working at the
Center for Children and worked there until I
graduated and I have been blessed to have had
the opportunity to come back and work there
every summer since. I attended college at the
University of Redlands and graduated in May of
2010 with a degree in Liberal Studies. I moved
home after graduation but continued my studies
at Redlands’ School of Education to earn my
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. The commute was not fun, but it was good to be home
and it provided me with the opportunity to get
reconnected here at LCPC.
My move home happened to coincide with
the change of a new youth leader. I remembered
my time in youth group and how I not only
yet. Working with this young group of women
has helped me grow in my faith and has also
provided me with some amazingly fun times.
We love doing things as a group and
some of our adventures include seeing Never Say Never on the big screen
(Lauren and I are both Justin Bieber
fans now – haha), go-cart racing and
bumper boating at Mountasia, and a
spur of the moment trip to Disneyland
where we met up with not only our
small group, but also tons of LCPC
junior highers – it was so much fun.
I look forward to spending time and
getting to know this amazing group
of young women as we continue on
our spiritual journeys and grow.
Faith (left) with Lauren Gossett on the 2010 Wildlife Tour
I had truly enjoyed working with
the youth groups and in the hopes
valued the youth leader, but also all
of continuing to be as involved in the youth
of the other adults who showed up
groups as I could be, I applied for the summer
weekly for us kids. I finally decided
job as the Youth Intern. When Cam told me I
that was something I should look
got the job I was beyond ecstatic and could not
into. I met Cam and offered to help
wait to get started. Cam is so easy going and
out with anything he needed. He
open to different ideas that our meetings to plan
asked if I could drive for In-N-Out
this summer have been so much fun, and quite
Formal and having never been to
successful. We have an awesome summer lined
one I eagerly said yes. One event was up. I am particularly looking forward to White
all it took for me to decide that I
Water Rafting, Funky Bowling, and Disneyland.
wanted to be more involved in work- I am mostly excited to have the summer to focus
ing with the youth groups. I began
on all of the kids and get to know each one
going to SHALOM and helping with
better. This opportunity is such a blessing to me
different youth group events, some
and I cannot wait to see what His plans are.
of my favorites being the High School Lock In
and the Junior High Girls Sleepover. Working
with the youth group
is so much fun and I
enjoy it more and more
as I get to know all of
the students. They are
so much fun and bring
so much joy to my life.
Hoping to get even
more involved, and
connect with group of
girls on a deeper level,
Lauren Gossett and I
teamed up and became
the 8th grade (soon
to be 9th grade!) girls
small group leaders. This has by far
been one of the most
rewarding experiences
And now, what you have all been waiting for,
the pinnacle of Children’s Ministries summer
programming…the one…the only…(long
Okay – so maybe that was overdramatic,
but it’s that time of year for Children’s Ministries
biggest outreach event – Vacation Bible School.
From 9:00 AM to Noon, July 11-15, LCPC will
be filled with hundreds of children laughing,
screaming and, I pray, learning about the love
of Christ (sorry, office staff, about the
screaming!). Our theme this year is
SonSurf Beach Bash and
a bash it will be for
children 4-years-old
through 6th grade.
Each day
the kids will seek
answers to important questions about
their faith using crafts,
Bible stories, drama,
music, games and more. The
questions for the week are: Who is Jesus? Why
can I trust Jesus? Why do I need Jesus? How
can Jesus help me when I mess up? What does
Jesus want me to do? I am so excited for all of
us involved in VBS together to seek the answers
to these surprisingly profound questions. My
prayer is that every child will leave this week of
fun with a deeper desire to have a relationship
with their Savior! I realize that for a 4-year-old
that relationship may look like singing a song
to God before bed. To a 6th grader it may look
like keeping a prayer journal and learning the
beauty of confessing before God. Whatever it
looks like, please join me in praying that lives
will be changed. It is not too late to sign up, so
please do! Forms are in the church office and the
cost is $30 per child.
Of course, we wouldn’t be LCPC if we
did not have a VBS extravaganza to compliment our week’s activities. So
mark your calendars for our
SonSurf Beach Bash
Bonanza on Thursday, July 14, from 6:00
PM - 9:00 PM. We will
be having a delicious
dinner, water slides, a
Limbo contest, raffles and
a time of music in the Sanctuary
so that families can see what their
children are learning. Your family and friends
won’t want to miss it! The cost is only $5 per
person and $20 for a family of four or more.
On the off chance that you have read
through this and still don’t feel excited about
July, flip back to the Children’s Ministries page
for more upcoming fun!
by Ashley Adamson
I am so excited to experience Vacation Bible
School with so many CFC children this year! We
are going to have a great time learning about
Christ and enjoying the very SoCal appropriate
beach theme. Throughout the month, I will
also still be coming around for classroom visits
and chapel time, during which we will continue
reading some stories about Paul and learn
about how God cares for us and gives us courage. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity
to enjoy time with your children.
JULY 24-28
Some things just get better with time like
an old pair of shoes or a poem by Walt Whitman or…the LCPC WILDLIFE TOUR! That’s
because the formula is almost impossible to
improve upon: High Sierra trails + good friends
+ Haagen Dazs + pizza + a spacious, air-conditioned room + a comfortable mattress = EPIC
We’re introducing a few innovations that
should make our eleventh annual trek the best
ever. All participants will engage in some of the
greatest hiking in North America. Newcomers
will explore many of the classic trails of the
spectacular Eastern Sierra. And Wildlife Tour
veterans will be able to choose among five allnew adventures.
The Wildlife Tour is not a backpacking trip,
nor is it a car tour. It’s an opportunity to sample
four different hikes in four different wilderness zones, and to eat a hot meal and sleep in
a comfortable motel each night. Three to four
hiking options ranging from moderately easy
to strenuous are offered each day, most of them
in the Sierra Nevada high country. We also take
time each day to sing, pray, study the Bible and
hang together.
The trip is open to anyone going into ninth
grade or older, including college students and
adults. Families may sign up together (age limits are flexible when a parent participates). The
registration deadline is Sunday, July 17, or when
the group size reaches 27.
You can pick up a trip brochure at LCPC,
call the church office, (818) 249-6137, and ask
Nancy Thomas to mail you one, or download the
information from:
Join Us for Lunch!
Tuesday, July 26
This past June LCPC became a KIDS HOPE
USA church! That means we are now part of an
amazing network of churches all over the coun-
try who are reaching out to the growing numbers
of at-risk children and their families in local elementary schools. KIDS HOPE USA believes that
one of the solutions to our nation’s education
challenge lies in the power of a child-mentor
relationship, working in concert with teachers. By the time you read this article I will have
been trained by KIDS HOPE USA to implement a
partnership between LCPC and the La Crescenta
Elementary School right around the corner. As
the director, I will be recruiting volunteers from
LCPC and training them to be mentors, using
the excellent resources of an organization that
now supports some 650 partnerships between
schools and churches in 31 states.
Who are the at-risk children? These are
children from La Crescenta Elementary with low
self-esteem who have difficulty learning because
of poverty, unstable families and a host of other
social and emotional issues.
Who are the mentors? Anyone at LCPC
between 17 and 80 years old who can faithfully
commit one hour a week to one child for one
school year. Mentoring can involve homework
coaching, remedial drills, reading books, playing
games, and more. Most importantly, mentors
provide a caring, I-believe-in-you, relationship with their kids that grow over time with
Who are the prayer partners? Anyone at
LCPC who commits to praying for a specific
child -mentor relationship faithfully throughout
the year.
This October we hope to begin our mentoring with some 5-10 mentors who will have
received some four hours of training including
supplies and resources from KIDS HOPE USA. I
will be working with Principal Kimberly Bishop
and her teachers in matching mentors with
students. We will be working between 2:30 PM 3:30 PM – one hour, one day (TBA) during the
week. This summer I will be recruiting mentors,
prayer partners, and two substitute mentors.
If you are interested in participating in this
exciting program, please fill out an application
in the LCPC office and put it in the KIDS HOPE
USA box. I will be in touch about the training.
Please contact Mary Wilson (818) 957-4741, or
[email protected] if you have questions.
A principal of Central Elementary in Traverse
City, Michigan recently offered this assessment of
the KIDS HOPE USA program at her school:
“If I were offered $100,000 worth of teaching
materials or the love that you have brought into
our school with the Kids Hope USA Program, I
would choose KIDS HOPE USA. The love that
these volunteers have shared with our students –
I have never seen anything like it! Thank you!”
LCPC has made a commitment to love some
children in our neighborhood. We know that in
God’s economy, when we give ourselves away, we
are blessed. I am looking forward to seeing what
the Lord will do in the lives of these children and
their mentors.
Mary Wilson
Get ready to play ball! LCPC invites you
to another of our annual Dodger Nights on
Friday, July 29. Although some are calling this a
“character building year,” we know it will be a
great game as the Dodgers take on the Arizona
Diamondbacks. We have tickets in the Lower Reserve section on the third base side, and pricing
will be reasonable (around $15/ticket). Bring the
whole family and be prepared to stay after the
game for a fabulous music-synched fireworks
display. Limited transportation will be available
for $3 (basically covers gas and parking). We
will leave from the LCPC parking lot at 6:00 PM
for the stadium. See Mark Williams or stop by
the church office for tickets.
The Milbrodts
It’s interesting how God
brings people together.
You’ll see “FATEMTG” on
Tim Milbrodt’s license plate.
That’s plate-speak for fate
meeting. It signifies how he
and Kerry met – camping with
mutual friends in Yosemite in
July 1992. Kerry says, “I don’t
know if it is true, but some of
our friends like to tell us it was
a set-up and by Christmas Eve
that same year Tim proposed and
I said yes.”
At the time Tim and Kerry met,
Kerry was a long-time member of
First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood and performed with one of
the handbell choirs there. She also
played at weddings and other events.
Kerry says, “I even met a young, but
still tall, Tom Brown there and played
next to him many times.” Tim and Kerry were
married the next fall at Hollywood Presbyterian
and her handbell choir played “Trumpet Voluntaries” as she walked down the aisle.
Tim was born in Canton, Ohio, but was
raised in Michigan. He completed his education
at Grand Valley State University and moved to
California with friends in 1980. He has lived
in the Glendale/La Crescenta area ever since.
Kerry was born in Washington state and lived in
Hawaii as a “Navy brat” before moving to California. She graduated from Hoover High School
and attended Glendale College, Pasadena City
College and a few others just because she likes
to learn things. Kerry moved to La Crescenta in
1983 and loves living here.
Tim worked as a paralegal for a large law
firm in Los Angeles for more than 28 years, but
when the company moved to Century City, the
became too much. He relocated to a law
firm in downtown Los Angeles. Kerry says, “He is
much more relaxed now.”
Kerry is a travel counselor and just celebrated 30 years in the same office of American
Express Travel in Pasadena. She says she is “still
happily making travel dreams come true.”
They have two daughters, Georgie and Sarah, both of whom like to swim and read. When
Georgie was born, Kerry says they knew they
wanted to belong to a church closer to home so
they transferred their membership to LCPC.
Georgie will be a senior at Crescenta Valley
High School in the fall. She went on her first
mission trip to the Dominican Republic during
spring break. Georgie says the trip was “so lifechanging” that she wants her Mom to go with
her next year. The Milbrodts’ younger daughter
Sarah will be an 8th grader at Rosemont Middle
School in the fall and is enjoying her life as a
“middle schooler.” Sarah also went on her first
mission trip on spring break to Arizona. Sarah says, “It was awesome!”
She wants her Dad to go next year
so he can help cook.
Georgie is thinking about
college and the family is beginning the process of researching
and visiting several campuses.
Kerry says, “Where did the time
go? Sarah is already thinking
about where she wants to go, so
anyone who has attended Point
Loma Nazarene University,
Azusa Pacific University, or
Westmont College is welcome
to offer advice.”
Tim and Kerry have
attended LCPC for 15 years.
Kerry is an Elder and Tim
served for several years as an Elder
and the moderator of the Center For Children
Committee. He has been a member of the Cathedral Choir and the Praise Team since it began.
Tim also likes to barbeque. You may have seen
him flipping burgers at some of our church
The Milbrodts like “the caring, loving
family feeling represented by all ages,” and the
teaching of the Bible at our church. Kerry says,
“They have become deeply enmeshed in the life
of this congregation and are so blessed to be
As a family, they enjoy traveling to Hawaii
which is their favorite tourist destination, visiting family in Michigan, or stopping in Palm
Springs or Arizona where Kerry says, “the pools
are cool and the golfing hot!”
In their spare time, Kerry enjoys reading
and traveling. Tim is an avid golfer and scored
his first hole-in-one in February. He scored a
second hole-in-one the same month! Maybe
there was something “fateful” about that.
Summertime Music and Fellowship - In the Park
July 3: Smooth Jazz
July 10: Tribute to Elvis
July 17: Big Band
July 24: Classic Rock
July 31: Classic Country
August 7: Tribute to Neil Diamond
August 14: Light Rock
August 21: Zydeco (followed by Movie in the Park featuring “Tangled”)
August 28: Soca & Reggae Music
Come spend a relaxing Sunday evening with
friends, family, and neighbors with Music in the
Park from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Memorial Park,
just down Foothill Blvd. in La Canada. Each
evening features a live concert with a different
style of great music each week. Look for other
members of La Crescenta Presbyterian Church
when you arrive. Come early and bring a picnic
dinner. Check the Sunday worship bulletin for
more information or contact Diana Given.
The Church
July is one of my favorite months! The
kids are joyful because school is out, people
are relaxed from vacations, and the church
is hopping with action! I can’t wait for the
Sanctuary to be packed with enthusiastic,
singing children at VBS! It’s not too late
to sign up – in fact kids can still sign up on
the first day! Tell every 4-year-old through 6th
grader you know to come to the best VBS in
town – SonSurf Beach Bash from July 11 to
15. There are some equally exciting activities for
the non-children around here this month. You
can experience white water rafting down the
American River with Cam, or trek through the
high sierras on the Wildlife Tour with Andy.
I did hear an important tip – make sure Andy
gives you the correct keys to the church van, or
you may be stranded in high altitudes for an
extended period of time…
Jim Sedgwick would LOVE for you men to
come build a house with him in Tijuana July 8
to 10. He told me a little secret – he always takes
a Sharpie with him and writes a prayer for
the new family in an inconspicuous place (that
will be covered by a roof or drywall). This year,
he is going to let us all in on this special touch
by having a 2 x 4 available for us to write our
prayers to the family! Housewarming gifts
for the family are going to be accepted again
this year too – watch for the sign up poster in
the Narthex. The Mission Mexico benefit
concert raised $1,200 for the materials to
build the house. A special thank you goes to the
Hayhurst family and Marion Kuszyk –
and their friends – for sharing their amazing
musical talent with our church.
The Women’s Retreat was an inspiring weekend for more than 50 women in our
church. The committee deserves a big thank you
for all the hard work and planning that went in
to making it a success. Motivated by the message
of one of the speakers, a small group is going to
be studying the book, Boundaries. If you are
interested, contact Susan Cox. The Student
Ministries “No-Talent Talent Show” raised close
to $900 for Bola Moyo. It was a fun-filled
night with some very “interesting” acts. I
wouldn’t recommend asking Sarah Milbrodt
or Nicole Marks to help you apply your
make-up, or Bradley Fernandez and Austin
Hammer to give you dance lessons.
Music Celebration Sunday was a
beautiful medley of all the different choirs at
LCPC. Who knew that so many people around
here could speak foreign languages? I loved
listening to all the different choirs, but could
someone please get Tim Milbrodt a step stool?
I may be short, but it’s as if there is a phantom
tenor up there on the top row. How about Glen
Passmore and Lois Brown both participating in the LCPC music program for 39 years?
Now that’s dedication!
We had lots of graduations in the LCPC
family last month! Wyatt Given graduated
from Cal State LA and didn’t even realize that
he was graduating cum laude until the day
before. Apparently he was so busy studying for
finals that he overlooked a little e-mail about
this high honor! Speaking of the Given family,
Doug was doing a little genealogy research and
discovered that through great, great grandmothers in Germany, Diana is related to Jan
Mauk. This really is one big happy family
around here!
At a recent CV PTSA meeting, Lynley Fernandez helped install both her mom Ashley
and Pat Chambers as officers of the board
by making them wear water polo swim caps.
Now that is a fashionable look for summer!
Lynley is a very proud and strong member of
the CV water polo team, but don’t get near her
in a pool. She will take you down….Patrick
Schwing was the man of the day when both
the dishwasher and the refrigerator broke down
within hours of each other in the scullery. He
mopped the overflow water and emptied the
fridge with lightning speed. Thank goodness
both are back in working order because we have
a lot of mouths to feed around here, and piles of
dishes! Have you met the new CFC cook yet? Juliet Zadoorian is a wonderful addition to the
CFC staff and is working hard to get the kitchen
back into shape after not having a full-time
cook for several months. Stop by and introduced
yourself to her and, if you’re lucky, she might
offer you some leftovers!
A rotary-dial telephone was donated to CFC
recently and a 5th grade girl had no idea what
it was. After a demonstration on how to dial it,
she made a call to the CFC
office. Her first question
was, “What
kind of ring
tones does this
get?” Bet those
kids don’t know
what a typewriter or
record player is
either. Boy do I
feel old….See you next
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In Christ,
Sheri Gray
Clerk of Session
CFC Heartbeat
Director’s Corner
We have many new families that have joined
our CFC family this July. We want to extend a very
warm welcome to you all and hope that you will
quickly feel like a part of our community. My
office hours are usually 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM each
day and Helen Tuna is here in the afternoon.
Please feel free to stop by anytime to say hello,
discuss something, or give or get advice. We have
a video lending library in the office – just take
what you would like and return it when you
are done. I also have a small lending library of
parenting books. This newsletter will be given to
you each month. After reading the CFC page, we
invite you to read the entire newsletter to see what
other programs, worship and children’s activities
are being offered at La Crescenta Presbyterian
Church. You are welcome to come to any event at
the church. We have a long history of extraordinary children, youth and family ministries. We
would love to have you join us.
We still have room in our Developmental
Kindergarten classes for this fall. This class
is designed to give children a year of Kindergarten curriculum in a structured but relaxed
atmosphere. A small class will allow individual
instruction. Please consider this especially if
your children have late fall birthdays. Let your
family and friends know as well.
Looking Ahead,
Way Ahead!
This year (2011) the cutoff birth date for
Kindergarten entrance is December 2. In 2012
it will be November 1, in 2013 it will be October
1, and then in 2014 it will be September 1 and
remain at that date. This means that children
may need a year more of preschool than you
thought. In addition, beginning August 2012,
Glendale Unified School district will start to
move its first day of school up a week and again
the following year. This means by August 2013
the start date would be August 12, 2013. This will
be a big change as families plan and anticipate
their future.
Water Play,
Sunscreen and
We have lots of fun at the CFC during the
summer. We take our water play very seriously.
This means your child will be getting wet a
great deal of the time. Please be sure to have
extra clothing, water shoes and sunscreen. We
want the children to be comfortable and safe.
Vacation Bible School
All children attending the CFC this summer
in a three-year-old class or older will be participating in Vacation Bible School (VBS) during
the week of July 11-15. Children in the Day
Camp will go to the sanctuary at 9:00 AM and
meet with church and community kids for singing and skits. Then they will go to grade level
classrooms where CFC and church members will
lead a wonderful program of stories, crafts, outside activities and more until Noon. Our threeand four-year-olds and Kindergarten classes will
remain with their CFC classes, but join me in the
sanctuary with other classes at 9:30 AM and then
return to their classes were CFC teachers will
lead them through the VBS curriculum. This is
a fun and fast-paced week. If you have siblings
or friends that would like to sign up for VBS they
may do so in the office. It is important that your
child be here by 8:45 AM so that they will not be
overwhelmed by the crowd. Parking will be very
difficult from 8:45 AM – 9:15 AM all week. Plan
to arrive before or after that time. On Thursday
evening we will all have dinner together and
have lots of fun activities to do as a family. It is a
great night and we hope you will join us.
Day Celebration
Once again we will have our annual Independence Day Parade on July 1st. At 11:00 AM all
our classrooms, infants – 6th grade, will leave
for a walk around the sidewalk of the 2900 block
of Montrose. This is a grand affair. The kids dress
up and we make lots of noise. You are welcome
to come join us and then stay for a BBQ. We
will be closed on Monday, July 4. Have a great
Summer Day Camp
Remember that you must come to the office
by Tuesday each week to sign up for the next
week. There is a late fee if changes are made
after Tuesday. We need to be able to plan staff,
transportation and purchase tickets. Please
remember that you need to look at the weekly
schedule to be sure that your children are here
on time, with the right supplies and lunch to
participate in all activities.
Church Staff
Andy Wilson
Lee Cook
Cam Hackett
Ashley Adamson
Tom Brown
Brent Kuszyk
Chuck Andrew
Nancy Thomas
Jinny Praun
Pat Murphy Chambers
Helen Tuma
Mike Randis
Teri Reid
[email protected]
Director of Spiritual Formation
[email protected]
Director of Student Ministries
[email protected]
Director of Children’s Ministries
[email protected]
Director of Music/Organist
[email protected]
Director of Communications
[email protected]
Director of Finance
[email protected]
La Crescenta Presbyterian Church
2902 Montrose Avenue
La Crescenta, Ca 91214–3891
Return Service Requested
(818) 249–6137
non-profit org.
u.s. postage
glendale, ca
permit no. 1701
Office Manager
[email protected]
Accounts Payable Administrator
[email protected]
Director, Center For Children
[email protected]
Assistant Director
Office Administrator
Worship Schedule for july
Last year at this time we were tearing up the Chancel in the Sanctuary in anticipation of a remodel. Today we’re focusing on introducing
music and other unique worship elements that will inspire ever-greater
love for God.
Worship in July begins with prayers for our nation and a two-part
series of messages from Lee Cook.
Andy Wilson’s sermon on July 17 explores a set of questions that
haunt many people: How can I discern God’s call in my life? Does God
use “worldly” careers to fulfill his eternal purposes? What can I do to
make sure the work I do each day is purposeful and fulfilling?
Our special guests on July 24 are extraordinary teachers and preachers who have an amazing story to tell. Drs. Darren and Elisabeth Kennedy are faculty members at Evangelical Seminary in Cairo, Egypt. They
will offer an insider’s perspective on the challenges of sharing the love
of Jesus in the heart of the Arab world. Both are graduates of Princeton
University (B.A.), Princeton Seminary (M.Div.) and the University of
Edinburgh (Ph.D.). You’ll be amazed by their youthful passion and deep
love for the Lord.
On the fifth Sunday, Ashley Adamson will offer the message and we
will end the 9:15 AM service with baptisms in the Courtyard. (No, we
won’t just be sprinkling.) Please call the church office or speak with a
staff member or Elder if you would like to schedule a baptism for you or
your child on July 31.
Bring a friend to worship! Introduce someone who doesn’t have a
church family to your church family.
july 3 – independence Sunday
july 24
Message by Lee Cook, “Independence Day”
Message by Darren and Elisabeth Kennedy,
Professors at Evangelical Seminary, Cairo, Egypt
July 10
July 31
Message by Lee Cook, “A Church That Makes a Difference”
Message by Ashley Adamson
Baptisms at end of 9:15 AM service in the Courtyard!
July 17
Message by Andy Wilson, “When God Calls”
Songs and Images from VBS