Rescued from an abusive home, and cared for by Olive Crest.

Homes and Services
For Abused Children
The Work of Olive Crest Homes and Services for Abused Children • Winter - Spring 2008
6148 W. Sahara
Las Vegas, NV 89146
1.800.74.FOSTER (743.6783)
Rescued from an abusive home,
and cared for by Olive Crest.
A child’s future changed.
Thank you for everything that you have ever done for me.
I can truly say that this is one life you have saved.
Locations in: Inland Empire, Coachella Valley, Los Angeles and Orange Counties, San Diego, Las Vegas, Nevada and the Pacific Northwest
Emergency Needs for the Children
While being a part of Olive Crest, I have had and learned a lot of reasonable and very important
lessons. I have experienced many things while being here. But I would have to say that the most
important lesson I learned is that if you do not love yourself, then no one else can love you. And
how can you ever know what love is if you have never given yourself a chance to know what it is like,
This new feature highlights timely and
tangible needs of our youth. We understand
that our donors have different capacities for
giving, and hope this section provides more
opportunities to make a difference through
inkind support.
both from yourself and others? Another thing I have learned is that even though we are not home
with our parents, it does not mean that we are bad people.
So as I leave my Olive Crest home and my second family, I would like to say again,
“Thanks a million,” and in this heart you will never be forgotten.
– Love, Vanessa
Gift Cards for Clothing
Many children arrive at Olive Crest with little or NO
belongings. Often clothing, shoes, and undergarments
are needed immediately. Your donation of gift cards to
stores such as Target and Kohl’s will help clothe and
comfort children during a difficult time.
Baby Supplies
New clothes, blankets, formula, diapers, wipes, and bottles
are needed for rescued infants who who often come to us
with nothing. These supplies ensure that foster families
have all the necessities on-hand when suddenly welcoming
a baby into their home.
commemorating the need ...... 3
focus on foster care ............................4-5
Contact Lynn Mizell at 702-221-6224, ext.1707, or [email protected]
for more information or to make a contribution.
Go to to see a complete list of urgent needs in your area!
With Hearts & Hands is a publication
of Olive Crest Homes and Services
for Abused Children
holiday giving
...................... 6
child experiences some
type of abuse including
rape, physical and
Dear Friend,
psychological abuse.”
Will you wear a blue ribbon?
The blue ribbon symbol was established in 1989 when a Virginia
grandmother lost her grandson to child abuse. After his death, she
tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her van to alert her community to the ultimate
tragedy of abuse. The color blue represents the bruised and battered body of her
grandchild, and wearing it serves as a constant reminder to fight for our children.
April is almost upon us and Olive Crest invites you to show your support of
the prevention of child abuse by requesting a free blue ribbon sticker at While there, take a moment to learn about the many
ways you can get involved and help break the cycle of abuse. Together,
we can save our children and communities from this devastating crime.
In 1973, when Olive Crest
began, it was a home for
four teenage girls.
Today, 35 years later,
Olive Crest continues
to be dedicated to
preventing child abuse,
to treating and educating
at-risk children, and to
preserving the family…
“One life at a time.”®
May: National Foster Care Month
foster care month
With Hearts
I’m excited to share Olive Crest’s first edition of our new newsletter,
at how your support
and Hands. It is our hope that this format will give you a better look
the many programs
impacts the lives of our children through a clearer understanding of
more personal
Olive Crest provides. We’re also introducing new features that share
information about our kids by showing highlights such as artwork, achieve
and interviews.
ally create positive
It is important for us to illustrate how your hearts and hands continu
. As a supporter
change in the lives of kids who have suffered from abuse and neglect
The successes
of Olive Crest, we consider you a partner in the fight against child abuse.
work to overcome
that are outlined in this newsletter are because of the children’s hard
to have advocates
their challenges. But they are also because our youth were fortunate
of life.
like you who reached out, gave, and wanted to give them more out
Because of our dedicated foster and adoptive parents, volunteers,
n receive
members of Kids at Heart and all who give financially, over 5,000 childre
love, safety, and healing each year at Olive Crest.
and prosper.
That is 5,000 individual children that you are helping to mend, grow,
Kids just like Vanessa, whose story on the cover is nothing short of
I hope to
But remember, there are even more children who need us in 2008.
once again count on your commitment and support in the coming year.
child abuse prevention
“Every 9 seconds a
April is National Child Abuse
Prevention Month
Did you know that each month Olive Crest must turn away more than
100 children who need temporary or permanent homes due to the need
for foster families?
The need for qualified foster families is a growing problem in this country and in
our communities. National Foster Care Month is a nationwide call to recognize the
problem and take action.
At Olive Crest we know that everyday we work to make a difference in the life
of a child. But we also know that with your help we can do more.
As a supporter of Olive Crest, please mark this special month by doing one thing
to help our foster children. No matter how much or little time you have to give, you
can help change the life of a child in foster care. Learn more about Olive Crest’s
foster programs on page 4.
On behalf of the kids, thank you.
The stories that our children bring with them are often
Donald A. Verleur II
Chief Executive Officer
horrendous and heart wrenching. We cannot look away,
Olive Crest faces these problems head on, working daily
Olive Crest is proud to be a part of COA’s community of
excellence. Accreditation attests that an organization
meets the highest national standards and is delivering
the best quality services to the community it serves.
to change the lives of these children.
One life at a time
Bringing families together and changing lives forever
ome call them foster parents. We call them heroes. Offering their home, love and encouragement, foster families place
hope in the hearts of children who are unable to live with their birth families due to allegations of abuse and neglect.
Kids in our foster family program come from a different population than those served by our residential programs and
require a lower level of care. Our foster program provides families for newborn babies, children, and kids in high school.
Their ages and stages may be different but they all desire the same thing: to have a loving family that is crazy about them.
The need for qualified foster families continues to rise. Each month, Olive Crest must turn away more
than 100 children who need temporary or permanent homes due to the need for foster families.
When you hear over 500 children find safety and healing in Olive Crest foster homes every year, it’s hard to imagine we still
need more foster families…but we do! Will you consider welcoming a foster child into your home while we help them put
the pieces back together?
We welcome foster parents from all ethnic,
educational, and social backgrounds.
Foster parents may be:
Established families
Married couples
Call 1-800-74-FOSTER for information or visit to complete an application online.
In our desire to give foster parents every opportunity to care for
hurting children, we’ve established several levels of involvement
that enable families to participate in the capacity that works
best for them. Here are two examples:
Emergency Shelter Care
Emergency shelter care parents provide immediate care for children
who have been detained by Social Services. The goal is to provide care
for the child until it is determined whether or not the child will remain
a dependent of the court. If the child remains a dependent of the court,
parents have the option of fostering the child long term. Length of stay
is approximately 1-30 days for newborn through teenage children.
Respite Care
In Nevada, there are
4,050 children
foster care
That’s enough kids
to occupy every
single room in the
Mandalay Bay Hotel!
Other Ways to Help Foster Kids:
• Learn more about foster care and
tell a friend.
• Invite an Olive Crest representative
to speak to your organization about
foster care.
• Volunteer for child care during foster
parent trainings.
• Contribute a donation to Olive Crest to
help fund our foster program or join
Kids at Heart to support the needs
of our youth on an ongoing basis.
Respite parents are available to assist other Olive Crest foster families
with short-term foster care. The most common length of time required
of respite is two to seven days. The goal is to allow the foster family to
travel or take care of family emergencies without upsetting the routine
of their foster child.
Call 1-800-74-FOSTER to learn about all of our foster programs
and volunteer opportunities.
Home Again: A Family Reunified
One of our biggest needs is for foster families who are willing to participate in reunifying foster children with their
birth families. Here’s an example of two families that were changed forever with the help of Olive Crest:
In May 2007, an Olive Crest foster family was asked to care for an 18-month-old foster baby named Jessica. Jessica’s
parents were transient, and when Social Services took Jessica into custody she was living in a shelter. Her parents
were simply not able to provide for their baby. When the foster family heard Jessica’s story, they were quick to open
their home to her. While in the family’s care, Jessica’s mom and dad worked hard to complete all the tasks necessary
for them to be reunified with their daughter. Meanwhile, Jessica thrived. A mutual affection was shared by Jessica
and the foster family’s daughter, who referred to each other as “Sissy” just days after she moved in. The foster family
supported Jessica’s birth parents and encouraged them as they completed their tasks. Their genuine desire to see
Jessica’s parents succeed was impressive and heartwarming. Everyone played a significant role in Jessica going home
last October. The foster family still visits Jessica and supports her family’s success. Olive Crest thanks these families
for their outstanding work.
one success story
We realize that fostering children is a commitment
that not everyone can make. But there are still
many ways to help, such as:
Spotlight on our Foster Programs
focus on: foster care
Focus On: Foster Care
Holiday Giving Highlights
John Ritter and Hilary Westrom honored
A Miracle of Generosity
and Care
Our community pulled together and helped make the
holiday special for our children, teens and families.
400 guests and sponsors helped raise nearly $140,000 to support child
abuse prevention programs in Las Vegas.
The event, which honored John Ritter and Hilary Westrom, was held in
September at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino. The ballroom was
transformed into a psychedelic time capsule with shag rugs and disco balls.
Thank you to John Bomgardner, Kelly Brockman, Maria Champlin, Tom Devore,
John Ritter, Vince Schettler, and the Young Family for your contributions to
Olive Crest’s “Fund a Need” portion of this successful event.
Honorees Hilary Westrom and John Ritter
lead the way in 70’s attire and peace
and love all around.
making a difference
Olive Crest’s Groovy GalaRaising funds to prevent child abuse
Wishes Granted
The generous T. Nickolas team did a tremendous job donating
coats, toys, and gift cards to the Olive Crest children.
Thanks to an outpouring of love and support from the greater Las Vegas
community, each and every wish made by over 140 Olive Crest kids and
families came true this season!
This would not have been possible without our corporate donors:
West Star Architects, Stations Casinos, Capstone Brokerage, Marnell
Properties, T. Nickolas, Wells Fargo, Plise Companies, Springel & Fink;
as well as all of our individual donors who brought joy to our children
this season through in-kind and cash contributions.
Holiday Parties for our Kids
Our friends at American Legion, the Princess Lee Foundation and the
Springs Preserve went above and beyond and provided holiday parties
and activities for the kids.
Families Adopted
WestStar Architects staff came together to grant wishes for
our teens, and made a monetary donation.
Families from our Family Preservation Program and our Family Support
Services Programs were “adopted” this holiday as well. Thank you to
Lindsey and Mike Slanker, Pat Carney & Jamie Malloy of Green Valley
Ranch of Stations Casinos, Jeanna LeFave and Family, Aira Newman and
RBF, and Jade Anderson and Capstone Brokerage.
Table Sponsors:
Child Visionaries
Builder’s Capital Inc.
Cox Communications
Focus Property Group
Greenstreet Properties
Harrah’s Entertainment
Murren Family Trust
Ritter Charitable Trust
Stations Casinos
Child Champions
Clayton Mortgage & Investment
Pulte Homes/Del Webb
Storage One
Child Advocates
1st National Bank of Nevada
American Asphalt and Grading
Bank of America
David M. Carver Family
City National Bank
Colonial Bank
Goldwater Capital Investments
LTD Partnership
Macan Enterprises LTD.
McFadden Insurance
Montecito Companies
Nevada State Bank
Olympia Group
Pardee Homes
Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern
Pinnacle Holdings
Purdue Marion
Tom and Leslie Devore enjoying the
psychedelic sights.
Quadrant Planning
Remington Homes
Rossum Realty
Silver State Bank
The Vista Group
Thomas Pucket Creative
Walker Landscaping and Concrete
Wells Cargo
Wells Fargo
Leave a Legacy-Change the Future
Lori Liakos and Susan Wolfe of Marnell Properties with
just a few of the multitude of gifts that were given to the
children of Olive Crest.
The Olive Crest Holiday Open
House was complete with a visit
from Las Vegas’ finest.
This tax season, please remember the Olive Crest kids
during your estate and tax planning.
Olive Crest welcomes Dean Collins,
City National Bank, to our regional
Board of Trustees.
The mission of Olive Crest’s Child Abuse Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) Fund
is to create a legacy of assets from major gifts, life income programs, and
trust and estate gifts. By including Olive Crest in your estate and tax
planning, you can help ensure that Olive Crest will continue to meet the
ever-growing needs of at-risk children and families into the future.
For information about joining our Circle of C.A.R.E. Society, please
contact Donald Verleur, Chief Executive Officer, at 800-550-CHILD,
ext. 1115, or visit
One Life At A Time ®
Meet Stephany, age 10
Stephany was an Olive Crest foster child whose adoption was finalized in January 2008!
What do you want to be when you grow up? Veterinarian or fashion designer
Coachella Valley
What is your favorite color? Pink
Construction on the new Coachella Valley Children’s Center
is underway. Four homes are scheduled to be completed this
summer, followed by the Community Education Center in
What has been your favorite new experience while you’ve been at Olive Crest? Going to New York
What is your favorite subject in school? Math
If you could have a super power, what would it be? Read people’s minds
What are you good at? Gymnastics
If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why? My brothers who were adopted
Inland Empire
Who do you look up to? My (new) mom
Our Inland Empire region was awarded the first-ever
Wraparound contract for Riverside County, which makes
Olive Crest the only agency to offer this service in Orange,
Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties in Southern California.
The goal of the Wraparound Program is to keep families
together through in-home support rather than placing
children in residential care.
If you had wings and could fly anywhere, where would it be? Paris
Rock-N-Bowl for
the Kids
Don’t miss this unique, fun-filled event featuring
the opportunity to enjoy a great day of bowling
with our kids!
Call Lynn Mizell at 702-221-6224, ext.1707,
for information.
Save the date!
Save the date!
What is your favorite thing to do with your family? Movies
“Fore the Children”
Golf Tournament
In October, Olive Crest hosted its inaugural “Harvesting
Hope for the Olive Crest Kids” wine event, which raised
$245,000 to support local programs.
Last Fall Olive Crest began offering
programs at Bailie Memorial Youth Ranch
in Mesa, WA. The campus features homes
for foster families and youth, as well as
a gymnasium, barn, corrals, and over
15 acres of land for the children and
parents to enjoy.
Harvesting Hope
Hit the links at the beautiful Cascata and
enjoy a delicious lunch while you help raise
funds for local programs.
Call Lynn Mizell at 702-221-6224, ext.1707,
for player or sponsorship information.
Volunteer Spotlight
Paul Combs has been an Olive Crest volunteer for seven
years. A real friend to the children, Paul is always available
to help with childcare while foster parents are attending
training. He has been a part of Foster Parent Appreciation,
Rock –N- Bowl and the Harvest Party.
Paul is well-known to the Olive Crest staff and is always
happy to help however he can. Both a financial contributor
and hands-on helper, we salute Paul for his dedication, loyalty,
and generosity on behalf of the children.
Orange County
Pacific Northwest
Olive Crest
Drawn by:
Athena, age 9
MARCH 2008
MAY 2008
Angels for Angels
Volunteer Meeting
National Foster Care
Angels for Angels Volunteer Meeting
May 1-31–There is an overwhelming need
for foster families and we need your help.
To learn more, call 1-800-74-FOSTER or
visit to complete an
application online.
Event dates: March 5, April 2, May 7,
June 4. Contact Megan Murphy at
[email protected],
or 702-221-6224, ext. 1704.
Foster Parent
Appreciation Breakfast
May 3 – Featuring a wonderful breakfast
as we celebrate our Foster Parents
Contact Megan Murphy at
[email protected],
or 702-221-6224, ext. 1704.
Visionary ($50,000 and above)
John A. Ritter, TTEE
Champion ($10,000 - $24,999)
Builders Capital Inc
Focus Property Group, Inc.
Green Street Properties LLC
MGM Mirage Voice Foundation
Station Casinos
Bank of Nevada
Provider ($400 - $999)
Bank of North Las Vegas
Mr. Joe Apodaca
Mr. John Bomgardner
The Astoria Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brockman
Advocate ($5,000 - $9,999)
Capstone Brokerage
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Champlin
Colonial Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Devore
National Child Abuse
Prevention Month
David M. Carver Family LP
Mrs. Kim Gunderson
Joe Finan
Mr. Robert Lychock
April 1-30 – Show your support of the
prevention of child abuse by wearing
a blue ribbon all month long. Order
your free blue ribbon sticker now at
Goldwater Capital
Ms. Teresa Marretti
Links for Life Foundation
McFadden Insurance
Macan Enterprises
PamsWay Inc.
Mr. Scott Mitchell
Remington Homes
Nevada State Bank
Mr. Ron Ruloff
Email Lynn Mizell at [email protected] for details.
Mr. W. Guy Asher
Mr. Bill Boschetto
Chicago Title
April 12 – Come bowl with the kids! For
just $25 per player, your team of 4-5 will
receive lunch, an official Rock-N-Bowl
t-shirt, and have a great time with the
Olive Crest children.
Adrienne Cox Consulting LLC
Mr. Darrin Badger
Clayton Mortgage & Investment
“Fore the Children”
Golf Tournament
Ms. Claudine Williams
A Hand Up
Ms. Judith Cebulko
Westar Architectural Group/NV, Inc.
1st National Bank of Nevada
City National Bank
JUNE 2008
Mr. Greg Walker
1st National Bank Charitable
Canyon Gate Country Club
for the Kids
Thomas Puckett Creative
Supporter ($1,000 - $4,999)
American Asphalt & Grading Company
APRIL 2008
Kristina entered the Young
Authors writing contest
at her school and won
the 4th grade division!
Jacob, age 6, earned a
place on the principal’s
honor roll for his
good grades!
March 15 – Hosted by the Angels for
Angels, this festive picnic for our
foster families includes an egg hunt
and a visit from the Easter Bunny!
To volunteer, contact Megan Murphy
at 702-221-6224, ext.1704.
Bravo to our kids! Here are a few
recent accomplishments:
16-year old Kimberly
scored 98% on her art
project. Until this year,
Kimberly had never taken
an art class and had no
idea of her talent!
Easter Party
for the Kids
Community Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Garner
GeoTek, Inc.
Mrs. Stephanie Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Holmes
Mr. Thom Landers
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Lange
Ms. Meing-Wei Wu
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Murphy
Mr. Tim Truebenbach
Urata & Sons Cement Inc.
Pardee Homes
Piercy, Bowler, Taylor, & Kern
Plise Companies
Pulte Homes
A monthly giving campaign
June 3 – Hit the links at the beautiful
Cascata. Enjoy a delicious lunch
while you help raise funds for
local Olive Crest programs.
Quadrant Planning
Our sincere appreciation goes out to our members of Kids at Heart. Your
faithful support makes a continuous impact by providing love, healing, and
education to at-risk children and families.
To join Kids at Heart with your monthly gift, please visit
Call Lynn Mizell at 702-221-6224,
ext.1707, for player or sponsorship
The Montecito Companies, LLC
Roesener Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Schettler
Silver State Bank
Mrs. Lisa Veltre
Vista Financial Resources, LLC
VTN Nevada
Walker Landscape
Wells Cargo
Ms. Kristie Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Santwer
Ms. Brandi Ellis
Mrs. Kim Gunderson
Mr. and Mrs. John Stocker
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Kozlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Teepen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Lange
Ms. Stacy Wasser
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Molitch
Ms. Sheila White
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Murphy
Ms. Nancy Yager
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Slanker
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Rios
♥ Welcome to our new member who registered
between August 1-December 31, 2007
Cash and pledge donations of $400 and above for August 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007