Being Healthy Children’s Voice Listen to the children’s views on Being Healthy

Being Healthy
Children’s Voice
Healthy Eating
What foods are good for us?
What foods are bad for us?
What foods would you choose to
eat and why?
What foods do you eat at here?
Emotional Well Being
What makes you happy?
What makes you sad?
What makes you angry
Who can you talk to about how
you are feeling?
Listen to the children’s views
on Being Healthy
Consider the best methods to gather
children’s views, understanding and
knowledge on the following subject
Some example methods to gather views of
Puppet Activity. Use the puppets to start
discussion about feelings or topic. Allows
children to speak through the puppets and
feel less vulnerable.
Story followed by group discussion. Use a
topic related story to prompt discussion
amongst the children.
Art work. Ask the children to draw or paint a
picture around a subject.
Tip: Think about the individual
children’s interests and abilities when
deciding on the correct participation
method to use.
These are example questions only, please adapt or recreate them
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Why should we keep clean?
What are germs?
Why do we get ill sometimes?
How can we try and stop
ourselves from getting ill?
What keeps our bodies strong?
Why should we exercise?
What exercise do you do?
Being Healthy
Children’s Voice
according to the setting relevance and the individual children.
Please list the participation methods used to gather children’s views:
Circle time, puppets, inside and outside physical activities, post it note observations.
Snack time chats. Class discussions and small group chats.
Please record the feedback and main themes from children in the boxes below.
Healthy Eating:
What food is good for us?
Apples, grapes, carrots, Sweat corn, Jacket Potatoes. Water, orange juice, pears, bananas.
Drinking milk and water keeps you healthy.
YR quotes- Milk makes you big and strong. Carrots give us energy
What foods are bad for us?
Curly fries, ice cream, chips, chocolate, burgers, to many biscuits.
YR quotes- coke makes your teeth yellow. Lemonade, crisps, chocolate biscuits.
What food would you choose to eat and why?
Chocolate because it’s yummy
Chicken Pie because it’s really crusty
YR quotes- Chicken helps me grow big and strong. Apples and tomatoes make me strong. I like chapattis. Chicken pie because I love
chicken. I like carrots, apples and pears.
What foods do you eat here?
Healthy foods, fruit, soup, wraps, jacket potatoes, pitta breads, cucumber
YR quotes- apples, bananas, carrots, oranges, spring rolls, sandwiches, chicken pie, cheese roll.
Why should we keep clean?
You could get sickness bugs
Germs spread
Howe Dell School & Children’s Centre EY361200 117200
If you have dirty shoes you may put dirt on the carpet
If you don’t wash you would be smelly
If we sneeze it spreads
YR quotes- So we don’t get bad skin. So we don’t get germs. So we don’t get smelly. We have a bath and wash hair. If you don’t brush
your teeth they will go black.
What are germs?
Germs are tiny creatures
YR quotes- Germs are things that make you sick. Germs are dirty things. If you eat food off the floor, you get germs.
Why do we get ill sometimes?
Not washing your hands after going to the toilet
Being around other children that are sick
YR quotes- If we pick things up and eat them. If you wash your hands you won’t get germs. Germs make you ill. Some flowers and
plants can make you ill.
How can we stop our selves from being ill?
Wash are hands
Eat healthy
Don’t touch other peoples food
YR quotes- eat fruit and vegetables.. wash and dry your hands. Use soap. Use tissues when you have a cold. Stay at home if you are
poorly and have a warm drink. Drink hot lemon. Put your hands over your mouth.
Physical :
What keeps our bodies strong?
Drinking milk
Playing sports
Eating healthy fruit and veg
Drinking water
Going to the gym
I eat fruit to keep healthy because it makes me big and strong
YR quotes-Eat apples and fruit, cheese and vegetables because they make you healthy and strong. Drink milk and water and run. Water
is important to keep healthy or your skin will be dry. Play tennis, play football, basketball and cricket. Eat bananas.
What should we exercise?
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To keep are body fit and healthy
Give you a healthy heart
I need to do jogging to keep me fit
YR quotes- it makes you healthy and strong. It keeps you strong and powerful. Exercise make your heat beat fast.
What exercise do you do?
Go to a kids gym, football, dancing, playing netball, swimming, riding my bike, walking
YR quotes- Run, play tennis, volleyball, football. Marching. Before you exercise you must warm up. Run around and go on the scooter.
Cycle and jump.
Emotional Well Being:
Feelings tree- ‘I feel happy when I see my grandparents’ ‘I feel happy because I’m with my friends’ ‘I am sad when I’m not well’ ‘I feel
sad when people argue’ ‘It makes me sad when it’s cold and rainy outside’ ‘I’m sad because I don’t read well’
YR quotes following teacher reading ‘ How Do You Feel?’ big book and during Circle Time/ small group chats- I feel happy when……’
My mummy cuddles and kisses me’.’ I go to the park with my dad, going to school, going to the gym’. I go swimming , play football, go
on the trampoline.
I feel sad when……..’ Someone hurts me, pushes me over’.’ When mum sends me to bed early’. ‘when I miss my mum’.
I feel angry when…..’ someone is mean to me’. ‘ someone ripped up my picture’.’ When my brother shouts at me’. ‘ people not being my
Who can you talk to about how you are feeling? A teacher. Mummy or daddy. My family and friends. Teaching assistant, dinner
people, head teacher.
How will you or have you used this information to impact on outcomes for children?
Give the children time to talk about their feelings.
Continue to discuss topics around being healthy, plenty of role play opportunities. Allowing the children to try new foods – tasting
Use children’s quotes to support assessment in the EYFS and include in personal learning journeys. Encourage talk at snack and lunch
time to make it a social occasion and continue to plan topics that further develop children’s understanding of being healthy.
How will have you feedback the findings to the children?
All the children were involved in gathering the information for this topic. The feelings tree was displayed for all the children involved to
see. Information shared through the children’s learning journeys. Children’s quotes shared with the whole group in future circle times
and discussed.
Howe Dell School & Children’s Centre EY361200 117200