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Saturday, January 19, 1963
Tonawanda NEWS
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Voice of Broadway
Frank Gifford May Sign
For Seven Arts Movie
The Talk of The Town: Football
Frank Gifford may make his
long-awaited movie debut in "Sunday in New York.** Seven Arts
is close to signing him.. .Gregory
Peck, Sugar Ray
Robinson, Charles
Wolf son and Sir
Bernard D o c k e r
are among the 36
people suing two
radio officers from
the Queen Elizabeth for allegedly overcharging
telegrams and telephone calls
while the ship was at sea last
year.. One of the best - known
singing stars just completed such
a disastrous week at a big night
club that the proprietors had to
close the place and raise fresh
money before they could continue
operation. Business was so bad
the cash register didn't even ring
up enough money to pay the band
.. .The co-stars of a film to be
titled "Never Enough" are scheduled to be Marlene Dietrich. Jean
Marais and Fabian. With that
combination, they should call the
Big Rocket - Gun . . . Hoover School Royalty
>-:WW>-;.::.*:.•:••;•":>- -v."' v X ^ & W S W S
dirty dialogue, believe it or
Anthony Quinn expects to repeat his "Tchin Tchin" role for
the screen, producing it as well.
He hopes to land John Cassavetes
to direct i t . .Striking has become
one of Gotham's most popular
pastimes. An 8th Ave. store not
far from Times Square is advertising "Thermal Underwear Especially Tailored For Picketing"...
Among the most disappointed and
least recognized victims of the
newspaper shutdown are New
York's Finest. Patrolmen say that
good press coverage of a courageous capture or major arrest
plays a big part in swift promotion — and without the customary
buildups by reporters many significant feats are going unnoticed
and unrewarded.. .Mitch Miller's
daughter Andrea is appearing in
"Come Blow Your Horn" in Chicago, but it seems to be a secret. . .Teresa Brewer finally has
decided that the only way she
can enjoy her home all the year
'round is to find a proper Broad
currently sifting through a dozen
is the envy of many much young scripts submitted to her by proer Broadway colleagues. Current ducers and writers.
Jy, she has six projects in the According to the Sardi scuttleworks, and is devoting herself but,
producer David Merrick's
1 0 aU
settlement of
". . ".The
L ^ Shubert
j T T n Alley
set is buzz-' $90,000reTeTved
and $26,000 yearly alimony.
ing about Dick Kallman. They say They were married almost 2S
he is absolutely sensational years, but have lived apart for
in the Bobby Morse role in the the past three, and he is about
national company of "How To
to say "I do" again to a much
Succeed.'* Rehearsals in New younger lovely.. .Rita Moreno has
York have been interrupted by returned to her home in New
applause for the young actor.
York after a decade in Hollywood,
telling friends she "finds Manhat*' Siobhan McKenna has been tan a more exciting place to
signed for a starring role in work." They suspect, however,
the new film edition of "Of that she's motivated by a lack
H u m a n Bondage"... Big of employment in the movie city;
changes are upcoming in this she won an Academy Award, but
year's Academy Award tele- her career hasn't progressed
east. Movie people predict much since they gave her the Osthat a lot of things will be car ..-. Although "The Greatest
eliminated — the show will Story Ever Told" will be budgetbe streamlined and no crash- ed at $20,000,000, director George
ers will be able to get through Stevens feels sure he'll bring it
to camera range...Ella Fitz- in for less — even though United
have told him not to worgerald will open at Basin Artists
ry about money. Stevens takes
Street East on Jan. 21, pride in economy when he's makbacked with a big band for ing pictures.
the first time. She's bringing
Buddy Collette from HollyIf those who saw the openwood as musical director...
of "The Milk Train
There's a big shakeup due
Stop Here Any More"
on the board of directors of
there is quite a rethe Philadelphia Art Museum.
to Tennessee WilIt seems that the City Fathers
liams' "Sweet Bird of Youth,"
are more than a bit upset
the playwright has his own
because their museum failed
explanation. He says: "I
to get the Mona Lisa after
frequently return to situations
Washington showed it. (Relax,
which resemble situations in
daddies it's really a very dull
previous plays because I feel
picture.).. .The Charlton Hesthat all of the implications
toa - George Chakiris film,
and meanings were not com"Diamond Head," is being
pletely explored — or realized
promoted as a picture with
—for me or the play itself."
GETTING READY: This 16-inch naval gun is being prepared
for firing at the McGill University high atmosphere research
station at Barbados, West Indies, on a site overlooking the
ocean near Seawell Airport. The rocket-gun will be elevated
vertically to fire projectiles some 250,000 feet above the
ground to probe the mes'osphere. (UPI)
HOOVER ROYALTY: These pupils at Hoover Junior High
School, Town of Tonawanda, were selected by their classmates as the royalty for the school's recent annual Coronation Ball. At the top are Guy Smith, king, and Betty Monaco,
queen, both ninth graders. Below them are Ralph Buono,
prince, and Rosalind Taft, princess, both eight graders. In
the bottom row are Patrick Sherlock, duke, and Susan Gerth,
duchess, seventh graders. The dance was sponsored by the
Girls' Athletic Association.
Fight Fever Two Ways
HOW HIGH should a fever be domen and legs with a towel
before you call the doctor?
that's been soaked in the alcohol
Call whenever you suspect mixture and wrung out lightly.
something wrong—even if there's Cover with a second dry towel.
no fever!
The evaporating solution cools
Your body temperature varies. the same way evaporating water
Normal ranges up to 100 degrees cools you after a swim.
by mouth — 101 degrees by rec- To hasten cooling, rub arms
tum. One part is simply warm- and legs briskly. This brings
more blood to the cooled surface.
er than the other.
Don't try to correct your ther- Skip this if your youngster's restmometer reading; just tell the less.
doctor the temperature and how Ventilation Important
Make sure you have plenty of
it was taken.
To guarantee a true reading, ventilation. Remember, you're
wait at least 30 minutes after eat- sponging with 70 proof alcohol.
ing, drinking, smoking and exer- At least one baby has inhaled
cising before taking temperature. enough to wind up in a drunken
Unless you're allergic, take as-jstupor!
pirin whenever temperature goes
over 101 degrees F. (rectal) or
100.5 degrees F. by mouth. Most
adults can take 2 adult tablets
(10 grains) every 4 hours, as
needed. Children over 5 need only
one 5-grain aspirin; for 1 to 5year-olds, *4 adult tablet (2Vb
grains) or two Bi-grain baby aspirins.
Edison H. Quester of 6308 Town
Let your doctor prescribe the Line Road, Town of Pendleton,
dose for younger babies. While has been elected president of the
you're waiting, you can safely newly organized Tri-County Police
give half the pre-school dose (1% Pistol League.
grains) once.
Other officers are Elmo Smith,
High fevers may trigger com- RFD 3, Albion, vice president,
plications in children.
and Heinz Kroll of 203 Syracuse
Give a cooling alcohol sponge St., Tonawanda, secretary-treasurbath whenever the temperature er.
moms over 103. Make a solu- Jerrold Stone of 23 Frederick
tion of half rubbing alcohol, half Road, and Richard Treadway, of
lukewarm water.
40 Follette Lane, Tonawanda,
Stretch the child on a dry tow- were among those named as diel Then cover chest, arms, ab- rectors.
Richard Nowaczyk of 56 Luksin
C$ m
Drive, Tonawanda, was elected
Lessons in English range officer.
John D. Kramer, chief deputy
the Niagara County Sheriff's
organized the league,
not say, "Such action is nothing
its first regular
else but folly." Say,
* meeting Thursday night in Lockelse than folly."
Cum Iaude (with praise). Pro- League members are from the
nounce kum-law-dee, accent sec- ranks of the Niagara County Sheriffs Mounted Division, the City of
ond syllable.
Auxiliary Police and
County Auxiliary Poactive). Idol (image). Idyl (snort
S Y N O N Y M S : Cast (noun), Future meetings will be conmold, stamp, kind, figure, form, ducted the first Wednesday of
aspect, mien, air, style, manner, each month.
WORD STUDY: Forensic; argumentative: rhetorical. (Accent Structural beams of dramatic
second syllable). "He was in- shape and enormou* size can be
tnclined to be forensic in his created by gluing together thin
layers of Douglas fir lumber.
speech with others."
SOME TRICK: Flute in hand, Indian fakir (faker?) Janice
Tepke, 12, performs the "ole rope trick" in the yard of her
Barrington, HI., home. The dancing rope actually was
"frozen stiff" by the sub-zero blast that hit the Midwest
this week. (UPI)
up to protect herself from
near-zero weather in Chicago
is 75-year-old Sophie Tucker,
as she arrived in the Windy
City for a 10-day singing engagement at a night club.
Miss Tucker is celebrating
her 60th year in show business. (UPI)
SETTLEMENT NEAR: Senator Wayne Morse (D-Ore.),
chairman of President Kennedy's three-man panel investigating the 27-day-old longshoremen's strike, stated at a press
conference in New York City yesterday that he hopes to announce a settlement in the walkout by tomorrow. Morse
said he is "more optimistic than ever." (UPI)
Quester Heads
Newly Formed
Pistol League
KEEPS 'EM GUESSING: Ambika, 2,820pound elephant added to the Washington Zoo
in 1961 as a gift from the children of India
to the children of Washington, receives her
third electrocardiogram at the zoo yesterday
to determine whether she is pregnant. The
animal was reputed to be expecting when
she arrived at the zoo. Though the average
gestation period for Indian elephants is just
over 21 months, Ambika doesn't look pregnant. Dr. Joseph B. Princiotto of Georgetown University School of Medicine, foreground, applies electrodes as Dr. T. W. Roth,
general curator of the zoo looks on. (UPI)
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Thomas M. Tryniski
309 South 4th Street
Fulton New York
HAPPY REUNION: Mrs. Margarita Hemsing
gets a warm embrace from her ten-year-old
son, Carlos, at the Miami airport yesterday.
The Hemsing's three children were part of
a 90-member plane load of Cuban-Americans
to be brought out of Cuba this week. (UPI)