í Institute is to share ... The mission of the Norr

The mission of the Norrí Institute is to share concepts and methods of Norrí
Biofield Therapy with the world so individuals can take responsibility for their
growth and healing in order to create a climate of peace and pure connection
with the Divine.
Raising a Psychic Child
by Jennifer Etter
Lions and tigers and bears, oh
my! Many characters and creatures can be found in the home
of a psychic child. Some friends,
some guides, and some just passing through. Lying in bed, at
night, I can often hear thumps
and bumps and well, sometimes
roars and growls. I now know that
these are just various beings here
to help, protect or just play. As a child though, they
were not always welcome sights. Growing up as a psychic child can sometimes be a frightening experience
if the right tools are not properly given. By dismissing
your psychic child’s description of a creature or person
waking them in the night, you are disarming them and
leaving them alone to face what they know as real, and
scary. Many beings have come through my home as
the years have gone by. My daughter often describes
them, very nonchalantly, as her friends but there have
been some that she has been afraid of. The greatest
gift you can give your psychic child is power over fear.
Listen to your child when they tell you what it is that
frightens them. Even if you cannot see, hear or smell
that which they describe; make a point to talk to the
source of fear and let them know that they are not allowed to frighten your little one. As for ghosts or those
just passing through, make sure your child knows that
not everyone who wants to come into your home is
welcome and that they have the power to send them
away. Being involved and helping
your psychic child choose how to
handle these situations will build
the trust and security they need
in you.
Jennifer Etter is a master student
of The Norrí Institute of Healing
in Houston .
Issue 2
Holiday, 2010
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Energetic Dimentions of Loss . . . . . 2
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Case Study -
Energetic Dimensions of Loss
At times in our lives we are all faced with a
“loss” of some sort in varying degrees. Feelings
of loss may be experienced as trauma to the
system. The challenge is to maintain wellness
and balance in our lives as well as our energetic
systems after such a loss. It is how we process
the trauma that allows for recovery.
Deep feeling of loss coupled with unwillingness to let go can cause an energetic attachment to the form. This can
cause undesirable effects
such as pain or improper
The following case study is
an example of how traumatic loss can affect someone in
multiple dimensions: physical, energetic, and spiritual.
CASE STUDY : by Danny Doré
When my client arrived she asked me to check her
out energetically to see what I could find. I asked
her to lay face-up on the massage table while I performed some basic energetic cleaning and balancing. This technique frequently provides clues surrounding the physical or energetic blockages within
one’s system.
Within two minutes of beginning the session, I
noticed a strange and chaotic energy forming above
her right breast. It looked like gnats flying around
a light bulb at night. I asked her if she was having
problems with her right breast. She replied, “ Yes,
that was the reason I came in today. I wanted
to see if you could detect what is wrong with my
system. I have undergone multiple medical tests,
including two mammograms each year. No one
has found a solution to my problem. Twice a month
my right breast swells, becomes tender and lactates.
This has been going on for years.”
As she told me her story, the energy above her right
breast began to reveal its self. When the shape
crystallized, my mouth dropped open in amazement. Not wanting to startle her, I asked her some
very specific and direct questions. “Have you ever
had a miscarriage or abortion?”
“ Yes,” she answered. “Ten years ago I had a miscarriage. Five years ago, I was blessed with a
beautiful healthy daughter and three years ago, I
had a hysterectomy.”
“Was the miscarriage a boy?”
“ Yes,” she answered with a strange look on her
face. “Why are you asking me these questions?”
I responded, “Because, I know what is causing
your problem. What I don’t know is how you are
going to handle the information.”
“I will handle it, don’t worry. If you know something you must tell me! I have been bothered
with this problem for far too long. “
I did not know how to prepare her anymore, so
I told her what I was seeing. “The tenderness,
swelling and lactation from your breast is related
to the miscarriage you had ten years ago. The
child that was miscarried has never fully broken its energetic attachment to you. So, twice a
month this child’s spirit returns in order to energetically nurse. In the spiritual dimension, time
does not exist in the same way that time exists in
the physical plane. What might be ten years here
may be only one second there.
Surprisingly, this information did not startle her.
In fact, her next statement was, “Okay, so what
do we do about it?”
I told her I was not an expert with this kind of
manifestation but I attempted several different
techniques with no success. The only remaining
option I knew of was to pray.
After entering into a deep prayer state and asking
the Divine Parents for their help and guidance,
an answer was immediately given to me. I was
instructed to tell her that every time the spirit of
the child returned, she must tell him “ You will
never be born to me.” I told her, “Once he accepts
that fact he will be free to be born into a different
One week later she told me, “The last time I
talked to the spirit of my lost child, the experience
was different. When he left I was so fatigued I
could not even raise my arm off the bed. After a
few hours of channeling Universal Energy my
system returned to normal.”
(continued on page 3)
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Case Study (continued from page 2)
loved one can create imbalances in the energetic
It is important to recognize the potential these
events have if not dealt with in a positive way.
We have the choice of ‘holding on’ or ‘letting
go’…to find healing within ourselves or find a
healer or counselor that will assist you in the
healing process.
We stayed in touch for another 6 months and not
once in that time did any of the symptoms return.
This case study is specific to the energetic attachment of the loss of a child and how this
attachment affected the clients’ physical form.
In other therapeutic situations, energies
viewed as children can also represent creative
endeavors or dreams that for whatever reason
were not realized or brought into fruition.
Lost opportunities or especially the loss of a
Danny Doré is a member of The Norrí Institute of
Healing and has a private practise in Houston.
Natural Health Hints
By Janette Gray
Ginger Bath
With the change of seasons I wanted to share
some of my favorite remedies to relieve cold and
flu symptoms. This is my favorite season to enjoy
the gift of Ginger. There are many uses for Ginger
that benefit the body internally and externally. In
Ayuravedic medicine, Ginger is called vishwabhesaj,
“The Universal Medicine”. It has been used for
indigestion, muscle aches, respiratory congestions,
to increase circulation and as a blood detoxifier
among other things.
At the first sign of sniffles or body aches I recommend
a nice cup of Ginger Tea.
1/8 cup of powdered Ginger
1 cup Kosher Salt
A Dry Brush (optional)
Hot bath water
Tall glass of drinking water
Ginger Tea
prep: 5 min. stand: 5 min.
1 cup boiling water
4 1/8th inch slices of fresh ginger
1 small sprig fresh rosemary or fresh mint, or lemon
peel (optional)
1 spoon of honey (to taste)
Place ginger slices, rosemary, and honey in a cup then
add boiling water. Let steep for 5 minutes. Enjoy.
For onset of deep body aches or chills often
associated with colds and flu I suggest a hot Ginger
Bath. This will induce perspiration to clear out
toxins and invaders in the system. It is best to hop
in bed after a Ginger Bath and rest.
prep: 5 min. bath time: 30 min.
Add powdered Ginger and Kosher salt to the hottest
bath water you can manage for best results. Because
this is a detox bath it is very important to drink
water before, during and after this bath.
Dry Brushing is optional but very beneficial before
any bath or shower to remove dead skin cells,
increase circulation and opening pores to allow the
absorption of nutrients. Always direct brushing
from the feet up the legs toward the heart. The
same pattern is followed from the hands up the
arms toward the heart. Dry brushing only takes a
few minutes with incredible benefit to areas with
Soak in the bath for between 20 and 30 minutes.
No more than 30. It is not necessary to rinse off
the ginger after the bath since you will be sweating
out toxins for a while. Happy Healing.
To your Health…
Janette Gray is a master student of The Norrí Institute
of Healing in Houston.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you ask clients to wait a few days before lifting or doing any heavy work?
It takes time for you energy body and fields to solidify into place after the session.
Your body is still vibrating at a high rate from the energy work and it takes time for
your body to move back into its normal vibration and become integrated into your
Why don’t my friends with healing training agree on treatment methods?
There are many different modes and schools of healing. We often get caught up in
who is right and who is wrong. The truth is we each see from the perspective of our
own experience and understanding. An old Hindi proverb explains these different
points of view…
Once upon a time, there lived six blind men in a village. One day they were told,
“There is an elephant in the village today.”
They had no idea what an elephant was, so they decided to go touch it.
Each man decided it was something different. “The elephant is a pillar,” “It is like a
rope,” “It is like a thick branch of a tree,” “It is like a big hand fan” “It is like a huge
wall,” “It is like a solid pipe.”
They began to argue as each man insisted he was right. A wise man passing by
asked them, “What is the matter?” Each man told what he thought the elephant
was like. The wise man calmly explained to them, “All of you are right. Each one of
you touched a different part of the elephant. So, actually the elephant has all of
the features each of you described.”
At The Norrí Institute of Healing we recognize there are many good teachers with
effective healing modalities which may be different from ours. The energy system
is large and complex and each client has individual needs. We all see a part of the
elephant. Often healers use different labels to describe the same thing. This is why it
is so important to listen not only with our ears, but with our heart and soul.
Two of the goals of The Norrí Institute of Healing are to help form a common
language of terms and definitions for energy healing so that everyone understands
each other more fully and to work with other schools and disciplines to heal the
children of God.
Forward all questions and comments to [email protected]
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Norrí Schedule
Mary will be offering tele-classes.
Those of you who are not in Houston will have an opportinity to call in to join these
classes. Make sure you are on the tele-class mailing list by contacting Sherri Blake at
[email protected]
I will send an email letting everyone know when classes start.
The Norrí Holiday party
December 15th, Wednesday, is our Holiday party at Mary’s house. RSVP if you intend
to join the festivities and bring a $20.00 gift to exchange.
December 17th-19th, 2010
Mary Norris will be in California. She is offering private session times as follows:
Friday December 17th & Saturday December 18th
Private readings
Norrí Feng Shui and house clearing in your home.
Cost: Call Mary for prices and to set up an appointment 281-584-9364
Sunday December 19th
Private Sessions with Mary by appointment:
Location: Ohana Healing Arts, 1514 17th St., ste 203, Santa Monica, CA 90404
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Norrí Essentials & Books
Blessing Oil - $25.00
Massaging the feet with blessing oil allows the energy system to begin
absorbing the healing vibration. Blessing the feet opens the spiritual
eye centers in the bottom of the feet, aids the release of toxic energy
through the feet, and allows your body to become sacred ground.
Blessing oil helps train your hands to hold the healing vibration. The
aroma encourages deep breathing and relaxation.
Blessing Mist - $25.00
When sprayed on the body, this mist softens surface energy residue making it easier to
remove. Use this blessing mist to bless a house and make a space more comfortable. Use
the blessing mist while traveling to create a comfortable resting area for an overnight
Blessing Oil and Mist set - $45.00
Energy Care Booklets - $10.00 each
Energy body care improves the quality of our lives. These booklets addresses hygiene,
exercise, and nutrition as they apply to the energy body.
Personal Energy Body Care has helped many people stengthen their energy systems to
make their healing work and daily activities easier and more successful.
Personal Energy Care For Recovery The Norrí Techniques of Biofield Therapy have
been modified to help you and your therapist facilitate the recovery process. This book
will give you tools to use for recovery from trauma to your physical, emotional and
spiritual self.
Biofield Care For Pets will help increase the awareness and understanding between you
and your pet. This will improve your animal companion’s general health and well-being.
Soaps - $5.00 each, or 5 for $20.00
Olive Oil Soap (Clear) , Goat’s Milk Soap (Opaque)
Each bar is infused with Healing, Blessing, and Cleansing vibrations. Perfect for
cleansing the physical and energy body. Feel loved and pampered.
Soap Fragrances: Cherry, Rose, Lavender, Unscented
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