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New Releases
The Family of Jesus
Karen Kingsbury
In The Family of Jesus, #1
New York Times bestselling
novelist Karen Kingsbury
will make you laugh, cry,
and ultimately care more
deeply about the Bible by
helping you grasp the
truths in Scripture not just
with your mind, but with
your heart.
BOOK 9781476707372 $19.99
The Revealing
Suzanne Woods Fisher
While secrets and mysteries
surround the Inn at Eagle Hill,
Naomi King has a secret of
her own—a growing
romance with Tobe Schrock.
BOOK 9780800720957
$16.99 SALE $13.99
Child of Mine
David & Beverly Lewis
Desperately clinging to the hope of
finding her long-lost daughter, will
Kelly miss out on the chance to find
love—and a family—once more?
SALE $16.99
BOOK 9780764212543
$18.50 SALE $14.99
I Need Some Help Here!
Kathi Lipp
Popular speaker helps moms pray with boldness and confidence by offering scripture-based
prayers focused on 14 specific areas of their children’s lives.
BOOK 9780800720780 $14.99 SALE $11.99
The Hope Quotient
Ray Johnston
Fly A Little Higher
Laura Sobiech
A revolutionary new method for
measuring—and dramatically
increasing—your level of hope.
Laura Sobiech tells the amazing story of
how God used her son’s battle with
cancer to touch the lives of millions.
BOOK 9780718011529
$18.25 SALE $15.49
BOOK 9780529121790
$19.49 SALE $15.99
New Releases
Guy Penrod
The new album includes twelve
church favourites that feature Guy’s
signature arrangements of both classic
and contemporary songs of worship.
CD 311346
$15.99 SALE $11.99
No Other Name
The latest worship opus from
Hillsong features 11 new songs
including the soon to be classics
“Calvary”, “This I Believe (The
Creed)” and more.
CD 311447 $15.99
SALE $10.99
Neon Steeple
Michael W. Smith
The Multi-Platinum™ artist and three-time Grammy® award
winner returns with his fourth album of worship. Deluxe
Edition includes a full live concert DVD featuring Kari Jobe.
CD 329953 $15.99 SALE $11.99
CD/DVD 329954 $23.99 SALE $19.99
The new album from Crowder features songs with a
mixture of acoustic sounds and electronic beats.
Deluxe Edition with bonus tracks also available.
CD 329861 $14.99 SALE $9.99
Deluxe Edition 311314 $18.99 SALE $14.99
Jesus Culture
Unstoppable Love
Featuring live worship from the Jesus Culture Encounter
Conference in Sacramento, CA in January 2014.
CD/DVD 311395 $19.99
SALE $15.99
Rush of Fools
Carry Us Now
The “Undo” hit-makers return with the best songs of their career, a
reminder that God will carry us now through whatever life brings.
CD 311323 $12.99 SALE $9.99
Noah’s Animal Friends Playset
This interactive playset and board book
let kids bring the story of Noah and
the flood to life.
PLAYSET 9780825455421
$18.50 SALE $9.75
An Arkful of Animal Prayers
Sophie Piper, Tina Macnaughton
This delightful book gives words to a
child’s hopes and dreams for the world
in which they live and the animals who
share it with them.
BOOK 9780825478406
$11.49 SALE $7.99
10,000 Reasons
Kids Worship
Includes 10 songs made popular by
artists like Chris Tomlin, Hillsong,
Matt Redman and many others.
Bash and the Pirate Pig,
Bash and the Chicken
Coop Caper
Burton W. Cole
CD 329887
Follow the adventures of Bash and his cranky cousin
Raymond “Beamer” Boxby. Written for boys 8 to 14.
Pirate Pig 9781433680694 $14.99 SALE $11.99
Chicken Coop Caper 9781433680700 $14.99 SALE $11.99
The Action Bible
These great action-packed products will leave your kids
wanting to learn more about the Bible!
CD 329926
$12.99 SALE $7.99
Uptempo music for tweens!
BOOK 9780781444996 GAME 9781434708342
$31.99 SALE $24.99 $11.49 SALE $8.99
More Laugh-OutLoud Jokes for Kids
Rob Elliott
A brand new collection of
gut-busting hilarity!
BOOK 9780800788216
SALE $4.99
Samantha Sanderson Books
Samantha Sanderson is a resourceful seventh grader with the extraordinary
dream to become an aspiring award-winning journalist. Sam and her best
friend, Makayla, are always sniffing out the next big mystery to report in the
school paper---that is, when they aren’t busy navigating the crazy world of
middle school, faith, and friends.
At The Movies 9780310742456 $10.99 SALE $8.99
On the Scene 9780310742470 $10.99 SALE $8.99
Sing Yourself Silly
VeggieTales Live!
So Not Okay
Nancy Rue
Kids can sing along with their
favourite Veggie characters with
these silly songs.
Written by bestselling author,
Nancy Rue, each book in the
Mean Girl Makeover trilogy
focuses on a different
character’s point of view: the
bully, the victim, and the
Book 9781400323708
$11.99 SALE $9.99
DVD 324268
SALE $7.99
Wooden Train Set
Hop on board the VeggieExpress for hours of fun.
Includes an engine and four train cars.
TOY 420447 $43.99 SALE $39.99
What’s in the Bible
Vol. 13:
God’s Kingdom
Volume 13: God’s
Kingdom Comes! will
take your family through
the final books of the
Bible - the General
Epistles and Revelation!
DVD 329829 $16.99 SALE $11.99
Dream Treaders
Wayne Thomas Batson
Book #1 in a trilogy from
fantasy author Wayne Thomas
Batson explores the concept of
dreams and their effects on us.
BOOK 9781400323661
$11.99 SALE $9.99
Have a creative, colourful, imagination-filled good time with these new Crayola products for kids!
Crayola 3-D Washable Chalk - 4 pack 513503 SALE $5.99
Model Magic - Primary with Bible Story & Mini Devo 8198355133
SALE $9.99
Outdoor Colored Bubbles (3 colours to choose from) 037700
SALE $4.99/each
Hot Music Deals
Hillsong Live
A Beautiful Exchange
Powerful worship songs that
explore themes including
sacrifice & redemption.
CD 321536
SALE $9.99
JUST $6.99
Casting Crowns
The Acoustic Sessions: Volume 1
JUST $9.99
Fans can experience some of their favourite
Casting Crowns songs on the acoustic project
The Acoustic Sessions: Volume 1.
CD 328168
Laura Story
Great God Who Saves
SALE $6.99
A collection of songs that will take
listeners into an even deeper
understanding of God and His
CD 333922
SALE $7.99
Jars of Clay
Bethel Music
Without Words
This first indepent release from Jars
of Clay features songs that provide
The album ventures into new territory and
deep meaning in their lyrics.
explores what it is to worship without words.
CD 329464
CD 328828 ONLY $6.99
SALE $8.99
Live in Concert: God’s Not Dead
The band that brought the hits “God’s Not Dead”, “Born Again” and “Go”
brings their live show to you with their live album.
CD 327986
SALE $5.99
Hot Deals
More value, more cards, more ministry!
2 get1
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Free item must be equal or lesser value of purchased boxes.
Flight to Heaven
Capt. Dale Black
The flight to heaven changed Dale’s
life, and now he allows it to be told in
hopes of encouraging others with this
wondrous experience.
BOOK 9780764207945
$16.99 SALE $13.99
Reinventing Rachel
Alison Strobel
A true-to-life story that draws readers in and
keeps them biting their nails until the end.
BOOK 9781434767745
$17.50 SALE $9.99
A Talent for Trouble
Jen Turano
Will Grayson and Felicia decide they
want to spend the rest of their lives
keeping one another out of trouble?
BOOK 9780764211263
$16.99 SALE $6.99
SAVE $10
Summer Reading
Dani Pettrey
A Moment In Time
Tracie Peterson
With so many obstacles in her
path, will Alice Chesterfield find
sanctuary in her new life on the
Texas frontier—and a chance
at love?
BOOK 9780764210594
$16.99 SALE $13.99
Romantic suspense’s rising
star returns with an electric
new thriller.
SALE $13.99
Robin Parrish
Blind Trust
Sandra Orchard
When a group of corrupt politicians
targets him for opposing reforms in
freedom of speech, evangelist John
Luther vows to expose the truth, or die
trying. Based on a Daniel Lusk film.
When amateur sleuth Kate Adams
investigates a small-time counterfeit
operation, she discovers a sinister
corporate conspiracy and uncovers
shocking family secrets.
BOOK 9780764212666
$18.50 SALE $13.99
BOOK 9780800722234
$16.99 SALE $13.99
A Deadly Business
Lis Wiehl
If the hours don’t kill you, the
accused just might.
BOOK 9780718016050
$20.99 SALE $17.49
Can adi an
Aut hor
Face to Face with Jesus
Samaa Habib
The thrilling and heart-wrenching true
story of a former Muslim woman’s
journey to heaven and back when she
was victim of a terrorist bombing.
BOOK 9780800795795
$16.99 SALE $13.99
The Turning
Davis Bunn
A small band of believers versus a
powerful media conglomerate:
Bunn has created a stunning,
multilayered tale of power and,
ultimately, hope in The Turning.
BOOK 9780802411686
$17.50 SALE $13.99
Summer Reading
Atlas Girl
Emily T. Wierenga
Can adi an
Aut hor
The Heart’s Pursuit
Robin Lee Hatcher
In this lyrical memoir, a
disillusioned pastor’s daughter
searches the globe for God and
finds him in the most
unexpected place—back home.
Silver and Jared must learn to
forgive and trust and face the
question they haven’t dared
voice: What happens next?
BOOK 9780801016561
$16.99 SALE $13.99
BOOK 9780310259275
$19.49 SALE $15.99
SAVE $10
Steven James
Bristling with mystery, suspense, and
intrigue, Singularity is the second riveting
stand-alone book in The Jevin Banks
Out of the Depths
Edgar Harrell,
Scent of Lilacs
Ann H. Gabhart
A WWII hero’s courageous, inspiring true
story of survival against all odds after
the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.
BOOK 9780800734268
$16.99 SALE $13.99
BOOK 9780764212604
$19.50 SALE $13.99
As Jocie digs into her family’s past, will
she find the answers everyone so
desperately needs? Or will her questions
lead to truths better left hidden?
That Certain Summer
Irene Hannon
An inspiring true-to-life tale of
complex family relationships,
transgressions revealed and forgiven,
and the complicated process of
finding love.
BOOK 9780800722494
$16.99 SALE $13.99
BOOK 9780800730802
$16.99 SALE $6.99
Where the Wind Leads
Vinh Chung with Tim Downs
An inspirational true-story of a
Vietnamese refugee boat.
BOOK 9780529105547
$19.49 SALE $15.99
Family Time
The Perfect Summer
A film about facing your fears,
pushing through inhibitions and
experiencing life through all its
DVD 329506
$24.99 SALE $19.99
When Calls the Heart: The Dance
Janette Oke
The newest film in the Canadian prairie series,
directed by Michael Landon Jr. and based on
the characters of Janette Oke.
The story of three very different
men on a quest for truth and their
journey to an Angus Buchan (Faith
Like Potatoes) rally.
DVD 328809
ONLY $6.99!
Smart Money Smart Kids
Dave Ramsey
DVD 311332
$24.99 SALE $19.99
Dutch Blitz®
A best seller year after year, Dutch
Blitz® is a great family game
sure to bring hours of fun.
Financial expert and
best-selling author Dave
Ramsey and his daughter
Rachel Cruze equip parents to
teach their children how to win
with money.
GAME 420036
$13.99 SALE $9.99
BOOK 9781937077631
$29.99 SALE $24.99
Cranium: Bible Edition
The outrageously fun award-winning board game packed
with something-for-everyone now in a Bible Edition!
GAME 420421 $34.99 SALE $27.99
Angus Buchan’s
Ordinary People
Be The Dad She Needs
You to Be
Dr. Kevin Leman
A call to dads to step up to the
plate to become the loving,
actively engaged father that a
daughter needs for life and
relational success.
BOOK 9780718011505
$15.99 SALE $13.49
Bestselling Music
WOW Worship (Lime)
Today’s top worship leaders and the songs that are
impacting the church worldwide. 2 CD set with 30
songs. Also available in a deluxe edition.
All Sons & Daughters
All Sons & Daughters
2CD 328392 $18.99 SALE $14.99
2CD Deluxe 329882 $23.99 SALE $19.99
Rivers in the Wasteland
Returning to their soulful southern
rock roots, Needtobreathe are back
with a fresh innovative new album.
This self titled album is their most mature and innovative
work to date, and unfiltered creativity is the common
thread throughout the record.
CD 329925
$15.99 SALE $11.99
CD 328040
$15.99 SALE $11.99
Take It All
Peter Furler Band
Sun and Sheild
The annual Passion 2014 album features bestselling
artists Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Matt Redman, and more.
Also available in a deluxe edition including a full talk
from Louie Giglio and more!
Combining an ambitious collection of new songs with
a more muscular, band-driven sound that harkens
back to Peter’s time with the Newsboys.
CD 329952 $14.99 SALE $10.99
CD/DVD 311320 $18.99 SALE $15.99
CD 329969 $12.99 SALE $9.99
Welcome to the New
Casting Crowns
A musical reminder that we
don’t have to try to please God
because he’s been pleased with
us from the beginning.
So many of us today are simply
surviving. But we were not made to
survive, we were made to Thrive.
CD 329917
$14.99 SALE $11.99
CD 329709
$14.99 SALE $9.99
Paul Baloche
Recorded live in Toronto, Paul Baloche LIVE
captures the beauty and simplicity of
a Sunday morning worship experience.
Also available in a deluxe edition.
CD 329889 $15.99 SALE $11.99
CD/DVD 329901 $19.99 SALE $14.99
Rend Collective
The Art of Celebration
Rend Collective have captured the hearts of
worshippers with their sense of joy.
Featuring the hit “My Lighthouse”.
CD 329821 $15.99 SALE $7.99
50% off!
50% off!
Faith Journal
This journal offers a place to express your faith
and deepen your relationship with God.
JOURNAL 9781424549139
$19.50 SALE $9.75
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