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Dating a Cancerian?
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JK Rowling
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The Wizardry of Fate
When she started the first book, J.K. Rowling was on
government benefits. Now she’s got more cash than
the Queen. But her personal story is about more than
money or success. The forces at work in the Harry Potter
books are a reflection of her own psychic transformation.
espite what the books may say, Harry Potter
was born in 1990 on a train from Manchester to
London. He arrived fully formed in J.K. Rowling’s
imagination, like a bolt from the blue. She was a
single mother struggling to make ends meet, and although
she wanted to write, she had not found the confidence
or inspiration she needed. In similar fashion, Harry was
living an ordinary life, unaware of his true abilities; until
a surprise visit on his 11th birthday launched him into a
different reality. The parallel is not hard to see, especially
when Rowling’s astrological signature
is taken into account.
Joanne Rowling was born on 31st
July, 1965—a Leo in the Chinese year
of the Snake. This is a perplexing
combination in that Leo is one of the
most extroverted signs, while the
Snake is known for being secretive
and private. Fortunately for Rowling,
it creates an excellent synergy for writing. On one hand,
it fulfills Leo’s need to be in the spotlight and bask in
public adoration. On the other, the practice of writing is
intensely private and solitary, which is just the thing for
a reclusive Snake.
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As a child, Rowling likens herself to Harry Potter’s friend
Hermione: A prudent spirit, a hard worker, and often
hiding away somewhere with a book. Although she was
an enthusiastic reader with an inkling that she could be
a writer, her resolve would be tested many times before
the path to literary stardom would open.
Rowling’s early professional life was strongly influenced
by her Jupiter, which appears in the most philosophical
area of her chart. She studied French at the University of
Exeter, worked for Amnesty International
in London, and taught English in
Portugal. While her Leo Sun kept her
going as a teacher, Snake poured itself
into the private pursuit of finishing the
first Potter novel. She met and married
her first husband during this time, and
although they lived together for a few
years and had a daughter, the marriage
ended bitterly. She soon found herself
back in England as a single parent. On top of that, she was
still struggling to finish her first manuscript.
This is where Rowling’s Snake and Lion energies came to
the rescue. Snake is among the most determined signs,
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and does not like to fail. In similar form, Leo is known for its
strong sense of pride. At a house in Scotland, while working
full time and raising her daughter, Rowling committed
herself to finishing the manuscript, which was then called
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. When the book
was picked up by a small publishing house, Rowling was
given a advance of £1400.
As her phenomenal creative energies came pouring out
in one book after the other, Rowling’s main astrological
signs began to manifest in ways that
were appropriate to her new position
in life. Leo relished in red carpet events
for the film adaptations of her books,
during which her fashionable clothes
and photogenic face satisfied a deep
urge for public attention. Rowling’s
relationship with the press, meanwhile,
was Snake energy at its finest. Besides
loyalty and financial security, privacy
is among the Snake’s most prized possessions—and
when this privacy is violated, the Snake lashes out. The
famed author’s distaste for invasive press—particularly
tabloids—even made its way into the books themselves,
where Harry’s notoriously unintelligent uncle shows his
preference for a certain daily rag.
Rowling’s astrological signature was instrumental in giving
her the psychic strength to withstand global exposure
(Leo), while at the same time providing her with the
imagination and solitary discipline needed to create an
astonishingly complex world (Snake) and see it through
to its final resolution. There are many other astrological
factors which contributed to the richness of the Harry
Potter saga, but exploring those would
require a book in itself.
As J.K. Rowling looks past the mixed
reception of her first adult novel, The
Casual Vacancy, it remains to be seen how
her psychic energies will play out in the
future. The intensity of her success with
the Potter novels was unprecedented, and
begs the question: What mountain does
she have yet to climb?It may be that Rowling disappears
from sight for awhile, or even retires from writing to focus
on charity work. On the other hand, with a creative force
like hers, it’s not unheard of for lightning to strike twice.
Is he the one?
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(Mar 21 - Apr 19)
Your psychic sensitivity
kicks into overdrive,
giving your dreams
and thoughts a special
sharpness. If you pay attention
to the little things and follow the
synchronicities, you’ll uncover a rare
opportunity. When your mental
energy begins to feel slightly chaotic,
remember that it’s not just you; the
thoughts and energies of others has
a real affect. The best way to manage
this is to be impeccable with your word.
The more integrity you bring to your
interactions with others, the clearer your
inner space will be. Understanding this
is your key to greater material success.
As for new love, there is Summer magic
in the air. Let it fill your senses and the
rest will take care of itself.
(Apr 20 - May 20)
Arriving home after a
long day, its tempting
to want to throw in the
towel; but obvious cues
to move things forward will arise after
hours. If you summon the energy to
act on them, the rewards will quickly
stack up. A situation that has long been
stagnant suddenly breaks free, but
don’t celebrate too quickly. Decisive
action is needed to sweep up the
pieces and remove them permanently;
then you can really toast to your health!
If your partner has been quiet, he or she
will suddenly want to talk around the
middle of the month. Whatever the
issue has been, it will come out—and
handling it gracefully will give you
some leeway the next time you need
to breach a delicate subject.
(May 21 - June 21)
When faced with a
choice between two
engagements, go with
the one that speaks to
your heart. There will be plenty of
time later for logic and reason, but
for now, your emotional and intuitive
energies are leading you in the right
direction. It can’t be a coincidence
that you’ve bumped into the same
person again in such a short space of
time. Could a romantic vibe could be
responsible? Indeed—but if you want
to capitalise, it’s you who has to step
up and ask the question. Everything
that pays comes with risks, and new
love is no exception! Meanwhile, how
is your health? Increasing your physical
awareness isn’t always easy, but the
benefits are priceless.
July 2013 Horoscopes
Mercury spends most of the month in
retrograde, making it easy to lose track of details.
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(Sept 23 - Oct 22)
Mixing money and
friends has less than
desirable results. When
the subject comes up,
be as clear and prudent as you can.
Everyone involved will be better off in
the long run. Your energy is surging
at the workplace, which could lead to
a promotion—but beware of details
falling through the cracks.These could
make or break the situation! Little
things are less likely to escape you after
the 20th. A new relationship is ready to
form, but in order to make it happen
you’ll need to step out and be bold.
Tune into your extrovert side and make
the most of these Summery vibes.The
serious stuff can be left until later!
(Oct 23 - Nov 21)
That new idea rolling
around your head may
seem far-fetched, but it’s
well within reach. All you
have to do is take one definitive step
and the momentum will gather. The
way you do things on a daily basis has a
real effect on your emotional wellbeing.
Trapped energies can be freed by
busting up the routine. It may seem
insignificant, but little decisions matter
Keep your wits about you in public
places; a new love interest is likely to be
watching. One look in their eyes and
you’ll know if the possibility is there.
Subtle improvements to your outward
appearance, and careful attention to
detail, are more effective than drastic
(Nov 22 - Dec 21)
A pesky situation has
been holding you back,
but rearranging the
external will not bring
about the shift you need. The source
of the problem is only found by
navigating inward. Once you perceive
your own role with clarity, the solution
presents itself in a simple and direct
way. In matters of love, a burst of
passion arises when you tune into your
partner psychically. There are endless
possibilities beyond the usual way of
relating. Extreme caution is advised
with any major financial decision.There
is likely to be someone operating in the
shadows. If at all possible, don’t make
anything official until after the 20th.
(June 22 - July 22)
Good things happen
when you focus on what
is right there in front of
you.The big picture is too
fuzzy and far away to see clearly at the
moment; and besides, as the saying
goes, all we have is now! Small, definite
actions tally up and bring results. It’s
only natural to cut loose and enjoy
yourself with friends, but beware—you
may be in for a surprise announcement.
Forget the crowds if you’re looking for
romance. You’re more likely to find a
meaningful connection when you
follow your intuition to someplace
quiet. Overall, the cosmic picture is
bringing you good luck. If you decide
what your true wishes are and send
them out at this time, you’re bound
to see definite progress.
(Dec 22 - Jan 19)
Your inner balance, which
seems to have been
missing lately, is restored
after the 7th of the month.
Have the hard times been in vain?
Absolutely not! You are stronger and
clearer now, especially where friends
are concerned. The stars have a plan
to bring you closer to your dreams, but
they need your trust in order to make
it work. You are not alone. Someone
unexpected appears with a story that
is remarkably similar to yours—and a
piece of advice to help you.Where love
is concerned, less is more. Words are
only worth so much, but the feelings
can be priceless. If you’re single, pay
special attention to the quiet one of
the bunch.
(July 23 - Aug 22)
Bringing out the best
in yourself this month
means bringing out the
best in others. The direct
route to your deepest wishes is not
necessarily the correct one; but if you
do things you know are right, and offer
a helping hand wherever possible,
obstacles will remove themselves
from your path. A quiet, intuitive
voice gives you a sense of direction
on an important financial matter, but
it’s better not to take definitive action
until after the 20th. Where love is
concerned, your aura will pull people
in—but if you’re looking for an unusual
connection, don’t expect to find it in the
usual places. Chart a new course and
send the world a message: Things are
going to be different from now on!
(Jan 20 - Feb 18)
Saying that everything
happens for a reason
is one thing, but if you
really feel it, you are free
to enjoy life on a whole new level. A
professional setback is only temporary.
Starting on the 7th, things quickly
move in the other direction. If you
want to reach others, let your words
flow from an honest and simple place.
A relationship prospect comes like a
sunrise: It’s beautiful and soft at first,
but soon climbs higher and illuminates
things you hadn’t noticed. Nobody’s
perfect, but you already knew that. As
long as your significant other knows it
too, things work out splendidly. A new
health practice expands your world.
Step up and take a chance!
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(Aug 23 - Sep 22)
Due to recent expenses,
your wallet could do with
a rest. Making due with
what you have is not just
economical; it’s a spiritual state of mind
that allows you to perceive hidden
influences at work in your world. And
since the best things in life are free,
now is a good time to breathe new
life into your social calendar. A healthy
new connection has the power to kick
start a stalled project and move things
ahead.Words however are likely to get
twisted, so communication is best
kept simple and direct. Your psychic
sensitivity is slightly higher than
normal. Picking up on other people’s
thoughts can feel strange at times, but
it’s a natural ability we all share, and it
has much to teach us.
(Feb 19 - Mar 20)
It’s not always easy to see
it, but you’ve done what
you set out to do. Last
month’s serious mood
is a thing of the past—time now for
a bit of fun! When an odd situation
comes your way, it can either be a great
annoyance or add life to the party.
It’s all about the mindset you bring.
Truly the outer world is a reflection of
what’s inside. Your romantic energy is
charged, but it’s unclear whether any
of these prospects have what you’re
looking for. Best wait until after the
20th to make any major moves. You
have luck with money, but wires get
crossed when you move too quickly.
A slow and steady approach takes you
Dating a Cancer
This Summer sign is among the most intimate of the zodiac. If
you want to cozy up to a Cancer, here’s what you need to know.
uled by the moon, Cancer is a sign of
mysterious moods and soulful romance. Onenight-stands are not the crab’s cup of tea—but
if a committed partnership is what you’re after,
this highly intuitive sign can be a dream come true.
Although it is a cardinal sign—meaning that it marks the
beginning of a new season (Summer) and has a certain
power to initiate things—you shouldn’t wait for Cancer
to make a move. Its connection to the moon, and to
the element of water, give it a highly receptive quality.
Rather than running after you, a Cancer will wait for
your approach and then decide what to do with you. If
you approach the wrong way—loudly for example, with
a lot of fast talk—the crab will duck
into its shell and scuttle away. It’s not
that Cancer is overly judgmental. It
just wants to feel a connection rather
than meet on the level of intellect. In
other words, a moment of genuine
eye contact is more effective than so
many opening lines.
But you can’t just sit there—so what
do you say help your chances? Cancerians are notoriously
sentimental creatures. They love reminiscing about the
past, so try connecting to your childhood and sharing
a happy memory. Cancer will peek out of its shell to
see if you are for real. That’s when you ask something
about their past. If they don’t answer right away, don’t
force the issue! The point is that you demonstrate a
sensitivity to the importance of home and family. Since
Cancer’s ultimate goal is to be cozy and safe with you,
being genuine is key. If you play hard to get, they’ll
take it at face value and walk. Patience is vital. It may
take time to get a conversation started, but once you
gain a basic level of trust, your chances of deepening
the connection are much higher.
Moving into the realm of dating and commitment,
nothing charms a Cancer like warm situations and a
personal touch. A home-cooked dinner for two isbetter
than a flashy restaurant with a big bill. Even when you
are in public, Cancer wants to feel like the two of you
are observing the world from a private island. It’s true
that Cancerians are homebodies—and their homes tend
to be among the loveliest and warmest anywhere—but
they also have a sense of adventure. The main thing
is, they want to feel at home with you, wherever the
two of you may be.
Cancerians can be moody—no doubt
about that. Since they are attuned to
the moon’s energy, their emotions are
prone to shift from one day to the next.
What can you do? Accept this as part
of who they are, and be honest about
how you feel in return. Even if your
Cancer doesn’t like what they hear,
they will respect your willingness to
stand by your own feelings. Just make sure to remain
sympathetic; insensitivity is a deal-breaker.
If you’re wondering whether all of this is worth it, the
answer is: Unquestionably! Cancerians have a huge
store of romantic passion beneath the protective shell.
They know how to connect with you on a level beneath
words, and making you feel special is their specialty.
What’s more, when they open up to you, life in the
bedroom can be earth-shattering. Remember—Cancers
are protective and selective because to them, love is a
VIP experience. Keep that in mind while you’re trying
to get a foot in the door!
Looking for Summer love? Call our psychics on 0800 422 0422
It can be the most rewarding romance of your life, but
you’ll need a map to navigate these mysterious waters
Nurture your Child’s Spirit
s a parent, you want your child to find his or
her own path while protecting them from
danger. You want to show them what’s out
there without limiting their self-discovery.
Taking all of these factors into account, and providing an
environment that nurtures spiritual growth, is one of the
biggest challenges of parenting. It requires patience,
self-examination, and a healthy dose of intuition.
Be aware of your own conditioning
When considering the spiritual nourishment you are
providing for your child, the first place to look is within.
Most of us have one form of conditioning or another
from our own childhoods, and it can be difficult not to
pass this on in some form. It may help to get an outside
perspective from a partner or trusted friend, or journal
about your childhood to help reveal any unhealthy
influences you may be projecting onto your child. Try
making a list of positive and negative aspects of the
spiritual environment provided by your own parents;
then make a new list for your child.
Student and Teacher
One of the most common things children deal with
is being talked down to, as if the adults know better.
Of course, this is often the case with worldly things,
but when it comes to being spiritually free and open,
the opposite is often true! Children carry with them
a natural curiosity, innocence, and awareness of the
present moment that often makes them the teachers
and us the students! Taking cues from your child’s
spiritual awareness, and learning from it, puts you in
a better position to offer a nourishing environment
for their spiritual growth. Tune into that source of joy
and freedom, and you will naturally understand how
to expand rather than stifle it—not only for your child,
but for yourself.
Invite questions, avoid absolutes
Lecturing your child on the history of the Tarot may not
be the best approach. Instead, let them see a deck of
cards and allow their natural responses to come forth.
Rather than read them the Lotus Sutra, try one of the
many Buddhist-themed storybooks available. It’s better
to keep things light and playful—there will be plenty
of time for serious teachings when they get older! For
now, gently introduce your child to the various tools
and paths available, taking care not to push. As their
personality begins to take shape, they will naturally
gravitate toward some things and away from others.
Allow their instincts to blend with yours and lead the
way together.
When your child does ask questions—’What’s this card
mean?’ or ‘Why did the Buddha seek enlightenment?’—
it’s usually better to answer in relative terms. ‘Many
people believe the Buddha sought enlightenment
because...’ is one example. Too many definite answers
can stifle a child’s ability to reflect for themselves, which
is really the basis of spiritual growth. If you have a strong
belief about something, by all means, share it with your
child. But remind them that these are big questions,
and everybody has to find their own answers.
Trust the process
The most fundamental thing of all is to trust that your
child is being guided down the path that is right for
them. This can be enhanced on your part through
meditation, prayer, offerings, or any kind of spiritual
practice that feels right. Ask spirit to help you guide the
child on his or her way, and continuously affirm your
trust in the process. When you know that a higher power
is on the case, a great deal of pressure is relieved. Then
you and your child can relax and explore the world of
spirituality together.
Psychic Gitte
As a child, I knew I had a strong connection with the spiritual world. I had an
imaginary friend, Katju, who looked like a teardrop. He was always at my side when
I was helping friends and family who came to me for guidance. I would often look
up at the sky and ask what it is that made me different. The answer was always,
“when the time is right my child, you will know”.
A client contacted me once because she had had a wonderful experience with her
two dogs who were suffering from arthritis. She had taken them to a specialist in
Germany who let them swim around in a big pool. The dogs quickly felt better,
and my client wanted to know if she could open the same type of clinic in her own
city. I immediately saw people and their dogs queuing up for therapy, and told
her she would be very successful, and would need lots of space because it would
grow quickly. Now, two years down the road, the business is a hit!
A good reading happens when the client and the reader first communicate to
identify what the client wants to know. This gives the reader a clear understanding
and sets the tone for a productive session. The journey can then begin, whether it’s
traveling into the past or future. or simply finding clarity in the present. The reader
must always respect the client’s limits if there are any. A successful reading always
ends with an uplifting, empowering feeling for client and reader both.
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