High-Speed Broadband Applications in the Home Melissa McCarthy ACCAN Conference

ACCAN Conference
7-8 September 2011
High-Speed Broadband
Applications in the Home
Melissa McCarthy
(Who is RIDBC?)
Why is RIDBC necessary?
• Children with hearing and/or vision impairment
require specialized early intervention support.
(Sass-Lehrer, 2002)
• Early diagnosis and intervention in children with
hearing loss is critical for natural language
development. (Yoshinaga-Itano, et al., 1998)
Why use technology?
• Low incidence disabilities
• Population affected regardless of location
• Higher incidence in indigenous communities
• Limited supply of qualified specialists
• Recruitment, retention and ongoing PD
What kind of technology?
• High-end
• Family television
• Next G cellular
• External aerial
What does it look like?
How does it work?
How would NBN help?
• Improved availability and connection speeds
• Increased access to in-home support
• Improved
More frequent
, consistent
for families
and family
• Greater range of support options for families
• Decreased sense of isolation
• Eliminates barriers of inequity and distance
For further information
• Please visit our website www.ridbc.org.au
• Or contact Melissa McCarthy
[email protected]
(02) 9872 0821
1 300 131 923