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26th November 2012
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-Learn To Swim Program (Leeton Pool)
-Kinder 2013 Graduation Day (12.30pm-2pm)
-Proud & Deadly Awards (Parkview PS Hall 6pm)
-Rotary Peace Community Forum (Parkview PS Hall 12.30pm-2pm)
-Year 6 Graduation Dinner (Stan Axtill Centre 6pm)
-Semester 2 Reports distributed
-Captains 2013 Speeches and Elections (Hall 9.30am)
-Presentation Night (Leeton High School MPC)
-‘Gold’ Reward Day
-Final Day of Term 4
*Please check the website for more dates!
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WEEK 8 TERM 4 Commencing Monday 26th November 2012
What a fantastic day we had at school on Friday! It was tremendous to see so many community members in
our school, initially supporting children as they enthusiastically engaged in ball games for the Farrell Cup and
then again in the evening for our hugely successful Christmas Carnival. Those types of days really underline
what a privilege it is to work in our community. We are very lucky to have such a supportive network who are
willing to engage in our school for the benefit of our children.
Thanks also to our hard working P&C who have again put together a wonderful community event. I never
cease to be amazed at the commitment and enthusiasm displayed by members of our parent body to provide
opportunities for our children and wider community.
Last week also saw members of our community engage in Kindergarten 2013 forums linked to fundamental
learning skills and the preparing students for the commencement of the 2013 school year. These forums were
extremely well attended, with parents and carers now very well equipped to support their children as they
move towards the commencement of school.
There is plenty ahead of us at Parkview Public School as we move towards the end of the year. Please consider
the following as you plan an already packed diary:
Intensive Swimming Program
The PPS Intensive Swimming Program commenced today and runs until the end of Week 9 (Friday, 7th
December). Any student who has not returned their permission note and wishes to attend must return this
information tomorrow (Tuesday, 27th November).
Kindergarten 2013 Graduation Day
The conclusion of Kindergarten 2013 Transition is approaching quickly, with the final day of transition set
down for Wednesday, 5th December. This will be a special day, with a number of activities held to celebrate the
We will hold a Parents and Carers Final Information Session, a special family lunch (pre-orders from the
canteen were distributed last week) and a Kindergarten 2013 Transition Graduation Ceremony will also be
held. Please mark down the following in your diary so you can be a part of the first milestone in your child’s
educational journey at Parkview Public School:
11.40am- Final day of transition commences for children
12.30pm- Parent Information Session
(including Frequently Asked Questions, What to do next, Commencement dates 2013 etc.)
1.00pm- Family Lunch (special lunch order form sent home today)
1.30pm- Kindergarten 2013 Graduation Ceremony (Hall)
We look forward to seeing as many family members and carers as possible share this day with us.
Proud and Deadly Awards
The Local AECG’s Proud and Deadly Awards will be held in the Parkview PS Hall on Wednesday, 5th December
from 6pm. Many Parkview students will be acknowledged for their achievements this year at this ceremony.
We encourage those who have been invited to RSVP as soon as possible.
Term 4 Reward Day
Students who have shown appropriate behaviour will be given the opportunity to attend the Roxy Theatre on
Wednesday, 12th December to view Madagascar 3. This is always a highlight for students at the end of the
school year. Permission notes for this activity will be distributed this week.
Year 6 Graduation Dinner
The Year 6 Graduation Dinner will be held at the Stan Axtill Centre on Wednesday, 12th December from 6pm.
All students in Year 6 and their family are eagerly looking forward to what will be a memorable evening to
celebrate this most significant milestone in the students schooling life.
Presentation Night
Presentation Night will be held at the Leeton High School MPC on Monday, 17 th December from 6.30pm.
Students who are receiving awards on this prestigious evening will be individually invited to attend in the
coming days. The evening will also feature performances from our school band and choir.
All community members are invited to come along and celebrate what has been an outstanding year at
Parkview Public School.
Helpers Morning Tea
To acknowledge the huge amount of support we have received from our community this year, we will be
hosting our annual Helpers Morning Tea on Tuesday, 18th December from 11.20am in the Hall. Personal
invitations will be distributed shortly, but I ask all volunteers to keep this date free and take the opportunity to
come along and share in some hospitality as part of our appreciation of the significant role you play in the
education of our children.
P&C Xmas Meeting
The Christmas Meeting of the P&C will be held at 6.30pm on Tuesday, 18th December. As is tradition, the P&C
will host a thankyou BBQ and refreshments to acknowledge those who have made an active contribution to
the on-going success of the P&C in 2012. Please RSVP to the front office by Friday, 14 th December (including all
family members).
Gold Reward Day
The Gold Reward Day for students will be held on the last day of school, Wednesday, 19th December. The exact
format will be contained in permission notes to be distributed in coming weeks but will include a visit by all
students K-6 to the Leeton Pool.
Bruce Sullivan Parent Workshop
Parkview Public School in association with other local public schools will be hosting a special parent workshop
with world renowned speaker Bruce Sullivan on Wednesday evening, 19th December at the Leeton Soldiers
Club Auditorium from 7.30pm.
The ninety minute workshop will focus on positive relationships in parenting and your role in the learning
process of your children. Sullivan will also spend an entire day with our staff on the following day. Bruce is a
very entertaining and thought provoking speaker, who will provide a unique opportunity for our community. It
is safe to say we have never had a speaker of his calibre present in our community previously.
With this in mind I strongly encourage parents and carers to clear this date, bring along some friends and enjoy
an entertaining and thought provoking evening. A full supper and refreshments will be provided.
Terry McGrath Retirement Dinner
Many in the Parkview community will be interested to know that former Parkview PS Assistant Principal Mr
Terry McGrath is retiring from his post as Principal at Yanco Public School at the end of this year.
Terry spent 16 years of his career working at Parkview Public School and still contributes to the experiences of
students in our school through his role as President of the LNPSSA.
A retirement dinner is being held for Terry at the Yanco All Serviceman’s Club on Friday, 14 th December, to
which all former colleagues, parents and adult aged former students are invited to farewell a man who has
made an immeasurable contribution to the education of local students over the last 34 years since he arrived
in Leeton.
Those wishing to attend his retirement are asked to RSVP to Yanco Public School with payment ($35 per head
including 3 course meal and gift) no later than December 1.
Parkview Public School Website
Don’t forget to log on to for all of the latest news, pictures and calendar
updates for your school and links to educational information that is relevant to your child!
Uniform Shop
The Uniform Shop is open Mondays 2.15pm-3.15pm and Fridays 2.15pm-3.15pm. Community members are
welcome to make purchases, laybys or browse at any time during these hours. If you cannot make it to the
Uniform Shop during these times it is vital that you ring the school to make an appointment with
coordinators Niomi McKellar or Rebecca Hogan. Please ring the school on 69532600 and you will be
transferred to the Canteen/Uniform Shop.
Golden Apple Docket Fundraiser
Please keep your Golden Apple shopping dockets and place them in the container at the front office. This is a
great way to raise funds for our students. Parkview Public School receives 5c from every ten dollars collected.
Have a great week!
Travis Irvin
Simply making a deposit through School Banking before Friday 14 December will put you in the draw
to win one of twelve (12) iPad Mini’s valued at $369 each for Christmas.
Here’s how it works • Make a deposit into your CommBank Youthsaver account at school any time before December 14
• Every student that makes a deposit during the competition period will go into a draw to win one (1)
of twelve (12) iPAD Mini’s (16GB with wi-fi).
Start saving more today and you can be a winner!
For more information talk to your School Banking Co-ordinator.
Terms and conditions: The competition will run from 8am 19th November, 2012 – 11.59pm 14th December 2012. Competition is Australia wide. The prize draw will take place at Level 13 Darling Park
Tower 1, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney. NSW at 3pm 19th December 2012. The winner will be notifed by telephone and by mail. The winners will be published in the Australian Newspaper on 27th December
2012. The Promoter is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Darling Park Tower 1, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney. NSW. Terms and Conditions are available at *A total of twelve (12) Apple iPAD Mini’s (16GB with wifi) to be won. Two (2) each to be won in New South Wales (including ACT), Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia,
Tasmania and South Australia (including Northern Territory) . Permit Number NSW LTPS/12/10140 and ACT TP 12/04570.
Christmas Carnival Thankyou
The Organising committee of the Parkview Community Family Christmas Carnival would like to thank
the following people for their contribution to a fantastic event:
Star Jumps Jumping Castles for the donation of their Castles
Melanie Shelley for the design of the advertising posters
Andrew Hurst (Wade Hotel) for ice supply
Carlo Luisi (Super Duty Engineering) for the supply of the wristbands
Leeton All Sports – for the supply some of the raffle prizes
We would also like to acknowledge the following community members for helping on the day:
Vanessa Jennings, Adam and Jodie Ryan, Brooke and Bruce Gilmour, Jo Pianca, Tina Graham, Kath
and Bruce Staines, Ian Draper, David Mills, Simon Watson, Liz Davies, Greg DePaoli, Joanne Robinson,
Michelle Quinlivan and Kylie Boardman.
Thanks also to former students Chelsea Axtill, Sarah Quinlivan and Bradd Staines who continue to
support their former school, underlining what great people Parkview PS produces and to all staff
members who gave of their time to assist on the night including Yvonne Quinlivan, Melanie Shelley,
Julie McAliece, Judy and Bevan McVittie, Travis Irvin, Fiona Hislop, Chantelle Townsend, Anna Celi,
Merilyn Blakeman, Bron Cherry, Tim Hislop and Bobby Pengelly.
Finally, a huge thank you to everyone that attended the Carnival and made it a huge success.
Hopefully we can make this an annual event on the Parkview Calendar.
Parkview Family Community Christmas Carnival Committee
A reading thought for Christmas
Why not try a book advent calendar this year. Have your children wrap 25
of their favourite books from home and place them under the tree.
Each night unwrap a book and enjoy reading together, right up until
Christmas Eve. You may like to just wrap 5 books and read the same book
for 5 nights in a row - children love that!
26 November 2012
At last Friday’s assembly, these students were awarded with school Merit Certificates.
Kindergarten – Miss Boardman
Michelle Kinsella
-careful handwriting.
Beau Basham
-great work on symmetry.
Kindergarten – Miss Frazer
Michael Jennings
-great effort counting by 2’s and 10’s.
Racheal Kinsella
-drawing interesting pictures to support her writing.
Hamish Goulding
-working hard to create a bright and colourful vegetable person.
Kindergarten – Mrs Townsend
Adrian O’Brien
-an excellent retell of the Three Little Pigs.
Jeremiah Ashby
-reading well in the ‘thoughtful spot’.
Shaylee Wortley
-super sight word recognition.
Year 1 – Mrs Day and Mrs McAliece
Chrispin Bradshaw
-trying hard to work quickly in spelling.
Moe Lloyd
-an excellent recount.
Chelsea Berney Paterson -a great recount.
Year 1/2 – Mrs Hislop
William Preston
Kade De Paoli
Ella Cregan
-a great effort in his “Teddies are better than dolls” exposition.
-convincing Mrs Hislop that teddies are better than dolls!
-concentrating harder in Maths this week.
Year 2 – Mrs Stevens
Declan Trounce
Calleigh O’Brien
-a great discussion on “Helicopters vs Aeroplanes”.
-trying hard in “Quick Writes”.
Year 3 – Miss Amery
Jayden Prest
Brock Halls
Samara McMillan
Brodie Lashbrook
-complex answers during discussions.
-adding decimals points together and working out money problems.
-fantastic detailed narratives.
-working well during Reading Groups!
Year 4 – Miss Boys
Sheirdan Scali
Brandan Craker
Tayah Preston
-always being a positive class member.
-excellent work in guided reading.
-trying hard in all areas.
Year 5 – Miss Quinlivan
Jackson Douglas
Cherish Kohere
Katie Nicholls
Marlon Moore
Jaykob Williams
-improved effort in writing.
-commitment to home reading.
-asking great questions during Maths.
-improvement in handwriting.
-great thinking completing addition of fractions.
Year 6 – Mr Collins
Kyle Richards
Shelley Greatz
Ziggie Vincent
Alex Pianca
-developing more reliable multiplication strategies.
-working hard to comprehend difficult mathematics strategies.
- working hard to comprehend difficult mathematics strategies.
-continued excellence in Literacy.
K to 2 Silver Cup
-Year 1
Wishing everyone a wonderful week,
F. Hislop & J. McAliece
Relieving A.P. & Assistant Principal
Primary Shield
KB – Hayden Gilmour
KF – Heidi Whyatt
KT – Rylan Halls
Year 1 – Sharlee Greatz
Year 1/2 – Jacinta Burdett
Year 2 – Clair Godfrey
Year 3 – Malic Doyle
Year 4 – Brandan Craker
Year 5 – Hayley Graham
Year 6 – William Kiker
K to 6 Assembly 30/11/12
Year 1 – item
KB - stories
Angus Ingram, Jade Clough,
Jacob Keech, Emeka Balofin,
Bryce Robinson, Madeline Irvin,
Luke McKellar
-Year 3
Jhie Hammond
Shaniqua Pawa
Michael Jennings
Racheal Kinsella
Rhya Teerman
Shane Lloyd
Neve Richardson
Jed Pagden
Axel Patten
Dakota Boardman
Clayton Crane
Emily Jennings
Calleigh O’Brien
Brayden Ingram
Scott Draper
Jordyn Johnstone
Doris Balofin
Connor Pete
Shaylee Wortley
Blake Ryan
Molly Gilmour
Kulyha-Lee Lyons
Katie Richards
Courtney Anderson
Brodie Jones Grieve
Georgah Pearce
Emily Russell
April Tabal
Levi Block
Phillip Graham
Makala Stone
Olivia Eisenhut
Tess Staines
Jeremiah Ashby
Shikiah Ingram
Carley Graham
Paul Poto
Kyle Richards
Lonica Whitechurch
Monday 26th Nov
Tuesday 27th
Wednesday 28th
Thursday 29th
Friday 30th
Nicole Rowley
Margaret Greatz
Monday 3 Dec
Tuesday 4
Jo Roberts
Wednesday 5
Thursday 6
Friday 7th
Freeman House have made in-roads into Thorpe House's dominance in sporting
carnivals in 2012, taking one of the three Farrell Cup Ball Games Divisions decided on
Contested on a warm morning in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd, all students
displayed tremendous team work and sportsmanship in one of the closest ball games carnivals contested since
the inception of the Farrell Cup 12 years ago.
The Farrell Cup is named after former long serving Assistant Principal Mrs Judy
Farrell, who retired from Parkview in 2000, leaving a legacy of the Farrell Cup Ball
Games Carnival, something that is more keenly contested today than ever before.
As always, the Infants students provided a highlight of the day, with the added
incentive in 2012 of the first ever Stage 1 Farrell Cup, contested in the ball games of
Tunnel Ball, Captain Ball, Over and Under Ball and Corner Spry.
In what was a very impressive performance from Thorpe House's Stage 1 students,
the blue team secured the inaugural Stage 1 Farrell Cup ahead of gallant
performances from Freeman and Bradman.
Stage 1 Farrell Cup Results
Thorpe 60
Freeman 36
Bradman 24
The Stage 2 Farrell Cup saw Freeman House earn it's first piece of sporting
silverware for over three years. The Red Team were methodical in the execution of
skills in all four ball games and were deserved winners ahead of a much improved
Bradman outfit and a tenacious Thorpe squad.
Stage 2 Farrell Cup Results
Freeman 52
Bradman 42
Thorpe 26
The tightest and most entertaining contest of the day was reserved for the Stage 3
competition, with the result coming down to the final contest, Thorpe defending it's
title courtesy of a thrilling Corner Spry victory over Bradman House. The standard of
competition was outstanding in all four disciplines, all athletes setting a fine example
for their peers.
Stage 3 Farrell Cup Results
Thorpe 44
Bradman 42
Freeman 34
For more on the action from the Farrell Cup, check out the albums section of the website.
Accurate at 26/11/12.
Matt Collins- PPS Sports Coordinator
Farrell Cup Ball Games….
Parkview Community Family Christmas Carnival….
It’s nearly time for the 2012 edition of our wonderful school magazine, Parkview In Print. The
magazine boasts a huge variety of photos from throughout the year, as well as some snippets of the
students’ work and some of the highlights of 2012. It is a great piece of memorabilia from your child’s
school year.
As always, we are running a competition for students to design the front cover of the magazine. The
students have been working hard on their designs for the past few weeks, and there is one more
week left to get those designs in. The design needs to include the school logo (or a space for it)and
needs to have the words “Parkview In Print” clearly printed. In the past we have had photos,
drawings, school facts etc, so put on your thinking caps and come up with a great idea. We will be
looking for a unique design to put on the 2012 front cover.
Designs can be submitted electronically, either by thumb drive, CD, or emailed to
[email protected] Paper copies will still be accepted.
Designs need to be submitted by Tuesday 4th December. The winning designer will receive a free copy
of the 2012 school magazine.
Parkview In Print magazines are available for the cost of $8.00 per copy. For this you will receive a
full colour, 60 page magazine full of wonderful memories from 2012. Copies need to be pre-ordered
by completing the order form attached. Please return this to school, with your money by Wednesday
12th December. Your copy of Parkview In Print can be collected at the Parkview Public School
Presentation Evening on Monday 17th December, or from the front office after this date.
Magazines will not be available for purchase after the 12th December.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parkview In Print 2012 – Order Form
Student’s name: ............................................................................
Class: .....................................
I would like to order ........................... copies of Parkview In Print, at a cost of $8.00 each.
I have enclosed $ .................................
Signed: .............................................................................