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Paul Newman
2 Country Road, Epsom, Auckland 1024
Ph. (09) 111 3333
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Teaching Philosophy
I seek to inspire and engage children through an evolving and challenging process that will involve a
variety of choices, rich learning experiences relevant to their own lives, high but clear expectations as
well as a well-organised, firm but fair, child-centred approach.
In recognition of the cultural diversity of New Zealand classrooms and catering for the diverse needs
of individual children, students are able to work in an inclusive environment that promotes an
acceptance of others’ views, opinions and values. To do this effectively requires me to know the
students I teach and know myself, ensuring I am able to build relationships with and amongst children
that facilitate a caring and learning positive environment.
Part of my role as a teacher is to provide children with the skills and knowledge they need to make
their own sense of the world. I recognise that it is necessary to allow children time to formulate their
own understandings if they are to become life-long learners as well as to enable them to critically
engage with and actively participate in the world.
I recognize that as a beginning teacher that my personal philosophy, along with how I apply it to my
classroom, will continue to evolve. As I grow professionally I believe that it is important that I reflect
critically on my own practice – challenging myself to become both a better teacher and learner.
Qualifications and Awards
Graduate Diploma Education (Primary)
January 2010 – November 2010
The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Graduate Diploma Arts (Language Teaching, Linguistics)
The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Bachelor of Arts (Spanish)
The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Personal Skills & Attributes
Teachable and adaptable – In Japan I was teaching children of a variety of academic levels,
including those with special needs, so having the flexibility to adjust to their differing needs and
learning styles was very important, as was the need to be patient and understanding.
Organised and self-motivated – having to plan and prepare for lessons in Japan has helped
develop these qualities, though this is best evidenced through meeting the demands of Teacher
Training College.
Friendly, sincere, and humorous – life is just better being this way.
Cooperative team player – throughout my various careers and working collaboratively at
University, I have always worked well in groups, contributing and listening to others’ ideas.
Hard-working and committed – I care about doing my work well, particularly when others’
rely on me, whether they are landscaping clients, friends and family, or students and colleagues.
Enthusiastic and positive – What I found that helped my teaching improve in Japan was being
enthusiastic and positive about what I was trying to do in class, it not only helped my students
enjoy and engage in lessons but it made my time in class enjoyable too.
Curriculum Strengths
Literacy – My background in language teaching and linguistics lends itself well to meeting the
diverse needs of students in NZ classrooms particularly in the areas of grammar, reading, writing,
Information Communication Technology (ICT) – I have always had an interest in computers
and keep current with what is happening in the world of computing. I have a broad knowledge of how
computers work and what may be done with them because of that interest. I also have sound skills,
developed while teaching in Japan, through University coursework, and practicum placements, in
regard to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AV projectors and Smartboards.
Health & Physical Education – I come from a sporting background, swimming competitively and
playing rugby growing up. I have a wide range of interests when it comes to sport and believe that
everyone benefits from physical activity including gaining confidence as well as fitness.
Technology – Throughout high school and teacher training college, technology has always been
something I excelled at. Practical knowledge also gained from my time as a landscape gardener and
through being a builder’s hand.
Art - I am a competent artist and have confidence in my ability in this area to extend, challenge and
engage children. I initially wished to be a graphic artist upon leaving high school but ended up
pursuing languages instead. I have incorporated aspects of art in Japan (making posters) as well as in
my practicum placements (as an element of making boardgames).
Languages – I studied Spanish and German at university and have picked up basic Japanese in my
four years in that country. My background in ESOL, a Diploma in language teaching as well as time
abroad have helped me understand the benefits of language learning as well as to understand the
needs of the students in this area. Japanese has also helped me with my Te Reo pronunciation. I have
taught both languages in my second practicum placement.
Teaching Experience
Practicum Placements 2010
Yr 8
4 weeks total
Yr 5
Yr 3
5 weeks
1 week full control
5 weeks
3 weeks full control
Blue Primary School
Yellow Primary
Setting up routines and expectations in the classroom.
Identifying learning styles, abilities and interests.
Classroom and behavior management and planning
Assessment for learning. Teaching a full range of
curriculum subjects
Employment History - Teaching Positions
Teacher Aide
Sept 2009 – Nov 2009
Auckland Primary School, Auckland, New Zealand
Assigned to help a number of students in 4 year 5 classes.
Primarily helping with math, writing and reading.
Amongst the students I was assigned to were those with aspergers, mild autism, and a
number of ESOL students. Assisted learning of 1 – 5 students at a time
Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)
Aug 2005 – July 2009
Fukushima Prefectural Board of Education, Japan, based at Iwaki Koyo Koko Senior High School
Nakoso Technical High School, Taira Yogo Special Needs School (all ages 5-18),
Yotsukura Senior High School.
Primary responsibility for the preparation of Team Teaching sessions, preparation of students
for speech contests and study abroad programmes.
Construction and marking of written and aural tests, choosing/creating content for lessons
including providing an outline of curriculum area structure for the school year and choice of
the second year students’ textbook, English club.
Demonstrating effective team teaching lessons at prefectural conferences as well as providing
advice and support to new ALTs, creating a website for my successor outlining responsibilities
and requirements for life in school and outside school, assisting with English entrance exams
both for junior high school applicants and for University entrance.
Other Employment History
Landscape Gardener
Jan 2004 – June 2005 & Aug 2009 – Jan 2010
Landscapers Co. Auckland
Security Guard
Aug 2002 – June 2005
Westfield Mall, Henders
Croupier / Pit Clerk / Dual Rate Supervisor
Sky City Casino, Auckland
Dec 1996 – Jan 2000
Badminton, Swimming and Running – I grew up in a fairly sporty family playing rugby, and
swimming at a national level. Since college I have always tried to keep fit though there probably is a
greater proportion of ‘watching’ sport rather than taking part in it nowadays.
Family and friends – are an important and necessary part of my life.
Computers – rebuilding old computers as well as an interest in networking and the use of a wide
variety of software (audio, graphics, video editing, web-design etc).
John James Smith
Rose Petal
Year 5 teacher
Year 7&8 teacher
Yellow Primary School
Blue Primary School
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