Soaring Eagles From the Desk of the Principal

Soaring Eagles
From the Desk of the Principal
Carver Heights School
411 Bunche Drive
Goldsboro, NC 27530
Telephone: 919-731-7222
Fax: 919-731-4503
We have had a great school year thus far. Our
Volume 2 Issue 6
students are SOARING! Discipline has improved and
April 2009
our students are becoming more responsible. They are
Dates to Remember
doing homework, participating more in class and embracing our
academic rigor. I continue to be grateful that I have the opportunity
to interact with your child/children each school day. At CHS, we
continue to have high expectation for all our students. Thanks again
for all you do to help us help your child/children reach their
Report Card
3:15 PM-6:15 PM
Carole Battle, Principal
2nd Annual Men of Color Day
County Choral Festival
Dillard Middle School
7:00 PM
10th-17th Spring Break
McDonald’s Night
5:00 PM-8:00 PM
Awards Day Program
1st & 2nd-12:45 PM-1:30 PM
3rd & 4th-2:00 PM-2:30 PM
Math Night
6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Sitting: l to r, Mel Ott Battle, Conelius Williams, David Mack, Julian Stackhouse, John Penix, Adgie O’Bryant, Percy Arrington
Second Row: Azriah Ellerbee, Thomas Bond, Kirby Hamilton, Herbert Stover, Donald Faison, James Cain, Sam Green, Roosevelt
Wright, Neil Stitt, Michael Bryant
Back Row: Dallas Freeman, David Milligan, Willie Perry, James Lanier, Junius Shealy, William Vann, Marvin McCoy, Ronnie
Smith, Danny King
( See story on page 7)
Kindergarten News: Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. Epps, Ms. Ferrell, Ms. McGary, Mrs. Warren
March was Marvelous and
we know April will be
AWESOME! Spring is in the
air! The children are excited.
We are too! We are excited
about all of the wonderful
things we have learned and
will continue to learn. In reading we
completed our “Red, White, and
Blue” unit which focused on
patriotism. We are almost finished
with our “Teamwork” unit, an
excellent character trait we use in
kindergarten everyday! We will soon
begin our FINAL reading unit “By
the Sea”, a fun filled ocean thematic
unit. We have learned several consonant sounds, all the vowel sounds, and
have begun reading words and books
In writing and science we will
learn about spring and all the new life
it brings, including: plants, animals,
butterflies, and ladybugs.
In math we are continuing to
review numbers to thirty, shapes,
planes and solids, patterns and graphs.
This final nine weeks we will add
simple measurement, data and
probability, simple addition, and an
introduction to money.
This final nine weeks is very
important for kindergarten. They are
emerging as readers and need all
reading time they can stand! It is
important that your child comes to
school well rested and on time.
Kindergartners are held accountable
for the things taught to them and will
be tested in reading and math.
We also have some exciting
year end events planned for our
students. Please be sure to check your
child’s folder daily.
Please note that
Kindergarten Registration
will be held on April 24th
and this year’s current
kindergarten students do not come to
school that day. Attendance is not
taken as this is a Wayne County
Public Schools event.
Spring into Learning with us!
School Counseling Corner: Ms. Stewart
April is the
“Month of the Military
Child.” We would like
to recognize all students
who have parents and/or
guardians serving in the
military. We give our thanks to those
wonderful people who are serving in
all branches of the United States
During our Character
Education classes in March, our
students learned how having
courage will help them succeed in
Page 2
reaching their dreams! We explored
different ways to show courage and
expressed how having courage will
help students do well in school and
lead to challenging and rewarding
careers! In April our students will
discover many different ways to show
kindness! Students will learn how
showing kindness can have a positive
impact on their lives as well as the
lives of others!
In March I began small counseling groups for 3rd and 4th grade
students to work on building self-
esteem and self- respect! We will
continue to build relationships and
skills that will help these students
throughout their lives!
Our 4th grade students worked
hard on the on- demand writing
assessment in March and will
conclude the writing assessments by
the end of April.
Our 3rd and 4th grade
students are diligently working to
prepare for the End of Grade Tests!
Ask your children about the EOG
reading and math vocabulary words
Soaring Eagles
Second Grade News: Ms. Best. Mrs. Edgecomb, Mrs. Fulkerson,
Second grade is moving forward into
the last nine weeks of school. How fast this
school year has gone! The students are working
hard in all subjects preparing for the end of the
school year. In Reading, the new Open Court
theme is “Courage.” The students are reading different
genres of stories that all tie in to the theme. Share with
your child stories of when you or another family member
had to show courage. These stories help them to connect
to the theme and understand that parents have had to be
brave at times in their lives too. The strategies that these
stories are teaching include: Finding the Main Idea and
Supporting Details, the Author’s purpose, the
Author’s point of view, Inferencing, and
Sequencing. Each week, discuss with your child the objectives they are learning for each subject.
The nine week Math Assessments were given the
week of March 23rd. The students were tested on several
concepts which included fractions, creating pictographs,
place value, word problems, telling time to five minute
intervals, and counting money. The last nine weeks will
be a review of everything the students have been taught as
well as Probability and Making Predictions. If the students have access to a computer, they can go to to help them practice the Math
Mrs. Williams
skills they have been taught.
In Social Studies, the focus of learning is on
the Community, Economics and Technology.
Students are learning how make connections in these
categories from the past, the present, and the future.
They will also chart past and present forms of
communications to better understand how our world
has evolved. During Science these nine weeks, we are
building an understanding of the changes in weather.
This is the perfect time of year due to the constant
weather changes
happening at this time. Please check the weather
before sending your child to school. Some
students are wearing shorts on days when the weather
isn’t warm enough. We have had several students
home due to colds and sickness.
As a reminder, please check to see
if your children are doing their homework
and reading every night. Now is the time
that the students need to continue to do their
best and not slow down on the things that
help them in the classroom. Getting plenty of rest will
also make your child more productive throughout the
P.E. News: Mrs. Lisa Helms
Carver Heights had the most
successful Jump Rope for Heart Event! Our
students collected $ 1000.17 in donations.
We had approximately seventy students who
participated in the all day events on February 23, and
thirty-five who collected donations. Stuart Cochrane,
3rd grade student in Mrs. Hopes’ room, collected
$155.00- our top fundraiser!! He will receive a medal
from Jump Rope for Heart and qualifies for a drawing
to Walt Disney World.
Physical Education classes are continuing
with the Physical Best Unit that is teaching them
about the importance of physical fitness, while
helping them to be more independent and responsible
for their own health and fitness.
The first component is Aerobic Fitness where
the children are participating in a variety of activities
that teaches them “the ability to play longer without
getting tired.” They have learned how to take their
Heart Rate and aerobic activities that done often will
Volume 2 Issue 6
benefit the body in many ways.
Students are currently learning about the
FITT guidelines to improve physical fitness. FITT
describes the Frequency (how often), the Intensity
(how hard), the Time (how long), and the Type (what
kind) of activity necessary for improving and maintaining fitness.
Please take some time with you child and let
them tell you how important it is to exercise and eat
healthy!! No matter what your age, improving or
maintaining aerobic fitness improves your health in
many ways!
Page 3
School Nurse: Barbara Graham, RN
Staying Well
This has been a busy
winter in the health room! Some
children have had influenza, strep
infection, or a stomach virus.
There are a few things that you
can do to prevent the spread of disease at home and at
1. If your child is sick, keep him/her at home
until they have been free of fever for 24
hours. This prevents the spread of infection
at school.
2. Be fervent about hand washing. Teach your
children to follow your example and wash
their hands when they are dirty, before
eating, and after using the bathroom.
Also, don’t touch your eyes, mouth or nose.
This will prevent the germs from entering your body.
Just following these simple rules will help your child
to be healthier.
Media Center: Mrs. Evans, Mrs. B. Sutton
Our Media Center is alive
with new books! Be sure to come
in and checkout these new books.
Our spring Book Fair begins on
March 31. This fair will be a Buy
One, Get One Free!! You can
choose a FREE BOOK of equal or
lesser value for EVERY BOOK
you buy! Be sure to take advantage
of this opportunity to obtain exciting books. Tell everyone you see
that we have a BUY ONE, GET
ONE FREE fair. Our fair will end
on April 7. Don’t miss out on this
Our Battle of the Books
Team will compete with 10 other
county schools on April 8. Our
team has been READING and
working hard and looks forward to
the competition. The event will
take place at Dillard Auditorium,
beginning at 8:30. Please come
support our BOB soaring Eagles!
Parents, remember to
your children!
First Grade News: Ms. Adams, Ms. Bullock, Mrs. Garmane, Ms. Jordan, Mrs. Taylor
The first grade students and
teachers are “hopping” right into
spring and preparing for 2nd grade.
We are learning many new and
exciting things. We have recently
completed Unit 8 in Reading called
“Games.” Students were able to learn
how to play new games, as well as
explain the procedures to others of
how to play a game. Students were
also engaged in playing some of their
favorite games.
Presently, we are studying
Unit 9 called “Being Afraid.” During
this unit, students are sharing things
that they are afraid of, and why they
are sometimes afraid. We are learning
Page 4
that everyone is afraid of something
In Math, we have been
enjoying learning about lines of
symmetry. We are continuing to learn
addition and subtraction word
problems and how to make, extend,
and translate patterns.
Our writing
skills are really improving! We are learning
sequencing, which is
putting a story’s events in the order in
which they happened. Also, our focus
is on picking out the main idea, then
writing supporting sentences.
Vocabulary is really improving as we
take our weekly spelling
We recently took a
field trip to the Paramount
Theater where we were able
to see “Carnival of
Animals.” This was a very special
treat to our students made possible by
Mrs. Peggy Wingate, so we say
Thank You! Our students also wrote
her Thank You letters.
As you can clearly see, we
are very busy! We will continue to
work hard and explore all the things
that will help us become lifelong
learners and well-rounded citizens!
Soaring Eagles
Art News: Mrs. Peacock
March has been a busy month in art class with several of Carver Heights’ students having artwork put on display or entered into competitions. Third grader, Zah’Quan Deloatch’s watercolor painting received honorable mention in the Superintendent’s Art Choice Art Awards. Third grader, Na’Corria Grandy’s t-shirt design represented
Carver Heights in the 4th Annual Kids Walk T-shirt Design Contest. The students listed below were part of Carver
Heights’ art display at Berkeley Mall in March.
J'Mari McClarin
Coryanna Smith
Aryiana Jones
DeAndre Peterson
Erin Ochoa-Avila
Jion Flowers
Third Grade
Brian Darden
Aniyah Marcell
Na’Corria Grandy
Dashianna Hurst
Lisa Urban
Exavier Hinton
Chyna Boyette
Jamaal Faison
Ta’Tiyana Ellis
Joseph Vaughn
Shakeeya Bryant
Yasmine Johnson
First Grade
Dishan Rhodes
Timothy Ward
Dynashia Dawson
Ja’Juan Young
Mustafa Coley
Randy Perez-Ramirez
Jaquavious Lane
Khalida Seaberry
Malakai Graham
Tymere Alexander
Jyere Lofton
Lesly Aguilar
Triston Kreuzberger
Second Grade
Schantia Thompson
Shykeria Wade
LaNeisha Faison
Kaiyana Byrdsong
Trevon Smith
Chad Jackson
Devontay Vann
Jerrica Jackson
Jaliyahh Davis
Kalen Keys
Shaquabia Rose
Ny’Zariyah Wheeler
Jeremiah Reed
Terry McNair
Ta’Niquanna Miller
Hydia Hamilton
Fourth Grade
Saavon Jarmon
Quanteria Wellington
Quanteria Dunn
Detroit Matthews
Helen Cosme-Torres
Danielle Rouse
Tyrie Drawhorn
Tiara Faison
Felipe Munoz
Darius Johnson
Destiny Butler
Jaylin McNeill Waters
Carlos Martinez Luna
Sony Lab: Ms. Singleton
The students in third and fourth grade have just finished reviewing money, time, ratio, and fractions. We are now studying an outline of the Solar System and rewriting and decoding sentences. They
are identifying and writing a variety of sentence types and using punctuation correctly in a sentence.
The second grade has just finished working on patterns with addition and subtraction. They are
now reading nonfiction and fiction stories and developing their vocabulary with words.
First graders were using problems with additions and subtraction determining the difference between two
given numbers using strategies. We are now building our reading comprehension skills with stories and our
vocabulary with words.
The kindergartners were solving problems using addition and arranging numbers into pairs. We are now
working on developing reading skills and developing their vocabulary and getting acquainted with riddles, poetry
and rhymes. All grade levels are enjoying learning new things in the Sony Lab.
Volume 2 Issue 6
Page 5
March’s Students of the Month
Second Grade
First Grade
Tyrone Worthington
Maniya Mozingo
Randy Perez-Ramirez
Third Grade
Chyna Boyette
Page 6
Fourth Grade
Saavon Jarman
Soaring Eagles
Elementary students see successful 'men of color'
By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on March 23,
2009 1:46 PM
Percy Arrington, former chief
cameraman for NBC News, spent
30 years of his career covering the
White House, working with six
presidents -- from Gerald Ford to
George W. Bush.
On Friday, he could be found taking snapshots of third-grade students in Doris Hopes' class at
Carver Heights Elementary School
after delivering a speech.
He was one of 25 successful men
participating in "Men of Color
Day" at the school. This is the second year for the event, providing
insights into the men's careers and
their path to success.
Arrington is from Rocky Mount
and graduated from Fayetteville
State University. He was briefly a
school teacher before other opporVolume 2 Issue 6
tunities presented themselves.
Standing in front of the classroom,
he shared some of his experiences
and passed around photos of different presidents, as well as such
White House visitors as Michael
"Were you friends with Michael
Jackson?" asked one student.
"Which president impressed you
the most?" another student asked.
"Being with them all the time, I
was friendly with all of them. All
of them called me by name," Arrington said. "I guess I was most
impressed with President Clinton
because the other presidents, I
could always figure them out. But
with Mr. Clinton, he always did
stuff that wasn't according to the
rules -- he'd be in front of you and
then all of a sudden, he would be
in the crowd."
He produced a "flight certificate"
Clinton gave him from Air Force
One, the presidential plane.
"It showed that you are the guest
of the president of the United
States," he explained.
And on Friday, it was his turn to
encourage youngsters to aim just
as high.
"You all know you can be anything you want to be, right?" he
asked. As shouts of "yes" filled the
air, he explained that while
"nothing comes easy," honesty and
good hard work can accomplish a
"I can say, everything that I
wanted when I was a kid, I got,"
he said. "I have never been to jail,
never been arrested. I did it the
hard way."
It was his first time speaking before a group of elementary school
students, he said.
"It means a lot," he said. "I see
kids today that are wasting their
time, so any opportunity that I
have that maybe I can talk to
them, show them the hardship
that I went through, tell them that
they can make it, all they have to
do is try. ... I hope that it rubs off
on them."
Among the others participating
in the event were Danny King,
executive director and founder of
ADLA Structured Day; Junius
Shealy, director of Wade Edwards Learning Lab; Neal Stitt,
retired educator; Julian Stackhaus, formerly with the FBI;
Marvin McCoy, retired Army
officet and educator, currently
assistant superintendent for human resources with Wayne
County Public Schools; Donald
Faison, retired associate superintendent with WCPS; and Cornelius Williams, who drove Rosa
Parks' husband to work and was
at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s
house after the bombing.
Left to Right:
Front Row:
Randy Perez-Ramirez, Jonathan Croom, Tristan
Kreuzberger, Lisa Urban, Chyna Boyette, Korrie
McEachern, Tatianna Ellis
Back Row: Jordan Hutchins, Cameron Bennett,
Ms. Battle, Angelique Pope
Page 7
Fourth Grade News: Mrs. Marti, Mrs. Rivenbark, Ms. Wilson
Greetings to our fourth grade parents, guardians and families! Spring is in the air and our fourth graders can
feel it! It is our pleasure to share with you a glimpse of the learning experiences and activities that your child is currently involved in. Please read this news from the Fourth Grade team carefully and help us as we work toward providing your child with an optimal education.
Communication Skills
In the area of Communication Skills we are still working our way through the thematic unit titled Survival. As the
students learn about fictional and non – fictional characters who have survived amidst grueling conditions they also
are learning how to use graphic organizers which help to improve their critical thinking skills. Understanding the
author’s purpose for writing , cause and effect, and how to use appropriate resources to assist with reading
comprehension are all skills being worked on.
In the area of Mathematics our fourth graders are working on Geometry and will soon be moving on to measuring
Area and Perimeter. Students are learning how and why we use decimals. Each fourth grade teacher is also introducing strategies that students can use to approach complex word problems. Since these are the type of problems that
students will encounter on the Fourth grade End of Grade Mathematics assessment, we greatly solicit the help of our
parents to reinforce these skills each evening as students come home with homework. Your child should be learning
how to identify key words in a word problem that signifies to him or her the operation that should be applied to
solve the given problem.
Social Studies / Science
Fourth Grade teachers are strategically integrating both Social Studies and Science within the Mathematics and
Communication Skills units. Many fourth grade students are working on African American achiever biographies.
Check over your child’s project before he/she turns it in.
Reading / Math Academy
In an effort to prepare our students for success on the End of Grade test, fourth grade students have been granted the
opportunity to participate in an In – House Reading and Math Academy. From 1:30 – 3:00 students are engaged in
direct instruction geared to extend and improve their knowledge of terms and skills needed to achieve maximally on
End of Year Assessments.
As always parents, our charge to you is that you remain consistent with holding high expectations for your child.
Remember we need you! Please remind your child to bring pencils, paper and homework to school daily. We have
many researched based learning programs in place that will prepare your child to experience success on the End of
Grade Test. Please talk with your child about demonstrating positive behavior during these sessions and in their
regular classroom. You are always invited to contact your child’s teacher or come in and observe. We look forward
to your input and are always happy to see you.
Third Grade News: Mrs. Forsleff, Ms. Gray, Mrs. Hopes, Mrs. Roger
Third grade students are
working extremely hard to prepare
for the EOG. Students are learning vocabulary and
strategies that will help them to be successful during
testing. In order to prepare for the EOG, students are
involved in Fast Forward, tutoring, and reading/math
academies. We have two months left to prepare for
the EOG!!! The EOG is scheduled for May 27-May
Currently in reading, we are reading about
stories that deal with oral storytelling. Parents can
enriched students’ knowledge based on this theme by
sharing stories dealing with family traditions and
family histories. By enhancing your child’s knowledge
about storytelling, students may share new stories with
their classmates. This will help teachers to prepare their
Questions/Concepts Boards on storytelling.
In Math, students are learning strategies to solving
word problems. Please continue to help your child to remember basic facts in multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. If your child has mastered their basic multiplication
and division facts, start helping them to multiply two digit
numbers by one digit numbers. Also they need to practice
long division with and without remainders. In addition, students are currently learning about fractions.
Please encourage your child to read books daily at
home. Also, check their homework at night to make sure that
it is done correctly. Completing homework at night will also
enhance your child’s learning abilities and prepare your child
for the EOG this spring.