Jewish Child and Family Service

Jewish Child and Family Service
JCFS strives to be the place in the community,
where all voices are heard and needs are fulfilled.
Strengthening lives in keeping with Jewish Values.
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Executive Committee
Heather Leonoff
Sean Shore
Bruce Caplan
Board Members
Kim Bailey
Dr. Errol Billinkoff
Rietta Floom
Glenna Kay
Past President
Vice President
Sherry Lercher Davis
Aaron Margolis
Hernan Popper
Jeff Gilbert
Tracy Leipsic
Leslie Wilder
Ian Rabb
Hinda Ritter
Elliott Saunders
Exec. Member at large
Stephen Segal
Shep Shell
Dr. Shayne Taback
Honorary Solicitor – David I. Marr, BSc, LLB
Psychiatric Consultant – Cara Kroft, MD, FRCPC
Thank you to retiring board Members: Glenna Kay, Hernan Popper
Sitting: (L-R) Jeff Gilbert, Glenna Kay, Shep Shell, Kim Bailey, Rietta Floom
Standing: Dr. Shayne Taback, Elliott Saunders, Stephen Segal, Dr. Errol Billinkoff, Heather Leonoff, Tracy Leipsic, Hinda Ritter
Missing: Bruce Caplan, Sherry Lercher-Davis, Aaron Margolis, Hernan Popper, Ian Rabb, Sean Shore, Leslie Wilder
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Emily Shane, MSW, RSW: Executive Director
Ron Beach, CBA: Business Manager
Al Benarroch, BA (Hons), MA (Psych): Clinical Director
Cheryl Hirsh Katz, BSW, MSW, RSW: Supervisor, Older Adult Services
Merrill Shwaid, BA: Communications Development & Marketing
Shelley Garfield, BComm (Hons): Administrator, Financial Assistance Programs
Einat Paz-Keynan, BSW, MSW: Manager, Volunteer Services
Support Services
Ingrid Cohn: Administrative Assistant
Phyllis Gilman: Administrative Assistant
Carol McCall: Office Manager
Shelley Levit, BSW, MSW, RSW
Contract Counselling
Janet Bergsgaard, B.Ed., M.Ed., MMFT
Tannis Loescher, BSW, MSW
Bernie Migie, MSW, RSW
Craig Posner, MSW, RSW
Nora Stelzer, MSW, RSW
Aida Strocovsky, MD
Older Adult Services
Helen Aldor, BSc, BSW, MSW, RSW
Smriti Dewan-Kryger, BA
Michelle Hominick, BA, BSW, RSW
Adeena Lungen, BSW, MSW, RSW
Iael Besendorf
Carina Blumgrund, BA (Psych)
Einat Paz-Keynan, BSW, MSW
Anna Schoichet, BSc, MD
Child Welfare
Jeff Kryger, BSW, RSW
Randee Pollock, BSW, MSW, RSW
Yardena Zimmermann, BA, ECE II, BSW
Mental Health
Marvin Hamm, MSW, RSW
Michelle Hominick, BA, BSW, RSW
Judy Plotkin, BA, BSW, RSW
Rabbi Yitzchok Charytan
Krista Zipper, BA
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
JCFS Staff
Bottom Row: (L-R) Helen Aldor, Carol McCall, Adeena Lungen, Judy Plotkin, Emily Shane, Shelley Levit
2nd Row: Carina Blumgrund, Shelley Garfield, Smriti Dewan-Kryger
3rd Row: Anna Schoichet, Einat Paz-Keynan, Yardena Zimmermann, Ingrid Cohn
4th Row: Phyllis Gilman, Randee Pollock, Ron Beach, Merrill Shwaid
Top Row: Michelle Hominick, Al Benarroch, Marvin Hamm, Rabbi Yitzchok Charytan, Jeff Kryger
Missing: Iael Besendorf, Cheryl Hirsh Katz, Krista Zipper
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Message from Our Executive Director
This year’s Annual Report highlights the way in which Jewish Child and Family Service,
with your support and involvement, was able to respond in the past months to the many
challenges faced by individuals and families living amongst us. In accordance with our
underlying belief that each of us must take care of one another, we continue to respond to
communal and individual needs and to offer a diverse range of programs and services
designed to strengthen the lives of everyone in our community.
This report’s Services Area Summary will provide you with an accurate picture of the
breadth and depth of what we accomplished this year. As you will note, our challenges
were varied and plentiful and required us to continually adapt to a changing environment.
We learned, as we have in the past, that one of the byproducts of delving into and dealing
well with social service needs is the ongoing discovery of additional needs.
Our increased focus on aging seniors with psychiatric disorders, for example, resulted in increased caseloads and the
realization that the ‘boomer’ generation will invariably produce a greater number of people to be serviced. Similarly, our
promotion of suicide prevention services and of addiction services revealed to us that, so far, we are dealing only with the tip
of an iceberg.
The ongoing flow of new immigrants to Winnipeg also has proved a challenge to us as we assist them in integrating into our
community. At the same time, our commitment to ensuring that Jewish children in foster care enjoy a secure Jewish identity,
has also proved a challenge as we continually encourage their connections to Jewish institutions and life cycle events
without having secure ongoing funding in place. The promotion of JCFS’ financial assistance programs also has resulted in
us having to stretch the limits of our financial resources. And the list goes on……
We have been able to respond as well as we have largely because we have developed important relationships with
government, other human service agencies, and many generous donors. These relationships have enabled us to leverage
resources and serve people efficiently. Importantly, however, it is only with your continued involvement and support that we
will be able to continue to offer assistance and to help people live independent and satisfying lives, regardless of the
challenges of aging, disability, family dysfunction, isolation or economic hardship.
We are very grateful to our dedicated board of directors, loyal volunteers, professional and compassionate staff, our funders,
our donors and our community for recognizing our vital work and for continuing to support us.
Emily Shane
Executive Director
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Message from Our President
This year marked the end of an era in the history of JCFS with the passing of Harry Walsh
(of blessed memory), the last of the thirty members of our community, who in 1952 came
together to create JCFS. The vision of these thirty individuals has greatly benefited the
Jewish community of Winnipeg. These leaders truly understood the meaning of tzedakah
and the importance of standing with people in times of need. As JCFS approaches its
sixtieth anniversary, it falls to this generation of board, staff, donors and volunteers to
ensure that the vision of these founders is carried forward.
It was particularly heartening this year to witness the support that JCFS received from its
funders. Our Agency continues to be one of main priorities of the Jewish Federation. As
well, the Province of Manitoba and the United Way continue to be very generous in their
financial contributions. Our Annual Supporters’ Campaign in the fall and the Passover Campaign in the spring were
incredibly successful this year, with both campaigns seeing an increase of over fifteen percent. What a testimony this is to the
generosity of our community!
Our Agency also benefits so greatly by those who give of their time. Over one hundred and fifty people volunteered this past
year. The positive impact that these people have on the lives of others is only surpassed by the satisfaction that the volunteers
receive by giving back to others.
It is very gratifying to be president of JCFS and to work with the board in setting the policy direction for the Agency. The
board is very excited that in the next few months we will be undertaking an assessment of community needs so that we have
the data to decide where best to focus the human and financial resources of the Agency. Please take the opportunity to
participate in this process. Your input will be invaluable in helping the board plan for the future.
Also, please polish up your dancing shoes and get ready to party next March! Two thousand and twelve is a very special year
in the history of Jewish social services in Winnipeg. Not only does this year mark the sixtieth anniversary of JCFS but it also
marks the one hundredth anniversary of the Winnipeg Jewish community organizing its first social service agency. We intend
to celebrate this Century of Caring with a variety of activities including a children’s carnival and a gala in March. We can
think of no better way to honour the memory of those whose vision and generosity have made what we have today possible
and to provide an endowment to carry our work forward for another hundred years.
Heather Leonoff
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Financial Report
For the Fiscal Year April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011
MB Family Services & Housing
Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS)
Client/Group Fees
Miscellaneous Grants
Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
Passover Assistance
Jewish Federation of Winnipeg
Chaplaincy Program
United Way of Winnipeg
MB Labour & Immigration
$ 1,472,634
Child Maintenance
General Administration
Equipment & Supplies
Financial/Passover Assistance
Mental Health Program
Chaplaincy Program
Immigrant/Newcomer Program
Year End Surplus
$ 844,919
$ 3,013,904
$ 3,016,823
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Service Area Highlights
This year was highly productive in helping many families and/or individuals through counselling supports. The Counselling
program assisted 302 families and/or individuals. Twenty-eight of those were newcomer families who received language
specific counselling in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Russian.
JCFS is proud to continue to offer counselling supports to Animikii Ozoson Child and Family Services Inc., a Manitoba First
Nations child welfare agency.
Supportive groups continued to be offered at the agency. In partnership with Hospice and Palliative Care Manitoba, JCFS ran
the Taking Steps: Bereavement Walking Group. As part of the agency’s membership on the Winnipeg Suicide Prevention
Network, JCFS also offered Making Strides: Survivors Of Suicide Bereavement Group, in partnership with SPEAK
(Suicide Prevention, Education Awareness, Knowledge).
The Communal Mental Health Program supported and assisted 151 Jewish individuals living with psychiatric differences.
Supports were also provided to their families. In combination with the Older Adult Services program, JCFS continued to
address the unique needs of seniors in our community also living with mental illness.
The “Chaverim: Building Wellness for Mental Health” group has continued to meet over this past year. This holistic
mental health wellness group now meets on a weekly basis and continues to offer social, cultural, spiritual and physical
recovery programming goals of clients. A fitness component continued to expand, in partnership with the Rose and Max
Rady Jewish Community Centre. Again this past year, Wellness group members proudly beautified the Asper Campus by
planting and maintaining the summer planters.
This year, JCFS became active in the area of Suicide Intervention. JCFS now offers the 2-day ASIST (Applied Suicide
Intervention Skills Training) workshop to both professionals and non-professionals in the community. JCFS staffs have
been trained in ASIST, which strengthens their ability to support a person at risk of suicide. The JCFS facilitator will be
delivering ASIST workshops in the Jewish community and the community at-large, in efforts to broaden the base of suicide
intervention trained caregivers.
JCFS acts as the regional arm of Jewish Immigrant Aid Services of Canada (JIAS), a nationally based organization whose
mandate is to serve Jewish immigrants and refugees to Canada. JCFS Resettlement staff provided immigration supports to
501 cases. Staff also assisted 93 families with their pre-migration needs. These are individuals of families who either visited
Canada to pursue immigration, or received ongoing support in their countries of origin while awaiting immigration approval.
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Many of these families were initially welcomed to the community through the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg’s Grow
Winnipeg initiative.
The community continues to see a consistent level of immigration for the last several years. We welcomed 113 new families
to Winnipeg, comprising 343 people. This year the majority of the families received were from Israel, and the majority of
those originated from the former Soviet Union, but also from Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Ireland. Our agency
has also seen a rise in the number of newcomer seniors and provided supports to 60 seniors of primarily eastern European
descent. Approximately 50 of those arrived in the last year, having followed or accompanied their adult children who
recently settled in Winnipeg.
JCFS Integration staff continues to assist families in becoming part of Canadian community life by connecting families to
various community organizations or services and by offering many social, cultural, educational and instructional programs.
This year, workshop topics have included: English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes for Russian seniors,
conversational English, income tax information, first time homebuyer information, money management seminars, weekly
employment seminars, as well as holiday programs, Jewish lifecycle events (e.g. bar/bat mitzvahs), partnership in Yom
Hazikaron (Israel Memorial Day) commemorations, family activities, Youth and Senior performing arts choirs, etc.
The JCFS Newcomer Integration Employment support person continues to focus on the important employment needs of
newcomers to our community. Alongside Integration programming, this work area focuses specifically on supporting
newcomers to our community by assisting them in becoming job ready. This includes both direct supports and referral to
other, specialized employment service agencies. This year we launched the Yachad Mentorship Program, which is designed
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
to bring together immigrants to our community with established professionals in the community. The goal of this program is
to help facilitate the newcomers’ integration into the labour market.
This past year has been a productive one for the Older Adult Services (OAS) program. This program serves the needs of frail
and isolated Jewish elderly. It promotes functional independence, safety and access to community services and resources.
We provided support to 384 cases including specialty assistance to 103 Holocaust survivors. Supports to Holocaust survivors
included assistance with various Holocaust Claims Conference reparation applications. The agency continues to offer a
biweekly social group, Reaching Out, for survivors. In addition to the one-to-one involvement we provide to aging seniors,
our group programs continue to be a strong source of support. Social Connections has been an ongoing group for
individuals with early stage memory loss. The purpose is to provide social contact and intellectual stimulation for clients on
a weekly basis and provide respite for family caregivers.
The Tallman Fund continues to enhance our ability to offer transportation for clients. Through this fund we are able to
ensure our clients’ transportation to all of our group programs. On an individual basis, clients have been assisted with
transportation to meet their individual needs for accompanied errands and appointments on a much broader scale.
Older Adult Services workers and our case-aide have been actively involved in a wide range of situations as the needs of
seniors in our community continue to grow. Whether the issues are related to changes in physical or mental health, housing,
emotional support or assistance to family, workers are readily available to be involved through assessments and regular home
visits. Social work students enhance the program through their involvement in our field placement program in conjunction
with the University of Manitoba.
Support Services To Holocaust Survivors
This specialized service offers support, counselling and information to individuals, couples and families. Assistance with
applications for Holocaust Claims for reparation and related issues continue to be provided on a regular basis to over 100
individuals and/or families. Staff assist Holocaust survivors with the intricacies of Holocaust Claims Conference reparation
“Reaching Out”, a drop-in group, is held every other week. Consisting of 26-30 core attendees, this program offers
discussion, entertainment and ongoing socialization.
Through JCFS, clients are matched with volunteers of all ages and varying backgrounds. Students, retired individuals,
professionals and people from all walks of life contribute their time, talent and energy as JCFS volunteers.
Volunteers provide support to clients as friendly visitors, accompanying isolated seniors for coffee or a ride in the park.
Grocery shoppers and van drivers take clients to purchase their groceries or do the shopping for them. Daily-‘shalomers’
provide ongoing social contact, which gives isolated seniors a connection with a person who is looking out for their security
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
and well-being. Big brothers/sisters are positive role models for young children. Proctors are advocates for our clients with
mental health issues. Tutors and host families help newcomers to acclimatize to their new life in Winnipeg. Administrative
volunteers provide assistance in our office in a variety of areas.
Please see our complete list of volunteers in this report.
Partnerships in Caring
Machon Madrichim – A Jewish youth leadership program which focuses on developing young leaders with a deep sense
of commitment to the Winnipeg community, the State of Israel, and core Jewish values and traditions. This three year
old initiative is generously funded by the Winnipeg Jewish Federation. The planning committee is represented by JCFS,
The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg - Grow Winnipeg, as well as a number of community volunteers.
A new collaboration with the Salvation Army’s “Community venture-developmental day program” has created a new
opportunity for volunteers with special needs to be involved in a supervised program. Our clients have gained additional
support from this new outreach initiative.
Jewish Child and Family Service Volunteer Services Manager, Einat Paz Keynan helped plan and facilitate the
community wide celebrations for Yom Ha’zikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut. This helps ensure that volunteers have
opportunities to develop new skills and participate more fully in community activities.
JACS (Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons and Significant Others)
JCFS continues to support the needs and efforts of Jews in our community seeking culturally specific addiction recovery
services and guidance. JCFS supports the Winnipeg chapter of JACS (Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons
and Significant Others). JACS Winnipeg has been running 12-step meetings with Jewish content once per week at the
Asper Campus since August 2007. Through the support of grants and donations, JACS Winnipeg members again attended the
JACS Toronto Retreat, as part of their continuing education and development to better outreach to, and assist local
community members dealing with issues of addiction.
Jewish Child and Family Service is fully mandated under the Child and Family Services Act of Manitoba to provide child
welfare and protection services for Jewish children and families in the province. The Child Welfare program worked with 57
families on either a voluntary or involuntary basis.
In 2010, JCFS cared for a total of 28 foster children, our highest number of children foster care in decades. Two-thirds of
these children are between the ages of 12 and 18. JCFS has observed complex issues facing parents in our community which
impact parenting their teens and affecting those coming into care which include: mental health issues, addictions, family
violence, abuse, neglect, poverty and isolation, family stress leading to inappropriate discipline (bordering on abuse), defiant
and out-of-control teen behaviour, trouble with the law, youth gang involvement, truancy, teen drug and alcohol abuse,
immigration stress/cultural clash, etc.
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
The agency continues to strive to maximize the development of strong Jewish identity in our foster children through
partnership with various community organizations to enhance exposure of Jewish foster children to their Jewish culture. This
year, seven of our foster children attended Gray Academy of Jewish Education. The Jewish day and residential camps have
also been strong partners in accepting and meeting the needs of Jewish wards, as part of the collective communal
responsibility for raising these children. Grant funding from the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba has also made it possible for
JCFS to offer foster families opportunities to celebrate Jewish holidays such as: Passover, Chanukah and Purim, participate
in an authentic Shabbat dinner at the home of a local rabbi, and celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvahs of foster children.
The JCFS Adoption program was actively involved this year working with 10 Jewish families at various stages in the
adoption process.
Post Adoption Services
In an attempt to reconnect with their birth families, the Agency provided 6 adult adoptees with information about their birth
family histories and also provided access to the Manitoba Post Adoption Registry.
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
This year, the Chaplaincy program provided 2,092 visits to hospital patients, nursing home residents, residents in
correctional centres and other residential facilities. In addition, 191.75 hours were spent conducting group programs for
Shabbat and holidays such as Succoth, Chanukah, Purim, Passover, etc.
The program has been challenged by stricter adherence to privacy legislation within health care facilities. This has impacted
the community chaplain’s ability to access Jewish patients in those facilities. There has also been an increase in the number
of Jewish residents in non-Jewish personal care homes. The community chaplain has spent increasing amounts of time
meeting the pastoral care needs of those Jewish residents.
This year 664 individuals and families received short-term emergency financial assistance with $101,460 distributed as
financial aid.
JIAS Canada is no longer able to provide financial assistance for Jewish newcomers to our community.
The Asper Helping Hand Initiative
The Asper Helping Hand Initiative (TAHHI), an interest free loan program, is now in its eighth year of assisting members of
the Jewish community of Manitoba who are experiencing temporary financial hardship. Ongoing funding for this program is
supported generously by The Asper Foundation and the David and Ruth Asper Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba.
To date, TAHHI has advanced over $389,050 assisting 115 individuals and/or families in need. These loans have assisted
students with paying for their educational expenses, newcomers with various resettlement expenses, families with catching
up bill payments, families celebrating life-cycle events and first-time homebuyers with covering expenses related to their
home purchase.
Total loans advanced - $389,050 – 115 loans
2003 - $17,200
2004 - $25,500
2005 - $53,900
2006 - $65,800
2007 - $40,000
2008 - $42,000
2009 - $29,000
2010 - $81,650
2011 - $34,000 (to May 6, 2011)
The Eve and Harry Vickar Community Assistance Program
The Eve and Harry Vickar Community Assistance Program (VCAP) was launched in January 2006. This program is
designed to support Jewish individuals and families facing significant financial challenges. It has been established with the
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
generous support of the L. Kerry Vickar Charitable Foundation as a designated gift through the Jewish Federation of
Winnipeg. This program is designed to make a significant difference in the lives of Jewish individuals whose daily struggles
due to financial constraints impedes their full participation in Jewish community life and in society generally.
To date (to March 31, 2011), The Eve and Harry Vickar Community Assistance Program has distributed over $316,415
assisting 111 individuals and/or families faced with major financial challenges.
Shelley Garfield, Program Manager of The Asper Helping Hand Initiative and The Eve and Harry Vickar Community
Financial Assistance Program, participated in various workshops throughout the year, presented to immigrant newcomers.
This year Shelley participated in a forum on Jewish Poverty co-sponsored by the United Jewish People’s Order and the
Shalom Aleichem Centre.
Tzedakah Fund
Through the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba 45 individuals and families were provided with an interest free loan to help with
basic needs. $28,480 was distributed through the Tzedakah Fund this year.
This year 337 Jewish individuals and families received assistance through a community-wide campaign which solicits
contributions to help those who find it a hardship to meet the extra costs of Passover. One Hundred, Fifty-Nine Passover
food hampers were distributed with the help of Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre, the Manitoba Transit Heritage
Association and the Ben Gurion Society (CJA donors/Jewish Federation of Winnipeg). 564 individuals/ families contributed
to Passover Assistance this year. A complete list of contributors can be found in this report.
Jewish Child and Family Service provides field instruction for the University of Manitoba Faculty of Social Work and the
Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University. JCFS offers students a unique opportunity to work in a family-based
agency. Because of its cultural orientation, the Agency has gained a reputation as an interesting field placement. This past
year we offered field instruction to four University of Manitoba students who had an interest in learning about the multifaceted approach to social services offered by JCFS.
Every year we receive hundreds of requests for information on available social service resources and programs in the
community. The Agency also distributes the names of homemakers and keeps a registry of available homes for emergency
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
JCFS Caseload
Total number of cases 1997 to 2010
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Our Volunteers Make A Difference
Special thanks to our dedicated group of volunteers who give of their time to help others.
0-2 Years
Lindsay Berger
Aileen Berger-White
Meghan Borges
Amy Brienan
Michael Cantor
Roman Chappel
Samantha Cohen
Mitchell Cosman
Sergei Didenko
Katelyn Dyck
Avery Fedorchuk
Ben Fleisher
Ronit Fugel
Leonard Ganetsky
Marcie Glazerman
Lorraine Halparin
Marina Hercovitch
Sivina Holzman
Lori Hurtig
Chelsea Ward Johnston
Jessica Joye
Avrum Katz
Arkady Kleitman
Patricia Kovnats
Alex Krotzkin
Julia Kruglik
Lena Laufer
Malka Laufer
Arie Lavy
Sherry Lercher Davis
Justin Lewis
Krista Lewis
Richard Magil
Jennifer Martin
Adrienne Meyers
Mila Moises
Vanessa Murdock
Breann Nissen
Arnold Packer
Erin Pritchard
Varonika Rogalsky
Lisa Saltel
Celia Sarbit
Margarita Saverchenko
Juan Schwersensky
Judi Shuster
Aaron Sodomsky
Amber Sucharov-Benarroch
Celeste Taylor
Mandy Thomas
Bella Weinberg
Danny Weinberg
Lorne Weiss
Sindee Wilhelmer
Ari Hanson
Dawn Katz
Ksanya Khomenko
Rochelle Litman
Bonnie Marantz
Avi Posen
Ksenia Prints
Vanessa Prophet
Elena Sakharov
Geoff Shaffer
Tatyana Shilshtut
Colleen Slater
Fred Switzer
Pablo Szajt
Laura Thiessen
Lois Thiessen
Barry Weber
Laura Weinshenker
Rene Weinstein
Ron Wolfe
Brenda Yakir
Linda Zimerman
2-5 Years
Melanie Baruch
Sharon Berkowitz
Cheryl Billinkoff
Mark Breslauer
Heather Cunningham
Ethyl Dil
Marlene Duncan-Williams
Sheldon Earn
Shannon Ginter
Meira Gisser
Chas Goodridge
5-10 Years
Emilio Allami
Sheila Altman
Harvey Appelle
Abraham Baum
Sheila Calof
Avrom Charach
Barney Charach
Fayanne Charach
Ruth Charach
Saul Cherniack
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Charley Elazar
Israel (Soody) Kleiman
Morris Ostrove
Carolyn Penner
Zofia Perlikowski
Karen Richter
Alex Serebnitski
Shep Shell
Norman Shore
David Silverman
Lana Silvius
Alexandra Skouratova
Frank Steele
Sigi Wassermann
Sari Yakubovich
10-15 Years
Charles Frohlich
Isaac (Ike) Greenfeld
Sheldon Margolis
Gerard McDonough
Sofya Paradny
Claire Peltz
Daniel Thau-Eleff
Norman Wolk
15-20 Years
Jason Fraser
Orah (Helen) Kleiman
25-30 Years
Toby Koffman
Long Time Service Awards
Ten Years of Service
Charles Frohlich
For the past ten years we have benefited from Charles Frohlich’s availability and concern for the clients we
serve. Charles has escorted many elderly people to their doctor’s appointments. Charles always ensures that
his clients arrive securely and on time to their appointments. When they are ready, Charles makes sure that
their return home is comfortable and safe. Charles, your calming nature has been a wonderful positive
support for the clients you have helped over the past ten years.
Fifteen Years of Service
Ike Greenfeld
For the past fifteen years Ike Greenfeld has diligently performed his job as van driver and grocery shopping
companion to seniors who participate in our grocery shopping program. Ike’s caring attention to the needs
of each person in the program is commendable. Ike will conduct three trips if necessary to ensure that every
senior in his charge obtains the things they want on their grocery list. Ike we appreciate the care you have
extended to the clients you serve. We are also thankful for the pride you have taken in maintaining the van
that transports the seniors on their shopping trips.
Twenty Years of Service
Orah Kleiman
After Orah retired from teaching she became involved with the agency as a volunteer. For the past twenty
years Orah has been a companion, advocate, tutor and friend to a number of our clients. By reaching out
with a helping hand Orah has been a great support to those who have had the privilege of having Orah in
their lives. She is always there to encourage and reassure those who are challenged with difficult times in
their lives. Orah’s name in Hebrew means bright light which is so fitting. Orah, you have been the guiding
light to so many in bringing in the light where there was only darkness. Thank you for your commitment to
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
A Big Thank You
To Our 2010-2011 Donors, Friends and Supporters
Jewish Federation of Winnipeg CJA Designated Donations - $5,000 - $10,000
Gail Asper & Michael Paterson
Leonard & Susan Asper
Sheree Walder Morantz & Richard Morantz
Dorothy & Mark Danzker Fund
Mitzvah - $1000 +
Babs Asper
Gail Asper Family Foundation Inc.
Abraham Baum
Marjorie & Morley Blankstein
Dr Bonnie Cham & Dr Lorne Bellan
Jacob & Esther Cohen
Congregation Etz Chayim
Crown Cap (1987) Ltd.
Lenore Hechter
Martin Itzkow
Aubrey Margolis
Leonard & Ruth Carol Podheiser
Shindico Inc.
Dr. Shayne & Kathryn Taback
Larry Weinstein
Dr. Marni Wiseman & Mr. Shane Perlmutter
Patrons - $500 - $999
Mark & Sharon Berkowitz
Zita & Mark Bernstein Family Fdn
Joanne & Sam Katz
Industrial Investments Limited
Alan Libman
Joel & Linda Margolese
Judge Sam & Mrs May Minuk
Reuben Potash & Gail Thau
Fern & Charles Rubin
Judge Perry & Mrs Sylvia Schulman
Pam Wener, Gary Altman & Family
Sponsors - $250 - $499
Daniel Bubis & Jennifer Blumenthal
Richard Buchwald & Tracy Leipsic
Ben-Zvi & Simone Cohen
Ruby Donner
Dr Michele Feierstein & Dr Larry Fishman
Dr Lawrence & Mrs Janet Gould
Lakeview Management Inc.
Dr Molyn Leszcz
Clifford & Carol Levi
Aaron & Rachel Margolis
Judith Putter
Judge Charles & Mrs Naida Rubin
Jerry Rubin & Kim Hirt
Shaarey Zedek Sisterhood
George & Barbara Slutchuk
Arthur Tennenhouse
Sheri Winters & Bruce Caplan
Friends - $100 - $249
Lisa Abram & Mark Breslauer
Reeva Abrams
Selma Albersheim
Allan & Lynne Becker
Salomon & Mary Benarroch
Ike Bernstein
Magda Bihler
Dr Errol & Mrs Susan Billinkoff
Jeanette Block
Booke & Partners
Jack Braun
Florence Burshtein
Dr Stefan Carter
Barney & Ruth Charach
Chevra Mishnayes Synagogue
Eva Cristall
Nadir Chapter, Jewish Women Int’l
Harvey & Robyn Diamond
Joe & Bernice Elfenbaum
Mia Elfenbaum & Marshall Stitz
Dr Steven Feldgaier
Brownie & Harold Fleishman
Joseph & Ruth Freed
Lloyd Friedman
Sarah Friedman
Pam Gahan
Jeff & Janie Gilbert
Sandra & Sheldon Glass
Morris Glimcher
Dr Percy & Mrs Elaine Goldberg
Dr David & Mrs Barbara Goldenberg
Faye Greenstone
Gunn’s Bakery
Sandor Guttman
Ilana & Steven Hyman
Murray & Sandy Hyman
Dr Sara Israels
Michael & Glenna Kay
Doris Kirch z”l
Orah & Soody Kleiman
Harold & Wendy Korsunsky
Merilyn Kraut & Dr David Wiseman
Edith Landy
Heather Leonoff & David Deutscher
Pearl Lerner
Jack & Yetta Levit
Hudson & Arlene Lezack
Judith Lipsey
Dr Cathy Moser & Mr Jeffrey Itzkow
Laurie Mainster
Phil & Miriam Maltz
Dr Jure Manfreda
Dr Jeff Marantz
David & Terri Marr
Jack & Bette Mazo
Dr Cathy Moser & Mr Jeffrey Itzkow
Aaron & Katherine Nudler
Rochelle Pincovich
Ron & Phyllis Polinsky
Gordon & Mimi Pollock
Israel Raber
Dr Ronald & Mrs Dawn Rittberg
Sid & Hinda Ritter
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Judith Roman
Ronald & Eleanor Rosenblat
Sally Rosenbloom
Sid & Joyce Rosenhek
Dr Jack & Mrs Clarice Rubin
Ben & Fay Rykiss
Gwen Satran & Eugene Baron
Toby Sawyer
Samuel & Betty Ann Searle
Dr Preston & Miriam Segal
Shoshana Shalev-Minuk & Sheldon Minuk
Fred & Lois Shane
Ruth Shenback
Jack Shindleman
Sidney & Joan Sholom
Al Shpeller & Karen Yamron-Shpeller
Merrill & Shayna Shulman
Sid & Pearl Slonim
Dr Richard & Mrs Jackie Stillwater
Jonathan & Allison Strauss
Fay Swartz
Chana Thau & Dr Michael Eleff
Ruth E. Thompson
Hymie & Shaaron Weinstein
Evelyn Wener
Shelley Werner & Saul Simmonds
Dr Eric & Mrs Frances Winograd
Yachad Couples Unit, B’nai Brith
Dr Cliff Yaffe & Dr Heather Levin
Pat Zacharias & Leo Waisberg
Associates - $37 - $99
Sharon Allentuck
Dr Edwin & Mrs Lucille Bass
Asher & Gertie Begleiter
John & Sharon Berkowitz
Randa Bloom
Gloria Brown
Rachel Browne
Martin & Mira Buchwald
Linda & Ed Calnitsky
Shelley Chochinov
Kayla Coodin
Arnold Davis
Darlene & Jerry Davis
Vivian A. Diamond
Lillian Duboff
Robert & Sue Feldman
Esther Finkle
Cecil & Kathy Greenblat
Arthur & Linda Gunn
Mickey Hoch
Roberta Hurtig
Robert & Barbara Hyman
Mrs Jean James
Stanley Jaworsky
Irvine Kalen
Edward Katz
George Keives
Mrs Klara Kaufman
Paul & Patricia Kettner
Michael & Victoria Knyazher
Naomi Lightman
Fanny Mock
Gerald & Leita Nemiroff
Anita Neville
Irvin & Sandra Plosker
Norma Pockett
Alissa Podheiser-Anzarut
Alvin Raetzen
Joseph & Ruth Riesenbach
Dr Brent Schacter
Shep Shell
Judy & Jack Schnoor
Leonard Simmonds
Herbert & Myrna Singer
Harold & Margot Sosnowicz
Gordon Steindel & Katherine Cobor
Norman & Florence Vickar
Phyllis & Marshall Wilder
Betty Wohl
Harvey & Marilyn Zimberg
Chai – up to $36
Oscar & Cesia Abramowitch
Helen Atnikov
Judith & Norman Bager
Freeda Baron
Len Barsky
Sophie Berger
Rochelle Blumenthal
Sharon Boonov & Albert Yanofsky
Jack Braun
Mrs Belle Burke
Ben & Lillian Burke
Annette Butler
Isabel Cheer
Dave & Shirley Chochinov
Gerry & Peril Daien
Clarice Danzker
Leon & Luba Dimerman
Morris & Mildred Faintuch
Miriam Feierstein
Gail Finkle
Agnes Funk
Harry & Bella Garfinkel
Liesel Gilmore
Albert Glow
Isaac & Hilda Gotfried
Irvin & Gilda Greenberg
Saul & Brenda Greenberg
Pauline (Pauli) Guld
Jerrold & Edna Gunn
Maxine Gurvey
Max Hochman
Rebecca Hochman
Morley & Deborah Hoffman
Howard Jesierski & Sharon Maltz
Joe Kass
Elliot & Linda Katz
Beatrice Kraven
Deanne Lander
Esther Leven
Dr Martin & Mrs Faigie Levitt
Jack & Rochelle Litvack
Gordon Love
Sherwin & Bonnie Lyman
Leon & Raisa Makarovsky
Nathan & Carolyn Mitchell
Ted & Marie Muller
Anne Novak
Joel & Regina Novek
Arnold Packer
Faye Parks Micay
Marian & Bert Minuk
David & Ellen Peltz
Dr Sheldon Permack
Earl & Sylvia Pitch
David Pollock
David & Sheila Rabb
Freda Raber
Harry & Ruth Rachlis
Bonnie Rice
Dr Daniel & Mrs Marcia Rappaport
Sandra Rosen
Shirley Rosenfeld
Renee Rosenzweig
Morris & Hadassah Sapoznik
Gertie Schwartz
Dr Alan & Marlene Schweid
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Rita Shapera
Merrill Shwaid
Izzy Shuster
Myer & Norma Silverstein
Lawrence & Marsha Singer
Ruth Slayen
Marian Solomon
Meyer & Doris Steiman
Hannah Stern
Sophie Szczygiel
Myer & Sherry Thompson
Anna Waisman
Daniel & Bella Weinberg
Jack & Sara Weiss
Evelyn Wener
Candice Wilder
Sindee Wilhelmer
Elaine Wiseman
Phil & Brenda Yakir
Clara Zamick
Lillian Zentner
Jeanette Zimmer
Also thanks to 98 donors who chose to give anonymously.
Our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions.
Provincial All Charities Campaign
Susan Binder
Sharon E Davis
Jeffrey Gilbert
Eva Golden
Heather S Leonoff
Caithlin R McArton
Leslie Wilder
Michele Bercovich-Love & Marshall Love
United Way Designated Donations
Bruce Caplan
Maxine Chamish
Costco Wholesale #57
Gadi Glogowski
Peter Leipsic
Marshall Maslovsky (Toronto)
Karin Punstel
Luis Rubin
Leslie Satran
David Shapiro
Jack Shapiro
Marten Shlafman
Miriam Waldman (Toronto)
Also thank you to donors who chose to give anonymously.
Endowment Funds of the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
Edgar J & Reva Aronovitch Fund
David & Ruth Asper Fund
Doris & Burton Bass Fund
Sheila & David Brodovsky Fund
Tara Calnitsky Bat Mitzvah
Dr Sheila Cantor Memorial Fund
James Carr Fund
Sybil & Saul Cherniack Fund
Berdie & Irvin Cohen Memorial Fund
Alice & David Comisaroff Family Fund
Meyer & Rita Cosman Fund
Mark & Dorothy Danzker Perpetual Trust Fund
Miriam & David Diamond Fund
Joey Frohlinger Bar Mitzvah Fund
Martha & Louis Frohlinger Fund
Samuel H. Gilfix Fund
Becca Gilmore Bat Mitzvah
Norma & Mel Goldenberg Fund
Randee & Aaron Goldman Fund
Irv Goldstein Fund
G.B. Gray Holdings Fund
JCFS Endowment Fund
 Earl Barish 65th Birthday Fund
 Zita & Mark Bernstein Family Fund
 Marsha Cowan
 Bill Feldman Memorial Fund
 Shiffra & Morley Fenson
 Henery L. Fineberg
 In Memory of Sam Grosberg
 Maxine & Moishe Kaufman
 Orah & Soody Kleiman
 Clara & Hy Leibl
 Ida Margolis
 Miscellaneous Donations
 Michael Paterson
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
 Irma Penn in memory of Marvin Penn
 Elaine Stoller Memorial Fund
Baillie Klein Bat Mitzvah Fund
Kuhl Foundation
Pearl & Art Lerner Fund
Jeremy Levi Bar Mitzvah
Jack & Yetta Levit Fund
Sam & Judy Linhart Fund
Charles Loewen
Jack & Belva London Trust Fund
Phil & Miriam Maltz Family Fund
Manitoba Alpha Omega Fund
Frank & Sophie Marantz Fund
Max & Ida Margolis Endowment Fund
Freda Miller Fund
Dr Sam Muchnik Alpha Omega Memorial Fund
Montefiore Hebrew Faternal Lodge Fund
Marym & Izzy Peltz Fund
Posner Family Fund
Reich Family Fund
Bayla & Sam Reiss Fund
Mona & David Rich Family Fund
Kathleen Richardson Fund
Rosenberg Family Trust
Michael Schwartz Bar Mitzvah
Gwendolyn & Joseph Secter Fund
Dorothy & Ben Shuckett Family Fund
Silverberg Memorial Fund
Mona & Alvin Slotin Cancer Research Fund
Daniel Tallman Family Fund
Bella Urie Fund
Saul Urie Fund
The Winnipeg Jewish Orphanage Alumni Scholarship Fund
Grants Received this Year
The Asper Foundation
Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors
Government of Canada
Jewish Federation of Winnipeg
Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
Jewish Immigrant Aid Services of Canada
L Kerry Vickar Foundation in support of the Eve and Harry Vickar Assistance Program
Clare & David Pollock Fund at the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation
Province of Manitoba
United Way of Winnipeg
The Winnipeg Foundation
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Women’s Endowment Fund of The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
Estate of Benjamin Lungen z”l
Estate of Alex Schwartz z”l
Estate of Ephriam “Frank” Solomon z”l
Our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions.
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Thank You
to those who so generously donated by sending out tribute cards
Eugene & Selma Albersheim
Dr Joel & Mrs Bonnie Antel
Faye & Harvey Appelle
Freeda Baron
Cindy Bass
Abraham Baum
Asher & Gertie Begleiter
Michale Belmore
Al Benarroch & Brenlee Sucharov
Salomon & Mary Benarroch
Marla Bernstein
Dr Errol & Mrs Susan Billinkoff
David & Sheila Bloomfield
Stephanie Bolster
Allan & Elaine Borodkin
Laya Braemer
Lisa Brownstone
Florence Burshtein
Linda & Ed Calnitsky
Myron & Ros-Lynn Calof
Sheila Calof
Luba Cates
Barbara Chess
Sharon Chisvin & Marshall Carroll
David & Monica Chochinov
David & Maurene Cohen
Lawrence & Dolly Cohen
Kayla Coodin
Barry & Nancy Corey
Evelyn & Jack Corrin
Dr Alan & Mrs Wendy Daien
Caren Davis
Ella & Harvey Davis
Paul & Carla Divinsky
Esther Dreman
Miriam Erenberg
Mayla Favor
Tamara Fernandes
Manuel & Pearl Fink
Jerry & Rietta Floom
Doug & Corinne Fox
Mark & Dina Frankel
Dr Harvy Frankel & Ms Sandi Loewen
Regine Frankel
Charles & Lillian Frohlich
Edith Gardner
Shelley Garfield & David Youssiem
Susan Garfield & Herb Halprin
Ruth & Sheldon Gilbert
Louise & Arthur Gillman
Larry & Minda Ginsbert
Raylene & Nessie Godel
Dr Norman & Judge Marilyn Goldberg
Elaine Golumbia
Sarah Golumbia
Ralph & Ethel Gordon
Barbara & Adam Goszer
Deborah Gray
Darcy & Lyle Grosney
Pauline (Pauli) Guld
Beth Gutkin
Mildred Gutkin
Lorraine Halparin
Paul Halpern
Sid & Esther Halpern
Kenneth & Elyse Halprin
Lizabeth Harris
Ruben & Phyllis Hatskin
Dr Earl & Mrs Betty Anne Hershfield
Art & Bess Hirsh
Ed Hiutin
Ben & Phyllis Hochman
Dr Marshall & Mrs Rochelle Hoffer
Murray & Sandy Hyman
Rishona & Hartley Hyman
Malik & Ruth Juravsky
Helen Kahane
Anita & Charles Kantor
Dave & Lorraine Kaplan
Harry & Barbara Kaplan
Cheryl & Murray Katz
Elliot & Linda Katz
Penny & Allan Kiesler
Dwaine King
Linda Kivitz
Ruth & Sam Klapman
Dr Simcha Kleiman
Mr Dale Klein
Toby Koffman
Helen Kohuska
Dr Sheldon & Mrs Jacki Koven
Doris Lacovetsky
Miriam Lampe
Andrea & Wayne Lefkovitz
Heather Leonoff & David Deutscher
Dr Molyn Leszcz
Jack & Yetta Levit
Dr Martin & Mrs Faigie Levitt
Cathy & Lorry Litman
Eddie & Sylvia Lomow
Saul & Carolyn London
Gordon Love
Adeena Lungen
Mrs Sheila Malkin
Lisa & Daniel Manning
Gayle & Ira Marcus
Elaine & Neil Margolis
Miriam (Mickey) Margulius
Florence Marr
Norman & Debra Mayer
John McMurrich
Linda Meckling
Dr Allan & Reva Micflikier
Jennifer Morrison
Lynn Anne Mulrooney
Gertie Nepon
Anita Neville
Bert & Claire Newman
Joan & Paul Newman
Lawrence & Shirley Nezon
Lynne Oreck-Wener
Murray Palay & Ivy Kopstein
Arnold & Susan Permut
Dvora Pinsky z”l
Norma Pockett
Len & Ruth Carol Podheiser
Tannis Podheiser-Michaw & Rob Michaw
Randee Pollock
Zelma Pollock
Arnold & Rose Popeski
Lillian Popeski
Reuben Potash & Gail Thau
Harry & Ruth Rachlis
David & Mona Rich
Sid & Hinda Ritter
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Louis & Judy Rodkin
Audrey & Benny Roitelman
Pearl Rosenberg
Sheryl Rosenberg
Mary Ann & Morley Rosenbloom
Bonnie Rosenfeld
Marlene Ross
Doreen Rotenberg
Sara Rusen & Howie Fogel
Rivian & Bob Ruskin
John Russell
George Saltzberg
Amy & Daniel Samphir
Zivan & Tannis Saper
Fay Sasson
Gwen Satran & Eugene Baron
Alissa Schacter & Michael Conner
Evelyn & Stephen Schaefer
Bert & Elaine Schaffer
Mayer Schwartz
Sarah & Dovide Secter
Fred & Lois Shane
Kim Shane
Myrna Shefrin
Bill & Ruth Shell
Shep Shell
Ruth Shenback
Ruth Sheps
Sam & Joan Sheps
Cheryl & Morley Shore
Malke Shore
Norman & Beth Shore
Barry & Sylvia Short
Dr Frank & Mrs Doreen Short
Edith Shpeller
Al Shpeller & Karen Yamron Shpeller
Jeff Shwaid
Merrill Shwaid
Elaine & Norman Silverberg
Earl & Mimi Singer
Sally Singer
William & Shelley Sklover
George & Barbara Slutchuk
Lyle & Evita Smordin
Sid & Ethel Soronow
Lynne Spigelman
Nata & Avery Spigelman
Len & Carol Spiller
Bea Starkman
Robert & Judy Steele
Jon Stefanson
Karen Stern & John Michaels
Colin Stevenson
Lynn Stoffman
Jonathan & Allison Strauss
Aida Strocovsky & Ruben Sifrim
Estelle Sures
Sam & Rita Swire
Siuleen Thai
Isaac Thau
Mark & Carol Tolchinsky
Matthew Trachtenberg
Dr Steven & Dr Sharon Tritt
Victory School
Cheryl Wagnerblake
Dr Harvey & Sandra Weisman
Evelyn Wener
Candice Wilder
Phyllis & Marshall Wilder
Janis Wisher
Lynn & Henry Wolfe
Brenlea Yamron
Frydel Yamron
Penny Yellen
Diane Zack
Candi Zell
Dr Alex & Harriet Zimmer
Jo-Ann & Kevin Zuk
Myriam & Sergio Zumer
Also thanks to 21 donors who choose to give anonymously.
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Thank you to those who donated complimentary tickets to community events
Cheryl & Earl Barish
B’nai Brith Manitoba
Congregation Etz Chayim
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Jacob Cramer
John & Terri Lee Farber
Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
Jewish National Fund
Rainbow Stage Productions
Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Danny Shur
Mara Silver
Winnipeg Folk Festival
Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra – Share the
Music program
Thank you to those who contributed gifts in kind
Steven Axelrod
Zack Baron
Michael Benarroch & Kim Bailey
Lindsay & Aileen Berger
Sheila Brodovsky
Louise & Sheldon Claman
Jacqui Cohen
Maurene & David Cohen
Sandy Collerman
Misha, Shai & Shoshana Cook-Libin
David Favor
Dr Michele Feierstein & Dr Larry Fishman
Linda Freed
Ashlyn Gertenstein
Selma Gilfix
Gray Academy of Jewish Education
Esther & Sid Halpern
Daniel & Ellen Hamburg
Dr Gary Hedge
Klara Kaufman
Orah & Soody Kleiman
Peter & Karen Leipsic
Ethan Levine
Laurie Mainster
Elaine Margolis
Lexi Palansky
Julie Prosak, Only Deals
Rady JCC Day Camps
Richards Packaging Inc
Sylvia Segal
Shaarey Zedek Sisterhood
Ed Shinewald
Morley Shore
David Silverman
Lynne Spigelman
Allen Spigelman & Karin Jonasson
Liat Stitz
Gersh & Margaret Sucharov
Temple Shalom
Sigi & Jackie Wassermann
Dr Agi & Dr Sam Weizman
Molly, Polly & Jonah Wiseman
Sherry Wolfe-Elazar
Adele Yan
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Thank you to those who contributed food, toiletries & hampers
Aleph-Bet Child Life Enrichment Program
Aviva Chapter, JWI
Brock Corydon School
Congregation Etz Chayim
Jacob & Esther Cohen
Ethel Dil
Ian & Marilyn Dudeck
Sharron & Joel Dudeck
Noah Gall
Rebecca Goldstein
Gray Academy of Jewish Education
Hatikvah Chapter, Na’amat
Evelyn Katz
Gabriel Lazar
Michael & Cheryl Lazar
Bailey & Jacilyn Moreau
Rona Morris
Beverly Nord
Ruth Rachlis
Rady JCC Day Camps
Rady JCC Staff
Bina Rubin
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Al Shpeller & Karen Yamron Shpeller
William & Paula Worb
Brenlea & Morgan Yamron
Fraydel Yamron
Thank you for Charitable Acts of Kindness
Jerry Augustin
Ben Gurion Society (Jewish Federation)
Asher Billinkoff
Lorne Billinkoff
Mia Elfenbaum
Morrie Elfenbein
Rietta Floom
Shalia Genaske
Susan Greenberg
Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre
Sandra Kleiman
Nona Leibl
Tracy Leipsic
Nadine Linder
Manitoba Transit Heritage Association
Nancy Pitch
Hinda & Sid Ritter
Sarah Bell Chapter, NCJW
Elaine & Elliott Saunders
Debbie Selch
Robin Shapiro
Reesa Smith
Lizzie Steeves
Susan Vickar
Anna Zaifman
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Thank You
To those who generously donated to the 2010 Passover Assistance Program: Ma’ot Chitim
Reeva Abrams
Selma Albersheim
Emilio & Vanesa Allami
Sharon Allentuck
Saul & Ida Alpern
Murray Altose
Avraham Amihude
Irvin Applebaum
Abe & Barbara Anhang
Art Upholstering Ltd
Gail Asper Family Foundation Inc
Michael & Reesa Averbach
Rose Aziman
Benjamin Baader
Judith & Norman Bager
Gery Baker
Earl & Cheryl Barish
Freeda Baron
Burton & Doris Bass
Abraham Baum
Asher & Gertie Begleiter
Molly Begleiter
Ruth Bellan
Al Benarroch & Brenlee Sucharov
Michael Benarroch & Kim Bailey
Salomon & Mary Benarroch
Sydney Bercovich
Mrs Lillian Bercuson
Abe & Toni Berenhaut
Sophie Berger
John & Sharon Berkowitz
Ike Bernstein
Dr Errol & Mrs Susan Billinkoff
Lorne & Marilyn Billinkoff
Marjorie & Morley Blankstein
Clara Block
David & Sheila Bloomfield
Rochelle Blumenthal
Booke & Partners
Rena Boroditsky
Jack Braun
Esther Breslaw
Ian Breslaw
Jerome Breslaw
Dr David & Mrs Sheila Brodovsky
Debby & Bobby Brown
Gloria Brown
Bill & Faye Brownstone
Dee Buchwald
Vladimir & Raisa Bugas
Eleanor & Morris Burke
Florence Burshtein
Dr Bonnie Cham & Dr Lorne Bellan
Barney & Ruth Charach
Dave & Shirley Chochinov
David & Monica Chochinov
Dr Shale & Mrs Sary Chochinov
Shelley Chochinov
Dolly & Zivy Chudnow
Dr Sheldon & Mrs Louise Claman
Ann & Morris Cohen
Ben-Zvi & Simone Cohen
David & Maurene Cohen
Joseph & Aviva Cohen
Lloyd Cohen
Harvey Cohen & Faye Rosenberg-Cohen
Mr Lilo-Robert Cohen
Dr Shalom & Mrs Esther Coodin
Arnold Cooper & Aileen Higgins-Cooper
Barry Corenblum
Sharron & Alvin Corne
Jack Craven
Reva Craven
Libby Crust
Dr Alan & Mrs Wendy Daien
Gerry & Peril Daien
Nathan & Phyllis Dana
Doreen Davidow
Caren Davis
Darlene & Jerry Davis
Dale Lynn Dawydiuk
Theodora Derksen
Lisa Diamant
Vivian A Diamond
Ethel & Zvi Dil
Joe & Sandra Diner
Paul & Carla Divinsky
Faye Dixon
Myrna Donald
Ruby Donner
Danita Dubinsky Aziza
Lillian Duboff
Lisa Dveris
Marcey Dveris & Neil MacKinnon
Joe & Bernice Elfenbaum
Mia Elfenbaum & Marshall Stitz
Rabbi Ari Ellis
Issie & Mania Epstein
Dr Michael & Mrs Nella Eskin
Estate of Irma Lev z”l
Estate of Sofya Brandis z”l
Hadass Eviatar & David Hoult
Morris & Mildred Faintuch
Dr Michele Feierstein & Dr Larry Fishman
Dr Steven Feldgaier
Rhoda & Zivey Feldman
Barbara Findlay & Dr Raymond Singer
Irwin & Gail Fine
Manuel & Pearl Fink
Solomon & Rachel Fink
Esther Finkle
Gail Finkle
Larry & Glory Fleisher
Brownie & Harold Fleishman
Miriam Fliegel & Dr Ron Steigerwald
Jerry & Rietta Floom
David Folk & Laurel Malkin
Sarah Friedman
Arnold & Myra Frieman
Charles & Lillian Frohlich
Dr Arnold & Mrs Janet Frohlich
Asnat & Ben Gall
Dr Perry Gall
Dr Richard & Karen Gall
Ron Gall & Sherri Cogan Gall
Esther Gardner
Shelley Garfield & David Youssiem
Marshall & Gail Garland
Anne Gerb
Esther & Hyman Gesser
Murray & Selma Gilfix
Evelyn & Alec Gillman
Doris Gilman
Mrs Liesel Gilmore
Arnold & Sharon Glass
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Ida & Donald Glimcher
Globe General Agencies-Richard Morantz
Albert Glow
Dr Sheldon Glow & Ms Leslie Singer
Dr Benjamin & Mrs Serky Goldberg
Dr Robert & Mrs Beth Goldberg
Mark Golden
Eva-Lynn Golden & Eran Plotnik
Randee Goldman
Robbi Goltsman-Ferris & Kevin Ferris
Sara Goorvich
Maureen Gordon
Sandra Gordon
Frima Gorenstein
Barbara & Adam Goszer
Isaac & Hilda Gotfried
Dr Lawrence & Mrs Janet Gould
Faigie Greaves
Josephine Green
David & Nessie Greenberg
Dr Leonard Greenberg
Rose Greenberg
Saul & Brenda Greenberg
Susan Greenberg
Dr Marty & Mrs Roslyn Greenfeld
Libby Greenfield
David & Hinda Gruber
Benjamin Grunfeld
Lil Guberman
Pauline (Pauli) Guld
Isaak & Sophie Guner
Bernard Gunn & Aneita Kogan-Gunn
Jerrold & Edna Gunn
Maxine Gurvey
Terry & Carol Gutkin
Mr Sandor Guttman
Elena Hallows
Sid & Esther Halpern
Kenneth & Elyse Halprin
Daniel & Ellen Hamburg
Bob Handler
Pauline Haskell
Larry & Evelyn Hecht
Annette & Isser Held
Yude Henteleff & Joy Winchell
Art & Bess Hirsh
Fay Hoch
Mickey Hoch
Michele Hoch-Faintuch
Max Hochman
Sara Hochman
Joan & Reg Honer
Mr & Mrs Jeff Hurtig
Roberta Hurtig
Ilana & Steven Hyman
Murray & Sandy Hyman
Rishona & Hartley Hyman
Robert & Barbara Hyman
Dr Sara Israels
Daniella & Eric Jacobsohn
Mrs Jean James
Howard Jesierski & Sharon Maltz
Phillip & Susan Kahanovitch
Irvine Kalen
Hart & Faith Kaplan
Ida Kaplan
Elliot & Linda Katz
Esther Katz
Joanne & Sam Katz
Lesly & Jack Katz
Marjorie Kay
George Keives
Dr Rodney & Phillipa Kellen
Laila Kesselman
Dr Murray & Jane Kesselman
Izabela Khodik & Igor Lerman
Sam & Ruth Klapman
Orah & Soody Kleiman
Bryan Klein & Susan Halprin
Paul Knight, Mid-West Quilting Co
Rose Knight
Ettie Koffman
Toby Koffman
Lynne Kohm
Dr Sheldon & Mrs Jacki Koven
Patricia Kovnats
Dr Paul Kowall
Hymie & Simma Kraitberg
Dr Allen Kraut & Karla Berbrayer
Sharon Kravetsky
Dr Israel & Mrs Rena Krongold
Dr Penina Krongold
Iona & Alejandro Krozkin
Michael Kushner & Monica Hirsch
Benson & Sharon Labinsky
Doris Lacovetsky
Miriam Lampe
Deanne Lander
Edith Landy
Sheldon & Patty Lapkin
Shane & Marilyn Lasker
Frank Lavitt & Ahava Halpern
Dr Matthew & Mrs Nola Lazar
Michael & Cheryl Lazar
Cynthia Lazar & Joel Kay
Melvin & Karen Lazareck
Rick Lee & Laurie Shapiro
Peter & Karen Leipsic
Heather Leonoff & David Deutscher
Dr Neal & Robyn Lerner
Pearl Lerner
Tina Lerner
Doreen & Joseph Leven
Elliot Leven
Esther Leven
Clifford & Carol Levi
Dr Manley & Eleanor Levin
Jack & Yetta Levit
Dr Martin & Mrs Faigie Levitt
Dr Justin Jaron Lewis
Shirley Lezack
Mark Libin & Meira Cook
Alan Libman
Asher Lichtman
Moshe Linov
Dr Jack & Mrs Debbie Lipkin
Dr Jeremy & Sally Lipschitz
Saul & Carolyn London
Mrs Gladys & Ms Sharon Love
Dr Louis Ludwig & Sherri Walsh
Adeena Lungen
Bill & Judy Mahon
Laurie Mainster
Mrs Sheila Malkin
Renee Malmgren
Dr Jeff Marantz
Joel & Linda Margolese
Aaron & Rachel Margolis
Elaine & Neil Margolis
Rae & Gary Margolis
Miriam Margulius
Jack & Bette Mazo
Menorah Lodge No. 167
Sylvia Meyers
Dr David Meyrowitz & Irene Boxer
Faye Parks Micay
Dr Allan & Reva Micflikier
Dr Leon & Mrs Joan Michaels
Joe & Rose Mindell
Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
Paula Mitchell & Arnold Leventhal
Fanny Mock
Martin & Lisa Morantz
Rona Rae Morris
William & Patti Morris
Jerry & Ruth Moscovitch
Mary & Mojluf Muyal
Mel & Sharon Myers
Shawna Nagler
Lorne & Brenda Nelko
Jack & Phyllis Newman
Lawrence & Shirley Nezon
Anne Novak
Joel & Regina Novek
Issy & Hazel Oiring
Ruth Ostrove
Fabiana Pachter
Avraham & Henny Paritzky
Paula Parks
Betty Pash
Rory & Barbara Paul
Alex & Ruby Pauley
Chaim Peikoff
David & Shirley Permack
Dr Sheldon Permack
Shelley Pfeffer
Rochelle Pincovich
Earl & Sylvia Pitch
Arona Podheiser
Len & Ruth Carol Podheiser
Alissa Podheiser-Anzarut
Tannis Podheiser-Michaw & Rob Michaw
Ron & Phyllis Polinsky
Arnice Pollock
Clare Pollock
Chaim Raber
Israel Raber
Harry & Ruth Rachlis
Steven Ratson
Myrna & Harry Rayburn
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Jewish Child and Family Service  Annual Report 2010-2011
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