BISHOP FAMILY PRG 1123 Series List

PRG 1123
Series List
Photographs of the Bishop family (Series 1-43)
Photographs of the Bishop family
ca.1855-1867. 9 photographs, 9 copies.
[Daguerreotypes and 1 ambrotype of members of the Bishop family
including Captain John Bishop and his wife Esther Elizabeth
Bishop, and three of their children: Mary Vale Bishop, Amelia
Helen Bishop and John Frederick Bishop, as well as two
unidentified men. Also includes photographic copies of the
daguerreotypes and ambrotype].
Photograph album of Ethela Bishop
ca.1911-1912. 1 volume, 93 photographs.
[Photograph album belonging to Ethela Bishop comprising 93 small
black and white photographs, most of landscapes, of Mount Barker,
landscapes and workers at Wellington Lodge, landscapes and
workers at Koonamore Station near Yunta, various locations in Port
Lincoln including Mill Cottage owned by Joseph Kemp Bishop, the
Adelaide Hills, Adelaide including Glen Osmond and the zoo, and
two of Ethela and Joseph’s grandchildren, Jack (John) and Mary
Bishop, children of Sidney J.F. Bishop. See special list for Series
2 for details.]
Photograph albums of the Bishop, Broadbent and Johnson families
ca.1912-1953. 5 volumes.
1. Port Lincoln landscapes, including Mill Cottage, ca.1912.
2. Broadbent and Claxton families of Port Lincoln. Marjorie
Broadbent married Myles Kemp Bishop in 1923. Most
photographs include captions. ca.1917-1918. Includes loose
sheet of photographs of Esther and Ann Bishop ca.1926, 1940.
3. Family holiday in Victoria and South Australia, including
commercial photographs and postcards, ca.1935.
4. Amy H. Bishop’s London trip, November 1938.
5. Johnson family including christening and baby photographs
of Michael Johnson, son of Jeff Johnson and Esther Marjorie
Johnson (nee Bishop), 1952-1953.
PRG 1123 Series List
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Photographs of Captain John Bishop
ca.1860-1940. 6 black and white photographs.
[Two black and white portraits of Captain John Bishop ca.1860,
one small photograph of ‘the last of Overcourt’ taken March
1940 of the Bishop home where Joseph Kemp Bishop was born
in 1846 (grandfather of Esther Bishop who captioned the photo
and may have also been the photographer), and one photograph
of John Bishop with his family on the veranda of the family
home at Overcourt ca.1862. On the reverse are two landscape
photographs of Lockleys and Mannahill.]
Photographs of Esther Elizabeth Bishop (nee Kemp)
ca.1855-1860. 2 black and white photographs.
[Portraits of Esther Elizabeth Bishop including one with two of her
children, Amelia Helen and John Frederick Bishop.]
Photographs of Joseph Kemp
ca.1875. 2 black and white photographs.
[Portrait of Joseph Kemp, and the early Kemp’s home in Port
Lincoln, next to St Thomas’ Church.]
Photographs of Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins Bishop
ca.1870. 1 black and white photograph.
[Portrait of Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins Murray (nee Bishop)
(ca.1841-1881), eldest child of Captain John Bishop and Esther
Elizabeth Bishop, married William Murray 1863.]
Photographs of William Daniel Watkins Bishop
ca.1847-1864. 2 black and white photographs.
[Two portraits of William Daniel Watkins Bishop.]
Photographs of Joseph Kemp Bishop
ca.1854-1930. 18 black and white photographs.
[Portraits and photographs with family members].
Photographs of John Frederick Bishop
ca.1866. 1 black and white photograph.
[Small studio portrait].
Photographs of Georgiana Edith Bishop
ca.1866-1885. 4 black and white photographs.
[Studio portraits.]
Photographs of Elizabeth Anne Miller Bishop
ca.1875. 1 black and white photograph.
[Studio portrait, first wife of Joseph Kemp Bishop.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Photographs of Sidney John Forty Bishop
ca.1882-1927. 10 black and white photographs.
[Eldest child of Joseph Kemp Bishop and his first wife Elizabeth
Anne Bishop. Including one portrait with his son John Arrow
Kemp Bishop, and one portrait thought to be of Sidney Bishop’s
wife, Mary Dora Florence Bishop (nee Bruce).]
Photographs of Ethel Mary Bishop
ca.1878-1971. 23 black and white, 1 colour photographs, 2
transparencies, 1 negative.
[Daughter of Joseph and first wife Elizabeth Bishop. Includes
photograph of her step-daughter Hermia Wollaston,
photographs with some of her brothers and sisters, Ethel
being presented to Dame Pattie Menzies, and photographs from
her 100th birthday celebration.]
Photographs of William Daniel Bishop
ca.1878-1881. 3 black and white photographs.
[Studio portraits of William Daniel Bishop, son of Joseph and his
first wife Elizabeth Bishop.]
Photographs of Amy Helen Bishop
ca.1878-1919. 20 black and white, sepia photographs.
[Photographs of Amy Helen Bishop, daughter of Joseph and first
wife Elizabeth Bishop.]
Photographs of Sidney Bishop’s children
ca.1903-1920. 2 black and white photographs.
[Photographs of John Arrow Kemp Bishop and Mary Ethela Bishop
(later Thomson), children of Sidney and Mary Bishop.]
Photographs of Ethela Poonindie Bishop (nee Hammond)
ca.1881-1910. 11 black and white photographs.
[Portraits of Ethela Bishop (nee Hammond), daughter of the
Reverend Octavius Hammond and second wife of Joseph Kemp
Bishop. Includes portraits of Ethela’s younger sister, Florence
Elizabeth Hammond.]
Photographs of Geoffrey Howard Bishop
ca.1888-1916. 17 black and white photographs.
[Portraits of Geoff Bishop, son of Joseph and second wife Ethela
Bishop, including portrait with his younger brother Myles,
photographs in WWI military uniform, and group photograph of
reinforcements for Field Artillery.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Photographs of Myles Kemp Bishop
1893-1976. 67 black and white and 2 colour photographs.
[Portraits of Myles Bishop, son of Joseph and second wife Ethela
Bishop, including photographs with his brothers and sisters and
other family members, his wife Marjorie (nee Broadbent) and two
daughters Esther and Ann, panorama of Port Lincoln (ca.1935)
and photographs taken while working as a wool classer.]
Photographs of Marjorie Hannah Bishop
ca.1902-1953. 17 black and white photographs, 1 negative.
[Photographs of Marjorie Bishop (nee Broadbent), wife of Myles
Kemp Bishop, including photographs with her daughters Esther
and Ann and husband.]
Photographs of Esther Marjorie Johnson (nee Bishop) and family
ca.1925-1980. 201 black and white and 7 colour photographs.
[Photographs of Esther Marjorie Bishop, later Esther Johnson, and
her family, including portraits with her parents Myles and Marjorie
Bishop, younger sister Ann, husband Jeff Johnson, her
children Michael, Simon, Louise and Zoe Johnson, her nephews
Philip, Robert and Paul Ekers, and Port Lincoln landscapes.]
Photographs of Ann Hammond Ekers (nee Bishop) and family
ca.1928-1971. 43 black and white and 2 colour photographs.
[Photographs of Anne Hammond Bishop, later Ann Ekers, and her
family, including portraits with her husband Brian Murray Ekers,
and children Philip, Robert and Paul Ekers.]
Photographs of Ernest Arthur Broadbent
ca.1920-1940. 10 black and white photographs.
[Portraits of Ernest A. Broadbent (1872-1943), father of Marjorie
Bishop (nee Broadbent) and husband to Ida Violet Broadbent (nee
Claxton), and grandfather of Esther and Ann Bishop.]
Photographs of the Claxton family
ca.1872-1948. 19 black and white photographs.
[Photographs of members of the Claxton family including Lt. Col.
William Denton Claxton (ca.1834-1898) and his second wife
Hannah (formerly Moyle, nee PARR, ca.1840-1892), and Louisa
Claxton (1864-1946, daughter with his first wife Mary Ann nee
Hambidge), and children with his second wife: Elsie Mabel
(1871-1956), Ida Violet (1875-1956) and Norman Claxton
(1877-1951). Ida Violet Claxton married Ernest Arthur Broadbent
in 1895, and their daughter Marjorie Hannah Broadbent married
Myles Kemp Bishop in 1923. Also includes unidentified
photographs with inscriptions on the back referring to ‘Nell’ and
‘Nellie’ Hand. See also Series 3/2 for photograph album of the
Claxton family, including Norman, Elsie and Louisa.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Photographs of Reverend Octavius Hammond
ca.1870-1890. 7 black and white photographs.
[Portraits of the Reverend Octavius Hammond, Minister of St
Thomas’ Church, Port Lincoln, and Superintendent of Poonindie
Mission. Father of Elizabeth and Ethela Hammond, first and
second wives of Joseph Kemp Bishop. Includes photograph of a
memorial erected in Port Lincoln upon his death in 1878, aged
68 years.]
Photographs of Ann Hammond
ca.1885-1890. 2 black and white photographs.
[Portraits of Anne Hammond (nee Dobson), wife of the Reverend
Octavius Hammond.]
Photographs of Florence Elizabeth Hammond
ca.1880-1931. 5 black and white photographs.
[Portraits of Florence Elizabeth Hammond, including a portrait with
her older sister Ethela Poonindie Hammond.]
Photographs of Arthur and ‘Toddie’ Hammond
ca.1899. 2 black and white photographs.
[One photograph of Arthur Hammond, thought to be Arthur Cecil
Carlin Hammond (b.1878), son of Cecil Henry Hammond and
Fanny Marian Carlin and grandson of Octavius and Anne
Hammond. One photograph of ‘Toddie’ Hammond.]
Photographs of the Johnson family
ca.1870-1990 15 black and white and 4 colour photographs, 9
black and white negatives.
[Photographs of various members of the Johnson family including:
Peter, Topsy (Eleanor), Esther (nee Bishop), Dorothea, Jeff
(husband of Esther Bishop) and Ralph Johnson. Also includes one
photograph of Lucy May Harwood aged 5, ca.1870.]
Photographs of Port Lincoln Public School pupils
ca.1880-1898. 2 black and white photographs.
[School photographs of pupils of Port Lincoln Public School,
approximately 1880 and 1898. Geoffrey Howard Bishop is in the
1898 group.]
Photographs of ‘Overcourt’ the Bishop family home in Port Lincoln
ca.1860-1890. 17 black and white photographs.
[Photographs of the house and garden of ‘Overcourt’, built
around 1840 on Tasman Terrace, the residence of Captain John
Bishop and his family, named after his wife’s family home in
Gloucester in England. Includes some views of Tasman Terrace
and Port Lincoln.]
Photographs of ‘Mill Cottage’, home of Joseph Kemp Bishop
PRG 1123 Series List
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ca.1890-1980. 64 black and white and 8 colour photographs,
and 10 black and white negatives.
[Photographs of the house and garden of ‘Mill Cottage’, built for
the son of Captain John Bishop, storekeeper Joseph Kemp Bishop
and his family. The first four rooms were constructed by Mr S.
Shepherd in 1886 and two larger rooms were added as Joseph
Bishop’s family grew. After the death of Joseph Bishop in 1937,
the cottage passed to his youngest daughter Amy, watercolour
artist, who added a lean-to artist’s studio to the north side of the
building, and lived there until her death in 1963. Includes
photographs of the city of Port Lincoln.]
Photographs of St. Thomas’ Church, Port Lincoln
ca.1869-1910. 8 black and white photographs.
[Includes both interior and exterior views of the Church.]
Photographs of St. Matthews’ Church, Poonindie
ca.1867-1938. 11 black and white photographs.
[Photographs of the exterior of the church and the surrounding
station. Also includes two photographs of Samuel Beavis, school
master at Poonindie Station 1901-1908.]
Photographs of Port Lincoln
ca.1879-1962. 176 black and white photographs.
[Photographs and postcards of various views of Port Lincoln.
Includes photographs of the re-enactments of the first landing at
Port Lincoln during the Centenary in 1939.]
Aerial photographs of Port Lincoln
ca.1909-1921. 12 black and white photographs.
[Photographs of the first aeroplane to visit Port Lincoln and the first
aerial photographs of Port Lincoln. Also includes one photograph
of the first wheat ships in Port Lincoln, taken while the French
Barque ‘Emilis Galline’ was in the port, in 1909.]
Photographs of Boston Island
ca.1910-1930. 75 black and white photographs.
[Includes landscapes of the island, photographs of the homestead
and buildings, farming including sheep in the fields, loading sheep
onto boats, cutting and loading hay onto carts, and photographs of
the ship ‘Minnipa’ aground near Boston Island.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Photographs of Queensland visit and work as a wool classer
ca.1910-1922. 133 black and white photographs, 17 black and
white negatives.
[Photographs of Myles Kemp Bishop’s visit to Queensland,
probably while working as a wool classer, including photographs
of shearing stations at Longreach and Rockhampton. Also
includes photographs of the first Qantas aircraft and passenger,
and photographs of a trip from Longreach to Tarcombe by boat
during a flood. Also includes photographs taken while working
as a wool classer as a student with the School of Mines in South
Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.]
Photograph of Lord Byron’s carriage
1915. 1 black and white photograph.
[Fanny, a resident of Port Lincoln, riding in Lord Byron’s cart
during the Australia Day procession, Port Lincoln, 30 July, 1915.]
Photographs of Ray Parer and John McIntosh
ca.1917-1920. 39 black and white photographs.
[Photographs taken by aviator Ray Parer on his trip with John
McIntosh, given to Myles Kemp Bishop by his mother. Comprising
photographs taken during Parer and McIntosh’s flight from
England to Australia in 1920, of their arrival in Australia in August
1920, and portraits of Parer in military uniform. Also includes a
telegram sent from M. Parer (thought to be Ray’s mother Myria) to
Myles Bishop.]
Photographs of the construction of the Tod River Reservoir
ca.1919-1922. 63 black and white photographs.
[Photographs of construction of the Tod River Reservoir including
the channels and weirs and some of the machinery.]
Miscellaneous photographs
ca.1880-1980. 68 black and white and 9 colour photographs, 4
black and white negatives.
[Comprising photographs of a sea plane travelling around Australia
arriving in Port Lincoln, various landscapes and beach views, likely
to be Port Lincoln and surrounding areas, a variety of unidentified
portraits, some likely to be Myles and Marjorie Bishop, and
photographs of a gathering of people in a park and landscapes
from a small collection in a pocket labelled ‘Mr A Crawford, Nth
PRG 1123 Series List
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Howick Hall artwork
ca.1832. 1 print, steel line engraving on paper, black and white
[Art print of a view of Howick Hall, the seat of the Right
Honourable Charles Grey, Earl Grey-Premier, with gardeners
in the foreground. Engraved by William Alexander le Petit from
an original study by Thomas Allom. Originally produced for the
part-work “Northern Tourist” series (London : 1832-1835).]
Papers of Captain John Bishop (Series 45-60)
Diaries of Captain John Bishop
1814-1839. 10 volumes.
1. John Bishop’s Voyages No. 1, 1814-1830, (handwritten copy).
2. John Bishop’s Voyages No. 2, 1833-1838, (handwritten copy).
3. Extracts from the Log of the Brig Dorset (Captain John Bishop),
from Liverpool towards Pt. Adelaide, in company with the Brig
Porter (Captain W.J. Porter), 27 th August 1838 to 22 January
1839, (handwritten copy).
4. John Bishop – random notes (handwritten copy).
5. Voyages of John Bishop Vol. 1 st, 1814-1830 (handwritten,
6. Voyages of John Bishop copy of Vol. 3, 1835-1837,
(handwritten, original).
7. Religious poems, hymns and Psalms copied by John Bishop,
1838 (handwritten).
8. Account book for the ‘Dorset’, ‘Greenhow’ and sales at Adelaide,
1838-1839 (handwritten).
9. Voyage of John Bishop, 1814-1832, (handwritten).
10. Diary and notes including poems and recipe, 1834-1838
Papers relating to ships voyages
ca.1831-1839. 4 cm.
[Comprising the ship’s log for ‘Alice’ 1831-1832 from Liverpool to
Kingston, Jamaica, and letters, accounts and receipts from John
Bishop’s time as captain of the ‘Lucy’ and ‘Greenhow’ in the West
Indies, 1832-1838.]
North Atlantic Ocean Sea-charts
ca.1830. 2 charts 63 cm x 98 cm.
[Two sea-charts of the Caribbean and Azores Islands (off the coast
of Portugal) belonging to Captain John Bishop].
Business correspondence with Elder Smith
1846-1866. 4.5 cm.
[Captain John Bishop’s business correspondence with Elder Smith
(Adelaide), Elder Stirling & Co., and A.L. Elder & Co.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Business correspondence with A.L. Elder
1853-1866. 3.5 cm.
[Captain John Bishop’s business correspondence, accounts and
receipts with A.L. Elder, London.]
Business correspondence with Edward Spicer
1850-1865. 4 cm.
[Captain John Bishop’s business correspondence, accounts and
receipts with Edward Spicer].
Business correspondence with G.E. & E.A. Hamilton
1860-1865. 1.5 cm.
[Captain John Bishop’s business correspondence with G.E.
(George Ernest) and E.A. (Edward Angus) Hamilton, architects
and surveyors.]
Business correspondence with A.J. and W. Murray
1836-1865. 2 cm
[Captain John Bishop’s business correspondence with Andrew
John, William, and Henry D. Murray, property boundary forms
signed by W. Murray, surveyor, and letters from Robert Murray to
his sister Margaret and mother in England, and Murray family tree.]
Correspondence regarding sheep fleece
1860-1861. 0.5 cm.
[Correspondence sent to Captain John Bishop regarding sheep
Miscellaneous business papers of John Bishop
1848-1882. 13 cm.
[Correspondence, receipts, accounts, letterheads and circulars to
Captain John Bishop from various businesses regarding selling
bales of wool and ordering goods.]
Miscellaneous business correspondence of John Bishop
1844-1878. 5 cm.
[Assorted business correspondence, including receipts and
accounts for Captain John Bishop, and some addressed to his son
Joseph Kemp Bishop.]
Letters to Captain John Bishop
1856-1864. 1 cm.
[A collection of letters addressed to Captain John Bishop at Port
Lincoln relating to credit arrangements, merchandise orders and
stocking of Geharty's run at Venus Bay. James Geharty arrived in
Port Lincoln aboard the Swan in 1857. His application for pastoral
company was dated 9 October 1856 for ten square miles on the
shore of Venus Bay (Lease 625), Eyre Peninsula.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Papers relating to Bishop Matthew Hale
1857-1908. 1 cm.
[Matthew Blagden Hale, former Archdeacon of Adelaide and
Bishop of Perth, comprising letters received from Hale by Captain
John Bishop and others, including letters regarding a boys’ school
in Perth, and newspaper cuttings.]
Miscellaneous correspondence of John Bishop
1834-1965. 6.5 cm.
[Comprising various correspondence to Captain John Bishop and
others including business correspondence, personal
correspondence including a letter from his wife Esther and from
John Bishop to his first wife Mary, papers and correspondence
relating to the ship ‘Dorset’ which he captained from England to
South Australia, and other correspondence pre-1939, and letters
relating to cemetery plots and grave upkeep in Port Lincoln.]
Legal documents
1847-1877. 3 cm.
[Comprising wills for John Bishop, Esther Elizabeth Bishop, letters
of administration for Amelia Helen Bishop, agreements including
leases, various licenses including occupation, slaughter and
storekeepers licenses, and correspondence.]
Miscellaneous papers relating to John Bishop
1817-1976. 0.5 cm.
[Miscellaneous personal papers relating to Captain John Bishop
including family history notes regarding the ship ‘Dorset’ and the
Bishop family, lease for land in the public cemetery, Happy Valley
(1839), receipt, and a poem ‘Moral reflection on the last day of the
year’, written or copied by John Bishop 1817.]
‘John Pirie’ shipboard diaries
1828-1837. 2 cm.
[Comprising the ship’s log for the ‘Lively’ sailing from Fair Island to
Quebec, Monday 1 June 1828 to Monday 15 June 1828, which
includes at the end of the log, the ‘Journal of a voyage (kept by
John Brown) on board the ship “John Pirie” from London towards
South Australia’, beginning Monday 22 February 1836 and ending
Tuesday 16 August 1836. Also includes a handwritten copy of
John Brown’s journal with the first page missing, beginning on 1
March 1836 and ending on Tuesday 16 th August. There are some
variations to the log book version. At the end of the ‘John Pirie’
journal is a journal of ‘Salt Lagoon Station, Kangaroo Island,
South Australia’, by an unknown author, possibly also John Brown,
from 24 August 1836 to 11 February 1837. See D 5845(L) for a
microfilm of the second version of the diary.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Diary of Rollis Biddle
1840 – 27 March 1842. 1 volume.
[Diary of Rollis Biddle, a station owner and sheep holder at Port
Lincoln, discussing theft of livestock, attacks and murders on the
settlers and station owners of Port Lincoln by Aboriginal people,
including the murder of John Brown on 2 March 1842. Also
includes notes from October 1841 on the number of ewes and
lambs in his flock. Caption John Bishop is mentioned several times.
Rollis Biddle was murdered at his station along with his housekeeper
and shepherd on 29 March 1842.]
Diary of William Murray
1870. 1 volume.
[Diary of William Murray, surveyor, Greens Exchange, Adelaide,
possibly the husband of Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins Bishop, John
Bishop’s eldest child.]
Papers relating to William D.W. Bishop
ca1856-1912. 9.5 cm.
[William Daniel Watkins Bishop (1844-1864), eldest son of Captain
John Bishop, comprising a South Australia Public Competitive
Examination certificate awarded to William D.W. Bishop for the
fourth prize of the Second Class, 1860, in a wooden box (8.7 x
35.8 x 9 cm) labelled ‘Captain Bishop, Port Lincoln’; school report
for ‘Bishop’ ca.1856 thought to be for the ‘Adelaide Educational
Institution’; and a newspaper cutting about the ‘Adelaide
Educational Institution’ established by John L. Young in 1852.]
Papers of Joseph Kemp Bishop (Series 65-66)
Papers relating to Joseph Kemp Bishop
1832-1908. 2 cm.
[Business and personal papers of Joseph Kemp Bishop (18461937), son of Captain John Bishop, comprising: business papers
relating to Boston Island including accounts and correspondence
(1868-1900); miscellaneous papers including business
correspondence, receipts and accounts, business cards, scripture
booklet, By-laws of the Loyal Port Lincoln Lodge of the
Independent Order of Oddfellows, personal correspondence
written by W.D.W. Bishop, J.K. Bishop and to Captain Bishop;
and metal name plaques for Mr J.K. Bishop and wife Elizabeth.]
School reports and exam papers of Joseph Kemp Bishop
1860-1863. 1 cm.
[Comprising school reports for Joseph Bishop from the Adelaide
Educational Institution (1860-1861), school reports from St. Peter’s
Collegiate School (1861-1863), examination papers from the
Collegiate school of St. Peter (1862), library bill at St. Peter’s
(1862), and school accounts for St. Peter’s (1862).]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Papers of Myles Kemp Bishop (Series 67-69)
Certificates and legal documents
1906-1972. 1.5 cm
[Myles Kemp Bishop (1890-1978), son of Joseph and Ethela
Bishop, comprising copies of his will (1958, 1972) and papers
relating to his estate, copies of his birth certificate, marriage
certificate, confirmation certificate, copy of wool-classing
certificate, memorandum of agreement with Jeffrey William
Harwood Johnson (1951), references and other correspondence
relating to his work as a wool classer (1912-1926), and his woolclassing certificate of competency (1916) and South Australian
School of Mines and Industries wool-classing course certificates
Personal correspondence and papers of M.K. Bishop
1857-1975. 5.5 cm
[Personal correspondence sent to Myles, including letters from
family members regarding the death of his mother (1913),
regarding family history and other personal correspondence,
portion of a journal written in November 1913 from Sydney to
Rockhampton while working as a wool-classer, memoirs of M.K.
Bishop written in 1976 about the years 1915-1916, ‘Thoughts and
reflections on Australian bush life’ written in 1923 by J.F.B.,
newspaper cuttings of obituaries and death notices for members of
the Bishop family, copies of letters written by John Mudge, a
policeman stationed in Port Lincoln and Streaky Bay, to his family
(1857-1864), letters written to their father Captain John Bishop by
William D.W. Bishop and Mary V. Bishop, a postcard from Robert
George Hammond to his sister Ethela Bishop (1877), and other
papers including brochures of Bisley Church in England.]
Business correspondence and papers of M.K. Bishop
1902-1976. 8 cm.
[Comprising Elder, Smith & Co. pass book (1922-1931), account
book and balance sheets for M.K.B. shearing contractor (19181921), financial ledger containing accounts, receipts and
expenditure (1952-1976), Elder, Smith & Co. account file for
Boston Island (1931-1965), business correspondence to M.K.
Bishop (1922), and miscellaneous business papers (1924-1969)
relating to shares, grave upkeep in cemeteries, crops, building
renovations, Will of his wife Marjorie, Port Lincoln rainfall statistics,
statistics relating to sheep, sales of land and land tax, as well as
graphite/mineral leases, and an Adelaide wool sales newsletter
(October 20, 1902).]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Papers of Reverend Octavius Hammond (Series 70-72)
Medical certificates of Octavius Hammond
1826-1850. 1 cm.
[11 certificates in English and Latin for indenture for his
apprenticeship to Edwin Cottingham aged 15 (1826), for courses
and training completed at Saint Bartholomew’s hospital in
London (1832), qualifications to practice medicine, surgery and
as an apothecary (1832), and qualifications to practice medicine
by the South Australian Medical Board (1850).]
Personal papers of Octavius Hammond
1849-1965. 8.5 cm.
[File arranged alphabetically comprising various correspondence,
marriage, birth and confirmation certificates, newspaper cuttings,
papers relating to Penshurst and the Church of St. John the Baptist
in England where Octavius’ father Jonathan Hammond was rector,
papers relating to Poonindie Mission, medical qualifications,
sermons, and testimonials (includes index). Also comprising
Hammond family history papers.]
Papers relating to Poonindie Mission
ca.1924-1968. 0.5 cm.
[Newspaper cuttings and excerpts from books and journals relating
to Poonindie Mission, South Australia, where Octavius Hammond
was Superintendent, surgeon and priest at St. Matthew’s Church,
from 1856.]
Bishop family correspondence
1856-1877. 2 cm.
[Comprising personal correspondence of various members of the
Bishop family including: Captain John Bishop and his wife Esther
Elizabeth Bishop, William Daniel Watkins Bishop, Joseph Kemp
Bishop, Mary Vaill Bishop, Ethela Bishop (nee Hammond), Amy
Helen Bishop and Myles Kemp Bishop.]
Birth, baptism and marriage certificates
1838-1869. 1 cm.
[Certified copies of birth, baptism and marriage certificates for:
Captain John Bishop, his first wife Mary Vaill (nee Watkins) and
their daughter Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins (born 1839), John
Bishop’s second wife Esther Elizabeth (nee Kemp), Joseph Kemp
Bishop, and Joseph’s son Sidney John Forty Bishop.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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Papers relating to Amy Helen Bishop
1920-1963. 1.5 cm.
[Amy Helen Bishop (1876-1963), youngest daughter of Joseph and
Elizabeth Bishop, comprising personal correspondence received
from her sister Ethel and brother Myles about meeting the airmen
Parer and McIntosh in Longreach, an exhibition catalogue and
newspaper cutting about watercolour exhibitions of Amy’s paintings,
and papers relating to the estate of Amy H. Bishop (1963-1964).]
Papers relating to Marjorie Hannah Bishop
1912-1963. 3.5 cm.
[Marjorie Hannah Bishop (nee Broadbent) (1897-1961), wife of
Myles K. Bishop, comprising a music tuition brochure for singing
and piano lessons by Marjorie Broadbent, an autograph book
(1912-1915), certificate appointing Marjorie Bishop as a Justice of
the Peace (1949), and estate papers of Marjorie Bishop.]
Papers relating to Esther Marjorie Johnson
1926-ca.1957. 2 cm.
[Esther Marjorie Johnson (nee Bishop) (b.1925), daughter of Myles
and Marjorie bishop, comprising personal correspondence, papers
relating to her studies at the Adelaide Kindergarten Training
College including reports, graduation program and diploma
certificate, prize cards form the Port Lincoln Show, baptism
certificate, newspaper cuttings of her wedding to Jeffrey W.H.
Johnson, an autograph book, and a letter written by her son
Papers relating to Edwin Ralph Johnson
1950-1955. 3.5 cm.
[Edwin Ralph Johnson (1890-1965), father of Jeff Johnson and
father-in-law of Esther Johnson (nee Bishop), comprising a letter
from the Nautical Museum, Port Adelaide, and a book of artwork,
poems, stories and messages from the staff and students of Port
Lincoln High School upon his retirement from the position of
headmaster 1955.]
Newspaper cuttings
1914-1974. 4 cm.
[Newspaper cuttings relating to the history of Port Lincoln, Boston
Island and Poonindie Mission, and Bishop family members
including the founding of Port Lincoln and Captain John Bishop.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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1858-1921. 1 cm.
[Original artworks comprising a pencil drawing of a portrait of a
man by William D.W. Bishop (1858), watercolour landscape of a
harbour view, thought to be Port Lincoln, possibly by Amy Helen
Bishop (1893), pencil comic sketch of two dogs by Myles Kemp
Bishop (1903), watercolour and ink comic sketch of a mother and
baby by Myles Kemp Bishop (1903), and a watercolour of a crest
with the saying ‘I rise again’ and inscribed with ‘From the crews of
the “Little Ethel” (1921), by an unknown artist. Also includes
photographic copies of the artworks.]
Miscellaneous papers
1859-1960. 1.5 cm.
[Miscellaneous documents including a book of organ music,
programs and handbills for concerts and events, family history
notes, souvenir pamphlet for the opening of the Tod River Water
Scheme, newspaper cuttings, ‘Birth of Port Lincoln Towniship’ by
J.D. Somerville (1936), and other miscellaneous papers.]
Kinax 1 camera and case
ca.1946-1952. 9 x 16 x 4 cm, in case 10.5 x 19.5 x 5 cm.
[A Kinax 1 folding camera made in France between 1946 and 1952,
in a brown leather case with strap.]
PRG 1123 Series List
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