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Director’s Letter
The success of the original Carol Burnett Show can be attributed to
the cast of that show. Carol, Vicki, Tim, Harvey, and Lyle developed
such great friendships that they truly became a family--a hysterically dysfunctional family, but a family none the less. While the television cast had months and years to foster that closeness, the actors
in this production of The Carol Burnett Show have had to try to come
up with their own version of family. Each individual actor having to
find their place within the quirky family of this production. And it
has truly been my pleasure to work with these actors and to help
them find their way into our own dysfunctional family. As you sit
back to enjoy The Carol Burnett Show, please know that there is no
intention here of trying to capture the exact magic the original actors found on that Hollywood sound stage, we are trying to make
our own magic--to capture your imagination with characters and
scenes that should seem familiar, but are also brand-new.
Sam Martinez
Corporate Sponsors and Underwriters
Steven & Carolyn Wong/TSF Inc. – Producer
David & Kristin Fishter/Exxon Mobil Foundation – Director
Dwain and Sandy Riney/Lubchem – Director
Jim & Angela Graves – Stage Manager
Karen & Mike Olson – Stage Manager
Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Wood, Jr. – Stage Manager
Cliff & Peggie Miller – Stage Manager
Dr. Bruce and Mimi Bastian – Actor
Stage Right Board of Directors
Catherine Anderson, Marcia Feldt Bates, Phil Clarke,
Katt Gilcrease, Angela Graves, Lyn Hawthorne Howard,
Greg Kelly, Tom Lockhart, Bruce Lyon, Melody Montez,
Mike Olson, Sandy Riney, Amy Sowers, Carolyn Corsano Wong,
Steven Wong, Kathleen Zaritski
“The Carol Burnett Show”
Act 1
70’s family…..Tom & Amy Lockhart, Mac and Sally Johnson
There’s No Business Like Show Business…..Yvonne Nelson (Ethel Merman) & Company
Mama’s Family - Community Theater…..Maredith Zaritski (Eunice), Carolyn Wong (Mama),
Steve Murphree (Ed), Patrice Kentimenos (Madeline Kahn as Mavis)
Passion on 10th Avenue…..Marcia Feldt Bates (Gertie), Will Radcliffe (Harry), Cathleen Reagan (Stella), Katie Kelly (Old lady)
Sunny and Claire “I Got You Babe”…..Steve Dowell (Sunny), Michael Raabe (Claire)
Guess What’s Coming to Dinner…..Cathleen Reagan (Mother), Marcia Feldt Bates (Maid), Jim
King (Junior), Carolyn Wong (Ethel), Tom Richard (Monroe)
You’re the Top…..Yvonne Nelson (Ethel Merman), Maredith Zaritski (Carol Burnett)
Prison Nudge…..Jim King (George), Will Radcliffe (Warden), Patrice Kentimenos (Zelda)
As the Stomach Turns #1 ……Cathleen Reagan (Marion), Marcia Feldt Bates (Joyce), Michael
Raabe (Gaylord), Jim King (Man at door), Maredith Zaritski (Daughter)
Act 2
As the Stomach Turns #2…..Jim King (Announcer/Ralph), Cathleen Reagan (Marion), Will Radcliffe (Gramps), Maredith Zaritski (Cindy), Tom Richard (priest), Michael Raabe (Dr. Hoffer)
Stella Toddler; Hot Box Girl…..Angela Graves (Choreographer), Carolyn Wong (Stella Toddler),
Beverly Blair, Lorraine Counts, Lynn Winkler
Howl and the Pussycat (Directed by Megan Nix)…..Steve Dowell (Schuyler), Maredith Zaritski
(Bobo), Cathleen Reagan (Maid), Michael Raabe (Donald), Will Radcliffe (Father)
You’d Be Surprised…..Patrice Kentimenos (Madeline Kahn)
Mama’s Family – Charades…..Steve Dowell (Mickey), Maredith Zaritski (Eunice), Steve Murphree (Ed), Carolyn Wong (Mama)
Rent-A-Car…..Katie Kelly (Mavis agent), Marcia Feldt Bates (Gertz agent), Tom Richard (Mr.
Johnson), Steve Dowell (customer), Cathleen Reagan (bus driver)
I Got Rhythm…..Yvonne Nelson (Ethel Merman), Beverly Blair, Lorraine Counts, Angela
Graves, Lynn Winkler
Went With the Wind…..Carolyn Wong (Starlett), Michael Raabe (Rat Butler),
Maredith Zaritski (Sissy), Steve Dowell (Brashley Wilkes), Katie Kelly (Melody), Jim King (Beau
Regard/Union Soldier), Tom Richard (Carlton/Tax Man), Will Radcliffe (Billy Joe), Patrice Kentimenos (party guest), Cathleen Reagan (party guest)
That’s Entertainment…..Yvonne Nelson (Ethel Merman) & Company
Charwoman…..Carolyn Wong
Director/Stage Manager...... Sam Martinez
Assistant Director................. Megan Nix
Technical Director................. Jim Bingham
Choreographer..................... Jeannie Bond
Set Design............................. Debra Schultz
Master Carpenter.................. Katt Gilcrease
Set Construction................... Katt Gilcrease, Susan Burge, Jim Bingham
Costumes............................... Kathleen Zaritski
Sound Design........................ Carolyn Corsano Wong, Sam Martinez
Sound Engineer.................... Nick Barfield
Light Design.......................... Roger Ormiston
Light Engineer...................... Peter Kelly
Stage Crew............................ Philip Skoblick, David and Mike Raabe
House Manager..................... Sarah Roberts
Producers.............................. Carolyn and Steven Wong
“There’s No Business Like Show Business” Music and lyrics by Irving Berlin
“You’re the Top” Music and lyrics by Cole Porter
“I Got You Babe” Music and lyrics by Sonny Bono
“Take Back Your Mink” Music and lyrics by Frank Loesser
“You’d Be Surprised” Music and lyrics by Irving Berlin
“I Got Rhythm” Composed by George Gershwin and lyrics by Ira Gershwin
“That’s Entertainment” Composed by Arthur Schwartz and lyrics by Howard Dietz
“Carol’s Theme” Music and lyrics by Joe Hamilton
There will be a 15 minute intermission between Acts.
Food & Drink only in the lobby, please!
Cast and Crew Biographies
MARCIA FELDT BATES (Cast) has performed
both onstage & behind stage at the Crighton &
Navasota Theatres. Roles include Rita in The Butler Did It, Naomi in An Evening of Culture, Madeline
in The Cemetery Club, Ms. Shellhammer in Miracle
on 34th Street, Lizzie in The Uninvited, Ms. Brill in
Cheaper by the Dozen, Edie in Some Play (About a
Murder) & 3 characters in the World Premiere of
Mama Won’t Fly. Behind stage, Marcia enjoyed being Stage Manager, Assistant Director and Light
Tech and is proud to be a new member of StageRight’s Board of Directors. Marcia lives on Lake
Conroe with her husband, Larry. They have three
daughters, two son-in-laws and twin grandbabies.
BEVERLY BLAIR (Dancer) This performance will
be my first on the stage of this beautiful Crighton Theater. I have been a season ticket holder
for several years, however being on stage gives
a whole new perspective to enjoying this great
venue. My husband and I have lived in Montgomery for 15 years. I have danced jazz and tap
numbers in The Walden Follies for 5 seasons under the talented direction of Angela Graves. I am
enjoying this phase of my life as a wife, mother
of two wonderful daughters/sons-in-law’s and
six outstanding grandchildren.
LORRAINE COUNTS (Dancer) has been a flight
attendant for Southwest Airlines for 29 years.
She is famous for closing the overhead bins with
her high kicks! She has appeared on several TV
shows including 60 Minutes and 48 Hours. Lorraine was one of the leaders of the Tyler Jr. College Apache Belles Drill Team and graduated
from The University of Texas with a BBA in Marketing. She then went on to become a Dallas
Cowboy Cheerleader. Lorraine first performed
at the Crighton in 2009 in the Vaudeville show
where she was Sally Rand, the fan dancer. She
has also danced in the Walden Follies kickline
for two seasons under the direction of Angela
Graves. Lorraine has a daughter, Holly, who is a
Junior at Texas A & M University.
STEVE DOWELL (Cast) is thrilled to be in his
third appearance at the Crighton Theatre. He
was recently seen in Barefoot in the Park. Before
that he was here in Harvey. Steve has been acting nonstop for the last couple of years, it seems.
Past shows in the Houston area include A Lesson
Before Dying, The Curious Savage, Driving Miss
Daisy, Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s Got the Will, and the
Annual 10x10 at Country Playhouse. Steve wishes to thank his director Sam Martinez for believ-
ing in him, the great cast and crew, and Steven
and Carolyn Wong for all they do at this beautiful
theatre. As always Steve wants to thank his wife
Jacque, who is his reason for being.
ANGELA MEYERS GRAVES (Dancer) began her
dance training at the early age of five with Harlingen, TX. Dance instructor Frances Jennings
Schofield. Graduated Sam Houston State Univ.
1971, BAT, dance and physical education. Owner/operator Angela Myers Academy of Dance
1979-1995. Volunteered as a choreographer/
performer with shows at the Crighton Theatre
since 1981 with shows including Guys and Dolls,
Picnic, Chicken Every Sunday, Man of La Mancha,
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and Red, White,
and Hot. She has lent her talents to the Walden
Follies since 1989. Past board member of Montgomery County Performing Arts Society and The
Walden Follies. Is married to Jim Graves living at
beautiful Villa Graves and has daughter, Ashley
Myers Hancock, owner of Honey Bee Ham, and
son, Zachary Myers, a San Diego realtor. Owns
two home-based businesses, Doncaster Fashions, and Isagenix, consulting for health and
weight loss.
MAC JOHNSON (70s kid) Mac is in fourth grade
at Lone Star Elementary School. He has participated in class instruction and has performed in
productions at the Crighton Theatre for over 4
years. Mac’s interests include sports, especially
basketball, and playing with his friends. His favorite thing to do is play his electric guitar. Mac
is happy to get to be in The Carol Burnett Show.
SALLY JOHNSON (70s kid) Sally has been associated with the Crighton Theatre for over 6 years.
She has participated in class instruction and has
also performed in several productions. She is in
seventh grade at Montgomery Junior High School
where she is a student in the Advanced Theatre
class and is a member of the Student Council.
Sally is thrilled to get to participate in The Carol
Burnett Show and looks forward to many other
productions at the historic Crighton Theatre.
KATIE KELLY (Cast) After not performing since
grade school, Katie has jumped into the theater
world with both feet! Taking a chance, she auditioned and won a part in The Music Man in April
of 2011 and followed it with her second production, Mama Won’t Fly, and has not stopped since!
She and husband, Peter, love all aspects of theater from acting, building and moving sets to
running lights. Katie is looking forward to what
the future may bring in this exciting new world
she has discovered!
thrilled to appear once again on the Crighton
stage in The Carol Burnett Show! A native New
Yorker, Patrice has been involved in the acting
industry for over 20 years. After taking some
time off to be at home with her children she
decided to get back in the swing of things a
few years ago with her first appearance in Texas
at the Crighton Theatre, playing Frankie Dubberly in Southern Hospitality. Since then she
has performed in various shows, most recently
as Mother in A Christmas Story, Celeste Ethereal
in Some Show (About a Murder), as Ms. ffolliottfoulkes in Murder on the Nile and reprising her
role of Frankie Dubberly in the Crighton’s production of Dearly Beloved, the first installment
of the Fayro trilogy. Patrice is thankful for her
family and friends’ support!
JIM KING (Cast) A student of the dramatic arts
for many years, Jim began his career in acting
while attending Texas A&M in the late eighties.
A part of the Aggie Players, he participated in
productions of King Lear, Hamlet, Macbeth and
The Robber Bridegroom as well as the setup and
tear down for the Broadway musical Cats. After
studying acting at Sam Houston State University for two years, Jim joined up with the King’s
Fishermen in the Woodlands and performed
lead roles in such productions as Papa Was a
Preacher, a Neil Simon play called God’s Favorite,
Christ in the Concrete City, as well as many others. Always active in the community, Jim lent
his talents to the children’s ministry at Fellowship of the Woodlands for many years before
recently joining Stage Right.
THOMAS E. LOCKHART, JR. (70’s Dad) was on
the Crighton stage in Christmas Belles, No Time
for Sergeants, Dearly Beloved, Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s
Wild Christmas Binge, Vaudeville (Finally) Comes
to the Crighton and Southern Hospitality. Previous shows include A Christmas Carol, Teahouse
of the August Moon, My Fair Lady and Miracle on
34th Street.
AMY LOCKHART (70’s Mom) Amy is making
her first appearance on the Crighton stage and
is glad to do so. She has worked backstage for
several shows including A Christmas Story. She
hopes you enjoy the show as much as she does.
She is glad to be in her first show with her new
STEVE MURPHREE (Cast) Steve is employed at
Piney Shores Resort in Conroe. He is originally
from Alabama. Steve performed many plays at
The Whole Backstage Theater in Guntersville, Alabama. He moved to Conroe about 3 years ago.
This is his 4th production with STAGE RIGHT. He
was last seen as Mitch the Bar owner in Mama
Won’t Fly. Steve would like to thank Sam and
Megan for this opportunity, and thanks Marilyn
for all her love and support.
earned a BFA in Drama from Sam Houston State
University, worked summer stock, and toured
on the dinner theatre circuit before performing
in community theatres in Galveston, Houston,
and Conroe, such as the Strand Street Theatre,
Chocolate Bayou Theatre Company, the Equinox
and Kaplan Theatres, Playhouse 1960, Houston
Family Arts Center, STAGE RIGHT and The Crighton Players as well as TUTS. Selected musical
roles she has enjoyed include Adelaide (Guys
and Dolls), Ado Annie (Oklahoma), Mrs. Paroo
(The Music Man), Miss Hannigan (Annie), Maggie
(42nd Street), Lady Manley-Prowe (Something’s
Afoot), Sophie Tucker (Vaudeville Finally Comes
to the Crighton) and Maria, Mother Abbess, Elsa
Schraeder and Sister Margaretta (The Sound of
Music). Other acting credits include Daisy Werthan (Driving Miss Daisy), Stella (The Collection),
Jessie (The Prisoner of Second Avenue), Jill Tanner (Butterflies are Free), Donna Lucia (Charley’s
Aunt), Mrs. Baker (Come Blow Your Horn), and,
most recently for STAGE RIGHT, Ethel Banks
(Barefoot in the Park). Love and thanks go out
to the guy who has made it all possible for 27
years – husband Larry Wayne Nelson – and to
supportive family and friends.
MICHAEL RAABE (Cast) has been on stage
since 1972, inspired by The Carol Burnett Show at
an early age, and has loved every minute! Since
then, Michael has performed in school, college
and regional theatre as a singer, dancer (no, REALLY!) and actor. Community theatre is still his
first love, and he is thrilled to be a part of his 5th
STAGE RIGHT production. Prior performances
at the Crighton Theater include Christmas Belles
(both casts) Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the
Crighton, No Time for Sergeants, The Music Man
and the world premiere of Mama Won’t Fly. Other performances have been Jesus in Jesus Christ
Superstar, Tony in West Side Story, Roger Dubris
in The Producers, and numerous musical and
dramatic roles. Comedy is his passion, though,
and he looks forward to many laughs to come.
WILLIARD RADCLIFFE (Cast) “Will” views being in the cast of The Carol Burnett Show as the
pinnacle of his acting career. He has been a fan
of community theater since he was in college.
After over 30 years as an attorney in Florida, he
resumed his affection for the stage when he
moved to the Conroe area several years ago. He
has been privileged to be in the cast of several
productions including Harvey, Miracle On 34th
Street, Annie Get Your Gun, Scrooge and Best Little
Whorehouse in Texas.
RIGHT production was Twink in Christmas Belles.
It was so much fun I wanted to do another,
and found the perfect fit with The Carol Burnett
Show. Prior to my move here from South Florida
in July, 2010, I was involved in several elaborate
drama and musical productions as a choir member, and had the privilege of singing backup on
a friend’s CD. I now enjoy playing piano, acoustic and classical guitar, and singing in the choir. I
also manage the family Dog Training and Boarding Facility in Magnolia. Thank you to all the
STAGE RIGHT cast and crew members for your
support-you are the best!
He is a stray who showed up at the stage door.
Somebody fed him some lines and he may never go away. He is married to Cindy, a Speech and
Theatre Teacher at Schindewolfe Intermediate
School. They have two wonderful daughters.
Rosemary is a Freshman at SHSU and Miriam
is fresh off a great performance as Aunt Em in
Klein Collins production of Wizard of Oz. All he
wants for Christmas every year is World Peace...
and some catnip.
LYNN WINKLER (Dancer) Born in Chicago, Illinois. Graduate of the Fashion and Art Institute of Dallas. She has worked as a residential
and commercial designer in the Lake Conroe
area for the past 20 years. She currently owns
“A Shore Thing” a waterfront boutique at Waterpoint Marina. She and her husband, Jim, have
two teenagers both attending University of Texas at Tyler. She has danced under the tutelage
of Angela Meyers Graves for five years and is a
member of the Walden Kickline.
Sound Design) When she was 10 yrs. old, Carolyn’s brother was diagnosed with cancer. To
amuse herself when left alone whilst her mother attended to her brother’s treatment and the
needs of her baby brother, she would act out
scenes from old movies and musicals like she
saw Carol Burnett do on her show. Since then,
Carolyn has enjoyed making people laugh for
well over 30 years. She feels with this show,
she has come full circle. Carol Burnett herself
chose The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, an
organization that supports families with a child
undergoing cancer treatment, as our ‘spotlight
non-profit’ for this show (donations are being
collected in the lobby). Additionally we are offering free admission to this show to families
with an immediate family member undergoing
cancer treatment. Carolyn hopes you enjoy the
show. She thanks Carol Burnett for inspiring a
shy chubby little girl to always bring the gift of
laughter to those that need it most. Love and
thanks to Steve, Michael and Harley.
MAREDITH ZARITSKI (Cast) Maredith recently
graduated from SHSU receiving a BFA in Theatre.
She was last seen at the Crighton in Harvey and
before that with STAGE RIGHT and Playhouse
1960 in Always…Patsy Cline (Patsy Cline). She
has also been in the 25th Annual Putnam County
Spelling Bee (Olive), Annie Get Your Gun (Winnie
Tate), Noises Off (Poppy), Grease (Frenchy), and
The Fantasticks (Louisa). Thank you Mom, Dad
for all your love and support through the good
and hard times. I love you all so very much.
SAM MARTINEZ (Director) Sam Martinez has
been onstage nearly non-stop in Houston for
the last 15 years, including most recently in
Hedda Gabler at Company Onstage and Proposals at Country Playhouse. Sam completed his
acting training at the American Musical and
Dramatic Academy in New York before returning here to Houston. Sam made his full-length
directorial debut in 2010 with Del Shores’ comedy Daddy’s Dyin’, Whose Got the Will? at Playhouse 1960 and last year, directed Mary Chase’s
classic Harvey right here for STAGE RIGHT. Sam
looks forward to his next directing job, but will
for now concentrate on his next onstage appearance as Victor in Frankenstein opening at
Country Playhouse in October.
MEGAN NIX (Assistant Director) This is Megan’s
second show with STAGE RIGHT. She last performed at the Crighton as Nurse Kelly in Harvey.
Other stage credits include An Act of the Imagination (Brooke), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s
Nest (Nurse Flynn), Dearly Departed (Nadine),
and Miracle on 34th Street (Dr. Rogers). Megan
graduated from the University of North Texas in
2008 with a degree in Economics. She currently
lives and works in The Woodlands as a Benefits
Analyst for AonHewitt. Megan would like to
thank her friends and family (and Sam) for their
love and support.
JAMES BINGHAM (Technical Director) has
been the Executive Director of The Crighton
Theatre Foundation for the past 21 years. Jim
has been involved with theatre for over 35 years
in shows ranging from Aida to 1776. Welcome
to the Crighton!
JEANNIE BOND (Choreographer) was the previous owner/director of Dance Dreams Performing Arts Studio. She starting dancing at
the age of 3 and started student teaching at 13.
She has studied dance for 35 years and worked
with artists such as Blair Farrington (Cats), Lynda
Gatche (Radio City Rockettes), Mandy Moore,
and numerous others.
DEBRA SCHULTZ (Scenic Design) is full-time
theatre faculty at Houston Community College
Northeast. She has designed many productions, including The Women, Medea, Stage Door,
and even Harvey here at Stage Right last spring.
Debra’s real passions are directing and writing;
she has written several children’s theatre productions produced around town and directs
all of the productions at HCC NE, including
the recent production of Marsha Norman’s The
Holdup. Debra will be directing STAGE RIGHT’S
upcoming production of Cinderella.
NICK BARFIELD (Sound Engineer) currently
resides right up the road, in Montgomery. He
works a full time job as an electrical estimator
and has decided to return back to school at
night, after 10 years for his electrical engineering degree. He has been involved with the theater for the last four years.
KATT GILCREASE (Master Carpenter) Katt was
last seen onstage as Father in A Christmas Story.
He designed and built that set as well as that of
Mama Won’t Fly. A veteran actor with television,
commercial, and film credits under his belt, Katt
is glad to announce the premiere of three movies in which he appears, two of which are already released: Up and Down (Michael Spencer),
Oil (Paul Watkins), and Tree of Life (featured extra). Katt’s favorite stage roles include Jonathan
Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace, Cpt. A. Keller in
The Miracle Worker. As always thanks and love
to Susan.
PETER KELLY (Lights Engineer) lived and
worked on Long Island, New York for over fifty
years. While there, he took advantage of the
Broadway theaters and also, frequently enjoyed
community theater. Upon retiring to the Conroe, Texas, area his wife, Katie, became active in
the Crighton Theatre. Not to be out-done, Peter
appeared in the production of The Music Man
and has been a member of the stage crew of
Mama Won’t Fly followed by running the lights
for The Carol Burnett Show. Being active in the
theatre allows them to spend quality time together, doing something they both feel is productive and fun.
ROGER ORMISTON (Lighting Design) has been
involved with theatre for over 35 years. He is
currently involved with lighting design, setup
and programming for both the Crighton and
the Owen theatres.
MIKE RAABE (Stage crew) Mike’s last time on
the Crighton stage was in The Music Man. He
has helped numerous times behind the scenes
at the Crighton, ACE Theatre, and Playhouse
1960. Mike’s stage performances include Tom
Sawyer and The Producers.
DAVID RAABE (Stage crew) has five shows to
his credit, with previous performances in The
Music Man, No Time for Sergeants, Tom Sawyer, The Producers and Death on the Nile. David
also has a great deal of experience behind the
scenes with productions for the past 6 years
including Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crighton and Mama Won’t Fly.
PHILLIP SKOBLICK (Stage crew) is a recent
high school graduate from New Caney. He is a
two time all-star UIL cast member and has been
in Emperor’s New Clothes (Old Man), Her Senior
Year (Customer), A Piece of My Heart (Male TV
Announcer), Rumplestiltskin, and I Never Saw
Another Butterfly (Honza Kosek).
STEVEN WONG (Producer) started in theatre
39 years ago as a drapery “consultant” and was
“convinced” to return onstage for The Music
Man. He gives his love to family – Carolyn, Michael, and Harley.
KATHLEEN ZARITSKI (Costumer) has been
sewing since the age of six. Previous works
include Oklahoma, Once Upon a Mattress and
Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge, Annie,
No Time for Sergeants, and Mama Won’t Fly here
at STAGE RIGHT. Kathleen says she is blessed to
have the opportunity to be working with STAGE
RIGHT again.
Nick Barfield
Marcia FeldtBates
Jim Bingham
Beverly Blair
jeannie bond
Steven Dowell
Katt Gilcrease
Yvonne Owen
tom richard
david raabe
Carolyn Wong Steve Wong
Show Supporters
Peggie Miller, Brad Meyer, Doc Fennessy, Craig Jones, and
Verle ‘Ozzy’ Osborne for getting the word out about the show. Susan Burge
for the loan of set pieces. Angela Myers Graves for her assistance with
choreography. Gary Parker of Quannah Productions for help with music.
Caleb Ackerman for providing caffeinated answers to musical questions.
g lamp.
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$75 for all five plays
Mama Won’t
Fly (World
By Jessie Jones, Nicholas
Hope, and Jamie Wooten.
Auditions: TBA
Performances: Sept. 9-25, 2011
An overwhelmed groom
places his older sister in
charge of getting their
mother from Alabama to his
wedding on the West Coast.
There’s only one problem:
Mama won’t fly. Rated: PG
A Christmas
By Philip Grecian
based on a book
by Jean Shepherd
Auditions: Oct 16-17, 2011
Performances: Dec. 2-18,
“You’ll shoot your eye out
kid!”, Ralphie and his quest
for a Red Ryder BB Gun.
Rated: PG
ext. 201
Barefoot in the
By Neil Simon
Auditions: Dec. 4-5, 2011
Feb. 17- Mar. 4, 2012
Neil Simon’s play about
newlyweds in a 5th story
walk up apartment in
Manhattan. Rated: PG
The Carol
Burnett Show
By Contemporary
Drama Service
Auditions: Feb. 19 & 20, 2012
Apr. 20-May 6, 2012
A variety show based on the
skits from the TV series “The
Carol Burnett Show” with
song and dance numbers
reminiscent of “Vaudeville
(Finally) Comes to the
Crighton”. Rated: PG
By Richard
Rodgers and
Oscar Hammerstein II
Auditions: April 29 & 30, 2012
Performances: Jul. 13-29, 2012
A Rodgers and Hammerstein
musical about Cinderella,
a fairy Godmother, glass
slippers and a handsome
Prince. This show proves that
a woman’s life can change with
a new pair of shoes. Rated: G
Benefits of
Season Subscription
• Reserved seats in the Crown Jewel of
Montgomery County for all shows!
• Your seats reserved in advance for
next season
An invitation to meet playwrights
Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie
Wooten at the world premiere meet
and greet party
• Complimentary ticket exchange
• Over a 20% discount on tickets
• 1 Free “Friends of a Subscriber” ticket
to one show
• Your name in every program