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The Nick Saban Crimson Tide Football Camp
is a non-contact, skills teaching camp that is designed to give
each athlete a solid foundation in the football
fundamentals needed to excel at his position.
Led by Coach Saban and his staff,
each player will receive hands-on
instruction as he participates in drills
and practices simulating those of the
Crimson Tide Football Team. As a camper you will receive the
same expert coaching that every Alabama player receives.
high school 1 (grades 9-12)
kicking camp (grades 9-12)
youth camp (ages 8-14)
Registration: 8:00 am – 9:30 am
Report to Indoor Practice Facility
Checkout at 5:00 pm
high school 2 (grades 9-12)
This camp is designed to coach punters, place kickers, and long snappers at the high school level. You
will receive the expert coaching necessary to improve
your skills as a specialist. Campers will need to bring
two (2) footballs, a kicking tee, your kicking shoes and
other workout gear.
june 2-5*
june 9-12
july 14-17*
•Camp cost is $375 for Overnight Campers and $260
for Commuters (cost includes, meals, t-shirt, and photo).
• Registration and check-in will be followed by an orientation
at 3:30 p.m. in the Indoor Practice Facility.
• Two (2) persons are assigned to each dorm room. Advanced
roomate request will be accepted.
• All parents are invited to join us on the final day of camp
from 9:00-11:30 a.m. at Bryant Denny Stadium for the final
practice and awards ceremony.
• Check out on the last day of camp will take place at Tutwiler
Dorm at Noon.
june 8 | $50
ol/dl (grades 9-12)
june 15 | $25
Registration: 11:00 am – Noon
Report to Indoor Practice Facility.
Checkout at 5:00 pm.
*Prorated camp rates available.
Workout gear necessary: Helmet, football cleats, tennis shoes, practice shirt & shorts. Other essentials – (OVERNIGHT CAMPERS) Twin bed linens, swimsuit, towels and alarm clock.
**All camps are open to any and all entrants. Limit only by number, age, grade level and/or gender.**
home phone:
camper cell:
grade: (fall 2013)
age: (at time of camp)
high school 1
$375 (overnight)
high school 2
$375 (overnight)
parent/guardian’s name:
parent’s email (required):
roomate request* ( list only one ) :
*Both must be (1) pre-registered for camp, and (2) request each other as roommates for preference to be honored.)
position you want to play in camp ( circle only one ) :
ol rb qb wr te dl olb ilb db ls p k
Full payment is due at time of application and is non-refundable. No partial payments are accepted. Confirmation email will
be sent upon receipt of registration and payment.
key deposit:
| june 2-5
(day camper)
| july 14-17
$260 (day camper)
(grades 9-12)
youth (ages 8-14)
$375 (overnight)
parent cell:
(grades 9-12)
| june 9-12
$260 (day camper)
o-line / d-line
june 8
june 15
Key deposit for overnight campers only
Before medical operations and procedures can be performed on minors, the law requires parental permission. As parent or guardian you are asked to sign the following
consent form that will allow medical procedures to be carried out promptly and without unnecessary delay. Except in emergencies, no medical operations will be performed without the parent or guardian being contacted
and informed of the situation. As the minor’s parent or guardian, I have actual knowledge and appreciate that there are risks of bodily injury, such as cuts, sprains, concussions, and broken bones from one’s participation
in football camp activities, and hereby voluntarily consent to the minor’s participation in football camp activities and assume all risks of possible injury.
In consideration of my child/dependent being permitted to attend and participate in football camp activities, I, for myself, my child/dependent, my
heirs, and personal representatives, do hereby waive, release, and discharge forever any and all claims for damages for bodily injury or death or damage or loss of property, that I or my child/dependent may have or that
may occur subsequent to me or to my child/dependent against the camp operators, its officers, employees, agents, volunteers, representatives; and in consideration of the camp being offered at it premises, and The Board
of Trustees of The University of Alabama and its trustees, officers, employees, and agents (the “University”) arising from or attributable to my child/dependent’s attendance at and participation in football camp activities.
Further, I hereby give to the University and its agents and representatives permission and a release to use as necessary my child’s/dependent’s name and photograph to promote and advertise the football camp for a period
of two years after the date of this release. I have read, or have had read to me, this release and waiver of claims statement and understand and voluntarily agree to its provisions.
signature of parent/guardian:
child’s/dependent’s name & telephone number:
Participation in the Nick Saban Crimson Tide Football Camp involves activities that requires my child/dependent to be in
good health and not be under any physician-directed limitations or restrictions that would suggest participation in the camp would place my child/dependent at risk of injury, aggravation of an existing condition or result
in a compromising health condition. Although the camp is a non-contact, I understand and acknowledge the camp activities will place a physical demand on my/our child/dependent that involves risks, which may include,
but are not limited to injury and health risks such as falls, collisions, cuts, bruises, sprains/strains, broken bones, cardiovascular events, neck/spinal injuries, heart attacks, and other risks inherent in any strenuous
athletic activities; outdoor risks such as weather, lightning, heat or cold, bites, stings, allergic reactions, dehydration, drowning, sunburn, and animals; risks from others involved in the camp such as transmitted illnesses
or others’ actions; and other risks beyond the control of the Nick Saban Football Camp and the University of Alabama. Should my child/dependent have any physician-directed restrictions, limitations and/or require an
accommodation, I describe the health/medical condition and/or restrictions/limitations as follows and understand this may preclude my child/dependent from participating in the camp:
signature of parent/guardian:
airport pick-up (overnight camp only): Is airport pick-up service needed?
No. If yes, we require that you send a copy of your child’s airline schedule information
including carrier, times, and flight numbers. Birmingham Airport pick-up can be arranged for additional $30.00 fee. (payable with registration)
to enroll:
Complete this application and mail along with full payment to:
ctf / Nick Saban Football Camp • P.O. Box 11016 • Tuscaloosa, AL 35486
Pre-registration deadline is may 24, 2013. Only cash, money order or cashiers checks. NO Personal Checks will be accepted. Make check payable to: THE CRIMSON TIDE FOUNDATION`
contact by email ( [email protected] ) for questions or additional information Due to demand, Alabama will host one-day football camps on June 6-8 and June 12-15.