2010 annual report newsletter

2010 annual report
children in need
of a loving home
with the joy of
h av i n g o n e .
for Children
LETTER FROM S u s a n G r e g o ry
If you are reading this message, I assume you are
an advocate of Spaulding for Children in some
way: adoptive family, foster family, volunteer,
funder, or staff member. First I want to thank you
for your time, commitment, care, and
financial support, which has enabled Spaulding
for Children to accomplish some notable achievements this past year.
Overall adoption placements have increased over
the previous year. One interesting story is the adoption placement and
subsequent finalization of a 17 year old in 2010 which occurred right
before his 18th birthday. The reason this is important is now the child
has a permanent home and a lifetime of family connections; a key
ingredient which provides stability in a person’s life. Spaulding for
Children’s expanded family recruitment efforts, attendance at more
community events and increased information provided to the public
regarding the adoption of special needs children has resulted in a
greater number and percentage of children in the care of TDFPS being
placed, and eventually adopted into permanent homes. Spaulding for
Children is the only organization in this region (or in the state)
providing Therapeutic Camps, Family Preservation Group, and
Mothers Group as part of the Post Adoption Program. These programs
address the specific needs of the child population on a continual basis.
Of course, none of this is possible without you and your support.
Spaulding for Children and similar agencies are facing precarious times
with the Texas State Legislature pondering extensive budget cuts; and
adoption service fees being one of the items on the table for potential
defunding. Should fees be cut or severely diminished, the need to raise
private funds becomes imperative.
In 2010, Spaulding for Children benefited from a number of successful
fundraising efforts. We once again benefited from the Chevron
Houston Marathon, Texas Hold ‘em, Corpus Christi Luncheon and
Blizzard of Giving. We look forward to enjoying these events again
this year and some new
functions, such as our Special Ops to Adopt dinner in Corpus Christi
and the Aces for Adoption Tennis Tournament.
Once again, thank you for your support and dedication to Spaulding for
Susan Gregory
Stephen Kennedy
Vice Chair
Samuel Hendricks
Nicole Ware-Smith
John Seo
Resource Development
Stacey Crawford
Onedia N. Gage
Christopher S. Greeley, M.D.
Yemi Koyejo
Gilles E. Labbé
Robert A. Lampkin
Patricia A. Miner
Ronell Peters
Kathy Schenck
Robert Barker
Norman (Buddy) Garner
L. Paul Gerson, M.D.
David (Scotty) Holland
Lorie Jackson
Elizabeth Labanowski
Samuel Luna
Melva M. Meronek
Corine Prieto
Ron Rea, Ph.D.
Crissy Z. Hinojosa
Katy Kiser
Cynthia A. Martinez
Ted Oakley
Yolanda De La Cruz
Max Grubb
Abel Morales
Betty Ramirez
Guillermo Ramirez
President and CEO
Vikki Finley
Susan Gregory
Chairman, Board of Directors
for Children
Thank you Cbeyond and The Lakemont Community for collecting toys for
Spaulding for Children's Blizzard of Giving!
Greater Houston Area
Described below are the services that Spaulding for Children provided in 2010
in fulfillment of its mission in the Greater Houston area.
Foster Care
In 2010, Spaulding for Children provided 24,630 days of care for 147
children. Spaulding for Children’s Foster Care program supports the agency’s
mission by providing foster homes for children currently in the custody of The
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) who have been
abused, abandoned, or neglected. The program has two components:
temporary foster care and foster to adopt. Temporary foster care provides
homes for children who are waiting for the outcome of their permanency plan
which may include adoption, return to parents, kinship placement or
remaining in state custody. The foster to adopt component identifies children
for whom the permanency plan is adoption and places them with foster parents who desire to foster them with the end goal of adoption.
In 2010, Spaulding for Children placed 56 children in permanent families. 49
children officially became part of their “forever families” in 2010 when their
adoptions were finalized. Spaulding for Children continues to maintain a
superior success rate in which 95% of its placements become finalized
Foster Care
The largest placement was 5 children
The oldest child was 16 years old
The Youngest child was 2 days old
The largest placement was 4 children
The oldest child was 16 years old
The youngest children were 17 month old twins
Post Adoption
In 2010, the Post Adoption program served 391 children and provided 1,971
case management hours. Spaulding for Children’s Post Adoption program
began in 1990 for the purpose of providing on-going support services to
families who adopted children from the Texas Department of Family and
Protective Services (TDFPS). The program is designed to protect, strengthen
and preserve the new families, as well as help them understand and cope with
the existing bonds the children had in past relationships. Post Adoption
services are free of charge and are offered to all members of the family until
the youngest adopted child reaches eighteen years of age. Spaulding for
Children specializes in working with children defined as special needs by
TDFPS. All Post Adoption services are offered in both English and Spanish.
The Post Adoption program provides case management, respite care, education, support groups, therapeutic camping, and counseling and treatment
p r o g r a m o v e rv i e w
The Adoption program consists of several components: recruitment, training,
placement, and finalization. Recruitment efforts include staff, community
volunteers and adoptive parents advocating through media, public appearances
and faith-based campaigns. A testament to the quality of services is that the
agency’s greatest recruiters continue to be the adoptive families who return to
adopt again, and refer their family and friends. Adoption is a permanent,
lifelong commitment to a child.
The average cost for adoption through Spaulding for Children averages about
$12,000 per child versus the national and Texas average of $23,000 per child.
Adoption services through Spaulding for Children are free of charge to
families, eliminating significant financial barriers for prospective adoptive
p r o g r a m o v e rv i e w
services designed to resolve adoption issues and strengthen family
functioning and increase the quality of life for all family members; thus
insuring that the family remains intact.
Spaulding for Children expanded its services to South Texas in 2003. The
primary focus is placement of waiting children into permanent, adoptive
homes and provision of Post Adoption services.
In calendar year 2010, the South Texas Program of Spaulding for Children
placed 20 children with 10 permanent adoptive families. Additionally in
South Texas, 14 children became part of their “forever families” when
their adoptions were finalized. In 2010, Spaulding for Children held three
adoption fairs that were attended by more than 200 prospective families.
These events created awareness within the community of the more than
350 local children available for adoption and the more than 6,200 children
in the state of Texas who are waiting for a permanent family to call their
own. Support groups for families and children were held monthly in the
Corpus Christi and Rio Grande Valley area. Approximately 75 people
attended the group sessions.
The largest placement was 4 children
Two sibling groups of 3 were placed
The oldest child was 17 years old
The youngest child was 3 years old
Parent Education
Spaulding for Children initiated the Parent Education Program out of the
Corpus Christi office in 2010. This program is supported by the
Prevention and Early Intervention sector of TDFPS. The program uses a
curriculum called Parenting Wisely to show parents videos of families
interacting and experiencing common family problems. Families served
through this program can be biological parents, adoptive parents, expectant parents, and relative caregivers. Spaulding for Children has partnered
with other social service agencies such as Padre Behavioral Hospital, the
Area Agency on Disability and Aging, and the ACE and 21st Century
Afterschool Programs to provide this program throughout Nueces, Jim
Wells, Kleberg, San Patricio, and Aransas counties. The Parent Education
Program hopes to strengthen families throughout the Coastal Bend area by
teaching them effective communication skills. Parents will be introduced
to more effective discipline and reward techniques and how to redirect
child aggression and disruptive behaviors. Parents will hopefully gain a
boost of confidence in their parenting skills in order to make them even
more successful parents.
2010 Revenue and Expenses – unaudited
Government Service Fees
Government Grants
United Way
Investment Income
Program Service Fees
Total Support and Revenue
Foster Care
Post Adoption
$ 884,364
Management & General $
Total Expenses
Government Service Fees
government grants
united way
investment income
program service fees
Foster Care
Post Adoption
Management & General Saying "Yes" to Kenny
This is Kenneth. He came to live with us when he was two years old. The first time I met
Kenny, he was so cute, so shy, and he had the sweetest smile. I knew he was the child for me.
He likes to say we picked each other. We both took a leap of faith that day.
In Kenny’s short life, he had been moved 4 times. He was delayed, hyper, and his speech was
truly incomprehensible. The only two words I could make out were “crackers” and
“McDonalds.” I knew he was exhibiting some counterproductive behaviors. Thus, the work,
the structure and the nurturing began. There were many resources available: ECI, Spaulding
for Children, and his pediatrician, all of whom offered direction, guidance and support. We
practiced numbers, letters, phonics, and writing. We read lots of books, and we reviewed
hundreds of flash cards. He was catching up. This is not to say we didn’t have challenges.
There were some trials and tribulations along the way. Kenny still had trouble transitioning
between activities. Kenny seemed to stay on daycare probation. It wasn’t long before we had
gone through 4 daycares in a short period of time. Not deterred, we all continued to work with
Kenneth and he continued to make milestones and headway.
He began an extended PRE-K program for 4 year olds at CCISD. By the end of the school
year Kenneth could read independently, spell many site words, and his behavior was outstanding! He submitted a drawing to a health & safety calendar contest sponsored by NASA. His
drawing was selected for the 2011 Children’s Safety and health calendar contest. He was
presented with an award & t-shirt with his drawing printed on it by a real life astronaut.
Kenneth is in kindergarten now, and he continues to be an avid reader. He is also excelling in
math. He is currently working on double and triple digit addition, subtraction, and has begun
multiplication. He was recently tested for the gifted and talented program at CCISD. In addition to Kenny’s academic success, he is acting out significantly less.
Kenny loves the outdoors. Kenneth is on the track club at school. He loves baseball, swimming, parks, and his skateboard. Kenneth loves going to our neighborhood church. It has an
excellent children’s program that has kids coming back for more. Kenny is also looking forward to our next vacation wherever that may be.
Submitted by Christina Talamantez
He has overcome the hardships that many
children in broken homes face. He was
moved a handful of times before finding a
home. Like so many at-risk children, he had
not been given a stable environment consisting of love, structure, normalcy and permanency. Kenneth has come a long way in a
relatively short amount of time. We are very
proud of him, as I know he is, of his achievements. We can’t even begin to imagine what
we might have missed if we hadn’t said
“yes” to Kenny.
One Journey to Becoming a Family
Ralph and Laura Overturf knew
while they were still dating that
they would adopt children
together “some day.” Both had
close relatives who’d grown up
in the foster care system and
were never adopted, so when
they married Ralph and Laura
believed that providing a loving
home to children was their
calling. Adopting children
“some day” became real
thirteen years later.
determined couple called
Spaulding for Children in August
2009, and the Overturfs applied
to adopt. They completed a
home study and reviewed many
profiles before deciding on a
sibling group from El Paso.
They were matched with Joel
15, Lizzy 9, and Jacob 6 in March 2010, and began to work their way though the CPS
narratives to learn if their own abilities matched the needs of these three young people. In
Spring 2010, after Ralph and Laura made two trips to El Paso, the children made a preplacement visit to Katy. Numerous phone calls and letters later, the children were placed in
the Overturfs’ home in June 2010. With weekly psychotherapy sessions and a strong
Spaulding for Children caseworker always willing to help, the summer and fall passed busily. However, the middle child Lizzy had a particularly difficult time adjusting to a new
environment, a fact anticipated by her diagnosis of reactive attachment disorder. As a
finalization of the adoption approached Lizzy’s anxiety about being adopted, and adopting
Ralph and Laura as her parents, grew until she asked CPS to remove her from the Overturf
home and return to her foster home in El Paso near her birth family. Sadly the family had
to see her go but plan to continue communication with Lizzy once her brothers are settled
into their brand new roles as Overturfs. On November 20th, over the phone with a judge in
El Paso, Joel, Jacob, Ralph, and Laura legally became a Family.
Submitted by Laura Overturf
Ralph, Laura, Jacob, and Joel at Jacob and Joel's Finalization at Spaulding for Children.
On The Town in Corpus Christi
Over 200 people attended Spaulding for Children’s SPECIAL OP to Adopt event recognizing
military commitments to adoption on the evening of April 7, 2011. The Solomon P. Ortiz
International Center served as the awe-inspiring backdrop for this astonishingly
successful night.
Most Reverend Edmond Carmody, the Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi,
served as the guest of honor and keynote speaker. The Honorary Chair and Emcee for the
evening was Katy Kiser, former KIII anchor and Spaulding for Children Advisory Council
member. The finishing touches to the evening were provided by Councilman Kevin
Kieschnick, as he chronicled his own success story with adoption in his life, and recognized
military personnel who have been adopted or have opened their homes to adoption; as well
as a phenomenal live performance by the local favorite, Jason Suthern Band.
Spaulding for Children was also delighted to host the prestigious Blue Angels crew members.
Seen here with Bishop Carmody and Agnes Zarcaro, Manager of South Texas Programs.
Spaulding for Children’s SPECIAL OP to Adopt benefit is a fundraising and public
awareness event, which seeks to promote the cause of special needs adoption through the
presentation of families who have made a difference in the life of a child by opening up their
home to a child in need of one. On this evening Spaulding for Children was truly
successful in gaining greater public knowledge of the need for adoptive families in the state
of Texas. Through the generous contributions received at this event Spaulding for Children
is able to help several children that have been the victim of abuse, neglect or abandonment,
find a permanent, loving home to call their own.
Special thanks to the Caller Times, KIII, Domingo Live, and Tejas Radio for covering the
event. We appreciate your support.
Submitted by Hayley Hall
The amazing dinner, generously provided by the Corpus Christi Mustangs, and silent
auction helped raise over $20,000 to fund the Special Needs Adoption program in Corpus
Christi. Spaulding for Children would like to extend their gratitude to the SPECIAL OP to
Adopt Sponsors: Ed Hicks Family of Dealerships-Event Underwriter, HEB, John G. &
Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation, Glenda & Jerry Kane, Vikki & Ken Finley, Ted
Oakley, the US Naval Sea Cadets Corps, Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed
Sacrament, and Kohl’s Department Store. Their charitable support is one of the many reasons we are able to help so many children and families in the South Texas region. We
would also like to thank everyone who attended the event and gave of their time and
talents to help make this benefit a landmark event for Spaulding for Children. It is through
you that we can make a difference.
Listed below are the names of the foundations, corporations and
individuals whose support in 2010 made possible the many services provided
by Spaulding for Children to children in need through its foster care,
adoption, and post adoption programs.
Thank you for your generous support. Figures shown reflect contributions received between January 1 and
December 31, 2010. Please contact the Development Office (713.681.6991 x 128) to note any errors or
$50,000 AND ABOVE
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Houston Endowment Inc.
$10,000 AND ABOVE
Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
St. John the Divine Episcopal Church
$10,000 TO $25,000
$10,000 TO $24,999
George and Mary Josephine Hamman
John P. McGovern Foundation
The Clayton Fund, Inc.
The Simmons Foundation
$1,000 TO $9,999
Barrios Technology, Inc.
Convent Academy of the Incarnate
El Paso Corporation
First Colony Church of Christ
Junior League of McAllen, Inc
Missouri Street Church of Christ
$5,000 TO $9,999
Charles A Frueauff Foundation, Inc
Harry S. & Isabel C. Cameron
Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable
Ruth Parr Sparks Foundation
Spindletop Charities, INC
The Trull Foundation
Valero Energy Foundation
UP TO $4,999
Dennis and Jennie Hendrix Foundation
John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy
Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Ray C. Fish Foundation
Whalley Foundation
UP TO $999
Diocese of Corpus Christi
Epiphany Lutheran Church and School
Le Amiche Club
Rotary Club of East Montgomery Cty
The Memorial Exhange Club
The Professional Group (TPG)
$5,000 TO $9,999
Bay Ltd.
$1,000 TO $4,999
Advertising Executive LLC
Amegy Bank
Bio Landscape & Maintenance, Inc
Herndon Plant Oakley, Ltd.
Integrated Geophysics Corporation
Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell, LLP
Madison Williams
Nema Enclosures
Noble Energy, Inc.
Redstone Group
TRISTAR Productions, Inc.
UP TO $1,000
500 N. Water St. Property, L.P.
Carlisle Insurance
Crutchfield Capital Corporation
Geocontrol Systems
Ginger Pampolina Realty LLC
Infinity Systems, Inc.
Lynn Kiecke Lackey & Eason
Insurance Group
Mesah Commissioning Inc.
Pioneer Contract Services, Inc.
Port of Corpus Christi Authority
Purple Ink, Inc
Ranger Specialized Glass
REW Group, LLC
Stripes, LLC
TAS Commercial Concrete
Te-Ko Contractors, Inc.
The Whitlock Group
Spaulding for Children will be recognizing 2010 Favorite Aunts and Uncles
(donors who have contributed $1000 or more) and the 2011 David S. and Jacque
C. Holland scholarship recipient at the upcoming Aces for Adoption Opening
Reception on April 29, 2011.
If you would like more information about how you can become a Favorite
Aunt or Uncle, please contact the Development Department at 713 681-6991 or
visit www.Spauldingforchildren.org
Favorite Aunts and Uncles are
indiviuals whose gifts to Spaulding
for Children totaled $1,000 or more
in 2010.
$5,000 AND ABOVE
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Finley
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tellepsen
Members of the Cousins Club
contributed $250 to $999 last year.
$250 TO $999
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Allen
David Baggett
Mr. Stephen Baxter
Jack Bevins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bonner
Mr. Daniel Boyles
Jill Businelle
Mr. Josh Cheatham
Levi Citarella
Mr. Scott Clymer
$100 TO $250
Diana Acosta
Mr. Maxwell Akuamoah-Boateng
Mr. Joseph Alapat
James Angelle
Edward Bailey
Jim Baker
Jeff Bayless
Phil and Debbie Boan
Freddie L. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Buentello
Mr. and Mrs. John Bullington
Rebecca Butscher
Mr. Monty Calderoni
Karen Campbell
Frances Carley
Stephen Cason
Ms. Candi A. Clement
Mike Cogill
Kelley Cooney
Cynthia Couch
Mr. Mark Courville
Kyle Crow
George Daniels
Payton & Dan Davenport
Kelly and Jim Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Alistar Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Desola
Mid-West Electric
Tommy Elkins
Karachiwala Family
Wayne Finch
Mr. Adam Finn
Ms. Johanna L. Finn
Mr. Bryan Paul Fiscus
Abby Funabiki
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo R. Galatoire
Ms. Kera Gautreau
Denise Getchell
Joe A. Gonzalez
Ray and Cynthia Gray
Hayley Hall
Mr. Robert Hernandez
Mr. Quentin Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hinkle
Mr. and Mrs. Cristelia Hinojosa
Raul and Fidela Hinojosa
Mr. Scott Humpal
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jasperson
Mr. Khurram Jiwani
Jason Johnston
Ms. Judy Kleeman and Mr. Glen
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Labbe
Mr. Farooq Lakhani
George and Lisa Mangos
Kyle McCuen
Robert McDougall
Ms. Sally McGee
Mr. Walter McKellar
Timothy McKone
Mr. James Paul Metz
Mr. Doug Meuth
Mr. Chris Miller and Ms. Rhonda
Spencer Moore
Ken and Deb Moynihan
Marshall Murphy
$1,000 TO $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Armbrust
Ms. Vicki L. Aucoin
Mr. and Mrs. John Bannon
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Byers
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Finger
Ms. Rae Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Gallo
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Garner
Ms. Susan Gregory
Ms. Kirsten Cameron Joel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Labanowski
Mr. and Mrs. Gilles Labbe
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lehmberg
Ms. Elizabeth A. Liptak
Ms. Patricia B. Loden
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meronek
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Moore
Ms. Radha Ristau
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Romere
Mr. Ron Romere
Ms. Kathy Schenck and Mr. David
Mr. and Mrs. John Seo
Mr. and Mrs. Garry Tanner
Mr. Donald D. Uphold
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Willey
Mike Zambonini
Agnes and Joe Zarcaro
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zeitlin
Carlos Contreras
Sheila Cook
William M. and Jessica L. Cornelius
Laurent Culembourg
Ms. Linnet Deily
Mr. and Mrs. Early Denison
James Dunbar
Yvette Dunn
Mr. Patrick Duzan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fiorito
Ms. Dominga Flores
Amy Franck
Douglas Friedman
Carlos Garibaldi
Mr. Edwin Gilbert
Ms. Nancy Gold
Nigel Goodwin
Christopher and Neva Greeley
Rob Griffith and Roman Alvarez
Theresa Gustafson
Mr. Craig Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hendricks
Jodie Hutchinson
Mr. Robert Jaynes
Ms. Sylvia J. Jennette
Mr. and Mrs. Rolfe Johnson
Mr. Steve Kennedy
Ms. Oluyemi Koyejo
Mr. Mike Labbe
Mr. Randolph Lopez
Darla Lowden
Kasper Lydolph
Mr. Terry Maxwell
Mr. Austin McKee
Mr. David McPhail
Michele Merdink
Luis and Carol Morales
Denise Nestel
Mr. Stephen Pace
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Pecore
Jakov Radenovic
Mr. and Mrs. Solon Rasco
Victoria Rittinger
Ms. Diedra Sharon
Mireya Silva
Mr. and Mrs. John Sims
Martin Solway
Tanner Spears
Mr. Shashi Varia
Ms. Sarah Werner
Jill Zambonini
Mr. Adam Nuse
Arely Ortega
Mr. Cody Persyn
Paula Phillips
Corine Prieto
Laura and Joe Rigano
Ruben Robles
Ms. Stephanie Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rogers
Ms. Betty Schuhsler
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shelton
Sergio and Claudia Soroka
Amy Stabile
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tiech
Mr. and Mrs. John Thurston
Sonnia Toro
Mr. and Mrs. Tottenham
Ms. Nicole Ware-Smith
Andrew W. Watkins, D.D.S.
Wade Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Webster
Mr. Robert E. White, M.D.
Mr. Scott Wiley
Ms. Williams
Sarah Williamson
John Wirth
Raphael (Ralph) Zimak
UP TO $99
B. M. Adams
Mary Akuamoah-Boateng
Julie Anderson
Ms. Mary Lou and Lee Ann
Flora Antweil
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Auger
Mr. Milton Austin
Buddy Bass
Mark Batton
Mark Baumann
Megan Bennett
Kyndel Bennett
Ms. Ilene Biberstein
Mr. and Mrs. David Billeaux
Brian Blazer
Nacole Boan
Jake Bolland
Jim Bounds
Michael Bourne
Eric Bowen
John Bowman
Ms. Janis Brackett and Mr. Scott Cutlip
Matt Bray
Ms. Brigette Breaux
Gail Bredis
Mr. Eric and Karen Broussard
Theron & Evelyn Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Bryant
Kenneth Bryant
Carol Calderoni
Dr. and Mrs. Henry H. Calderoni
Gae Callaway
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett Campbell
Oscar L. Cantu
Karina Carley
Kevin and Ellen Carley Grant
David Carter
Michael and Natasha Casamassa
Julieta Casco
Delia (Dee) Cedillo
Marilyn Chandler
Delma Chaney
Lucy Chen
Jo Chevalier
Eva Chu
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Clark
Samuel Cloud
Tim Cohan
Beth Collier
Priscilla Conoley
Ms. Cynthia Couch and Mr. Rob Pitts
Chris Courtright
Daya Cozzolino
Leonard and Judy Crow
Crystal and Hector Cruz
Leslie Cruz
Rob Daniel
Christopher Davis
Daniel DeSnyder
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Di Puma
Danielle Diforio
Mr. and Mrs. Denise Dimiceli
Charvis Dorismond
Ari Dropkin-Frank
Dan Dropkin-Frank
Dr. and Mrs. L.D. Eckermann
Ms. Robin Elholm
Mr. Tommy Elkins
Mrs. May Engelhardt
Grant Evans
Jodi Evridge
Grace Farago
Jonathan Farber
Elizabeth Faroh
Dawn Finley
Laura Finley
Angela Finney
William Ford
Brian Freeman
David Frels
Charles Fulkerson
Juan Garcia
Catie Gibbons
Zane Glauber
Benjamin Glover
Cindy Goehring
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gold
Ms. Sharon Gonzales
Felipe Gonzalez
Courtney Gordon
Lauren Graves
Ashley Griffith
Allen Gross
David Gugino
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Guidish
Starla Halfmann
Brad Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Harris
Julie Henderson
Jessie Hernandez
Edward Herron
Alex Hodgens
Jeremy Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hume
Mr. and Mrs. John Hunter
Sujin Hwang
Omer Ibrahim
Alexandra Isaacs
James B. Jackson
Jewel Jobson
V and J Johnston
Casey Jones
Cynthia Jones
Asha and Jaisal Kalapatapu
Sangeeta Kandpal
Augusta Karolys
Jim Kastleman
Lily Katz
Kim Keith
Elaine Keppler
Leone Knight
Bob Koenig
Melissa Kong
Papa Kwabena
Michael Landry
Greg Larm
Barbi Leo
Ms. Eleese Lester
Reverend and Mrs. Theodore R. Lewis
Christopher Lokey
Jennifer and Matt Long
J.P. Machemehl
Michele Malooly
Alain Marechal
Maria Marshall
Mike Martin
Gaynor and Victor Martinez
Mary Lou Matthews
Terry Maxwell
Jennifer Mayers
Pauline McBain
Julie McPhillips
Julie McPhillips
Sarah McSpadden
Brooke Milam
Jennifer Miller
Val J. and Maria Bertorello Miller
Tricia Miner
Mindy Minicucci
Lance Montgomery
Dr. Alan and Theresa A. Moore
Mo Myska
Ms. Joanne Neslage
Amy Nesmith
Nicole Neu
Gerry Neuberger
Claire Nisbet
Amy Nolan
Nora H. Gonzalez
Mark Nugent
Magda Nunez
Sheila Ortiz
Mr. and Mrs. Benito Padilla
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Pampolina
Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Passante
Mr. and Mrs. Will E. Penland
Charles Perdue
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Phillips
Mr. Calvin A. Polk and Ms. Arlene
Blanks Polk
Kimberly Pyle
John Quebe
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ralph
Ken Redding
Cathleen Reis
Doris Bounty
Mr. Calvin A. Polk and Ms. Arlene
Blanks Polk
Joseph H. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gold
Helen A. Leonard
Ms. Johanna L. Finn
Jack McClear
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hume
Rick Trevathan
Dr. and Mrs. L.D. Eckermann
500 Bistro
Ms. Barbara Adams
Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex
Ms. Flora Antweil
Bayou Wildlife Park
Beauty & the Bistro
Benjy's Modern American Cuisine
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Berube
Bubbles Hand Car Wash
Carmelo's Ristorante
Chapter AE, PEO
Chili's Grill and Bar
Cici's Pizza
Coca-Cola North America
Community Action Corporation of
South Texas
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Corelli's Italian Cafe
Costco Wholesale
Da Camera Society
Dave and Busters
Doubletree Hotel Houston Downtown
Driscoll Children's Health Plan
Drury Hotels Company, LLC
Epiphany Lutheran Church Pre-School/
MDO and Sunday School
Four Seasons Hotel
Gabriel Tran Photography
Melissa Garza-Allen
Gittings Portraiture
Grande Communications
Havana Club
Hilton Americas - Houston
Houston Aeros
Houston Astros
Houston Ballet
Houston Dynamos
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston Symphony
Houston Zoo
Innovative Images
InterContinental Hotel
Mr. Georg Johnson
Main Street Theater
Marriott Houston Hobby Airport
Mary Kay
Mountasia Family Fun Center
R and M Stables
Redstone Golf Club
Regal Entertainment Group
Ms. Magaly Reyna
Sam Houston Race Park
Sensia Studio & Japanese Day Spa
Shell Employees
Southwest Precision Printers
St. Francis Episcopal Day School
Staff Force Personnel Services
Taste of Texas Restaurant
Texas Renaissance Festival
The Alley Theatre
The Children's Museum of Houston
The Dairy Ashford Roller Rink, Inc.
The Foundry United Methodist Church
The Harvest UMC
The Houston Fire Museum
The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa
The Menil Collection
The Moody Mansion Museum
The Piano Gallery
Mr. Timothy R. Ploche
Treats Vending
Ms. Melinda Williamson
Ms. Ethel W. Robertson
Carl Robinson
Brad Robinson
Johan Rocha
Matt Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez
Joe Ross
Julie Russell
Rick Russell
Mark Russell
Justin Russell
Ms. Marybess Salvaggio
Mr. Elmer D. Samson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Scalise
Mr. Paul Schenck
Tom Schoonover
Maria Sepulveda
Joseph Sequeira
Martin Sewell
Ms. Theresa M. Sharpe
Toya Shepard
Miranda Sifuentes
Mike Skymba
Mrs. Carolyn Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith
Ashleigh Smythe
David Spencer
Staci Spencer-Roth
Randy and Barb Stabile
Travis Stephenson
David Stilson
Dick Tantillo
Jared Taylor
Helen Taylor
Reyes Torres
Mr. Harvey Trammell
Rita Tran
Ashleigh Tubbs
Kathryn Tunkel
Stephanie Turner
Shashi Varia
Stacy Vaughn
Treats Vending
Ms. Cynthia Vetrano
Lisa Villarreal
Mr. and Mrs. Virgadamo
Anastasia Volegova
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Walls
Lori Watler
Wade Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Weeden
Mr. Werner
Mr. Guy Williams
Kathryn Womack
Clara Woo
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Woods
Alec Young
Derek Zabbia
Carlo Zambonini
Jacqueline Zambonini
Isobel Zambonini
Luis Zapata
Ashley Zimmerman
Spaulding for Children is funded by private donations, the
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the United
Way of Greater Houston, and the Children's Bureau,
Administration on Children, Youth, and Families, US
Department of Health and Human Services.
Phone: 713 681 - 6991
Fax: 713 681 - 9089
Toll Free: 1 800 460 - 6298
8582 Katy Freway, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77024
for Children