“IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN!” 2012 ANNUAL REPORT o the late Dedicated t

e late
ed to th
ob” Dan
ard Mem
C ha
Executive Team
Nancy A. Crawford
DeAndre Lipscomb
Vice President
Vicky R. Franklin
Rodenna M. Hardison
Addie D. Williams
Board Members
Ortheia Barnes-Kennerly
Sheryl Collier
David Graham
Bruce A. Henderson
Mable V. Jones
Sandra Kent
James Krolik
Sallyjo Levine
Kristi Plain
Crystal T. Smith
Orlandus Smith, Sr.
Board Member Emeritus
John W. Barfield
Advisory Members
Ian R. Grant, Sr.
E. Delbert Gray
Verna S. Green
Joanne Nicholson
Willie L. Smith
In partnership with families,
communities, organizations, states and
the nation, Spaulding for Children’s
mission is to assure that all children grow
up in safe, permanent families and have
the help they need to be successful in life.
Vice Presidents
Kay Brown
Business and Finance
Kris Henneman
Spaulding Institute for Family and Community
Cristina Peixoto
Child & Family Services
Kelly Baber
Healthy Families Program
Jamie Bozarth
Quality Improvement/Human Resources
Christopher Doyle
Management Information Systems
Melissa Jenovai
Foster Care & Adoption
Jean Niemann
Spaulding Institute for Family and Community
Edna Fields-Morrison
Support Services Coordinator
Kimberly Garrett-Goree
Licensing Supervisor
Cheryl Gist
Executive Assistant
Jessica Gouin
IPP Supervisor
Jennifer Land
IPP Supervisor
Ingrid Parks
NRCA Project Manager
Julia Swartout
Diligent Recruitment Project Manager
Kristina Vaseau
IPP Supervisor
“It’s All About The Children!”
This annual report and the 12th Annual Dave Thomas Celebrity Cookoff are dedicated to Robert “Bob”
Daniels. Bob served faithfully on Spaulding’s Board of Directors for 44-years. His passion, caring, concern,
commitment, dedication, and service are greatly missed. As a charter Board member, Bob was instrumental in
developing an agency that would be all about the children, but not just any children, he was about helping
children who did not fit neatly into society’s vision of the “adoptable child.” He was about helping children
with disabilities, older youth, sibling groups, and children of color. Bob was passionate about Spaulding, and
his passion would show when he talked about the early years having conversations with Warren Spaulding (in
his rocking chair), and Warren’s dear friend, Dorothea Pielemier, as they sat on the porch at the old farm house
that would become Spaulding’s first office.
During his tenure on the Board of Directors of Spaulding, Bob held at one time every office including
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and, of course, he was a Charter Member. Bob was the
Agency’s greatest champion as he helped raise funds to support the Agency and its many programs. He sold
the most tables at the Dave Thomas Celebrity Cookoff, and his Families are Golden tribute was among the top
in attendance and in revenue generated. Who could forget Bob’s grand entrance on stage, twirling a black top
hat to a packed house of family, friends, and well wishers; demonstrating there was more than one actor in the
family. (Bob is the father of the actor, Jeff Daniels.)
Bob also gave of himself, supported by his loving wife Marjorie. When Bob learned that Spaulding’s
children were dropping out of school because they were embarrassed to undress for school sports activities, he
developed a fund that he affectionately called “the underwear fund,” and he and Marjorie funded it. He gave
us strict instructions, we were not to invest the fund, we were not to try and save money from the fund, we
were to spend the money on what children wanted, whether they needed it or not! He further admonished that
the fund would only be replenished after we spent funds and only to the amount spent; and spend we did. We
paid for college tours, instruments, eye glass frames, gym shoes, tutors, haircuts and styles, prom dresses,
tuxedo’s, limousines and, of course, underwear.
Bob cared about the children. I will miss his guidance, his support and his sense of humor. He had that
way of making a mountain into a molehill. I find solace in knowing that he is now in a better position to watch
over the Agency and the children. He has joined that throng of guardian angels that keep Spaulding grounded
in the provision of quality service; after all, “It’s all about the children!”
Addie D. Williams, President/CEO
Nancy A. Crawford, Board President
“It’s All About The Children!”
It has been said that, “Having a place to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family. Having both is a blessing”.
Every day at Spaulding for Children, we work to find this blessing for the abused and neglected children we are so proud to
work for. Wendy’s Wonderful Kids
(WWK) is a program at Spaulding for
Children funded by the Dave Thomas
Foundation for Adoption. The goal of the
program is to find adoptive families for
the children who have been lingering in
the foster care system for years. In order
to find these families, WWK Recruiters
are given smaller caseloads and the
opportunity to truly get to know the
children they work with. The concept is
simple: if the recruiter is able to really
bond with the child, they will be able to
find the perfect family for each specific
The Kovar Family and the Honorable Linda S. Hallmark
Stephanie and Miranda, 15 and 17 year
old sisters, had been in foster care for three years before they were referred to the WWK program in 2010. They are very
sweet and loving girls who have had a turbulent past. Both girls are cognitively impaired and had been waiting to find their
forever family for nearly five years. They love being a part of WWK and especially enjoy “girl’s nights” with their
On National Adoption Day in November 2011, Stephanie, Miranda, and their recruiter had one of these infamous “girl’s
nights”. During the evening, Miranda was raving about one of her teachers. As Miranda beamed with a smile from ear to
ear telling stories about her classroom experiences, a light bulb went off! The WWK recruiter searched for the teacher and
made contact with him. After careful time and consideration the teacher and his wife decided they wanted to provide a
forever family for these teenage girls.
The WWK Recruiter worked with the family and the girls over a lengthy visitation period, and in April, 2012 Stephanie
and Miranda officially moved into their new home. Throughout the next seven months, the entire family was adequately
prepared for adoption. On National Adoption Day in 2012, the adoption was finalized. After the finalization Stephanie and
Miranda were told they would be celebrating at Disney Land, where they have dreamed of going since they were little
The family continues to do very well and the bond among the entire family is so strong. Stephanie and Miranda continue to
grow and develop more each and every day in their new home.
Spaulding for Children; did it again! Stephanie and Miranda are just two of the hundreds of children your donation helps
feel better while they wait for their forever family.
“Taking Care of the Children”
Child and Family Services (CFS), the direct service entity of Spaulding,
has as its goal the strengthening of families and the fostering of healthy
development in children. With services ranging from prevention to adoption,
this unit provides for the safety, permanence, and well-being of children through
the following programs:
Healthy Family Resource Center - The Center provides secondary
prevention services to young mothers who reside in Wayne County.
The program provides in-home services to reduce the risk factors for
child maltreatment in families served.
Resource Home Development - Spaulding recruits, educates, and
provides licensing to foster and adoptive parents who have room in
their homes and in their hearts for a child.
Foster Care - Spaulding provides foster care placements for children who
have been abused and neglected and the services needed to facilitate
permanency for the child at the earliest possible date.
Adoption - Spaulding matches children, ages 0-18, in need of a permanent
home with families willing to make lifelong commitments. After
matches are made, Spaulding facilitates the adoption process including
associated legal paperwork.
Wendy’s Wonderful Kids – The WWK program
is a child-focused recruitment program designed to
enhance the search of potential adoptive families for
children in foster care without an identified adoptive
Family Support Services - Support Services alleviates obstacles and
enhances service delivery by providing logistical support including
facilitation of permanency planning conferences, mentoring,
transportation; and overseeing the Agency’s Volunteer program,
clothes closet, social functions, and family activities as well as other
Agency events.
In FY 2011/2012 the following occurred in the CFS Program:
Adoptions Completed
Children Served
Families Served
National Resource Center for Adoption
National Resource Center for Adoption’s (NRCA), a service of the Children’s Bureau and member of the T/TA network, helps
States, Tribes, Territories and courts increase their capacity in child welfare adoption and helps to improve the quality and
effectiveness of their adoption support and preservation services. The NRCA conducts needs assessments, provides on-site
technical assistance, identifies and disseminates best practices, and coordinates and collaborates with other National Resource
Centers and State agencies.
Spaulding Institute for Family and Community Development
The Spaulding Institute for Family and Community Development (SI) works collaboratively to develop resource material and
community-based services that support individuals, families, corporations, agencies, and communities in strengthening children and
families. The SI is the site of the Infant Adoption Awareness Training Program and is responsible for training, product sales, and
product development. The Institute is also the site of the I-CARE 365Diligent Recruitment partnership between Oakland, Wayne
and Macomb County Department of Human Services.
Teen Mentor Groups
Sisters United Creatively Changing Everything with Everlasting Devotion
Spaulding’s teen groups are comprised of youth between the ages of 11 and 18 years and are facilitated by volunteer
adult mentors with the assistance of Spaulding staff. The groups focus on issues that will enable youth to lead
successful lives by teaching them to how to apply good decision-making techniques and financial planning for their
future; improving their self-esteem, learning proper dinner etiquette, and setting and accomplishing personal goals.
Team Building Program
Spaulding for Children recognizes the importance of staff and foster/adoptive parents working together to meet the
needs of children in its care. With this in mind, professional team building sessions are conducted to provide training on
topics relevant to meeting these needs. As a member of our professional team, foster/adoptive parents and staff receive
information that enlightens and educate children. Topics of interest include Home Safety, Caseworker Visits, and First
Aid/CPR, just to name a few.
Volunteer Chair is Sallyjo Levine and Teen Mentor Group leaders are Edna Fields-Morrison and George Miller assisted
by Charles Bragg; Teen Mentors are Vicky Franklin; Rodenna Hardison; Yasmeen Hardy; Orlandus Smith, Sr.; Willie
L. Smith; Giovannie L. Thomas; and Sevetra Tucker and Team Building Leader is Kimberly Garrett-Goree.
Ice Cream Social
Annually, Spaulding for Children hosts an Ice Cream Social in July. The tradition was started by Spaulding’s
founder, Warren Spaulding. Over 300 members of Spaulding’s family attend the event that includes foster, adopt,
and kinship parents, with their children and staff. The event provides food, music, games, face painting, pie eating
contests, entertainment, prizes, and ice cream! KOHL’S employees have volunteered their time to ensure that it’s a
Holiday Party
Each December, Spaulding families gather together on a special evening to celebrate the holiday season. Staff and
volunteers cook and serve a feast while families enjoy singing, crafts, and games. Each child receives a gift that was
generously donated by individuals, organizations, and/or companies. In 2012, this event was sponsored with
donations of volunteers and collected gifts from “THE GODMOTHERS” of Ferndale, MI. Each family took photos
with Santa in a photo booth, sang Christmas carols, ate food, enjoyed beverages, and went home loaded down with
Family Activities Sponsors: Kevin Madgan, Century Novelty
Co.; Costco; Don Hamilton, Hamilton Chevrolet-Geo, Inc.; THE
GODMOTHERS, Gina Violante, Holiday Market; KOHL’S; Rina
Brown, Nino Salvaggio’s; Marc Berger, Piquette Market; Colleen
Austin, The Salvation Army; Sue Atchison, WWF - Titan Television;
and Jim Bonahoom, Wolverine Packing Co.
Save the Date
The 12th Annual Dave Thomas Celebrity Cookoff will be
held on Tuesday, August 13, 2013.
For the past 11 years, this event has been held to help support
Spaulding children. Local and national celebrities, media personalities,
and corporate and community leaders sizzle as they take over the
Addie Williams, President/
hibachi style grills at Benihana in Troy, to prepare a steak and
CEO, greeting guests at event.
shrimp dinner for guests seated around their grill.
The event also includes a cocktail reception and silent auction with all proceeds benefiting
Spaulding for Children.
Bob Daniels cooking at the
Dave Thomas Celebrity Cookoff.
Please contact Spaulding for
Children if you want to attend this
year’s cook-off as a guest, a chef or
want to donate to the silent
The late Robert “Bob” Daniels, in action, at his best, entertaining DTCC guests while cooking.
Involvement Opportunities
We need your help! Too many children are entering the child welfare system because of abuse and/or neglect,
staying in foster care too long, aging out of the system without a permanent family or caring adult in their lives, and
without the necessary skills to live successful lives.
Spaulding for Children values all forms of assistance — an investment of time, talent or funding (large or small).
Any form of assistance can change a child’s life forever. A few opportunities available for you to make a difference
are listed below:
You Can Donate
 Make a Financial Contribution
 Donate In-kind (support our clothing, hygiene, and/or toy closets)
 Sponsor an Activity (an outing with our teen support group)
 Underwrite a Program
 Sponsor a Special Event (Ice Cream Social, Holiday Party)
 Host a Third-party Event
You Can Get Involved
 Donate Your Time as a Volunteer
 Donate Your Time as a Mentor
 Become a Community Outreach Partner
Spaulding for Children’s Endowment Program, the Partners
Campaign, led by Board Member Emeritus John W. Barfield,
continues its quest to acquire funding to support the adoption of 100
children annually. Spaulding receives funding from the state of
Michigan for its foster care and adoption programs, but state funding
does not cover these programs’ expenses. Spaulding must raise funds
to cover the additional costs. An average adoption costs Spaulding for
Children $10,000, however, the State only reimburses the Agency
approximately $6,500. This means that the Agency must raise the
difference from private donations. We are asking individuals to help
children that are awaiting for permanent homes by donating
John W. Barfield
Board Member Emeritus & the
monetary gifts that will enable Spaulding to continue caring for
Partners Campaign Chairman
these vulnerable children.
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Barfield
Bank of Ann Arbor
Rita Bennette
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Dennis and Diane Callahan
Robert and Marjorie Daniels
Comerica Inc.
C.W. and Nancy Dunbar
Detroit Lions Charities
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Holmes
Flagstar Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Illitch
Great Lakes National Bank
Sandra Kent and Friends
Inacom (Rick Inatome)
Dr. and Mrs. James Krolik
Johnson Controls Automotive Division (Chuck Harvey)
L.C. LeDebur
Michigan National Corporation (Richard Webb)
Meadowbrook Swim Team
Non Profit Personnel Network (Gary Dembs)
Curtis M. Smith
Pfizer, Inc.
Candace K. Spaulding
TCF National Bank
Ronald and Eileen Weiser
Wendy's International
Dr. Susan Whitelaw
Women Lawyers Association of Michigan Wayne County Region
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Yambura
Clannad Foundation
ABN-AMRO Mortgage Group, Inc.
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (Ron Budreau)
The Adios Golf Club
Detroit Edison Foundation
Earl-Beth Foundation
Frederick A. Vollbrect Foundation
Hearst Foundations
Hermelin Family Foundation
Herrick Foundation
Hilda A. Niemi Estate
Lovelight Foundation
Robert A. and Denise S. Lutz Gift Fund
Speckhard-Knight Charitable Trust
The Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation
Thank you to our Valuable Donors
Vanessa Mathews
George Miller
Tanya Morgan
Jean A. Niemann
Tom Norton
Kristi Plain
Kimberly Redlin
N. W. Sancho
Maryjane Scharenberg
Paul G. Schaible
Schreiber Family Foundation
Julia Swartout
The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.
Annette Tomina
Rick Wade
Waste Management
James Wolf
Women’s Economic Empowerment
Group II
Your Financial Insight, LLC
Platinum ($20,000 - up)
Community Foundation for
Southeast Michigan
Dave Thomas Foundation for
Gold ($15,000 - $19,999)
Wendy's International, Inc.
Silver ($10,000 - $14,999)
IBM Employee Services Center
Bronze ($5,000 - $9,999)
Faintuck, Shwedel & Wolfram
Health Alliance Plan
RM Freedman Charitable
Remainder Annuity Trust
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Charities
of Southeastern Michigan
UAW-Chrysler National Training
Varnum Attorneys At Law
Donors ($1,000 - $4,999)
Elizabeth M. Brown
Charco Realty, L.L.C., Charles
Detroit Newspapers
Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton, P.C.
Guardian Insulation
Hamilton Chevrolet-Geo, Inc.
Hansen Marketing Services
James and Lynelle Holden Fund
Marine Pollution Control
MGM Grand Detroit Casino, LLC
Milliken Millwork, Inc.
St. John Providence Health System
The Bartech Group, Inc.
Donors ($500 - $999)
John W. Barfield
William L. Campbell
Maureen S. Heffernan
Sallyjo Levine
J. Christopher Mergel
Lillie Montague Tabor
National Association of State
Adoption Programs
Cristina Peixoto
Mary E. Sullivan
United Bank & Trust
Kristina Vaseau
Addie D. Williams
Lee H. Yambura
Donors ($125 - $499)
Dorothy Alexander
Elizabeth Bachrach
Kelly Baber
John Beers
Biewer Lumber
Jamie R. Bozarth
Charles Bragg
Bob Brown
CJ Link Lumber
Coca-Cola Company
Comerica Bank
Crypton Fabrics
First Congregational Church Women's Fellowship
Kimberly Garrett-Goree
Phillip & Cheryl Gist
Ian Grant
Verna S. Green
Kimberly L. Hairston
Kevin A. Hamming
Patricia B. Hannah
Adam Helfman
Bruce Henderson
Melissa S. Jenovai
Stephanie Johnson Pettaway
Janice King
James Krolik
Jennifer Land
John R. Lillibridge
Donors (Up to $124)
Rhonda M. Abban
Ben Allen
Ernest Anderson
Heather Anton
Jamie Arthurs
Holly Atkinson
Cielle C. Backstrom
George Banda
Edward D. Barlow
Jim Brandstatter
Kay E. Brown
Mary C. Browning
Yolanda Brown-McCutchen
Mary L. Burzawa
Marilyn R. Chasteen
Marjorie S. Clemens
Nancy A. Crawford
Robert & Marjorie Daniels
Mark E. Eggleton
LaShawn England
Jane Eschrich-Walsh
Marla Ford
H. W. Fowler
Sheldon W. Gates
Don-Nee E. German
George E. Glidden
Carl Goff
Mara Goodman
Jessica Gouin
Dorothy Gray
E. D. Gray
Barbara Harte
Karmen Hatcher
Kim P. Helfgott
Kris Henneman
Robert Heyn
Thomas E. Hollowell
Peter R. Hull
Ruthie Hutchings
Vanessa Johnson
Willard H. Johnson
Sandra O. Kent
Irvin Kessler
George R. King
Erica Kohler
Helen M. Lancaster
Paul M. Landeck
Kathleen J. Ledesma
DeAndre & Michelle Lipscomb
Michael A. Locricchio
Gene E. Maddock
William Marohn
David N. Mastronarde
Erika K. Mauerman
Jill B. May
Andrea N. McQuitty
Howard D. Merchant
Barbara Mucha
Nick W. Nannfeldt
Donna M. Nuznoff
Organicbythecase LLC
F. R. Postelli
Harriet N. Preston
Martin B. Prillwitz
Michael P. Quinn
William K. Rahn
John W. Reed
Kathryn A. Rowe
Jean C. Ryan
Laurie Sadler
Kris Sahonchik
William H. Schofield
Jeryl L. Scharnhorst
Dale Schumann
Laura K. Seeger
R. P. Seibert
Robert Shandorf
Neha K. Sheth
Barbara Simmons
David Slavicek
Crystal T. Smith
Dorothea F. Smith
Willie L. Smith
Robert F. Spaly
Pamela Thompson
Melissa Thun
Patrick Tomina
Michael L. Trist
University of Michigan
Steve Vannelli
Ada K. White
Kirk Wohlfield
Kimberly Woolridge
Charles F. Worthington
Sharonda Wray
Donors (Gifts In-kind)
African Safari Wildlife Park
Jamie Arthurs
Julie Bergasse
Better Made Potato Chips
Jamie Bozarth
Trina and Towanda Braxton
Yolanda Brown-McCutchen
Caesars Windsor
CBS Television Stations
Century Novelty Co.
Chateau Chantal
Clear Channel Media &
Comcast Spotlight
Cumulus Media
Robert & Marjorie Daniels
Detroit Princess Riverboat
Detroit Red Wings – Community
Detroit Tigers, Inc.
Jackie Dziadosz
Ford Motor Company Fund
Diane Fox
Fred Astaire Franchised Dance
Phillip & Cheryl Gist
Gordon Food Service
Ian Grant
Greater Media Detroit
Verna Green
Hagopian World of Rugs/Cleaning
Holiday Market - Royal Oak
Imoja Fine Arts
Melissa Jenovai
Eowyn Knoll
Erica Kohler
James Krolik
Charles Lechner
Sallyjo Levine
Terra Linzner
DeAndre & Michelle Lipscomb
Marine Pollution Control, David
Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle
Ruth McRoy
Mildred Miller
Nino Salvaggio's
Park West Gallery
Ingrid Parks
Cristina Peixoto
Penna’s of Sterling Heights
Pinnacle Printing and Promotions
Piquette Market
N. Rebecca Powell
Diane Powell
PRP Wine, Inc.
Pamela Reid
Melany Roe
R. Patrick Seibert
Somerset Inn
Sweet Lorraine’s Café & Bar
The Henry Ford
The Salvation Army
The Townsend Hotel
Town Tavern
U.S. Ice Corporation
Kristina Vaseau
Walt Disney World Community
Wendy's International
Westin Book Cadillac Detroit
Reverend Willis
WJBK-TV Fox 2 Detroit
Wolverine Packing
WWF - Titan Television
Donors (CFC Friends)
Daniel R. Abshere
Tiffany Alexander
Alyssa M. Amato
Winter S. Anderson
Erik D. Andrade
Paul Anglin
Kyle Aragon
Jonathan R. Baker
Kadeem Baker
Shane Barker
Nakivia T. Barnes
Laquisha N. Bates
David T. Beery
Brian L. Bell
Renee Bierschenk
Michael Blair
William E. Blandford
Cleveland Blunt
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Kathleen E. Bonham
Carroll Boswell
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