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Celebrating Hometown Life
ToriaTolley of Headline News
on CNN is a favorite of mine. Please
tell me more about her.
—Clarence P., Missouri
married to television personality Joy
Philbin for more than 30 years.
They have two grown daughters,
Joanna and Jennifer. (Philbin also
has two children, Danny and Amy,
from his first marriage.) Joy was
once an assistant to Joey Bishop, and
Philbin was the sidekick on The Joey
Bishop Show. Joy and Regis have a
Manhattan apartment and a home
in Greenwich, Conn.
Tolley, 46, who lives in the Atlanta area with
her teenage son, works with CNN on a freelance basis, filing medical and other stories.
Shefirststarted working with CNN's Headline
News in 1990, directly from WLWT-TV in
Gncinnati, where she worked with another
I think Brian Dennehy
famous station veteran, Jerry Springer. Prior to
ToriaTolley is a freelance reporter for CNN. is a fantastic actor and
the Cincinnati stint, Tolley anchored the news
would like to know more
at WCHS-TV in Charleston, W.Va. The Rhode Island native
about him. He had a brief part in Cocoon; The
attended Colby College (now Colby^Sawyer) in New Hampshire
Return, but I didn't see his name listed in the
and transferred to Bethany College in West Virginia, whereshe
credits. Why?
received a degree in communications and political science.
—Jenna M., Arizona
When she's not reporting, Tolley is a vice president and consultant for a media consulting business, teaching presentation
Dennehy attended Columbia
skills and helping corporate executives learn how to deal with
University on a football
the media. She also has been active in John Walsh's nonprofit
scholarship and graduated
children's rescue organization, the National Center for Missing
with a bachelor's degree in
and Exploited Children.
history. This versatile movie,
stage, and television actor has
been a strong presence on
What happened to Leon Rhodes and Buddy
the American show business
Emmons, who were musicians in Ernest Tubb's
scene since the 1970s. He has
Texas Troubadours band?
—Frank W., Florida
appeared in dozens of films,
including Presumed Innocent,
Leon Rhodes, who plays guitar and six-string bass, and steel
F/X, and Cocoon. His uncredguitarist Buddy Emmons live in Nashville, Tenn., and ate still
ited appearance in Cocoon: The
in demand. (Tubb died in 1984.) Rhodes played with the
Return is probably because of
Grand Ole Opry s band for several years. He also plays on many
the small nature of the role,
Nashville recording sessions. "I've played with everybody
according to his reps. Born in
Dennehy as Willy Loman
but Santa Claus," he jokes. Rhodes is a father of four and
Bridgeport, Conn., Dennehy,
/"-> r
in Death of a
has been married for about 37 years. Emmons toured with The
63, has won numerous acting
Everly Brothers last year. After leaving Tubb, he moved to
awards, including a Tony in 1999 for his wrenching porCalifornia, where he spent seven years playing bass guitar
trayal of Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman, Last spring,
with Roger Miller. Emmons moved back to Nashville in 1974
he starred in NBC's The Fighting Fitzgeralds. ^
and worked as a session player (with various groups, when* Cover photo by Tyler Wirken
ever needed). "Buddy just quit doing sessions (last) year," says
his wife, Peggy. "He just decided he wanted to quit. He likes
working with the Everlys." Married for more than 32 years,
• Would you like to know more about your
Peggy and Buddy have five children.
favorite celebrity or public figure?
£ How long has Regis Philbin been married
to Joy? Do they have children?
—Mary Ann O., Illinois
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Although some viewers thought Regis Philbin was married
to his former co-host, Kathie Lee GirTord, he actually has been
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