Welcome to Chattahoochee High School, a National Blue Ribbon School, Georgia School of
Excellence, and the proud home of the Cougars. Chattahoochee High School is one of sixteen high
schools in the Fulton County School System. During the 2011-2012 school year, Chattahoochee
High School expects to serve approximately 1,750 students in grades 9-12. The school day consists
of seven 56-minute class periods including a homeroom/lunch period.
Over the past twenty years, we have developed a tradition of being nationally competitive in
academics, arts, athletics and service to the community. Our accomplishments in the 2010-2011
school year substantiate this nationally-competitive claim. We received the gold award for student
achievement and have been celebrating our “twenty years of excellence”. We were recognized as
one of the top high schools in the state by Atlanta Magazine and one of “America’s Best High
Schools” in Newsweek Magazine. This past May we graduated over 97% of our students, who
received over fifteen million dollars in scholarships. Along with our academic accolades, we are
proud to be the 2010 Football State Champions and Volleyball State Runners Up as well as the 2011
Soccer State Champions. We have distinguished ourselves with service to the community by raising
thousands of dollars for various charities including Hunt for the Cure (Multiple Sclerosis), American
Red Cross/Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief, Doctors Without Borders and we were named the
Silver Team for our Relay for Life/American Cancer Society fundraising.
As we continue to lead in these areas, we will seek to build a community where everyone will
participate and share in our success. It is my hope that you will take advantage of all the
opportunities that Chattahoochee has to offer. The tradition of excellence continues at
Chattahoochee High School with a faculty that is dedicated to student achievement. With parents,
staff, and students continuing to work together, our national competitiveness is guaranteed.
This handbook is designed to provide you with information about Chattahoochee High School’s
programs, activities, guidelines and expectations. Additional information can be found on our website
at Let’s work together to build Cougar Pride and make 2011-12 the best
school year ever.
Tim C. Duncan
“Continuing the Tradition”
A community dedicated to learning and committed to excellence.
Fulton County School Year Calendar
Aug. 3-5
Teacher Workdays
Jan. 5
Aug. 8-12
Jan. 16
Aug. 15
First day of school
Feb. 17
Sept. 5
Labor Day Holiday
Feb. 20
First day of second
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Presidents Day
Oct. 17
Teacher Workday
March 9
Teacher workday
Nov. 23-25
Thanksgiving Break
April 2-6
Spring Break
Dec. 22
End of First Semester
May 18
Last Day of school
Dec. 23-Jan. 3
Winter Break
May 21-22
Jan. 4
Teacher Workday
May 28
Memorial Day Holiday
Chattahoochee HS Progress Report and Report Card Dates
Six weeks Progress Report
Twelve weeks Progress Report
Fall Semester Report Card
Week of September 26
Week of November 14
Week of January 9
Six weeks Progress Report
Twelve weeks Progress Report
Spring Semester Report Card
Week of February 20
Week of April 16
Mailed: June 1
Table of Contents
(All policies and procedures are current as of 06/01/11. Items may change.)
Cumulative Average…………………….…. 7
Dual Enrollment……….……………….….…8
Final Exams………………………….…….…7
Grade Level Assignments……………..……7
Grade Reporting…….………….……….…...7
Grading Scale……….………………….……8
Honor Graduates…….…………….….……..8
Make-up Work………….…………………....8
Recognitions…………….………………….. 8
Recovery Policy………….………….........8-9
Schedule Changes……….…….………..….9
Semester System……….…….…………..…9
FCS Testing Schedule………….…...…….10
Absences: Excused/Unexcused……..12-13
Absences: Pre-Approved…………….......12
Attendance Contract…………………..…...13
Check-in / Check-out…………………..…..13
Class Cuts…………………………..………15
Driver’s License Certificate……………..…15
Loitering at School………………………....15
State Law…………………………….....15-16
Tardiness to Class……………………........14
Truancy………………………………......... 15
BELL / CLASS SCHEDULE………............5
School Year…………………………………..3
Progress Reports/Report Cards……..….…3
College & Career Center…………………..18
Non-CHS Educational Options…..............18
Withdrawal from School………………..…18
Work Permit…………………………..……18
Accident Insurance…………...……………21
Affidavit of Residence……………...……...21
Cell phone / Electronic Devices……..……21
Change of Address or Phone #................22
Clubs / Organizations…………………….. 23
Human Sexuality / AIDS……………...….. 22
Lockers………………………………..…... 22
Main Office…………………………..……. 22
Parking Lots……………………………….. 23
Release of Records…………………...…. 23
Resource Officers…………………...….… 23
School Bus………………………………… 23
Teacher Blogs / Websites…………………23
Teacher-Parent Conferences………….... 24
Volunteers………………………..…….…. 24
Weather Emergency……………………… 24
MEDIA CENTER……………………….24-25
MOTOR VEHICLES……………….………25
STAFF………………………………………. 6
Code of Conduct…………………….... 27-28
Discipline Cycle of Interventions.........29-30
Dress Code………………………...….……31
Honor Code……………………………. 28-29
FCS Code of Conduct……………..……...26
Ga. State Law………………..…………….27
Lunch Period Times
11:31 – 11:57
Fall Semester Subjects
8:25 - 9:21
9:27 - 10:23
10:29 - 11:25
11:31 – 12:28
12:34 – 1:31
1:37 – 2:33
2:39 – 3:35
My HR section
is: __________
12:03 – 12:28
My HR period is: __________
12:34 – 1:00
5B 1:06 – 1:31
Room #
I go to lunch during:
4A 4B 5A 5B
Each day all students should be out of the building
by 3:45 unless supervised.
Spring Semester Subjects
8:25 - 9:21
9:27 - 10:23
10:29 - 11:25
11:31 – 12:28
12:34 – 1:31
1:37 – 2:33
2:39 – 3:35
My HR section
is: __________
My HR period is: __________
I go to lunch during:
4A 4B 5A 5B
Room #
Mr. Tim C. Duncan (Ext. 125)
Ms. Camille Carmen (Ext. 144)
Assistant Principal
Mr. Guy Crotsley (Ext. 136)
Assistant Principal
Mr. Tim Corrigan (Ext. 127)
Assistant Principal
Ms. Rebecca Lichliter (Ext. 143)
Assistant Administrator
Students are assigned to a counselor according to the following division of the alphabet:
Lauren Corbett (A-E)
Julie Gracey
Deborah Blount (Le-R)
Leigh Lynott
Graduation Coach:
Tangela McCorkle
(Ext. 130)
(Ext. 150)
(Ext. 141)
(Ext. 131)
College & Career Center (Ext. 156)
Records Coordinator:
Jan Turner
(Ext. 133)
Bilingual Parent Liaisons:
Elizabeth Smith (Ext. 179)
Lynda Kim
(Ext. 140)
Career Tech: Paula Davis
Fine Arts: Dorsey Chappell
Health & PE: JJ Hicks
IRR: Beth Cunningham
Language Arts: Kathy Smith
Math: Teresa Engelberth
Science: Anne Podber
Social Studies: Matt Crooks
World Language: Blake Stetson
TAG: Patti Pair
Athletic Director:
Cafeteria Manager:
Media Center:
Resource Officers:
Milo Mathis
(Ext. 186)
John Crouse
(Ext. 199)
Dale Folkins
(Ext. 171)
Mark Sulborski (Ext. 173)
George Walker (Ext. 173)
Social Worker:
Dr. Benjamin Downs (Ext. 132)
Jean Bovat
(Ext. 129)
Cluster Nurse:
Rose Moro
(Ext. 185)
Staff emails & links to Teacher Blogs are available at
Report cards show numeric grades and cumulative average (CA) for the reporting period.
The cumulative average is determined by adding all numeric grades together and dividing
that total by the number of courses taken.
Certain courses carry more weight. As of June, 2004, students enrolled in Advanced
Placement, Honors, and joint enrollment post-secondary option courses will receive an
additional seven points to their final passing grade. The seven additional points will be
reflected on grade reports only, not under each individual course nor used in the
computation of cumulative averages.
Attendance during final exams is mandatory. Students absent on final exam days must
have a parent/guardian contact the Attendance Office (770-521-7614) on the morning of
the absence in order for the absence to be considered as excused. Additional information is
available under “Pre-Approved Absences”, page 12.
During their final semester of attendance, seniors may exempt the final exam in any class
in which they meet the following criteria:
1. An average of 85 or higher in the seventeenth week
2. No more than four (4) absences from the class (excluding school-related activities
and religious holidays).
Absences due to “Pre-Approved, Excused,
Unexcused, ISS and OSS” reasons are considered absences from class.
3. No more than four (4) tardy arrivals to the class
4. Seniors with more than four (4) absences must have a grade of 93 or higher in
the seventeenth week. This grade does not include honors points.
5. Submit a completed final exam exemption form
A student entering high school in Fulton County is assigned a graduation year. Students
will stay with their class for all school activities for their freshman year only. Assignments
beyond the freshman year will be determined by the number of credits the student earns.
To be promoted to the next level, freshmen must have earned five credits, sophomores
must have earned ten credits. Beginning with the graduating class of 2012, students
must earn 11 credits to be considered a junior and 17 credits to be considered a senior.
Students who do not complete high school within four years may be placed in an alternative
school during their fifth year.
Progress reports will be issued every six weeks. A report card is issued at the end of each
semester. Credits will be earned at the end of each semester. These reports are given to
the student to take home for parental review. Parents are encouraged to use Home Access
Center to check their student's progress at any time during the semester. Counselors and
teachers will be glad to discuss with parents the placement and progress of the student. A
student’s transcript reflects all courses that have been attempted in high school as well as
grades, credit received, and cumulative average.
Students will receive only numeric grades on report cards for each course taken.
90 - 100
80 - 89
70 - 79
0 - 69
The honor graduate list is established at the end of the first semester of the Senior Year. At
graduation, Fulton County recognizes students who have achieved a cumulative average of
at least an “88” as honor graduates. Rounding up is not used in computing the average
(i.e. a student with an 87.95 would not qualify). CHS further recognizes students with a
cumulative average of at least a “92” as Magna Cum Laude honor graduates and students
with a cumulative average of at least a “96” as Summa Cum Laude honor graduates.
Colleges, universities, and technical schools who have dual enrollment agreements with the
Fulton County Schools allow students to combine the junior and senior years of high school
with the freshman and sophomore years of college or technical school while earning their
high school diplomas. Students desiring to enter a joint enrollment program with a college
or vocational-technical school should discuss their plans with their counselor.
It is the student's responsibility to request make-up work from the teacher on the first day
back to school and are expected to access homework and in-class assignments using the
CHS teacher blogs at Students who are present for any portion of
the school day are expected to turn in all assignments due on that day in order to receive
full credit for the assignments. Assignment due dates that have been communicated prior to
a full-day absence are always due upon the student’s return to school when the due date
occurred during the absence.
After an excused absence, a student will have the number of school days equivalent to the
number of days absent to make up the work. Make-up work missed due to an unexcused
absence may be penalized up to 10% of the maximum value of the assignment. Make-up
work or pre-approved absence work submitted late will receive a zero. Any exceptions for
extensions of time will be made at the discretion of the teacher.
Students are honored if they have achieved:
Honor Roll
A student must be enrolled in 6 subjects to qualify for Honor Roll status. Students
who achieve a semester average of “90” or higher are named to the Honor Roll.
Principal’s List
Students who earn Honor Roll status at CHS for both Spring and the following Fall
Semester will be placed on the Principal’s List.
FCBOE High School Policy:
Opportunities designed to allow students to recover from a low or failing cumulative grade
will be allowed when all work required to date has been completed and the student has
demonstrated a legitimate effort to meet all course requirements including attendance.
Students should contact the teacher concerning recovery opportunities. Teachers are
expected to establish a reasonable time period for recovery work to be completed during
the semester. All recovery work must be directly related to course objectives and must be
completed ten school days prior to the end of the semester. Teachers will determine when
and how students with extenuating circumstances may improve their grades.
Chattahoochee High School Policy:
After a minimum of two (2) major grades have been earned, recovery is available to
students with a cumulative grade below 74%. The maximum grade a student can earn for
a recovery activity is 70%. There will be only one recovery opportunity per failed major
assignment or test. The individual teacher will determine the means of recovery. The
student must initiate the process within five (5) days of notification of a failing grade on a
major assignment/test.
SCHEDULE CHANGES District Policy IHA High Schools (9-12)
Students are expected to complete courses for which they are enrolled. If changes are
necessary, they should be requested in writing by the parent/guardian within the first ten
(10) school days of the course. All course changes must meet the following criteria: an
FTE-eligible course is available for the student, space is available in an already scheduled
course, the student’s graduation requirements can be met within four years, and be
approved by the teacher and guidance counselor.
Students may be allowed to transfer out of a course outside the 10 day period in the
event of an exceptional hardship or in response to a teacher recommendation. Failure in
the course alone should not be considered an exceptional hardship. Factors which
interfere with a student’s mastery of the content such as a catastrophic event or extended
illness would be examples of an exceptional hardship. Requests for exceptional hardships
should be made in writing by the parent to the administration.
All schools in Fulton County operate on a system that divides the school year into two
semesters of ninety days each. Students take six classes per semester. Each class carries
a 1/2 unit of credit.
Many courses (including language arts, mathematics, world language, science, and social
studies) cover an entire year but they are divided into two separate semesters of study. For
example, students who take biology may earn one unit of credit during the year because at
the end of each semester a final grade and an assignment of a 1/2 unit of credit will be
recorded on the student’s academic record (if the grade was “70” or higher). In order to
maintain consistency and establish a greater rapport between students and teachers, every
effort will be made for students to remain with the same teacher for the entire year when
enrolled in year-long courses.
For a fee, students may enroll in FCBOE summer school classes. Each student may take a
maximum of two classes (1 unit) during the summer school semester.
To be eligible for the honor of class valedictorian or salutatorian, a senior must have been
an enrolled member of the high school during the five consecutive semesters prior to the
graduation date (fall semester sophomore year through fall semester senior year).
1. The valedictorian is the senior with the highest cumulative numerical average at the
end of the first semester.
2. The salutatorian is the senior with the second highest cumulative numerical average
at the end of the first semester.
3. Grades on the student’s official transcript will determine the student’s Grade Point
Average / Numerical Average.
2011-2012 High School Testing Schedule
High School Testing Dates
Georgia High School Writing Retest
July 13, 2011
Grade 12
July 12-15, 2011
Grade 12
Sep. 6, 2011-Mar. 23, 2012
September 12, 2011
Georgia High School Graduation Retest
Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA)
Grade 11
Grade 12
September 27, 2011
Georgia High School Graduation Retest
Georgia High School Graduation Retest
Differential Aptitude Test/Career Interest
Inventory (DAT/CII)
Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT)
October, 2011
Work Ready Assessment**
Grade 12
October 12, 2011
Grades 9-11
November 7, 2011
Grade 12
Dec. 12-15, 2011
Georgia High School Graduation Retest
Georgia High School Graduation Retest
Georgia End-of-Course Tests (EOCT)
Jan. 17-Feb. 24, 2012
Grades 9-12
February 29, 2012
Grades 11-12
March 26-30, 2012
Georgia High School Writing Retest
Georgia High School Graduation Test
State-Required Remedial Testing
April, 2012
Work Ready Assessment**
Grade 12
April 30-May 4, 2012
Georgia End-of-Course Tests (EOCT)
Grades 9-12
May 7-18, 2012
Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
AP Students
September 13, 2011
September 19-30, 2011
November 8, 2011
March 19-23, 2012
*GHSGT schedule subject to change based on state requirements.
**Questions regarding this assessment should be directed to (404) 346-4376
Grade 12
Grade 9
Grade 11
Grade 12
Grades 9-12
Grade 11
Grades 9-10
Chattahoochee High School has traditionally been well-represented by outstanding student
athletes. CHS follows standards and rules established by both the Fulton County School
System and the Georgia High School Association. Any student wishing to represent
Chattahoochee HS must meet eligibility requirements as defined by these organizations
and CHS.
The following regulations apply to all CHS student athletes:
To participate in athletics a student must pass five out of six courses the preceding semester.
Summer school is considered as an extension of Spring Semester.
2. A student must be present in school at least four (4) periods to be eligible to participate in a
sport that day.
3. Students who are assigned to Out-of-School Suspension may not participate in any school
activity until the day after their suspension ends.
4. Students who are assigned to In-School Suspension may not participate in any school activity
until the ISS term is completed.
5. All athletes must be on track for graduation at the beginning of each school year:
Freshman (1st year) entering 9th grade are eligible academically. Second semester first-year
students must have passed courses of at least 2.5 Carnegie units the previous semester in
order to participate.
Sophomores (2nd year)…………………5 Carnegie units and passed courses carrying at least
2.5 Carnegie units in the previous semester.
Juniors (3rd year)……………….10 Carnegie units and passed courses carrying at least 2.5
Carnegie units in the previous semester.
Seniors (4th year)……………….16 Carnegie units and passed courses carrying at least 2.5
Carnegie units in the previous semester.
6. Before a student may practice, try-out or participate in off-season workouts, a current GHSA
Physical Examination form must be on file at Chattahoochee.
7. Before a student may practice, try-out, or participate in off-season workouts, the student must
show proof of insurance.
8. All eligibility requirements established by GHSA must be met and maintained.
9. In order to earn an award, a student-athlete must remain in good standing on the squad (in the
sport he/she is participating) until the entire schedule has been completed and/or until he/she
has been released by the coach.
10. All athletes must obey training rules at all times, especially the general rules of the non-use of
alcohol, tobacco, and unauthorized drugs, as well as all local, state, and federal laws.
11. A student must return all equipment issued or pay the replacement cost of any item not
Fall Sports
Cross Country
Cross Country
Winter Sports
Spring Sports
Chattahoochee considers regular school attendance essential to successful learning.
Since every school day is important, "skip days" are not recognized, condoned, or
excused by the CHS administration. Anything less than perfect attendance may have a
detrimental effect on the grade and learning for the semester. Home Access is an effective
resource for following a student’s attendance record.
The school building is open to students between 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Students not in a
supervised activity should be out of the building by 3:45 PM. Early release students must
leave campus immediately upon dismissal.
Each year a student may request a maximum of six pre-approved absences by providing a
written note to their grade-level assistant principal at least 3 days prior to the absence. If
approved, the administrator will sign the written note and will send the student to the
Attendance Window to obtain a “Pre-Approved Absence” form. That form must be signed
by each teacher and returned to the Attendance Window prior to the absence. Preapproved absences cannot be granted after the date of the absence. All assignments
missed during pre-approved absences are due on the first day back to school.
Pre-approved absences may be requested for:
1. Scholarship interviews - college visitations
2. A travel opportunity with educational benefits
3. A graduation or wedding of a close family member
4. A specialized educational experience
5. A circumstance mutually agreeable to the parents and principal
Pre-approved absences will not be granted during final exams except in cases of very
unusual circumstances. Requests for pre-approved absences during exam days must be
submitted in writing to the Principal.
Students are allowed to make-up all work missed due to an excused absence. For all
absences, a written note of explanation signed by a parent/ guardian is required within
three days of the student’s return to school. The written note should be turned in to the
Attendance Office. Emails and faxes will not be accepted. After three days notes cannot
be accepted. Failure to comply will result in absences being marked as “unexcused”.
Notes are not required for school-sponsored activities. Students serving as a page in the
Georgia General Assembly shall be recorded as “present” but a written note is needed to
document the activity. When written documentation is provided, Georgia law excuses
absences in the following situations:
1. Personal illness of the student
2. Attendance would be detrimental to student’s health (i.e.: medical appointment)
3. Serious illness or death in the immediate family
4. Religious holiday
5. Pre-approved absence (See the previous section)
Mandate by a court order or a government agency
Voting or registering to vote (Not to exceed ½ day)
Out-of-school suspension assignment
Conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous to the student
All other absences not mentioned in the above sections, including absences due to truancy
and class cuts, are considered “unexcused”. Also, any absence for which a note from the
parent/guardian is not submitted to the Attendance Office within three days of the student's
return to school will be recorded as unexcused, and the student’s grades may be impacted.
Regardless of the reason, students who are marked absent for ten or more days from any
class may be required to provide a doctor’s statement in order to excuse future absences.
Students who are placed onto an attendance contract may receive disciplinary
consequences for failure to comply with school attendance rules and terms of their contract.
Failure to follow check-in or check-out procedures constitutes a class cut. Students failing
to adhere to CHS policy will be referred to an administrator for appropriate action. To
check-in/check-out, a written request from a parent/guardian is required stating:
1. The reason for a tardy arrival to or early dismissal from school.
2. The student’s homeroom section
3. A daytime phone number for the parent/guardian.
The request will be verified. If a student does not have a written request from a
parent/guardian, the check-in/check-out will be marked as an unexcused tardy or
unexcused absence.
For any check-in after the 8:25 bell has signaled the start of school, students must report to
the Attendance Office immediately and check-in. A student I.D. will facilitate the check-in
process. Students who report late to any class will not be admitted without a check-in pass
from the Attendance Office.
To check-out, students should take a written request signed by a parent/guardian to the
Attendance Window prior to the start of the school day. The attendance secretary will
issue a check-out pass to the student stating when the student is authorized to leave
campus. This pass must be presented to the classroom teacher in order to be
released from class.
Once on campus, students may not leave campus prior to the dismissal of school without
checking-out through the Attendance Office. This includes students who arrive on campus
prior to the start of school but who must leave before school begins. When a student is
unable to be in school but wants to come onto campus to get books, homework
assignments, or to take a test, etc., the student must go through the Attendance Office.
On Exam Days, on Early Release Days and on days preceding a school holiday, including
Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring Holiday breaks, requests to check-in or check-out must be
made in person by a parent/guardian at the Attendance Window.
Instruction occurs in all CHS classrooms from bell to bell. After the tardy bell rings,
students will not be allowed in any class without a Tardy Pass from the attendance window
or a written pass from a CHS staff member. Excessive tardies (more than 2 per week or 4
or more to the same class per semester) will result in progressive disciplinary
consequences as published in the “Student Behavior” section of this handbook.
In all Chattahoochee classrooms, instruction occurs from bell to bell. If a student is not in
class before the tardy bell rings, a Tardy Pass, Check-in Pass or written note signed by a
teacher will be required in order to enter class. This policy is designed to encourage
prompt arrival to class in order to minimize disturbances that occur when students arrive
late. Tardies to class will be tracked by the administration on a weekly basis, and they
may result in disciplinary consequences as shown below. Excessive tardies to the same
class over the duration of the semester may also initiate an administrator’s response.
Students will not be admitted into any class without a
Attendance Window Pass, Teacher Pass or Check-in Pass.
1 day of Public Detention
2 days of Public Detention
to same class during semester
1 day of Saturday School
5 or 5th to same class during semester
1 day of Public Detention
4 or
+ 1 day of Saturday School
6 or
to same class during semester
2 days of Public Detention
+ 1 day of Saturday School
7 or 7th to same class during semester
1 day of ISS
+ Step on FCS Discipline Cycle
8 or
to same class during semester
2 days of ISS
+ Step on FCS Discipline Cycle
9+ or Excessive to same class
Step + FCS Discipline Response
A class cut occurs when a student is absent from class for more than ten minutes
without having permission from their assigned teacher or authorization from the office.
**Juniors and Seniors- 5 tardies and/or unexcused absences to 1st period may result in
your parking permit being revoked.
A class cut occurs when a student is absent from class for more than ten minutes without
having permission from their assigned teacher or authorization from the office to do so.
Students who need to leave class due to illness should report to class first, obtain
permission to be excused from their assigned teacher, and receive a written pass in
their agenda to the Clinic. Students who become ill and are not able to report to class
first must report directly to the Clinic or Main Office – not a bathroom. If a student is too ill
to comply, he/she should have another student or teacher notify the office at once for
Students absent from school without parental knowledge prior to the absence are truant.
Truancy is a major attendance violation. A truant student may face disposition as an unruly
child (Ga. Code Section 15-11-67).
With 24 hours notice, students may secure the Certificate of Attendance form required for a
driver’s license and permit at the Attendance Office. The student will need to complete part
of the form and leave it with the Attendance Secretary. On the following day the signed and
notarized form may be picked up at the Attendance Office.
Parents/guardians of school-age children who have five or more days of unexcused
absences in a school year are held responsible. This is a misdemeanor and could subject
parents/guardians to one or more of the following penalties at the discretion of the court:
1. A fine not less than $25.00 and not greater than $100.00,
2. Imprisonment not to exceed 30 days, or
3. Community service.
Each additional unexcused absence from school is considered an additional violation of the
state mandatory attendance policy and must be reported as a separate offense. Attendance
information about unexcused absences are reported to the School Social Worker.
Ga. Code Section: 20-12-1180 (LOITERING AT OR DISRUPTING SCHOOL )
It is illegal to remain upon a campus or within a school safety zone when there is no
legitimate need or cause to remain. “Hanging out" with friends and other related activities
are not considered legitimate needs under the law. Violation of this law is a misdemeanor of
a high and aggravated nature and will be strictly enforced at Fulton County Schools. (At
Chattahoochee, unsupervised students must leave campus at 4:00 p.m.)
Ga. Code Section: 40-4-22: TAADRA
Any student who has ten or more school days of unexcused absences during the school
year will be subject to the rules of Georgia’s Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act
(O.C.G.A. 40-5-22). This law mandates the school to report non-compliant students 14-17
years old for the purpose of denying or suspending the driver’s license. In order to be
eligible for a license, a student must satisfy the attendance requirements for a period of one
academic year prior to the application for an instruction permit or driver’s license. The
instruction permit or driver’s license will be revoked for a period of one year if a student has
more than ten school days of unexcused absences in any semester or has been found
guilty of a serious disciplinary infraction.
The breakfast and lunch programs at CHS are under the direction of the FCBOE Student
Nutrition Program (SNP) and follow guidelines set by Georgia Department of Education and
the United States Department of Agriculture. Students are encouraged to purchase
affordable and well balanced meals, a la carte selections are also available for purchase.
Menus, meal prices, and other nutritional information can be viewed at the SNP website at:
Families meeting specific income requirements may be eligible for Free or Reduced Meals.
Paper applications are available at the Counseling Center and are to be returned directly to
the Cafeteria Manager or applications can be completed on-line at: The process is: only one application per household is
needed (application is returned to the cafeteria manager of the youngest child in the
household), approval process may take up to ten days (cash payment is required until
approval), and all returning students need to complete a new application each year within
the first 30 days of the new school year (the prior years status is maintained until the new
application is approved).
On-line payments are available to interested parents who wish to make on-line credit card
payments and view their student’s meal account at: (please note
there is a small charge made by the vendor for this service). Checks and cash are also
No student may cut or allow others to cut into the cafeteria lines. Students are reminded
that everyone is expected to clean up their own trash in the cafeteria or outside in the picnic
area as there are no personnel to “bus” tables. Failure to follow these expectations is
considered a disciplinary infraction.
Questions or comments can be directed to the Cafeteria Manager at 770-521-7657.
All students are scheduled for a lunch/homeroom class during fourth or fifth period.
Homeroom is a class that may be used for study, make-up work or research. After
checking in with the homeroom teacher, students may go to the Media Center if they have
a gold pass from a subject-area teacher. This option is available on a space-available
basis. Homeroom teachers are not allowed to initiate Media Center passes, and the Media
Center passes must be provided by a teacher in support of a classroom-based activity.
During the school year, special events will be made available to students during homeroom
such as assemblies and guest speakers.
During lunch students may dine together in the cafeteria or Cougar Courtyard. Seniors
may also utilize the Senior Eating Area at the bottom of the steps outside the cafeteria
stairs. During lunch students may visit the Main Office and the Counseling Center.
Students may study and relax in designated areas where supervision is provided.
However, all other areas of the building and campus - including academic halls, the gym
lobby, parking lots, athletic facilities and portable classrooms - are considered unauthorized
areas during lunch.
Students are not allowed to order and/or purchase food from outside vendors during
the school day, and disciplinary action may occur for violation of this rule. Parents are
asked to avoid the delivery of food items to students during the school day. Lunchtime
guests (including parents) are not allowed.
Senior Homeroom/Lunch. Seniors will be given the privilege of an extended lunch period.
As students become seniors, they are nearing a time in their life when they must begin to
assume more responsibility for their decisions. Thus, an assumption is made that seniors
will benefit if they are given more responsibility to determine how they will use their
extended lunch period. Students should keep in mind that the freedom to make these
decisions is a privilege that may be removed by the administration if they fail to observe the
rules of the school.
To assist in the dissemination of important information, seniors will meet weekly to bimonthly in the auditorium during their lunch period. These meetings are mandatory, and
attendance will be taken. Failure to attend may result in disciplinary action.
Counselors at CHS work with students individually and in groups to aid in personal, social,
career, and educational development. In addition to school-based counselors, there is a
graduation coach and one social worker who also provide assistance. Counselors provide
the following services:
1. Enroll students,
2. Advise students concerning course selections,
3. Confidential counseling for personal problems,
4. Facilitate group appointments for parents with multiple staff members,
5. Assist students and parents in making personal and educational decisions,
6. Assist students with study skills improvement or provide names of tutors, and
7. Information on college admissions and scholarships.
Except in emergency situations, students should adhere to the following procedure
whenever they wish to see a counselor:
1. Students should make an appointment to see a counselor. To make an
appointment, the student should complete an appointment request form in the
Guidance Office with the appropriate counselor. The counselor will send for the
student as soon as possible.
2. Students may visit the counseling center before school begins, during their lunch
period, or after school is dismissed for the purpose of making an appointment.
3. A student should never be absent from class for the purpose of making an
appointment or to visit the counseling center unless he/she has permission and a
written pass from the teacher whose class he/she is missing.
The Chattahoochee High School College & Career Center is an integral part of the
counseling services offered to all students. The goal of the center is to assist students in
exploring career options and mapping a route to achievement via further education or
training. Unprecedented job mobility among young people requires them to broaden their
outlook on future employment, be aware of new opportunities and be able to plan their
future with up-to-date resources.
Students may participate in graduation exercises after all requirements for
a High School Diploma or an Individualized Education Diploma have been met. After
4 attempts, a student who has not passed any portion of the GHSGT may meet the criteria
for a state waiver or variance. To determine eligibility for a waiver or variance, the student
should submit a request to the local superintendent. Assistance with this process is
available through the student’s counselor. Information about the criteria for waivers and
On-line courses and Plato courses are examples of options that are available for
completing coursework outside the traditional Chattahoochee curriculum offerings.
Information is available through each student’s counselor who must approve all coursework
prior to registration.
Transcript requests should be made in the Guidance Office. The cost is $3.00 per
transcript. A stamped and addressed 11x14 envelope is required at the time of the
transcript requests for colleges that do not accept electronic transcripts through
A parent/guardian is asked to contact the Guidance Office prior to student withdrawal.
During the last full day of attendance, the student should obtain a withdrawal form from the
Guidance Office and circulate it to each of his/her classroom teachers. The completed
withdrawal form should be returned to the Guidance Office at the end of the day. All
financial obligations must be met before student records will be forwarded.
The necessary forms and information for obtaining a work permit are available from the
Guidance Office.
Electronic Network
(Reference: FCBOE Policy IFBGA – Electronic Network Access Policy)
The School System's EN is to be used solely in support of the School System's educational
mission. All other uses are strictly prohibited. The EN shall not be used to publish or
transmit any information that: (1) violates or infringes upon the rights of any other person (2)
contains material that would be considered abusive, profane or sexually offensive to the
average person; (3) contains any advertisement or solicitation of goods or services that are
not school-related; (4) relates to the user's personal business or commercial activity; (5)
solicits the performance of any unlawful act; (6) encourages the use of controlled
substances; or (7) violates any local, state or federal law, Board policy or procedure or
school rules.
Computer systems around the world have access to the EN; therefore, the School System
cannot control the information available on the EN. Some of the information that can be
accessed on the EN may be inaccurate, defamatory, obscene, profane, sexually explicit,
threatening, racially offensive or otherwise objectionable. Parents should be aware that such
materials are on the EN and should caution their children not to access such materials.
Knowingly accessing or otherwise bringing such materials into the school environment is
prohibited and will be grounds for discipline, including the loss of user privileges or access.
Many written materials are the personal property of the author or other persons. Copyright
laws protect these ownership interests. It is not always possible, particularly in the midst of
classroom activity, to know whether a particular material is protected by copyright laws and,
if so, whether a particular use is permitted as "fair use." Therefore, students should assume
that any material they access on the EN is the property of another and that use of the
material is restricted by copyright laws, unless there is definitive evidence to the contrary.
Material downloaded from the EN should not be distributed to others unless such
permission is obtained from the owner of the copyright or his/her authorized representative.
Users shall not upload computer programs or software of any kind onto the EN unless they
obtain permission in advance from authorized school personnel. Users may upload onto the
EN only material they authored or material that clearly does not belong to any other person.
The School System accepts no responsibility for violation of copyright laws by employees,
students or other users.
Messages can be posted on the EN from computer systems around the world. The School
System has no control over the content of messages posted from these other systems. The
administration will determine which message boards and groups are most beneficial to the
educational mission of the School System and will carry these on the EN. Use of any other
message boards or groups is prohibited. Messages posted locally may be removed by
school personnel if they are in violation of Board policy, procedures or school rules. Misuse
of message boards or groups may result in termination of the user's access and/or other
disciplinary measures.
Students shall not use the real-time conference features of the EN (talk/chat/Internet relay
chat) for electronic chit-chat or other non-educational or non-work-related communications.
Users also must abide by any restrictions posted on the EN regarding interactive
Use of the EN is limited to support of the School System's educational mission. Therefore,
information transmitted or received over the School System's EN (including E-mail) should
not be considered "personal" or "private." Messages may be opened and read by the school
principal, department head or other appropriate personnel without the consent of the sender
or intended recipient. Local, state or federal officials may also obtain access to electronic
communications in connection with investigations or other purposes. In addition, messages
sent over the EN may be subject to disclosure under the Open Records Act.
Passwords provide an important means of monitoring EN use and preventing security
violations. Therefore, attempts to log in to the EN using another person's password, or
falsely posing as a School System administrator, or engaging in other security violations will
be grounds for termination of privileges and other disciplinary measures. Users should
immediately notify an administrator if their password is lost or stolen or if they believe that
someone has obtained unauthorized access to their password.
Computer vandalism is prohibited and may result in immediate termination of EN access
and other disciplinary measures. Prohibited conduct includes creating computer viruses,
harming or attempting to harm or destroy the School System's hardware, software or data;
harming or attempting to harm the data of another user, computer tampering
(hacking/altering hard drives), computer misuse, software piracy (Unauthorized use or
distribution of software). A student shall not alter or attempt to alter school licensed
technology and/or school hardware, steal or attempt to steal school licensed technology
and/or school hardware. Abuse of a computer system may also subject the abuser to
criminal penalties.
A student's access to, and use of, the EN will be discontinued when the student graduates
from high school, withdraws from the School System or is suspended or expelled by the
School System or violates any of the codes outlined above. A student whose access to the
EN has been suspended or terminated may request, in writing, a review of the decision by
his/her designee. Whenever possible, a final determination shall be sent to the student in
writing within ten working days of receipt of the request for a review.
Students must be covered by medical insurance in order to participate in school
activities. Information regarding school insurance and claim forms are available in the
Main Office but any agreement for insurance is between the student and the company.
Accident insurance is available for all CHS students through T.W. Lord & Associates, the
insurance carrier. The premium will be collected early in September for those students
wishing to enroll. Any student who wishes to file a claim for insurance is responsible for
providing a complete insurance claim form to office personnel as soon as possible after the
accident. The school and Fulton County Schools do not provide student insurance of any
kind. We offer the student a service only.
ALL “Affidavit of Residence” forms require a seal and stamp from a notary public
documenting the signature of the parent/guardian.
Newly enrolling students to Fulton County and rising 9th grade students must provide a
completed “Affidavit of Resident” form AND two acceptable proof of resident
ALL returning 10th and 11th grade students must provide a completed “Affidavit of
Residence” form along with a notarized parent/guardian signature. No documents
showing proof of residence are required.
ALL 12th grade students are exempt from the “Affidavit of Residence” requirement.
If proof of residency is delayed, the student will be provisionally enrolled for a period of
30 calendar days. Following the provisional enrollment period, the student may be
withdrawn after a 10 day notification period is given.
Students may use cell phones on school grounds before or after the regular school day.
Before the sound of the 8:25 bell that starts first period, students must turn off cell phones
and music devices and store the devices in an unseen place. This procedure will help to
ensure that cell phones, camera phones and music devices are not used for inappropriate
reasons while also protecting our classrooms from disruptions. During lunch and between
classes, a telephone is available for student use in the Main Office. Usage of
communication devices is NEVER allowed on any FCBOE vehicle or during an emergency
drill or evacuation.
Students may use personal listening devices before school, after school, and while at
lunch. During class and all instructional activities, including class changes, personal
listening devices are never to be worn, used, or visible without the explicit permission of the
Students who are found with electronic communication devices in the “on” position, in use,
or in view during the school day, including class changes, shall have the device
confiscated and disciplinary consequences applied. A parent or guardian must pickup all
confiscated electronic devices during the normal operating hours for the Main Office the
day it is confiscated. The student may pick up their device the following day. A student’s
refusal to relinquish their electronic device will result in additional disciplinary
consequences. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices.
The data clerk in the main office should be informed immediately when a student has a
change of residence, email address and/or phone number. In this way, school
communications - especially those of an emergency nature - and grade reports will reach
the student's home promptly. Changes in phone number and email may also be made
through the HomeAccess program. However, all address changes must be done through
the data clerk. The Data Clerk may be contacted at 770-521-7600, Ext. 137.
All high school students are required to take General Health. During this course, sexuality
education and AIDS education units will be taught. The school system believes that all
students should have access to factually accurate and appropriate information about these
topics. Students who are armed with the facts are better able to make good, healthy
decisions. We also believe that abstinence from sexual activity is best for school-aged
young people. All instruction in this unit is predicated upon this belief. These units will not
start until after the first six weeks of the semester.
At least one week prior to the beginning of these units, a letter will be sent home informing
parents/guardians of their right to remove their minor student from this unit of instruction.
Parents or guardians should sign and return the form if they do not want their student to
participate, and an alternative assignment will be provided. All materials used in the course
are available for parental/guardian review. The student's health teacher should be
contacted through the school office to make an appointment to see these materials.
Hall Locker rental fee = $15 / year
Locker Room rental fee = $10 / semester
1. Hall locker assistance is provided in the media center.
2. Locker Room locker assistance is provided in the Physical Education coaching office.
2. Locker fees are not refundable. All locker information is kept confidential.
3. Lockers should be locked at all times.
4. For security reasons, students should not share lockers or locker combinations.
5. Valuable items, money and personal property should not be brought to school or left in lockers.
6. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen textbooks, valuable items, money or personal property.
7. Damage to lockers may result in disciplinary consequences.
8. Searches of specific lockers or locker areas may be conducted in accordance with State Law.
Although staff members may be present beyond the posted hours, service to the public is
limited to the hours from 7:45 until 4:15. Classroom instruction will not be interrupted to
provide for the delivery of messages, lunch, forgotten class assignments, flowers, balloons,
etc. to students. Students are encouraged to check in the Main Office between classes or
during lunch if they believe an item may have been left for pick-up. If a family emergency
occurs, please contact the student’s administrator for assistance.
Failure to follow CHS procedures about medications will result in disciplinary
consequences. All over-the-counter medications must be carried in the original container
along with a written note from parents/guardians providing authorization for possession by
the student. All prescribed medications must be stored in the clinic in the original
container with a completed clinic authorization form.
Students are not permitted in any parking lot during the school day without authorization
from the Administration. Students are not permitted to remain in parked cars before or
during school hours.
In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, school records for a
student may be released only with the parent's permission if the student is under 18 years
of age (except when records are required by an educational agency in which the student
seeks or intends to enroll). If a student is 18 or older, the student may grant permission for
records to be released.
Chattahoochee High School is staffed with two School Resource Officers (Ext. 173). The
law enforcement officers protect the students and the school from theft and vandalism, act
as a resource for student concerns, assist in the investigation of student problems, and
function as liaison between the school and law enforcement agencies. School Resource
Officers are certified police officers possessing full arrest powers.
The school bus is an extension of the school. Students are expected to conduct
themselves properly at all bus stops and while riding a school bus. The bus driver has the
same authority that a teacher has in a classroom. Misbehavior on a school bus will result in
the loss of the privilege of bus transportation or other disciplinary consequences. Due to
safety concerns the following behaviors are prohibited on a school bus: eating, drinking,
shouting, extending body parts out of the windows, use of a cell phone, and throwing
If a student must ride a bus other than his/her own, a written request from a
parent/guardian must be presented in the Assistant Principals' Office prior to the start of
the school day. Requests will not be accepted once the school day has begun. The
request should include the reason for the bus change and a phone number that will provide
contact with the parental/guardian. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached for verification,
the request must be denied. Requests can only be accepted for changes involving one or
two days. Requests for bus changes involving more than two days must be made through
the Fulton County Transportation Office (770-552-6350).
Chattahoochee High School offers the opportunity for participation in more than 60 student
extra-curricular clubs. Please access our website at for a complete
listing of these clubs. If you are interested in creating a club, please contact Mr. Crotsley in
the Assistant Principal’s office.
At links are provided to each staff member’s blog and/or website.
The purpose of these postings is to provide current information about academic
expectations in each of our classrooms, including homework assignments and daily class
activities. A direct link to the teacher’s email is also provided.
Parents are encouraged to communicate frequently with school staff. Email is the most
effective way to contact CHS teachers. The email address of each CHS faculty member is
available at Parents should allow 24 hours for a response. A
conference involving multiple teachers and staff members may be requested by contacting
the Guidance Office at 770-521-7620.
Visitors who have school-related business must park in a visitor spot, sign-in through the
main office, and receive a Visitor sticker. Parents of currently-enrolled students or
prospective students who wish to set up classroom or school visitation may make these
arrangements through the Counseling Office. Individuals who are not enrolled in CHS are
not to be on campus while classes are in session - including lunch periods. Chattahoochee
students are not permitted to bring friends, relatives or guests to school with them.
Parents and community members who volunteer their time and talents significantly enrich
the Chattahoochee learning environment. Persons interested in serving as volunteers
should contact the Main Office (770-521-7600, Ext. 120). All volunteers must sign in
through the Main Office and park only in spaces reserved for visitors. Parent volunteers are
particularly welcome in the Main Office, Media Center, and Career Center.
During periods of inclement weather when school may have to be closed, students and
staff are encouraged to listen to local television networks and radio stations (750 AM).
The Media Center is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., providing support materials for
the curriculum and recreational reading. Members of the media center staff are always
available to help students and faculty locate and check out materials.
During the regular school day students may go to the media center only with a pass from a
teacher. During homeroom, a gold pass from a subject area teacher is required and must
include the homeroom teacher’s signature. However, during their lunch periods, students
may use the Media Center on a space available basis. When the Media Center is open
before or after school, it is not necessary for students to have a pass. However, an agenda
is required for access to the media center, and students must scan in upon arrival.
At the end of each semester, all library materials must be returned and all fines cleared.
Notices of fines and overdue materials are placed in homeroom boxes for distribution by
the homeroom teacher. Unpaid fines will cause transcripts and grade report delays.
Student I.D. cards are required to check out Media Center books and other materials.
Replacement I.D. cards cost $5. A date due card is stamped at the time of checkout. The
checkout period varies according to the resource. Reference and many reserve books are
only available overnight. Fines of 75¢ per day are charged for these books. Fines for
regular checkout are 5¢ per day per book, not including weekends or holidays.
During a research project, materials are often placed on reserve, with limited checkout.
Back issues of magazines can be checked out at the circulation desk. The latest issues of
magazines may not be checked out. Flash drives are available for overnight check out and
they may be purchased at the school store.
Our security system is designed to alert the Media Center staff if materials are taken from
the Media Center without being properly checked out.
A copy machine is available to students at 10¢ a copy. Color Laser printing is 50¢ per page.
Regular Laser printing is 10¢ per page.
Because a limited number of parking spaces are available on campus, parking is assigned
each semester to the juniors and seniors who qualify and who have submitted an
application. The parking application is to be submitted electronically and is available on line
at at the link to the “Student Parking Process”.
The system for parking applications is based on a lottery.
The system governing the distribution of Parking Permits favors Seniors. It is published at:
The system governing parking regulations is published at:
There will not be a hardship application process due to the lottery system.
As a socializing institution, the staff of Chattahoochee High School accepts the
responsibility of helping our students to learn appropriate behavior as they develop into
mature members of society. Many discipline problems can be minimized through
prevention. However, sometimes adult intervention is both desirable and necessary.
Problem behavior will be handled quickly and decisively as teachers and administrators
intervene and restore a supportive learning atmosphere.
To maintain a positive school climate, the Fulton County Board of Education, the
Superintendent, and/or their designees have established a Code of Conduct governing
student behavior and discipline. Compliance with these requirements is mandatory.
Annually, parents and students receive a copy of the Fulton County Code of Conduct that
summarizes our discipline guidelines outlining standards of conduct, means of reporting
misconduct, and possible disciplinary sanctions. Disciplinary responses to conduct rule
infractions will reflect a progressive disciplinary process. Some behaviors may also be
reported to law enforcement authorities.
Rule 1:
Rule 2:
Rule 3:
Rule 4:
Rule 5:
Rule 6:
Rule 7:
Rule 8:
Rule 9:
Rule 10:
Rule 11:
Rule 12:
Rule 13:
Rule 14:
Rule 15:
Rule 16:
Rule 17:
Rule 18:
Rule 19:
Rule 20:
Disruption and Interference with School
Damage, Alteration, or Theft of School Property
Damage, Alteration, or Theft of Private Property
(Physical or Verbal) Assault or Battery or Abusive Language to a School
(Physical or Verbal) Assault or Battery or Abusive Language by a Student
to any Person other than a School Employee
Threats, Harassment, Bullying, Disrespectful Conduct and Acts of Bigotry
Sexual Harassment
Weapons and Dangerous Instruments (Weapons Categories: I, II, and III)
Alcohol and Other Drugs/Psychoactive Substances
Disregard of School Rules; State, Federal and/or Local Laws; Directions
or Commands
Unexcused Absences
Dress and Grooming
Tobacco Use
Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Offenses
Technology Offenses
Gang Related Activity
School Bus Disciplinary Rules
Off-Campus Misconduct
Encouraging Violations of Code of Conduct
SCHOOL SAFETY ZONE: A School Safety Zone is defined as in, on, or within 1,000
feet of any property owned or leased by the school board.
CODE SECTION 16-11-127.1
It is a felony to be in possession of a weapon on school property or within a school safety
zone. It is a designated felony for a juvenile (under 17 years of age) found guilty under this
statute. A designated felony calls for a mandatory five year sentence and the juvenile will
automatically serve a minimum of twelve months in the juvenile detention facility and serve
the remainder of the sentence on probation.
The possession of any type of knife on the campus of any Fulton County school is
prohibited. If the blade of the knife is less than two inches, the incident can be handled
through the local school administration. If the knife is a switchblade or if the blade is more
than two inches in length, the knife is considered to be a weapon under the law and
possible expulsion and/or arrest will result. Any type of switchblade knife is considered a
CODE SECTION 20-2-751.4
This law is applicable to students in grades six through 12. It prohibits bullying of a student
by another student and shall require such prohibition to be included in the student code of
conduct for middle and high schools in that school system. Local board policies shall
require that, upon a finding that a student has committed the offense of bullying for the third
time in a school year, such student shall be assigned to an alternative school.
An orderly and efficient operation of the school day is provided at Chattahoochee so that
learning may take place in our classrooms. It is the responsibility of each of our students to
know and to abide by CHS rules and regulation. Self-discipline and consideration of others
are essential for a successful educational setting. The responsibility for development and
maintenance of this self-discipline is a combined effort of students, parents, teachers,
administrators, and the community that established the accepted value system. The
authority of CHS personnel is in effect when the student is:
1. on school grounds;
2. off school grounds at a school activity, function, or event;
3. traveling to and from school or a school activity, function, or event.
Chattahoochee Local Student Conduct Expectations:
A. Always follow the directions of any Chattahoochee adult staff member.
B. Keep your voice at normal conversation volume.
C. Avoid disruptive behavior in school including horseplay, public display of affection, etc.
Disruptive behavior is defined as any behavior that interferes with the educational
D. Students are responsible for damage to or loss of their books. Books without a FCS
barcode label will result in a book fine. Fine fees are paid in the Main Office.
E. Students may use personal listening devices before school, after school, and while at
lunch. During class and all instructional activities, including class changes, personal
listening devices are never to be worn, used, or visible without the explicit permission
of the teacher. Jam-boxes, radios without headphones, etc., are not permitted.
F. During an emergency or an emergency drill, students are to stay in a group and follow
the directions of their teacher. The use of cell phones is prohibited at this time.
G. Students are not permitted to remain in parked cars before or during school hours.
Students must receive permission from office personnel to return to their cars.
H. Students who fail to arrive to any class on time must immediately report to the
Attendance Window.
I. Students may not leave class for any reason without a pass, which includes the
student's name, the date, time, destination, and the teacher's signature.
J. Students may not leave campus once they have arrived unless they have checked out
through the Attendance Office.
K. Students may not visit other schools during the school day or on a teacher workday.
L. Food and/or drinks are to be consumed only in designated eating areas such as the
cafeteria, senior lunch area, front canopy entrance or Cougar Courtyard. This rule is in
effect at all times from the time the building opens each morning until school is
dismissed. Exceptions can only be made by the principal and are normally
reserved for class functions.
M. Students who are serving out-of-school suspension and in-school suspension are
restricted from representing the school in any extracurricular activities until the entire
suspension period is completed.
N. Students who are assigned to an out-of-school suspension may not be present on any
Fulton County property or campus until the suspension period is completed.
In an effort to encourage fair assessments and to authenticate learning, the
Chattahoochee faculty supports a strong policy against cheating. Unless directly stipulated
by the teacher, collaboration on class work, assignments, and homework is not acceptable.
Students who willingly provide other students with access to their work are in violation of
the CHS Honor Code.
Students guilty of cheating will receive a grade of "0" on the assignment or test. The
assignment may not be made up (students who have a “0” are not eligible for recovery).
Additionally, an Honor Code Violation Form will be completed by the teacher and filed with
the administration. Violations may be considered by faculty in making future
recommendations for membership in honor clubs. Students receiving an Honor Code
violation will be assigned to serve two (2) days of Saturday School for the first offense.
Students are required to sign the following honor pledges as applicable:
"I, ___
(student name)______, hereby affirm that I neither gave nor received any help
on this test. Furthermore, I used no sources of information to answer questions other than
those explicitly approved by my teacher."
"I, ___
(student name)______, hereby affirm that this project/paper is entirely my own
work. Further, I declare that I fully understand the concept of plagiarism and made every
effort to avoid it, including not sharing part or all of my research or writing or other work
except in circumstances explicitly approved by the teacher."
Acts of plagiarism include, but are not limited to:
1. use of words or ideas from a published source without proper documentation;
2. use of the work of another student (e.g. copying another student’s homework,
composition, or project);
3. use of excessive editing suggestions of another student, teacher, parent or paid
Many rule violations are handled immediately by teachers through the use of conferences,
phone calls, private detention assignments, counselor referrals, school social worker
referrals, behavior contracts, etc. Other violations will be referred to an assistant principal.
If a student is referred to an administrator, the administrator will determine if a rule was
violated. If a consequence is appropriate, the response will follow a progressive disciplinary
response and may include movement on the Fulton County Disciplinary Step Cycle.
When a student violates school rules and a disciplinary consequence is assigned, special
arrangements will not be offered to students. Students must make their own arrangements
for transportation. Students on work programs must make arrangements with their
employers to serve assigned detentions. Students assigned to suspension may not attend
or participate in any extracurricular activity until the suspension term is complete. Failure to
serve assigned consequences will result in an escalation of the disciplinary response.
Chattahoochee High School follows the FCS progressive disciplinary intervention cycle.
Private Detention
Teachers have the authority to assign private detention for failure to follow classroom rules
and procedures. Private detention is supervised by the assigning teacher. The
determination of the detention date, time and location is at the teacher’s discretion;
however, a minimum of 24 hours notice will be provided. Failure to serve a private
detention will result in referral to the Administration.
Private detention with a teacher has priority over public detention. Students having private
detention must bring a note from a teacher documenting the private detention consequence
in order for a public detention assignment to be rescheduled.
Public Detention
Public Detention is a 45-minute silent study period. Written notice will be provided to the
student. During the week of the assigned Public Detention, students may select which
day(s) of the week best fits their schedule and out-of-school responsibilities. Public
Detention is held on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons at 3:45 AND on Tuesday/Thursday
mornings at 7:30. Failure to serve Public Detention is considered a disciplinary infraction
and will result in discipline outlined below.
Students who arrive after the tardy bell will not be admitted. Students arriving without study
materials will not be allowed to serve Public Detention. No food or drink is permitted.
Sleeping or putting one’s head down is not permitted. Students sent out of detention for
disciplinary reasons will not be given credit for that day and may be referred to an
Saturday Opportunity School (SOS)
For some attendance and behavior infractions, students are assigned to one or more
sessions of Saturday Opportunity School (SOS). SOS is held each Saturday, 9:00 - 12:00
a.m., in the cafeteria. Students must be in their assigned seats, with books and work
materials at 9:00 a.m. Students are not admitted late to SOS. The session consists of silent
supervised study and community service work. Students who are removed from SOS for
sleeping or inappropriate behavior will not receive credit for attending SOS. Failure to
serve SOS is considered a disciplinary infraction and will result in discipline outlined below.
Public Detention
1st miss
2nd miss
3rd miss
4th miss
2 PDs
2 days SOS and a STEP
coded Rule 6 for
Insubordination per pg 28
of code of conduct
STEP on discipline cycle
coded Rule 6 for
Insubordination per pg 28
of code of conduct
Saturday School
1st miss
2nd Miss
3rd miss
4th miss
2 days SOS
1 day ISS
2 days ISS and a STEP
coded Rule 6 for
Insubordination per pg 28 of
code of conduct
STEP on discipline cycle
coded Rule 6 for
Insubordination per pg 28 of
code of conduct
In-School Suspension (ISS)
For some behavior infractions, students will be isolated with an in-school suspension
teacher during the school day. Teacher-assigned work will be provided and a one hour
community service period is included. A student assigned to in-school suspension will
report to the designated area and be seated prior to the tardy bell. Failure to arrive before
the start of the school day will result in an automatic public detention assignment for the
following week of school. The student must cooperate with the in-school suspension
teacher or face additional consequences. Students who do not complete the full day will
not receive full ISS credit for that day, and they must return the following day to make up all
missed time.
Out-of-School (OSS)
Students who are suspended out-of-school are expected to access homework and in-class
assignments using the CHS teacher blogs at Also, students may
contact teachers using the “Contact Me” link included on each blog. Assignments and
homework are due on the day the student returns to school. Suspended students must not
be on school property for any reason, at any time, including all extracurricular activities.
High school students are expected to develop social skills that include the ability to make
good decisions about when and where certain types of clothing are appropriate. At
Chattahoochee we encourage our students to “dress for success” by choosing attire for
school that is sensible and safe. Furthermore, clothing that is provocative or inflammatory
is not to be worn to school because it may distract from the learning environment. Clothing
must respect the personal beliefs and religious rights of all students and staff. Dress code
decisions are subject to interpretation by the CHS staff and administration.
Clarifications of Chattahoochee dress standards are as follows:
1. Modesty and neatness are good “rules of thumb”. Clothing must not expose bare
midriffs or cleavage, must not display uncovered undergarments and must not permit
visibility of undergarments through sheer fabric.
2. Shoes must be worn.
3. Students may not wear sunglasses in the building.
4. Ornamentation or clothing with writing, slogans, pictures, or symbols that depict or
insinuate messages in support of alcohol, tobacco or drugs is prohibited.
5. Ornamentation or clothing that depicts obscenities, profanity, vulgarity, racism, nudity,
sexual innuendo, gang affiliation, or violence is prohibited.
6. Beachwear or swimming attire is prohibited.
7. Sleepwear is prohibited including flannel/cotton pajama tops or bottoms, robes, and
bedroom slippers.
8. Studded apparel and chains that are greater than 6” in length are prohibited.
9. During the school day, blankets and pillows are prohibited.
10. Head coverings: During the school day, students may not wear head coverings
including hats, hoods, visors, bandanas, scarves, head wraps, etc. unless the apparel
is part of the student’s customary religious attire.
11. Jeans: The waistline of jeans/pants must be worn at the waist AND above the buttocks
and not display undergarments.
12. Three finger standard: Both shoulders should be covered with fabric that is as least
as wide as the width of three fingers and not display undergarments.
13. No holes standard: Holes, rips and tears in clothing are not allowed.
14. Tops: Armholes must not be oversized exposing skin or undergarments under the
arms or across the shoulders and back.
15. Mid-thigh standard: The length of shorts/skirts must be one inch below the tips of the
fingers when the waistline of the garment is worn at the waist and the arms are held
down by the side. This includes any item being worn over leggings or tights.
16. Necklines: Plunging necklines are prohibited. The low point of the neckline must be
higher than the sleeve seam or the armpit.
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