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The Sanctuary for Lent 2012
By Robert V Dodd
Brief readings for each day in Lent,
including a suggested Scripture, a short
devotion and a prayer. An ideal Lenten
gift for your Church members!
Abingdon Press, 48 pages
Product Code AB4048
Four Cardinal Virtues
By Ian Price
In an age of moral confusion, is it time
to revisit what it means to live a virtuous
life? In this new study by Ian Price, we
explore what constitutes virtue and
tease out the four classical cardinal
virtues of Prudence, Justice, Temperance
and Courage as the basis for living a
worthwhile life.
MediaCom Education Inc
Product Code MC504
10 or more copies
Product Code MC504D
$9.00 each
Call Him Savior
Scriptures for the Church Seasons:
Lent 2012
Each lesson in this lectionary-based
group study includes commentary and
relevant questions based on the Revised
Common Lectionary readings.
Participant’s Guide
Abingdon Press, 64 pages
Product Code AB1625
Leader’s Guide
Abingdon Press, 32 nested pages
Product Code AB1626
When God Uses All the Pieces – a Lenten Study
for Adults
By Shane Stanford
Seven sessions focusing on how God uses the
brokenness in people’s lives to make them
Abingdon Press, 64 pages
Product Code AB1628
Way Words
A Daily Itinerary for Lent
By John Indermark
One of the earliest designations of the church
was “The Way,” a name for Christ’s followers
that implies journey and direction. Here is an
“itinerary” for those who choose to travel this
way during Lent.
Abingdon Press, 112 pages
Product Code AB3065
The Seven Next Words of Christ
Finding Hope in the Resurrection Sayings
By Shane Stanford
Shane Stanford breathes life into the Easter
faith with his lively exploration of the ‘Seven
Next Words’ of Christ, words full of resurrection
surprise and vitality that will reinvigorate your
faith that ‘Christ is Risen, he has risen indeed.’
Abingdon Press, 98 pages
Product Code AB9821
Meditations on the Cross
By Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Ideal for devotional reading and personal
reference, these excerpts from sermons and
letters contain Bonhoeffer’s personal and
faithful words about the crucifixion and the
power of the cross for all Christians.
Westminster John Knox Press, 128 pages
Product Code WJK755
Reaching Toward Easter
Devotions for Lent
By Derek Maul
Maul challenges readers to journey from
Ash Wednesday through Resurrection
Sunday. Along the way they will discover
the focused opportunity Lent provides
to sit at the table with Jesus like the
disciples; to walk the dusty path from
Bethany to the very gates of Jerusalem,
observing the Master; and to listen
closely to Christ’s words of grace, hope
and challenge. Group study guide
Upper Room Books, 160 pages
Product Code TUR1061
Shadows, Darkness and Dawn
A Lenten Journey with Jesus
By Thomas R Steagald
Follow the shadows and darkness of
the Lenten season to the light of God,
illuminated through the powerful story
of Jesus’ resurrection.
Upper Room Books, 160 pages
Product Code TUR1032
The Awkward Season
Prayers for Lent
By Pamela C Hawkins
For each day of the week, prayers of
invocation, confession, intercession
and thanksgiving are shaped around a
theme prompted by the psalm for the
Upper Room Books, 128 pages
Product Code TUR9997
Forty Days to a Closer Walk with
The Practice of Centering Prayer
By J David Muyskens
Are you trying to do it all yourself? God
seeks a two-way communication. Using
Centering Prayer, a simple but deeply
powerful prayer practice, the author
invites you to spend time daily focusing
your heart on the Lord.
Upper Room Books
Product Code TUR9904
Sacred Breath
40 Days of Centering Prayer
By J David Muyskens
When life takes an unexpected turn that
leaves you reeling, sometimes you have
to remind yourself to just breathe. But
God is closer than the air you breathe
and this book helps you breathe deeply
in the presence of God.
Upper Room Books, 144 pages
Product Code TUR1031
The Final Days of Jesus
The Archaeological Evidence
By Shimon Gibson
A world renowned archaeologist reveals the
historic footprint of Jesus in Jerusalem and what
really happened during the final days. Gibson
reveals how archaeology has a major role to play
not only in how the gospels should be read and
understood, but also in understanding Jesus in His
Harper Collins Religious, 272 pages
Product Code HCP849
The Last Week
What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus’s Final
Days in Jerusalem
By Marcus J Borg and John Dominic Crossan
Using the best of biblical and historical
scholarship, these bestselling authors rediscover a
new way of understanding the Passion Week and
its monumental events.
Harper Collins Religious, 256 pages
Product Code HCP260
From Advent’s Alleluia to Easter’s Morning
Poetry for Worship, Study and Devotion
By Ann Weems
This collection of poems is organized to follow the
liturgical year from Advent through Easter.
Westminster John Knox Press, 160 pages
Product Code WJK491
Kneeling in Jerusalem
Poetry for Lent and Easter
By Ann Weems
In her inimitably powerful and creative way, Ann
Weems brings new insight into the Lenten season
with these seventy-one poems of inspiration.
Westminster John Knox Press, 112 pages
Product Code WJK515
Undone by Easter
Keeping Preaching Fresh
By William H Willimon
Helps preachers preach Easter sermons with joy
and confidence, rather than worry about finding
something new to say.
Abingdon Press , 116 pages
Product Code AB0013
Season of Ash and Fire
Prayers and Liturgies for Lent and Easter
By Blair Gilmer Meeks
Season of Ash and Fire will help pastors and
worship planners prepare for Lent and Easter.
Additional prayers and liturgies for use during the
season by small groups and families help extend
and unify the congregation’s celebration.
Abingdon Press, 159 pages
Product code AB454
Gospeled Lives
Eggs and Ashes
Practical & Liturgical
Resources for Lent & Holy Week
By Ruth Burgess, Chris Polhill
Eggs and Ashes includes a Lent discipline
for those who care about the environment. Liturgies, responses, prayers, poems,
reflections, meditations, stories, stations
of the cross, sermons, monologues and
songs, with some all-age resources – written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others.
Encounters with Jesus,
A Lenten Study
By John Indermark
What does it mean to be
gospeled? John Indermark
suggests that an encounter
with the living Christ demands a
response. Gospeled Lives presents
biblical characters who had such
an encounter. Some of these
persons responded with joy
and gratitude. Some ignored or
rejected Christ’s offer of good
news. These stories, along with
daily readings of scripture, written
prayers and suggested exercises,
make an ideal study for either
individual or group use.
Wild Goose Publications
Product code WIL787
Stages On The Way
Worship Resources for Lent,
Holy Week & Easter
Tracing Jesus’ road to the cross through
Lent, Holy Week and Easter, its purpose is
as a resource for lay and clergy worship
planners and enablers.
Upper Room Books, 144 pages
Product Code TUR9971
Preaching the Revised
Common Lectionary
Wild Goose Publications, 239 pages
Product code WIL736
Lent /Easter Year B
Offers liturgical advice for worship
planning. For each Sunday, there
are ideas to integrate the focus
on the Church Year through
worship, music, colour and the
proclamation of the Word.
Iona Dawn
Through Holy Week with the Iona
Edited by Neil Paynter
The dramatic events of the days leading
up to Easter Sunday are expressed
through biblical readings and the
reflections of several well-known Iona
Community members. To travel through
Holy Week with awareness leads to
a greater understanding of God and
Wild Goose Publications, 97 pages
Product Code WIL011
Fire and Bread
Resources for Easter Day to Trinity Sunday
By Ruth Burgess
This book of Eastertide resources offers
prayers, responses, liturgies, songs, poems,
reflections, meditations, sermons and stories, written by Iona Community members,
associates, friends and others, and is suitable for use by groups and individuals.
Wild Goose Publications
Product code WIL030
Lent & Easter Readings from Iona
Edited by Neil Paynter
These readings encourage us not only to
regard ourselves with a healthy realism,
so that we can accept responsibility for
our shortcomings, but also recognise
the nature and purposes of God and the
never-ending renewal of possibility, both
within ourselves and in the world.
Wild Goose Publications
Product code WIL762
Abingdon Press, 192 pages
Product Code AB803
Sharing The Easter Faith
with Children
By Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown has done
it again! As with all of her
books, Brown writes clearly
and helpfully, with conviction
and passion for what to share
and how to share one’s faith
with children. Sharing the
Easter Faith with Children is
theologically sound, biblically
focused, educationally on
target, and developmentally
appropriate. It should be required reading for every parent, educator, and pastor who wants
to communicate and celebrate the Easter faith with children.
Brown packs a lot of practical suggestions, insights, and activities
into this very readable resource. I am confident children will
mature in their understanding and affirmation of the Easter faith
when they have been nurtured in families and congregations
that take seriously what Brown offers.
Abingdon Press, 128 pages
Product code AB424
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Easter From The Back Side
Fresh Out Of The Box Volume 4
By J Ellsworth Kalas
Using his dynamic
method of
Bible passages
from an unusual
angle or a unique
starting point,
popular author
J Ellsworth Kalas
explores both Old
Testament and
New Testament
related to the
biblical story of
Jesus’ death and resurrection. Seven
chapters focus on key passages of
Scripture. Includes a study guide for
personal or group use.
Digital Worship Experiences for
Lent and Easter
The projection screen is no
longer found only in seekersensitive churches. Tens of
thousands of congregations
across the theological
spectrum--at least 17 percent
according to a Hartford
Seminary survey in 2001, and
over 40 percent according to
Abingdon research surveys-are designing multisensory
worship that takes advantage
of digital technologies. These worship teams are
projecting media (image, sound, lyrics, light, and beat)
that connect the people of God with the spectacle of
praise and celebration. The Fresh Out of the Box Series
offers an expanding reference library of content for
worship teams to adapt and customize.
Abingdon Press
Paperback, 91 pages
Product code AB9079
Abingdon Press
Paperback+dvd, 112 pages
Product code AB712
Worship Feast Lent and Easter
Complete Worship
Outlines for
Lent and Easter
By J Youngman
This is the next
in the popular
Worship Feast
line. WF Lent
& Easter takes
youth groups
from Shrove
Tuesday to
Easter Sunrise
with creative, experiential worship
outlines. Also contains seven worship
openers for Sunday school classes and
other settings. To deepen the Lenten
journey even more, it includes five original
Lent-themed worship songs on audio CD
and printed lyrics with chords.
Abingdon Press
Paperback+cd, 64 pages
Product code AB399
From the popular JUST IN TIME SERIES only $15.75 each
Palm Sunday and
Holy Week Services
Lenten Services
Prayers for Lent
and Holy Week
By David N Mosser
Abingdon Press, 112 pages
Product Code AB1031
By Lucy Lind Hogan
Abingdon Press, 94 pages
Product Code AB5516
Easter Services
Semons and Prayers
By Robin Knowles Wallace
Abingdon Press, 84 pages
Product Code AB778
By Kenneth H Carter Jr
Abingdon Press, 99 pages
Product Code AB632
Easter Extras
Are you Sleeping?
Easy Easter Dramas Speeches
and Recitations for Children
By Denise Harris
This reproducible collection features
Easter dramas, poems, and recitations
with minimal rehearsal time and parts for
children of all ages. The dramas recreate
the events of Holy Week.
Abingdon Press, 48 pages
Product Code AB4669
Joy in the Morning
Easy Easter Dramas, Speeches and
Recitations for Children
By Nate Lee
This collection highlights the stories of
Holy Week. May be presented with minimal
rehearsal; includes parts for younger
children; offers prayers, poems, recitations
and Lenten worship readings. Drama topics
include the events of Holy Week.
Abingdon Press, 48 pages
Product Code AB758
Faith-Filled Ideas for Easter Week
Multi-sensory experiences help kids
discover the significance of Easter
through devotions, games, snacks,
crafts....and lots of God-centered praise!
Group Publishing
Product Code GP694
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