A Ra y of Hope

A Ra y of Hope
In the thickness of humidity and dust, a young mother struggles to move her children through the streets of
lower Manhattan. Hungry and tired, they navigate the congestion of merchants, vehicles, and pedestrians.
Rounding the corner to the river, the reward, shimmering under a glint of sunlight, is the sight of metal ship
rails and the scent of salty air. With a sigh of relief, she guides her children down the gangplank toward
medical care, food, recreation, and unconditional support aboard the Ship of Health.
Rain Forest and Penguin exhibits open until 7:15 pm
Sea Lion feeding and show at 7:15 pm
Remarks at 7:30 pm
Raffle tickets on sale until 7:45 pm
Raffle drawing at 8:00 pm
Food by Sterling Affair
Music by The Duke Ellington Legacy
A Mission with a History
Founded by the St. John’s Guild of Trinity Church on October 19, 1866, “to afford
relief to the sick children of the poor of the City of New York without regard
to creed, color or nationality,” The Floating Hospital began its curative sea air
excursions in the summer of 1874 after a newsman took note of barefoot newsboys
forced off the city’s grass onto the hot pavement. The first trip from Battery Park
ignited an idea that set afloat a 147-year evolution that began with amenities
including a dining room, dispensary, sick wards, bathing areas, and a milk station for
babies and children. The Floating Hospital is now a full-service primary healthcare
clinic with several major programs including the Homeless Families Health Services
Program, Public Housing Health Services, and the Long Island City Community
Health Clinic.
A Modern Pioneer
The Floating Hospital moved ashore in 2001 where it continues to provide
consistent, respectful healthcare to New York City’s most disenfranchised families.
General medical, dental and mental health care as well as health education and
counseling are offered at our Long Island City clinics. The Floating Hospital’s staff
approaches healthcare from a positive point of view, celebrating and supporting
patients’ well-being rather than focusing only on ailments and illnesses. Patients’
social and economic challenges are met head-on by offering transportation and
serving everyone who walks through our doors, regardless of their insurance status
or ability to pay.
This past year the Queensbridge Housing Community Health Center opened as the
only federally qualified community health center located on New York City Housing
Authority property. This center is able to target specific areas of care based on the
issues confronting residents of the housing community.
Serving fragile populations
Receiving regular healthcare is a challenge for families living in domestic violence
safe houses and family homeless shelters. While safety is most important, a
Domestic violence is the third leading
cause of homelessness among families
One in four women will experience
domestic violence during her lifetime
In New York City, 25% of homeless
heads of household become homeless
due to domestic violence
Every year, more than three million
children witness domestic violence in
their homes and 30-60% of them also
suffer abuse or neglect. Without help,
many of those kids are likely to become
abusers themselves
move also disconnects a family from the familiarity of home: their schools, social
services, and medical care providers. As the largest provider of primary healthcare
to domestic violence safe houses and family homeless shelters, The Floating
Hospital is dedicated to serving these at-risk families through our extensive
outreach and transportation services as well as expanded mental health offerings
from specialists in domestic violence counseling for both children and adults.
Thank You
for Caring Enough to Help
The Floating Hospital continually evolves and develops services around the needs
of the communities served and will continue to make advancements in the coming
years. Our community outreach team was expanded and had its most successful
year in 2012 with over 3,000 items donated to its Candy Cane Lane program. Our
health education program has grown. None of what we have done could have been
accomplished without your generous support. Our ability to support growing
numbers depends on private funding and donations to meet general operation
costs left uncovered by government support. We hope that you will continue your
involvement as we further our collective mission to provide accessible quality
healthcare to everyone, regardless of race, income and sociological circumstances.
Your donation will help fund:
Operation and maintenance of our
fleet of vans, which safely transports
hundreds of residents from New York
City family shelters and domestic
violence safe houses to our main Long
Island City clinic each day
Health education programs and
workshops for children and adults in
nutrition, fitness, coping with domestic
violence trauma, chronic illness
management, and more
The expansion of satellite and shelter
clinics to increase our reach across
New York City
State of the art medical equipment to
provide the most up-to-date care
An electronic medical records system
to keep us in-sync with U.S. healthcare
requirements and patients’ medical
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Our mission
Founded in 1866 by the St. John’s Guild of Trinity Church, The Floating Hospital
has served as the family doctor for New York City’s most vulnerable citizens
for 147 years in fulfillment of its mission to provide quality, comprehensive and
compassionate primary medical, dental and mental healthcare to the homeless
and medically underserved New York City families and children.
Learn more about our work at thefloatinghospital.org and follow us on Facebook
The Floating Hospital will be selling
high-quality reproductions from its
vintage photographic archive. For
more information email us at [email protected]
The Floating Hospital is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Graphic design: Donald Murphy