Bullying Football: Mid-season report

OCTOBER 28th, 2011
by. Maureen Pappin
Mid-season report
2.7 million students are bullied
by. Ty Collins
each year. One out of 10 students
drop out of school each year due
to bullying. 75% of school shootings have been linked to a bullying issue. 160,000 students miss
school every day because they are
too scared to come to school and
face their bully. Between 15 and
Don Schrader: SHSD’s New Superintendent
by. Hailey Fisher
25 children commit suicide each
year due to bullying. Bullying is
a very serious issue and it needs
After effectively serv-
the small town of Glide,
perspective, Sweet Home
to be stopped. Bullying has in-
Josh Holman goes for the
ing the district as a super-
located just northeast of
has more students in our
creased within the last decade due
intendent for six years,
Roseburg, to come play
high school than they
to modern technology. It allows
This football season at Sweet
Home High School has become
one unlike any in the past several
years. A sense of integrity and will
has been supported by talent that
will take the team as far as they
wish to go.
a part in the Sweet Home
have in their entire school
the bully to feel more powerful be-
district. Schrader claims
cause they don’t have to face their
In mid- August, the Sweet
Home Football program began
laying the foundation to their upcoming season. The team quickly
set their first goal, to deliver a
dose of payback to the Stayton
Eagles in the early September
Endowment Game. With a team
full of varsity newcomers filling
the positions of former graduated players, they were ready to
dominate after the loss of nearly
40 points last year to Stayton. As
the team assembled that Friday
night, they did nothing less than
rule at their own Husky Field,
with a win of 22-0. The offense
which left the school
district with the job of
When Schrader began
that his job is a little dif-
selecting a new super-
his position as a superin-
ferent here than it was in
they want to say all over a text or
After much
tendent in Glide, which
Glide; there he had to do
consideration they came
he served for six years,
everything. He was prin-
to a decision. On July 1st,
there were only 700 stu-
cipal for the elementary
2011 Don Schrader began
dents total in the Glide
school and the middle
his role as the new Sweet
school district, and the
school, as well as a Spe-
number has decreased
cial Ed director; some-
Superintendent. He left
since. To put that into
times he even mowed the
They can say whatever
Dear Student Body,
Hey! We wouldn’t want you to forget about our sweet Dear
Annie. She’s just itching to answer your questions. So write her a
quick note about whatever has you puzzled and turn it in to her box
outside of room A12, and she’d be overjoyed to give you her advice.
Thank You, Newspaper and Yearbook Staff
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Dear The Huskian,
As one of your fellow
classmates walking through the
hallways here at Sweet Home
High School, I have noticed
that the negativity is so bad
that people judge others without even using words. I want to
make you aware so that maybe
you will notice it as well. I am
hoping that maybe by making
it aware to you it can motivate
you to help me change things.
It’s up to the students to make
our school a positive environ- nior things don’t seem to have
ment and a place we enjoy.
changed much; school is still
I hear people being in- just as difficult. Seniors may be
sulted or put down on a daily in a different state of mind bebasis. I don’t understand why. ing older than the lower classThe rumor is when people are man, but I don’t think as a role
uncomfortable with the way model for the younger kids that
they feel about themselves, the upper classman should behave
way they look, or other things that way. We as seniors are
they choose to take it out on oth- suppose to be positive and a
er people and make other peo- good example.
ple feel bad about themselves.
If you feel that there are issues
of your own that you
are un-comfortable
with, there are other
ways to let out your
feelings. Some advice I’d like to give
is to pick either a reMitchell Garcia
Chancey Fuesler
Emily Conrad
Belen Toscano
ally close friend or
Kristen Peterson
an adult and talk it
Emily Thompson
Hailey Rice
out. Putting others
Hailey Fisher
Ty Collins
down when you feel
Quin Wise
down is only putting
Staff Writers:
other people in the
Judy Alexander
Faith Parrish
same spot you are
Cody Cannon
Troy Underwood
in. I asked a fellow
Malissa Decleve
Krysta Wolbert
student how they
Brandon Moran
Kaitlyn Watts
feel about the way
Maureen Pappin
people judge others
Your opinion matters! Submit a letduring school and
ter to the editor by email, or drop it
he said, “One thing
in the Dear Annie Box (in Techno
I have noticed is it
Hall). Also, you can send a letter
appears upper classaddressed to The Huskian, 1641 Long
men think they are
Street, Sweet Home, OR 97386.
better than the [email protected] er classmen. I hear
them making insults
Editorial Policy:
All views expressed in the Letters to the Editor, to the lower grades
Opinion, and Dear Annie sections are the sole and walking through
views of their authors. They do not in any way the halls pushing
reflect the opinion of Sweet Home High School. people out of their
Letters to the Editor will be published at The
way.” I know that as
Huskian’s consent. Business ads that are placed
in The Huskian are purely for advertisement a lower classman I
and do not show their support for any opinion had a hard time, and
expressed by the authors in The Huskian.
even now as a se-
The other negativity I
would like to point out is that
not only are students unfairly judgmental, some of them
choose to let out their bad day
on teachers and become horribly disrespectful. I have witnessed students cuss out teachers or talk bad to them knowing
that the worst that could happen is that they would get written up or get reported to a higher authority. Teachers are not
given the right of self-defense
and students take advantage
of it. If you are having trouble
with a class or you are getting
a feeling that there is friction
between you and your teacher, try talking it out with your
teacher. If you go in while nothing is going on nine times out of
ten your teacher will be
more than happy to talk
out the situation. You
must be open minded
and understand that
you are not the teacher’s
target; they are only trying to guide you to success. As you’re talking
to your teacher really
try taking in what they
say. Sometimes it seems
like they are being hard
on you or being rude to
you, but teachers are human
too and they have bad days just
like you do. As much as it sucks
for you when they have a bad
day, you being the student may
be put in the situation where
you think they are being unfair
and believe me it will happen.
Be the adult that you know how
to be as a high school student
and hold in your opinion. If it
bothers you too bad just do like
I suggested before and have a
conversation with your teacher
at a decent time of the day and I
can assure you that your teacher will give you an apology.
I hope that after reading a couple of examples of what happens every day, it will be an encouragement to change things
around the school. I also hope
that by pointing it out it will
bring more awareness and help
people realize that others have
feelings, not just students, but
teachers too and a lot of our everyday problems can be avoided, creating the positive environment that a school should
- Breanna Hall
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
The New Teachers At Our School
Mr. Garcia
by. Maureen Pappin
Mr. Garcia is our new Spanish
teacher here at Sweet Home High
School. Mr. Garcia grew up in Dayton, Oregon. He received his Bachelor’s degree at Linfield College and
his Master’s at George Fox University. Prior to teaching, Mr. Garcia
worked for Wilco Farmers as the
lead warehouse assistant and delivery driver. Before teaching in Sweet
Home, he taught a Spanish One class
at West Linn High School for half a
school year.
Mr. Garcia enjoys teaching
Spanish because he likes to share
about his Mexican heritage with
others and he also enjoys speaking
Spanish. “And my best years came
from high school, so why not teach
high school Spanish,” says Mr. Garcia. Mr. Garcia states, “Sweet Home
students are great! They are respectful, humorous, cooperative, and dedicated.” In addition to that, he also
thinks highly of the staff members.
He appreciates how much they give
to our students each and every day.
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Banta
by. Krysta Wolbert
by. Kaitlyn Watts
Although Mr. Robinson started
late last year, he has come back full
time and ready to teach. His current
subject is English, and he’s also the
head coach of the Girls Junior Varsity Basketball team.
A small town boy born and raised
in Baker City is now our new wellness teacher here at Sweet Home
High School. Mr. Banta attended
college at Willamette University
spending four years for his undergraduate and five years total for his
Masters’ degree. With this being
his first year teaching he seems to
be doing really well. When asked
about his first impression of the
school, his response was, “I have
liked it a lot so far. It seems like
there are some good students here
and really good teachers. It’s a nice
place to start out a career.” Considering this is his first year teaching,
we’re glad he feels welcome.
Mr. Robinson spent his childhood in La Junta, Colorado. After
high school he went to Point Loma
Nazarene College. After graduation,
he went to work at high schools in
Silverton, Redmond, Woodburn, all
here in Oregon, as well as stint in
Roseville, California.
At Roseville High School, which
was the last school that he worked
at, he was the head football coach.
His classes were much smaller there
too; he went from three classes a day
with about 20 students in each class,
to six classes a day of 30 or more
students. “It wasn’t better, just easier and more controlled,” Robinson
stated. Roseville High School also
had about 4,000 students compared
to our 800, so moving to our school
has been quite a different experience.
Robinson was used to seven-lane
highways and the hustle and bustle
of the big city. Now he lives in the
much smaller city of Salem, where he
commutes to work five days a week
to the even smaller town of Sweet
Home. He moved to Oregon for his
family, and also to get away from the
violence and the big city life. We
are excited to have him working with
us full time now, and hope he has a
great year.
When asked how he got interested in wellness he answered, “I have
always been strongly interested in
the body’s functions. I was an exercise science major all through college and considering they go hand
in hand, this was the job for me.”
From the looks of things, he
seems like he will fit right in and
enjoy himself here. He has made
his way onto the football field as an
assistant coach and he has become
a major part of this town’s favorite
Friday night event. We are happy to
have him here at Sweet Home High
School, and hopefully this year
brings him many good students and
great experiences.
Miss Brosterhous
by. Brandon Moran
Our new teacher, Miss Brosterhous, is now in charge of the business
classes. Miss Brosterhous has lived
in Oregon her whole life and came
to Sweet Home from Medford. She
studied at Oregon State and Portland
State for her bachelor’s degree and at
Western Oregon for her master’s degree. This is her first time teaching
a class of her own, but she does have
some student-teaching experience.
She decided to teach business because she believes all aspects of business are fun. She also enjoys teaching computer programs, dealing with
numbers in accounting, and talking
about our legal system and business law. She thinks Sweet Home is
a small, close community, and that
they are very supportive of their high
school. Miss Brosterhous stated that
she thinks Sweet Home High School
is a welcoming school, and full of
positive people. She also mentioned
that the students are respectful and
seem to enjoy each other as well as
the high school.
New Superintendent
by. Hailey Fisher
in, is his main concern.
Furthermore there
Schrader also says that
are more resources here in
his transition was good. He
Sweet Home. He has been
liked Glide, but he also loved
busy since he started, and
the switch to Sweet Home.
he has already faced several
“The people are accepting,
challenges. However, from
everyone I talk to has a smile
on their face,” acknowledged
problems isn’t very difficult.
Schrader. He also stated that
He just has to follow the pro-
he feels like part of the group.
cedures and state laws to
At the high school, ad-
approach any problems that
ditional academic require-
may arise.
Student safety
ments for each graduating
and a positive environment
class have been added and
for kids to learn and grow
will continue to be added
by. Maureen Pappin
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
each year. Students have to
shows that no one cares for
testing, which resulted in
pass certain tests in order to
the place and makes people
higher test scores; he would
graduate and move on. For
uninterested in going inside.
like to see that improvement
some students this may be a
If things are neglected, then
continue. The ultimate goal
more difficult task than for
things will begin to fall apart.
is to get everyone to graduate
others. In order to address
The students, teachers and
from high school and leave
these new requirements, a
community take pride in a
no one behind. As far as per-
plan must come into play.
good quality building.
sonal goals go, Don Schrader
Schrader says, “The admin-
also states that, “If we are
wants to get involved and be
istrators have a good plan
looking good on the outside,
a part of the community.
for the academic require-
we know things are going
A positive message that
In addition the
well on the inside.” It makes
Schrader would like to leave
struggling students must be
you feel better about where
everyone with is, “I think if
determined, and there will
you live, when the appear-
we have the mind set, that if
be interventions available for
ance is kept up. Things will
we think we are the best, we
go well, and be less stressful.
will be and if we feel that way
Mr. Schrader feels that
The new superintendent
when a building is neglected,
was encouraged by last year’s
uncared for, or rundown, it
new goals for high school
others. Think about how you
right. We do need to stand to-
If you or someone you
would feel if you heard some-
gether as a student body and
know is experiencing bully-
one say a scathing remark
say, ‘bullying isn’t tolerated at
ing, you need to report it. Mr.
then it will rub off.”
sages, and write evil things
about you.
You would feel
this school.’ We need to have
Winslow says, “The most im-
online. Plus they can main-
online about her. She is one
helpless, sad, and distraught.
a bigger effect as a student
portant thing to do after you
tain their anonymity mak-
of those victims that received
Just remember to treat others
body. If you are being bullied
have reported a bully is be
ing it much easier for them
the worse of the worst of bul-
how you want to be treated.
you need to tell them, ‘Stop or
persistent. There are times an
to bully and not get caught.
I will report you.’
adult doesn’t get to it imme-
When you bully someone,
forms of bullying. Her death
whether it be cyber bullying,
was a tragedy and the people
verbal bullying, physical bul-
of her small town wanted to
lying, whatever it may be, it
take control and punish her
can hurt. We all need to re-
alize the depth of our actions
Phoebe’s school faced several
and words. Words can kill.
different charges in court,
For example Phoebe Prince
such as harassment, statutory
hung herself due to extreme
rape, stalking, and violation of
bullying and harassment. She
civil rights with bodily injury.
moved to Massachusetts from
These bullies got exactly what
Ireland, looking for the aver-
they deserved. Suicide is not
age American teenage life.
the right way to end bullying,
Instead she found out how
but Phoebe Prince’s suicide
cruel high school students
showed our society how bad
can be. Girls would call her a
bullying can truly be. We all
slut, send her nasty text mes-
need to consider how our ac-
She experienced all
Six teenagers from
tions and words can impact
I have learned that there
are more ways then one to
Another way to end bul-
diately, so it is your job to be
stop bullying. One way, ac-
lying is by getting more in-
persistent and keep coming
cording to Mr. Winslow, is
volved at school. Join more
back to remind us.” He also
having our student body pre-
clubs and sports. By doing
says it helps to have a witness
vent bullying. “From the bul-
this you will have another
because it makes it easier to
ly’s standpoint, they just want
support group who you can
prove the case. If you are bul-
to get a reaction out of their
trust and turn to.
And re-
lying someone, you may not
That’s what they
member, high school does
realize until it’s too late the
want and that’s what they ex-
not define the person you will
extent of which your actions
pect. If our student body has
be. High school is only the
have harmed that individual.
some courage, and starts to
first step into life. After high
Likewise, if you are being bul-
stand up to bullies we can stop
school you can start living
lied, report it. You may be
it. If the student body stands
your life and start working to-
surprised by how much sup-
up and says to the bully, ‘No
wards your dreams and goals.
port you receive from your
you can’t do that here any-
Remember, you define who
peers. It’s time for our school
more’ we can prevent this,”
you are, not the words or ac-
to take a stance against bully-
says Mr. Winslow; and he is
tions of some childish bully.
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Foreign Exchange Program
by. Hailey Fisher
Anna Chang
Anastasiya Domashenko
Anna Chang is 17 years old and a foreign exchange student that has come to
Oregon from Taiwan; an island off the
coast of China. She has four people in
her family back home, and is happily
hosted by the Kelly family. Anna claims
she likes America because, “School is
fun, and relaxing.” In Taiwan, school
begins at 7:30 a.m., and doesn’t get out
until 5:00 p.m. There are many differences between the two countries. Anna
is used to eating mainly vegetables
cooked in a variety of ways, where as in
America there are a lot of fast food restaurants and we consume a lot of meat.
We use meat as a main dish, while in
Taiwan they use it as a side. In Taiwan
they can’t receive their license until they
are 18 years of age. However, they have
many more buses for transportation.
Taiwan’s building styles and sizes are
different too. Our buildings are built
outward, and their buildings are built
upwards, consuming less surface area.
The rain here is a lot cleaner than it is
in Taiwan, where they deal with tropical
Acid Rain. School is way different here
from her country. Around 60 students
Anastasiya Domashenko is from the
country of Kazakhstan, which is near
Russia. She is 17 years old. There are
three other members of her family back
home in Kazakhstan. She is hosted by
the Kelly family, along with Anna Chang.
Anastasiya wanted to come to America
to try another culture, and she feels it is
interesting to experience things in another country. She has come to find she
likes America, although she still misses
her family back home. She likes being
able to choose her own classes, and being a part of the Girls Soccer team. She
feels that there are many differences between countries. The food has been a big
change for her. Another difference is the
way Americans spend their evenings. In
Kahzakstan she claims she usually hangs
out with her friends. In school, they
have a more difficult schedule than here,
settle in one classroom all day, and
their teachers switch from classroom to
classroom, instead of the students. The
teachers also base the class on lectures,
leaving them to study for their tests.
Here, there is more homework than in
Taiwan. She claims that school is more
difficult in Taiwan because the teaching
styles are very diverse. After she graduates, she plans to go back to Taiwan,
spend another year in school, and move
on to college.
Yoshiko Tomono
Yoshiko Tomono is 16 years old, and
came here from Japan. She is from a
family of four, and is staying with Maurine Zucher. She wanted to travel to
America to learn, expand on her English, and make a lot of new friends. She
likes the freedom, and nature, and the
countryside of Oregon. Some differences between America and Japan according to Yoshiko are the roads. In
Japan the roads are a lot smaller than
they are here. People also drive on the
right hand side of cars, not the left. Also
the food and buildings are different.
The Japanese buildings are built taller
and closer together, while they are wide
and roomy here. Differences between
schools include things like everyone
here chewing gum and bringing water
to class. In Japan the students are not
allowed to bring gum or water to class.
There are many rules for their school,
and it is stricter there. They are not allowed to dye their hair, wear makeup,
jewelry, or heels, and they are only allowed to wear their school uniform.
Here, everyone wears jeans all the time.
After graduation, she plans to go back
to Japan, and take one more year at Josai High School.
which is also the same for every student
at school. After she graduates from
Sweet Home, she plans to return home,
pass her exams, and to attend the Russian Federal University.
Maxx Nguyen
Maxx Nguyen is from Vietnam,
which is in South East Asia. He is
16 years old, and comes from a family of four. He is hosted by Rodney
and Carla Hathaway. Maxx wanted
to come to America to exchange cultures, learn new things, improve his
English, and to experience living in
this “wonderful country.” Maxx really likes the life here, and the fact
that everyone is nice to him. He likes
the food and people. He says “Everything is wonderful to me; friends and
teachers are good and always help me
when I need it.” Maxx also says that
there are many differences between
Vietnam and America. He has to
purchase his lunches at school, and
he says the food is really good. He is
also not required to wear a uniform
here, and he has a chance to ride to
school on a school bus. He now studies many new subjects with new ways
of teaching, and learning. Maxx also
participates in Boys Soccer and he
enjoys it. When he graduates from
Sweet Home, Maxx plans to find a
suitable college in the field of Economics, and his dreams include being a businessman.
Shiho Harada
Shiho Harada is an exchange student from Tokyo Japan, and is 17 years
old. She wanted to spend a school
year in America to change her lifestyle
and to learn and develop her English
more. She is from a family of four and
is hosted by Bob and Cynde Burford.
She likes America for many reasons she
says. She enjoys the nature in Oregon,
along with the quiet, the mountains,
trees, and the stars. She has made
many new friends already. She also
likes that she is able to try and experience new things. She likes the weather
here and that there are no earthquakes,
like there are in Japan. She also likes
that the breaks here are four minutes
between classes. School is different
too. There is a ten minute break between every class in Japan. Students
are also not allowed to be off campus
during lunch times. After she graduates from here, she will return to Japan
to take the entrance examination for
the University of Japan, and will continue to learn more English.
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Human Trafficking
by. Kristen Peterson
The legal definition for
human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for
the purposes of reproductive
slavery, commercial sexual
exploitation, and forced labor. Human trafficking is
this and more. The United
States Justice Department
states that a little over 17,500
people are trafficked into the
U.S. each year alone. Human trafficking is a topic that
most people overlook, but
what they don’t realize is that
this form of human slavery
is reaching epidemic proportions.
When Americans imagine slavery, they remember
the most common example
from our own history; African Americans being held in
a Caucasian’s home and being forced to work for them
during the period before the
Civil War. As bad as that type
of slavery was, modern slavery is much worse. Before
the Civil War, slave owners
would try to get a lifetime of
service out of their slaves. It
was in their best interests to
provide at least some basic
level of care to get 40 to 50
years of work out of a slave.
Today, these modern slave
masters will drive their captives to death in a matter of
four to five years. By working them as sex slaves, drug
mules, or sweat shop factory
workers, their goal is to make
as much profit as they can in
as short a period as possible.
And when you wear this poor
unfortunate human being
out, you simply kidnap another and start again.
Oregon passed a law in
2007 which made it clear
that human trafficking was
a crime and was defined as
a class B felony. This law is
known as Oregon Revised
Statute 163.266, it is also Oregon’s trafficking in persons
statute. The law reads, “A
person commits the crime
of trafficking in persons if
the person knowingly: (a)
Recruits, entices, harbors,
transports, provides or obtains by any means, or attempts to recruit, entice,
harbor, transport, provide or
obtain by any means, another
person knowing that the other person will be subjected
to involuntary servitude as
described in ORS 163.263
or 163.264; or (b) Benefits
financially or receives something of value from participation in a venture that involves an act prohibited by
this section or ORS 163.263
or 163.264.” This basically
means that if somebody was
to do any of the things listed
above, that they are breaking
the law.
The state of Oregon
claimed that this law should
decrease the incidents of human trafficking in our state
and make us tough on the
slave trade. The problem
is that since the law passed,
there have been no convictions in the state for human
According to
Hopkins Relations, an organization that monitors
human trafficking in the
United States, “Oregon does
not have effective trafficking
legislation. There have only
been 8 trafficking charges
under Oregon’s statute- with
none of them arriving at conviction. The trafficking statute is used to stack charges
against a defendant, before
ultimately dismissing the
charge and convicting under
Compelling Prostitution.” So
although Oregon does indeed
have a law that is supposed
to be useful in preventing or
stopping trafficking, they are
obviously not enforcing very
Shared Hope International, which is a non-profit organization that raises aware-
ness of human trafficking,
gave a report card to Oregon
based on the human trafficking laws. On this report
card, our state received a
“D”. There are a number of
reasons why we received this
grade, one being that the law
does not make trafficking a
minor a distinct and separate
crime. The compelling prostitution of a minor law is not
part of the trafficking law,
which means that most child
victims are left with very
little protection and without
the label of “human trafficking victim.” The person who
trafficked the child, also gets
away with just a Class B Felony under the prostitution
law, which is a maximum of
ten years and a $250,000
fine, but most get out in half
of that time or less because of
“good behavior.”
The second reason is that
the law against solicitation
of prostitution does not distinguish the solicitation of an
adult from buying sex with a
minor. Under Oregon’s statute, the person would get a
class B felony, but if they are
convicted under the solicitation law, all they will get is
a misdemeanor fine. Also,
the man or woman who is
convicted of the trafficking
in person law and the solicitation of prostitution is not
forced to register as a sex offender until they have multiple cases on their record.
Our very own I-5 is one of
the main corridors where human trafficking takes place.
You’re probably wondering,
“How could our little state of
Oregon have one of the busiest places for human trafficking?” Well being that I-5 is
the main corridor up to Seattle and down to Los Angeles, it’s a highway that a lot
of people travel and nobody
would suspect anything if
they saw a couple of young
girls sitting in the backseat
of a vehicle. There are other
contributors to Oregon’s high
human trafficking rate which
includes a high runaway
rate, and Portland having the
highest per capita legal strip
clubs in the nation.
However there is something that Oregon is doing
now to help strengthen the
prevention of human trafficking. That is the Polaris
Project. The Project’s objective is to both raise awareness
about the issue and prevent
trafficking by putting stickers in places like bars, restaurants, and grocery stores
with a hotline number on it.
This hotline can be reached
at any time and anyone is
encouraged to call if they see
somebody that is the victim
of human trafficking. 1-888373-7888 is the number that
the Polaris Project uses that
also connects with the National Human Trafficking
Resource Center. You can
call this number 24/7.
might be helpful, it might
not be enough to stop human trafficking. If our state
really wants to prevent this
from being a daily tragedy,
our police officers need to be
trained more often and harder to look out for this type of
crime. As of now, officers are
not specifically trained to see
a young girl in a car or on the
street that is in distress and
think, “Hey, she might be in
serious trouble.” The officer
is bound to think that she is
just having family or friend
issues. Not only do Oregon
police need more training,
but they just need to look for
it more. On top of the officers
getting more training, judges
need to actually enforce the
law! As stated earlier, there
have been 8 different cases
charged with human trafficking, but every single one
of them was plea bargained
away as compelling prostitution.
Ultimately, the compelling
prostitution law needs to be
changed to include Oregon’s
trafficking in person statute. Right now the compelling prostitution law does not
reference the statute at all
which means that a person
could be accused of human
trafficking, but instead they
can plea guilty of compelling
prostitution and get off with
a lesser penalty. By changing
the prostitution laws, it will
be harder for someone who
is guilty of human trafficking
to get themselves out of the
situation and they will finally
get what they deserve.
The police being trained
and looking for human trafficking, the judge actually
enforcing the law to the full
extent, and the change of the
compelling prostitution laws
so they include Oregon’s trafficking statute, are the three
magic touches that Oregon
needs to fully prevent human
Key Club
by. Brandon Moran
At the last Key Club meeting,
we not only held elections for
new officer positions, but also
decided to try something new
this year, co-presidents. Nicole Ailshire and Joanne Stoddard are the new co-presidents.
Curtis Froman has filled the
position of vice-president, and
Brandon Moran is the secretary
for the year. Kyle Blackwell is
the Key Club treasurer, and
Sara McCartin is the new bulletin editor. Even though we
have new officers, a new Kiwanis Club advisor, and new members, we will still do as much as
we can to help our community
this year and for many more
years to come.
On Friday, October 28th,
Key Club will be holding a dance
at the high school in the activities gym. Mr. Augsburger and
the leadership class have agreed
to give the Key Club the chance
of putting on this year Halloween Dance. The event will be
a costume dance, so dress up!
Remember, this is still a school
dance, we remind you to dress
and dance appropriately. The
proceeds will go to support future Key Club events and charities. We hope the event is a
great success and we hope to
see you there too!
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Privacy Vs. Surveillance
Who’s Winning?
by. Troy Underwood
Right this moment, take a quick
glance around your surroundings. If
you aren’t at home or on the toilet,
chances are you’re being watched.
Since 9/11, our government felt it
needed to covertly step into our personal privacy via the ever-watching
eyes of security cameras and the
hear-all wiretap. Is there really such
a thing as privacy nowadays?
try in the world. Having over four
million security cams in use, which
is more than the entire world combined (not counting other surveillance devices), you truly have no
where to hide. Although the majority of citizens in Great Britain oppose
this, their government takes pride in
their ever-watched society, claiming
that crime is a stoppable act.
Consider this hypothetical, yet
real life situation; you wake up in
the morning and walk out to your
car, but across the street is your nosy
neighbor with his security cams fixed
on your yard. Later, you drive off to
work and when you come to an intersection, there’s a camera watching to see if you run a red light. Once
you arrive at the parking lot of your
job, security cameras on the building
watch as you enter and exit. Finally
you make it to your desk, but what’s
this? Glancing to your upper right
at the ceiling is yet another security cam watching your every move.
Smile folks, your lives are on film
Frighteningly enough, there are
readily accessible sites (i.e.www.
extremesurveilence.com) that offer
surveillance devices that are seemingly innocent (alarm clocks, pens,
teddy bears, even computer speakers!), but come equipped with a microphone and camera. Technology
is invading our homes and striking
from anywhere, and unfortunately
you would never suspect it.
Frighteningly enough, you aren’t
even safe when sitting at your computer at home now. For instance, in
2010 Lower Merion School District
in Philadelphia issued laptops to
their students, which all had webcams. Little did the unsuspecting
students know, but these webcams
could be covertly activated by the
school’s administrators. Basically,
they could spy on you and your family at any time and you’d never know
As of 2011, Great Britain has been
labeled as the most paranoid coun-
Although this heightened level
of security which is almost entirely
based off of the fear of terrorism
may seem inconvenient, it can also
be comforting to an extent to know
that the baddies are being watched.
Also, as our society continues to advance technologically, our battle for
privacy is pretty much inevitable to
fail; you might as well start accepting
this now.
Are there ways to escape this personal invasion? The honest answer
is no, not anytime soon. As technology further dominates our lives it
will also dominate our security, privacy, and existence; welcome to the
21st century. Either way you look
it at, privacy is becoming an extinct
luxury in the modern world. Smile,
they’re watching you.
Belen on Books
by. Belen Toscano
The new school year haunts everyone; back to sitting in class with blank stares
abound, coming home to more assignments, and most tragically, knowing that
there’s less time for reading! This also means less free time to choose what to spend
it on. Quick selections of novels to escape from school are provided for you here,
hopefully helping you cope with what school brings.
The Brief Wondrous Life
of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz
strikes a stone at heads; you’re thinking, “Gosh, this hurts. What a painful experience.” Yet, you don’t want
to throw a stone back; in fact, you’ll
probably want to emotionally aid Oscar during his numerous plights with
society and the people around him.
Oscar is literally cursed to a bad life;
for starters he has trouble with his
own self-image and can’t get along
with his family. Like the stone, this
one is a tearjerker. Thoughtful and
pensive, it will take you back to your
most vulnerable days.
The Forest of Hands and
Teeth by Carrie Ryan isn’t
like those typical zombie apocalypse
stories you read about. In the Forest, a religious order controls a village
seeking refuge from dangers outside.
These dystopian leaders hide secrets
and add to an already rising tension.
The heroine, Mary, is a dreamer who
seeks to escape that place and find
adventure elsewhere; a trait relevant
to many young adults. And honestly,
who doesn’t love a good apocalypse
No, these novels aren’t shallow Debbie Downer pieces objectified, but they are
some pretty good books. Hopefully your escape from school and other aspects of
life are beneficial, something these novels may provide.
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
he boy, dressed in a badly made vampire costume, marched ahead of his two
friends. His costume included a cape with a
black exterior and bright red interior, he had
black pants with a black dress shirt on, and he
had plastic vampire teeth on.
Behind him was a girl dressed in a tattered
white knee-length dress, white boots, and
white wings to complete her angel outfit. Beside her walked a boy in a black cloak, black
gloves, and red and black face makeup. He
had decided to dress up as Darth Maul.
As they were walking, the vampire, Adam,
kept glancing back at the two behind him. After several minutes of this, he let out an exasperated sigh and turned to face them while
walking backwards.
“Would you two hurry up?”
The angel, Wendy, rolled her eyes. “Would
you slow down? You didn’t even want to go.”
He stuck out his chin and pouted at her,
“Just ‘cause I don’t like scary things doesn’t
mean I have to walk slowly.” Wendy rolled
her eyes at him.
The Star Wars boy, Brent, stared at Adam
for a moment before stating, “I think your
fangs are falling out.” Adam looked alarmed
as his hand flew up to his mouth and felt his
fangs. He glared upon discovering that they
were fine. “Oh, I guess I was wrong.”
“Of course you were wrong.” Brent just
shrugged in reply, looking unconcerned.
Adam frowned at him.
They continued down the street, heading toward the haunted house. Adam and
Wendy were bickering about something and
Brent was watching them with amusement.
As they got to the haunted house, Adam eyed
it warily. Wendy was looking ahead of them,
her eyes bright with excitement, waiting for
something to jump out at any moment. Brent
looked bored as he waited for them to get inside.
The front of the building was decorated
with spider webs all over the windows and
doors. When it wasn’t the season of tricks or
treats, the building was an old warehouse, so
they weren’t expecting much.
The front door looked old and it creaked
when they pushed it open; they noticed the
other doors looked the same when they got in
the hallway. The floor creaked in a couple of
places and spider webs hung from the ceiling
and corners. It also sounded as if there was
background music playing moans and creaks
and other creepy sounds.
The third door in the hallway was open,
and they peered in as they were about to pass
it. Adam jumped when he saw a woman lying in a bathtub with a dark, blood like liquid splashing around inside it. She tilted her
head and blinked over at them. Adam hurried passed it and paused as he waited for
his two friends. Brent had glanced in and
then stopped next to Adam, while Wendy
had stayed for a moment longer to study the
room with a grin on her face. After a moment,
she joined them and they headed to the next
As they came to the room, they looked
in and saw three open coffins lying in a row
on the floor with a person in each one, their
arms lying by their sides. The three of them
stood and stared for a long moment, waiting
for something to happen. Brent was starting
to believe it was all for show, and Wendy was
starting to feel disappointed, when one of the
people blinked and turned their head to stare
at them. They started to sit up, with blank
looks on their faces, and move toward the
three. Wendy looked excited now, but Adam
just looked terrified.
And then they started making noises,
mostly of garbled words and moans. Now the
three could get a good look at them; they were
all dressed in tattered clothing, and their skin
looked deathly pale with bruises and discoloration all over them.
At this point, they decided to head forward. Adam still looked horrified from the
previous room, and he hadn’t had much time
to collect himself before the door they’d just
passed opened, and Leatherface from the
Texas Chainsaw Massacre stepped out, revving chainsaw in hand. Adam yelped upon
turning around and seeing him; even Wendy
looked startled, though still excited. Brent
eyed the man, looking like he was unwilling
to run away if he were to start chasing them.
Leatherface looked around, as if looking
for someone, before seeing them. He tilted
his head with interest and looked them over,
taking a step toward them, to which the three
of them stepped back. Adam was terrified
as he waited, and even Wendy looked suspicious, but all the man did was shake his head
and disappear back in the room he had come
from. Distantly, they heard his chainsaw rev,
but Adam still looked relieved, and Wendy
looked a tad disappointed. Brent looked
amused at Adam’s relief.
They then walked toward the last door,
which they presumed was the exit. As they
were walking, Adam kept glancing around,
while Wendy moved to the door with a
bounce in her step. As she grabbed the door
handle and began to push the door open, they
glimpsed the night outside, and then a giant
spider fell from the ceiling and onto them.
Adam screamed in terror and Wendy
yelped in surprise; Brent jumped, but otherwise seemed fine. Realizing that it was fake,
Wendy successfully pushed it off of them as
Adam swung at it in blind terror, his eyes
clenched shut, to get it off of him. Wendy
laughed at Adam as she watched him stare at
the spider with wary eyes. He pouted at her.
Pushing the door open again as the spider
slowly made its way back towards the ceiling,
Wendy exited the building and glanced back
at her friends. Adam looked relieved to finally
be free of the place.
“Now what?” Wendy asked as they headed down the sidewalk.
Brent shrugged, “Movies?”
Wendy didn’t look excited at the idea, but
nodded. “Sure.”
Adam frowned, “No horrors?”
Wendy gave him a disgusted look, then
just looked put off as she replied, “Fine.”
Adam nodded, looking satisfied.
Wendy and Brett started arguing about
movies while Adam took one last look at the
haunted house as they turned the corner. A
look of shock came over his face as he saw a
“For Sale” sign flapping in the breeze of a deserted lot.
Kindle Fire
The Little Tablet That Could?
by. Troy Underwood
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
price tag. Is this the game
only is this tablet fast, but
mobile device market in
changer? Let’s take a pre-
also fully equipped with
terms of performance and
emptive look.
the latest features to easily
battery life. The iPad on
Literally out of no where,
compete with others; even
this tablet got thrown into
ones that are in the $500
the other hand is using a
Whether you are a sup-
could buy a full-fledged
existence. Unlike its Kin-
range! The real show steal-
porter of them or not,
quad core laptop at the
dle eReader brethren, the
er here though is the
tablets are slowly being
price of the entry level
Fire is in a totally different
adopted by the public. Al-
iPad. But that high price
field of competition, and
tag on the Kindle
beit not nearly as popular
might not last for much
Amazon boldly claims it
Fire. Could this
as netbooks and laptops,
longer. The company that
can take on the iPad. First
be the little tablet
but since the release of the
literally started mass scale
off, the Kindle Fire is us-
that could?
‘fabled’ iPad, we’ve gone
ebusinesse, Amazon, plans
ing a dual core processor,
nuts over that slate with
to release a new member
which is a nice commodity
a touch screen! However,
to the Kindle family; enter
in a tablet as most experi-
famous Tegra 2 SoC
some unattractive features
the Kindle Fire. This new
ence slowdowns and get
(system on chip) which
of these devices include
tablet stirs some hype with
bogged by apps. Also, not
has been dominating the
that nasty price tag; you
an incredibly low $199
The Kindle Fire is
Games Turned Into Movies
by. Brandon Moran
Most often when you think
of movies and games, you’ll
think of movies that have been
made into games. But what
about the movies that are
based off of games? There are
many video games that have
been made into movies such as
Final Fantasy, Dante’s Inferno,
Dead Space, and even Warhammer 40,000. The movies
and games do have some differences though, like content
and graphics.
Some movies might have
different content such as picking up where the game left off,
or giving some background
story on the game’s plot. Some
movies like Final Fantasy VII:
Advent Children pick up where
Final Fantasy VII the game
left off, while others like Dead
Space: Down Fall recalls the
events before the game starts.
However, some movies might
have little to do with the plot
line of the game at all, such as
Warhammer 40,000.
In the graphics department,
there is a split on the preference for either the movies or
the games. For example, Final Fantasy VII the game, had
bulgy graphics that some may
have liked, while the movie
had superior animated graphics. Many games either have
inferior graphics or come close
to the movies, but based on
opinions there are a few games
whose graphics put the movies to shame. In Dead Space:
Downfall, the animation is decent, but the voices were way
off and not to mention annoying. The movie of Dante’s Inferno was unique in that different production companies
worked on different parts of
the movie, so after a few levels
in hell, his appearance would
change drastically.
The final difference is skills
or moves used in the games
and movies. The majority of
games that have a leveling system, or where you can learn
spells, usually show more of
the attacks in the game than in
the movies. There is also a decrease in special moves such as
in the Final Fantasy VII game,
Vincent Valentine, who was
one of the main characters,
could use his demon form,
but in the movie Vincent not
only had a small role, he never
changed forms. Nevertheless,
movies do have some things
that the games lacked, such as
TOP: Scene from the Final Fantasy Movie
RIGHT: Screenshot from Final Fantasy: The Game
in Final Fantasy VII: Advent
Children; Cloud Strife was able
to use multiple swords at once
in one scene from the movie,
while the game he only used
one at a time. In the movie,
Dead Space: Downfall, the majority of the weapons from the
game don’t make an appearance in the movie, the closest
to a weapon from the game is
the plasma cutter.
The end results are that
movies are never truly based
off games. There are always
differences between the game
and the movie. Graphics are
far superior to the games, but
not always
more preferred.
There will
be skills
that only
appear in
the movie,
and skills
that only
appear in
the game; mostly more appear
in the games than in movies.
Also the last and biggest difference is content. You don’t see
the same content in the movie
as in the game.
In any case, for those of
you who love your games, you
might want to enhance your
enjoyment with a movie version of it. You never know, you
just might find a favorite film
to go with that favorite game.
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
by: Kaitlyn Watts
you then maybe a corn maze
and throw your own.
is the right place to be on
thought it couldn’t get any
they also include a pumpkin
For the little ones,
Halloween night. Lone Pine
scarier, they threw in live
patch and hay ride for the
our town provides a walk
Farms in Junction City pro-
people to pop out, scream,
little ones. It’s four dollars a
United States. People of all
through after school of all
vides a wide variety of dif-
and scare you all through the
person for a draft horse hay
ages wait all year to see who
the participating stores on
ferent activities that all ages
maze; do you think you can
ride and three dollars for a
can outdo each other with
Main Street, to show off
can enjoy. From 10 A.M to 5
handle that? The haunting
tractor drawn ride, pump-
the best costume. So for us
their costumes and have a
P.M you can come and have
begins on September 30th
kins are also available.
teenagers and adults who
good time on Halloween
fun with the whole family,
and continues each Friday,
There are many different
Saturday, and Sunday night
activities going on through-
tween fall and winter, Halloween is the second most
Just when you
your friends and yourself,
Straddling the line be-
day. Yet if you’re willing to
and it’s at the cheap price
trick-or-treating, you might
take them to Heritage Mall
of $4.00 for ages eleven and
through October 31st. They
out Oregon and if you’re
want to attend a costume
in Albany, they’ll always
under, and $6.00 for twelve
are open from 7:30 P.M to
looking to be scared this
party instead. In the U.S.
have something up their
and up. Now if you’re in-
10 P.M.
Fridays and Sat-
Halloween or even just have
costume parties have been a
sleeve for a fun time.
terested in having a night of
urdays the prices will be at
a good time, then you won’t
terror, at Lone Pine Farms
$15.00 per person, and Sun-
be disappointed. Have fun,
days are $13.00 per person.
and be careful.
Corn Maze is were the fright
Not only do they have their
their productivity; this was
no 3G/4G support. This is
Kindle Fire in a particular
a good move on Amazon’s a feature that is absolutely
price field, I’d place it in
part to keep the Fire’s
necessary for tablets to be
the $350-$400 range.
ity are always what people
size conservative.
truly effective on the go.
look for in tablets.
fortunately, Amazon also
may be considered to old for
special event for many years,
so you may want to provide
If dressing up in a crazy
costume is too childish for
Kindle Fire
by: Troy Underwood
slightly more power hun-
gry 1GHz dual-core Apple yourself what a tablet can was conservative with the
A5 processor. In most sce- do for you and if it will be Fire’s storage capacity as
narios, the Tegra 2 boasts more than just a shiny, ex- well. Knowing from expe-
In all honesty, tablets
If there was one thing
are a waste of money to
that absolutely sparks my
me; until the Kindle Fire
interest in this tablet ver-
made its unexpected ap-
sus all others is that beau-
pearance that is. You are
better performance/power
pensive toy.
The Kindle
rience, tablets truly need at
tiful price tag. In this price
literally getting a tablet
efficiency and takes the
Fire comes equipped with
the very least sixteen giga-
range, there is no competi-
crown away from Apple.
a 7” multi-touch display,
mance as a $400-$500
However, as the Kindle
eight gigabytes of internal
Fire has not been released
storage, free cloud stor-
bytes of storage. However, tion for the Kindle Fire; it’s
Amazon argues that as you that good. In fact, Amazon
purchase items from the
only makes a net profit
Galaxy Tab, or even the
to the general public yet,
age of all Amazon con-
site (apps, movies, music, of ten dollars per Kindle
etc), you can safely unin- Fire (Part assembly for
iPad 2! My advice to you
stall them and keep them
the Kindle Fire is $190!).
and see if this new tablet
lizing the Tegra 2 though,
Wi-Fi connectivity. In my
‘in the cloud’ of Amazon.
However, they predict that
can take the pressure from
things are looking pretty
opinion, tablets beyond 8”
the higher tier tablets and
bright for the Fire.
become too cumbersome
Something I must be criti- Fire will kick off extremely
cal of the Fire is that it only well due to their huge fan
has WiFi connectivity and base. If I had to place the
Keep it up Amazon!
this is all on paper. From tent, eight hour battery
other tablets currently uti- with continuous use, and
to tote around, and loose
HTC Evo View, Samsung
as always is to wait it out
if that price tag holds up.
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?
by. Kristen Peterson
From the moment you hit age work with the patients in hospi-
genetic counselor. The closest ap-
area of science because millions
five people ask you, “What do you
tals or private practices.
Com- proved graduate program is locat-
of people need their help. If you
want to be when you grow up?”
mercial counselors mainly work ed in Stanford University in Stan-
feel like you would enjoy learning
Looking around our school, you
with companies who design and
ford, California. If you are curious
about genetics and you like to help
realize that a great amount of stu-
sell the genetic tests. Diagnostic
about the rest of the graduate
people, this is the right career for
dents really don’t know what they
laboratory counselors work in the
programs visit www.gradschools.
you. For further information on
want to pursue once they hit col-
lab to test the results and refer the
GC please visit www.abgc.net.
lege. Genetic Counseling is a new
patient to a physician. Research-
and interesting career that after
ers assist in any research being
schooling could lead
learning a little more about, you
done about genetics.
you to an average of
might consider for yourself.
The final product of your
This career allows you to
$61,000 a year once
Genetic Counseling (GC) is
explore different skills that can
you have 5-9 years
a career that is often over-looked.
help you in other areas of your
of experience in the
People always think about being
life as well. The ability to trans-
a doctor or a scientist; but, what
late complicated information into
tion is growing by
about mixing these two together?
simple comprehension for a wide
the minute.
GC is a mixture of science, medi-
range of audiences is just one of
cine, and psychology. The actual
the skills you would learn. Others
are needed in this
definition of a genetic counselor is
would include emotional intelli-
someone who is a healthcare pro-
gence, analyzing complex prob-
fessional with specialized training
lems, research skills, and in-depth
in the areas of medical genetics
healthcare understanding.
and counseling. In basic terms,
Schooling is less complicated
This occupa-
Reed College
by. Hailey Rice
genetic counselors speak with
than most would think.
In or-
Over the past year, the staff at the Huskian has featured public uni-
people who have concerns about
der to become a certified genetic
versities in Oregon. This year, we will shift our focus to the wealth
genetic risks or who want to learn counselor, you first need to obabout their inheritance patterns, tain a Bachelor’s degree in biolo-
of private universities in our state. Reed College, for instance, offers
and then they provide answers.
gy, psychology, or genetics. Once
of Portland, Reed is an independent, liberal arts and sciences college
This field allows you to choose
you have earned your degree,
that is known for its rigorous academic programs. According to their
from a variety of options when it
you need to apply for an Ameri-
website, a higher percentage of graduates from Reed earn PhDs in all
comes down to your “specialty”
can Board of Genetic Counseling
fields than graduates from almost all other colleges and universities
in GC. There are four main areas (ABGC) approved graduate pro-
across the U.S. While the price of tuition ($42,000 per year) may
in which you can work including
gram. This graduate program will
seem intimidating, Reed, like many other private universities offers
clinical, commercial, diagnostic
allow you to earn your Master’s
excellent opportunities for financial aid. More than 50% of students
laboratories, and research. Clini-
degree in genetic counseling, and
cal genetic counselors specialize in
from there you can take the final
receive aid and the average student receives about $33,090. With an
certain areas of patients like pre-
exam offered through ABGC and
natal or cardiovascular, and then
hopefully become a fully certified
a small student population and a great location. Nestled in the hills
opportunity to receive a top notch, award winning education and the
availability of incredible financial aid, it’s hard to turn down a college
like Reed. For more information, please visit www.reed.edu.
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Libya & The
Cleaning up the Mess.
by: Cody Cannon
The fight in Libya
still moves on as the
rebels try to clean
up the mess of their
revolution. Seems as
though this has been
going on for awhile
now, hasn’t it? When
you look at Egypt and
Algeria their revolutions went by so quickly, why isn’t it the same
with Libya? The other
thing you have to think
about is, is it really our
mess to deal with?
To start off with
let’s examine the similarities and differences
between Libya and all
of the other Middle
Eastern countries that
revolted and why this
one is taking longer
than all of the others.
To start off with, what
is different between
Libya and Egypt? They
seem to be the same
deal, right?
The difference is the
military. In Egypt’s
when questioned to go
with Mubarak or the
people, they chose the
people. In Libya, however, the military made
the opposite choice
and stayed loyal to the
dictator Gaddafi, leaving a rag-tag group of
civilian freedom fighters the difficult job of
fighting the revolution.
If Libya were the same
case as Egypt, this
whole ordeal would’ve
probably been over
with about three or
four months ago.
Some people say
should have acted
quicker and done more
to help them.
French wanted us to
help invade and support the rebel troops.
If we had, this thing
would’ve been over
in the snap of a finger. And that points
to a major question
concerning this crisis,
did we do the right
thing by just standing
by and waiting until
the worst happened?
There are always two
sides to a story. If we
did step in, then yes,
Gaddafi would have
been brought down
quicker and this whole
ordeal would be done
and over with. On the
other hand, however,
if Gaddafi was taken
down that quick, who’s
On Matters Spiritual
In this regular column, Faith Parrish will be discussing matters that deal with spirituality, morality, religion and other sometimes controversial topics. It is not the intent of The Huskian that this column represents the truth, or fact, but is merely a thoughtful discussion of the quest to find those truths and facts.
To Judge or Not to Judge
by: Faith Parrish
Our society has changed in
many ways in the last few decades. Things that were not
socially accepted in the past
are now the new trends. Ideals
that used to be frowned on are
now the accepted and preferred
thoughts of the youth of our society. Times are indeed changing. And while some of these
changes are for the better and
even promote more thoughtful and accepting communities,
there are some actions that in
our heart of hearts we know are
wrong. We do them anyway because this new way of thinking
tells us we can do whatever we
want to do, without fault, because we want to do it.
But, being the humans that
we are, other peoples’ acceptance is not enough to make us
feel whole and good. We need
the acceptance of the things
we look up to, our heroes and
gods. We need the approval of
the things we feel are reflections
of the sort of people we aim to
be. This extends to any sort of
belief a person has; we believe
in heroes and idealism because
of what they mean to us. So
whether it be a god or a celebrity, we try and do the actions
that we think would make us accepted by those idols.
For many people of faith that
follow the Bible, there is one
verse that has been turned to
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
The Infection of MTV
by: Emily Thompson
have sex.
Jersey Shore has been on
MTV from December 3, 2009 to
present time 2011. Jersey Shore
consists of young people in their
20’s having a “good time.” A
good time meaning that it’s they
get to be wild without boundaries. The cast of this MTV hit
series are paid to party hard
and live it up. Every single episode involves drinking, ‘sleeping around,’ fighting, cursing,
and wearing revealing clothing.
These young adults are regularly
causing trouble for themselves.
Considering all this, it is my
opinion that this show is a bad
influence on the minds of our
actions are not appropriate for
young people to observe. The
cast shows young people how
to make fools of themselves and
how to party hard. Jersey Shore
glamorizes alcoholics and people who do nothing but party all
night and sleep all day. If teenagers observe this all the time, no
matter if they want to be like the
cast or not, the infection has begun the moment you get sucked
into the show. Even though the
cast is in their early twenties, the
show obviously targets a teen
audience, which can be seen in
their advertising. Jersey Shore
is meant to look appealing to the
eyes of teenagers.
First, they excessively party.
They are constantly going to
clubs, drinking and acting foolish. They loose control of themselves and the situations around
them. When they have a problem they tend to “solve” it by
drinking and partying. Partying,
drinking and dancing are not the
ways to get rid of your problems.
It might let you forget them for
the night, but in the morning
they are there along with your
hangover. This behavior is unhealthy and the wrong way to
deal with problems. If you continually use partying and drinking as a prescription for your
problems, soon enough you become an alcoholic with no ambition. If it’s not obvious, these
Secondly, they are extremely
inappropriate and sleep around
quite a bit. The cast go to clubs,
meet people, and soon enough
they are in a bed together. They
use people for sex and have one
night stands all the time. Inappropriate language and sexual
lingo are heard in the house
regularly. Young people watch
this and are pulled into using
the cast’s sexual lingo and learning about these cast members’
sex lives; is that what you want
your children to be learning
about? The show also glamorizes sex, they advertize sex as fun
and something you can try with
anyone and everyone. Teenagers going through puberty don’t
need any further temptations to
Thirdly, the way the cast of
Jersey Shore treat each other
is also a bad influence. Drama,
drama, drama! There is always
someone cheating on their boyfriend, talking behind each other’s backs, cussing each other
out and doing many other unrespectable things to each other.
Teaching young people how to
fight, cuss, and start drama is
not the way to raise a healthy and
honorable generation. In society
you have to work with many different people and we don’t need
to be taught those kinds of social
skills. If young people are raised
and taught to be disrespectful
they will not be taken seriously
in the working environment.
I have spoken with some students who watch this show, and
they say that they don’t want to
be like the cast, but enjoy watching the show because it’s funny.
The problem is that the show is
infecting their minds and they
don’t realize it. Jersey Shore is
an encouragement and an acceptance of bad lifestyles. Hopefully, our generation will become
our future presidents, policeman, teachers and numerous
other important careers where
you have to be respectable and
honorable. If this show continues to influence young teens
and adults we will have a major
increase of backstabbers, alcoholics, and sexual promiscuity;
hardly the characteristics that
we should want in our future
Once again, I believe that the
Jersey Shore is a terrible influence to our generation. This cast
shouldn’t have the right of influence over anyone. Do we really
want this generation’s future to
be meaningless and self-destructive, or do we want it to be respectable and hard working?
Libya & The Middle East
by: Cody Cannon
to say we wouldn’t have
to stay over there and
run a make-shift government that could end
up being worse than
the one before. We
would basically have
another Iraq on our
hands where we would
have to send hundreds
of troops over there
to constantly monitor
the country’s political
structure. In my opinion, if we went over
there when everyone
said it was the right
time, we would have
a giant mess on our
hands. Even waiting as
we did, we’re still stuck
helping clean up the
Even though Libya finally set up their
own government and
got a new flag, guess
who’s still looking over
things? NATO.
U.S. is still over there
making sure that every
little thing goes right,
because the government had to stick their
nose in someone else’s
business that in no way
shape or form is going to help any of the
United States’ causes.
However, I do see how
Europe wants NATO
over there, they want
to make sure that oil
production is always
at its highest, and that
Europe has all the oil it
needs; but again, that
doesn’t help any of the
U.S. causes. And it’s
not like Europe’s going
to help us out any time
The only reason that
the U.S. went over to
Iraq was because there
was always the threat
of Al-Qaida, and still
today we have that very
same threat. Correct
me if I’m wrong but, do
you see any sort of terrorist threat in Libya?
The only threat over
there was Gaddafi,
and where is he? He’s
gone. Gaddafi has left
the building, so why
haven’t we?
Woot! 400 New Words
Added to the Dictionary!
by: Faith Parrish
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
To Judge or Not to Judge
by: Faith Parrish
Our language, like our culture, is ever
changing. As we change and grow, so does
our means of communication; sometimes for
good or for bad. Ever since it’s birth in 1911,
the Oxford English Dictionary has done its
best to stay current with the words our society adds (and kicks out) over the decades.
The twelfth addition of this dictionary is due
to be released soon and in it are some very
interesting words that attest to the change in
communication in our society.
The Oxford English Dictionary almost has
a scrapbook like feel to it, in that the words
that are added and removed from it say a
lot about our culture at the time. Many of
the 400 new words would have never come
about had it not been for advances in our
technology over the last ten years.
Among the words being added, are
Retweet is a common phrase to anyone who
can’t get enough of Twitter. If the word is
unfamiliar to you, it means the action of forwarding a tweet, or message that another
person has posted on Twitter. Cyberbullying
is the act of bullying another person over social devices, such as Facebook or cell phones.
And lets just not even acknowledge how sad
time and time again to assure
ourselves that we are doing right
and that no other man can tell
us we are doing wrong by our
faith. That verse is Mathew 7:1;
“Do not judge, or you too will
be judged.” It’s actually been
proven that Mathew 7:1 has surpassed John 3:16 as the most
referred to verse of the bible.
Take a second and think about
that. John 3:16 reads “For God
so loved the world, that he gave
his only begotten son, so that
whosoever believes in Him shall
not perish, but have ever lasting
life.” As a society, we now refer
more to “Do not judge me”, than
“This is what God has done for
me because He loves me.” That
right there is a clear indication of
what our minds see as important
today. We care more about making sure that our peers do not
question our actions, than we
do for what the results of our actions will be; how human of us.
But I’m not here to argue
over what our focus in the bible
should be, no, I’m writing this
article to disprove the idea that
many people believe, that this
verse shields them from the persecution of others. Mathew 7:1,
in all its surpassing glory, has
only become popular because
of a misunderstanding. How
many times, when a person is
confronted with their own hypocrisy or sin, have you heard
them reply, “The bible says you
cannot judge me,” often adding
how judging is an unchristian
thing to do? Personally, I can’t
recall all the times I’ve heard this
and then have to hold back a roll
of my eyes or a frustrated breath
at the misuse of this passage. As
with many arguments against
the bible, this one passage is being used by itself, without any
care to what the rest of the Holy
Book has to say on the subject
of judging; and herein lies our
For instance, take a look
at John 7:24, “Do not judge by
appearances, but judge with
righteous judgment.” That’s a
bit different of a sermon there,
isn’t it? Or Proverbs 31:9, “Open
your mouth, judge righteously,
defend the rights of the poor
and needy.” Or even Leviticus
19:15 “You shall do no injustice
in court. You shall not be partial
to the poor or defer to the great,
but in righteousness shall you
judge your neighbor.” All three
of these verses are in fact telling us to judge, and not in an
off handed, interpreted way, but
flat out telling us, ‘do judge’. But
don’t take this as a free pass to
go condemning everyone who
you think does wrong; there are
rules to the judgment God allows
First off, we are to judge
righteously. What this means is
that we are not suppose to judge
on factors of society or our personal morals. Isaiah 11:3 tells
us, “He shall not judge disputes
by what his eyes see, or what
his ears hear...” Hence, judging on things like clothing, music preference, etc. is a wrong
thing to do. We are told not to
judge on appearances at all, but
on actions. The bible stresses
that none of us can see into another’s soul, that we can never
truly understand everything
about another human being. On
the Judgment Day, that is what
the Lord will judge. This is what
verses like James 4:12, “There
is only one lawgiver and judge,
he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge
your neighbor?” are telling us.
Where God wants us to judge, is
in difficult situations so that we
make good decisions in life, like
befriending those who draw us
closer to God as opposed to farther away. He also makes it clear
that we should not take our own
judgment so far as to condemn,
because only God knows the true
depths inside someone’s heart.
There are also many cases
where the bible tells us to do
something that would be impossible to do without judgment.
Passages in the Bible tell us to
have nothing to do with ‘evil doers’. We are told to beware false
prophets and stay away from all
who do evil. Tell me, how are we
supposed to distinguish these
people from others without
judging? The idea here is to let
God judge the person, while we
must evaluate their actions and
how those actions effect others.
In conclusion, what all of
these verses mean when they
tell us things like “remove the
plank from your own eye before
pointing at the speck of dust in
your brother’s eye” is that we
are not suppose to have double
standards. We are allowed to
judge, and even told to, but we
are warned to not be hypocritical in these judgments. Verses
tell us that if we judge others in
hypocritical, unrighteous ways,
then that is the way that we too
will be judged on Judgment Day.
We are told to correct our own
wrongs, before we try to correct
It all boils down to the fact
that we all, as a whole, need to
stop interpreting scripture for
our own benefit. Just because
we would like to not be judged
by other sinners, does not give
us the right to try and make the
Bible sound like it means something it does not. There is no
“Free Pass”, we are each responsible for our own actions and we
will, eventually in one way or another, be judged by them.
JV Football
by: Cody Cannon
They say the road
to success is paved
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Boys Varsity Soccer
by: Maureen Pappin
play with the same
with all of the blood, we play hard for evsweat and tears you
ery snap of the ball
put out into what
game, they’re a good
you do.
ball team.”
If that be
the case, then the JV
team is going to have
players every game,
a very decorated and
from the sidelines to
impressive road, as
the actual game it-
well as an obvious
self, these guys live
winning season.
and breathe football.
So far in the season the JV team has
ror throughout ev-
a record of 4-1, an ery game, these guys
impressive record to
have proven that they
what assures to be
deserve to be where
an impeccable sea-
they are today.
Coach Knight
says, “We have a
league, Coach Knight
great group of tal-
says, “At this point
ented kids. The key
we don’t have any
for them has been
JV2, it’s all going to
to come out from
be JV and the key for
the beginning snap
them is to integrate
to the end snap, and
all of the sophomores
Brice Roberts kicks for the Varsity Soccer Team
They had the look of hope
and strength as they marched
on to the field. They scattered to
their positions and the battle began. It was Junction City versus
Sweet Home. They all had that
look in their eyes; the look all
soldiers have before entering a
battle. As Junction City dribbled
the ball towards Sweet Home’s
goal, their strength kicked in.
Bryce Roberts blocked the first
two goals easy, but then the tide
began to turn and you could see
the desperation in all eyes. The
team fought their hardest and
gave it their all, but they didn’t
get the win tonight. “We remembered playing this team last
year, and they were very good, so
at first we hung back to see how
they played this year. Then after
we got the hang of their game we
started to play more defense. We
tried to get possession of the ball
and go for a goal but we weren’t
quite there tonight,” says Coach
They just didn’t get the win
they’ve been looking this tonight. Unfortunately, this has
been the theme of the soccer
season this year. Despite a tremendous effort and hard work,
the wins have been tough to get
this year. “We have all the tools
in our tool box we just forget to
use all of them. We practice all
the little things over and over,
but then something we didn’t
practice pops up and we don’t
know what to do. We have very
good defense and communication skills this year,” says Coach
Ryan explained that the team
has good technical skills, but
they forget to defend sometimes.
They struggle to get everything
together. “They are a work in
progress. I try to never be negative with them because they are
such a good group of kids.” As
a reporter watching this group,
they do work together as a team
and not individuals. They support each other and act as a family. We’re sure that with a bit
more practice and effort, those
wins will start pile up!
This article was written on 10-3-11, some statistics may have changed.
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Varsity Girls Soccer
by: Krysta Wolbert
The weather was overcast; the clouds had been
rolling in and out all day.
But it didn’t faze the girls’
varsity soccer team; they
were ready to get out there
and play against their arch
rival Elmira. They started
out strong and keep it up
all four quarters. Their
hard efforts are what landed them a final score of
The team started out
very strong this year, but
injuries have impacted
them greatly. Even with
that they won their first
game against Stayton, tied
their second game against
Cascade, and got their second win against Elmira.
Megan O’Donnel kicks for Varsity
Even though they have
lost most of their players
on defense, the team is
working hard to rebuild
the defense and figuring
out each player’s strengths
and weaknesses.
work hard at practices to
get their team prepared
for the rest of the season.
The girls are aiming
to be good team players
and have lots of dedication. Hopefully they can
keep their winning streak
up this year and make it to
the playoffs again. Good
luck girls!
Girls JV Soccer
by: Judith Alexander
the tice fun.” said Ami ing well together, team down.
Girls Junior Varsity Olmstead.
even while learn-
Working Their Way To The Top
JV Volleyball
by: Kaityln Watts
Asked if the team has
improved from years
before, Katie Virtue answered, “Yes, it has! Everyone is a lot faster and
we have lots of very experienced players on our
team this year.” Sabrina
Davis also stated, “Our
varsity girls have went
to playoffs the past two
years, and that has never
happened in Sweet Home
High School soccer history.”
This article was written on 10-3-11, some statistics may have changed.
Whether they’re
The JV Volleyball Team groups up
for a pep talk
With quite a few varsity players graduating
this year, the coaches are looking to the JV1
players to fill their spots next year. This has
put pressure on the team to perform at a high
level. This has been a difficult task considering
the amount of injuries that have occurred this
year. The team is still keeping their heads high
and continuing to play their hearts out. After
Emily Marchbanks, the team’s main setter injured her ankle, that left freshman Mckenzie
Cochran to take her place until Marchbanks
It’s a new season ing how to work as on or off the field,
a new coach, Mr. for the girls, and a team. The team these girls are stayGarcia, who is also even with a rocky has been having ing strong and mak-
fully recovers. When asked how the team was
the new Spanish start the girls have a good time play- ing improvements
teacher. This is his been working hard. ing together. They everyday. This is
first year coaching “They’ve been doing communicate very a team full of hard
can still come together as a team and treat one
Soccer Team has
girls soccer, and he well,” says Coach well with each oth- workers and it’s
says he’s enjoying Garcia, and they er, and are adapting very obvious they
it. The girls on the have been getting to being on a team. love what they’re
team all seem to like better as the season Demi Stratman and doing. Keep up the
him, and he’s been goes on. They’re Natalie Curry, goal effort, ladies, and
helping them to get very aggressive on keepers, have been have a good season.
better. “He’s funny, the field and the doing well at keepwhich makes prac- team has been work- ing their opposing
This article was written on 10-3-11, some statistics may have changed.
doing this year overall, Emily answered, “Well
I can honestly say we have definitely had our
ups and downs, but at the end of the day we
another like family.”
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Cross Country
by: Kaitlyn Watts
No Bench, No Half-Time,
he will be running a 16.25. outside of practice they don’t
and No Time Outs. Our cross
Freshman, Jakob Hiett, has
country team has started out
set his goal to break 18 min- other like a family and pro-
with a great season. With a
utes in the 5K race.
show it. We look out for each
vide good support. They will
race to the finish, the boys
With a tough league battle
came in third and the girls in
against Cottage Grove, and
fourth at our home meet at
Sisters in the lead, our team is
It’s good to hear that the
Camp Tadmor. When Daniel
working their way to the top.
team has some outstanding
Danforth, a returning junior,
With only two teams making
goals, and by the looks of the
was asked if the team had im- it to state and three teams still
proved from the years before, fighting for the title, it’s go-
team it’s obvious they will
he responded, “We lost a lot of
ing to be a long hard season.
grown from last year, maybe
really good runners this year,
“As inexperienced as the team
not in size, but definitely in
but we got a lot of talented
is, they are working hard and
expectations and heart.
freshman coming in that we
will surely do their best. They
repeat Coach Snow, they will
can build on.” Daniel hopes
work well together as a team
go far.
that by the end of the season
and even if they aren’t friends
go far this year.” Coach Snow
achieve them. The team has
This article was written on 10-3-11, some statistics may have changed.
Nicole Rassmussen runs in the Mud Pit
at Tadmor for Varsity.
Football: Mid Season Report
JV Football
by: Ty Collins
was on fire with a touchdown on
nearly every drive, and the Husky Defense dictated the game
leaving a goose egg on the score
board for Stayton.
The next week became another challenge, and with the
Husky’s minor mistakes nearly
having a losing impact, the end
of the game was uncertain, but
the defense controlled another
set of series which sent the Cascade Cougars home with a loss.
Sweet Home felt another week of
success with their win of 22-16.
When the Huskies played
Central in Mid-September, the
attitude was slightly different
than past weeks. The Central
Panthers had built up quite a
program of their own, and based
their efforts off their ranking as
the best 4A team in the state. The
Huskies struggled throughout
the game, but never quit fighting. Even in their final attempt
of the game with two back-toback touchdowns in the third
quarter, Central still held on to
the lead, ending with a loss for
the Huskies at 18-37.
The loss couldn’t keep the
Huskies down, and if anything,
the loss did nothing but increase
their drive to be the best team
they could. The team collected
themselves again the next week
under the lights at Taft High
school, and brought the Tigers
down with an amazing win of
The Sky-Em league season
began the next week in Elmira
as Sweet Home went to battle
against the Falcons in one of
the most exciting and memorable games of the season thus
far. With constant back-to-back
touchdowns throughout the first
half, the Huskies went into halftime with a lead of 22-20. But
as the second half started, the
tempo had also changed sides.
Elmira began controlling both
of Sweet Home’s offense and
defense, which sadly ended the
game with a loss for the Huskies,
The largest feat that these
players have set upon themselves is to become nothing less
than they’re highest expectations. Even with two major losses
this season, this young group of
players will never abandon their
duties on the field. The Huskies
have proven that they will dominate, even under the strong impact of loss and adversity. This
group of players has the power
to go as far as their integrity will
take them, which very well may
be a championship ranking at
the top.
by: Cody Cannon
and freshmen together from the JV2 team to
the JV team.”
Coaches Rosa, Knight, and Gaskey have
definitely taught these boys right and from
what I’ve seen on the field, these guys are definitely league material. They dominated their
latest game against Elmira, scoring a safety
against them and making the score 36-6 at
the fourth quarter. From the running game
to the passing game, these players have their
routes down and could run them with their
eyes closed.
But don’t take my word for it; to witness the
magic that these guys make on the gridiron,
you need to be there in the stands, rooting for
the green and gold! So always remember that
they can’t do well without the support of their
Sweet Home High alumni, so come out and
root on the Sweet Home Huskies!
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Water Polo
Woot! 400 New Words
Added to the Dictionary!
by: Emily Thompson
by: Faith Parrish
it is that sexting, (do I need an explanation?),
has been added to our dictionary.
Also being added are the terms ‘jeggings’ (a
cross of jeans and leggings), also the abbreviations ‘lol’, ‘fyi’ and ‘omg’ and a ♥ symbol has
been added next to the word heart. My personal favorite being added is ‘woot’, a text exclamation for happiness. Different words are
also having their definitions added to, as the
words take on new meanings in our society.
For example, the words ‘follower’ and ‘friend’
will now include people who follow others on
social media sites, such as Twitter and Tumblr, and people who are friends with people
on social sites such as Facebook.
In order to make room for these 400 new
words, 200 are being cut. Among the words
being axed are ‘Cassette tape’, ‘brabble’,
‘growlery’ ‘video jockey’ and *gasp*. I personally was surprised at the word ‘Cassette tape’
being taken out, but the Oxford team claims
to have entered the words into a system which
browses the internet for use, and all of these
came up in a ‘hardly ever used’ category; and
honestly, I have no idea what a video jockey is.
Aside from the headache teachers are
going to be dealing with as students protest
that “yes, ‘lol’ is in fact a word”, these changes
can be seen as good or bad. We could be happy that society finds so many creative ways to
communicate, or we can mourn the fact that
we live in a generation where ‘lol’ and ‘omg’
are widely accepted terms. Whichever side of
the line you stand on, we all can at least be
happy we have a dictionary as dedicated to
staying current as the Oxford English Dictionary, woot!
Sten Weld looks to score.
“1-2-3 Huskies!” This
it is good to have speed,
stepped up and helped
motivational shout is
but technique is where
their team mates indi-
what starts every Sweet
the real game comes in;
Also before
son consists of 7 games.
Home High School Wa-
you need the skills to
their second game, Em-
With only a couple
ter Polo game. Our co-
be able to get the ball,
ily Claborn, a second
more games left the
ed Water Polo Team is
dodge the players, and
year player, said she es-
season is coming to a
made up of Brie Davis,
pecially likes this year’s
The Water Polo sea-
They have had
Before their second
team because of the
some close games, some
Claborn, Jake Johnson,
home game Assistant
tight knit relationships.
tough games, and some
Katie Turner, Michael
There second game was
awesome wins.
Moser, Sten Weld, and
described the team as
against Cottage Grove.
that, even though they
Zach Pratt.
They had
“young,” and that they
didn’t win every game,
a great start to the sea-
are learning a lot each
didn’t end as well as the
or score every goal,
son, beating Corvallis 6
day; as well as increas-
first game, it was good
they didn’t give up; they
to 3 in their first game.
ing their strength and
practice and a glimpse
gained strength, knowl-
During the game, Head
knowledge of the sport.
of what the team need-
edge, and most impor-
She also commented
ed to work on for the
tantly friendship!
told the team, “They
on outstanding lead-
rest of the season. Even
are faster than us, but
ership this year from
though they didn’t win,
we have better tech-
Jake Johnson and Sten
the team stayed strong
nique!” In water polo
Weld. “They have really
and had fun during the
This article was written on 10-3-11, some statistics may have changed.
Rowdy 40
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
by: Quin Wise
When is the only time you can
have a quarter of a high school
student body paint themselves up,
wear neon green and gold clothes,
and cut up athletic jerseys our
teachers wore when they competed here? The answer is one of
the proudest traditions at Sweet
Home High School, Rowdy 40!
For over thirty years, it has been
one of the deepest rooted traditions of our students at athletic
events, and although it has gone
through quite a few changes, some
good, some bad; it is still a tradition that I’m proud to have taken
part in myself.
It all started in 1983 when
Rob Younger brought the idea
from a different school he worked
at previously. It was an important
league game for basketball and
Mr. Younger was the coach and
Steve Thorpe, a student at Sweet
Home at the time, remembered
when he came to the wrestlers and
asked to help support the team
by showing up and being loud.
With the whole wrestling team
there yelling their hearts out, they
would have a serious home court
advantage. The wresters jumped
at the opportunity. The next day
they all attended the game in tattered jerseys and some dressed
like 80’s Rockstars. They were extremely loud and gave the whole
court the feeling that they owned
the place. It got even better. The
day after that, the basketball players returned the favor and came to
the wrestling tournament. Aside
from having a great time, they
were forming a serious bond and
forming a great tradition.
Back then they did it for big
games, not every Friday night. It
was about school spirit and helping out other teams; not how crazy
you can dress. “We were pretty
crazy, we did some stuff, myself
included, that if we did today,
we’d be expelled,” Dustin Nichol
said proudly. Despite pushing the
limits of acceptable fan behavior,
Nichol and the other students who
started the Rowdy 40 tradition
were focused on helping the team,
not bringing attention to themselves.
I asked founding Rowdy 40
members Mr. Thorpe and Mr.
Nichol what each of their favorite memory was. First, I was told
the story of Mr. Nichol, who still
had hair in his senior year, leading
cheers at the bottom of the bleachers with a full sized M-16 squirt
gun. Mr. Thorpe said his favorite
memory was simply being part of
the core group that started the legacy that became Rowdy 40.
Rowdy 40 started out as a way
to give only special and important games that extra push they
needed for victory, where players
felt honored to compete having
fans get rowdy and have a great
time while supporting their team.
Unfortunately it has changed to
an event where students dress up,
compete for attention, and pay
little to no thought to the game in
front of them. The change Rowdy
40 made was a slow process and
didn’t happen because any single
group or time period. The change
is slightly the fault of the students
for not focusing on the game, but
rather each other. But this is not
the only factor that changed Rowdy 40.
The attitude change can be
largely credited to the changing
rules concerning fan behavior.
Noise makers and props at games
are no longer allowed, neither are
some of the ways the students once
behaved. Students and crowds are
heavily restricted and are pressured to behave and may not be as
intense as they once were. What
a lot of the students don’t understand is that rules are put into
TOP & RIGHT: What Rowdy 40 looked like
in the mid-1980s.
place for respect and to make the
game or event welcoming to away
teams; but that doesn’t mean that
we have to lessen our support for
our own team.
It could change back to its traditional ways of 30 or more years
ago if the students and faculty
worked together for one thing,
only using it for big events. If
Sweet Home students Rowdy
40’ed only when a team had a big
or important game and used it far
less often, the process would be
far more effective. Many students
may say if Rowdy 40 helps us win
games, why not use it more? The
answer is because then it will be
over used and no longer as effective compared to its original use.
Also it will get more involvement
and will have more students prepare for it and it will be on a larger
scale because it would be a special
event. Now, because it is done so
often, you only have a small group
of students trying to Rowdy 40
and the crowd doesn’t get as excited.
how they used to love to Rowdy 40
for each others big games or tournaments built a bond between the
two sports and the entire school
that we should try to recapture.
I enjoy the Rowdy 40 games a
lot, but not when they are every
night we have a game. I realize
it makes our school unique from
many others because we have
such intense fans and a home
team advantage. But I think we
should listen to our founding fathers and not do it every night to
When it first started, there was keep the value up to its original
a bond from wrestlers and bas- intentions. Mr. Thorpe explained
ketball players who did it for their to me, “If you have apple pie every
huge events. Now, since it has lost night for dinner, the value will go
its effect, the bond between the down and it won’t be the same.” I
sports where it was most popular feel we should put that philosophy
has weakened and the gap from to work in our Rowdy 40.
team to team has widened. The
original attitude between Wrestlers and Basketball players and
OCTOBER 28th, 2011
Setting It Up
For Success
Varsity Volleyball
by: Hailey Fisher
kies were led by setter, Tif-
came out super strong, and
and Volleyball began for the
fany Miller, who served 18
played with all our heart!”
Varsity girls. Starting with a
Brandi Trewin proclaimed.
week of hard-hitting triples,
the Cottage Grove Lions
Serving the last few points,
which took place at the Sports
could score a single point.
Sonya Corliss wrapped up
Performance Team Camp in
The Huskies finished the
the win, 15-9, and after five
Coos Bay, followed by the
first game of the match full
long, nail biting games, the
next two weeks of doubles;
of excitement, only allow-
Huskies defeated the Cottage
practice after practice, the
ing the Lions to score five
Grove Lions.
girls prepared for the com-
points. The second game
For the Varsity Volleyball
petition soon to come their
was a turning point for the
team, energy is the key in
way. The Huskies, coached
Lions. The Lions switched
competing. If they can keep
by Alicia Meier, started off
up their defense to make a
the energy up, they know
with a jamboree in Cottage
comeback, putting the Hus-
they can do anything they
Grove, which gave the team
kies in a struggle for points.
a preview of their season.
The Huskies finished up the
thinks that, “We have a lot
When school kicks off, so do
second game just short of a
of potential in us, and if we
the pre-season games.
few points. The third game
put our minds to it, we can
the hard work paid off when
was just as powerful, as the
achieve anything.”
the varsity girls took home
Huskies pulled through, and
all four wins of their pre-sea-
came out with a two point
son games. They started off
lead. Due to changes in mo-
their season strong, with an
mentum, the Huskies were
experienced squad anchored
again defeated in the fourth
by eight seniors.
game by two points, which
The varsity also participated in three tournaments
this season. In the Sisters
the Huskies took first in the
consolation bracket.
also took part in the Santiam Christian Tournament,
which they gladly took third
place, while beating their rivals, Sisters!
Tuesday, September 27th,
the Huskies brought home a
win against Cottage Grove.
Unlike most other matches,
this victory was a battle. As
the whistle blew, the Hus-
brought devastation to all.
The last game was the deciding outcome for the match.
The Huskies went out and
gave it everything they had.
Point after point, the energy
rose, as they jumped to their
feet and screamed with the
rumbling cheers produced
from the crowd. A series of
rallies brought the parents
to the edge of their seats, as
sweat was being wiped from
the faces of the athletes. Every person in the crowd, both
Huskies and Lions, were
drawn in with the intensity
of each play. “In the end, we
Brandi Trewin also
Overall, the season has
been going well. The team
has had its downs, but more
importantly its ups.
work hard at each practice not only on team goals,
but individual goals as well.
They bring excitement and
intensity to each game. This
year, the team has set goals
that include not getting more
than two points behind at
any given time, and to keep
the energy, communication,
and momentum up throughout each game. Another goal
is to participate in the state
championship game, which
will take place at Lane Community College in November. We hope to see you at
the matches cheering on the