Beginning with Children Charter School

Beginning with Children Charter School
Assistant Principal for Beginning with Children Charter Middle School
LOCATION: Beginning with Children Charter School, 185 Ellery Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
The Assistant Principal is responsible for creating an educational atmosphere where scholars have the greatest opportunity
to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and psychological growth. The main objective of this position
is to oversee all academic procedures for the school, including curriculum, instruction, assessment, and academic
programs. This person is responsible for developing, organizing, and implementing an instructional program that will
result in high academic success and personal growth. Scholars should be prepared academically, socially, and emotionally
for challenging high school programs. The ideal candidate is a team player: he or she works collaboratively with
administration, teachers, and staff to develop a strong academic culture. The Assistant Principal also values development:
he or she works closely with teachers to help them reach their highest potential. The ideal candidate has exceptional
communication skills: he or she consistently communicates with honestly, fairness and clarity to all stakeholders. The
ideal candidate also has demonstrated expertise in curriculum design and development.
Position Overview
The Beginning with Children Charter School Assistant Principal understands and promotes the school’s mission,
vision, objectives, and policies both inside and outside the immediate school community. Reporting to the Middle
School Principal, the Middle School Assistant Principal will execute administrative, instructional, and operational
leadership responsibilities in collaboration with the Middle School Principal to ensure the success of the school.
The Middle School Assistant Principal will be an integral part of the school leadership team, and he or she will
assume the responsibilities of Middle School Principal when the Middle School Principal is not on site.
Responsibilities & duties (including, but not limited to)
Implement all school curriculum guidelines, including mandated requirements and independent curriculum
goals and objectives
Establish and manage teaching conditions in school, including teacher programs and daily academic
Observe and evaluate teachers, providing informal and formal feedback on academic instruction, classroom
management, curriculum planning, and student achievement
Design and develop a comprehensive best-practice curriculum in all middle school subject areas, ensuring
that the middle school program has a clear scope and sequence from sixth to eighth grades.
Organize and provide engaging professional development opportunities for all teachers, including the daily
management of common planning, data inquiry, and grade team meetings
Organize, track, and monitor student achievement towards academic goals and objectives, including
formative, summative, and standardized assessments
Monitor extra or modified student support through communication with teachers and parents
Evaluate and monitor all school-based instructional initiatives to support scholar achievement for grades 6-8
Provide continual data-driven reports to principal on implementation and achievement of school wide
academic goals and objectives
Manage school-wide and state assessment procedures, including maintaining records within district/state
Oversee and monitor compliance for Special Education and ELL services
Supervise special academic activities and events, including after school academic programs or Saturday
Work with lower school leadership team to ensure a consistent scope and sequence for collective curriculum
and child development from K to 8th grade.
Maintain comprehensive school wide records for academic programs, including curriculum scope and
Lower School: 11 Bartlett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206. Telephone: 718-388-8847 Fax 718-388-8936
Middle School: 185 Ellery Street, , Brooklyn, NY 11206. Telephone: 718-384-4154 Fax: 718-384-0372
BwCCS prepares graduates for success in high school, college and beyond by developing independent thinkers and active citizens.
Beginning with Children Charter School
sequence, professional development, and special academic initiatives
Facilitate teacher and faculty professional development workshops with individualized focus
(ie. Data Analysis, Data Driven Instruction, Behavior Management in the Classroom.)
• Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s Degree required
• School Leadership degree or prospective candidate in school leadership program
• Prior experience in developing, leading curriculum, instruction and assessment.
• Track record in establishing strong, supportive relationships with teachers
• Experience in literacy, including reading, writing, speaking and listening
• Experience with diverse populations including ELL, SPED, and Gifted & Talented students.
• Prior experience as an Instructional Coach, including successful experience with new or developing teachers
• Minimum of 8 years successful classroom teaching experience
• Demonstrated success teaching students in urban schools
• Demonstrated success developing a strong academic school culture
• Knowledge of the Common Core
• Knowledge of Special Education laws and requirements
• Ability to recognize excellent instruction based on current teaching methods and student achievement
• Knowledge of teacher evaluation and observation methods
• Knowledge of various instructional and teaching methodologies, such as an expertise in a workshop model of
instruction and creating lab classrooms
• Excellent organizational, planning and implementation skills
• Proficiency in Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook
• Thorough knowledge of the New York school system and in particular the mandates and requirements of the
New York State Department of Education relating to charter schools
As per CSA Collective Bargaining Agreement
A competitive compensation package including base salary and complete benefits is available.
Application: Email cover letter, resume and copy of license to the Hiring Committee c/o Jadiel Alston at
[email protected] or Zoraida Olivo at [email protected]
Lower School: 11 Bartlett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206. Telephone: 718-388-8847 Fax 718-388-8936
Middle School: 185 Ellery Street, , Brooklyn, NY 11206. Telephone: 718-384-4154 Fax: 718-384-0372
BwCCS prepares graduates for success in high school, college and beyond by developing independent thinkers and active citizens.