ter School 2 Beginning with Children Char NEWSLETTER

School 2
Beginning with
May 2012
Note from the Principal, Mr. Esosa Ogbahon:
BwCCS 2 Hosts Welcome BBQ for our Families
Tuesday 5/29, Thursday
5/31, Tuesday 6/5 and
Thursday 6/7 from 4pm to
7pm in Room 246.
Appointments are
Call 1.646.937.4368
or email
Thank you for coming out
to Beginning with Children
Charter School 2’s barbecue this past Saturday. It
was great seeing your children play, sing and dance.
We all relished the opportunity to meet you and
break bread with you. We
know that BwCCS 2 will be
a great school because of
the combined efforts of the
families, staff and community. We want BwCCS 2 to
be a school that is available
to as many children as possible.
I am enclosing two applications in this envelope. If
you believe in BwCCS 2, I
am asking that each of you
place one application in the
hand of friend or family
member that has a child
going into kindergarten or
first grade. After sharing
with your friends, encourage them to apply online at
bwccs2.org or to mail their application directly to the
Your efforts will help to shape the culture and feel of
what will be a great school.
Warm regards,
Esosa Ogbahon, Principal
Left to Right: Ms. Connelly, Director of Operations; Mr. Ogbahon,
Principal; Ms. Susi, Kindergarten; Ms. Ferrara, Kindergarten; Ms.
Villani, 1st Grade; Mr. Kintisch, Kindergarten.
[email protected]
to schedule your
215 Heyward Street
(bet Marcy & Harrison)
Room 246
Brooklyn NY 11206
BwCCS 2: On a Mission to Create a Great School
On September 4, 2012
Beginning with Children Charter School 2
(BwCCS II) will open in
South Williamsburg.
BwCCS II is a new elementary school starting
with kindergarten and
first grade. Our school’s
mission is to create a
nurturing community
that fosters a love of
learning and the development of character for
students in grades K8. Our students will
achieve academic excellence and be prepared
to succeed in top performing high schools
and colleges. BwCCS II
215 Heyward Street
Brooklyn NY 11206
BwCCS 2: On a Mission to Create a Great School (cont’d)
students will develop and use
G.R.I.T. (Good Judgment, Resilience, Integrity, and Teamwork)
for personal and community improvement.
Our students will achieve these
goals through the nurturing of
partnership between school staff,
parents and the community. It is
my belief that all children’s
needs can be met when adults
create nurturing environments
for children. With that in mind,
as a school we have made choices
that put the interests of children
at the forefront. Two teachers in
each classroom will give children
the attention they need and deserve. Having two teachers in
each room will allow us to quickly identify any areas of weakness
in children and address those
areas with appropriate supports.
Our school day has been designed with an understanding of
the developmental needs of children. In addition to the core academic subjects of math and reading, our school will implement a
coherent social studies and science curriculum that will allow
children to apply and match the
skills they’ve learned in reading
and math, to the content
knowledge they’ll gain in social
studies and science.
Just as importantly, our children
will have the opportunity to play
and will have recess every day
for 30 minutes. Physical Education, Art and Music instruction
is taught twice a week. The
school day will also include
‘choice time’ 5 times a week for
kindergartners and twice a week
for first graders. During these
periods children have the oppor- tunity to further pursue their
own interests, be it drawing,
reading, story writing or building with blocks.
Our school respects and develops the whole child. For further
information about BwCCS II
please check out our website at
bwccs2.org or email the Principal directly, at [email protected]