Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue

by Doreen Virtue
Prayers to increase the spiritual
vibration and to accelerate the
ascension process were answered when
new earth angels began to arrive on the
planet in the 1990’s. However, before
their arrival, ‘scout’ crystal children
came to check out the energy on the
planet and when they gave the OK,
crystal children began to be born, often
to light workers and to adult indigos.
The first group of these was called the
‘cusp’ children as many had the
characteristics of both indigo and
crystal children.
The child does
not need to talk
telepathy is
more accurate
urveys from parents with crystal
children indicate that they are a joy
to raise, being devoid of anger or a
temper. They are extremely sensitive with
no tolerance for artificial chemicals and
even over the counter medicines can make
them ill. Many are self-selected vegetarians,
preferring organic, high-vibrational foods
and juices.
Some women pregnant with crystal children
report that they become psychic or
clairvoyant and have magical dreams.
Immediately after birth, crystal babies see
angels and they can be observed moving
their heads and focusing on that which
most adults cannot see.
As soon as they start to talk which in many
cases is later in life, they communicate with
the Archangels and acknowledge the
messages they are receiving from them.
These children are so psychic that they
telepathically. The child does not need to
talk because telepathy is more accurate at
communicating true feelings than the
spoken word.
true feelings
than the spoken
Crystal children are very musical. They can
hear a song and hum or sing it in perfect
pitch. So instead of speaking, they will hum,
grunt or point, using a combination of
telepathy and sign language to
communicate with their family and they
have an inner radar detector which allows
them to know and assess the character of
whomever they meet.
Their soul purpose is different from the
indigos, as they are not looking so much
for integrity, instead, their criterion is, does
this person have an open heart or not?
The telepathic ability of these young
children can create some problems for
parents. When, for example a mother takes
the little child out and they meet a neighbor,
the crystal child scans the heart of the
neighbor and if they find that this is a person
with a closed heart, they back away from
them. They do not conceal their feeling or
try to pretend and smile as we do. By not
faking friendship where they do not feel it
is warranted they are able to stay firmly in
their integrity.
While I was
writing this book,
the crystal
children gave me
more hope about
our collective
future, than
anything I have
ever been
involved in before
Parents may feel embarrassed or think there
is something wrong with a child who will
not acknowledge neighbours or friends and
who stay away from certain children who
they discern as mean or having a closed
heart. Being popular with others is not an
issue for them. Primarily they are attracted
to other children who are crystals, but they
are also drawn to older people who tend to
have open hearts or to those who are
vulnerable because they are ill or in need.
From personal experience, I know that
raising an indigo child is very expensive,
as they want all the latest gadgets. Crystal
children on the other hand are very easy on
the pocketbook because their first love is
nature. They want to watch the fish in the
pond, leaves blowing, birds feeding.
A number of parents have reported that
when their crystal child was offered a cut
flower, the child burst into tears while trying
to replace the flower from the plant it had
been picked from. One child was able to
tell his parents what the trees were saying
during a walk in the park.
I was told of a little Crystal boy who
requested a large piece of purple
amethyst for a Christmas present even
though his mother offered him expensive
electronic equipment instead. His
response was, “I would rather have the
crystal because God made it. They love
the outdoors and have complete empathy
for plants. Someone handed a cut flower
to a little Crystal Child and the child burst
into tears and took the flower and
attempted to stick it back on the bush
from where it was picked. While walking
through the park, another Crystal Child
translated everything the trees were
saying to his parents.
One of the ways of telling whether a child
is indigo or crystal is to see if they have a
temper. Indigo children do but crystal
children do not and are completely
forgiving. While I was writing this book, the
crystal children gave me more hope about
our collective future, than anything I have
ever been involved in before.
These children have come here as living
light incarnate and when another child hits
or shoves them, they do not hit back, they
say profound philosophical things like, “why
would you hit me, we are friends?” or “trees
do not hit each other, why should we?” They
also have innate healing abilities that cannot
be explained.
Many parents and grandparents of crystal
children sent me stories of their children
with the ability to heal, some at a very young
age. For instance, one mother, who was
regularly bedridden and required surgery for
chronic back pain asked her five year old
daughter, if she would heal mommy’s back.
The child instantly agreed so her mother
took the little girl’s hands and placed them
on her back. But the little girl removed her
hands and said, “I do not need to touch you
to heal you.” She then sent healing energy
to her mother who has been free of back
pain since.
Another woman who had recently
purchased a wand sized rose quartz point,
which she kept on her night stand told how
her three year old daughter had come into
the room one day when she was ill in bed.
The little girl picked up the wand and said,
“I can heal people with this.” Her mother
started explaining the chakra system to her
but the little girl stopped her and said, “I
already know that”, even though it had not
been explained to her before.” She then
started to point the wand at her mother’s
chakras and the mother said that she
immediately felt better.
I have enough stories like this to know
that this is not coincidence. A strong
patter n is emerging showing that
powerful, forgiving, loving and open
hearted people are now being born in
significant numbers. These are old souls
and a lot of them probably have not been
here before they were sent to us. They
are the answer to our prayers and as light
workers and adult indigos, we need to
understand and help these children.
Many indigo children were misunderstood
and misdiagnosed, being mistaken as
having ADHD and were prescribed drugs
accordingly. Generally the medical
community does not yet understand that
indigo and crystal children are part of the
evolution process.
It will take a significant shift before it is
generally accepted that children who
choose not to talk until the age of three or
four are not dysfunctional, they are simply
choosing telepathy as an option. In fact you
could say that crystal children have taken
us beyond e-mail to an even more efficient
way of communicating.
Dr Darrell Bem, a remarkable professor
at Cornell University, produced solid
evidence that everyone has telepathic
abilities, both male and female had this
ability regardless of their background. He
found that students of art and drama had
greater telepathic abilities than students
who were not in right brain activities. So
as we become more right brain
dominated, we become more telepathic.
Telepathy is not something that science
even argues anymore. It is agreed that this
is something that is innate in human beings
as well as animals, but many crystal
children are being labeled as autistic.
It has been stated that there is a worldwide
epidemic of autism and scientists are
scrambling to find answers. These children
are not autistic, unless you spell it AWE, and
as a former psycho-therapist, I know that
the diagnostic criteria for autism does not
fit these children.
Diagnosing mental health is purely
subjective. It is a judgment call and there is
nothing in the diagnostic and statistic manual
is close to describing these new children.
They do not warrant a diagnosis because
they do not have problems, it is we who have
problems. An autistic child does not talk
because he or she does not recognize that
other people are present. Autistic people are
in their own world. They are not affectionate,
they do not reach out, and they tend to
entertain themselves by making repetitive
motions or gestures. They do not connect.
Crystal children on the other hand are the
most connected of any generation that I
have ever studied. They reach out to
strangers in need and hold their hand. They
give away their own toys to strangers who
are crying or hurting. Crystal children will
spend time with senior citizens they do not
even know, because of their open hearts
and loving energy. They love to hug, so
much that some parents say that it is almost
bordering on clinginess.
If you receive counsel from your child’s
teacher or your child’s physician that they
want to diagnose your child with Aspergers
Syndrome or Autism, please, please tell
them that you want a second opinion and
take your child to a homeopath or a
naturopath or a nutritionist or find a
psychologist or psychiatrist who is walking
the spiritual path. The Crystal Children are
going to populate this planet, with the most
loving, forgiving and peaceful people, that
we have ever had.
They are the
answer to our
prayers and as
light workers
and adult
indigos, we
need to
It is imperative that those of us who are
aware do not take away their gifts or stay
silent. If we do not do anything, it delays
the peace process another generation so
let us not do that. Let us have the courage
to speak up, stand up and perhaps
introduce school teachers to these
concepts. The Indigo and Crystal Children
are our greatest hope to bring about World
Peace. The best thing that we can do right
now is to give these children our prayers
and support which will empower them to
help us all.
understand and
help these
Dr Doreen Virtue is a spiritual
clairvoyant Doctor of
Psychology and is author of 22
books on mind-body-spirit