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up being directed towards fundraising initiatives for some of the
most important programs benefiting children. Some would argue
it is the self-indulgent, self-absorbed, career-driven lifestyles that
have resulted in the affluent having fewer offspring. What I have
observed and learned casually, through non-scientific means or
study, of our metropolis and the people in it, is that my fellow
citizens seem to approach the child-rearing issue with a more
painstaking analysis of what kind of life they can provide for a
child, before actually creating one.
Neil Bush, Michelle Nunn, Leora and Daniel Rosenberg
The Living years
By Christopher London
anhattan is a rather curious place for children: the island
of the only child, meaning married couples with only
one child in their household. There are also many more coupled,
non-married households with no children and still more nontraditional coupled households (gay) without children. Despite
Manhattan being the home of the highest average income per
person in the country and several Manhattan zip codes having
the highest mean household income in the nation, you would
think that Manhattan might be among the least favorable
environments to raise money for the children of the world and
our nation.
To the contrary, it’s as if the love that is not being guided
towards the creation of multiple-child households somehow ends
Every generation
Blames the one before
And all of their frustrations
Come beating on your door
A ll SO C IETY P h o t o s : © C h r i s t o p h e r L o n d o n
G r e g o ry P a rta n i o / M a n h at ta n S o c i e t y . c o m
I know that I’m a prisoner
To all my Father held so dear
I know that I’m a hostage
To all his hopes and fears
I just wish I could have told him in the living years
The Living Years by Mike & The Mechanics (1988)
Social Life, vol. V II issue 2
lightly. Sometimes it taxes you in ways you cannot imagine, and
often you can feel like you are failing and never doing enough.
Yet, when I am alone and reflect on the men that you and your brothers
have become, I am humbled that I had anything to do with it.”
You can tell a lot about a society by how it values its women
and children. One could argue that it’s often those who choose
not to procreate or who choose to create fewer offspring who
place a higher value on children. Their philanthropy, often in the
multiple thousands, if not millions towards child-related causes
bears that out. To those folks, I lift a glass and say L’Chaim and
God Bless your souls.
Speaking of wonderful souls, Big Brothers Big Sisters
of New York City raised over $2 million for its programs at
their 31st Annual Sidewalks of New York Gala, held April 26, at
the Waldorf Astoria’s Grand Ballroom. Four ”Bigs” and “Littles,” matched from Big Brothers Big
Sisters of New York City programs, shared their stories and
experiences from the Waldorf Astoria’s Grand Ballroom stage, as
they presented awards to this year’s inspiring honorees. Honorees
included four incredible role models who have overcome personal
and professional obstacles to obtain significant success: The
Allan Luks Public Service Award was presented to Richard J.
Franchella, RBC Wealth Management; Mark Standish, President
and Co-Chief Executive of RBC Capital Markets received
BigsNYC Corporate Award; Deborah Roberts, ABC News and
20/20 Correspondent was presented with the BigsNYC
Soledad O’Brien
I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a mentor who was
a Partner in one of New York’s leading international law firms, a
man whose brain power has been put to use saving many a CEO’s
hide in complex bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.
When I asked why he and his super-successful, sophisticated
and accomplished wife did not yet have a family (but yet he
contributed to many of New York’s most important charitable
institutions, including those benefiting children) the response
was simply, “My wife and I love our respective careers and while
having children would be wonderful, we do not want to just
procreate in order to put them on a shelf for observation and
a sense of accomplishment.” As a young Associate who aspired
to marriage and family I walked away somewhat confused, not
understanding the gravity of that statement truly until the eve of
my father’s death when I confided to my father, on his sickbed,
that I was concerned about whether he would ever get to see the
day that I made him a grandfather. “My son, it is a tremendous
responsibility and one that I would advise you not to undertake
Edward Gardner, Agnes Hassell, Roger S. Goodell, Gerald Hassell
Communications Award; and the BigsNYC Sports Award went
to Baltimore Ravens Offensive Tackle, Michael Oher, whose
remarkable story is the subject of the Oscar-nominated film The
Blind Side. Each award was presented to the honoree by a child and his/
her mentor. Over the past two months, the matches had been
writing and rehearsing their introductory remarks – making for
moving, heartfelt presentations sparkling with individualized
wit and personality. Each of their stories noted the important
role that their social workers played in ensuring the long-term
success of their mentoring relationship. CNN Anchor & Special Correspondent, Soledad O’Brien was
Mistress of Ceremonies. Gerald L. Hassell, President of the
Bank of New York Mellon was the Dinner Chairman. Children for Children (CFC), which is now the Youth and
Education division of Hands On Network (a related organization
of The Points of Light Institute), hosted its Ninth Annual
Benefit, The Art of Giving, on April 13. At the event, Children
for Children announced that it is extending its national reach
and growing into GenerationOn in partnership with The Points
of Light Institute. The event was held at Christie’s auction house
in Rockefeller Center.
Richard I. Beattie, Sherrie Rollins Westin,
David L. Westin
Katie Couric, Silda Wall Spitzer
Bruce Gordon, Tawna Tibbs,
Michael A. Corriero
Lou Duva,
Dr. Richard Garvey
a standing ovation. Ellen Burstyn, Academy Award-winning
actress served as emcee. Benefit Committee Co-Chairs included
Silda Wall, Daniel and Leora Rosenberg, Kathy Lacey and James
Hoge, Rebecca and Jim Neary, Megan Kultgen, and Lucy Lang.
The Benefit is an important vehicle through which Children
for Children raises funds to support its vital youth-service
programs. The Art of Giving also serves as an opportunity to
honor members of the community who are committed to youth
service and to celebrate CFC’s more than 200,000 volunteers.
The World Famous Oheka Castle located in Huntington was
the location for “Hassle at the Castle,” a premier red carpet
Charity Boxing Event benefiting Shea Megale Trust for SMA
and the Elena Melius Foundation on May 7. The event was
produced John Edmonds Kozma of BANG Productions,
Inc. and Lou Duva in association with X-cel Promotions, along
with MAD Events, Inc. The evening featured a marvelous
night of boxing, fashion and entertainment, with 30 rounds
of boxing, a swimsuit fashion show featuring Carla’s Closet (as
seen in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues 2006-2010), spirits
and cuisine for all. The night concluded with a special tribute to
legendary boxing Manager/Trainer Lou Duva. Legendary boxers
in attendance included “Gentlemen” Gerry Cooney, Burt Sugar,
Emile Griffith, Vivian Harris, Mystery Quest, Mark Breland,
Pernell Whitaker, and Tyrell Briggs (The 1984 Olympic Boxing
Team) as well as Evander Holyfield.
Deborah Roberts, Al Roker
Children for Children honored Katie Couric, CBS News
Anchor, with T he Constance L. Hays Helping Hands Award. Couric
was introduced in a glowing speech by Lisa Paulsen, President
and CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation about “The
Couric Effect,” as aptly coined by researchers at the University
of Michigan, for using her platform to increase funding and
research for colorectal cancer via her on-air colonoscopy in
2000, and launch of the National Colorectal Cancer Research
Alliance after the loss of her husband, Jay, to colorectal cancer
in 1998. Neil Bush, Chair of the Board of Directors of The
Points of Light Institute offered his well received and humorous
anecdotes from the dinner table of his father, President George
H. W. Bush, about his respect for Ms. Couric, before concluding
that Katie represents one of those “Thousand Points of Light”
whom his father invoked in his inaugural address in 1989 and
in speeches during his days as President. Ms. Couric received
Lucy Jane Lang,
Ellen Burstyn, Megan Kultgen
Kevin Arquit, Maggie Jones, Alec Baldwin
Evander Holyfield, Gerry Cooney
Gary Melius,
Shea Megale
Social Life, vol. V II issue 2
The KiDS of NYU Foundation, Inc. 2010 Spring Fling raised
over $3 million at its 19th annual gala held Tuesday, May 25, at
the Plaza Hotel. This year’s event honored Dr. Achi Ludomirsky,
director of Pediatric Cardiology, and paid tribute to Dr. Eugenie
Doyle, Professor Emerita of Pediatric Cardiology, for their
extraordinary contributions to pioneering and advancing the
field of pediatric cardiology at NYU Langone Medical Center.
A portion of the $3 million raised at this year’s gala—including