Parts: 5 x top with hole

Metal poles
Total: 10 pieces
5 x top with hole
Tent Canvas
1 Piece
5 x base
Ground Mat
1 Piece
Cotton String
1 Piece
Assembly by adults only
Step 2
Insert 5 metal poles
into side channels.
Step 1
Push metal poles
together until secure.
Step 3
Attach metal poles and tent canvas
together using the cotton string. Starting
at the front, thread the string through the
eyelet in the canvas and then through the
hole at the top of the pole. Repeat until all
poles are attached to
the canvas. Secure the string with a tight
Step 4
Spread out ground sheet inside tent and fix in place by threading ties through
eyelet at base of each pole. Secure in a knot.
Please retain these instructions for future reference.
A great place for those endless adventures.
This traditional children's canvas Teepee is the
ultimate play area to hide, read, nap and meet
with friends!
4.5 ft. tall
6 ft. across base
Material: 100% canvas & metal poles
• Dry clean only
• Water resistant base
3 - 9 years
Easy to assemble and store
Keep away from fire and erect with adult supervision.
Teepee designs exclusively distributed by
Ideal for both indoors and outdoors