report annual

on the cover
“Participating in the
Resource Mothers
program has changed
me a whole lot!
It has helped me with
my self esteem, it has
helped me with things
I have forgotten since
my last baby was born
13 years ago, it has
helped me to make
better decisions, and to
speak up for myself so
I can do what I need to do.
I am so thankful
for Resource Mothers
and for Children &
Families First.”
-Veronica, Resource Mothers participant,
with her 4-month-old daughter, Nevaeh
cover photo by Sally DeWees
well as in Sussex County. This friendly-visitor
program pairs volunteers with older adults in
nursing or assisted living facilities.
In April, Children & Families First held
its rst Blue Bow event to mark the beginning
of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Governor
Markell and elected ocials joined us and other
community advocates in front of Legislative
Hall to raise awareness of the need to protect
our children.
hanks to your committed support and
partnership, 2010 was an unforgettable year
for Children & Families First. We hope you
will share with us a sense of achievement as
we reect on what you helped make possible.
We hit the ground running with the NurseFamily Partnership, our evidence-based home
visiting program for low-income women
pregnant with their rst child. Our nurses
worked hard to build caseloads and help new
moms – many of them teenagers – have healthy
babies. We worked collaboratively with partners
throughout the state to move towards our vision
of a truly comprehensive system of care for
pregnant women and new babies.
Our Eastside Community Schools project
at Bancroft, Elbert-Palmer and Stubbs
Elementary Schools in Wilmington gained
momentum. Thanks to increased local and
federal funding, we were able to add an
external evaluation and increase services to
better make a dierence in the lives of children
and families in some of Wilmington’s most
challenging neighborhoods
Our Resource Helpline was another area
of growth. We continued to work with the
Division of Aging to transform our ElderOnline
and RespiteOnline referal services into the
backbone of the state’s new Aging & Disability
Resource Center known as ADRC. In 2010,
our Helpline became the central point of contact in Delaware for questions about nutrition
through a grant with Nemours.
Recent census information conrms what
we already know – Delaware’s population is
aging. We responded by expanding our
ElderBuddy program in New Castle County as
Leslie Newaman’s photo by Elisa Komins Morris;
Ellen Levin’s photo by Joe del Tufo
2010 also marked a year of meaningful
recognition of our organization by both national
colleagues and the local community. We were
presented with the Agency of the Year Award from
the Alliance for Children & Families. We were
also chosen by Bank of America to receive a
Neighborhood Excellence Award, which provided
funding to support our Eastside Community
Schools project. Finally, Children & Families
First was honored to accept an Award of
Excellence from the Delaware State Chamber
of Commerce and the Small Business Alliance
as part of the Marvin S. Gilman Superstars
in Business.
As we look ahead, we see many challenges,
but even more opportunities. We are fortunate
to have dedicated board members, sta,
volunteers and advocates on our team who are
willing to share their time, talents and nances
– all in an eort to help us continue to forge
change in our community. We thank you for
your support.
We’re pleased to share the photos and words
of some of the people we served in 2010 – people
whose lives were improved because of your trust
and commitment to working together toward
communities where children are nurtured
and strong, individuals are valued and families
are strong. Thank you.
Best regards,
Leslie Newman
Ellen Levin
Chair, Board of Directors
“Having ARC has
helped me so much!
Since I don’t have a mom, I didn’t
have anyone to talk to about
problems or to take me
to appointments.
ARC has given me a safe and
comfortable environment to
take care of everything I need
to take care of. I don’t know
where I would be without
ARC today, but I know their
support has really kept the
doors to my future open.”
-Casey, age 18, ARC participant
photo by Sally DeWees
2010 board of directors
Ellen K. Levin, Chair
Thomas P. Collins, Esq., Vice Chair
Jennifer B. Jonach, Secretary
Douglas M. Stephenson, Treasurer
Peter A. Hazen, Assistant Treasurer
Board of Directors
Aguida Atkinson, M.D.
Sandra H. Autman
Don C. Brown
P. Clarkson Collins, Jr., Esq.
Katy Connolly
Annie Coons
Sally A. DeWees
Gayle Dillman
Veronica O. Faust, Esq.
George W. Forbes, III
Carol A. Gausz
Muriel E. Gilman *
Patricia W. Grin, Esq.
Pamela E. Harper
Nancy Karibjanian
Pauline D. Koch
James F. Krass
John W. Land
Catherine LaPenta
Anthony J. Lewis
Paul L. McCommons, III
Shauna B. McIntosh, M.D.
Carl F. McMillan
Dayna L. Moore
Andrea Z. Moselle
Heather A. O’Connell
Brian G. Pettyjohn
Barbara S. Ridgely, Ed.D.
Kim Zeitler Robbins
John F. Schmutz, Esq.
Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq.
Richard A. Vintigni
Lee A. Wheeler
John M. Will
Advisory board
Angela B. Case
Mary Jo Chandler
Karen D. Doherty
Megan T. Goeller
Hon. Mary M. Johnston
Hon. Jane P. Maroney
Robert R. Meade
Stephen M. Mockbee
Elizabeth T.B. Pierson
Gilbert S. Scarborough, III
Joanne K. Sundheim, Esq.
David G. Turner
Mary E. Valiante
K. Jean Williams
Honorary Board
Carol Harlan Aastad
Max S. Bell, Jr., Esq.
Joan McD. Connolly
Dr. Lozelle J. DeLuz
Glenn M. Engelmann, Esq.
Katherine L. Esterly, M.D.
Gloria S. Fine
Larry D. Gehrke
James H. Gilliam, Sr.
Edward W. Goate, Ph.D.
Susan A. Herrmann
Stephen R. Permut, M.D.
June Jenkins Peterson
David B. Ripsom, Esq.
Barbara F. Soulier
Chief Executive
Leslie Newman
in 2010, CFF touched the lives of 30,348
individuals. The overwhelming majority
(94% or more) of our stakeholderst–clients,
staff, donors and partners– would recommend
CFF to others.
Children & Families First
helps families develop
solutions to meet challenges
and embrace opportunities.
Communities where
children are nurtured
and safe, individuals
are valued, and families
are strong.
Healthy babies become healthy children. We connect pregnant
women with health care and social services to make sure that
their babies are born healthy and stay healthy. The Nurse-Family
Partnership (NFP) is an evidence-based program using nurse
home visitors to provide comprehensive services to low-income
women pregnant for the rst time. The nurse follows the family
through the child’s second birthday. NFP has a range of positive
outcomes, including decreased child abuse and neglect. The
Resource Mothers program works to decrease infant mortality
by connecting at-risk pregnant women statewide with prenatal
medical care and social services. Sta help prepare women
for delivery and parenthood, and oer ongoing support and
mentoring. Once the baby is born, Resource Mothers ensures
that the family is connected to well-baby care.
The early years of a child’s life form the foundation of his or
her future. Delaware Stars is the state’s quality-rating system
for child care, working to improve early care and education.
Relative Caregiver Training oers training to individuals
who provide child care for their relatives, as required by the
Delaware Division of Social Services for the Purchase of Care
program. The training series covers topics such as safety, nutrition,
health, language and literacy, child development and
understanding children’s behavior. The Child and Adult
Care Food Program assures that children in licensed child care
programs receive nutritionally balanced meals. The Delaware
After School Alliance is a public-private partnership working
to ensure that afterschool programs meet the academic, social,
cultural, and physical health needs of school-age children.
“Thank you
for thinking
of me in my
time of need.”
The teen years can be dicult–young adults must navigate the
uncharted waters of relationships, sexuality and more. For
some teens, the challenges can be even more complex –mental
health issues, truancy or even juvenile justice involvement.
Youth ages 12 to 20 may participate in ARC (Adolescent
Resource Center), either through educational sessions that
meet during the school day or at our afterschool medical
clinics. The goal is to help teens decrease risk-taking
and promote healthy choices. Our Functional Family Therapy
program is an evidence-based family counseling and case
management intervention for youth between the ages of 11
and 18 and their families who are struggling with behavioral
problems and family conict. Youth with mental health or
behavioral issues benet from our Seaford House Residential
& Day Treatment program.
Being a parent is one of the world’s most important jobs,
but also one of the toughest. Children & Families First oers
assistance to parents and children to build skills and improve
family communication. The Strengthening Families Program,
a research-based family skills training series, and Delaware
Cares, state-certied classes for divorcing parents, are
designed to address the needs of vulnerable families and teach
them positive, eective ways to interact. We provide Foster
Care and Adoption services to help ensure the safety and
well-being of vulnerable children. Children and youth of
all ages who have experienced abuse, trauma or neglect are
placed with loving, trained families who can provide the
security they need.
Strong families are the foundation of strong communities.
Children & Families First is the lead partner in the Eastside
Community Schools project, a public-private partnership
targeting three Wilmington elementary schools with high rates
of poverty and poor academic performance. ECS is working
to ensure that children arrive at school healthy and ready to
learn; families and community members are fully engaged as
respected partners in the success of the children; and that the
basic needs of children, their families, and neighbors are met.
Our Resource Helpline provides a variety of free referral
services to link parents and caregivers to the information they
need to access child care, elder services, respite care options,
and much more. In Sussex County, the Promoting Safe &
Stable Families program connects families to essential services
such as medical care, housing, employment and food.
Work plays a signicant role in many of our lives. Children
& Families First helps people nd meaningful employment in
Kent and Sussex Counties through our Rise Up welfare-to-work
program. We also work with employers around the nation to
provide back-up dependent care coverage through the Just
in Time Care® program, so that last-minute dependent
care emergencies don’t need to cause missed work days.
Americans are living longer, more productive lives. Nearly
one in eight Americans is age 65 or older. The ElderBuddy
Program matches trained volunteers with elders in need of
companionship. Volunteers make a commitment to visit the
elderly friend regularly and maintain an ongoing relationship
with them. Grand Time O provides respite for grandparents
or relatives who are raising other family members’ children.
Caregivers are helped to nd and pay for short-term,
occasional child care needs. The Delaware Kinship Navigator,
provides a free one-stop-shop information and referral
service for grandparents and other relatives who are currently
raising related children.
“I hope to
one day
give back
to the
as much as
you have
given me.”
How You Helped
91% of babies born to women in the Resource Mothers
program attended their well-baby visits.
100% of babies born to moms in the Nurse-Family
Partnership program were born at a healthy gestational
“I want to age (37.5 weeks or more).
for everything
you gave me…I
got everything I
needed and
The Child & Adult Care Food Program made it
possible for child care centers and family child care homes to
serve 1,248,411 healthy meals.
Delaware Stars continued to improve child care quality,
enrolling 41 new centers. 27 centers moved up one or more
star levels.
ARC Education helped 12,794 young adults increase
their knowledge about puberty, contraception, and responsible
100% of teens discharged from Seaford House went to a
level or less-restrictive placement.
93% of teens who completed Functional Family Therapy
treatment reported that their families had changed for the better.
229 children received care in the welcoming homes
of our highly trained foster parents.
100% of special needs adoptions were nalized without disruptions
85% of families who finished the Strengthening
Families Program demonstrated Large or Very Large
improvement in their family interactions.
555 people served in the Promoting Safe & Stable
Families program were connected to the community
resources they needed.
More than 2,685 child care, elder care, and respite care
information requests were fullled through our free
referral services.
775 children enrolled in the Eastside Community
Schools program had access to case management, afterschool
programs, and cultural enrichment opportunities.
78% of clients in the Rise Up Welfare-to-Work
program achieved 48 consecutive weeks of employment.
630 hours of companionship were provided to 35 local elders
by ElderBuddy volunteers.
“I am
for what you
have done for
my children.”
“I’ve had a lot of blessings in my life
and now that I am retired it gives me
a chance to give back. We’ve developed
quite a special friendship.”
-Ted, ElderBuddy volunteer
“Being part of this program allowed me to meet
my best friend ever. I’ve had friends in the past,
but Ted is the best friend I’ve ever had.”
–Dolores, ElderBuddy participant
photo by Sally DeWees
2010 A Taste for Art
n March 6, 2010, Children & Families First hosted its third annual A Taste for Art
at the Greenville Country Club. Guests sampled culinary delights from student chefs
representing Delcastle Technical High School, Delaware Technical & Community
College, Hodgson Vocational-Technical High School, and Howard High School of Technology.
Additionally, guests enjoyed works from over 20 local artisans. Thank you to all of our sponsors
and friends who made this event a success!
Photo by Caroline Connolly
and Virginia DeWees
2010 A Taste for Art
Katy Connolly and
Gayle Dillman, Co-Chairs
Lisa Beatson
Sherry Brilliant
Sonja Brown
Audy Carroccia
Angela Case
Annie Coons
Sally DeWees
Megan Goeller
Debbie Hutz
Elaine Long
Shauna McIntosh, M.D.
Margaret O’Dwyer
Melanie Penna
Joyce Scarborough
Vicky Schowe
Pamela Sweeney
Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq.
LeeAnn Trudel
Peggy Zugehar
Foundation and
Corporate Sponsors
Bank of America
Delmarva Power
DeWees Investment
Consulting Group
The DuPont Company
Employee Benets Solutions
Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.
The Laey-McHugh Foundation
Morgan Stanley
Patterson Schwartz Real Estate
PNC Foundation
Wells Fargo Advisors
A Taste for Art Benefactors
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Connolly, Jr.
Katy and Chip Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Jerey C. Dillman
Mr. and Mrs. William Esposito
Mr. William Johnston and
Hon. Mary Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Kullman
Ms. Carol Levin
Leslie Newman
Joanne K. Sundheim, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Zeleny
A Taste for Art Patrons
Mr. and Mrs. David Beatson
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Chandler, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Collins
Ms. Deborah Ehrenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M.
Engelmann, Esq.
Ms. Muriel E. Gilman*
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hazen
Mr. and Mrs. R. Eric Hutz
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kortanek
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Monigle
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Poppitti
Ms. Kelly Sasso
John F. Schmutz, Esq.
Mr. C. Michael Shook
Dr. and Mrs. Gregg Sylvester
A Taste for Art Donors
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Abel, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aerenson
Ms. Sandra H. Autman
Mr. and Mrs. David Bills
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Brilliant
Mr. and Mrs. David Broderick
Ms. Laura Brooks
Mr. Don C. Brown and
Ms. Lynn Howard
Ms. Sonja Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Campbell
Mrs. Angela Case
Ms. Dianne Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chouinard
Ms. Gigi Clark
Councilman and Mrs. Jerry Clifton
Mr. and Mrs. P. Clarkson Collins, Jr.
Hon. and Mrs. Christopher Coons
Hon. Barbara Crowell
Mr. David A. Cullman
Mr. and Mrs. Heyward Damon
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Davis
Mr. Carl DeMartino
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DePaulo
Mr. Jay Christian Deputy
Ms. Lori DiBattista
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dorsney
Dr. and Mrs. James Downing
Ms. Lynne P. Ellick
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Erkenbrecher
David J. Facciolo, Esq.
Ms. P.J. Facciolo
Mr. And Mrs. Paul S. Fad
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Claude Finizio
Eleuthera Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Christian E. Flory, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Frankel
Ms. Carol A. Gausz
Errol and Ruth Ann Ger
Ms. Martha Gilman
Dr. and Mrs. Carl I. Glassman
Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Goldenberg
Patricia W. Grin, Esq.
Mr. Richard James
Mr. Scott Johnson and
Ms. Susan Janes- Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard W. Kelly
Mr. and Dr. Patrick J. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kempner
Dr. and Mrs. Jery Komins
Ms. Ellen Kraft
Ms. Virginia Lockman
Mrs. Mali Monsoory
Hon. Jane Maroney
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mayne, Jr.
Dr. Shauna McIntosh
Ms. Judith Melman
Ms. Rose Mohler
Mr. and Mrs. Bret A. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Mraz
Mrs. Tracy Mulveny
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Narwold
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nicholson
Ms. Heather A. O’Connell and
Mr. Joseph A. Gabay
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. O’Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oddo
Mr. Christian Zaroglu and
Ms. Lori Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Penna
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Pennock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Petrillo
Dr. and Mrs. George Popel
Dr. and Mrs. John Reinhardt
Dr. and Mrs. Grafton D. Reeves
The Hon. and Dr. Henry Ridgely
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rodi
Mrs. Laura Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Scott III
Dr. Robin Sesan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Silveroli
Dr. Arlene Smalls
Mr. Kent Smith and
Dr. Sybil C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William Smith
Dennis and Marcia Spivack
Ms. Susan Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Stillabower
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Sutton
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Sweeney
Ms. Nathania Thompson
Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Trudel
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Urgo
Mr. and Mrs. Dana F. Walker
Ms. Leigh J. Weinfeld
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Weinstein
Mr. Barry Schlecker and
Ms. Ginger Weiss
Mrs. Lee Wheeler
Wilmington Trust Company
Mr. and Mrs. John Wolak
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Zugehar
family album
participants & supporters
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Agne
Dr. and Mrs. Tony Allen
Mr. Andrew Blair and Ms. June Alt
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Ashworth
Ms. Sandra H. Autman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Axtell
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Bale Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Balick
Ms. Karen A. Ballotta and
Mr. Bryan K. Garman
Ms. Karen Banker
Barbacane, Thornton & Company
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Barton III
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Beach
Bellevue Realty Corporation
Bierato LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Connor Bierato
Mr. and Mrs. R. Todd Binkley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bisson
The Blair Family
Ms. Sheriden T. Black
Mr. and Mrs. W. John Boehmler
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Borst
Ms. Jill Bowman
Sheryl Bragaw
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Burcham
Ms. Kathryn Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. Cartwright
Ms. Josephine Cole
Connolly, Bove, Lodge & Hutz
Chip and Katy Connolly
Hon. and Mrs. Christopher Coons
Hon. and Mrs. Charles Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cross Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Cucuzzella
Mr. and Mrs. David Culley
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Mr. and Mrs. David Debruin
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory DeMeo
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Desmond
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The Dobrowski Family
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Horty & Horty, P.A.
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Mrs. and Mr. Wendy Wise
White Oak Landscape Management
Women to Women Ob/Gyn Associates
Mr. and Mrs. David Woods
Ms. Mary Yavalar
a taste for art of
Southern Delaware
n October 2010, we hosted our rst ever A Taste for Art of Southern Delaware
at the Cordrey Center in Millsboro. Guests mingled among the works of local artists
and sampled delicious food. Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success!
A Taste for Art of Southern
Delaware Committee
Kari Ainsworth
Mary Bayliss
Jennifer Bell
Patti Brown
Veronica Faust
Barbara Green
Jane Knaus
Debbie Rivera
Lee A. Wheeler
Ms. Sandra H. Autman
Ms. Zakiya Bakari-Grin
Mr. Theodore Becker
Mrs. Dallas Bokop
Hon. and Mrs. Joseph Booth
Patti and Tom Brown
Mrs. Angela Case
Ronald and Donna Con
Mr. and Mrs. Skip Faust
Ms. Marilyn Fisher
Nettie and Sterling Green
James and Patricia Grin
Bill and Tammy Hansen
Ms. Pam Harper
Ms. Nancy R. Holmes
Thomas and Melinda Hu
Richard James and Kirsten Olson
Kari and Paul Ainsworth
Hugh and Kathleen Leahy
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Levin
Ernest and Elizabeth Lister
Ms. Catherine Malone
Randy and Judith Markle
Mr. Robert Meade
Andrew and Julie Metz
Mr. and Mrs. James Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Parsons
Ms. Roseanne Perrone
Rehoboth Art League
Hon. Henry and Dr. Barbara Ridgely
Ms. Kim Z. Robbins
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Teks Unlimited Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Urgo
Rev. and Mrs. Bob Van Ingen
Mrs. Lisa Wharton
Jay and Melody Diaz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wheeler
Ms. Melanie Withers
16 Mile Brewing Company
Atlantic Liquors
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Boss Enterprises, LLC
Kathy & David Green
Barbara and Scott Green
Harvard Business Services, Inc.
Nash Omniscaping, LLC
NRG Indian River Power Plant
Clean Cut Interlocking Pavers, Inc
The Bank of Delmarva
The Dental Group
The Law Oces of Bonnie
M. Benson
Taylor’s Toees
Wilmington Trust Wealth Advisory
Fine Line Websites & IT Consulting
Fish On! Restaurant, SoDel Concepts
Interiors for You, Inc.
Auction Donors
Kirk Blackburn
Angerstein’s Building Supply, Inc.
Nancy Balthasar
Baywood Greens Golf
Blue Water Grill
Sami Campbell-Sarver
Clean Cut Interlocking Pavers, Inc.
Dinorah Originals
Kris Etze, Abra…ca…Dinner!
Fish –On! Restaurant
Hitched Photography
Kia Massage
Jane Knaus
La Tonalteca Restaurant
Lavender Fields
Lewes Volunteer Fire Dept.
Mac McKeown
Pure Bliss Salon & Spa
Debbie Rivera
Bonnie Schuyler
Chef Phil Mastrippolito from Plate Catering and Fish
On! shows o delicious desserts.
photo by Matt Sager
Thank You
to all of our donors
hildren & Families First wishes to thank all of the individuals, corporations, and groups
who have made contributions. Every eort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is correct. Please direct errors or omissions to the attention of the
Development Department at (302) 658-5177 and accept our sincere apologies. For information
on giving, visit or call (302) 658-5177. Thank you for your generosity.
($2000 and higher)
Anonymous Donor
Karl and Kris Bennett
Concerned Physicians Fund
of Delaware
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Connolly Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. DeWees Jr.
Ellen & Alan Levin Family
Dr. Katherine L. Esterly
Mr. and Mrs. Foster S. Friess
Ms. Muriel E. Gilman *
Michael and Ellen Kullman
Mrs. Leslie Newman
Ms. Heather A. O’Connell and
Mr. Joseph A. Gabay
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Schmutz
The Kimmel-Spiller
Charitable Foundation
Mr. Henry Topel
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Woolard Jr.
($1250 - $1999)
Mr. and Mrs. P. Clarkson Collins Jr.
Diane & Harry Levin Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Herrmann
Mr. William Johnston and
Hon. Mary Johnston
Mr. Peter Kline and
Ms. Jennifer B. Jonach
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Klesius
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Land
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Marvin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L.
McCommons, III
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert S.
Scarborough, III
Mrs. Nanette Silveroli
Mr. and Mrs. D. Neil Washburn
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Chandler IV
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Doorey
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Edell
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M.
Engelmann, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fine
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Forbes III
Ms. Carol A. Gausz
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Goeller
Ms. Sarah I. Gore
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grillo
Hon. and Mrs. Ted E. Kaufman
Mr. and Dr. Patrick J. Kelly
William and Melissa Laerty
Gregg and M.C. Landis
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Laskowski
Ms. Virginia Lockman
Mr. Ellice McDonald, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Mockbee
Mr. Kevin Noel
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Sharp, III
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Stephenson
Joanne K. Sundheim, Esq.
($500-$749 )
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aerenson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Brooks
Mr. Don C. Brown and
Ms. Lynn Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Cecala
Dick Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Collins
Hon. and Mrs. Christopher Coons
Ernest Demetriades
Mr. Richard Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Skip Faust
Errol and Ruth Ann Ger
Mr. and Mrs. William Hartnett
Peter and Laurie Hazen
Mrs. Kathleen Hershey
Drs. William and Barbara Jaee
Mr. Derek Jones
Ms. Carol Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Locke
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Malloy
Mr. Willie Martin
Mrs. Joyce McGhee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meade
Ms. Deborah Groo Mellor
Mr. Craig Newman
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Dr. and Mrs. Robert Penna
Mr. Derrick Revers
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Shannon
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Shlossman
Mr. Nicholas O’Neill and
Ms. Mary E. Valiante
Hon. Dallas Winslow
Thomas and Diane Wren
($250-$499 )
Ms. Sandra H. Autman
Ms. Zakiya Bakari-Grin
Mrs. Robert H. Bolling Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Chase
Chip and Katy Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E.
Cosgrove, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Culley
Mrs. Amy Descovich
Mr. and Mrs. Jerey C. Dillman
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence DiSabatino
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Donaghy, Jr.
Mr. Lawrence G. Dunkelberger
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Eichinger
Mr. and Mrs. William Esposito
Mr. Bradford Gardner
Ms. Elizabeth Garrigues
Mr. Joseph D. Grawe
Mr. and Mrs. James Grin
Ms. Pamela E. Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Harra Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. William Haubert
Mrs. Dawn M. Hess-Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf E. Hutz
Eugene and Donna Julian
Ms. Nancy Karibjanian
and Mr. Joseph Nemecz
Ms. Gertrude D. Karp Gladstone
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kempner
Mr. and Mrs. Tom LaPenta
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Levin
Mr. Anthony J. Lewis
Ms. Catherine M. Lombardozzi
Ms. Colleen McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. McDowell
Mr. Arthur J. Merriweather, IV
Ms. Rose Mohler
Murray Family 2004 Charitable
Lead Annuity Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Myers
Dr. Stephen L. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pappas
Dr. David Paul and Ms. Kathy Klein
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Permut
Ms. Merrijane Pierce
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Dr. Marie Pinizzotto
Dr. and Mrs. Grafton D. Reeves
The Hon. Henry and
Dr. Barbara Ridgely
Gil and Ellen Scarborough
Ms. Patricia Selby
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gilchrist Sparks, III
Mr. Richard B. Sparks
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Ms. Martha Steel
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Bill and Chris Sudell
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Mr. Timothy Toole
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Warnick
Charles E. Welch, Esq.
Dr. Gerald Wermus
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Aastad
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Abel, Jr.
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Dr. Aguida Atkinson
Mrs. Mary Alice Bair
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Bakst
Bernard and Helen Balick
Mr. James M. Bastianelli
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bayard, Jr.
Ms. Mary Bayliss
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Beardwood
Mr. Theodore Becker
Mr. Max S. Bell, Jr.
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Mr. and Mrs. Clement Bowen, Jr.
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Mr. and Mrs. R.R.M. Carpenter, III
Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. Case, Sr.
Jane and Mike Castle
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chaiken
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($99 and under )
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Ms. Dianne Casey
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Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cross, Jr.
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Ms. Stephanie A. Delucia
Mr. Jay Christian Deputy
Ms. Susan DiBonaventure
Mr. Richard Dilenge
Ms. Dorothy B. Dill
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Director
Steven Director, Esq.
Ms. Jill Dolan
Ms. Judith Du
Barbara and Les Dukart
Ms. Linda G. Duricek
Dr. Michael Duzy and
Dr. Helen McCullough-Duzy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ehrlich
Mr. and Mrs. John Elzufon
Honorable and Mrs. Joseph
Farnan, Jr.
Ms. Sylvia Ficklin
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Mrs Kristin K. Hague
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Ms. Cara Hammerbacher
Mr. Gerald D. Harris
Ms. Eileen Hartnett
Ms. Charlotte J. Hash
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hasse
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Helsel
Bill and Elisabeth Hohman
Ms. Marvis Hollowell-Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond M. Ianni
Mrs. Diana Jackson
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Jan Jessup
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Mr. and Dr. Greg Kelly
Lashay Kennard
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Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kline
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Ms. Elizabeth Shapiro
Sandy Kuminski
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Ms. Wendi Longo-Mitchell
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Dr. Karyl Rattay
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Mr. Gregory Roane
Maxine and Jay Rosenthal
Ms. Sarah Schenck
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott
Ms. Tina Sexton
Ms. Stephanie Shader
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Dr. and Mrs. William Shellenberger
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Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smagala
Mr. David Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sontowski
Barbara Soulier
Ms. Kathie Stamm
Mr. Kenneth Stewart
Supreme Courts Tennis
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Ms. Ivy Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thorpe
Karen Tomic
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Towers, Jr. VMD
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Urgo
Ms. Amy Valenti
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Van Leeuwen
Ms. Janice VanSant
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Vasile
Ms. Eva L. Verplanck
Ms. Janice Vitcusky
Ms. Chimere M. Washington
Mrs. Forrester E. Watson
Mrs. Kelley Welch
Tom and Joan Wellington
Ms. Melissa White
Ms. Sharon Whiteld
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wilkinson
Mrs. K. Jean Williams
Wendy and Alex Wise
Hon. and Mrs. William Witham Jr.
Mrs. Frederick A. Wol
Ms. Shannon Woodloe
Ms. Valerie Woodru
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Young
Mrs. Sybil Zeftel
memorials, honors & tributes
Hon. and Mrs. Donald A. Blakey
in memory of Lulu Brown
Mr. Donald A. Bussard
in honor of Mike Cochran
Cae Gelato, Inc
in memory of Sean McCann
Dr. and Mrs. John Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Klein
in honor of Mike Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kline
in honor of Jennifer Jonach and Peter Kline
Mr. Michael Kubico and
Ms. Elizabeth Shapiro
in memory of Sean Aaron McCann
in memory of Marley
William and Melissa Laerty
Daniel D. Coppens
in memory of John J. Laerty
in memory of Sean McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cross Jr.
in memory of Sean McCann
Mr. Richard Dilenge
in memory of Sean McCann
Mr. Lawrence G. Dunkelberger
in memory of Ann H. Dunkelberger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fine
in honor of Senator & Mrs. Ted Kaufman’s
50th Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Christian E. Flory, Jr.
in honor of George
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Goeller
in memory of Gloria P. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William Haubert
in honor of Mike Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mand
in honor of Ellen Levin
Ms. Eleanor Matthews
in memory of Gage Shockley Dickerson
Ms. Janice Mirarchi
in memory of Sean McCann
Mr. Craig Newman
in honor of Gertrude Karp
Mrs. Leslie Newman
in memory of Kenneth Woodru
Dr. Stephen L. Newman
in honor of Leslie Newman on her birthday
Ms. Sarah Poulsen
in memory of Sarah I. Lynch
Ms. Patricia Pulcher
in memory of Sean McCann
Mr. Marcos Ramos
in honor of Mike Cochran
Dr. Karyl Rattay
in honor of Senator Nancy Cook
Ms. Sarah Schenck
in honor of Rollo Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott
in honor of Senator Nancy Cook
Dr. and Mrs. William Shellenberger
in honor of Joan Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sontowski
in memory of Sean McCann
Dennis and Marcia Spivack
in honor of Leslie Newman
Supreme Courts Tennis
Team Members
in memory of Sean McCann
Charles E. Welch Esq.
in honor of Jack Schmutz
Tom and Joan Wellington
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Peter
S. Wellington
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ACME Markets
Alice Warner Memorial Foundation
Arthur Hall Insurance
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Bank of America
Bank of America Client Foundation
Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership
Beachcombers Corvette Club of Southern Delaware, Inc.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware Foundation
The Brick Hotel on the Circle, LLC
Bualo Exchange
Cae Gelato, Inc.
Chesapeake & Delaware Brewing Holdings, LLC
Church Women United in Dover
Combined Federal Campaign
Delaware Community Foundation
Delaware Moms Club of Middletown
Eckerd Family Foundation
Ernest E. Stempel Foundation
FRXC Company, Inc.
Georgetown-Millsboro Rotary Club
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Judi Marvel Charities
Just Legal, Inc.
Lewes-Rehoboth Assoc. of Churches
Longwood Foundation, Inc.
Master, Sidlow & Associates, P.A.
Milton & Hattie Kutz Foundation
Moorehead Communications dba Cellular Connection
National Penn Bancshares Inc
PNC Foundation
Prevent Child Abuse Foundation
St. Edmond’s Catholic Church
Seaside Amusements, Inc.
State of Delaware Grant-in-Aid
State Employees Charitable Campaign
Sussex County Council
The Christmas Shop Foundation
Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek
United Food and Commercial Workers
United Way of Delaware
United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania
United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore
Wilcox & Fetzer, Ltd.
Wilmington Flower Market, Inc.
W.L. Gore & Associates, P.A.
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Susan Agee
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Pat Washburn
Barbara Wilkins
Morgan D. Williams
Robert R. Williams III
Laura Woodin
Bob Yearick
Carol Yost
Audrey Young
“I love coming to the
Parent Resource Center
at Stubbs. I feel welcome –
like part of a family.
I get hugs every day!
I am thankful for all the
sta does to support me,
my daughter, and the
families at the school.”
-Chrystel, Eastside Community Schools
at Stubbs Elementary, and her daughter Shaelynn
photo by Sally DeWees
In-Kind Donors
Ms. Robin E. Agar
Mrs. Jessica C. Bain
Ms. Artery F. Baker
BBC Tavern and Grill
Ms. Juanita Beauford
Behind Closed Doors, LLC
Bethel AME Church
Bethel Christian School
Beyond Consequences Institute, LLC
Business Networking International
Boyd’s Flowers
Brandywine Zoo
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brinton
Mr. Tom Callohan
Canaan Full Gospel Christian
Church - Outreach Program
Hot Spot
Christiana Skating Center
Mr. Jason Cimini
Mr. and Mrs. Juan P. Colon
Concord Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crowe Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crowe Sr.
The Cultured Pearl
Mr. Andy D’Ambrosio and
Ms. Eve Tahmincioglu
Ms. Christine Davis
Delaware Agricultural Museum
and Village
Delaware Museum of Natural History
Delaware Theatre Company
The DeWees Family
Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
DuPont Company D-8003
DuPont Crop Protection
(Stine-Haskell Research Center)
Ms. Dianna Dyson
Evelyn’s Soul Food
Families by Design
First Presbyterian Church
Fish On! Restaurant, SoDel Concepts
Mr. Gregory Ford
Ms. Carol A. Gausz
The Grand Opera House
Greater Georgetown Chamber
of Commerce
Green Mountain Coee Roasters
Grotto Pizza, Inc.
Hagley Museum and Library
Mr. Andy Hensler
Mrs. Kathleen Hershey
Ms. Carla Holland
Home Grown Cafe
Ms. Susan Hullman
Indian River Power Plant
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
Mrs. Elana Jackson
Mr. Mitchell Karp
Kozy Kovers for Kids
Ms. Sally Lawton
Local 1542
Ms. Teresa Morgan
Mr. Keith Mosher
Ms. Judith Munoz
Opera Delaware
Mr. John Osoinach
Operation Warm
Satha Palani
Parent Information Center
of Delaware
Phillips, Goldman & Spence P.A.
Post Institute for
Family-Centered Therapy
Mr. William Pra
Mr. Robert Rausch
Mrs. Robino’s
Ms. Maureen Romeo
Schwartz Center for the Arts
Mr. Garry Simon
Sussex County Association
of Realtors Foundation
Mr. Kyle Ten Eyck
Thomas Edison Charter School
Tile Market of Delaware
Ms. Ruth Tingle
Mr. Clinton Tymes
University of Delaware Fred Rust
Ice Arena
University of Delaware Small
Business & Technology
Development Center
Qianwen Wen
Wesley United Men’s Group
Wilmington Blue Rocks Baseball
Young, Conaway, Stargatt
& Taylor LLP
Special Events $148,626
Friends Campaign $220,421
Foundation & Corporate
Contributions $228,707
Government & Other
Grants $10,537,577
Fees for Service $745,858
Investment Income $249,001
United Way Income $1,108,273
Other Resources $50,040
Total Revenue
Promoting Positive Parenting $2,733,015
Supporting Teens $2,244,474
Healthy Babies $1,118,608
Family Resources $633,876
Early Childhood $2,571,463
Older Adults $116,608
Workplace Support $1,694,006
Program Quality and Helpline $262,261
Management & General $1,912,351
Total Expenses
Senior Staff
Leslie Newman
Chief Executive Ocer
Kevin Noel
Chief Financial Ocer
Zakiya Bakari-Grin
Chief Program Ocer
Kirsten Olson
Chief Development Ocer
Ginny Lockman
Chief Operating Ocer
Julius Mullen, Ed.D., NCC, LPCMH
Clinical Director
Our Services
· Resource Mothers Program
· Child and Adult Care Food Program
· Elder Care Referral Services
· Respite Care Referral Services
· Kinship Navigator
· Promoting Safe and Stable Families
· Functional Family Therapy
· Eastside Community Schools
· Delaware AfterSchool Alliance
· Delaware Stars for Early Success
· Relative Caregiver Training
· Rise Up Welfare-to-Work Program
· Child Care Referral Services
· Nurse-Family Partnership
· Child Care Referral Services
· Just in Time Care®
· ARC (Adolescent Resource Center)
· Functional Family Therapy
· Seaford House Residential
& Day Treatment Center
· Foster Care
· ElderBuddy Program
· Grand Time O Program
· Elder Care Referral Services
· Respite Care Referral Services
· Kinship Navigator
· Adoption
· Strengthening Families Program
· Workshops for Divorcing Parents
(Delaware Cares)
· Functional Family Therapy
New Castle County
Main Office
2005 Baynard Boulevard
Wilmington, DE 19802
809 Washington Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Kent County
91 Wolf Creek Boulevard
Suite 1
Dover, DE 19901
Sussex County
410 South Bedford Street
Georgetown, DE 19947
Seaford House Residential
& Day Treatment Center
400 North Market Street Extension
Seaford, DE 19973