February 2013 Issue 52

February 2013
Issue 52
Welcome to this edition of the GP Practice Newsletter which gives news and up-dates from us.
We hope that all the staff within your Practice will find this useful.
RMCH Named Britain's Best Clinical
Research Site
A specialist research team based at Royal
Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH), beat nine
other finalists to be named Clinical Research Site of
the Year in the prestigious Pharma Times Awards.
The team was made up of representatives from the
NIHR/Wellcome Trust Children's Clinical Research
Facility (NIHR/WT CCRF) and the Medicines for
Children Research Network, both based at RMCH.
Carole Beane, Laura Crowther and Dr Nick Webb
received the award, representing the rest of the RMCH team which also included Sarah Ehtisham, Sarah
Rickard and Jess Nichols. The award was jointly sponsored by the Department of Health’s National
Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), and
was presented at a ceremony in London.
The team received a trophy and a cheque for £500 to spend on research activity.
The Midwives - Series Two
We are pleased to announce that we have agreed to be involved in the second series of the documentary
The Midwives.
Saint Mary’s Hospital was featured in the first series, which you may have caught on BBC2 last autumn,
achieving over two million viewers for each of the four episodes.
Following the incredible response that we got as well as the midwives telling us that they would want to be
involved again should the chance be offered, we have decided to get involved again, to continue to show
the amazing services and work our dedicated staff provide.
This second series will feature two episodes from Saint Mary’s, with the other six coming from two other
NHS Trusts from around the UK. The film crew, made up of a producer, an assistant producer and a
researcher, will be here filming throughout February, March and April, aiming to air the series in the
summer at 9.00 pm on BBC2.
Demetria The Mummy Comes in for a Scan at the Children's Hospital
Discovered in Egypt in 1910, 2000 year old Demetria has
been on display at the Manchester Museum for the past
She recently came in for a CT scan at the Royal
Manchester Children's Hospital.
For the first time, we were able to see inside the
sarcophagus. John Sargeant and the BBC One Show
team were there to film this historic occasion.
For further details:
Service Improvement Team Success at Lean Health Care Awards
The 5th Lean Healthcare Academy Annual Conference and Awards event, now an established event on
the healthcare calendar, was held recently.
The event, which has grown in size and attendance each year, is created for delegates to network, share
best practice and to celebrate with those who have
adopted and sustained lean working principles.
Our Service Improvement Team entered for the first
time this year and were successful category winners:
Category - Productive Series - England
Submission - The Productive Operating Theatre
programme - Using a franchise approach to achieve
large scale change - Lisa Elliott, Vanessa Blanchard
and Tracy Shawcross.
Pictured receiving the award are: Lisa Elliott, Andy
Jackson, Tracy Shawcross, Vanessa Blanchard, Mark
Stevens, Hilary Maxwell, Dr Sujesh Bansal, Julie Brough (from left to right)
This programme has been successful through partnership working with the theatre teams, materials
management and the service improvement team.
New Health Deal for Trafford Up-date
NHS Greater Manchester gave its approval on the
proposal to redesign services at Trafford General
Hospital at a public meeting held on 24th January.
The NHS Greater Manchester Board reviewed the
recommendations of the Trafford Strategic
Programme Board (TSPB) that oversaw the new
health deal for Trafford work, and came to the conclusion that the proposed redesign of these local hospital
services should go ahead.
The board also accepted that some things would need to be in place before the proposed changes take
place, which are:
Addressing transport issues by setting up a ‘Health Transport Bureau’ and the subsidisation of a
local ‘dial and ride’ travel scheme.
Accelerating the implementation of the integrated care system in Partington and Carrington, which
will include setting up community matron and community geriatrician services.
Ensuring continued access to mental health services when the urgent care centre at Trafford
General Hospital is closed between midnight and 8.00 am.
The decision may now be reviewed by the Secretary of State for Health but, subject to this, we would
anticipate being ready to implement the new service model later this year.
NHS Heroes
The nominations for NHS Winter Heroes are now open.
NHS Heroes, which first launched last year, is a recognition scheme
open to all staff working in the NHS.
To nominate go to: www.nhsheroes.com before 28th February.
Success at the Patient Experience Network (PEN) National
Awards 2013
Three of our projects were winners at the prestigious Patient
Experience Network (PEN) National Awards with four others named as
finalists. They recognise, celebrate and promote excellence in patient
experience. These unique awards programme is now in its third year
and offers an opportunity to celebrate the areas of really outstanding
practice in the patient experience arena, and hear what teams are
doing to deliver quality experiences for their patients. The Awards Day
and Best Practice Conference took place on 6th February.
The winners were in the following categories:
Setting the stage /strengthening the foundation
Promoting high quality care and dignity for deceased person (adults)
and their families
Access to Information
Improving the patient's perception of medicines information
Environment of care
RMCH Hydrotherapy Artwork project
The Friends and Family Test
The Friends and Family Test (FFT) was announced by the Prime Minister in May 2012. It is an easy-tounderstand, question that will be asked of patients about the care and treatment they received in acute inpatient wards or A&E departments.
The main objective is to improve patient experience and identify best performing hospitals in England. To
allow for this comparison the FFT will be mandatory across acute in-patient and A&E departments from
April 2013, followed by maternity services from October 2013.
As a provider of NHS care we will be required to give all patients (in the groups mentioned) the opportunity
to respond to the question.
The Question is:
"How likely are you to recommend our ward/department/A&E to friends and family if they needed similar
care or treatment?"
1. Extremely likely
2. Likely
3. Neither likely nor unlikely
4. Unlikely
5. Extremely unlikely
6. Don't know
We have been obtaining patient feedback for some time and we will be using this question, together with
follow-up questions to drive continuous improvements in the quality of care.
The Department of Health will be launching FFT publicity and promotional support materials later this week
to help organisations in implementing the Friends and Family Test.
FFT results will be published later this year, so that comparisons can be made between organisations
providing acute NHS care. Patients will be able to use the information to make decisions about their care
and to challenge their local Trusts to improve services
Schools Stop Smoking Competition
No Smoking Day launches on 13th March 2013 and the Healthy Schools team are inviting Manchester
primary and secondary school pupils to enter a competition to design a poster for Stop Smoking Day 2013.
The theme this year is 'Swap Fags for Swag' and is all about what smokers will gain when they quit - as
well as improved health they will save extra cash.
We are asking pupils of Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 to take part in a competition and consider the cost of
smoking by drawing posters of what they would do with £49 - the cost of an average smokers spend on
cigarettes per week. There will be two winning entries of the competition - one primary school winner and
one secondary school winner. Both winning entrants will get their entry printed on a T-shirt and receive a
Teachers/staff who work in schools and parents/carers can help to inspire children with ideas of what the
£49 could be spent on or put towards. For example, a family trip to the cinema, dance lessons, football
tickets or even buying their pet's food for a month.
Competition Rules:
All entries need to be in for 27th February 2013 when the judging will begin.
All entries need to include the words 'No Smoking Day 2013'.
All entries including entrant's details (name, age and school), should be sent to:
Kelly O'Brien
Stop Smoking Competition 2013
Manchester Healthy Schools Programme
Children's Community Services
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Wythenshawe Health Care Centre
Stancliffe Road
M22 4PJ
For more information please contact [email protected]
On-line Clinical Services Directory
To help GPs, dentists and other primary care professionals to find out more about our clinical services and
consultants, there is an on-line Clinical Services Directory (CSD).
It contains information about all the clinical specialties at our
hospitals, and details of the areas each consultant covers.
The aim is to support your decision-making when referring a
patient to us, and ensure the process runs as smoothly as
possible. If you have any questions before making a referral
via Choose and Book or your usual service, the CSD contains
phone numbers for consultants or their secretaries.
There is also information about our laboratory and other
clinical support services, plus education and research
Based in a secure area on our Trust website you can access
it at https://csd.cmft.nhs.uk/. Click on any of the pictures to
reach the log-in page and register as a new user. Please enter the details requested and your e-mail
address - the CSD Key password is csd123.
The CSD will be updated regularly and we welcome your feedback and suggestions – please contact
[email protected]
Charity News
If you want to get involved in fundraising for any of our hospitals, the
Charity Team has a calendar of events that you can take part in on a
number of levels. From swimming and running to glamorous ladies
days, we think there is something for everyone to join in with.
If you’re interested at all please give us a call on 0161 276 4522 or
email [email protected]
Alternatively, you could come and see us in The Lodge (Oxford Road)
or the Charity Office in the Children’s Hospital atrium, plus you can go
to our website for more information www.cmftcharity.org.uk.
Choose Well
For the latest up-dates and information go to:
National NHS News
Prime Minister responds to Mid Staffs Public Inquiry report
The Prime Minister has responded in Parliament to the final report on the Mid Staffordshire NHS
Foundation Trust Public Inquiry.
Speaking in Parliament following the publication of the report, the Prime Minister apologised to the families
of those who suffered for the way the system allowed horrific abuse to go unchecked.
He went on to say that the report highlighted 3 core problems. A focus on finance and figures, no-one
being accountable for patient care, and defensiveness and complacency.
The Prime Minister announced that the Care Quality Commission will create a new Chief Inspector of
Hospitals post to be responsible for new inspections regime from autumn.
Further details: http://www.dh.gov.uk/health/2013/02/midstaffs-response/
Change4Life Alcohol Campaign Warns of ‘Sneaky Drinks’
A Change4Life campaign launched on 7th February to raise awareness of the health risks associated with
drinking regularly over the guidelines. Four weeks of nationwide TV advertising forms the main part of the
campaign. The advert shows how drinking can easily ‘sneak up on you’ and encourages people to check
their drinking online using the Change4Life Drinks Checker.
Further details and a link to resources: http://www.dh.gov.uk/health/2013/02/c4l-alcohol/
Department Seeks Views on NICE Standards
Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb has launched a 12 week consultation to establish a full set of
NICE quality standards and guidance for social care. The Department is seeking ideas from care users,
their families and carers, service commissioners, care providers and front line staff to help decide on future
topics for NICE guidance and standards. The aim is to establish a full set of NICE quality standards and
guidance in order to improve the quality of social care.
Some of the potential NICE standards for discussion in the consultation include:
 falls
 Deprivation of liberty safeguards
 Medicines management in home-based settings
For further details:http://www.dh.gov.uk/health/2013/02/nice-socialcare-2/
Information for Patients
If you are referring patients to us and need to provide them with information about how to find us, parking
etc all this information is available on our website. From the home page there are links at the top to each
hospital and each hospital has a Plan Your Visit section. Under this section there is a Map and Directions
option. This page has downloadable maps. Here are the links to each of the pages for our hospitals:
Manchester Royal Infirmary: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/royal-infirmary/plan-your-visit.aspx
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/childrens-hospitals/plan-your-visit.aspx
University Dental Hospital of Manchester: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/dental/plan-your-visit.aspx
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/royal-eye/plan-your-visit.aspx
Saint Mary’s Hospital: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/saint-marys/plan-your-visit.aspx
Trafford Hospitals: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/trafford-hospitals/plan-your-visit.aspx
Dial Direct
If you need to contact a department in our hospitals please call them direct. Direct dial numbers are
available on our internet:
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/childrens-hospitals/contact-us.aspx
Manchester Dental Hospital: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/dental/contact-us.aspx
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/royal-eye/contact-us.aspx
Manchester Royal Infirmary: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/royal-infirmary/contact-us.aspx
Saint Mary’s Hospital: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/saint-marys/contact-us.aspx
Trafford Hospitals: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/trafford-hospitals/contact-us.aspx
Become a member of our Foundation Trust: http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/trust/foundation-trust.aspx
New DVD on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHYCT8EJkUY
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22 February 2013