Dear Parents
RE: Production Update Costumes/ Parent Help
It is wonderful to see so much enthusiasm in our community with regards to our forthcoming
Production, Peter Pan. All children now know the character they will play in the Production.
With regards to costumes we ask that you source/sew/hire/buy a costume for your child using the
guidelines below. Please contact your class rep with ideas, contacts, and assistance. We anticipate a
lot of creative discussion and support between parents within classes and we are confident that our
show will be filled with creativity and sparkle. As there are two separate Casts (children with
surnames A-J are Cast 1 and surnames K-Z are Cast 2), you may want to organise swaps and share a
costume over the two nights.
Hairstyles and makeup ideas will follow in the coming months. Each child will need to have their full
costume organised by the beginning of August.
Parent Help is currently needed in the Art Room every Wednesday afternoon between 2.30-3.30pm
to help prepare props for the Production. Please make contact with Gail Rankin if you are able to
help out.
Thanking you for your continued support and encouragement with your children as they learn their
Lizbeth Quinn and Amelia Fuller
Performing Arts Teachers
Costume Guidelines
COSTUMES FOR CHORUS Clouds – Colour scheme white and silver Suggestion: clouds with silver linings could be a head piece.
Stars – Colour scheme white with silver glittering stars all over. Suggestion: Silver star makeup on
one side of the face? Big Ben/little ben Cardboard flip over boards one side Big Big Ben and the
other side Little Big Ben to indicate flying low and from a distance. Suggestion: Perhaps have a little
hint of the London city skyline in the graphics too.
London Bridge as per Big Ben Suggestion: Perhaps have a little hint of the London city skyline in the
graphics too.
Cast 1
Cast 2
Chloe Day
Jake Tuim
Big Ben
Liv Blamires
Flynn Mount
London Bridge
Emilia Hinton
Billi Vaughn
Scarlet Glyndwr
Mali Verapen
Phoebe Cardell
Jessica Macfarlane
Sasha Bollen
Lucy Young
Frannie Godby
Maddy Mavridis
Eloise Edmondson
Hollie Murphy
Anna Goddard
Rochelle Khodr
Ben Davis
London Bridge
Elwood Schilling
Aston Askew
Big Ben
Roxie Stirling
Jack Kissane
2nd star to the right
Kate Mckenzie
Alma Schildkraut
Charlotte Wagstaff-Cook Cloud
Costumes for DANCERS -All dancers will be flowers. Colour Scheme-Each flower dancer will needs to
be a different colour of the rainbow (Dancers need to stand out against the mermaids in blues and
greens and the fairies in pinks and purples. You can still uses these colours use flowers and
skirts(tutus/Hawaiian) to distinguish) One piece bathers/leotard and same coloured tutus/Hawaiian
skirt; flowers twisted around their arms and flower headpieces/garlands hair in buns.
Ali Israeli
Poppy Maginness
Emily Craig
Alannah Simpson
Sophia Gilmore
Grace Kirkham
Summer Castledine
Maddy Spanos
Caitlin Cook
Maddy Evans
Stefanie Burggraf
Prep Costumes
Girls (27) Clocks all one colour (black) underneath (leggins/singlet) cardboard clockface front and
back arms are the hand with black triangles over hands for hands on the clock. Hair in wired piggy
Boys(24) Crocodiles head and tail –green t-shirt long sleeve green tracksuit pants/leggins cardboard
face and jaws and 4 big “feet”
Grade 1’s
Girls(32)- Fairies-Fairy Costumes – pink, purple, yellow, gold colour scheme
Boys(22)-Pirates- Pirates costumes red, black, white colour scheme
Grade 2’s
Boys (45) Lost Boys – think of the movie Little Scoundrels – these are boys who have no mums to
guide them with their dressing so pretty much anything goes – jeans overalls (mix match including
some funny hats)
Girls (38) Mermaids- mermaids with tails (they need to be able to move in them) – think ocean
colours – turquoise, varied depths of blues and greens, silver.
Grade 3’s
Girls (26) Traditional Indian Costumes with red orange yellow brown colour scheme
Boys(39)Traditional Indian Costumes with red orange yellow brown colour scheme
Grade 4’s
Boys (27) Lost Boys as per Grade 1’s perhaps an added accessory to distinguish “older lost boys”
Girls (17) Fairies as per Grade 1’s with perhaps an added accessory to distinguish “older fairies”
Grade 5/6’s
Peter Pan Traditional character costume (purchase online/sew/ hire)
Peter’s Shadow All in black including black head mask (only face showing?
Wendy Long Nightie Big satin ribbon in hair which is partially pulled back
PJ’s s (neat slicked hair big black glasses)
Michael As Above (perhaps could be messy and spiked)
Mr Darling Tucks and extra white shirt (or large stiff bib) with Treasure map on
The front
Mrs Darling Think glamour earrings, long evening gown hair up and ‘high-ish’ heels perhaps a small
fur or shrug
Nana big spotty dog onesy (maybe even hire one for 2 nights)
Tinkerbell A fairy to shine out amongst the rest or a character costume (hair and face makeup could
be different to all other fairies to also distinguish)
Iridessa, Silvermist, Rosetta, Faun, Lyria, Vidia All of these fairies need a fairy costume with another
accessory which distinguishes them from the Grade 1 and 4 fairies.
Captain Hook custom made costume on line or make it need to google pictures for ideas.
Crocodile onesy darker green to stand out amongst the rest suggestion giant mask and little body.
Smee very chubby (pillow) with a blue striped t-shirt and a rosy cheeks large oversized belt and
cropped pants perhaps a curly wig to distinguish from other pirates.
Jukes, Flint, Cookson, Murphy, Noodles, Skylights Pirates These older pirates wear traditional type
costumes based red black and white colour scheme however one accessory can be another colour to
distinguish from other pirate eg. plain red t-shirt and jeans /cropped pants with a yellow spotted
Tiger Bamboo(Chief) Custom made Chiefs head dress /outfit (hire /sew/buy)
Tiger Lily Traditional colour scheme red orange yellow and brown indian skirt long sleeve fringed
top /dress lots of coloured feathers and face paint
Brave, Pine, Brave Oak, Brave Shrub, 2 other Indians - indian costumes based on red, orange,
yellow and brown colour scheme.
Lost Boys - Cubby, Skink, Hop, Fox, Raccoon 1, Raccoon 2, Other lost boys –
Mermaids Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, Allana - as per junior mermaids ocean colours
turquoise, blues, greens silver but perhaps different coloured fins to stand out against all other
mermaids and older girls wear their hair down.