Title Five Children and It Author Edith Nesbit

Title Children and It
Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
Anthea found the Psammead.
The Psammead was a hundred years old.
A Psammead’s wish ends when the sun comes up.
Nobody wanted the children’s gold coins.
When the children had wings, everybody was nice to them.
The children had lunch with the vicar.
Robert wished to be bigger than the baker’s
Bill made a lot of money from showing Robert.
When the sun went down, Bill found a
small boy in his tent.
Mother thought Jane was a thief.
a ... they had no gold in their pockets.
b ...because Robert was too big to get into the
c ... it gets ill and usually dies.
d ...because she found Lady Chittenden’s jewels
in her room.
e ... to pay for the plums that they ate.
20 marks
Fill in the gaps using these words: day, bigger, fur,
ended, wish, fat, smaller, ears, sun, eyes
The Psammead had ............... on stalks, and big
............... . It had ............... on its arms and legs,
and a ............... body. When it gave a ...............,
it got ..............., then ............... . But a wish was
only for a ...............; when the ............... went
down, the wish ............... .
20 marks
Who said this in the story? Jane, the vicar, Martha,
the Psammead, Robert
20 marks
a ‘Leave me alone!’ ...............
b ‘I can’t see anything – just two very dirty hands.’
c ‘Good Heavens! They’re children!’ ...............
d ‘I wish I was bigger than him!’ ...............
e ‘I’d like Mother to have all Lady Chittenden’s
beautiful jewels now.’ ...............
Total marks
20 marks
Put the following events in the story in the right
order. Number them 1–5.
They ate the food on the church roof.
The children enjoyed flying in the blue sky.
When they woke up, they had no wings.
Anthea wished for beautiful wings.
They all went to sleep in the sun.
20 marks
Match a number from A with a letter from B to make
complete sentences.
If a Psammead gets wet ...
When the children got to
the police station ...
Anthea gave the little man some money ...
The children had lunch in the garden ...
Mother went to the police ...
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Edith Author
Five Children and It
Edith Nesbit
15 _____ wishes for a lot of money.
a c Mother b c Baby c c Robert d c Martha
16 In Rochester, _____ shows the gold to Martha
but she can’t see it.
a c Cyril b c the Psammead c c Mother d c Lady Chittenden
17 The children take some food from the _____
a c baker’s b c Psammead’s c c policeman’s d c vicar’s
18 Robert _____ with the baker’s boy.
a c plays b c sings c c fights d c eats
19 After a wish, _____ becomes much bigger.
a c Robert b c Jane c c Baby d c Anthea
20 Somebody takes _____ jewels.
a c Mother’s b c Lady Chittenden’s c c Martha’s d c the vicar’s
Choose the best answer.
M U LT I P L E - C H O I C E
The children go to a _____ house with a green
a c brown b c white c c black d c pink
The house is in the _____.
a c country b c town c c city d c mountains
_____ goes away to stay with Grandmother,
who is ill.
a c Father b c Mother c c Baby d c Martha
The children find a sand-fairy at a _____ near
their house.
a c park b c beach c c gravel-pit d c shop
The sand-fairy is also called a Psammead. It
lives in a _____.
a c river b c flower c c tree d c hole
The Psammead is _____ old.
a c thousands of years b c a hundred years c c fifty years d c ten years
The Psammead can give the children _____.
a c chocolate b c wishes c c books d c new clothes
One day the children go to Rochester. Rochester
is _____ near their house.
a c a small town b c a big city c c a new shop d c an old school
The children fly to a _____ and sit on the roof.
a c hotel b c house c c castle d c church
Robert goes to a fair and people _____ to see
a c fight b c forget c c pay d c drive
20 marks
Who said or wrote this?
21 ‘I wish we were all very, very beautiful.’
a c Mother b c Cyril c c Martha d c Anthea
22 ‘But remember, the wish is only for a day. When
the sun goes down, everything goes back to
what it was.’
a c the Psammead b c the baker’s boy c c Martha d c Mother
23 ‘I had to pay with my real money. When they
saw all the coins, they wouldn’t change the
a c the Psammead b c Cyril c c the vicar d c Martha
24 ‘How many of you are there? Have you got
a c Jane b c the baker’s boy c c the vicar d c Baby
25 ‘I’ll teach that baker’s boy a lesson one day.
I wish I was bigger than him!’
a c Cyril b c Anthea c c Martha d c Robert
26 ‘Come and see the biggest man in the world!’
a c Bill, the headman at the fair b c the Psammead c c Martha d c Anthea
27 ‘... my brother must be alone when the sun goes
down. He gets very angry and strange then.’
a c Cyril b c the vicar c c the baker’s boy d c the Psammead
20 marks
Choose the best answer.
11 Martha is the children’s _____.
a c nursemaid b c teacher c c doctor d c friend
12 _____ finds the Psammead.
a c Mother b c Martha c c Anthea d c Baby
13 The Psammead can _____ the children.
a c carry b c visit c c write to d c talk to
14 When the children look very beautiful, Baby
_____ because he doesn’t know them.
a c laughs b c cries c c runs away d c stands up
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Five Children and It
Edith Nesbit
28 ‘There were thieves at Lady Chittenden’s last
night. They took all her jewels!’
a c the vicar b c Martha c c Baby d c the Psammead
29 ‘I really don’t enjoy giving wishes. It’s very hard
work, you know, and I get so tired.’
a c Cyril b c Jane c c Robert d c the Psammead
30 ‘I wish that Mother and Martha will forget all
about the jewels.’
a c the baker’s boy b c the vicar c c Jane d c Lady Chittenden
41 One day the children _____ at the gravel pit.
a c dig a hole b c build a house c c look in a tree d c play football
42 The children think the Psammead is very
strange. It is _____ with big eyes on stalks.
a c green and thin b c brown and furry c c pink and fat d c tall and yellow
43 When the children look beautiful, Martha won’t
let them into the house and the children are very
_____ all day.
a c happy b c hot c c hungry d c excited
44 When the children wish for money, they get a lot
of _____.
a c big diamonds b c gold coins c c new English money d c old dollars
45 The children try to spend their money but
somebody calls _____.
a c Mother b c the baker’s boy c c Martha d c the police
46 One day the children get _____ and they can fly.
a c a small aeroplane b c a big aeroplane c c some birds the d c wings
47 When the children are on top of the church, the
vicar _____ them and they come down.
a c telephones b c sings to c c helps d c hits
48 Robert puts the baker’s boy on a _____. The
baker’s boy is then late back to the shop.
a c table b c haystack c c chair d c horse
49 Robert _____ away from the fair.
a c drives b c flies c c walks d c runs
50 At the end, the children wish that they will
_____ the Psammead again.
a c see b c help c c teach d c write to
20 marks
Choose the best answer.
31 very, very big
a c empty b c enormous c c expensive d c exciting
32 a person who makes and sells bread
a c baker b c biker c c beginner d c brother
33 a beautiful and expensive stone, for example a
a c dollar b c money c c gold d c jewel
34 a person who works in another person’s house,
doing work like cleaning or gardening
a c doctor b c visitor c c servant d c driver
35 when you hit something or somebody with your
foot; you do this with a football
a c kick b c give c c stand up d c move of
36 a soft, dark-red or purple fruit
a c cheese b c plum c c onion d c carrot
37 a person who works for the church
a c baker b c footballer c c painter d c vicar
38 you often find this fine, light earth on the beach;
it is usually yellow or white
a c bread b c sea c c sand d c sugar
39 when you say what you would like to have or do
(usually something which is not possible)
a c wait b c wish c c wear d c work
40 the soft hair on an animal’s body
a c feet b c face c c fur d c flower
20 marks
Total marks
20 marks
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M U LT I P L E - C H O I C E
Choose the best answer.