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This is number 7 – 5/1/2014
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Jackie Robinson
Sports Edition. Where team spirit meets
frontier heroism and teaching tolerance…
by Nisheet
and Mehul
NBA History
by Evan
From Michael Jordan, Larry
Bird, and Magic Johnson to
Kevin Durant and Stephen
Curry, NBA has been a very
exciting sport. In the regular
season, you play 80 games.
Stephen Curry is on the Golden State
Some are at home and some are
on the road. A team has never
won all the games in a road trip.
Portland Trail Blazers, and the
(Warriors almost did it. They
Dallas Mavericks.
only lost to the Brooklyn Nets
Now let’s talk about the old
by five or six points!) There are
A long time ago, players
30 teams 15 in the Eastern
weren’t as crazy as in present
Conference and 15 in the
Jackie Robinson getting spiked.
time. That’s why there aren’t
Western Conference. Some
Jackie Robinson was a player in the Negro
many superstars now. In the
teams used to exist but now
Leagues. The Negro Leagues were leagues
Olympics a long time ago, there
don’t, such as the Super Sonics
where African American players played. The
was a team named the Dream
and the Baltimore Bullets. These
Negro Leagues are now eliminated. Jackie
Team that was undefeatable. It
are the four teams in California:
Robinson was the first African American to
was Michael Jordan, Magic
join the MLB (Major League Baseball). April
Johnson, Larry Bird, Scottie
Sacramento Kings, and the
15th is known as Jackie Robinson Day because
Pippen, John Stockton, Karl
Golden State Warriors (in
he was a pioneer of baseball. The owner of
Malone, Patrick Ewing, Chris
Oakland). These are the teams I
the Brooklyn Dodgers would let anybody on
Mullin, David Robinson, and
like: San Antonio Spurs,
as long as he had talent, not just because he
Charles Barkley. The NBA was
3. If the ball goes out, it’s a
Continued on page 2
Continued on page 2
founded by a Canadian guy that
turnover. The person who gets
lived in Michigan. He invented
the ball is the opponent of the
the game because there was
team that turned it over.
nothing to do during winter
4. Double dribble. You cannot
was snowing
pick invites
up the ball, will
Olive Children
and afternoon
The Rules
You have to pass
our families and dribble
to an
1. You
travel. Travelling
awards ceremony
honor volunteers
join us
to acknowledge
and the winners of “The Value of
devoted and skilled work that
than two
hit them on volunteers
Service” writing you
on Saturday,
or he’ll get a work,
free and helping younger children.in the
May 10, 2-4 p.m.hand
at theorTeen
lane for
If hewill
near Lake Elizabeth.
assist the shotFirstfree
(for each
of Elementary,
the guyspeeches,
is fouling him,Junior
he High, and High School) is $500.
with the festivities,
can get an
presentation of awards,
andextra point.
Second Place: $300, and Third Place:
6. The winners.
game is We
48 minutes$100.
announcing the contest
four 12-minute quarters, but
there are some breaks and time
Volunteer Awards Ceremony
Selena Gomez
By Rachael
Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese befriended
each other.
white. He knew that there were a lot of
African American players that were good
out there. He met Jackie Robinson and he
let him on. But there was a problem.
Almost all of the teammates hated him,
but one of the teammates was nice. There
was another problem in the games.
Pitchers would try to throw the ball at his
head. When he was sliding, they would
take their cleats and spike him. “Spike”
means taking the spikes on the cleats and
put it into their skin. The bad part is that
when they hit him on the head, it was a
penalty so they would get him to first
base. If the umpire found out that the
pitcher was doing it on purpose, the
pitcher could get ejected. Ejections can
last for many games. One day Robinson
got injured because he got spiked and
there was a lot of blood.
Jackie Robinson was a very good
player but he had trouble trying to play
because of his race. After him, more
African Americans played in the MLB.
Selena Gomez is currently 21 years
old. Her hobby is acting and singing. I
think she is amazing and that she
dresses really well.
I feel sad for Selena because she
broke up with Justin Bieber.:-( :-(:-( Even
Selena’s family thought Justin Bieber
was the worst thing that ever happened
to her. I bet many of her fans feel sorry
for her too!!!
Selena Gomez guest starred, when
she was a little girl, on Barney and
Friends with another famous singer
Demi Lovato. Selena didn’t guest star on
Wizard’s of Waverly Place, she played
Alex Russo. She was, obviously, a
wizard. In each episode shelearned how
to use her magic and learned more
spells. In the episode where the 3 kids,
Alex, Justin, and Max Russo, play a game
to see who will win and become the
family wizard. Meaning whoever wins
gets all the powers, and no other child
in the family gets their powers back.
That’s why Justin, Alex, and Max try
their best to get to the finish first.
Summer Camp
Research sweet Filipino treats in Global
Leadership; play croquet with Coach Rob in
Sports Camp; act for dramatic plays in
Readers Theater; visit parks and historic sites
in Environment and Public Space, program
games in Intro to Computer Science. Lots of
new classes for fun and edification where you
will work together, make new friends, and
practice being global citizens.
www.olivechildren.com/summer-camp-2014/ CJ pours strawberry orange banana
smoothie for Evan.
NBA Continued from page 2
and Charles Barkley.The NBA
was founded by a Canadian guy
that lived in Michigan. He
invented the game because
there was nothing to do during
winter when it was snowing
The Rules
1. You cannot travel. Travelling
means holding the ball and
running for more than two
2. Defenders can stay in the free
throw lane for three seconds.
3. If the ball goes out, it’s a
turnover. The person who gets
the ball is the opponent of the
team that turned it over.
4. Double dribble. You cannot
dribble, pick up the ball, and
dribble again. You have to
pass or shoot.
5. When somebody is shooting,
he cannot hit them on the
hand or body, or he’ll get a
free throw. If he makes the
shot while the guy is fouling
him, he can get an extra point.
6. The game is 48 minutes in
four 12-minute quarters, but
there are some breaks and
time outs.
7. If it is a tie, they add an
overtime of 5 minutes. If it is
still tied, they go into double
overtime. If it is still tied, they
go into triple overtime.
8. There are three referees. One
referee calls it, but if it’s a
hard call, they have to agree
about the call.
9. If you get two technical fouls
or two flagrant fouls, you get
kicked out of the game.
It does not cost any fee to
audition for StarStruck Theater.
However, it does cost a fee to
join the production.