NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2013 Maldon Little Ship Club

Maldon Little Ship Club
Some of the participants of the Christmas Cruise pictured aboard Ocean Cloud enjoying
the hospitality before the meal. As you can see there is plenty of Christmas Cheer!
(Thanks to Dave Onyons for the photos)
Maldon Little Ship Club, The Hythe, Maldon, Essex CM9 5HN
As we approach the end of another year I would like to take this opportunity to thanks those involved in a
number of recent successful club events.
Fifty five people attended and enjoyed a good meal at our Laying Up Supper after a lot of effort by Sue
Woods and Steve Coleman. During this event £40 was raised towards The Commodores Charity, ‘Sea
Thirty Nine people enjoyed a good Christmas meal at the Old Ship at Heybridge as part of our Christmas
Cruise where Santa turned up to distribute presents to those taking part. Some members enjoyed their
Christmas meal on their own boats; it was good to see Scimitar, Quintade, Auberge and Suzanne come
into The Basin for this traditional annual event.
Jack Nicholson, who put a lot of hard work into this event (and the whole Sailing programme) is due to
stand down as Cruising Captain at the next AGM. Thankfully Kevin Knox has kindly volunteered to take
over (I feel I should publish this before he has a chance to change his mind).
I am sure we would all like to thank Jack for his hard work and dedication to his role as Cruising Captain.
Mike McCarthy organised very successful a children’s party on Sunday 15th December, which was attended
by 16 children and with 8 helpers including Tracy Squires, Buffer and June and Sue Woods. I understand a
good time was had by all.
I look forward to seeing many of you in The Club over Christmas and New Years Eve and can confirm that
the bar will be open on Christmas Day between 12:00 Hrs and 15:00 Hrs.
I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a
Prosperous New Year.
John Boyce
Here is a picture of John with Susie Hunter- Blair in
festive mood at the Christmas Cruise. We don’t
know what they are looking at but it certainly
impressed Susie!
We have had the following new members since our last newsletter and a warm welcome is extended to the
Jock Agnew from Langford
Rachael Anderson from Maldon—you know the smiling face behind the bar
Gemma Clark and Family from Wickford
Simon Onyons and Family from Braintree
Tom Penney and Chris Francis from Poole—Boat Name ‘Artisan’
Andy White and Sue Smith from Maldon
Peg Worth from Belfast, Maine, USA
We look forward to seeing you in the Club (Wednesday evening, Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday
lunchtimes) and on the water.
As Christmas approaches so the annual request for membership subscriptions drops on the doormat.All
members should receive this year’s notice during December.
Those members wishing to pay using on-line banking please use the
Sort Code and Account numbers as detailed on the subs request.
Having had no rise in subs in 2013 there is a very small rise this year.
I would be most grateful for prompt payment as it costs time and money to send reminders.
Once again to reduce postage costs your membership card is also enclosed
Many thanks, and best wishes for Christmas and The New Year
John Frost,
Hon. Membership Secretary
December 2013
P.S…. a set of 2014 Tide Tables is enclosed compliments of Marine Store- Maldon
Chandlery. Don’t forget there is a 5% discount available to members on production
of their membership card
Once again our thanks to Jonathan Lodge
Fred Taylor Trophy
Kevin Knox
John Boyce
Maldon Gold
Richard Marston
Morning Star
This was the 3rd race of the season but the first race to actually be raced, and this was at the beginning of
Pursuit Race Frost Cup
John Boyce
Maldon Gold
Peter Newton
First Light
Ladies Icicle Cup
Lauren Knox
Linda Allen
Janet Collins
First Light
This race was in the middle of October and despite the weather we still managed to get 3 boats. Well done
Cadet Success Cup
Ben Holder
I had the pleasure of crewing for Trevor and his son Ben during the Mersea week & I can tell you that 6
days of racing an ECOD is very hard work. In spite of his Dad shouting at him (& me!), Ben stayed
unperturbed and worked enthusiastically throughout the week. Never complaining and always willing to go
out in all weathers. I was very impressed!
Walker Achievement Cup
Trevor Holder
Trevor, having restored his ECOD ‘Witch’ it was time to put her to the test & I am very pleased to report
that even though only 2 of the 3 ECODS available entered for the week long series West Mersea Regatta,
he managed to win a cup or a prize every day in very competitive racing. A well deserved award for
bringing the honours to the Maldon Little Ship club.
Seamanship Trophy
David Harris
Despite strong winds during both days of the w/e 7/8th Sept Dave showed gritty determination and
seamanship to participate in the Buxey Ashes cricket match. At 22 ft. Escapaid was the smallest boat by
far to venture out to the sands at dawn. He was single handed and had to tow an almost flying inflatable to
get ashore. When asked about his trip to Pyefleet for the overnight stay he said “it was not a sail it was a
ride!!!” and looked pretty shaken. Lyra’s crew took pity on him and gave him supper.
Underwater Trophy
Bill Sutters
Prize giving would not be the same without mentioning our intrepid apprentice. Consistently determined to
overcome all obstacles in his quest to continue and improve on his sailing career. But age and ability are
not assisting and stories of further mishaps keep coming our way. I have to report that Bill was keen and
eager to support the Buxey Ashes cricket match but managed to run aground on the approach to the
Colne. He got rescued by the Brightlingsea launch and duly anchored overnight in Pyefleet. Alas, it
appears he may have put out a little bit too much chain and the morning found him sitting high & dry again
on the mud! So no cricket match, just a trip up to Wivenhoe & a solitary sail home. I am pleased to say he
has stopped chucking himself underwater but feel that running aground twice in 12 hours nominates him for
the underwater/NO WATER trophy.
Buxey Ashes
It has been years since the Buxey Ashes has been played out on the Buxey Sands & this year’s event was
an exceptional day. Photos and reports have been published in various publications. I am pleased to say it
was a great success even more so because MLSC won! So I am pleased to present the award to the
organizer and captain of the team. Me – Jack Nicholson!
Black Ball Trophy
Richard Marston
Normally this trophy is awarded with some hilarity but I am sorry to say that this time it is a sadder
occasion. We all feel disheartened when our beloved boats get scratched or pranged, so imagine knocking
the front of an immaculate Dufour 44! Richard managed to find an unmarked navigation buoy right in the
middle of the English Channel. Now what thoughtless person would park one there! Luckily they were
able to get the boat home unassisted.
We have all had our hits and near misses and this award goes to show care is required at all times and it
only takes a few minutes for disaster to strike, particularly when you are tired. I am pleased to say that
Morning Star is fully recovered and ready for our 2014 events!
The Golden Log will be awarded at the Fitting Out Supper this year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
Jack Nicholson,
Cruising Captain
Jack says he looks forward to welcoming friends on board Jelly Bean
next year. YES, Jack has a new boat! Pictured right. (The one in the
front, not the really big one)
It has been a great start to the Social Season 2013/14 and my sincere thanks to all who have worked so
hard to make this a success.
The Aussie Night and the Oktoberfest were not very well supported but those who did come enjoyed
these new events (and Linda has ended up with a year’s supply of Bockwurst and Gherkins)
Fireworks Night Supper was also Halloween and the club was full. It was good to see so many families
with their children. Thanks to the team who cooked and served sausages, beans and mash and made
smashing puddings and also thanks to the washers up.
We had an excellent Laying Up Supper with a convivial mixture of old and new members, a lovely catered
meal and good music. Thanks to Sue Woods for the organisation.
The Members Film Night could have been busier but thanks to all who shared their adventures with us.
Children’s Party
A new venture was Mike
McCarthy’s initiative on 15th
December, a little Christmas event
the members’ children and
grandchildren and judging by the
pictures of them making cakes
they had a fun time! And so did
the parents and grandparents.
The Annual Christmas Cruise at Heybridge Basin was very well attended- thanks to Jack for organising a
really good evening, very good food and company and we had Father Christmas and his little Helpers giving
out the presents. Some people ask why the Christmas Cruise is not like the old days, especially those who
remember the days of the raft ups off Osea. It’s really a question of practicalities, with some of us getting
older and some not having boats, it means dinner at a nearby pub can include everybody. Some boats do
sail round and some still eat on board and join us for the party later. The pre and post dinner hospitality
always takes place on the boats (this year Scimitar and Ocean Cloud) so there is still a marine atmosphere,
as some of the pictures testify.
New Year’s Eve is a 60s, 70s and 80s night from 9pm onwards so dress appropriately if you would like or
just come as you are- it is a very relaxed evening. The Hythe is a great place to see in the New Year, lots of
waterfront conviviality and you can see all the fireworks at midnight. Bar open and a few nibbles until 1 am
and there will be bacon rolls after midnight, for a small donation!
Sue has enclosed a flyer for our next two events- be sure to book early.
IN THE NEW YEAR …Look out for a rescheduled Wine Tasting soon, and a “Pop Up” Table sale so you can
sell all your surplus to needs Christmas presents and treasures you found in the loft when you were putting
away the Christmas decorations.
Hosted this year by the Colne Yacht Club
Date of event – Saturday 8th March 2014
Venue – Benton Hall Golf and Country Club
Time 6.45 for 7.15pm
Dress code – Black Tie
Ticket price £33.50 (release date early January 2014 including menus and wine list)
This year’s chosen charity is Eastcoast 50 and there will be a charity auction with a wonderful array of
auction pledges to tempt everyone, plus some great raffle prizes. The main cabaret consists of musical
comedy in true Wallet Ball style, a full production including “Scenery”, followed by dancing to “Johnny and
his Mates”
As usual our ticket allocation is limited and available on a first come first served basis. SO please book
early to avoid disappointment and contact me in the first instance for ticket allocation. Depending upon
availability, cheques made payable to MLSC should be sent to the following address: Mr S Coleman 3
Kingston Chase, Heybridge, Essex CM9 4TB
Happy and prosperous new year to everyone
Steve Coleman
Chair of Social Committee
Tele 01621-840509
Mobile -07906-247511
E-mail [email protected]
Between June and the end of November there were over 20,000 visitors to the club website
Perhaps you were one of them? If not, we think it’s worth a look.
A new page, the ‘Gallery’, is there to showcase your boat and/or your photographic prowess.
We’d really like you to share some of your favourite photographs or, maybe, some of your boat (or
someone else's) racing, cruising, afloat, aground, hosting a party, getting a fresh coat of paint or
varnish etc. Whatever!
Email your shot(s) to [email protected] preferably with a short title or description.
‘Real’ photographs (i.e. printed) can be sent to me, Les Weeks, via the clubhouse mail box.
Les Weeks
Jo Robson writes:
“John and I read the Autumn Newsletter from cover to cover and felt once again that
we still belonged, although we are very much ‘retired members’ these days. We
don’t recognise all the new boat names, but it was very nice that friends reported
they had seen our old boat ‘Gwelan’ looking good and underway in Burnham waters,
and our son Keith’s boat ‘Revision II’ is on her third circumnavigation- not bad for a
42 ft Tyana.
I have penned a contribution for the December Newsletter, with lots of happy
Dancing lights apon the water,
Swinging rigging, green atop.
Laughter floating on the air,
Tales of past sails, keen to swap
Share a meal and climb aboard,
Visit rafted boats longside.
‘Cheers’ to mates who’ve sailed together;
Clinking glasses, shiny eyed.
Last trip sussing out the weather;
Next year’s plans come into view.
Mellow friendship filled with high hopesDare we venture somewhere new?
Rosy cheeked- tie up and lingerParting as with loved ones dear.
Home for Christmas, family, telly,
Looking forward to next year.
Thanks for that Jo, it was lovely to see you both at this Christmas Cruise and also to see our old
friend Ian Jefferies, with some of his “dynasty”
In the last Newsletter I wrote of my experiences in Sunderland Marina. More of our return later!
As we had ‘wasted’ a week in Lowestoft, we pressed on up the coast as fast as the weather would
let us. We made very good progress, reaching Peterhead only 9 days after leaving Lowestoft.
When you get to Peterhead you really feel as if you are nearly there.
From P’head we (Quintade and Safir) made a longish trip to Lossiemouth – leaving at dawn and
finally tying up at 18.00, negotiating the tricky entrance just before we were enveloped by a fog
bank! We were joined by Graham Parker with Musar, who arrived around 23.00, but I am afraid
we didn’t wait up for him. We had a chat on the phone and explained where he could tie up and in
the morning there he was!
We enjoyed Lossie for a couple of days, it was new to us, and Peter & I trekked to Spey Bay –
somewhere I had wanted to visit for some time. Getting there meant two buses and a longish
walk, but it was very interesting and we followed in Julia Bradbury’s footsteps and crossed a
disused railway bridge to get us to the mouth of this famous river. We also had a ‘cruise dinner’ in
a good pub.
Leaving Graham to wait for crew, Quintade and Safir pressed on to the Caledonian Canal. We
had good weather, and enjoyed a memorable sail down the 18 mile length of Loch Ness.
We then had three weeks of mixed weather on
the West Coast.
Quintade and Safir went in different directions
for a couple of weeks, we headed north from
Tobermory and visited Rhum and Mallaig –
both new to us. One highlight was our trip to
Plockton, just under the Skye Bridge on the
right!! We passed Mike McCarthy on Bonify,
and although we didn’t recognise the boat, our
boat radio sprang to life and we had a quick
chat. Sadly they were leaving as we arrived.
A view of Rhum
The second day we were in Plockton (it rained solidly the first day) we went for several walks, one
of which took us past the local High School. There we watched in amazement a very strange
match on the playing field. It turned out to be against a team from a Belfast school, but one team
were playing shinty and the other played hurling – against each other with no holds barred. The
referee had a difficult time keeping control. We learnt from watching parents this is an annual
event and looked great fun, if rather dangerous.
We sat out a gale at Mallaig and also visited Salen and Kingairloch (both new to us and both with
excellent restaurants for meals out) At Salen Peter was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a pine
marten as we walked back from the hotel – I was sadly looking the wrong way!!
A view of Holy Island
Stonehaven Harbour (Stonehaven and Holy Island were new stop-overs).
We met up with Quintade, and Musar again briefly, in Inverness and gradually worked our way
south, now enjoying warm and sunny weather.
So we eventually got back to Sunderland and their ‘delightful’ shower block. I was greeted
somewhat warily, and when I appeared with a towel and wash bag, there had obviously been
some planning going on. The man-at-the-desk moved with lightening speed and brandished a
key. He announced I was to be allowed to use the ‘family room’ – this was ‘sold’ as something of
a privilege.
First appearance was not encouraging – but I shut the door to a large, gloomy, windowless room
and struggled with the lock. I found: there was a toilet – but no loo paper and the holder was
missing; there was a basin, set in a sort of shelf – but this proved to be the only place, other than
the floor to put clothes; and despite the room being about 10 x 12 there were no hooks or chairs.
BUT there was a shower! So I undressed and twiddled the knobs (no instructions). All I got was
a dribble of cold water. I fiddled some more but I couldn’t get it to work.
So I wrapped a towel round myself, picked up my ‘stuff’ and then found I was stuck in this hellhole.
After much tugging, briefly losing the towel in the process, I returned to the ladies toilets and
shower room, and had a warm shower in an ‘open’ cubicle. I then returned to the man in the office
who wanted to know if I had enjoyed my shower! I asked him to follow me to the family room,
where I stood fully clothed under the shower and turned it on. It would have served me right if it
had worked, but it just dripped !! The man was so embarrassed I couldn’t be cross – well not very.
When we got home I did send the owners of Sunderland Marina an email and got a very
considered and apologetic reply. The answer, as suspected, was that there was no money for
refurbishment. We hope to return some time and we will look forward to it, Sunderland is great
apart from the showers.
We had had another wonderful summer, good company and new places visited, and we certainly
hope to return to Scotland before too long.
Sue Woods Safir
(I did try to get Sue to have a picture taken wearing a towel and shower hat to add impact to the
article, but she said she wasn’t stripping in the interests of Journalistic authenticity! The Editor)
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Thank you to all club members that sent in newsletter articles and I apologise for those not printed
in this edition but will be included in the Spring edition.