Long Island Children’s Museum Selects Altru™ to Gain a Deeper

Long Island Children’s Museum
Long Island Children’s Museum Selects Altru™ to Gain a Deeper
Understanding of Its Members, Donors, and Visitors
Long Island Children’s Museum (LICM) invites visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to explore freely, discover their passions, and
appreciate the world we share. The Museum has a significant and profound influence on young minds and their caregivers; LICM’s board and
staff apply the Museum’s mission and purpose to every decision they make. As the premier cultural institution on Long Island, the Children’s
Museum is recognized as a valuable community gathering space. A variety of institutions and organizations partner with the Museum to provide
rich learning experiences for LICM’s diverse and extensive audience, which totals more than 255,000 annually.
Long Island Children’s Museum uses
Long Island Children’s Museum selected
Without a new server to purchase, the
different software applications for
Altru™ from Blackbaud because it will
Museum has saved thousands of dollars.
different departments, creating disparate
provide a single, central database for both
ticketing and donor information.
The Museum anticipates Altru will help
increase the organization’s membership
The Museum’s box office ticketing
Because Altru is a hosted Blackbaud
application and membership management
solution, the Museum does not have to
application do not share information.
install any new software or purchase a new
Because Altru enables staff with better
database server.
data access and provides a more holistic
Determining how often a member visits
renewal rates while keeping costs down.
view of members, Long Island Children’s
the museum, attends a program, or
The hosted solution also eliminates
Museum will be able to more effectively
participates in an event is laborious.
the burden of managing updates from
segment and serve its membership base.
the Museum, while Blackbaud sets up,
The Museum has to duplicate information
maintains, and supports the application
entry into its database from its other
from its data center.
software applications.
“Altru is the most cost-effective option for museums that want a solution to cater to both
its ticketing and development needs. Blackbaud really did their research and developed a
product that does just that. There really isn’t anything else in the market that does this as
well as Altru.”
— Steven Cheung
Membership and Database Manager
Long Island Children’s Museum
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