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Kim Zolciak Goes Topless, Steve-O Kisses Men to
Support Same Sex Marriage
Kim Zolciak Goes Topless, SteveO Kisses Men to Support Same
Sex Marriage | DJ AM Another
Victim of Painkillers? Or Did He
Kill Himself? | Joe Francis Files
Another Lawsuit, Claims CPA
Stole Millions From His
Companies | Scene & Herd
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Kim Zolciak Goes Topless, SteveO Kisses Men to Support Same
Sex Marriage
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Shuttle Discovery
9/3/09 1:07 PM
Adam Bouska
Kim Zolciak appears in NOH8 ad.
When it comes to drawing attention
to herself, Kim Zolciak knows how
to create a buzz, and once again the
"Real Housewives of Atlanta" starlet
has flashed the flesh to promote her
political position.
The Bravo blonde has posed topless
(for free) in support of the NOH8
Campaign which seeks to overturn
California’s Proposition 8 which bans
same-sex marriage. Oh-so
coincidentally, Zolciak has timed the
release of the sexy snaps with the
release of her debut dance single
"Tardy For the Party."
"[T]he noh8 campaign shoot was hot. and I am topless!!! Just to cause a stir to make people pay
attention!" she tweeted.
The photo is certainly eye-catching, so eye-catching in fact that the reality star had to defend
herself on Twitter and coax her many followers to "trust" her that "it wasn’t photo shopped that
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But Zolciak isn’t the only one in the entertainment
world that is pushing agendas for the cause, reformed
rehabber turned "DWTS" alum Steve-O also puckered
up and locked lips with a male to show his support.
The former "Jackass" (who was once married and has
been romantically linked to the likes of Nicole Richie,
Kat Von D and May Anderson) took it one step
further but dressing up as a bride, complete with a
dress, pearls, veil and heavy makeup.
It was former Miss California State Director Shanna Moakler’s participation in the very same
campaign earlier this year which scored some attention of a different kind — a discrimination
lawsuit filed on Monday by dethroned beauty queen Carrie Prejean! The compliant notes that
Moakler filmed an advertisement on April 28 with two other former pageant princesses in the push
to legalize same-sex marriage — which Prejean insinuates was a thinly veiled swipe at her
traditional views.
"My reason for putting it in the complaint was two fold:,2933,545573,00.html??test=faces
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Kim Zolciak Goes Topless, Steve-O Kisses Men to Support Same Sex Mar…y Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment -
Kim Zolciak Goes Topless,
Steve-O Kisses Men to Support
Same Sex Marriage
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Racy New 'Coffee Table' Book
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Full-page Pop Tarts Archive
9/3/09 1:07 PM
First, it shows the mindset of (Keith) Lewis and
Moakler that they were not going to let Carrie keep
her crown when she opposed them on an issue that
they felt so strongly about," Prejean’s attorney told
"Second, Moakler's conduct and her statements show
what a double-standard they were applying. She and
Lewis repeatedly and harshly criticized Carrie for
exercising her constitutional rights to freedom of
speech and religion about marriage and even took
away her crown when she would not back down on
this issue. Yet, they apparently see no inconsistency
in their very publicly exercising those same rights to
express an opposite view. Doesn't that seem just a
little hypocritical and, more to the point,
But back to "Housewives," it turns out that Zolciak
and her crew from Atlanta aren’t the most popular of
the Bravo franchise. Neither is Bethenny Frankel and
the New York ladies. According to, "Real
Housewives of New Jersey" is the highest rated in all
demographics and its premiere episode drew more
than double that of the series premieres of the "New
York" and "Atlanta" and a whopping four times more
than the one that started it all -"Orange County."
DJ AM Another Victim of Painkillers? Or Did He Kill Himself?
Prescription painkillers played a prominent part in the demise of such Hollywood greats as Michael
Jackson, Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith - but could they be somewhat to blame for the
sudden death of the world’s number one DJ Adam Goldstein too?
According to sources very close to the spinner who was found dead in his New York City
apartment last week, the plane crash he experienced almost a year ago sent him on a downward
spiral and into the world of prescription medications.
"Adam needed help to fly again so he [began] taking Xanax and painkillers to get through it," said
our insider, adding that the use of prescription drugs "triggered" his foray back into illicit drugs
which he’d spent many years fighting to overcome and he couldn’t function properly without the
A law enforcement official told on Tuesday that Goldstein had eight undigested
OxyContin (potent prescription pain reliever pills) in his stomach and a ninth in his mouth at the
time of death, fueling the theory that he might have committed suicide. When police and
paramedics entered the room they reportedly discovered that the door had been barricaded by a
mirror and his body was found beside a crack-pipe.
"He smoked a lot of crack, barricaded the doors and killed himself," a source speculated to the
Another Goldstein confidante told us that suicide was certainly not out of the question.
"Everyone thought he was blessed (to have survived the crash which claimed the lives of four
others) but he was so haunted and suffering so much emotional pain," said an insider. "Nobody
can understand what he went through. He was grieving so much."
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Official cause of death and toxicology results are still to be determined, however another close
friend of Goldstein’s doesn’t believe he would ever have taken his own life.
"Adam saw it as his number one responsibility to help others and was such an inspiration," said a
friend. "He had too many things to look forward to, there is just no way."
Jackson Family -- The Burial After-Party
Joe Francis Files Another Lawsuit, Claims CPA Stole Millions From His Companies
Chris Brown -- Wish I Could Take It Back
Joe Francis must be getting pretty darn familiar with the court system these days and on Tuesday
a lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court which alleges that Michael Barrett, former
Chief Financial Officer/CPA of his company, Mantra Films (which produces "Girls Gone Wild") not
only stole millions but then made false claims to the IRS about Francis in an attempt to "cover his
tracks and collect a large reward."
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According to the suit, Barrett and two other company employees conspired and formed a series of
companies through which they could milk Francis out of millions of dollars.
"Using shadow companies doing business as WMR Marketing, named after the first letters of the
perpetrator’s names (W)illiam, (M)ichael and (R)oman), CPI Telecom, Western PC Professionals
and Office Trade Center, the three went wild, filing and then approving phony invoices they wrote
themselves," Francis’s rep stated. "Additionally, at least one of the three, Roman Pelikh, filed
hundreds of thousands of dollars in false expense reports, for which he reimbursed himself
through the company payroll."
Mantra Films has filed a report with the Santa Monica Police Department, which is investigating the
situation however no arrests have been made. In addition, Mantra Films has filed suit against the
three conspirators, seeking millions in damages.
Scene & Herd
Michael Jackson
Laid To Rest Tonight
In Private Service At
Forest Lawn
Chris Brown: "I
Really Feel
Ashamed For What I
Jon Bon Jovi stopping at Townline BBQ in the Hamptons on Thursday night for some cocktails
with the guys while talking business.,2933,545573,00.html??test=faces
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Kim Zolciak Goes Topless, Steve-O Kisses Men to Support Same Sex Mar…y Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment -
9/3/09 1:07 PM
Former New York Yankee Pitcher Roger Clemens, attended Terry Fator & His Cast of Thousands
at The Mirage Las Vegas on Thursday.
DJ AM Laid to Rest
Angelina Jolie doning a Tt tank while shopping with daughter Shiloh in Ajaccio, France on Friday.
DJ AM Left $1 Million Estate - But No Will
Molly Sims and Shannon Elizabeth socializing the night away at PURE in Sin City for the
Fantasy Football Superdraft VIP Party on Saturday.
Serena Williams tossing the ball in the dugout before throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before
the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York on
Friday. Williams then headed to Huntington’s newest hotspot Porto Vivo on Gerard St. for dinner
with her manager and her sister Isha where she declined the vintage wine selection, opting for
water gearing up for play at the U.S. Open.
Spencer Pratt Lashes Out at Ryan Seacrest for
Bashing Heidi
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Kim Kardashian picking up "Lash Lifting Mascara" and getting her brows shaped at the Anastasia
Beverly Hills Salon on Saturday.
Gavin DeGraw and Joss Stone checking out the waves on the beach of Asbury Park, N.J. before
their performances Saturday at the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Concert to benefit the Surfrider
Mayor Giuliani and his wife Judith Nathan grabbing a late afternoon bite at Rowdy Hall in East
Hampton on Saturday. Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw enjoyed dinner with the family later
that evening.
Jamie Lynn Sigler ordering rounds of champagne and Ketel One martinis and Pinot Grigio (after
dinner) as she celebrated at New York's hotspot restaurant Japonais on Saturday night.
Paris Hilton, sometime beau Doug Reinhardt and Carey Hart partying with Maxim's Top 10 2009
Hometown Hotties finalists at Wasted Space inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Saturday night.
Kelsey Grammer and Smokey Robinson among fashion great Fred Segal's closest friends who
come out to celebrate his birthday at a private residence in Malibu on Saturday. Smokey was a
little somber as it was Michael Jackson’s birthday also and was overheard saying that he "misses
him very much."
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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott at the 7th annual Malibu Wine Classic on Saturday drinking
wine and dining on dishes from STK and Casa Escobar all to benefit Childhelp.
Holly Madison putting on a super sexy performance during the Las Vegas Celebrates The Music
of Michael Jackson charity concert at The Pearl in Las Vegas on Saturday.
"Sopranos" star Rob Iler dining at Vegas hotspot YELLOWTAIL on Saturday before hitting up The
Bank Nightclub at Bellagio $500 richer, thanks to a few lucky rounds of Blackjack.
Barry Bonds enjoying creme brûlée with a cappuccino at N9NE Steakhouse at The Palms on
Saturday while Joe Jackson sat nearby having dinner in the private dining room with 20 guests.
Both guests were later spotted at separate VIP tables at the Playboy Club.
Tyra Banks kissing her award for outstanding talk show informative backstage at the Daytime
Emmy Awards on Sunday. Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres also showed their affection for
one another at the ceremony while daughter of the late Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin, was all smiles as
she greeted fans and enjoyed the show.
Annalynne McCord partying at MGM's Wet Republic Pool party on Sunday, and although word on
the street is that things between her and Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz are over, the buff actor was
spotted inconspicuously sneaking out of her private VIP cabana.
Jay Z with wife Beyonce and sister Solange enjoying Café Bustelo ice cream while hanging out at
the Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Party on Sunday in NYC.
Despite being tasered just a few days earlier, Brody Jenner still launched the new IN card and
celebrated his 26th Birthday with gambling and shots of Patron at Providence at Tropicana in
Atlantic City on Sunday.
Taking a break from "American Idol" auditions in Chicago on Sunday, Randy Jackson was spied
laughing with a female friend saying they were in engaged to other patrons while sipping TY KU
White and eating Rock Shrimp Tempura and Beef Long ribs at hot spot Sunda. Audrina Patridge all-smiles after throwing out a ceremonial first pitch before a baseball game
between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks in L.A. on Monday.
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