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What’s Inside…
t r a n s f o r m i n g
Curriculum: 8-12 l Large & Small Group Resources: 4-7, 13-17
Real Life Downloaded: 9, 24 l Family Resources: 19-21
Children’s Church: 22-23
l i v e s
t o g e t h e r
Looking for a KJV
Contents of the Complete VBS Launch Capsule,
available for just $99.99, include:
• 1 Cosmic City™ Director’s Guide
Ask us about
• 1 Cosmic City™ Blast Off! Preschool Guide
• 1 Cosmic City™ Outer Limits Upper Elementary Guide
• 1 SuperNova SuperMart Craft Guide
• 1 Theater of the Galaxies Bible Drama Guide
• 1 Asteroid Alley Games Guide
• 1 Deeper Space Bible Memory and Music Guide
• 1 The Shooting Star Drive-in Snack Guide
The summer of 2008 can bring an out-of-
this-world experience for the kids in your church
and community. Now David C. Cook offers a total Vacation Bible School
(VBS) package designed to transport kids to Cosmic City™—a place where children
experience the awesome wonder of God—and where fun times soar out of sight!
Field tested and designed with kids, directors and volunteers in mind, the
Cosmic City VBS contains everything you need to create life-shaping
memories, including:
• Daily Bible stories with memory verses and practical applications
• Rotation through 7 exciting stations: Alpha Base, Wonder U,
The Shooting Star Drive-In, Asteroid Alley, SuperNova
SuperMart, Theater of the Galaxies, and Deeper Space
• Original praise songs from award-winning producers available
on DVD with words and actions for singing along
• Separate curriculum for Preschool and Upper Elementary
Cosmic City kids will learn to appreciate the wonder of God’s
world right in their own communities and will also get a
glimpse of what God is doing in other parts of His
world. At this VBS-with-a-mission, money raised
for the Bibles for Brazil project will provide
the Gospel to impoverished children in Brazil.
US: 800.323.7543
Canada: 800.263.2664
• 1 Wonder U Lab Guide
• 1 Blast Off! Preschool Student Book
• 1 Cosmic City™ Elementary Student Book
• 1 Outer Limits Mission Log Upper Elementary Student Book
• 1 Praise & Worship CD with 10 original praise songs that
reinforce Cosmic City’s daily lessons, Bible stories, and
Key Verses.
• 1 Cosmic City™ CD-ROM with planning, promotional,
and follow-up resources
• 1 Cosmic City™ Music and Promo DVD
• Plus additional samples of stickers, books,
promotional posters and more!
All contents of the Launch Capsule, along with more accessory
information, are listed at or call
1.800.323.7543. Get ready to launch your most successful,
life-changing VBS ever!
Item#: 105404
ISBN 13: 978-6-1250-3972-9
Retail: $99.99 | CAN: $99.99
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c o m
We had 900 kids in VBS last summer and
we create entire environments for the kids.
The Bible stories and music are really strong
in Cosmic City™, and it gives us the opportunity
to create exciting venues and build on what’s offered.
That’s why we switched to David C. Cook this year.
—Jay Hostetler, Life Stage Pastor,
Central Wesleyan Church, Holland, MI
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c a ( C a n a d a )
Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
Who knew the
Bible could be
so much FUN?
You love to see the light in kids’ eyes that lets you know they get it—God loves
them and so do you! With the books in the Bible FunStuff resource series the FUN
ignites the light that shines! The games, crafts and drama ideas are all infused
with creativity inspired by the Creator.
Shop from the titles below or collect all 10 titles for proven fun for preschoolers
to tweens. Correlates with Bible-in-Life or Echoes curriculum for September 2008
through June 2009 (great alternatives for Step 3)—or as a stand-alone activity
anytime, anyplace. Retail: $16.99 CAN: $16.99
Stick ‘em Up: Bible Crafts
Through-the-Bible Crafts
Crafts for Sunday, memory verses to stick in little minds the rest
of the week—that’s what this collection of 26 craft projects for
preschoolers promises. Crafts vary from neat to messy, crayons
to packing peanuts, and are just perfect for creative little hands.
Using around-the-house items like cardboard tubes, water
bottles, and socks, your kindergarten and first-grade crafters will truly grow in their knowledge and application of the
Bible as they have fun being crafty.
Item#: 105935
Score with Scripture Games
When you get preschoolers moving, you get them learning.
These 26 creative, Bible-focused activities encourage motor
skills, matching, sorting, and much more. Don’t we all need
more movement, laughter and learning?
Movement reinforces memory. Let these 26 Scripture games help
you plant God’s Word deep in the precious hearts in your kindergarten and first-grade classrooms. These high-energy games can be
done in small spaces, too. Get ready for excitement!
Item#: 105938
ISBN 13: 9781434768636
Sample Correlation Chart
All activities and crafts in books on
pages 4 and 5 may be substituted
for those in your Bible-in-Life or
Echoes curriculum as shown here.
Bible-in-Life & Derivatives
Breezy Windsock
1 Samuel 3:1-20
Unit 25, Lesson 1
Unit 25, Lesson 1
Origami Frolicking Frog
1 Samuel 17
Unit 25, Lesson 3
Unit 25, Lesson 3
Friendship Stick
1 Samuel 20
Unit 25, Lesson 5
Unit 25, Lesson 5
Pretty Quick & Easy Bible Dramas
Hollywood would be astounded! These Bible story character dramas, kid-pleasing personality plays, and quick
puppet skits provide 26 weeks of fun with very little effort.
Includes Bible references, teacher tips and interesting yet
simple costume ideas for second and third grades.
Tweens are usually willing to join in a game if everyone’s
doing it! Keep them having fun together while they learn
Bible truths at the same time with this energetic, creative
collection of games anyone can play.
Item#: 105939
Item#: 105942
Action! Cool Theater
Kids in second and third grades love making door hangers,
origami dogs, advent candles, puppets, backpack tags and
more. Best of all, each project in this 26-craft book reinforces a Scripture memory verse for take-home value, too.
ISBN 13: 9781434768575
ISBN 13: 9781434768605
Memory Maker Bible Crafts
Item#: 105940
ISBN 13: 9781434768599
Not only is this book packed with skits, monologues, game
shows, crazy commercials, interactive plays and more for
middle-schoolers, it also has a bonus section with guidelines and prompts for budding playwrights to write their
own scripts!
Item#: 105943
ISBN 13: 9781434768568
Classy, Flashy Bible Dramas
Full-Tilt Wacky Games
Raise the curtain and watch the learning happen extemporaneously! Twenty-six drama activities including creative
skits, dramas, improvs or commercials teach Bible lessons
while youth have fun performing.
Help middle-schoolers break through the awkwardness they
sometimes feel with wild and wacky games that also reveal
God’s truth. Great tool for youth ministry to use with curriculum or as a stand-alone activity.
Item#: 105941
ISBN 13: 9781434768582
Item#: 105944
ISBN 13: 9781434768551
ISBN 13: 9781434768612
US: 800.323.7543
t o g e t h e r
ISBN 13: 9781434768629
Bible Games That Teach
Item#: 105936
Item#: 105937
ISBN 13: 9781434768643
l i v e s
Canada: 800.263.2664
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c o m
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c a ( C a n a d a )
Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
l i v e s
t o g e t h e r
More Fun Titles
Work with ANY
Moms and dads have always known the secret to success in learning—make
it fun! The teachers and volunteers in your Sunday schools will enjoy adding
biblical, value-based fun to every lesson they teach with any or all of the engaging collections of games, dramas, crafts, and activities below. From children’s
sermons to fun science, plays to pasty projects, you’ll be well equipped to put
the fun in learning! Each title below can be used to supplement curriculum or
as a stand alone—a saving grace for a substitute teacher. Let the FUN begin!
Retail: $16.99
From Fun Science
that Teaches God’s
Word for Tweeners
CAN: $17.99
Item#: 103451 l ISBN 13: 9780781440820
More Toddlerific!
Item#: 105436 l ISBN 13: 9780781445610
From Bible Crafts for All Seasons
P r e sc h o o l
100’s of Songs, Games and More!
Item#: 102859 ISBN 13: 9780781439664
Spur of the Moment Preschool Activities
Item#: 104153 ISBN 13: 9780781442305
Wiggle Worms Learn the Psalms
Item#: 102363 ISBN 13: 9780781439602
E l e m e ntar y
From More Toddlerific
US: 800.323.7543
Canada: 800.263.2664
100’s of Songs, Games and More! School Kids
Item#: 102858 l ISBN 13: 9780781439657
Bible Crafts for All Seasons*
Item#: 104024 l ISBN 13: 9780781442053
Bible Memory Games
Item#: 103617 l ISBN 13: 9780781441193
Children’s Sermons in a Bag
Item#: 102361 l ISBN 13: 9780781439589
Down in Front Children’s Sermons
Item#: 103452 l ISBN 13: 9780781440837
Every Season Kid Pleasin’ Sermons
Item#: 101780 l ISBN 13: 9780781438391
Folder Games for Children’s Ministry
Item#: 102364 l ISBN 13: 9780781439619
Fun Science that Teaches God’s Word
Item#: 103450 l ISBN 13: 9780781440813
Funtastic Kid Crafts
Item#: 101777 l ISBN 13: 9780781438384
A Gaggle of Giggles and Games
Item#: 101781 l ISBN 13: 9780781438407
Ifs, Ands, and Buts Children’s Sermons
Item#: 104025 l ISBN 13: 9780781442060
Paper Capers
Item#: 101778 l ISBN 13: 9780781438360
Seasonal Pageants and Skits
Item#: 102362 l ISBN 13: 9780781439596
Spur of the Moment Crafts
Item#: 103619 l ISBN 13: 9780781441216
Spur of the Moment Games
Item#: 103616 l ISBN 13: 9780781441186
T w e e n e rs
Fun Science that Teaches God’s Word
for Tweeners
Item#: 105433 l ISBN 13: 9780781445580
All Age Levels
The Official Puppet Ministry Survival Guide
Item#: 101782 l ISBN 13: 9780781438414
One Rehearsal Christmas Plays
Item#: 103618 l ISBN 13: 9780781441209
Teaching Off the Wall:
Interactive Bulletin Boards
Item#: 101779
ISBN 13: 9780781438377
*16.99 Canada
*Canada $16.99
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c o m
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c a ( C a n a d a )
Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
l i v e s
t o g e t h e r
Curriculum You
from David C. Cook
God’s Heart Revealed…
God’s Power Unleashed
David C. Cook Bible-in-Life—
For Life-Changing Sunday Schools
If a Sunday school curriculum could come guaranteed to change lives,
this is the one that would. The best-selling David C. Cook Bible-in-Life curriculum has had rock-solid results for many years as students are led closer to the heart of God. Step-by-step, age-appropriate guidelines make
teaching this trusted program as simple as the truth of the Gospel. Multiple learning styles are addressed so every participant engages in the class.
Filled with practical leader tips and options, all for ages toddler to adult.
Call or visit for pricing and ordering information.
Real Life Downloaded—
FREE weekly lesson options
We often hear, “When we make plans, God laughs.” Only He is in
charge of what’s really going to be happening on any given Sunday.
You prepare your lessons carefully, but then you realize the terrorism
or tragedy in the news is going to be on everyone’s minds.
David C. Cook will come alongside to help you go out the door
equipped with an addendum for your lesson to make it timely and
relevant. Simply visit each
Wednesday evening for thought-provoking, Bible-based ways to address current events or to simply take you deeper in exploring an issue.
YOU DECIDE whether to stick to the lesson as planned or adapt it with new opening and closing information
for your Bible-in-Life lessons for Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School and Adult classes.
Life is real. Make Sunday school real, too.
Call for your FREE
Sample Packet today!
US: 800.323.7543
Canada: 800.263.2664
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c o m
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c a ( C a n a d a )
Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
Bring theWord Alive
for All Ages in Today’s
Growing Church
Inclusive Studies for the African-American Church
Finally, a culturally relevant Gospel presentation that is firmly entrenched
in God-honoring biblical values and a commitment to excellence. Congregations appreciate the way a greater understanding of God’s Word is
taught in a comprehensive approach with participants at each age level
learning the same biblical principles. Ages toddler through adult.
Call or visit for pricing and ordering information.
l i v e s
t o g e t h e r
Add Depth to Every
Youth and Adult
Lesson You Teach
International Bible
Lesson Commentaries—
When the Lesson is God’s Word
Getting to the heart of scriptural truth matters to you.
That’s why your lesson plan comes straight from God’s
Word. These comprehensive commentaries will enhance
and add to your own understanding of Scripture as they
lead you through all the major Bible themes and books
systematically. Based on ISSL outlines, each commentary
includes a full year’s curriculum in one handy, value-priced
reference designed for any teacher of youth or adults.
Available in KJV or NIV versions.
Retail: $14.99
CAN: $15.99
International Bible Lesson Commentary KJV ‘08-’09
Item#: 105779 l ISBN 13: 9781434799753
International Bible Lesson Commentary NIV ‘08-’09
Item#: 105778 l ISBN 13: 9781434799746
International Bible Lesson Commentary KJV
Item#: 105240 l ISBN 13: 9780781445023
Retail: $14.99 l CAN: $14.99
International Bible Lesson Commentary NIV
Item#: 105239 l ISBN 13: 9780781445030
Retail: $14.99 l CAN: $15.99
The Echoes Sunday school material has been a vital part of my formation and education
since my youth and it continues to be my literature of choice. I am delighted to say that
now a new generation of Christians is being nurtured by Echoes at the church I now pastor in Colorado Springs. For every age group and for every stage of the Christian journey,
Echoes has proven to be accessible, insightful and invaluable.
—Pastor Clarence W. Davis, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Call for your FREE
Sample Packet today!
US: 800.323.7543
Canada: 800.263.2664
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c o m
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c a ( C a n a d a )
Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
More Rock-Solid
Curriculum Choices
Scripture Press—
A Strong Foundation for a Strong Church.
A church built on a strong foundation is a strong church. Jesus Christ is the cornerstone
of Scripture Press, the trusted leader in Total Bible Learning. SP lessons minister first to the
teacher, who then guides students through an engaging 3-step learning process. Students
learn to apply the truth of the Scriptures to real-life situations. Ages toddler to adult.
Where the Bible is the Sole Authority
Unique among Sunday school curriculum resources, Accent Publications reflects an emphasis on baptistic doctrine and a commitment to Scripture in the King James Version of the
Bible. Theologically conservative and IFCA endorsed, Accent curriculum is available for
ages toddler to adult.
Reformation Press—
Applying Traditional Tenets to Today’s Church
Lives will be changed as students experience the essential tenets of the great reformed
tradition inherent in this curriculum choice. With fresh looks at classic truth, students go
deeper in their faith. Ages toddler to adult.
Emphasis on the Great Commission
Impart Biblical Anglicanism with this proven 4-step lesson plan addressing multiple learning styles so that every participant engages in the class. Curriculum is systematic, covering
2 to 3-year cycles for ages toddler to adult.
Real Truth for Real Life
Discover an emphasis on life application and evangelism through this curriculum designed to be doctrinally distinctive for Wesleyan/Holiness churches. Supports the church
mission to evangelize and disciple generations for Christ. Ages toddler to adult.
Call or visit for pricing and ordering information.
US: 800.323.7543
Canada: 800.263.2664
l i v e s
t o g e t h e r
Bibles for Young
Hearts & Minds
“You mean it’s mine to keep?” Even the very youngest children know there’s something
special about holding their very own Bible in their hands. Claiming the promise that
God’s Word will always have an impact, your goal is to get Bibles into as many little hands
as possible. These favorite, beautifully illustrated, value-priced Bibles for children make
that goal attainable.
The Baby Bible Storybook
Twenty-two favorite Bible stories are told in “baby bites” ages 0-3 can easily digest in this
colorfully illustrated board book. Each story contains the essence of God’s message, action suggestions for fun reinforcement, a Scripture reference and a sweet prayer to share
with little ones as you create the memory of sharing God’s Word together.
Item#: 54072
Retail: $12.99
ISBN 13: 9780781400763
CAN: $13.99
Preschoolers Bible
Kids ages 3 to 5 are ready for more content in their favorite Bible stories. Teachers and
parents will love the rich, character-building values brought forth in this colorfully illustrated collection of over 100 highlights from God’s Word. Written with warmth, love, and
a kid-friendly vocabulary by father and grandfather V. Gilbert Beers. Includes index of
Bible doctrines taught.
Item#: 58214
Retail: $12.99
ISBN 13: 9781564763174
CAN: $13.99
The Picture Bible
Educators know the importance of communicating with children in the media they use.
That’s why this classic Bible for young readers is a perennial best seller. Containing 233
Bible stories, fully illustrated in colorful comic-book style, adults have also found this version of the Bible hard to put down. Includes fact pages, timelines, maps and more.
Over 3 million copies in print around the world!
Item#: 53132
Retail: $16.99
ISBN 13: 9780781430555
CAN: $17.99 l Format: HC
Coming Soon!
The Baby Bible Storybook for Girls & The Baby Bible Storybook for Boys
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c o m
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c a ( C a n a d a )
Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
Welcome to
Faith Meets FUN!
Elementary kids ages 6-11 will get on board with life-shaping, biblical
values with the help of Discipleship Junction. And teachers and volunteers
will appreciate the 13 totally flexible lessons in any of six Bible-based
titles. Kids develop lifelong habits of discipleship through interactive
dramas, stories, Scripture memory and themed activities. All aboard!
Also watch for
two new titles:
Jesus, Lead the Way and
Stepping Up, Stepping Out.
Retail: $16.99
CAN: $16.99
Talking With God
Getting to Know God
“You mean God talks to me?” This is the response you’ll get
as you go through these lessons focusing on getting on track
through prayer, giving thanks and praise, and learning to hear
God’s voice.
God knows each one of us and kids need to understand how
He longs for us to know Him, too! Use this title to help students
explore His character, learn His many names and experience
His nature in their lives.
Item#: 104579
ISBN 13: 9780781443210
Item#: 104580
ISBN 13: 9780781443227
Happy Birthday, Jesus!
And the Winner Is…
All children know birthdays are for celebrating. Help them celebrate the most glorious birthday of all with lessons including
how all people need a Savior, the prophecy about the Messiah,
Jesus as our hope, God’s announcement of His Son, and how
we can prepare our hearts. Then let the celebration begin!
It’s our nature to want to win, but what does winning look
like in God’s eyes? These well-tested lessons teach children that
true winners serve others, talk and listen to God, are content
with God’s provision, follow God’s lead, are known by their actions, and use Godly wisdom. What a winning combination!
Item#: 105278
Item#: 105279
ISBN 13: 9780781445115
ISBN 13: 9780781445122
Sharing God with Others
Where is God?
Item#: 104957
Item#: 104958
ISBN 13: 9780781444439
t o g e t h e r
Need a Wonderful
Lesson, Right Now?
Just Pick Up‘n’ DO!
It’s been a busier week than usual and the time you had set aside to prepare for
Sunday school disappeared somewhere between taking the dog to the vet and
mopping the kitchen floor…again. Your heart’s prepared, but your mind isn’t.
This is the time for Pick Up ‘n’ Do from David C. Cook—great reproducible Bible
lessons and serious discipleship without hours of preparation or lots of staff.
Each Pick Up ‘n’ Do book includes:
• An entire quarter of Sunday school (12 lessons)
• Large and small group lessons
• Instant Bible dramas
• Copy ‘n’ go handouts
• Optional hands-on workshops and lively puppet skits
• 40-minute to 1-hour lessons for ages 6-11
Choose from the titles below or keep all 6 on hand and never wonder what you’ll
be teaching on Sunday morning again! Retail: $19.99 l CAN: $21.99
Survivor Bible-Style!
Item#:103323 l ISBN 13: 9780781440684
Take Two Tablets and Call Moses!
Item#: 103324 l ISBN 13: 9780781440677
Let’s Hear it for the Fruit of the Spirit!
Item#: 103325 l ISBN 13: 9780781440660
Jesus 4U!
Item#: 103326
ISBN 13: 9780781440691
Rise and Shine!: The Early Church
Item#: 104717 l ISBN 13: 9780781443760
King Davey and the Royal Tunes!
Item#: 104718 l ISBN 13: 9780781443777
Other titles available:
l i v e s
US: 800.323.7543
ISBN 13: 9780781444446
Canada: 800.263.2664
From Let’s Hear it for
the Fruit of the Spirit
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c o m
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c a ( C a n a d a )
Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
Bring Bible
Stories to Life
with Scripture
Hearing about Jesus and His miraculous life is wonderful. Focusing on beautifully illustrated key scenes as you listen makes the
lesson a memorable, treasured one. With a lesson plan
printed on the back of each page, you have everything you
need for 52 weeks of visually interactive lessons for elementary-aged children. Great for classrooms anywhere: churchin-the-park, missions trips and outreach programs!
You’ll be
amazed what
God can do
• All 52 Lessons in English and Spanish
• Great value at $29.99 for a year’s instruction
• Spiral-bound on a sturdy easel base
Choose one of these popular titles—or collect all for your resource library!
Retail: $29.99
CAN: $32.99
Experiencing the Life of Christ
Item#: 103247 l ISBN 13: 9780781440325
Exploring the Miracles and Parables of Jesus
Item#: 103992 l ISBN 13: 9780781442015
A Journey Through the Old Testament
Item#: 103433 l ISBN 13: 9780781440745
Discovering God’s Plan for the Church
Item#: 104595 l ISBN 13: 9780781443364
Come to Jubilation Station—
Where You Download Good-to-Go Lessons.
When you don’t know what to teach, but you know you want to have a big impact on those
little faces that look up at yours, help is just a click away. Each Jubilation Station title is a six-week
program that immerses kids, grades 1 through 6, in biblical cultures. Designed for flexibility,
lessons may be used for one to two hours on Sunday morning or for a mid-week program.
Visit and click your way to worlds of biblical adventures for you
and your students. Over 20 titles to choose from—under $20 each!
US: 800.323.7543
Canada: 800.263.2664
l i v e s
t o g e t h e r
Reach More Kids
with Pencil Fun!
You never know when a simple gift to a child might plant a seed
that will grow into a life lived for Christ. Great for outreach packets
in your community or simply to keep little hands busy in the pews,
each 16-page Pencil Fun Book features a Bible story filled with activities that appear as the child scribbles (quietly, of course) on the page
with a pencil. Make these available to parents for road trips, too! At
99¢ each you can afford to have lots on hand.
Retail: $9.90/10-pack
CAN: $9.90/10-pack
Here are all the ways to have Pencil Fun!
A Child Is Born
Item#: 105427 l ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4554-2
From David and
the 23rd Psalm
Down Through the Roof
Item#: 105428 l ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4555-9
Esther Beautiful Queen
Item#: 105429 l ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4556-6
Jonah’s Fish Ride
Item#: 105432 l ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4557-3
David and the 23rd Psalm
Item#: 105588 l ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4898-7
David’s Friend
Item#: 105589
ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4899-4
Jesus Feeds 5000
Item#: 105590 l ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4900-7
The Lord’s Prayer
Item#: 105591 l ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4901-4
Noah Builds an Ark
Item#: 105350 l ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4523-8
Jesus is Alive
Item#: 105348
ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4521-4
Joseph Saves His Family
Item#: 105349 l ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4522-1
Jesus is Born
Item#: 105347
ISBN 13: 978-0-7814-4520-7
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c o m
w w w. d a v i d c c o o k . c a ( C a n a d a )
Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
l i v e s
t o g e t h e r
Meet Ministry
Dawn Heckert
Helping parents develop faith in their
children is critically important. Building
your church community matters, too. Let BOZ show
you an excellent way to connect church and home while he teaches
valuable lessons about keeping our God-designed bodies healthy.
A desire to take kids deeper
in their faith is what motivates Dawn
Heckert, Director of Children’s and Youth
Ministry for Christ Church Anglican in
Overland Park, KS. She believes teachers and
volunteers too often “lead children to shallow water when what we need to do is take them out to the
deep end and teach them how to swim.” Dawn says
curriculum materials from David C. Cook are just the
lifesaving help she needs.
Inside this box is everything you need to plan an event guaranteed to
bring preschoolers and parents together for a fun and meaningful party.
Plan the setting, invite families, and equip parents with the latest and greatest
resource for preschool spiritual development—at church and at home!
Item#: 106063
CAN: $24.99
1 Welcome Time:
4 Regathering Time:
• Music: Sing with BOZ CD
• BOZ Coloring Pages
• Sing:“Making Lemonade”
or “The Right Stuff ”
• (Optional) Snack
2 Gathering Time:
• Sing:“Music Makes Me
Wanna Jump Around”
• Video: Thank You God for...
Bananas, Bubbles, and Busy Bodies
• “A Busy Body Day” segment
“I also appreciate the fact that the people at Cook go out
of their way to talk to those of us in children’s ministry
to find out what we need and what they can develop to
help us. They don’t just rely on their old faithful products,
but are always coming up with something new to meet our
needs. It’s a partnership I’ve really come to depend on.”
5 Going Home:
• BOZ Activity Booklet
• BOZ Resource Information
3 Participation Stations:
• Bunny Ears for Hippity Hoppity Fun!
• 1-2-3s Floor Puzzle Mat
• “God Made Your Wonderful Body”Bingo Game
• “Clean Bill of Health”Activity Page
• BOZ Ball Coloring Page Activity
• When in Doubt, Dance!
Dawn also likes the ability teachers have to
be flexible when using lesson plans from
David C. Cook. “I encourage our staff
to go off script and be creative—to
think of fresh, new ways to take
kids deeper in their faith so they
will really know Jesus.”
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Event at a Glance
“What I really appreciate about Cook is that they have
great writers developing material that gives teachers
what they are asking for—lessons that help them lead
children closer to the heart of Jesus.
Of course, we can’t keep a big green bear like BOZ in a box for long!
Visit to learn more about planning your event
and for lots of FREE additional resources. Then place your order and
turn BOZ loose at your church—you’ll be so glad you did!
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Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
BOZ’s Family Faith ‘N’ Fun Kit
Add Christian value-based messages to your preschool classes with BOZ’s Big Books of
Bible Fun. And visit for more resources featuring BOZ—the kind of
friend all parents hope their children will make at Sunday school.
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CAN: $14.99
Help families share in the value-based fun preschoolers are having in Sunday school by making this kit
available for take-home use. Based on the popular
BOZ DVD Bananas, Bubbles, and Busy Bodies, the kit
includes a wipe-off, die-cut, reversible Bizzee Board
with preschooler-size crayon and clings of BOZ characters, and a “peppy pizza” jigsaw puzzle. With 30
Bible-based devotionals, families will have ample
material for weeks of spiritual and educational fun.
God’s World & Me
BIG Puzzle Fun with BOZ!
Sunday school teachers and volunteers are busy people. Week after week they’ll love turning to this preschool activity book bursting with over 200 perforated pages of Bible stories and activities—ALL in attention-getting, child-pleasing color! Kids discover God’s
amazing world through activities including matching, identification, numbers, sequencing,
mazes, opposites, shapes, colors, cutouts, stickers and more. Ages 3 and up.
Retail: $4.99
Item#: 105406
ISBN 13: 9780781445443
It’s fun to visit BOZ’s world. With 24 kid-friendly
pieces, these puzzles feature BOZ and his friends to
help you reinforce lessons learned with BOZ. Puzzles
measure 18” x 24” when completed. Ages 3 and up.
CAN: $4.99
Item#: 105665
Once little folks make friends with BOZ and meet his best friends Drew and Gracie, they’ll
also want BOZ to introduce them to some of God’s people—Bible heroes like David,
Daniel, Esther, Moses and others. With men and women from well-known Bible stories
worked into the offering of fun activities, preschoolers learn about God’s people with help
from the ever-lovable BOZ. Contains over 200 full-color, perforated pages for easy home
or classroom use as well as tips for parents and teachers. Ages 3 and up.
BOZ the Bear Puzzle
Item#: 105586
Item#: 105666
When little hands are busy, hearts and minds can
dwell on the biblical values BOZ the Bear reinforces.
Use this 3’ x 3’ floor puzzle and mat in quiet-time rotations. Children will love counting, recognizing animals, and assembling the 81 pieces as their favorite
BOZ characters emerge. Ages 3 and up.
Item#: 105663
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l UPC: 0612608000100
l CAN: $19.99
A BOZ You Can Hug!
We all have days when it feels good to hug
a buddy. Having this 9” large plush BOZ or
the smaller 6” plush BOZ in the classroom
for hugs and snuggles is sure to bring smiles.
Soft plush. Ages 3 and up.
Large BOZ Plush
Item#: 105668 l UPC: 0612608000056
Retail: $9.99 l CAN: $9.99
BOZ’s World Puzzle
God’s People & Me
t o g e t h e r
BOZ the Bear 1-2-3s
Floor Puzzle Mat
Preschoolers may be shy about entering into Sunday school activities, but BOZ The Green
Bear Next Door™ helps teachers make faith-building fun! He also helps them point parents to the “teachable moments” in everyday life.
l i v e s
UPC: 0612608000117
Small BOZ Plush
Item#: 105672 l UPC: 0612608000018
Retail: $6.99 l CAN: $6.99
UPC: 0612608000124
ISBN 13: 9781434799470
• Key Bible passage and preparation notes
• Narrative explanation of Bible passage for kids
• Activities that reinforce the theme: counting,
coloring, matching and more!
We use the BOZ products as a curriculum for kids three through pre-kindergarten and our kids just love BOZ! The material is all kid-friendly with such
likable characters. It’s about counting, colors, stars—just everything they are
learning in preschool—except with Jesus at the heart of it all!
—Dawn Heckert, Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry,
Christ Church Anglican, Overland Park, KS
• “More to Explore” prompts for additional
small group activities
From God’s People & Me
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Canada: 800.263.2664
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Children’s Ministry
t r a n s f o r m i n g
l i v e s
t o g e t h e r
Open the Door
to a Children’s Church
Everyone Loves
Noah’s Park Children’s Church Kits
Kids will be so excited about Children’s Church you’ll have
adults wanting to come, too! Three separate kits provide everything you need for leaders, volunteers and kids for a full year
of Sundays. The Noah’s Park theme takes kids on value-based
adventures with animals who left the ark after the rainbow appeared. Older kids act as Park Patrol helpers, so this is the perfect
children’s church curriculum for preschool through elementary.
Correlates with Bible-in-Life and Echoes curriculum.
Each kit includes:
Red Children’s Church Kit
Item#: 105093 l ISBN 13: 9780781444903
Blue Children’s Church Kit
Item#: 100648 l ISBN 13: 9780781436304
Green Children’s Church Kit
Item#: 101585 l ISBN 13: 9780781449120
• 2 Noah’s Park puppets used in skits and games
• 5 guide books (Leader’s, Snacks and Games, Crafts, Puppet Skits
and Park Patrol Training)
ool puppet skits for all ages and skill levels—including the
Park Patrol
• Lesson-based snacks and crafts
• Reproducibles galore!
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Choose the Blue, Green, or Red Editions or keep all 3 on hand
for the widest selection of lessons, crafts, and activities.
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Life is real. Make Sunday school real, too.
You want your Bible-in-Life lesson to be as relevant as possible. That’s why you go to Up-to-date additions to your weekly lesson may address current
events or simply take you deeper in exploring an issue. You download, you decide… whether to
stick to the original lesson or adapt it with new information for any age group. Make it real.
FREE! at
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