2012 ANNUAL REPORT Building Relationships, Inspiring Success.

Building Relationships,
Inspiring Success.
Through direct service youth programs and highly
regarded training programs for adults, Ramapo
for Children works on behalf of children who face
obstacles to learning, enabling them to succeed
in the classroom, at home, and in life.
At the heart of our work is the conviction that
all children seek the same things: to learn,
feel valued and experience success. Ramapo
helps young people learn to align their
behaviors with their aspirations.
Seeing the World through Ramapo Colored Glasses
Everything we do at Ramapo is grounded in the simple but
profound belief that all people—adults and children alike—
share a set of common aspirations: to learn, feel valued
and experience success. Sometimes that belief gets tested
pretty rigorously. We have all witnessed behaviors that
can range from puzzling, to alienating, to downright selfdestructive. It’s easy to get frustrated, angry or to take
things personally. Ramapo’s work—helping people align
their behaviors with their aspirations—requires patience,
empathy and a spirit of generosity.
That generosity of spirit is something our staff members
bring to each of the programs and services we offer. Our
summer camp provides children with cognitive disabilities
and other social and emotional challenges an opportunity
to celebrate their strengths and to experience success.
Our work in schools and youth programs helps educators
view children through the Ramapo lens, enabling them to
understand more clearly how their own adult behaviors can
impact the behaviors of the children they serve. Our Staff
Assistant Experience gives young adults who have struggled
elsewhere an opportunity to develop and practice the
skills required to live, work and socialize as members of
a community. Our retreats program helps teams of people
appreciate how their shared behaviors can move them
forward to achieve mutual goals.
This is an exciting time at Ramapo. While our programs and
services have always been bound together by a common
philosophy, we are discovering new opportunities to integrate
our services and bring them to bear in complementary
ways. We have a growing presence in several new cities and
people are reaching out to us from new parts of the country
for help and support.
Learning to see the world through the Ramapo lens is a
wonderful gift that enriches all who are part of Ramapo:
from our staff, alumni and board members, to the educators,
caregivers, children and young adults we serve. We thank
you for your continued support as we move forward on this
journey, building new relationships and inspiring success
for all people.
Richard Rosenthal, Board President
Adam Weiss, Chief Executive Officer
One Approach. Broad Impact.
Ramapo’s work is grounded in a
set of guiding principles that have
emerged from decades of experience
providing direct service and a
consistent track record of clearly
demonstrated effectiveness:
 P ersonal relationships are the capital that
motivates behavioral change, and relationship
building is a set of skills and activities that can be
 O bservational learning and role
modeling are powerful teaching tools when
adults model desired behaviors intentionally, both
individually and as a team.
 T houghtful rituals and routines
can teach desired behaviors and are important
elements in establishing emotionally safe environments, and must be adapted to the particular needs
of individual children and groups.
 T he collective celebration of individual
accomplishments is a defining characteristic of
supportive communities, and adults must identify
opportunities to celebrate individual success.
 t he habit of reflective practice must be
adopted by both adults and young people, taking
the time to process and reflect alone and with other
members of the community.
Ramapo provides a new way of thinking about challenging behaviors,
social and emotional development, and special needs.
A Portfolio of Skills
Ramapo gives teachers, youth workers, parents and young adults the
tools they need to build relationships and promote positive behavior.
A Pathway to Success
Ramapo helps schools, community organizations and families foster
inclusive and supportive environments for children and young adults.
 H onest feedback and open communication
are key catalysts for personal development,
and adults must understand how to have difficult
conversations constructively.
A Powerful Paradigm
The Ramapo Approach
Helps Children Learn and Grow
“I have never seen Michael so calm,
positive and happy as he has been
since he got home from Ramapo!
This summer was truly life changing
for my son and not only did he
acquire some great new tools, but
he also shed some bad habits!”
Ramapo instills self-confidence and self-reliance
in children, allowing them to build peer relationships,
try new things and experience success.
Nine-year-old Jayden has attended Camp Ramapo
in Rhinebeck, New York for two summers and has
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). For
Jayden, transition times throughout the day were
very challenging. He often refused to move from one
activity to the next, crossing his arms and stopping
in his tracks. One counselor, Emily, built a strong
relationship with Jayden and together they created a
checklist of daily activities for Jayden to successfully
complete. If Jayden participated in every activity on
the list, he was rewarded with a bedtime story from
Emily. The trust, understanding and support helped
him to successfully transition from the morning
wake up, to activities, to meals throughout the day.
Children with a range of social, emotional and
learning challenges, including those affected by
autism spectrum disorders, attend Camp Ramapo
to find a supportive environment where they can
form healthy friendships, make good choices and
experience success. Ramapo’s carefully structured
program and one-to-one staff-to-camper ratio allow
campers’ communications skills and independence
to flourish, setting them up to achieve their goals.
The Ramapo Approach
Helps Adults Support the
Children They Serve
“Your work affected my teaching and my own personal
outlook on things. I’m working with a wonderfully bright
group of pre-kindergarteners who are truly thriving. I
credit a lot of that to the mentoring Ramapo did, and the
behavior management and concrete systems I put into
place at the beginning of the year and use consistently
based on all that you taught me. I smile frequently
and feel much calmer about everything.”
Ramapo provides tools and tactics to teachers,
youth-service workers and parents, enabling them to
create environments that promote positive behavior.
& 1,000 PARENTS
Michele, Trainer and Coach, has worked with
Ramapo Training for two years. Michele
co-founded two charter schools and a summer
academy and currently serves as the Executive
Director of Association of Excellence for Autism.
She holds a bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan
University and master’s degrees from both
Stanford University and Harvard University.
She is the mother of a son with special needs
and has dedicated her entire professional
career to improving education and working with
students with disabilities and their families.
Like Michele, all Ramapo trainers bring an
extraordinary level of expertise to schools,
community organizations and families, providing
the skills to lead positively, build relationships,
teach strategically, structure situations and
intervene actively. Our work helps increase the
confidence, productivity and effectiveness
of educators, youth-service workers and parents
so that they can successfully manage behaviors
and engage all youth.
The Ramapo Approach
Helps Young Adults
Develop Self-Sufficiency
“We know that it takes more than good
intentions and aspirations. It requires great
expertise, thoughtful planning, constant
monitoring, skilled interventions and teamwork. Because we know this, every time we
left Ramapo after a visit, we felt we were
leaving Sam in the best possible hands to
help him learn and grow into adulthood.”
Deborah, Staff Assistant Experience parent
Ramapo develops the independent living, job
and social skills of young adults while building their
self-determination and resilience.
Max joined the Staff Assistant Experience in the
summer of 2012. Max had trouble connecting
to others and frequently would avoid conversations
by staying busy on his hand-held video game. By
sharing an apartment with a Ramapo staff member
and having regular meetings with his mentor, Max
has been able to practice conversations with caring,
supportive people and build his social skills. Max
has learned to make friends, is more comfortable
starting conversations, and now plans group trips to
the local movie theater. Max also helps tend to the
animals in Ramapo’s corral, which made him realize
how much he enjoyed working with animals. With
community support, Max now volunteers regularly at
the Dutchess County Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and is taking courses at SUNY
Ulster toward an Animal Science Office Assistant
certificate. Through Ramapo’s supportive community
of mentors, coaches and friends, Staff Assistants
gain the skills to move forward in their development,
learning to identify and overcome behaviors that
have previously hindered their growth. Previous
Staff Assistants have gone on to attend college, work
full-time for local Rhinebeck businesses, and acquire
teaching assistant certifications to work in schools.
“My daughter seemed to develop more
confidence and competence from
the program. Working as a Staff Assistant,
she was able to be the ‘Helper’ instead
of always being the ‘Helped.’ I think that
is transformative.”
Margot, Staff Assistant Experience parent
“It significantly moved his life forward
and he emerged with a direction, real
credentials, and a life plan.”
Susan, Staff Assistant Experience parent
 M AX
The Ramapo Approach
Helps Groups Achieve
Collective Goals
“I have taken my classes to Ramapo for retreats for over
10 years. Because of the expert facilitation, students who
are usually leaders take a backseat and let other kids come
to the fore and take on leadership roles. The students
share things with one another that are really important and
personal, connecting on a deeper level to each other and
their teachers. They get to push themselves in new ways
and discover that they can do that again when they go back
to school; all of a sudden students are willing to do things
you didn’t think they would do and open up in ways that
you don’t usually see them doing.”
Ramapo teaches leadership, conflict resolution and
cooperation skills to groups of youth, educators
and other professionals, enabling them to improve their
communication, collaboration and connections.
Ben, teacher, East Side Community High School, NYC
Sam, Supervisor of Programs and Outreach, joined
Ramapo as a summer counselor in 2003 because of
his passion for education and improving the lives
of children. His first summer at Ramapo was the most
challenging, exciting and rewarding experience of
his life, and Sam never looked back. After finishing
his bachelor’s degree, Sam worked at Bloomington
Meadows Hospital, a behavioral and emotional
treatment center, for a year before joining Ramapo’s
year-round staff. Sam has become an expert in
facilitating the Ramapo Approach and now leads
retreats on the Rhinebeck campus. “Ramapo has
helped me live out all my dreams about being a
teacher; I’ve developed lessons, connected classroom
philosophy with real-world applications, built relationships with students, and earned the respect of my
peers and supervisors. I’ve also found a community
that pushes me to keep growing and stay healthy.”
Like Sam, all of Ramapo’s facilitators are carefully
selected for their leadership, enthusiasm and personal
values. Facilitators work with diverse groups to help
them reach shared goals through teamwork activities
and thoughtful reflection. Ramapo Retreats promote
concern for others, personal responsibility, open
and honest communication, acceptance of help,
and a commitment to do one’s best.
The Ramapo Approach
Helps Emerging Professionals
Prepare for a Future
Supporting Children
Ramapo provides skills, training and experience
to future leaders in the field of youth development,
preparing them for successful careers.
Ramapo offers emerging professionals the opportunity
to provide a traditional summer camp experience to
children with social, emotional or learning challenges.
Camp Ramapo counselors receive unmatched training
and hands-on experience that equip them with professional and personal skills and prepare them to be strong
leaders in the field. Staff alumni have gone on to be
teachers, psychologists, social workers, organization
directors and founders of national service nonprofits.
Summer counselors often choose to extend their time
with Ramapo as AmeriCorps members, applying the
Ramapo Approach beyond camp to groups throughout
the year. In this highly selective program, AmeriCorps
members facilitate Ramapo Retreats for youth, educators and families; gain professional growth as coaches,
colleagues and friends to Staff Assistants; and act as
mentors to Ramapo Leadership Program teens during
service weekends. AmeriCorps members leave Ramapo
with the knowledge and experience necessary for
successful careers in youth development.
“As soon my first summer ended, I rushed
to the internet to look up similar programs.
Through this research, I found Teach For America,
and the very next September I was a fourth
grade teacher in the classroom using everything
I learned at Ramapo every day with my kids.
Ramapo taught me skills, interventions and
techniques. You learn to embrace conflict, learn
from it, and grow from it. It’s a place where
you finally get to celebrate every little thing
for everything it’s worth!”
Youth Worker Leadership
Each year, Ramapo gathers 300 committed high school
students who have dedicated their time to working with
children with special needs for a day of informative
workshops, professional networking and presentations
by experts to learn applicable skills and gain insight into
future careers.
Youth Worker
Leadership Conference
Through CLASSP, Ramapo provides a year-long, college
credit-bearing internship program for high school and
college students in the New York metropolitan area who
are devoted to working with children with special needs.
The program produces a pipeline of hundreds of skilled
students and serves as a launch pad for their higher
education and future careers.
Consortia of Learning
and Serving to
Special Populations
Assets and Liabilities: Three-Year Summary
Fiscal 2012 Reven­ue Analysis
Property & Equipment, Net
All Other Assets
Total Liabilities
Revenue and Expenses: Three-Year Summary
Program-Related Fees
Individual Contributions
Foundation Contributions
Other Grants
Fundraising Events, Net
Investment Return, Net
Capital Contributions
Fiscal 2012 Expense Analysis
Capital Contributions
& Development
of expenses go directly
to programs
2 01 1
201 2
New York City Department
of Education Schools
Academy for Health Careers (K751)
Assemblyman Angelo Del Toro
Educational Complex (M108)
Bronx Bridges High School (X432)
Bronx Collegiate Academy (X227)
Bronx Dance Academy (X308)
Bronx Haven High School (X381)
Bronx Lab School (X265)
Bronx Park Middle School (X556)
Bronx Writing Academy (X323)
Brooklyn Arts and Science Elementary
School (K705)
Brooklyn Bridge Academy (K578)
Brooklyn Collegiate: A College Board
School (K493)
Central Park East High School (M555)
Claremont International High School
Community Action School (M258)
Concord High School (R470)
East Flatbush Community Research
School (K581)
East Side Community High School (M450)
Eleanor Roosevelt High School (M416)
East New York Elementary School of
Excellence (K677)
Essex Street Academy (M294)
Eximius College Prep Academy (X250)
Forsyth Satellite Academy (M458)
Frederick Douglas Academy V Middle
School (X273)
Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning
School (R064)
Green School (K454)
High School for Innovation in Advertising
& Media (K617)
High School for Youth and Community
Development at Erasmus (K537)
Innovation Diploma Plus (M404)
IS 289 (M289)
IS 340 (K340)
Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences (Q350)
Jose Celso Barbosa (M206)
Marie Curie High School (X237)
Metropolitan High School (X248)
Mother Hale Academy (X065)
Mott Hall Bridges Middle School (K671)
Mott Hall High School (M304)
MS 104 (M104)
MS 126 (K126)
MS 534 (K534)
Multicultural High School (K583)
Murray Hill Academy (M432)
New Design Middle School (M514)
New Heights Middle School (K722)
NYC Lab School (M412)
Peace and Diversity Academy (X278)
Pelham Gardens Middle School (X566)
PS 1 (X001)
PS 133 (M133)
PS 137 (M137)
PS 138 (X138)
PS 15 (Q015)
PS 17 (X017)
PS 175 (M175)
PS 176 (X176)
PS 333 (X333)
PS 369 (X369)
PS 42 (X042)
Renaissance High School For Musical
Theater & Technology (X293)
River East Elementary (M037)
Rockaway Collegiate High School (Q351)
Satellite Academy—Arturo Schomburg
High School (X446)
School for Classics: Thinkers, Writers &
Performers (K683)
School for Tourism and Hospitality (X559)
Soundview Academy for Culture and
Scholarship (X448)
South Brooklyn Community High School
The Bronx School of Science Inquiry and
Investigation (X331)
The Computer School (M245)
The George E. Wibecan Prep Academy
The High School for Community
Leadership (Q328)
The Neighborhood School (M363)
The Parkway (K167)
The Roberto Clemente School (M015)
UA Academy of Civic Engagement (X366)
UA Bronx Academy of Letters (X551)
UA Bronx Studio School for Writers &
Artists (X269)
UA Institute for New Technologies (M410)
UA School for Careers in Sports (X548)
UA Unison School (K351)
Urban Action Academy (K642)
Urban Scholars Community School (X463)
WAVE Prep (Q362)
West Brooklyn Community High School
West Prep Academy (M421)
Westchester Square Academy (X558)
Young Scholars Academy (X289)
Young Women’s Leadership School of
Astoria (Q286)
New York City Charter Schools
Bronx Charter School for the Arts (X730)
Bronx Preparatory Charter School (X703)
Brooklyn Charter School (K701)
Broome Street Academy Charter High
School (M522)
Community Partnership Charter School
DREAM Charter School (M382)
Fahari Academy Charter School (K726)
Family Life Academy Charter School
Harlem Day Charter School
Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter
School (M478)
Lefferts Gardens Charter School (K796)
Renaissance Charter Schools
ROADS Charter Schools
UFT Charter School (K359)
New York City Department
of Education Networks & Offices
Children’s First Network 107
Children’s First Network 109
Children’s First Network 203
Children’s First Network 205
Children’s First Network 406
Children’s First Network 412
Office of New Schools
Students in Temporary Housing—
Urban Assembly Schools
Schools Outside New York City
Arlington Central School District Long Branch School District
Nyack Middle School
Poughkeepsie Day School
Red Hook Central School District
Roosevelt Children’s Academy
Private Schools
ACE Preschool
Columbia Prep School
Harry Gordon School
Little Red School House and
Elisabeth Irwin High School
Luria Academy of Brooklyn
Nightingale-Bamford School
Rebecca School
Sephardic Academy of Manhattan
Small Wonder Preschool
St. David’s School
Trinity School
William O’Connor School
Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan
Yeshivat Darche Eres
Colleges & Universities
Bank Street College of Education
CUNY Creative Arts Team
Fordham University
Hebrew Union College
Liberty Partnership Program LaGuardia
Community College
Liberty Partnership Program Medger
Evers College
Liberty Partnership Program Rockland
Community College
Mount Saint Mary’s College
St. John’s University
New York City Organizations &
14th Street YM/YWHA
92nd Street Y
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After School All Stars
Ali Forney Drop-In Center
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Catholic Charities Neighborhood Services
Chess in the Schools
Child Center of New York
Children’s Aid Society
Chinese-American Planning Council
City Parks Foundation
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Cypress Hill Development Corporation
Directions for Our Youth
East Side House
Emerge and See
Friends of Israel Scouts
Girls, Inc.
Go Project
Good Shepherd Services
Grand Street Settlement
Harlem Children’s Zone
Harlem Educational Activities Fund
Harlem RBI
Hebrew Educational Society
Henry Street Settlement
Hetrick-Martin Institute
Hip Hop 4 Life
Homes for the Homeless
I Have a Dream Foundation
Jacob Riis Neighborhood
Settlement House
JCC of Manhattan
JCC Staten Island
JCH Bensonhurst
Jerome M. Goldsmith Center for
Adolescent Treatment
Kennedy Child Study Center
Kids Orbit-Park Slope Day Camp
Kings Bay YM/YWHA
Maspeth Town Hall
Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center
Mosholu Montefiore Community Center
Mt. Sinai—Department of Psychiatry &
Community Medicine
New Alternatives for Children
New Settlement
NYC Department of Youth and Community
Phipps Community Development Center
Police Athletic League
Project Hospitality
QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism
Queens Community House
Red Hook Initiative
Row NY
Safe Space
Samuel Field YM/YWHA
SCO Family of Services
Shield Institute
South Asian Youth Action (SAYA)
South Queens Boys and Girls Club
Southern Queens Parks Association
Sports and Arts in School Foundation
TASC (The After-School Corporation)
Teen Pact
The Door
UCP (United Cerebral Palsy)
Union Settlement Association
United Way of New York City
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Outside New York City
6 Points Sports Academy
Astor Services for Children and Families
Black Girls Rock! Inc.
Camp Bravehearts
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Camp Gesher
Camp Oakhurst
Citizen Schools Newark
Eleanor Roosevelt Center
Family Services of Westchester
Gate Hill Day Camp
JCC on the Hudson
JCC Mid-Westchester
Mid Island Y JCC
Rosenthal JCC of Northern Westchester
Round Lake Camp
Young Rhinebeck
Shorefront YM-YWHA
Surprise Lake Camp
Suffolk YM/YWHA
Westchester Reform Temple
In 2012, Ramapo’s annual budget of $5.4 million was met with the help of 1,485 gifts from 1,078 generous
contributors. We wish to thank the following foundations, family foundations, corporations and individuals
for their support of Ramapo for Children from November 1, 2011 to October 31, 2012. We would also like
to thank those supporters who gave to us anonymously last year, as well as those individuals who chose to
remember Ramapo through gifts to UJA-Federation of New York and the United Way. If you would like to
make a gift, please contact us at 845.876.8409 or visit www.ramapoforchildren.org.
The Cameron & Jane Baird Foundation
The David & Minnie Berk Foundation
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Bloomberg Philanthropies
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J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation
The Dyson Foundation
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Humanitarian Trust
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The Kupferberg Foundation
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Philip Cohen & Rebecca Kramnick
Stan Cohen & Sue Ducat
Barbara & Bertram J. Cohn
Tabitha Collins
Margaret Cooley
Charlotte & Sheldon Cooper
Stanley & Rosalyn Cooper
Jessica Copquin
Frank A. & Monique A. Cordasco
Carol Countryman
Amanda Cox, MD
Brahm & Dana Cramer
Cathy Cramer
Neil & Elissa Crespi
Andrea Crowell
Toni Crowell
Patricia Cruz
Kelly Cullen
Jeffrey Cykiert
Rachel Cykiert
Jordan Dale
Mr. Robert David
Fred & Margo Day
Bob & Kathy Dean
Thomas Decker
Jonathan A. DeCristofaro
Emme & Jonathan Deland
Danielle DeRohan
Albert, Melissa & Benjamin Dethlefsen
Sally & Manuel de Vengoechea
Kay DeWitt
Eric Diamond
Hadley Diest
Barbara DiStasio
John (Ginz) DiStasio
Joseph DiStasio
Steven DiStasio
Andy Donchin
Alan ‡ & Marjorie Doniger
The Donnelley Family
Katherine Y. Downes
Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Druker
Alex Dubin & Lindsey Stone
Susan & James Dubin
Janet & Daniel Duffy
Judy Dulberg
Vivian R. Dulberg
Steve & Dawn Durning-Hammond
Aurore M. Eaton
Matt Ecker
Mr. Robert V. Edgar &
Mrs. Sarah S. Osborne Edgar
Katherine Edgell & Henry Coleman
Susan Edinger & Thomas Davanzo
Anne Ehresman
Leigh Eisenberg
Alice & David Elgart
Martin Elias
Jacqueline Elkayam
Charles & Nel Ellwein
Larry Elsner & Benita Rubinett
Deborah Engel & David Goldstein
Nancy Englander & David Ruben
Laura Engler
Brant Englestein
Peter Entin & Barbara Janowitz
Andrew Epstein
Luise Erdmann
Tom & Sally Estes
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Evarts, Jr.
Bruce & Cindy Fabrikant
Ilana Fardjad
Eric & Amy Federman
Barbara Feibelman & Ken Orenstein
Valerie Feigen & Steven Eisman
Esther Fein & David Remnick
Andrew & Mindy Feldman
Sheldon Feldman & Gayle Saunders
Antonia Fenn
Alan & Lois Fields
Ian & Chelsey Fields
Michael Fineman
Bob & Arline Fireman
Orah Fireman & Andrew Schiavoni
Barry & Marti Fischer
Julie & Richard Fischer
Daniel & Tessa Fisher
Joel Fisher & Lisa Denning
Anita Fishman
Amy Gant Fitzgerald
Michelle Fletcher
Lawrence & Megan Foley
John Forsythe
Alexandra Fox
Robert Frank
Daniel Franklin
Herbert & Judith Freedman
Karen Freedman & Roger Weisberg
Nina Freedman & Michael Rosenbaum
Michele Friedman
Ruth Fishman Friedman
Sam Friedman & Laurie Stein
Molly Friedrich
Daniel & Rosele Frishwasser
Alan R. Fruitman
A.J. Fulgado
Ariel Fund
Benjamin Fund & Kaitlin Daly
John L. & Hope Furth
Cathryn Galanter & Jim Rosenfeld
Joseph Gallagher
Ronald & Frada Galler
J.C. Galvez & Family
Jamie Gangel & Daniel Silva
Phyllis Gangel-Jacob & Bernard Jacob
Harold Ganz
Jill Gapper
Samantha Garbus
Sandra Garni
Johanna Garsenstein
Robert & Gail Gaynes
Ralph & Diane Genetti
William Gerhardt
Warren & Marion Gilbert
Rhoda M. Gilinsky
Katherine Gilmour
Nancy & Richard Ginsburg
Scott Gitlin
Raymond & Matiana Glass
Norman J. Glassel
Carol Glickenhaus
Kate Glynn
Elizabeth Goddard
David E. Golan, Laura C. Green &
Liza Green-Golan
Mark Goldberg
Michael Goldberg
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Goldberger
Jay Goldman
Martin & Marian Goldman
Alfred & Jeannette Goldreyer
Susan Goldsmith
Bruce Goldstein & Jacqueline Gutmann
Douglas Goodman
Lawrence & Andrea Goodman
Pearl Goodman
Raymond & Susan Goodmon
Arlene R. Gordon
Ellen R. Gordon
Liz Gordon
Zak & Wendy Gordon
James & Penny Gorman
Miranda Greear
Rona G. Green
Hank Greenberg
Laurie Greenberg
George Greenslade &
Sunghee Ko-Greenslade
Shara Greenspan
Jennifer & Bud Gruenberg
William Gruhler
Daniel B. Gubits
Jane & Randy Guggenheimer
The Haggertys
Martin & Lynn Halbfinger
Carol & Peter Halfon
Lauren & Jon Halpern
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Halpert
Miles Hammond
Elissa Harel & Aidan Ryan
Brooke Harris
Paula Harrison
Alan & Kim Hartman
Tina M. Harvey
Avital Havusha
Beth Hayden
Susan H. Hecht
Andrew D. Heineman
Ben & Rebecca Heller
James & Pamela Heller
Nancy Heller & Roger Lob
Susie Heller
Brett Henley
Leon Henry
Jill Herman
Jon Hershberg
Christy Hickey
Janet Hicks & Brooks Gleason
Harriette Hirsch
Liz Levitt Hirsch
Stephen Hirschhorn & Linda Polsky
Harry & Maida Hirschkorn
Phil & Nancy Hirschkorn
Renee Hock
Beth & Jason Hoff
Burt & Judy Hoffman
Carly Hoffman
Kate Hecht Hofling
Betsey Holtzmann
Dale & Jane Honeycutt
Kenneth & Marilynn Hopman
Mrs. Patricia Horoschak
Carin Horowitz
Teri & John Horowitz
Elizabeth Horton & Jim Silbert
Mr. & Mrs. James Houghton
Jennifer Hu
Annie Huggins & Andy Rex
Kimberly Hurley
Elaine & Paul Huszar
Tracey & Thomas Hynes
George & Ronnie Igel
Elihu & Harriet Inselbuch
Evelyn & Sidney Insoft
Jill & Ken Iscol
Nicole Israel
Julia Issembert
Nicole Issembert
Pat & John Jacco
Tamara Jachimowicz
Pat Jackson
The Jacquand Family
Glenda & Gerald Jaffe
Lynn James
Paul & Agnes Jamieson
Stewart & Marjorie Johnson
Alison Bellino Johnston
Miles & Judy Josephson
Jude Jussim & Roger Baker
Jack Kamerman
Ian Kampfer
Jed Kanner
Aaron Kantoff
Alan I. Kaplan
Laura Kaplan
Joe Karpowicz
Lori & Marc Kasowitz
Gary & Shelley Katz
Glenn & Sharon Kaufman
Edith Keck
Emily Keller
Jim Keller & Mary Ellen Hoy
Lauralee B. Kelly
Mary Kelly
Scott & Laurel Kemp
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Kemp
John & Carol Kennedy
Jordan & Amy Kerker
Rebecca Tamel Kettler
Mr. & Mrs. Victor K. Kiam III
Dana Kiesel
Jeff Kiley
Richard W. & Athena Kimball
Elizabeth Kirchhoff
Joseph & Andrea Kirchhoff
Laura Kirk
Monika Kirtland
Dr. Morton Kissen
Bill Klein
Rachel Klein
Mrs. Bernard Klingenstein
Amy Knight
Patricia Kogan
Alan Konecky
Marilyn Kopp
Bernie & Susan Kosberg
Larry Krantz & Joyce Barber
Jesse & Maris Krasnow
Alan Kreps
Louise Krieger
Ivan & Miral Kruh
Stephen & Carol Kruh
Mrs. Marianna Kuhn
Edward ‡ & Esther Kunin
Howard Kunin
Jennifer Kunin & Sid Reitzfeld
Ken Kunin & Beth Stickney
Mike Kunin
JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers
Lillian Kurtz
Steven M.S. Kurtz, Ph.D. &
Bonnie Schwarcz Kurtz
Louise W. Lamphere
Jimmy & Sheri Langel
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lansing
Tori Larson
Matthew G. Lasner
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Lauber
Peter & Beth Layne
Ruth Lazarus & Michael Feldberg
Allison & Erik Leaver
Shelley & Jay LeBoff
Cathy Leddy Codner
Julie & Paul Leff
Brooke Lerner
Marnee M. Lerums
Ellis & Seth Lesser
Joseph ‡ & Arlyne Lesser
Mrs. Mary Leventhal
Alice N. Levin
Judi & Serle Levin
Peter Levin
Emily Levine
Kenneth & Sharon Levitsky
Charles Levy & Alison Baxt
Mr. Harold Levy
Joshua Levy
Nadine & Peter Levy
Merrill Lewen
Brian Lewis
Carolyn H. Lewis
Judith Hatchfield Lewis
Penelope Lewis
Renee Lewis
Warner Lewis & Ari Harkov
Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Lichstein
Zander & Morina Lichstein
Aaron Lieberman
Evelyn Lieberman
Lauren Lieberman
Neil & Leslie Lilien
David & Elizabeth Lipman
Harry Lipman & Julie Roth
Jonathan & Holly Lipton
David & Maggie Lissy
Vivien Liu
The Lloyd-Thomas Family
Mr. Daniel Lobo-Berg
Joanne Loeb & Leonard Malter
Beth & Yossi Lonkri
Barbara Lovenheim
Dr. Frank Lowy
Kai Lui
Suzanne Lunn
Andrew Lustgarten
Alan & Jan Luxenberg
Annie Lydgate
Lucia Macro
Lori Madrid
Tara Maltby
Virginia Maltese
Jennifer & Alex Mamlet
Mancebo/Saucier Family
Emily Mandelstam
Eric & Paulette Mann
Howie Mann
Marcy Mann & Chip Squire
Barbara Manocherian
Howard & Ann Marcus
Judi Markowitz
Clifford Marks
Harlene & Clifford Marks
Luz Marquez
Hollie J. Marron
William D. & Maureen M. Martin
Frank & Terry Martini
Rina Maschler
Barbara Massey
Bess Massey
Charlie & Stella Massimo
Garrett Matsunaga
Leni May
Regina & Rick Mayell
Daniel Mayer
Michael & Elizabeth Mayers
Carolyn Mayo-Winham
Andy & Nikki Mayshar
Lowell & Susan (Pancost) ‡ McAdam
Toby & Jane McAfee
Clare McCarthy
Ann & John McChord
Lynnette & Kevin McCollum
Mary McKay & Jan Philip Browne
Steve & Eva McKendrick
Mary Anne McKernan
Patricia McTeague
Jeffrey Melcer
Claude Mellins & Michael Conard
Sue & Bob ‡ Mellins
Maggie Mello
Paul Mendelsohn
Randi Menkes
Jordan & Evonne Meranus
Mr. & Mrs. Deusdedi Merced
Ellen & Lee Metzendorf
Dorothy Meyer
Jo Frances & John Meyer
Charles Miles
Donna Miller
Skip & Gail Millison
Kathleen & Frank Minardi
Donna Miness
Linda Saxl Minton & Tim Minton
Maxine Mintzer & Gary Levine
Edwin & Suzanne Miska
Dan & Donita Mitchell
Peter & Denise Mitchell
James & Alice Modlin
Meghan C. Monahan
The Moore Family
Michael & Amy Moorin
Dianne Morales
Kathleen Morio
Richard Mormile
Ann Morrill
Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Moser
Mostow-Bowen Family
Anna M. & Robert L. Moulton
Mr. & Mrs. Shaye Mozes
MaryAlice & Webster Mudge
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mullen
John & Deborah Muller
Thomas Murray
Lorig Mushegain
Bart Nachimow
Frederic & Frances Nathan
Sue Nathanson
Bill & Elisabeth Nayor
Nancy, Daniel & Michael Neff
Mona & Tony Nehme
Karen Nelson & Daniel Greenberg
William Neuman
Mark & Laura Newfield
Jeffrey Newhouse
Noel & Nancy Newman
Alexandra Nicklas
Lisa Nicotra & Lenora Sealey
Robert & Virginia Noga
Dawn Nonn
Renie & Rich Noring
Mary Novacek
Suzanne Novik
Tara Nussbaum & Alan Greene
John & Sue O’Banion
Michael O’Sullivan
Caren & Steven Oberstein
Regis Obijiski
Jane & Daniel Och
Gene Ogman & Ariane Brandt
Robert & Stacy Olyha
Jacob Oppenheimer
Matthew W. Orenstein
Carlos & Shawn Ortiz
Richard Ortiz
Ellen Oshins & Mary Lou Impellezeri
Jane L. Overman
Lillie Pak & Daniel Levy
Debbie Palmer
The Papageorge Family
Joey Parnes & Ellen Tattelman
Sidney Paul
Barbara Paxton
Pelletier Family
Jeanette Pena
Arnold S. Penner
Julie & Josh Penzner
Tara Peris
Bob & Donna Peskin
Nancy & David Petersen
Julio Peterson
Donald & Jennifer Pexton
William & Kimberly Phelps
Drs. Bart & Michelle Pillen
Toby Platt & Susan Weltman
Jessica & Greg Pliska
Amanda Polzin
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Potter
Dr. Andrew Powell &
Ms. Mia Klinger-Powell
Ellen Powell
Barbara Puccia
Robert & Sheila Puopolo
Joshua Quick
Pam & Jeff Rabin
Stephen & Barbara Raffel
Rebecca Raik
Christine Ransley
John E. Raskin
Lata Reddy
Joan Ress Reeves
Nonie & Rink Reynders
Tom & Victoria Reynolds
Pamela Rhode
Helen & Mark Rice
Mrs. Jean L. Rich
Craig Riedell
Mr. Edward M. Rimland &
Dr. Lauren M. Rimland
Elias & Rosalind Rimland
Edythe Rishin
Pamela W. Ritter
Wendy Rivers
Richard & Enid Rizzo
Karen & Thomas Robards
Edwin & Bella Rodriguez
William D. Rogers
Alana Rogol
Sandrine Rol
Paul Rorbah
Emily Rosen Reilley
Cara Rosenbaum
Nanette Rosenbaum
Francine Halfon Rosenberg
Jonathan Rosenberg
Michael Rosenberg
Mrs. Nanette Rosenberg
Neal H. Rosenberg, Esq.
Robert A. Rosenberg, Esq.
Faith Rosenfeld
Fran & Eric Rosenfeld
Richard, Stacy & Max Rosenthal
Ruth Rosenthal
Marcia & Irving Rosenzweig
Adam Ross
David & Allison Ross
Deni Ross
James Ross
Paul & Nancy Ross
Stuart Ross
Samuel Rothenberg
Herb & Marie Rothschild
Cynthia & Jerry Rothstein
Rick Routhier & Sarah Kahn
Harold Rubin
Fiona & Eric Rudin
Marty & Kirsten Ruglis
W. Henry Russell M.D.
Sarah Ryan & Robert Wieman
Evelyn L. & Jeffrey S. Sabin
Cathy E. Sacks
David Sailer
Senator Steve & Linda Saland
Ed & Norma Salem
Lisa Salvi
Flora Sanders
Kate Sanzenbacher
Saturno Family
Ginger & Bob Sauer
Douglas Sawyer & Deborah Herrington
Ellen R. Saxl
Stephen Saxl & Alice Naude
Jeffrey A. Scales
Katherine Locker Scharlatt &
Nick Scharlatt
Mrs. Victoria Schiavoni
Abigail E. Schine
Janet Schliff
Amy & Bruce Schneider
Susan B. Schoellkopf
Emily Schorr
Rachel Schorr
Raymond V. J. & Jean A. Schrag
Rebecca D.A. Schrag
Jodi J. Schwartz
Martha & David Schwartz
Cassandra Seals
Corey Searles
Ellen Seely & Jonathan Strongin
Peter Seltzer
Madeline Serena
Hazel Shanken
John Shapiro & Shonni Silverberg
Lawrence Shapiro
Paulette Sheard
Ray & Angela Sheen
Deborah Shefrin
Darren Sherman
Elizabeth M. Sherwood
Mr. & Mrs. William Shirley
James Shollenberger
David & Linda Sicher
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Sicher
David Sicular & Lilian Stern
Herbert & Sydell Siegel
Randy & Lisa Siegel
Donald & Peter Sileo
Julie Silver
Shera & Ted Silver
Amy & Mark Silverman
Dr. Samuel & Gail Simon
Beatrice Simpson
John & Alexandra Simpson
Alison & Daniel Singer
David & Catherine Skinner
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Slater
Dr. Nancy Speert Slater
Audrey & Brian Smith
Deborah & Scott Smith
Lisa Smith
Sarah Smullin
Thomas G. Snow & Karen B. Meriwether
Emily Snyder
Joan Lasker Sobel
Jeremy Sollinger
Andrew Solomon
Frank & Esther Solomon
Margie Solovay & Rob Friedman
Elizabeth Speert
Peter K. Speert
Beth Sperber
David & Barbara Spizzirro
Jeffrey & Gail Stadler
Lee Stahl & Toby Maranga
Cynthia & David Stark
Gary & Linda Stark
Theresa M. Stark
Heather Stefek
Patricia & Paul Stefek
Joan Stein
George & Marilyn Steinberg
Anita Stepanowski
John Stepanowski
Betsy & Wally Stern
Benjamin Stillman
Christopher & Amy Stokes
Jeanne Storm
Mrs. Marcia Strean
Clare Levy Strom
Lisa C. Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Jane Witkin Summer
H. Eugene Swantz, Jr.
Nancy Swartz
Daniel Swee
Darius & Theresa Sweet
Mr. Peter Szwed
Lisa & Josh Tane
David & Peggy Tanner
Blair Tapper & Justin Santino
Dori & Stuart Tapper
Liora Tarlowe
Barbara Tarmy & Gary Fradin
Rosalyn Tauber
Susie & Graham Taylor
Lisa & David Tazartes
Buddy Teich
Victoria & Alan Templeton
Bob & Joan Terwilliger
Kelly Thomas
Joshua Thomases
Cindy Thompson
Karen Thompson
Mr. Daniel Tiano
Nessim & Sarah Tiano
Mr. & Mrs. James Tisch
Rabbi Robert & Mrs. Lisa Tobin
Douglas Todd
Russell & Naomi Torrisi
Virginia E. Touhey
Maria T. Train
Lisa Traina
Charles Traver
Helen M. Traver
Julia Travers
Leonard A. Tureff
Alexandra Urdang
Illiana Kerckerinck Van Meeteren
Dr. Peggy van Raalte
Tina Varghese
Shashi Verma
Paula Vincitore
David & Sue Viniar
Robert & Jennifer Vogliano
Elizabeth Wachs
Tom Wai-Shek
Karen Hirschkorn Walker
Daniel Walsh & Melissa Dixon
Stacey & Jeffrey Weber
Marian Weinberg
Charles & Lynn Weiner
Allen & Harriet Weingast
Marla Weinhoff
Andrew Weinstein
Boyd Weinstein
Andrew R. Weintraub
Mrs. Lois G. Weintraub
Melissa & Brian Weis
Danielle Weisfeld
Adam & Sarah Weiss
Jane & Bob Weiss
Lois & Michael Weiss
Dr. Richard Weiss
Drs. Stephen & Eileen Weiss
Terry Weitzen
Stacey White
The Whitehouse Family
Arthur Whitman
Patricia Whitney—Flowered Rock Farm
Louise Wides
Fred & Karen Wigdor
Gray & Marian Williams
Kathleen Winitt
Kenneth I. Wirfel & June Eichbaum
Bill & Joan Witkin
Ed Witkin—Carrboro Solar Works, LLC
Peter Witkin
David & Valerie Woessner
Elia Wolberger
Amy & Tom Wolf
Marilea A. Wolf
Bruce & Liz Wolfe
Deane B. Wolfe
Mark Wolodarsky
Amanda Wood
Elizabeth Wood
Michael & Elizabeth Wright
Darrell Wright
Janice Xuereb
Jonathan & Holly Youngwood
Anne E. Zaccaro
Dale & Rafael Zaklad
Yaron & Yael Zakut
Barbara & David Zalaznick
Joan & Thad Zaremba
The Zeff Family
Cheryl Zeitz
Claudia Zeldin
Allegra Zemel
Lawrence & Carol Zicklin
Anne-Marie Ziegler
Michael & Barbara Zimmerman
Susan Zimmermann
Linda, David & Justin Zisk
Janet Zobel
David J. Zumpano
1972 Campers & Counselors
Kate Angelo
Marlene Rivera Baumgardt
Steven Beckman
Jennifer Buri da Cunha *
David Carmel
Jason Carmel
Jonathan Carmel
Lori Chajet *
Taylor Couch & Shawn Reming
The Countryman Family
Bob Dean *
Madeline & Eli Decker *
John DeCola
John DiStasio
Kevin J. Estes
Max Feldman
Josh & Kara Freedman
Ilana Friedman
Sam Friedman
Frada & Ron Galler
Van Ranen Giffin *
Kate Glynn
Caroline, Madeline & Charlie Goldberg
Rebecca Goldstein
Gustavo Gonzalez
Greg Graham
Laurie Greenberg *
Danny Gubits & Sarah Hillegass
Hardworking Counselors *
Elissa Harel & Aidan Ryan
Susie Heller *
Susan Heming Hecht
Stephen Hermanos
Teri Horowitz
Lawrence Johnson
Callie Kaplan
Frank Karelsen
Dylan Katz
Emily Keller
Laurel & Scott Kemp
Joe & Andrea Kirchhoff
Tim Kirtland *
Gregory Klebnikov
Bernie Kosberg
Dr. Ivan Kruh
Esther Kunin *
Mike Kunin *
Bonnie & Steven Kurtz
Ethan, Jane & Scott Leff
Julie & Paul Leff *
Ellis Lesser
Rachel Lissy
Joshua Magat *
Roger Mahieu
Arielle Mann
Mark & Molly
Elizabeth Martini *
Claude Mellins *
Paul Mendelsohn *
Kayla Miroff-Wood
John & Whitney Morrill
Arthur Murphy
Nancy Neff *
Nancy Newman
Tate Nielsen
Tim O’Mara & Kate Bushmann O’Mara
Dr. Paul Offit
Joey Parnes & Ellen Tattelman
Mr. & Mrs. Julio Peterson *
Stacie Pirozzi & Mike Swartz
David A. Rich
The Rimland Family *
Edythe Rishin *
Ali Sharif Robinson
Helen Rosen
Cara Rosenbaum
Michael Rosenbaum & Nina Freedman *
Robert Rosenberg *
Richard, Stacy & Max Rosenthal *
David Ross *
Harrison, Sydney & Samantha Rusie
Dr. Ellen Saxl *
Leslie & Joseph Saxl
Rebecca Schrag *
Oscar Segal
Alexander Shirley
‡ Deceased
Nicholas & Lily Silva
Adam J. Silverman
Ginger Speicher
Sam Stempel *
Breanne Straube
Joshua Streiner
Lisa Tazartes
Karen & Christy Thompson
Charlie Touhey’s Counselors
Katti Wachs
James Walker, Jr. *
Karen Hirschkorn Walker
Valerie Walker *
Michael Weiss *
Kathleen Winitt
William I. Witkin *
Brian Wood
Board of
Joseph T. Kirchhoff
Director of Ramapo Training
Vice President
Julie Abrams Leff
Lisa Tazartes
Cynthia Beale
Jackie Poser Bitterman
Phoebe Cissell
Ruth & Sam DeDio
Robert John DiStasio, Sr.
Alan Doniger
Ann Ecker
Hanni Edinger
Nettie Feinberg
Fran & Nat Fireman
Susanna Linda Gordon Goldman
Florence Goldstein
Mobley Grayson
Ruth Gubits
William B. Heller *
Ursula Karelsen
Miriam Katz
Elijah Dar Kruh
Edward Kunin *
Joseph Lesser
Lisa Levi
Virgil & Jeanette Macro
Lore Mendelsohn *
Leonora Messer
Walter Morio
Paul Newman
Arthur Palmiotti *
Richard Pasternak
Helen Rosen
Beatrice Schultz
Jeffrey Silver
Jessie Silver
Lil Slonim
Asa Smith
Doris Smith
Hilda Sorondo
Theodore G. Sourlis
Glenn Stempel *
Joyce Stempel
Dr. Herb Strean *
David Suitovsky
Barbara Brehm Swantz
Bob & Jean Thomases
Hanalie & Marvin Tishkoff
Alex Weinblatt
Ann & Moses Weiss
Dorothy Wright
Deusdedi Merced, Esq.
Ellis Rosen Lesser
Steven Beckman
Ann E. Carmel
Jonathan W. Carmel
Richard Rosenthal
Marc Carter
Lori Chajet, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
First Vice President
John DiStasio
Adam Weiss
Teri Goldberg Horowitz
Nina P. Freedman
Vice President
Claude Ann Mellins, Ph.D.
Bob Dean
David Ross
Laurie Greenberg
Susan K. Heller
Director of Rhinebeck Campus
Mike Kunin
Aaron O.L. Lieberman
Chief Financial and
Administration Officer
Paul Mendelsohn
Bruce Kuziola
Nancy Fuld Neff
Richard Ortiz
Director of External Affairs
Elissa Harel
Joey Parnes
Julio Peterson
Lauren Rimland
Director of Staff Assistant
Jennifer Buri da Cunha
Michael Rosenbaum
Ellen Rogers Saxl, Ed.D.
Rebecca D.A. Schrag, Ph.D.
Adam Weiss
William I. Witkin
Amy Nye Wolf
Director of Annual Giving
Jennie Stokum
Director of Operations,
Rhinebeck Campus
Scott Kemp
Honorary Board Members
Susan Heming Hecht
Frank E. Karelsen III
William D. Rogers
Sam Stempel
If we have accidentally omitted
your name, please accept our sincerest
apologies, and please let us know.
Ramapo for Children gratefully
acknowledges Susan Huyser
as the designer of our Annual Report.
We would also like to thank
Barbara Lovenheim and her Charitable
Trust for providing underwriting
support for this project.
ultiple gifts received in honor/memory
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