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One of my favorite quotes is from Margaret Mead who said,
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed
citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that
ever has.” I have always believed in the power of ordinary
people to do extraordinary things. And nowhere is this more
true than here at A Child’s Place.
Just 21 years ago, some ladies who worked in uptown
Charlotte noticed children playing in a cemetery when they
should have been in school. When asked why they weren’t
in school, the children told the ladies they weren’t allowed
to go to school because they were homeless - they lived
in the shelter. Appalled, these ladies got to work to ensure
that homeless children could receive the education they
deserved. They asked the school system for a teacher and
First Presbyterian Church for a Sunday School classroom and
A Child’s Place was born as a one-room school for homeless
children in Charlotte.
Another one of my favorite quotes is: “I always used to say,
‘Somebody should do something about that.’ Then I realized,
I am Somebody.” (Lily Tomlin) I am so glad the founders of A
Child’s Place realized they were Somebody. I don’t know these
women personally. (I wish I did because I sure owe them a debt
of gratitude!) I’ll bet they were busy women. I know they had
jobs. I imagine they had families and I am guessing they had
lots to do. Yet, they carved out the time and energy to start A
Child’s Place. I am sure it wasn’t easy work. I know they didn’t
do it alone. I can just see them encouraging others to help:
each person doing their part, what little each could do and
collectively they created a place for homeless children when
they had none. Had they waited on Somebody else to do it, A
Child’s Place would not exist today.
When I joined A Child’s Place 5 years ago, there were 2,208
identified homeless children in Charlotte-Mecklenburg
winter 2011
a letter from the executive director
Schools. Now, the number of identified homeless children
in Charlotte has grown 213% to 4,711. Fortunately, through
the support and generosity of our community and the work
of a passionate board and staff, A Child’s Place has been
able to serve 2,355 children - a 491% increase from the 480
served 5 years ago. I am very proud of the fact that we are
serving more children, but
I am even more concerned
about the 2,356 children who
“I always used to say,
were not served.
‘Somebody should do
something about that.’
Then I realized, I am
We need more Somebodies
to help us reach the rest
of the identified homeless
children in our community.
- Lily Tomlin
We need Somebody to
serve as a lunch buddy or
tutor for a specific child. We
need Somebody to sponsor
a family for the holidays. We need Somebody to collect
uniforms, snacks, toiletry items and school supplies. We need
Somebody to advocate for our children’s rights and needs.
We need Somebody to pray for our children. We need
Somebody to donate funds so we can continue to provide
services and summer camp to even more children.
I believe you are Somebody. I believe we all are Somebody. We
are ordinary people with the power to do extraordinary things.
And together, as thoughtful, committed citizens, we can indeed
change the world for Charlotte’s homeless children.
– Annabelle Suddreth
holiday sponsorship
It’s that time of the year again! Thanksgiving and Holiday
Sponsorship sign up is now available on our website,
This opportunity means making the season bright for
ACP client families. Sponsor a family for Thanksgiving and
provide a grocery store gift card for them to use to buy
the ingredients for their own special Thanksgiving Meal.
Maybe even add a recipe of your own to add a special
personal touch.
Sponsor a family for the Winter holiday and provide gifts,
clothes and a grocery store gift card for our client children
to open up during a holiday where they normally would
go without.
You can make a difference and a happy holiday for the
homeless children in Charlotte. Please visit the website for
more information. Each donation, however big or small,
helps to make this time of year happy for our client families.
school supplies
Our children were in need, we asked, and you delivered!
Thanks to all of our community partners and individual
donors ACP client children started the school year off
right. With a new book bag filled with school supplies on
their backs, a new uniform to fit in with their peers, and
confidence knowing that A Child’s Place and the community
were supporting them.
Unfortunately, many of our client children have to grow
up too fast and have worries that most adults have never
dealt with. The simple gesture of new supplies and clothes
for schools relieves their mind of one more worry. The
community has continuously stepped up to the challenge
whenever ACP has had a need. Our thanks cannot be said
enough, so let us tell you thank you in the words of one of
our client children: “ Thank for my new book bag, school
supplies and uniform. When I opened my book bag I found
it had everything I could ever need.” – David.
UWCC Uniforms Donation – Thank you to the United Way of Central
Carolinas and Belk for their donation of 1,000 new school uniforms for
A Child’s Place client children!
A Swine Evening 2012 will be on June 2, 2012 at the Renaissance
Charlotte Suites Hotel, 2800 Coliseum Center Drive in Charlotte.
a child’s
A Child’s Place of Charlotte began in 1989 as a
one room school for homeless children, teaching
kindergarten through the sixth grade. Today,
homeless children are mainstreamed and our
social work staff works in Charlotte-Mecklenburg
public elementary and middle schools in povertystricken areas. We also consult and provide referral
services for every school within our community
where homeless children are enrolled. Volunteers,
in-kind donations and links to existing community
resources extend A Child’s Place staff’s reach.
A Child’s Place provides services in four key areas:
student support
ensures homeless
students’ physical, social
and emotional needs are
met so they are in the
classroom and able to
focus on their lessons.
academic support
promotes a stable
and positive school
environment and addresses
homeless students’
educational gaps.
parent education
and support responds
to the unique needs of
homeless students and
families and assists parents’
efforts to identify and
address the root causes of
their housing crisis.
my place summer day
camp provides qualified adult
supervision and an academic
bridge for homeless students
too young to stay alone
during the summer break.
acp staff
My Place means to me love, fun and success because my place
cares about us. When volunteers come out and help us with field day, book
bags, swim suits and carnivals. Mr. Patrick taught us a new rule to treat
people the way you want to be treated. When readers come out to read to
us they teach us about safety, friendship and respect. I want to thank all of
the staff, volunteers, teachers and coaches. I am going to miss
my place summer camp. – My Place Camper
achildsplace.org gets a makeover
Due to the increase in homeless students this
year, A Child’s Place is growing and expanding
and we want to make you a part of it! Please join
us in celebrating our new official webpage at
www.achildsplace.org. We have been working
to make the website more accessible and
informative to our donors, future donors and
clients. Please take the time to peruse the site
and follow the easy sign up for our e-newsletter,
to volunteer, to sponsor a family for thanksgiving
or the holidays, or even fill out an information
request if the information you are looking for is
not on the site.
Thank you and Enjoy!
Annabelle Suddreth
Executive Director
Jane Madison
Executive Assistant
Laurie Schwartz
Development Director
Aimee Brunton
Partnership Manager
Emily Arceneaux
Development Associate
Jessica Norwood
Development Associate
Jen Yoger
Development Associate
Kim Parker
Program Director
Heather Kilcoin
Program Manager
Katrina Griggs
Program Manager
Terry Tiamd
Assessment Specialist/
Mecklenburg County
Elizabeth Earles
Social Worker
Virginia Humphreys
Social Worker
Beth Jorgenson
Social Worker
Shonise Kennedy
Social Worker
Fondtrice McCormick
Social Worker
Kim Mitchell
Social Worker
Joy Montzka
Social Worker
Shurna Rabsatt
Social Worker
Tara Alexander
Student Advocate
City Side Management – This energetic bunch came
to our main office with school supplies, uniforms, book
bags and a check!! Thank you for your support, City
Side Management!
Judy Brooks
Student Advocate
Tieshia Pickett
Student Advocate
Ann Sherrill
Student Advocate
Judy Shorts
Student Advocate
Mecklenburg Community Church – A book
bag for every A Child’s Place student! Thank you
Mecklenburg Community Church for the book bag
donation at Druid Hills Elementary.
My Place Swimming Lessons – My Place Summer Day
Camp was able to offer 4 days of swimming lessons to
our client campers thanks to local nonprofit SwimMAC
and Johnson C. Smith University.
Ebony Wiggins
Student Advocate
Emily Yang
Student Advocate
Megan Zachary
Student Advocate
thank you!
nadia’s journey
board of directors
Nadia was a very shy, scared, withdrawn second grader last year. She
spent most of her time worrying about her mother instead of her
academics. She was worried that something would happen to take her
mom away or they would have to move again. She never felt safe in
school because of her transitional lifestyle.
As a camper at A Child’s Place My Place Summer Day Camp, Nadia
finally felt safe. The safety provided by camp allowed her to open up to
her peers and camp staff and actually enjoy her time away from home.
She began to excel in her education, especially math.
Now, at the beginning of her third grade school year, Nadia is a
leader in the classroom, exuding confidence. Not only does she enjoy
her experience at school with peers she can call friends, but is also
expressing her emotions more freely to school and ACP staff members.
Her teacher described her as “rockin “at math and highly energetic.
Because of her time and experience at My Place Summer Camp,
Nadia can now concentrate on what a nine-year-old should instead of
worrying about her mom. She can excel and grow in her academics
and friendships.
A struggle with most ACP client children is being able to express
emotions about their current living situation and how to explain their
needs. After feeling safe and supported by our ACP staff at My Place
and in her elementary school, Nadia can now vocalize her emotions and
troubles, which allows our staff to help correct them and ease her mind.
our misson:
a child’s place works to erase the impact of
homlessness on children and their education.
Jerry Castelloe | President
David Bodel | Vice-President
Steve Hershfield | Treasurer
Gina Hight Sheridan | Secretary
Natalie Brown
Sandi Buchanan
Andy Denton
Preeti Kundra Deshmukh
Julie Ferguson
Dr. Kimmery Fleischli
Keith Gargus
Tommy Graham
Gregg Huether
Amy Johnson
Saeed Moghadam
Natalie Pasquarella
Barb Pellin
Phillip Pounds
John A. Powell III
Mike Robinson
William T. “Bill” Ryans
Mujeeb Shah-Khan
Sheila Shirley
Tom Tate
Edwin Yarbrough
Annabelle Suddreth | Executive Director
Laurie Schwartz | Development Director
Emily Arceneaux | Reaching Out Editor
Maria Tranquillo | Newsletter design
LeadSource Marketing | Direct Mail Support
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thanks to our sponsors!
The 2011 A Swine Evening fundraiser was a great success –
raising $160,000 to help area homeless children! And it wouldn’t
have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors!
thanks to our donors and celebrities!
Our celebrity-autographed piggy banks at
A Swine Evening are auctioned along with
great trips, tickets, meals and more!
We’d like to thank these generous donors for
making that possible.
One last thank you…to our wonderful Event
Committee and volunteers whose long hours,
energy, creativity and commitment were so much
a part of our success!
With gratitude, The Board of Directors, staff and
client children of A Child’s Place
P.S. A Swine Evening 2012 will be on June 2nd at
the Renaissance Hotel. You can see more of the
piggy banks and photos from the 2011 event at
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