Fundraiser Gala Dinner The Moroccan Children’s Trust Welcomes you to our

The Moroccan Children’s Trust
Welcomes you to our
Fundraiser Gala Dinner
6pm, 2nd February 2013, Thistle City Barbican
A Warm Welcome
Ahlan wa sahlan!
We are delighted to welcome you to the Moroccan Children’s Trust’s
Annual Gala Dinner 2013.
Tonight we are celebrating our fourth anniversary since we began working in Morocco
and it is our pleasure to share such an important moment with you.
It is thanks to you that MCT can continue to run projects in partnership with Moroccan
NGO Group Maroc Horizons – projects that are transforming the community of
Taroudannt. Together we can brighten the future of some of
Morocco’s most vulnerable children.
On behalf of over 100 children at the Afaq Centre, we would like to thank you for all
your kind support. We hope that you enjoy the evening.
Social Work
Our team of three social workers at the Afaq Centre engages with street-connected
children and their families at the drop-in centre, in their family homes and on the streets of
Taroudannt. They also visit neighbourhoods at night where they can be available for crucial
interventions on the street. They offer practical and emotional support to children who
face challenges in their daily lives such as neglect and physical abuse and who encounter
obstacles in accessing healthcare and education. The social workers aim to build community
support for this group of stigmatised children through their links with local schools and
medical centres.
Beetroot Carpaccio & Feta Cheese Served With Mixed Salad Leaves and Toasted Pine Nuts
Salad of Hot Smoked Salmon With Dill Crème Fraîche and Toasted Brioche Bread
Grilled Halal Chicken Fillet With Mediterranean Couscous Served With
Potatoes, Leek and Plum Tomato
Pumpkin and Wild Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan Cookies
Lemon Tart with Raspberry Coulis and Clotted Cream
Over the past year the Moroccan Children’s Trust has continued its vital struggle to assist
children in obtaining formal identification papers. Without this documentation the children
have no guaranteed access to basic social services such as education, healthcare nor to
future employment. Between 2011 and 2012, the in-country social workers secured ID
papers for 16 children with 14 cases currently in progress.
In November the Ministry of
Education issued a directive
institutions in Taroudannt to
seek the help of the Afaq
Centre in sourcing papers
for unregistered children in
schools across the region. The
announcement reflects official
recognition of the quality of our
work and the pressing need to
address the issue.
MCT is now looking for ways to enlarge the project’s capacity in order to deal effectively
with the recent surge of cases since the Ministry’s announcement. We will carry out research
into the needs of the wider provincial population and expand our programme to reach as
many children as possible.
School Support & Preschool
The school support programme has continued to flourish this year, with 38 children
attending by the end of 2012 compared with just 28 in 2011.
The Afaq Centre offers a wide variety of educational activities to help children and teenagers
perform well at school. For many children, home is not a suitable environment in which to
study and so the centre provides an accessible and supportive place for children to learn.
The flexible programme is based on the students’ school schedules and allows children to
come with any concerns or requests for help. This enables our teachers to address the needs
of each individual directly.
The preschool class of 15 students has recently celebrated its first birthday with the
graduation of four young pupils into public primary school. This represents a huge success
in a country where most preschools are private and often too expensive for families with
whom we work. These children are therefore excluded from public education until they are
six years old, by which time they are at a serious disadvantage compared to their peers.
Shashoua Sports Centre
The Shashoua Sports Centre has continued
to deliver real change for the lives of streetconnected children in Taroudannt. It is
always bustling with activity and the shouts
of “GOAL” can often be heard from the
office on the second floor of the adjacent
drop-in centre!
There is a structured programme of daily
classes lead by a sports teacher that includes
activities like football, full contact martial arts
and Tagine-Tagine-Couscous (the Moroccan
version of Duck-Duck-Goose).
The pre-schoolers use the centre to play
and to discover sports for the first time. It
is also used by some of the mothers in the
women’s group to provide opportunities to
do such activities as aerobics and basketball.
It is a place for the entire team and the
children at Afaq Centre to come together for
celebrations and special activities.
MCT is developing plans to increase the
suitability of the facility as a sports centre by
installing washing facilities, locker rooms,
lighting system, and office and spectator
spaces. This proposal aims to meet the
needs of a regular daily programme with
boys and girls at the centre, including
improved hygienic conditions for the very
hot summer months.
The Women’s Project
Volunteer Project
Attended by 20 women since its inception in September 2011, the Women’s Project aims to
provide a safe space for women to share their daily problems and concerns as well as learn
from each other.
The Volunteer Project identifies and recruits international volunteers to spend a minimum
of two months in Taroudannt helping at the Afaq Centre. Over the past year we have
welcomed ten independent volunteers who have worked on a variety of projects depending
on their skills and interests.
The project was set up to enable the mothers of the children with whom we work to
address important issues that confront them and to look for solutions through participatory
group discussions that are led by one of our Moroccan social workers.
In 2012 the Women’s Project has continued to provide some of the most marginalised
women in Taroudannt with an environment in which they can find support and build
their confidence. Regular meetings have been running at the centre, as well as occasional
outings that allow women the opportunity to gain new life experiences, such as visiting
a swimming pool.
The group is currently developing an income-generating strand of the Women’s Project,
as the women have showed a keen interest in starting up a catering project to supply
breakfasts and lunches to office workers in the local area.
Recent highlights have included circus skills workshops with professional clowns, an art project
to paint a large mural on the centre’s terrace and a series of local football tournaments.
The Moroccan team is also supported by a number of local volunteers who generously
give up their time. This summer we hope to welcome a small group of these volunteers
to London to help strengthen cross-cultural understanding between the UK and Morocco.
As we move into 2013 an exciting new phase of the project is beginning. We are now
responsible for a large volunteer house in Taroudannt which can accommodate up to eight
volunteers at a time. The house has undergone extensive refurbishment and has already
welcomed its first occupant in the form of a new in-country volunteer coordinator.
We watch with anticipation as the house becomes a hub for future MCT volunteers in
Taroudannt. Al bayt baytak - my house is your house!
Two pieces of original calligraphy from Taliouine. The calligraphy is of proverbs written
in Tamazight (the Berber language) using saffron ink. They have been kindly donated by
award-winning Moroccan artist and poet Moulid Nid Ouissadan.
Selection of Three Small Boucherouite Bags
Ladies handbags made using the boucherouite technique of weaving together pieces of fabric
to create colourful and unique designs. The bags were produced by the Anmoon Women’s
Co-operative in Taroudannt which includes mothers of children attending the Afaq Centre.
Two bottles of wine kindly donated by Mr & Mrs Hands.
Deli hamper donated by Mr & Mrs Hands from the Deli-icious Deli in Nottingham and
includes a delicious selection of gourmet treats, conserves and relishes – all rounded off with
a bottle of full-bodied French Cahors wine.
Two tickets to see Complicite’s new show ‘Lion Boy’ about an 11 year old boy who can
speak to cats. With the help from a floating circus he goes on an adventure to Morocco in
order to save his kidnapped parents.
A voucher for any three computer games from Free Form Games in Ipswich
( which includes some exciting dinner party murder mystery games.
An exquisite beauty hamper including a Dr Haushka body care gift set, natural candles,
a Burt’s Bee’s gift set, essential oils and a complementary therapy gift voucher from the
Natural Medicine Centre in West Wickham.
Two magnetic therapy bracelets in beautiful purple and turquoise hues also donated by
the Natural Medicine Centre.
Signed children’s books by Brighton-based author Nicky Singer, who began her writing
career at 15 years old. Her first book ‘Feather Boy’ won the Blue Peter Children’s Book
Award and has sold in eighteen countries.
Red Letter Days have kindly offered a twenty percent discount on a vast range of activities for an
adventure day. Enjoy a day of zorbing, driving, indoor skydiving, bungee jumping or paint-balling!
A small handmade Boucherouite rug woven by the Anmoon Women’s Co-operative in
Taroudannt. Some of the members of the co-operative are mothers of children attending
the Afaq Centre.
Boucherouite Maroon Rug
These rugs are specific to Berber people and each is unique in appearance and character.
They are woven from scraps of discarded fabric into fabulous decorative creations. This rug
was also designed and weaved by the Anmoon Women’s Co-operative in Taroudannt.
Dinner for Two at Couscous Darna
Dine out at the Couscous Darna Moroccan restaurant in South Kensington. Feel yourself
transported to Morocco at this authentic outpost of fine Moroccan cuisine and sumptuous
decor! This gift certificate entitles you to a three-course meal of your choice for two people
including drinks.
‘Bastards: Sex and Single Mothers In Morocco’ Documentary
A copy of a contemporary documentary called ‘Bastards’ produced by ex-BBC producer
Deborah Perkin. The film explores the social, legal and political issues faced by Moroccan
children born out of wedlock and the single mothers that fight for their rights. The film is
currently in the final stages of production and Deborah Perkin has guaranteed us a copy
upon completion.
Moroccan Jewellery from Taroudannt
Exquisite jewellery donated by London and Taroudannt resident Irina Laski. 3 bangles, 1
ring, 1 pipe, 1 heavy silver bangle, 1 coral necklace, 1 multibead necklace, 1 large fibula.
Leather Tote Bag
Green leather tote bag designed by Stuart Gladstone, a luxury accessories brand that
combines quality and glamour.
Mountain Bike
The Brighton Coptic Church has kindly offered an unused men’s bicycle for tonight’s
auction. It is a dual suspension, deep-tread, blue and white mountain bike for twelve years
and above. With 18 gears and 26 inch wheels, it is suitable for commuters and mountain
bikers alike.
Hot Air Balloon Experience
Virgin balloon flights have kindly offered us a voucher for a hot air balloon flight. Choose
from hundreds of launch sites all around the country where you will be swept off your feet,
quite literally.
Ben Dawson Furniture Piece
An original creation by leading Scottish designer and independent furniture manufacturer
for architectural interiors. Ben Dawson has previously designed furniture for the Scottish
Parliament and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.
Three Nights in Marrakesh
A three-night stay for two people at the exquisite Riad Porte Royale in the heart of Marrakesh!
The stay includes airport transfers, breakfasts and one meal for two. Situated in the medina,
the riad has been featured in ‘The Daily Telegraph’ (Will Young’s Marrakesh), ‘Budget Travel’
(US), NBC’s ‘Good Morning Program’ (US), and selected as one of the six most relaxing riads
in Morocco by ‘Footprint Guide.’ No doubt it will be a memorable stay! Kindly donated by
owner Philip Brebner, whose daughter volunteered with MCT in Taroudannt.
Various Artworks
1. ‘Serendipity’, canvas of a black and white tree set against mountains and a lake by
F. Malik. Donated by Shaheidah Wanyek.
2. An elaborate piece showing deer by a blue waterfall in the middle of a forest. Acrylic on
canvas. Donated by Shaheidah Wanyek.
3. A triptych of three abstract pieces with gold, black, silver and blue patterns. Acrylic on
canvas. Donated by Shaheidah Wanyek.
4. ‘The Biginning’, 100cm by 120cm, acrylic on canvas, 2013. A modernist visual pun
on Michealangelo’s ‘Creation’ in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, by Indonesian artist
Dadi Setiyadi. Donated by the artist himself.
5. Hunting for Imagination’, 110cm by 100cm, acrylic on canvas, 2013. A surrealist
exploration of the idea of inspiration and the search for originality, by Indonesian artist
Suryadi Suyamtina. Donated by the artist himself.
6. Two pieces by celebrated Moroccan artist Moulid Nid Ouissadan. The pieces are made
using traditional techniques incorporating Moroccan proverbs in Tamazight calligraphy
written using saffron ink.
Evening’s Contributors
Andrew Williams is co-founder, former CEO and
President Emeritus of Retrak which enables street
children in Africa to realise their potential and
discover their worth.
He gained an MA in Religious Studies at Edinburgh
University and an MSc in Applied Social Studies at
Oxford University before qualifying as a probation
officer. He toured throughout the UK and overseas
with a theatre company and worked as a youth
director in Brussels prior to moving to Uganda with
his wife, Katina in 1996. He established a widely
respected social work organisation and worked
with government departments to promote best
practice and protect children’s rights. To enable
Retrak’s expansion into Kenya and Ethiopia he
relocated to Nairobi in 2005 and was awarded an
MBE in 2006 for services to children in Uganda.
Now based in the UK, Andrew is a registered social worker and combines an acting career with
consultancy, training and advocacy for NGOs and networks as well as teaching in universities
and colleges focusing on international social work practice. His first book, ‘Working with
Street Children – An Approach Explored’, was published by Russell House Ltd and released in
October 2011.
Andrew’s association with the Moroccan Children’s Trust began with a chance meeting in
the House of Commons and had led to joint training in London and a week observing and
working alongside the team in Taroudannt. The social work of the Street Children Project has
been transformed since the Moroccan team took part in a two-day training with Andrew in
London. Tonight he kindly returns to share some of his experiences and observations as our
special guest speaker. Copies of his book are also available this evening for purchase.
The Shashoua Foundation, established by Roger Shashoua, supports the Al Ihssane orphanage
in Casablanca and the Shashoua Sports Centre in Taroudannt as well as MCT’s work
in London. The Foundation also encourages promising artists from Morocco by exhibiting
and investing in their work. We are particularly grateful for the Foundation’s support over
the past two years and for its sponsorship of this evening’s event – it has been instrumental
to our success.
Shaheidah is a Singaporean exhibition manager and art curator. She is the founder of the
For Maroc With Love Fund, which raises money for development projects supporting young
people in Morocco by selling original artwork. She has graciously donated two paintings from
her own collection as well as identified artists in Indonesia and Morocco who have donated
to the auction. She is planning to volunteer with MCT in Taroudannt for six months this year.
More Ways to Get Involved
Moroccan Hafla -- 9th March - Tooting (South London)
Come join us for a Moroccan-style evening with traditional Moroccan food & music to
celebrate the inaugural catering event of the Klevis Kola Foundation’s Women’s Project.
This is a group of refugee and migrant women from across the world sharing their home
recipes and starting a catering business. Proceeds will go to both KKF and MCT!
Toubkal Trek -- 19-27th April - Atlas Mountains (Marrakesh, Taroudannt)
A group of 12 trekkers need your support as they endeavour to meet the challenge to trek
North Africa’s highest peak, Mount Toubkal, and to raise £2000 each in support of MCT’s work.
The Groove Giants provide everything from a jazz quartet to a full 8-piece soul covers band for
weddings, parties and other events. Please get in touch by email at [email protected]
or via our website
Art Exhibition -- Early Summer (London)
Contribute your expertise or love of art to encourage artists from southern Morocco and the
UK to display their work together in a multicultural exhibition that MCT hopes to organise!
Fundraiser Concert -- November (London)
This year’s concert in Paddington was a tremendous success and a lot of fun with many
skilled musicians from the Royal Academy of Music. We are making it an annual event and
hope to see you there next year!
We would like to thank Gary Lowe for being the Gala’s official photographer for the second
year in a row. Gary has a keen interest in nature and his love of photography was sparked
during a school trip to a scientific research station in Honduras. His portfolio includes a trip to
South Africa in order to make a short film in which he discussed the implications of keeping
lions within a reserve. To keep up-to-date with all MCT’s news and events please sign up to our e-newsletter by
visiting our website and clicking the ‘subscribe’ button.
We would like to thank The Usual for designing tonight’s programme. The Usual are a
creative agency based in Woking, Surrey. They specialise in designing and building websites
but also enjoy designing for print. Visit or email [email protected] for more
information or a copy of their PDF portfolio.
If you would be interested in spending 2 months or more in Taroudannt or in
helping our UK team to support our projects in Morocco, please e-mail us at
[email protected] with ‘volunteer’ in the subject line.
To make a donation please either:
Write a cheque payable to ‘Moroccan Children’s Trust’ and send it to
Trident Business Centre, 89 Bickersteth Rd, Tooting, London, SW17 9SH.
Make your donations go further using Gift Aid. In order for MCT to claim Gift
Aid, please fill in a Gift Aid form which are available from MCT staff and on
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