Employee of the Month Andy Williams — Business Services

May 2013, Volume 316
USU Facilities, Logan, Utah
Employee of the Month
Andy Williams — Business Services
pleased to announce Andy
Williams as the Employee of
the Month for May 2013.
Andy has worked in the
Business Services Office as
an accounting intern for the
past two and a half years.
During that time he also
completed a three month internship with the Accounting firm of Deloitte in Salt
Lake City. Andy has accepted a full time position with
Deloitte and will be leaving
Facilities this September.
Before coming to Facilities,
Andy also worked for
Smith’s as a bookkeeper and
Andy was born in Ogden
and raised in Layton. He is
the oldest of five children
and his parents still live in
Layton. He attended North
Ridge High School. After
graduation he served a mission for the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints
to Japan from Sept 2006 to
Sept 2008. In August 2012,
Andy graduated from USU
with his bachelor’s degree in
Accounting. He will receive
his Master’s degree this
Andy and his wife, Paula,
have been married for four
years and have a ten month
old son, Roger. Andy is a big
tennis fan and also loves to
play the game. He has recently taken up mountain
biking and hopes to hit the
road as often as possible. His
is also a huge fan of Aggie
Andy Williams
football. Even though Andy’s
parents are hard core BYU fans,
and have tried their best to
raise him that way, Andy is
pleased to say that that hasn’t
panned out!
Andy, we wish you all the
very best and congratulations
on this well deserved recognition!
(Left to
Williams, &
Facilities Employee Awards
USU CEA Employee of the Year
Ken Weeks
The USU Classified Employee Association is
pleased to announce our very own Ken Weeks as the
Employee of the Year for 2013. Ken has worked for Facilities for the past ten years in the HVAC shop as a tech
IV. He has serviced the Chemistry Building, USTAR,
Maser Lab, Widtsoe Chemistry, and the LARC building.
Prior to his employment at USU he worked as a technician for Wangsguards for 24 years. Ken has also served
on the Re-commissioning Team for two years, as well as
the Customer Focus team for three years. As a member
of the Re-commissioning Team, he was responsible for
analyzing building maintenance and make repairs, as
needed. On the Customer Focus Team, he was responsible for encouraging employees to be more customerservice oriented and making sure customers were satisfied with their experience.
Ken was born in Rigby, ID and raised in Logan. He
is the oldest of eight children. He and his wife, Debara,
have been married for forty years They have four children and six grandchildren. In his free time, Ken likes
to hike, camp, and be in the mountains. He enjoys scouting and was a scoutmaster for 10 years. He says he is a
workaholic and in addition to his work at Facilities, he
works part time for his brother at Four Seasons Heating. Ken, thanks for representing Facilities so well and
congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!
Winning Spirit: Gavin Gailey and Cody Williams (Carpenters)
Perfect Attendance 2012: Tom Findlay (IT)
Safety Awareness & Appreciation: Kevin Maughan (Welders)
Safety Corner
Mark Your Calendars!
USU Facilities has worked
0 days* without lost-time
*as of April 26, 2013.
The previous record was 355 days.
Do your part to help extend the record!
30th Annual Facilities
“Thank-You” Breakfast
Lost-Time Hours
(Goal: Less Than 200)
296 Hours
64 Hours
Tuesday, May 14th, 2013
Facilities Dock
OSHA Recordable Injuries
Be Careful Out There!
Monday, May 27,2013 So many times in life we are thrown into difficult situations that we have to
deal with. Most of the time there isn’t much time to think, only time to respond.
Such a situation recently occurred at LOAM. Thanks to safety training and common sense, the much needed reaction came in a fast and professional way. Kevin
Maughan and Austin Petterborg were working next to each other, putting mud
flaps on a Facilities truck. While Austin was using the grinder, a spark landed on
his shirt, causing his shirt to catch on fire. Kevin reacted quickly, putting out the
fire, taking off the shirt, getting back to the shop, and calling 911. Austin’s burns
may have been much worse had it not been for Kevin and his quick thinking. All of
us at LOAM, Heavy Equipment, and Welding express our gratitude to Kevin for
being such a proactive co-worker in our area of Facilities.
I want to thank Brandon Hansen, Justin Williams, and everyone at Facilities for making last
weekend a great event for my team. It is a rare treat
to find a group on campus that behaves in such a professional manner. Everyone that dealt with me directly was polite and professional and they were great
at being available when necessary. Moreover, I know
that you made yourselves advocates in the event’s defense and I am extremely pleased to have that kind of
commitment to the contract we signed. Thank you
again and know that you are most likely the best
group of people to work with on campus!
Gratefully, Adam Shelton (USU Ballroom)
Congratulations to Seth McCulloch
& family on the birth of baby girl
“Hadlie Dawn”
Congratulations to Jared Leatham
& family on the birth of baby boy
Thank You
For Your Service To USU!
Happy Birthday
Facilities Employees!
Paul Beutler
31 years
Ronald Auger
19 years
Ben Berrett
19 years
Zac Cook
May 2
Howard Bee
May 3
Steve Pierson
18 years
Chris Jensen
May 3
Cindy Yeates
17 years
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May 6
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13 years
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May 7
Barbara Powasnik
10 years
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May 7
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May 11
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10 years
John Danielson
May 11
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9 years
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May 14
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9 years
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May 16
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9 years
Steve Jenkins
May 16
Larry Earl
May 18
Shoko Downs
8 years
Juan Hernandez
May 18
Kellen Tarbet
8 years
Justin Jones
May 20
Colby Goodliffe
6 years
Branden Blanchard
May 21
Zac Cook
5 years
Marianela Herrero
May 21
Kyler Mitton
1 year
Chad Henager
May 22
David Petersen
May 23
Jamie Pearce
1 year
Glen Dabb
May 24
Dallin Law
May 25
Cody Jensen
May 27
Bryan Arnell
May 28
David Burgess
May 30
Ed Buist
May 31
Sunday, May 12, 2013
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