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March 27, 2014
MRE Rainbow Loom E-Track Reaches Los Angeles
Jimmy Kimmel Shares Rainbow Loom Cape with Max Wilford
Who knew that joining the Rainbow Loom E-Track at Madeley Ranch Elementary would garner
such national attention? The MRE Rainbow Loomers, under the direction of school librarian,
Jennifer Williamson and teacher, Sara Garvey, created tons of excitement as they became part
of an effort to bring awareness and finances to an amazing cause.
After hearing about a request from The Jimmy Kimmel Show for all kids across America to send
in their loom creations, the MRE Loomers moved into action. The request was made in hopes of
creating a suit entirely made of rainbow loom rubber bands and the response Jimmy Kimmel
received was overwhelming. They not only were able to create an entire suit (size 42R jacket,
33X30 pants and necktie), but they also created ties for every member of the crew and a cape for
one very special person.
In conjunction with the request, The Jimmy Kimmel Show received a video from Arroyo
Elementary in California showing the students of the school in the process of creating the
“World’s Largest Rainbow Loom Chain” to benefit one of their classmates battling brain cancer,
Max Wilford. The show built upon Arroyo Elementary’s mission and recognized Max as “a true
superhero” for his brave battle. Max was presented with a loom cape on-air in the Los Angeles
studio and the show placed the “Suit of the Loom” on EBay and gave the proceeds to The
MaxLove Project, a nonprofit organization that empowers families fighting childhood cancers
and life threatening conditions with whole-body wellness resources, education and research.
MRE staff and students are excited and proud to be part of the project. The remaining loom
creations and looming supplies from MRE will be sent to places with less fortunate children
through a partnership that has been established with Ms. Williamson, Ms. Garvey and the Ark
Church of Conroe.
View Video on You Tube: Seven Year Old Max Helping Kids Fight Cancer