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children’s progress
fall 2013
serving children through philanthropy
his years
Strength beyond his years
From double setbacks, a
singular strength emerges.
Akron Children’s Hospital’s Beeghly campus celebrates
5th anniversary
letter from the executive director
Dear Friends,
As we head into fall after a busy summer, we begin
the season of winding down, taking a deep breath
before easing into winter and the holiday season.
But here at Akron Children’s Hospital, fall typically
leads us into a busy season of childhood illness and
increased patient volumes. And our work in research,
to translate new information into improved outcomes
for our patients, never stops. From the breadth and depth of our
services, to our donor support network, we continue our growth as
a premier integrated pediatric healthcare system.
As you read the stories in this issue of Children’s Progress, you’ll
have an idea of the work being done for kids. See our progress and
celebrate the upcoming fifth anniversary of the Beeghly campus in
the Mahoning Valley – a true success story by all measures. Learn
about the very first child born at Akron Children’s thanks to our
outstanding team of high risk delivery physicians and clinicians. Hear
how a recent grant helps us provide needed interpretive services to
refugees in our area. There is also an uplifting story about how our
patient, Caleb Thurman, and his mother, Charice Fort, are becoming
hospital advocates and ambassadors on a national scale.
foundation board members
Philip H. Maynard
William H. Considine
Michael P. Trainer
Michael E. George
John D. Zoilo
Executive Director
John R. Adams
Wealth Management Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Susan Berk
Women’s Board of Akron Children’s Hospital
James P. Berry
SiebertKeck Insurance Agency (Retired)
Frank Bevilacqua
Winer and Bevilacqua
David A. Bouffard
Vice President, Public Relations
Sterling Jewelers Inc.
Madeline Bozzelli
Friends of Akron Children’s Hospital
Paul Catania
Senior Vice President
Oswald Companies
As our hospital system grows, so does our Foundation. We are
reaching new donors throughout our service area including Medina,
Wayne and Tuscarawas counties. Expansion of our donor network
enables us to continue to provide care to every child who comes
through our doors, regardless of ability to pay. It also gives us the
resources to continue the outreach and programs needed to give
children the best chance for a healthy future.
Your continued support is vital to maintaining and expanding
our programs. I want to thank everyone who works on behalf of
Akron Children’s Hospital, whether you’re a donor, volunteer or
enthusiastic supporter.
Our success and growth would not be possible without you.
John D. Zoilo
Executive Director
Akron Children’s Hospital Foundation
Robert B. Cooper
Director, Licensed Real Estate
CB Richard Ellis Inc.
John P. Crow, MD
Chairman, Department of Surgery
Akron Children’s Hospital
William W. Cushwa Jr.
The Braveheart Group LLC
Paul M. Dutton
Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell Ltd.
Charles Freeman
First Vice President, Wealth Management
Merrill Lynch
Valerie A. Geiger
Senior Vice President, Corporate Banking
PNC Bank
Richard R. Grigg
Chairman, Board of Directors
Akron Children’s Hospital
Raymond Hexamer
First Communication
Will T. Holland
Expand Interactive
Patrick James
Hawthorn Manufacturing Corp.
Kara H. Lewis
Winslow Asset Management Inc.
Robert M. Littman
CEO & Managing Director
SS&G, Inc.
John T. McBride, MD
Vice Chair, Department of Pediatrics and
Director, Robert T. Stone MD Respiratory
Center, Akron Children’s Hospital
Greg A. McDermott
FirstMerit Insurance Group
Gregory J. Michalec
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Superior Beverage Group
Eveline Nordhauss
item North America
Mark W. Oelschlager
Portfolio Manager
Oak Associates Ltd.
Ernest Pouttu
President & CEO
Harwick Standard Distribution Corp.
Alexis Rizopulos
Emerging Leaders of Akron Children’s Hospital
Walton A. Silver
Akrochem Corporation
James Sisek, Esq.
President & CEO
Farmers Trust Company
Dennis Wieland
Chief Financial Officer
Summit Racing Equipment
Honorary Director
Willard R. Holland
Chairman and CEO
FirstEnergy Corp. & Pennsylvania
Power Co. (Retired)
06 Advances and
10 Recent Events
12 Save the Date
18Strength beyond his years
From double setbacks, a singular strength
16 Beeghly campus fifth anniversary
23 Grants
24 Of Note
Memorial and Tribute
Akron Children’s Hospital embraces
a philosophy of family-centered care.
We believe that every child has the right
to world-class medical care, regardless
of a family’s ability to pay.
Member, Children’s Hospital Association
Member, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
children’s progress is published
quarterly by the Akron Children’s
Hospital Foundation
One Perkins Square
Akron, OH 44308-1062
An Equal Opportunity Employer
President and CEO
William H. Considine
Executive Director, Foundation
John D. Zoilo
Anne C. Merchant
Contributing Writers
Becky Badar
Linda Beck
Daryl Dirham
Holly Pupino
Andrea Rogers
Nicole Winkleman
Contributing Photographers
Julie M. Pawlowski
Lew Stamp
Ted Stevens
Tiffany Swift
Graphic Design
Dawn Tindal and Assoc. Inc.
Star Printing Co. Inc.
©2013 Akron Children’s Hospital
All rights reserved.
Akron Children’s Hospital realizes
that individuals enjoy learning
more about our services, programs
and developments. We also
fully respect the privacy of our
patients. If you do not wish to
receive fundraising materials from
Akron Children’s Hospital, you may
make the request by sending your
name and address to the Akron
Children’s Hospital Foundation,
One Perkins Square, Akron, Ohio
44308. We will use our best
efforts to honor such a request.
our cover
Building on the Promise
Employee campaign co-chairs
Kim Firestone, Vicki Parisi and
Jim Madden present a check on
behalf of the 1,289 employees
who participated in the 3-month
employee campaign to Akron
Children’s President Bill Considine.
Employees keep the promise
Employee campaign raises nearly $4 million
Bubbles, balloons and cupcakes marked the
end of the “My Promise. My Children’s.”
employee campaign in July. When the final
number was revealed, attendees celebrated
$3,843,938 donated by employees during
the 3-month campaign.
The “My Promise. My Children’s.” campaign
raised money for the $200 million “Building
on the Promise” expansion program that will
bring another patient care building to the Akron
campus. The campaign also benefited the “Vision
for Our Valley’s Children” campaign, which
supports capital and programmatic needs in the
Mahoning Valley.
On July 23, employees gathered in Perkins
Square Park on the Akron campus to enjoy
cupcakes and hear the total amount employees
donated to the hospital.
The total was revealed with the help of employees’
children, all patients of the hospital, and seven
numbered balloons.
“You believe in the mission of this hospital and
what we have the privilege of doing every day,”
said Bill Considine, president and CEO of Akron
Children’s Hospital. “That belief has translated
into this very generous gift.”
“We’re investing in healthcare for the children in
our region with this $200 million project,” he
added. “I hope you have the same level of pride
that I do in being a part of this investment.”
“My Promise. My Children’s.” co-chairs Kim
Firestone, Vicki Parisi and Jim Madden attended
the event and presented the check to Considine,
on behalf of all the employees.
Mahoning Valley employees also celebrated
the end of the campaign on July 24 during an
employee meal in which the total amount was
announced. Employees received tickets for a
Mahoning Valley Scrappers game as a thank you
for their participation.
Overall, 1,289 (28 percent) employees, at
the more than 80 Akron Children’s locations
throughout northern Ohio, participated in the
“It is very impressive that so many employees
were able to come together to support the
hospital and our patients,” said Pam Holtz,
director of annual giving at Akron Children’s
Hospital’s Foundation. “A gift to Akron Children’s
Hospital is not just a gift, but an investment for
our community and the children and families we
serve every day.”
Considine concluded the event by thanking
employees for their dedication throughout
the campaign.
High-tech: Akron Children’s is one
of healthcare’s Most Wired
Akron Children’s Hospital is making a substantial
investment in information technology, and the industry
is taking note.
also catches possible medication errors by verifying the
clinician is giving the correct medication at the right
dose and is giving it to the right patient at the right time.
This summer, the hospital was named one of the
country’s “Most Wired” hospitals. This prestigious honor
is based on an extensive survey and recognizes those
with exceptionally high IT integration throughout their
The high usage of CPOE and bedside medication
verification puts Akron Children’s in a category with the
top 2 percent of hospitals nationwide.
The honor comes just six months after Akron Children’s
was ranked at Stage 6 (out of seven) and in the top
10 percent of hospitals nationally for implementation
and use of inpatient electronic medical records (EMR)
by HIMSS Analytics, a not-for-profit subsidiary of the
Healthcare Information and Management Systems
“Where Stage 6 reflects our extensive implementation
and use of the EMR, the Most Wired honor is broader
and looks at an organization’s entire information
technology efforts,” said Tom Ogg, chief information
officer. “This designation reflects a dedication to making
sure we have the best technologies and resources to
deliver high-quality and safe healthcare throughout the
organization. This is a big ‘win’ for the Akron Children’s
team and, more importantly, the patients we serve.”
Most Wired hospitals treat information technology as a
strategic asset.
“Among other aspects, the survey looks at how we
capture and use information to enhance operations like
purchasing, billing and communications, the security
of our information, who has access, where they have
access, and how fast we can restore access to it in the
event of a disaster or system outage,” said Ogg.
One of Akron Children’s solutions, computerized
provider order entry (CPOE), is an area evaluated in
the survey and also for Stage 6. Akron Children’s has
reported an overall CPOE rate of 94 percent, which
includes orders for patients’ medications, tests,
therapies and treatments.
With CPOE, instead of a handwritten medication order,
the provider enters the order electronically and the
system checks it for conflicts with other orders, other
medications, the patient’s diet and allergies. The system
“The best hospitals today have strong IT cultures and
I am proud to say Akron Children’s is now in that
company,” says Grace Wakulchik, chief operating officer.
“It’s evident by the commitment of our Board to invest
$50+ million in an EMR system and other technologies,
by our recruitment of a chief medical information officer
(Dr. Amy Maneker), a chief nursing information officer
(Pam Baker) and by the efforts of our human resources
and public relations staffs to use the latest technology,
including social media, to communicate with our
employees, patient families and the public. The fact that
we have 29 nurses now working in our IT department
is another good example of the integration we have
achieved between our IT department and our clinical
staff, and the value we place on using technology to
improve care delivery.”
advances and innovations
Akron Children’s set to deliver high-risk
Earlier this year, Akron Children’s broke ground
on the newest building on our Akron campus, and
if you’ve driven by the hospital, it’s evident that
construction is well underway for the new Emergency
Department, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU),
outpatient surgical suites and other amenities that
will be housed in our new building.
Now it’s time to announce yet another milestone in
the hospital’s history: after much discussion and
planning, Akron Children’s has committed to creating
space in the new building for high-risk deliveries
which are situations in which the mom is healthy,
but the baby is high risk.
The Maternal Fetal Medicine team, with help from our
surgical and nursing leadership, performed the first
of such high-risk deliveries on the Akron campus on
May 10. Ashton Daniell was successfully delivered at
Akron Children’s after a large cyst was discovered on
his neck during an ultrasound.
“Our neonatal transport team is one of the best in
the country, but we estimate that each year we have
about 100 deliveries where there is an especially high
risk in transporting a newborn to our hospital,” said
Akron Children’s President and CEO Bill Considine.
Examples include babies identified with congenital
heart defects, neural tube defects, diaphragmatic
hernias, abnormalities which may affect the airway,
and other conditions that require the baby to have
immediate access to pediatric specialists upon birth.
Another benefit is that the labor, delivery and
recovery rooms would keep mothers close to their
newborns as they would just be an elevator ride away
from our new NICU.
As with other aspects of the building, the building
planning team will organize kaizens for these new
operating and labor/delivery/recovery rooms. Drs.
Stephen Crane and Melissa Mancuso and their
teams in Maternal Fetal Medicine and the Fetal
Treatment Center will work closely with our Center
for Operations Excellence team, architects, engineers
and others to design this space.
“This is a perfect extension of our commitment to
family-centered care,” Considine said.
“Our neonatal transport team is one of the
best in the country, but we estimate that each
year we have about 100 deliveries where there
is an especially high risk in transporting a
newborn to our hospital.”
– Bill Considine, President and CEO, Akron Children’s Hospital
Angela Daniell looks at baby Ashton following his birth, the first delivery at Akron Children’s Hospital. Ashton was born via Cesarean section
on May 10 because of a large cyst on his neck.
Special delivery: Baby Ashton’s birth story is
one for the history books
It all began with a routine ultrasound toward the end
of Angela Daniell’s pregnancy. With only 3 weeks left
to go, her son, Ashton, was diagnosed in utero with a
baseball-sized cyst on his neck caused by a lymphatic
Because of the size of the mass and the closeness to
his airway, there was concern that Ashton might need
emergency surgery immediately after birth.
His mother had a choice to make – transfer to another
hospital for the delivery or be a part of a historic
moment at Akron Children’s – the first planned birth
in our hospital’s history. Placing her trust in our
team, and to stay close to home, she chose Akron
Maternal-fetal medicine specialist Melissa Mancuso, MD,
and her team in the Fetal Treatment Center made
arrangements to have the necessary team in place
to deliver Ashton.
“The logistics of this were incredible and we are very
grateful,” said Andrew Daniell, Ashton’s father. “There
had to be a neonatologist, pediatric ENT surgeon,
pediatric surgeon and a pediatric anesthesiologist
on call at all times. This is in addition to the team
needed to perform Angie’s C-section.”
Fortunately, Ashton’s mass didn’t require emergency
surgery immediately upon birth.
Instead, surgeons John Crow, MD, and Marc Nelson,
MD, decided it was best to give Ashton some time
to grow and put on weight before the procedure to
remove the cyst.
After a 5-day neonatal intensive care unit stay, Ashton
was able to grow and bond with his family at home in
Bath Township.
On July 12, Ashton returned to Akron Children’s for
surgery. After a weekend stay in the hospital, he
returned home to big brother Anderson on July 15.
“Ashton should be able to lead a normal life now that
the cyst is removed,” said Dr. Crow, chairman of the
department of surgery. “His prognosis is excellent.”
advances and innovations
Cultivating a growing presence in Stark County
Akron Children’s continues to expand pediatric care throughout northern Ohio
Providing high-quality care, close to home,
is the driving force behind Akron Children’s
expansion into Stark County. The hospital is
expanding its services in several key areas in
the region, including:
• Inpatient pediatric care and pediatric
subspecialties at Aultman Hospital in Canton.
• Maternal fetal medicine at Mercy Medical
Center in Canton.
these subspecialties, as well as plastic and
reconstructive surgery, while operating Aultman’s
inpatient pediatric unit, opening this fall.
“Through our staff of nurses and pediatric
hospitalists, we’ll provide care to children ages
zero to 17 who have medical issues that require
hospitalization,” says Aurilio. “It could be
anything from flu to gastrological infections to
diabetes and pulmonary issues.”
• New Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics (ACHP) locations.
“We’re ensuring that we can offer the latest
advancements to patients at the facilities
closest to their families and friends,” says Lisa
Aurilio, vice president of patient services and
chief nursing officer. “Doing so also enables us
to forge better partnerships with families so we
can fully manage the care of their children.”
Inpatient Pediatric Care and Pediatric
Subspecialties – Aultman Hospital
For the past five years, Akron Children’s has
provided outpatient pediatric subspecialty
services – including cardiology, orthopedics,
physiatry and neurology – on the Aultman
Hospital campus in Canton.
“The core of what we’re doing is to position
ourselves to better serve our families in greater
Stark County by providing more accessibility
to subspecialty services that parents would
normally need to drive a half hour to an hour
to receive,” says Cindy Dormo, vice president,
department of pediatrics.
In the expanded agreement with Aultman,
Akron Children’s will continue to offer
“It’s about providing care
for families in their own
communities.” – Lisa Aurilio, vice president
of patient services and chief
nursing officer
Maternal-Fetal Medicine –
Mercy Medical Center
In early 2013, Akron Children’s Maternal Fetal
Medicine Center began offering services at
Mercy Medical Center in Canton.
Twice a week, a staff of Akron Children’s
physicians, ultrasound technicians and genetic
counselors provide outpatient and ultrasound
services to women with high-risk pregnancies.
Aurilio notes that it offers comfort and
convenience to these patients.
Dr. J.R. Bockoven cares for a patient in the cardiology specialty clinic at Aultman Hospital. As part of Akron Children’s commitment
to serving the children of northern Ohio, we are expanding our services at Aultman Hospital and Mercy Medical Center, as well as
opening several primary care offices.
“We love that we’re bringing care to these women
closer to home,” she says. “They can deliver their
baby right in Stark County, and if they need it,
they’ve already established a close relationship
with our hospital and our pediatric subspecialists,
as these patients have their prenatal care
coordinated through our Fetal Treatment Center.”
New ACHP Locations
While some families may be willing to travel for
sub-specialty care, they may feel less inclined
to do so when their children need primary care.
That’s where the hospital’s new ACHP locations
can help.
“It really is expanding pediatrics to the
community,” says Dormo. “The dedication
our hospital gives to building our primary
care network is exceptional. We are adding
more sites and more providers to serve our
On July 1, the pediatrics department at North
Canton Medical Foundation became Akron
Children’s Hospital Pediatrics – North Canton.
And on Sept. 9, the hospital opened Akron
Children’s Hospital Pediatrics – Alliance and
Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics – Perry,
bringing the hospital’s total ACHP locations to 23.
“It’s important in our strategy to grow in such a
way that we continue to build strong relationships
with the private pediatricians and community
hospitals,” says Dormo. “They are our community
As Akron Children’s continues to expand its reach,
Dormo notes that one important thing remains
constant: its mission.
“We’re providing accessible care to any child
who needs it, regardless of a family’s ability to
pay,” she says. “And we’ll continue to carry that
philosophy with us wherever we go.”
recent events
Miracles & Promises Radiothon
The 5th annual Mix 98.9 Miracles and Promises radiothon took place on the Beeghly campus Sept. 18 – 20.
This year, the radiothon raised $193,971 for Mahoning Valley’s programs and services. During the event, awareness
was raised about the services offered in the Mahoning Valley and patient stories are shared with listeners.
Bill Considine, president and CEO of Akron
Children’s Hospital, along with Mark Sutton of
Brother Trouble, address the crowd during the
2013 LOPen charity golf outing in June, which
raised $70,000 for the Showers Family Center for
Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders. In addition
to golf, the LOPen charity golf outing featured
several concerts by Eddie Money and Brother
Trouble, as well as a dinner, raffle and celebrity
Harness Race Rally
The Friends of Akron Children’s Hospital held the 52nd
annual Harness Race Rally Aug. 2 at Northfield Park to
raise money for the School and Community Oncology and
Outreach Program (S.C.O.O.P.), which raises awareness
about childhood cancer in schools and communities. This
year’s event raised $46,000 for the program. Since it began
in 1962, the Harness Race has raised more than $3 million
through ticket sales and sponsorships. Martha Campbell (L),
Rosemarie George (center) and Betsy Clark (R) chaired this
year’s race.
Children’s Cheer
American Elite Director of Events Sarah Tedrick
(right) along with Kristi Greer, a member of
the junior level 4 team (Fame), present Akron
Children’s Reach Out and Read Program
Coordinator Karen Carbaugh (center) a check with
proceeds from the 2013 Children’s Cheer Classic.
The 8th annual event raised nearly $26,000.
Since 2006, Children’s Cheer Classic has raised
$122,262, and collected more than 54,000
gently-used books for the Reach Out and Read
early literacy program.
Thank you for your generosity!
Each year, more than 90 special events are held to raise money on behalf of Akron
Children’s Hospital. Listed below are other events held between June and September
that raised more than $10,000.
> Giant Eagle Register Campaign: $78,350
> Strides for Autism: $20,409
> Showcase for the Cure: $31,854
> Clubs for Kids: $50,000
A special thank you to our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partners in the
Akron and the Mahoning Valley for their successful campaigns!
> Walmart and Sam’s Club register campaign: $317,315
> Circle K register campaign: $134,183
> Rite Aid register campaign: $62,871
> RE/MAX: $10,260
save the date
New venue, same values
The 111th Charity Ball takes place this December
The 111th Charity Ball, presented by the Women’s
Board of Akron Children’s Hospital, will make its
grand entrance at E.J. Thomas Hall on Saturday,
Dec. 28, 2013.
Twenty-four debutantes will be presented at the
annual cotillion in recognition of their parents’
and grandparents’ volunteer contributions to the
community. The 2013 Ball marks the first in many
years that it takes place outside Goodyear Hall.
“We’re continuing to uphold our time-honored
traditions – from the presentation, dresses and first
dance to the elegant décor and the history wall,”
says Cyndy Myer, event chairperson. “But, we’re also
extremely excited to introduce new things, as well.”
The evening will feature an updated timeline and
dinner format with assorted cuisine selections,
intimate table settings and seating throughout the
lobbies of the hall. Doors will open at 6 p.m. The
debutante presentation will take place at 7 p.m.,
with dining and dancing to follow.
“These are just a few of the many new ways we’re
catering to our guests,” says Myer.
To continue the commitment of service
demonstrated by their families, the debutantes also
participated in a service project for Project Linus.
The national non-profit organization makes and
then donates homemade blankets to children in the
hospital or others in need. This year’s debutantes
spent a day making blankets to give to Akron
Children’s Hospital patients.
“The whole idea of the Charity Ball is based on
service to the community,” says Myer. “There’s
always something you can do to make people’s lives,
our hospital, or our community, better. And it’s our
hope that these girls will continue in the endeavors
set forth by their parents and grandparents.”
If you’re interested in attending, please contact
Jessica Jones at 330-543-5019 or [email protected]
Tickets cost $175 each. Reservations are due
Dec. 1, 2013, and space is limited. All proceeds
benefit Akron Children’s Hospital.
Kelsey Nicole Baumgardner
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
Baumgardner (Tracie)
Katelyn Elizabeth Hissong
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hissong
Abbe Elizabeth Marchetta
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Marchetta
Claudia Maria Behrens
Daughter of Ms. Kelley Ann Behrens
Megan Lynn Klamert
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Klamert
Allison Elizabeth Martin
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Martin
Sarah Therese Kornick
Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Kornick
Barbara Dilley Martucci
Daughter of Mr. Brian Martucci
Megan Joy Dunphy
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dunphy
Julia Anne Geiger
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Geiger
Allison Marie Griffith
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.K. Griffith
Melanie Frances Harvey
Daughter of Mrs. Sheila L. Harvey
and Mr. Robert S. Harvey
Madison Taylor McIntyre
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T.
McIntyre (Kay)
Maria Francesca Locastro
Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Locastro
Madeline Grace Medkeff
Daughter of Mr. Daniel E. Medkeff and
Mrs. Barbara Stamatis
Olivia Margaret Lombardi
Daughter of Mr. Marcus M.
Lombardi and Ms. Mary Klakulak
Kimberly Berk is presented by her father, Robert, during the 2012 Charity Ball. The elegance and tradition of the ball will continue
when it moves to its new location, E.J. Thomas Hall, this December.
Become a Charity Ball Sponsor
The Women’s Board is offering five sponsorship levels
for this year’s annual event. For more information,
please contact Donna Axson at 330-573-8766.
Olivia Lee Musci
Daughter of Mr. John G. Musci and
Mrs. Barbara Ball Musci
Kelly Elizabeth Robson
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M.
Robson (Ann E.)
Elizabeth Matina Papas
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Papas
Morgan Yu Rong Schroeder
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brad S.
Schroeder (S. Renee)
Kassandra Ann Pawuk
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Pawuk
Audrey Elizabeth Sheeks
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sheeks III
Sierra Grace Radik
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Randy Radik
Adrienne Rose Trecaso
Daughter of Ms. Christina Carter Trecaso
2013 Debutantes
Akron Children’s celebrates the holidays
As the holiday season draws near, join our volunteers, board members and staff at
several events benefiting Akron Children’s Hospital.
“A Children’s Holiday” Tree Lighting and
Anniversary Celebration
Thursday, Dec. 5 | 5:30 p.m
Akron Children’s Beeghly campus – Building C Atrium
The entire community is invited to Akron Children’s
Hospital Mahoning Valley to celebrate “A Children’s
Holiday” and the Beeghly campus’ fifth anniversary.
The free event is open to the public and features a
visit from Santa, family-friendly activities, hot cocoa,
cookies and carols. At 6 p.m. guests will be invited to
head outside, join hands, sing “Jingle Bells” and cheer
the final countdown to the lighting of the holiday tree.
Children’s Tree of Lights
Friday, Dec. 6 | 5:30 p.m
Akron Children’s Hospital – Atrium Lobby
The Women’s Board of Akron Children’s Hospital
invites you to attend the annual lighting of the
Children’s Tree of Lights. The celebration features
refreshments and entertainment, culminating with the
lighting of the Children’s Tree in Perkins Square Park.
Lights are sold individually, or by the string. To
purchase lights, visit
All acknowledgements will be included in the event
program and the permanent Memory Book outside the
hospital’s gift shop.
Mahoning Valley Breakfast with Santa
Saturday, Dec. 7 | 9 a.m.
Antone’s Banquet Centre
Children from the Mahoning Valley can enjoy a special
breakfast with Santa Claus.
Tickets – Adults: $20, Children (ages 12 and under): $10
To purchase tickets, contact 330-746-9122.
“Holiday Hopes and Wishes” Luncheon
Friday, Dec. 13 | 10 a.m.
Mr. Anthony’s
On Friday, Dec. 13, attend the 5th annual “Holiday
Hopes and Wishes” luncheon.
The event features a holiday basket raffle, a luncheon,
special treats from the Holiday Bake Shoppe and a
raffle for an iPad.
Since its founding in 2008, “Holiday Hopes and
Wishes,” hosted by the Kids’ Crew of Akron Children’s
Hospital Mahoning Valley, has raised more than
$80,000. Tickets are $35 each.
For information, or to purchase tickets, contact JoAnn
Stock, director of development for Akron Children’s
Hospital Mahoning Valley, at [email protected],
or by calling 330-746-9122.
To learn more about these events, please visit
Holiday Tree Festival
set to dazzle again
Every year, the John S. Knight Center transforms from an
empty convention hall to a sparkling, winter wonderland
during the Holiday Tree Festival, presented by the volunteers
of Akron Children’s Hospital.
Community members, hospital staff, companies and volunteers
donate and decorate hundreds of trees, wreaths, and other holiday
decorations that are sold to benefit Akron Children’s Hospital. Since
it began in 1982, the Holiday Tree Festival has raised more than
$4.2 million for the hospital.
The Holiday Tree Festival magic will occur this year Nov. 23 to Dec. 1.
“The commitment of the volunteers is a testament to how much they
really care about the hospital,” said Vicki Parisi, volunteer services
manager. The successful event draws more than 250,000 attendees
each year.
One such volunteer, Jolea Swann, has been volunteering since 1995,
though she assisted with the first Holiday Tree Festival.
“I have four children, and three of them spent a lot of time at
Children’s Hospital during their younger years,” said Swann.
“The Holiday Tree Festival is a way to give back to the hospital
for all the nice things they have done for my family.”
In 1996, Swann was named chair of the special raffle committee.
A part of the special raffle committee’s Disney-themed
display, Sully and Mike Wazowski take in the sights at last
year’s Holiday Tree Festival.
Join the holiday magic!
The 32nd annual Holiday Tree Festival
will take place Nov. 23 – Dec. 1
at the John S. Knight Center in Akron.
Admission to the festival is free.
The special raffle is a drawing for themed displays featuring holiday
decorations and gifts, including the popular Ohio State University
display, which usually includes a big screen TV.
Festival hours are:
Tickets for the special raffle are one for $1, or six for $5.
Thanksgiving: 2 – 6 p.m.
“The raffle offers opportunity for a wide variety of community
involvement,” said Swann. “We have people who buy hundreds
of dollars worth of tickets, and that’s their donation. They don’t want
to donate a tree, but they still enjoy participating in the tree festival in
that way.”
In addition to organizing the special raffle displays, the committee
also decorates their own Disney-themed and American Girl® display.
“When I inherited the committee, it was just a tradition that the raffle
committee decorated the Disney tree,” said Swann. “It is usually
related to the latest Disney movie. This year it’s going to
be a Mickey Mouse-themed tree.”
Swann continues to volunteer each year because she believes
the true meaning of the holiday season is to give back to others.
“I am always encouraging people to do things for others, and I think
there is nothing more wonderful than doing things for children,”
Swann added.
To learn more about the Holiday Tree Festival or to find out how you
can volunteer, contact Volunteer Services at 330-543-8424,
or visit
Monday - Wednesday: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Be part of the fun at
these other events!
Holiday Tree Festival Preview Gala
Friday, Nov. 22, 5:30 p.m.
John S. Knight Center
Ribbon Cutting and Kids’ Day
Saturday, Nov. 23, 10 a.m.
John S. Knight Center
Breakfast with Santa
Saturday, Nov. 23 and Nov. 30, 8:30 a.m.
John S. Knight Center
Peaks in the Valley
This December, Akron Children’s Hospital’s Beeghly
campus celebrates its 5th anniversary. Sharon Hrina,
vice president of Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning
Valley, reflects on the hospital’s growth, the many lives
touched and how philanthropy has played a part.
“As I look back over the last five years, I am amazed
at the growth of programs and services that we are
providing in the Mahoning Valley,” says Sharon Hrina.
“Aside from myself, we had one employee when we
first acquired the Beeghly Medical Park in early 2008.
At the end of 2012, we had 545 employees at six
different sites in the Mahoning Valley.”
With the opening of the Beeghly campus in December
2008, the hospital provided the foundation for the
only freestanding, pediatric hospital in the area
by providing inpatient services, a 24/7 pediatric
emergency room, laboratory and radiology services
supported by pharmacy and rehabilitative therapies.
Since that time, services have expanded to include
primary care, hematology and oncology services,
surgical and advocacy services.
“Although the Beeghly campus opened in 2008,
Akron Children’s has had a presence in the Mahoning
Valley since 2002 with the Heart Center, and we’ve
been serving the families of this community for
even longer,” explains Hrina. “The Beeghly campus
Earlier this year, Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley
was one of six hospitals nationwide that received the NDNQI
award for Outstanding Nursing Quality.
functions as the hub for other programs and services
offered at the hospital’s sites throughout the Valley.
It’s difficult to talk about our growth and development
without mentioning those sites, including the
pediatric subspecialists located on the corner of
McClurg and Market; Community Outreach,
Education and Support Center located at Southwoods;
our pediatric practice in Warren; and the pediatric
unit we operate at East Liverpool City Hospital.”
April The Ronald McDonald
McFamily Respite Center
December Akron Children’s
Beeghly campus, the only
freestanding, pediatric
hospital in the area, opens.
December Akron Children’s
Center for Blood and Cancer
moves from St. Elizabeth
Health Center to the Beeghly
May Two integral
philanthropic organizations
formed: the Community
Leadership Advisory Council
and the Kids Crew volunteer
fundraising committee.
October A second Special
Care Nursery location for
subacute neonatal babies
opens on the Beeghly campus.
November The Outpatient
subspecialty practice begins
at the Beeghly campus.
Since the hospital’s opening, it has experienced the
following patient encounters (as of August 2013):
112,290 emergency visits
93,733 specialty visits
82,526 primary care visits
47,258 total outpatient visits
22,205 total outpatient radiology procedures
3,694 surgeries
In 2008, Akron Children’s Beeghly campus opened its doors to
bring quality pediatric care close to home in the Mahoning Valley.
It remains the area’s only hospital that exclusively provides
pediatric care.
The breadth and depth of the hospital’s services
has grown since its doors opened five years ago,
and so has the community’s overwhelming support.
“When we first arrived, nobody was sure how we would
be embraced by the community,” says Hrina. “But we
found that as people began to support our organization,
others quickly followed. It wouldn’t have been possible
for us to grow so rapidly without philanthropy.”
It was philanthropic support that led to the opening
of the Ronald McDonald McFamily Respite Center in
2009, the construction of the Garden of Hope in 2010,
and the opening of Alex’s Playground in 2012, among
other hospital programs and services. Hrina notes that
this support helps the hospital accomplish the goals
she and her team set at the beginning of each year
while also meeting the needs of unexpected initiatives
identified by families and the community.
“Our annual list of what we want to accomplish ends
up growing as the year goes on and as needs arise,”
says Hrina. “Even though these community-fostered
initiatives aren’t typically part of our initial plans, we
usually find a way to fulfill them since we focus on
family-centered care. More often than not, we do so
through philanthropy.”
Hrina believes providing care for patient families
when they need it most, and collaborating with
the community, has contributed to the Beeghly
campus’ success.
“We use Akron Children’s guiding principles in every
decision we make: to treat each child as our own, to
never turn a child away because of a family’s inability
to pay, and to treat others as we’d want to be treated,”
says Hrina. “Our community understands that these
principles are important to us. Putting these principles
in action has helped us earn their respect.”
201020112012 2013
June Child Advocacy Center
adds mental health services
support on the Beeghly
June Garden of Hope opens.
June The Mahoning Valley’s
first Akron Children’s Hospital
Pediatrics (ACHP) location
begins seeing patients on
the Beeghly campus.
October Surgical Services
officially opens on the
Beeghly campus.
July Ophthalmology surgical
services begin at the Beeghly
August Child Advocacy Center
finds a permanent home on
the Beeghly campus.
August Akron Children’s
Mahoning Valley receives first
distribution from the Kikel
Charitable Trust to expand
what is now the Kikel Center
for Pediatric Surgery on the
Beeghly campus – the area’s
first and only dedicated
pediatric surgery center.
August Alex’s Playground
October The Mahoning Valley
Parent Advisory Council, a
group of volunteers who’ve
used Akron Children’s Hospital
and is interested in offering
their input on issues that
impact the care of children,
holds its first meeting.
January Akron Children’s
begins operating the 15-bed
pediatric unit located at East
Liverpool City Hospital.
February Akron Children’s
Hospital Mahoning Valley
is among six hospitals
receiving the NDNQI award
for Outstanding Nursing
Quality at the American Nurses
Association’s Nursing Quality
July Rheumatology services
relocate from the Boardman
Medical Pavilion to the
Beeghly campus.
September Construction for
a new MAGNETOM Aera
1.5T MRI begins on the
Beeghly campus.
Caleb’s mother,
Charice Fort,
encourages her son
every day as he deals
with his conditions.
“I tell my son that yes,
there is sickness in
life, but his sickness
is not a crutch. You
have to get up
and keep moving.”
Every time 13-year-old Caleb Thurman smiles,
you can catch a glimpse of it. A subtle wisdom, a
seasoned understanding of what it’s like to face life’s
challenges head on – day in and day out – and come
out the victor.
“He’s a wonderful person,” says his mother, Charice
Fort. “He’s a young man well beyond his years
because of all the things he’s had to endure. He looks
the picture of health, but many people don’t know
what’s going on behind the scenes.”
The last several years have been trying ones for
Caleb and Charice. Blindsided by two unexpected
chronic disorders, they’ve faced multiple hospital
stays, ongoing medical treatment and a change in
life as they knew it. However, Charice’s strength
coupled with Caleb’s determination demonstrates
that this pair has the fortitude to overcome.
Two chronic diagnoses
In 2007, Caleb became extremely sick, complaining
of stomach pain. His pediatrician initially thought it
might be a virus. After a week during which Caleb
only got worse, he underwent several tests and the
results made his doctor grow increasingly concerned.
“My doctor looked at me and said, ‘I’m starting to get
worried,’” says Charice. “When a physician says that,
it sends you into a tailspin. My grandmother died in
2003 of colon cancer, so that fear took over instantly.”
Caleb was referred to pediatric gastroenterologist
Emory Collins, MD. After performing several
more tests, Dr. Collins concluded that Caleb had
Crohn’s disease – a chronic inflammatory disease
of the gastrointestinal tract that’s characterized
by cramping, loss of appetite and weight, and
abscesses and scarring, among other things. It’s an
autoimmune condition with no known cure.
“He underwent every regimen possible to get him
feeling better,” says Charice. “He was initially on
steroids. When he went off of them, he got so sick
that he was in and out of the hospital. He became a
hard case to control.”
At the same time as his initial sickness, Caleb
started experience pain and swelling in his
joints, particularly in his lower body. After
visiting Mary Bratovich Toth, MD, director
of rheumatology at Akron Children’s, Caleb
received another diagnosis: he had juvenile
rheumatoid arthritis, and would also soon be
dealing with the difficulties of psoriasis.
“It’s common for a child diagnosed with one
autoimmune disorder to develop another,” says
Dr. Toth. “In Caleb’s case, he developed
arthritis because of his Crohn’s disease.”
To help treat both conditions, Caleb began
undergoing IV infusion therapy.
“When you treat one condition, the other
condition gets better, as well,” says Dr. Toth.
“In this type of treatment, the patient receives
medication both orally and through an IV that
suppresses the immune system, telling it to
stop attacking the intestines, as well as the
Caleb has taken his mom’s advice to heart.
He loves baseball, and spent this past summer
playing in the West Akron Baseball League. He
also enjoys swimming and belongs to a local
bowling league. On the weekends, he runs the
audio visual booth at his church. This year,
as an 8th grader at Akron’s Litchfield Middle
School, he works in the office, plays clarinet in
band and sings in the school choir.
Throughout their journey, Caleb and Charice
have relied on the support of friends, their
church family and the team at Akron Children’s
“Kids come first at Akron Children’s – I can’t
say enough about Dr. Toth and the rest of
the hospital staff,” says Charice. “I have
a phenomenal support system. There’s a
multitude of people who care for, and about,
me and my child. Everyone is so caring, kind
and personable – from doctors and nurses to
therapists and volunteers.”
So Caleb and Charice began the long process
on what was hopefully a road to improved
Overcoming the obstacles
Every six weeks for the past five years, Caleb
visits Akron Children’s Hospital to undergo IV
“His condition has markedly improved,” says
Dr. Toth. “He still has some active bouts of the
disease, and a side effect of the medication has
led him to contract psoriasis, which he uses
cream medications to treat. However, both his
Crohn’s and arthritis are doing much better.”
Because of the weakness in his legs from the
arthritis, Caleb wears leg braces to keep his
ankles and knees straight. He also frequently
visits the hospital for physical therapy and
“I tell my son that yes, there is sickness in life,
but his sickness is not a crutch,” said Charice.
“You have to get up and keep moving.”
Building a strong foundation. Caleb frequently
undergoes physical therapy and hydrotherapy at Akron
Children’s rehabilitative services. Therapists including
Beatrica Kovacova, PTA, work with him to strengthen his
lower body, combating the weakness that’s caused by his
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
This past June, Caleb and his mother
traveled to Washington, D.C. for the
Children’s Hospital Association’s annual
“Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy
Day.” Before leaving, he met with hospital
leadership, including (L-R) Bernett Williams,
vice president for external affairs,
Bill Considine, president and CEO and
Charlie Solley, government relations director.
Becoming a voice for others
Their journey took an unexpected turn in June.
Nominated by Dr. Toth and selected by the hospital,
Charice and Caleb represented Akron Children’s
and all its patients during the Children’s Hospital
Association’s annual “Speak Now for Kids Family
Advocacy Day” in Washington, D.C.
The trip gives legislators a chance to meet people
affected by healthcare policy decisions. Issues that
impact children’s hospitals and their patients include
cuts to programs that fund medical education to
parents and other parents of special needs children,
letting our lawmakers know that this funding needs to
be kept in place.”
During his time in D.C., Caleb got to walk the halls
of Capitol Hill, and meet Congresswoman Nancy
Pelosi, Rep. Tim Ryan, and other lawmakers while
representing the hospital.
“It was an eye-opening experience for both of us,” says
Charice. “I do believe one day Caleb will make it to
D.C. himself and become part of the movers and
shakers of the world. He’s just that kind of person.”
13-year-old Caleb Thurman was diagnosed with
Crohn’s disease and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at
a very young age. Today, he’s on the road to improved
health thanks to the team of physicians, specialists
and therapists at Akron Children’s Hospital.
train future doctors, ongoing concerns about drug
shortages, and funding for safety-net programs
like Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Health’s
Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH) –
a program that has brought Charice immense relief.
“I’m a single, full-time working mom of a special needs
child,” says Charice. “I have good private insurance,
but I need help filling in the gaps. BCMH covers all
of Caleb’s medical costs above what my insurance
covers. I went to D.C. to be a voice for other working
As Caleb and Charice continue on their journey,
they’re grateful for the care and support they receive
from Akron Children’s Hospital.
“Akron Children’s loves your child as if they were
their own,” says Charice. “There’s no doubt that
the hospital provides the highest quality care in the
region. As a parent, you always want to do what’s
best for your child. And one of the best things I ever
did was take my son to Akron Children’s Hospital.”
Grant addresses needs of refugee population in Akron
Akron Children’s
Hospital recently
received a $35,000
grant from the Helen
V. Brach Foundation to
create a position for a
bilingual community
health worker (CHW).
This role will help
bridge the gap between
the local medical
community and the
more than 1,400
refugees from Burma
and Bhutan who have
relocated to the greater
Akron area.
Natasha Curtis
“Creating the CHW position sends a strong
message that Akron Children’s is committed
to serving our diverse communities,” says
Natasha Curtis, Akron Children’s language
access services manager. “Relationships
are paramount in interactions with these
populations; investing and building
relationships is the best thing we can do.
Our CHW will help us accomplish this.”
Akron is a United Nations resettlement
community for these refugees. The
Burmese fled human rights abuses by
the Burmese army.
“Refugee families have to overcome many
hurdles to access the U.S. healthcare
system,” says Curtis. “This population also
faces multiple health challenges as a result
of living in refugee camps prior to coming to
the U.S., including malnutrition, infectious
diseases, such as tuberculosis, and poor
oral health. Through this position, we want
to positively impact the health and health
behaviors of these refugee communities.”
The bilingual and bicultural CHW will work
closely with the Burmese and Bhutanese
communities and Akron Children’s,
particularly in the hospital’s Locust
Pediatric Care Group, which counts the
Burma and Bhutan refugees as 20 percent of
its client base. Locust Pediatrics houses the
only healthcare providers for the pediatric
refugee population, serving more than 1,400
refugee and immigrant children. Each month,
10 new families enter the clinic.
“In addition to addressing immediate health
needs, our hope is that the CHW will help
us build trust within these communities and
engage families,” says Curtis. “We want this
person rooted in the community. As that
relationship develops, the members of these
refugee groups will hopefully become more
proactive in reporting health problems so
that in time, we can be more preventive than
Once the position is filled, Curtis believes that
this individual will help the hospital deliver its
mission in new and innovative ways.
“We’re finding a better way to serve and
reach these families,” she says. “By focusing
on building trust, we’re able to deliver care
in a way in which these individuals can
understand and assimilate. It’s through this
that we recognize our own cultural humility
and appreciate that many of the answers to
how we deliver their care need to come from
them. Our CHW will help us achieve this.”
The effort is part of the larger Summit
County Refugee Health Task Force, a
collaborative effort of agencies that directly
serve refugees: Akron Children’s Hospital;
Akron General Medical Center; Summa
Health System; Summit County Public Health
Department; fire and police departments;
International Institute of Akron; Asia, Inc.;
and Office of Refugee Resettlement.
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Awards and Honors
Sumru Bilge-Johnson, MD, Program Director, Child Psychiatry
Fellowship, was awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Faculty
award, Northeast Ohio Medical University, May 2013; chair of
the NEOMED Master Teacher Guild 3rd Annual Chief Resident
Symposium in Rootstown, Ohio, April 2013.
John Bower, MD, received Teaching Service Award from
the Department of Family Medicine at Summa Akron City
Hospital, Akron, Ohio, June 2013.
Jessica S. Castonguay, DO, MPH, received Nationwide
Children’s Hospital GME Scholarship, Nationwide Children’s
Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, 2013.
Blaise Congeni, MD, Director, Division of Infectious Diseases,
received the Teaching Service Award from the Department of
Family Medicine at Summa Akron City Hospital, Akron, Ohio,
June 2013; Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence from
the Department of Pediatrics at Akron Children’s Hospital,
Akron, Ohio, June 2013.
Joseph A. Congeni, MD, Director, Sports Medicine Center,
was awarded the Dr. Carl Krill Award for humanism and
excellence in the field of health, 2013; Legends of Sports
Medicine award for dedication in the field of sports medicine,
Akron, Ohio, 2013.
Michael Forbes, MD, Director, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Clinical Research and Outcomes Analysis Local Medical
Leader, was a Trey Whitfield Foundation, Inc. honoree,
Brooklyn, NY, 2013.
memorial and tribute gifts
Gifts received May 1, 2013 - July 31, 2013
In Honor of ...
Tyler Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allen
Allie Armstrong
Mrs. Elissa Hyatt
Alyssa R. Bell
Ms. Cara L. Beatty
Franklin A. Bell
Ms. Cara L. Beatty
Esther Bernel
Ms. Deborah L. Young
Josephine Bolognue
Ms. Shelley J. Sabistina
Carson Boothe
Ms. Melinda M. Boothe
Austin Bova
Mrs. Marcia J. Koltonski
Jessica L. Boyett
Mrs. Rachel Sewell
Rhonda G. Brightwell
Ms. Sara Aguila
Gavin Buchanan
Ms. Karen D. Wery
Payton Buchanan
Ms. Karen D. Wery
Annika Bunevich
Ms. Deanne S. Bunevich
Trevor Bunevich
Ms. Deanne S. Bunevich
Devon Burks
Ms. Jennifer A. Burks
John Faust
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Roberts
Nolan D. Fosdick
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Fleischer
Madison Frase
Ms. Marla K. Frase
John M. Furino
Mr. Robert Taylor
Rebecca Geiser
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Hansel
Jake Gmerek
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Brubach
Theresa Guttshall
Ms. Jill L. Aldridge
Vicki Haden-Marty
Ms. Michelle Lisco
Richard M. Hamlin
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Wernig
L. Harrelson
Ms. Patricia A. Hornacek
Dennis K. Hartney
Mr. Dana K. Hartney
Helena Hejduk
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Holmes III
Kathy Holmes
Mr. David Goldemberg
Holy Family School and Parish
Mr. Bob and Ms. Vilma Smith
Catherine Hord
Mr. and Mrs. William Pultinas
Rebecca D. Considine
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Stone
Lauren Jackson
Mr. Scott McKinney
Ms. Deidre Stone-Jackson
Ms. Jana Stone
Jason Darke
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Waggoner
Lindsey Jackson
Ms. Jana Stone
Jaquelyn Elbin
Mrs. Patricia Elbin
Nate Johnston
Ms. Susan M. Johnston
Emma Estafen
Ms. Megan E. Ott
Sandy Kahoe
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Roberts
Noah Kendrick
Mrs. Linda L. Carlton
Spiegel Burn Foundation
Harvey Krieger
Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Krieger
John Lamm Jr.
Ms. Maci Mae Wells
Nicholas Libertin
Mrs. Colette S. Libertin
Jacob J. Looman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gefsky
Mr. Paul Garfinkle
Mrs. Susan Ladd
Mrs. Carole Lepilleur
Mrs. Susan Palla
Dr. Erin Rosenberg
Ms. Claire Straus
Ms. Hilarie Yankello
Aidan Lynch
Mr. John W. Solomon
Giada Marmula
Ms. Leslie M. Markulin
Hallie Martin
Ms. Emily G. Boda
Leyna McCarty
Ms. Katherine Dieble
Mrs. Teresa McCarty
Maddie McCarty
Ms. Katherine Dieble
Mrs. Teresa McCarty
Richard McClinton
Ms. Bridgette M. Wright
Tyler McHenry
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McHenry
My grandson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stoffer
Oncology Nurses
Grandma Mayhugh
Robert Pacholewski
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Grigg Jr.
Hayden Patron
Mrs. Jennifer L. Patrone
David Pendley
Ms. Samantha J. Sauceda
Jenny Skerlong
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Campbell
Dr. Arthur Dobkin
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Oby
Mr. Stan Priesand
Ms. Paul Skerlong
Isabella Restaino
Ms. Barbara Restaino
Jude Sanford
Bank of America
Drew Squire
Mr. Benjamin Adelman
Bank of America
Mrs. Constance Hunter
Camden Schmidt
Ms. Tessa E. Schmidt
Emerson Schmidt
Ms. Tessa E. Schmidt
Sunita K. Sharma
Dr. and Mrs. Adarsh Gupta
Maura Simonik
Ms. Mary L. Thomas
Elaine M. Thompson
Mrs. Jackie Amthor
Leah VanHorn
Mr. Paul Van Horn
Joseph Vitale
Mr. Robert A. Klaus
Sara Vollman
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Vollman
Amanda H. Sterneckert
Mr. Scott H. Sterneckert
Blake Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mohney
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Nelson
Connor H. Sterneckert
Mr. Scott H. Sterneckert
Dennis Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hawk
Corina Swartz
Students at Louisville Middle School
Brock Wilbur
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Wilbur
memorial and tribute gifts
In Memory of ...
Gertrude Aberegg
Ms. Helen L. Aberegg
Benjamin Adamek
Ms. Catherine A. Bixenstine
Bobby Allega
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Allega
Gap Foundation Gift Match Program
Daniel Bellino
Mr. Robert W. Bellino
Ralph Bennett
Ms. Nadine A. Sassic
Curtis Benson
Ms. Valerie Vaughn
Timothy Benson
Ms. Valerie Vaughn
Gino Altieri
Stow-Monroe Falls Board of Education
Alonzo Berry
Ms. Cheri L. Berry
Chris Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clark
David E. Appleby
Mr. and Mrs. Cory Kuzyk
Michael Berry
Ms. Linda M. Miconi
Andrew C. Atkinson
Ms. Marti S. Atkinson
John P. Bracht
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Talbert
Walter P. Backlund
Akron Area Retired Fireman
and Widows Association
Fred Braden
Ms. Melissa S. Braden
Pete Bailey
Mr. Richard Porter
Paul Bonhomme
Mr. Brian Bonhomme
Carina R. Britz
Ms. Donna M. Ruther
Daryl H. Brubaker
Ms. Arden G. Agnes
Anthony Bruno
Dr. and Mrs. Joe L. Carpenter
Lucille Bungard
Ms. Barbara J. Bungard
William Bungard
Ms. Barbara J. Bungard
Mary C. Cafarelli
Ms. Janet R. Stark
Roy Cain
Mrs. Karen S. Cain
Dianne Calderone
Ms. Lucille M. Altiero
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Baker
Ms. Brenda K. Black-Shelkofsky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Boone
Bruner-Cox LLP
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Carr
Communications Exhibits
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. DeHoff
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Durr
Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Green
Mr. Jerry M. Haynam
H-P Products
Mr. Michael E. King
Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths and Dougherty Co. LPA
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Layden
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Lonely III
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lupica
Innis Maggiore
Ms. Karen M. Miller
New Bentley Court Condo Association
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Porter
Richmond Vacuum System
Spaner Marketing Communications
Mr. and Mrs. Randy J. Stefansic
Mr. Robert D. Turnbull
Ms. Kelly Wesely
Bruce J. Campbell
A. Crano Excavating Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Adolph
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Baird
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Beal
Bob Bennett Construction Company
Mr. and Mrs. Libert Bozzelli
Ms. Elizabeth A. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Falkenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Iacobucci
Johnson and Parish Title Agency Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Lombardi
Ms. Barbara J. Messina
Ms. Sandra M. Raines
Ms. Elizabeth A. Sheldon
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Stoller
Tiffany and Tanya Carey
Ms. Megan Carey
Charles Carman
Ms. Carol P. DeMatteis
Colin J. Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Valerie E. Carr
Dean Christiansen
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Merchant
Mychal S. Clayton
OMNOVA Solutions Foundation
Willavene Clements
Ms. Sheryl J. Valentine
Peter A. Constantinou
Dr. Georgette and Dr. Stavros Constantinou
Karrie Dodez
Ms. Amy Dodez and Members of Heels from Heaven
Ms. Kelsey Edgell and Ms. Karen Gordon
Jack R. Donatelli
Mr. Brian and Ms. Maria Donatelli Peterson
Roy Copeland
Mr. Rod Wellman
Chester Edwards
Ms. Janet L. Sobnosky
Billy Cunningham
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Richard
R. Bryson
John R. Edwards
Ms. Michelle L. Semko
Mary Lou Cunningham
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Richard
R. Bryson
William G. Ellis
Mrs. Carol Barber
Mrs. G. Dorene Ellis
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Stone
Roseann D’Alesio
Ms. Julie A. Costas
Felicia Ely
Ms. Loretta M. Vasuta
Kathy Daly
Ms. Martha Menningen
Ursula Falther
Tracie Tsai
Austin M. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Leo McGuinness
Richard Fedor
Mrs. LeiAne N. Fedor
Matthew A. Day
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Day
Roberta Fedor
Mrs. LeiAne N. Fedor
Samuel D. Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Alio
Ms. Bonnie Derer
Ms. Angela Di Iorio and Ms. Gina Bigelow
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. McLean
Ms. Arma Scaglione
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Surblis
Ms. Lisa Zenar
Homer Feikert
Ms. Tami Drake
Ms. Loni N. Dye
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Harrold
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Lytle
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Motzko
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Naumoff
Mr. and Mrs. Merlin S. Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Rehm
Ms. Frances L. Scott
Loretta DeMarco
Ms. Eva May Smith
Howard L. Flood
Ms. Dorothy F. Fitzgerald
Sofia I. Dente
Ms. LuAnn K. Kuhl
Abbey Foltz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cappello
Steven R. Diehl
Ms. Alyssa M. Portwood
James R. Dishong
Ms. Coleen Harris
Jack Dobrzynski
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Mowad
Brody T. Gartman
Ms. Jenna D. Landes
Charles E. Griffin
Ms. Patricia Galbraith
Vicki Guzi
Ms. Teresa J. Hedrick
Pauline Harden
Ms. Susan Harnden
Robert L. Harwig
Ms. Jacqueline K. Bennett
Hennasei Heatherly
Ms. Patricia Pence
Kendra A. Hesidence
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Woodburn
Eli J. Hespenheide
Ms. Dianne M. Papes
Molly Hespenheide
Ms. Dianne M. Papes
John J. Higgins
Ms. Debra A. Kostelic
Bruce Hillman
Rubber Capital Jim Beam Bottle Club
Marica Horst
Ms. Tammy D. Smith
Katie Houck
Mr. Jeffrey Houck
Deanna Jerin
Ms. Theresa K. Moore
Donald P. Johns
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kelley
Jennifer A. Kaplan
Dominion Foundation Matching Gift Program
Cody Kelly
Dr. Catherine A. Kelly-Langen
James Foulk
Ms. Barbara G. Swartz
Jacob T. Kerns
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Shives
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Cullison
Isabel M. Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Christian S. Gerig
Matthew Kirven
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Endres
Karen L. Kleinfeld
Ms. Betty K. Siegfried
memorial and tribute gifts
Ainsley L. Knepper
Ms. Judy C. Scull
Ms. Kristin A. Juarovisech
John D. Kramer
Dr. Joseph T. Michels Sr.
Benjamin Krebs
Ms. Melonie B. Michelson
Ryan Krebs
Ms. Melonie B. Michelson
Gary Lauer
Mr. Justin J. Lauer
Kayla J. LaVoie
Ms. Sharon K. Mick
Ms. Bonnie J. Workman
John G. Lemon
SGM Edward J. Miller USA Ret.
Alivia M. Leverknight
Mr. Henry E. Hill
Ms. Dorothy C. Rassman
Rogers United Methodist Church
Nicholas Libertin
Mrs. Colette S. Libertin
Wanda Maas
Ms. Patricia Bartosik
Baby Maibach
Ms. Valerie J. Csepe
Claude Massey
Mrs. LeiAne N. Fedor
Helen Massey
Mrs. LeiAne N. Fedor
Marvin Maxwell
Ms. Sheryl J. Valentine
Tommy L. McFadden
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hedges
Mrs. Barbara McFadden
Ms. Bernetta J. McFadden
David Meckler
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kamenir
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Perelman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Reaven
Frances P. Milec
Ms. Marianne M. Sanders
John Milec
Ms. Marianne M. Sanders
Loretta Mills
Mr. Franklin D. Sturgeon
Vittle Village
Ms. Lynnelle B. Zimmerman
Eugene J. Mowad
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Mowad
Rose C. Parrotto
Dr. Cassandra Hirsh and Mr. Brian Harrell
David L. Partin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Partin
Jake Paulocsak
Ms. Mary Crabtree
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Goodwin
Mr. Michael Grandstaff
Ms. Nancy Niemesch
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Osborn
Nancy M. Pelino-King
Mr. and Mrs. Evan L. Case
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Goodman
Mr. Donald A. King
Ms. Pamela D. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Stoneking
Ms. Melinda S. Zemba
Carissa J. Sampsel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Berk
Ms. Michelle C. Chaido
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Hollingsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Merchant
Mr. and Mrs. John Neiss
Mr. Larry R. Parsons
Ms. Molly A. Ravine
Women’s Board of Akron Children’s Hospital
Richard Scheidegger
Ms. Sandra N. Ashton
Emmeline J. Schumacher
Mr. Steven Roman
Timken Company Charitable and Educational Fund Inc.
Dorothy Scott
Ms. Suzanne M. Felter
Joseph Scott
Ms. Suzanne M. Felter
Judd W. Seavy
Mr. and Mrs. Firestone
Anthony Shingelton
Ms. Cynthia M. Richards
Mrs. Mary Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Jess V. Shingleton II
Betty L. Slabaugh
Ms. Carol A. Eckroate
Charles A. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sadie
Matthew G. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Smith
Kathleen Post
Ms. Frances W. Keller
Daniel Snider
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Quine
Beverly Reese
Ms. Beth A. Larch
Gwen Spies
Mr. Richard Porter
Herbert E. Reising
Ms. Lynda M. Nossaman
Tenley J. Riffle
Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Zahler
Stephanie Stanley
Mrs. Sharon M. and Floyd W. Juszli
Andrew Thomas
Mrs. Marnie DeJohn
Hatti Rohrer
Ms. Kelsi Rohrer
Shelly Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Alfeld
William F. Rosenblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Maynard
Belva J. Tochinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Evans
Ms. Alice M. Krull
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Norton
Mr. Walter Staudenmaier
Zygmont Tulodzieski
Ms. Karyn A. Meeks
Cody Vance
Ms. Margaret A. Collins
Tyler Vance
Ms. Margaret A. Collins
John Vodila
Ms. Patricia F. Vodila
Lewis H. Walker
Akron Children’s Hospital Human Resources
Akron Children’s Hospital Medical Staff
Akron Children’s Hospital Social Work Department
Akron General Medical Center
Dr. Mark and Dr. Sandra K. Auburn
Ms. Carol Barber
Dr. and Mrs. Blaise L. Congeni
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Gui
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hoelscher
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kamenir
Ms. Carol L. Keeler
Mr. Jefferson W. Keener Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Kloss
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Lettieri
Ms. Eileen C. McClarnon
Ms. Lisa M. Metash
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Pullekins
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Vollman
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Walker
Mr. John M. Weletyk
Dr. Ralph White
Harold S. Welner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Champlin
Ms. Faye J. Haws
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Stewart
Ella F. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson E. Stull
Mrs. Michelle Young
In Celebration of ...
Adam Burroughs
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Kidder
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calendar of events
Friday, November 22
Holiday Tree Festival Preview Gala
John S. Knight Center
5:30 p.m.
Friday, November 22
Wish You Were Here concert to benefit
Palliative Care
Akron Civic Theatre
8 p.m.
Saturday, November 23 – Sunday, December 1
Holiday Tree Festival
John S. Knight Center
Times vary
Saturday, November 23 and November 30
Breakfast with Santa
John S. Knight Center
8:30 a.m.
Monday, November 25
Quaker Steak and Lube Dine to Donate
North Canton Quaker Steak and Lube
4 – 9 p.m.
Tuesday, December 3
Giving Tuesday
Support Akron Children’s Hospital
Wednesday, December 4
Quaker Steak and Lube Give Back Night
Boardman Quaker Steak and Lube
5 – 9 p.m.
Thursday, December 5
A Children’s Holiday Tree Lighting and
Anniversary Celebration
Beeghly campus, Building C
5:30 p.m.
Friday, December 6
Children’s Tree of Lights
Akron Children’s Hospital Atrium Lobby
5:30 p.m.
Saturday, December 7
Mahoning Valley Breakfast with Santa
Antone’s Banquet Centre, Boardman
9 – 11 a.m.
Friday, December 13
Holiday Hopes and Wishes Luncheon
Mr. Anthony’s, Boardman
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Saturday, December 28
Charity Ball
E.J. Thomas Hall
6 p.m
Monday, December 30
Quaker Steak and Lube Dine to Donate
North Canton Quaker Steak and Lube
4 – 9 p.m.
Thursday, February 13 – February 15
“Have a Heart, Do Your Part” radiothon,
presented by 98.1 WKDD
Akron Children’s Hospital Atrium Lobby
Times Vary
For more information about these events or
how you can become a special event coordinator,
contact: JoAnn Stock, director of development
at Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley,
at 330-746-9122 or Sara Lundenberger, special
events coordinator at Akron Children’s Hospital,
at 330-543-8037. For a complete listing of
all Akron Children’s Hospital events, visit
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