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Travelling with children can sometimes be a challenge – but it should always be a
great adventure.
At Heathrow we’re determined to make every family’s journey better – so please use this
guide packed with useful information, tips and advice especially for families, and discover
how your family can get the very best from our airport, keeping the kids entertained while
enjoying a smooth and stress-free journey.
Have a great trip!
Quick tips
Getting to and from Heathrow
Preparing for security
Family facilities and services
Special situations and Special assistance
Departing from Heathrow
Flight connections
Arriving at Heathrow
Keeping the kids entertained
Inside you’ll find plenty of
useful information on our
family facilities, services,
security requirements,
activity pages for your
children and much more…
Quick tips
Before you set off
Go door-to-door
Extra supplies
Be pushchair aware
Our quick and convenient valet parking
service is available at all terminals, with
employees waiting, ready to meet you,
before parking your car in a Heathrow
approved car park.
For essentials such as baby milk and
medication, you’ll find a branch of Boots
after security in all terminals. To make
your journey easier you can pre-order
your baby supplies and collect them
before you board your flight. For more
information please see page 17.
We do not currently offer a pushchair hire
service at Heathrow. Pushchairs and car
seats are allowed through security but
please check with your airline before
travelling as many airlines have their own
size restrictions.
You’ll also find free trolleys, and porters
for further assistance. On your return
simply go to the valet office to collect
your car.
Find prices and more at
Got a cot?
Many airlines provide pre-booked sky
cots, bassinets or special child seats.
To find out if your airline offers this
service, get in touch using the contact
details on
Ask your airline if it provides activity packs
for children.
You can find
terminal maps
don’t forget to
print a copy to
bring with you.
When I went on holiday I packed... a memory game.
The first person thinks of a word beginning with
’a’, for example ‘when I went on holiday I packed
an apple.’ The next person has to remember the
apple and think of an item starting with the letter
’b’, ‘when I went on holiday I packed an apple and
a beach ball’. The game carries on through the
alphabet until someone forgets an item.
In-flight entertainment
Heathrow app
For live flight info,
terminal guides,
maps, travel
information and
more, download
now – free from
your app store, on
your mobile phone
just search for the Heathrow Airport
guide or see
When packing your bags
Be prepared
Baby baggage allowance
I’m hungry
You’re more likely to forget something
if you’re busy searching in your hand
baggage, checking in and keeping an
eye on your family at the same time. So
carry all your travel documents such as
passports and boarding cards in one easily
reached place, and make sure your hand
baggage meets security requirements
before you leave home. To learn about
how to prepare for security, see page 10.
Baby bags, including nappies and wet
wipes, can all be taken through security.
But check with your airline if you’re
allowed to carry a baby bag in addition
to your hand baggage allowance.
Bring snacks to keep your children
going. Sandwiches, sweets and crisps
are allowed through security.
There are no limits for formula milk
powder. There are water fountains
available in the departure lounge,
bottled water can be purchased in
shops after security and your airline
can provide water on your flight.
Baby milk and liquids
If you’re travelling with a baby you can
bring prepared milk and expressed milk
in cartons or bottles over 100ml. You can
also bring baby food or puréed food in
jars and containers over 100ml. These
containers don’t need to fit into your
resealable bag. All liquids that aren’t baby
milk, baby food or prescription medicine
need to be in containers no larger than
100ml each. That’s your water, shampoos,
toothpastes, sun creams, hair gels and
so on. These need to be kept in a clear,
resealable bag that’s no bigger than 20cm
x 20cm with no words or branding on it.
These bags are available free at Heathrow.
Little helpers
you may be asked
to taste milk / juice.
Q. Mother
“My son really
suffers with the
changes in air
pressure when
flying, what can
I do to help?”
Give your children their own backpacks
to carry their toys, books and snacks;
it will help to lighten your load.
If your children have packed any bags
themselves, please take a moment to
check that they haven’t brought along
any toy guns, wands, water pistols, toy
bombs, toy swords, Christmas crackers,
or liquids / gels.
A. A top tip from a steward
“My daughter also suffers, so I often take
a dissolving decongestant capsule with me
and ask a steward to melt it in hot water
on the descent. Alternatively Boots, located
in all departure lounges, sell flight earplugs
that can help to relieve the discomfort
associated with air pressure changes.”
More ideas throughout
the brochure >
At the airport
On the plane
Protecting ears
Changes in air pressure can upset little
ears. Swallowing helps to equalise the
pressure, so remember to bring sweets
for older children to suck on.
Wrap up warm
Be sure to bring your children some
warm clothes for the flight, even if
you are travelling to somewhere hot.
The trick with toys
Family lanes
Free trolleys
Look out for our special Fast Track Family
lanes; they will help you to fly through
security with ease. See page 14.
Trolleys are provided for your use free of
charge in key areas around the terminal
buildings. Arriving passengers will find
plenty of trolleys in baggage reclaim,
and these can be taken to the car park,
bus station or rail station access points.
Trolleys are also provided on the
departures concourse. Please note that
they can’t be taken through security.
Priority boarding
Most airlines allow families with small
children to board the aircraft first. Even
so, it’s worth getting to the departure
gate on time to give airline staff time
to assist you.
Free charge points
Free Power Pole charging stations
are available in all Heathrow departure
lounges, they have European and UK
plug points. You can use them to
charge up to eight electronic devices
all at once.
Bring them, but don’t hand them all
out at once – keep surprising children
throughout the journey. It’s also helpful
to bring their favourite soft toys for
them to snuggle up with.
You’ll be up and away in no time
at all!
Allow extra time
It will take longer to get around
the airport if you’re carrying babies
or walking with youngsters.
Here to help
You’ll see our passenger ambassadors
in purple uniforms all around the
terminal. If you need help with
anything, just ask them.
you can charge
your electronic
devices for free.
It’s easy to get
in touch with
your airline
See who can stay quiet for the
longest...the winner (the last
person to make a noise) gets
a treat.
See if the children
can spot seven
things at Heathrow
beginning with the
letter ’S’.
Getting to and from Heathrow
Heathrow is 15 miles west of central London and easily reached by road or public transport.
In this section you’ll find helpful information for planning your journey to the airport, whether
you’re arriving by car, coach, bus or train.
Driving to Heathrow
Terminals 1 and 3
Family car parking bays
These two terminals are located close together at the centre
of the airport site. Exit the M4 (junction 4) or M25 (junction 15)
and follow signs for Heathrow Terminals 1 and 3.
Long and short stay car parks at all our terminals have
extra-wide car parking bays especially for families. You’ll
find these bays clearly marked, well signposted, and located
close to the bus stops and customer service offices within
each car park.
Postcodes for satellite navigation:
Terminal 1 – TW6 1AP, Terminal 3 – TW6 1QG
Terminal 4
This terminal is in the southern part of the airport site and has a
separate entrance. Exit the M25 at junction 14 and follow signs
for Heathrow Terminal 4. If you’re coming from the M4, leave at
junction 4b and follow the M25 south to junction 14.
Dropping off
There are drop-off lanes outside every terminal. Drivers
dropping-off passengers need to follow the departures signs
for the relevant terminal, then use the drop-off lane, which is
the outside lane in all terminals (apart from Terminal 5 where
both lanes on the departures forecourt can be used).
Postcode for satellite navigation: TW6 3XA
Valet parking
Terminal 5
This terminal is on the Western Perimeter Road and has its own
separate access road, reached from junction 14 of the M25. If
you’re arriving via the M4, exit at junction 4b and follow the
M25 south to junction 14.
Postcode for satellite navigation: TW6 2GA
Our quick and convenient valet parking service is available at
all terminals, where employees wait ready to meet you, before
parking your car in a Heathrow approved car park.You’ll also
find free trolleys, and porters for further assistance. On you
return simply go to the valet office to collect your car.
Find prices and more at
Find out more about transport, directions and parking options
By train
Trains offer the quickest link between Heathrow and central
London. There are two services to choose from; the Heathrow
Express, which travels non-stop between Heathrow and
London’s Paddington station in just 15 minutes (a few minutes
more for T4 and T5), and Heathrow Connect, which travels the
same journey in 26 minutes, while calling at stations through
west London.
A 50% discount off standard adult fares on Heathrow Express
and Connect trains may be available to children between the
age of five and 15. Children under
the age of five travel for free.
Family & Friends Railcards,
Kids Travel
for discounted travel, are
Free during holiday
accepted at the ticket
periods. For full details
office but they will not
please visit
be accepted online or
on-board the train. Look
or call 0845 600 1515
out for special offers for families
Journey time is under an hour and you shouldn’t have to wait
longer than ten minutes for a train, even off-peak.
Heathrow has three London Underground stations – one for
Terminals 1 and 3, one each at Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.
Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3 station is in the central area
between the terminals, which are a few minutes’ walk away
via underground walkways. Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 stations
are in the basements of the terminal buildings. All stations are
in Travelcard Zone 6.
For more information on the London Underground please
visit or call 084 3222 1234.
Family discounts are available on selected off-peak
journeys with a Family & Friends Railcard.
By bus and coach
Frequent bus and coach services link Heathrow with destinations
throughout Britain.
Heathrow Express
Heathrow Express offers the fastest journey between the airport
and central London, with non-stop trains running every 15
minutes. Trains run between 05:10 and 23:25 from Paddington,
and between 05:03 and 23:58 from Heathrow.
Tickets can be bought on the internet, at the station or on-board
the train. For fares, timetables and special offers, or to book
tickets, visit or call 0845 600 1515.
Heathrow Connect
This stopping service to London runs every 30 minutes; calling
at local stations in west London and reaching Paddington in 26
minutes. Trains from Paddington terminate at Heathrow Central
(for Terminals 1 and 3). Passengers travelling to Terminal 4 or
Terminal 5 should change on to the Heathrow Express service
at Heathrow Central – travel between terminals is free.
For timetable information visit
or call National Rail Enquiries on 0845 748 4950.
By Underground
London Underground’s Piccadilly Line provides the most
cost-effective rail route between Heathrow and the capital.
National Express and other operators run services from
Heathrow to more than 500 UK destinations.
Find out more at or call 084 3222 1234.
Local buses
An extensive bus network operates around Heathrow and to
destinations in west London and the Thames Valley. Find out
more at or call 020 7222 1234.
Hotel buses
Direct bus services operate between Heathrow terminals
and a large number of hotels near the airport.
Find out more about the Hotel Hoppa and the Hotel by Bus
service at or call 020 8754 7344.
Buses to rail stations
Direct, luxury Rail-air coaches and buses connect Heathrow to
the National Rail network. You can buy a combined coach and
train ticket to cover your whole journey. Rail-air coaches run
between Heathrow and Reading, Woking or Watford Junction
from early morning until late at night. There’s also a 24-hour
bus service, number 285, to Feltham rail station. Find out more
about Rail-air bus links at
Players count to three then make their hands into
the shape of a rock (clenched fist), paper (flat
hand) or scissors (hands clenched with index and
middle finger stretched out into the shape of
scissors). Rock crushes scissors but is smothered
by paper, paper smothers rock but is cut by
scissors and scissors cut paper but are crushed by
rock. The winner is the best of three.
For best savings
book your valet
parking in advance.
Preparing for security
How can I best prepare before check-in?
What should I do before the X-Ray machine?
Limit your hand baggage to include only the items you’ll need
on board the plane.
Pack baby milk and food separately
– Place in a tray for screening
– You may be asked to taste these.
All liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes are only allowed
through security in containers not exceeding 100ml volume.
Exceptions may be made to the 100ml rules for liquid baby
milk and food.
Please carry only the baby food you need for the flight in your
hand baggage. You may be asked to open the containers and
taste the contents.
Children’s medication over 100ml required during the flight
is allowed in hand baggage with proof of requirement,
eg. doctor’s letter or prescription.
Have children’s medication required for the flight ready
for inspection with proof of requirement (doctor’s letter
or prescription).
All games and toys, books, blankets and stickers, will be
Pushchairs, car seats and other child-related equipment
will be X-Rayed.
Please fold pushchairs.
Oversized items will be screened separately.
Children’s shoes with Velcro strap fastenings will be more
convenient than shoelaces should you be asked to remove
your child’s footwear at security.
What happens at the metal detection arch?
Check size restrictions for hand baggage and pushchairs with
your airline.
If the alarm sounds, the child will be searched with an
accompanying adult present.
No toys resembling weapons, such as toy guns, swords or toy
bombs are allowed in your hand baggage.
Children who can walk unaided can go through the arch alone.
Children who cannot walk unaided should be carried through
the arch.
If the alarm sounds, you will both be searched.
Frequently asked questions
Am I allowed to take children’s puzzle books, games and
stickers on board?
Can I take wet wipes on the plane?
Can I take milk powder with me to make up a bottle
of milk on the plane?
What about bottles or cartons of prepared milk
or sterilised water? Do they need to be a maximum
of 100ml?
If you are travelling with a baby, you may take over 100ml of
these items in a reasonable quantity needed for your flight.
They do not have to fit into the resealable bag. You may be
asked to open the containers and taste the contents. There are
no limits for formula milk powder. Bottled water can be bought
in the shops after security, there are free water fountains after
security and your airline can also provide water during the flight.
What about puréed food?
The rules for puréed food for your child are the same as milk:
you may take puréed food in reasonable amounts over 100ml
for your flight. You may however, be asked to taste the contents.
For adults, puréed food is treated as a liquid and is permitted
in containers over 100ml if required for medical reasons and
accompanied by proof of requirement (eg. a doctor’s letter
or prescription).
Can I take liquid medicines on to the plane?
You are permitted to carry quantities of liquid medication that
exceed your personal liquid allowance, but only in instances
when it will be necessary for you to take this extra medication
during your flight. All medication should be accompanied by
documentary proof of authenticity, such as a prescription or
letter from a medical practitioner confirming that you need
them for your journey. Liquid medication that is not required on
the flight should be carried as hold baggage. To find out more
about travelling with medicines visit
Can I buy cartons of formula milk from the shops
after security?
Yes. Boots sell ready-to-drink formula in both 250ml and 500ml
sizes after security.
What about jars of baby food?
If you are travelling with a baby, you may carry baby food in
reasonable amounts for the flight. You may however, be asked
to open the containers and taste the contents. The jars do not
need to go into your transparent, resealable bag.
Can we carry sandwiches and crisps?
How can I get assistance?
Maximum 100ml
of liquids,
and pastes are
and pastes are allowed
through security.
Ask a security officer for advice on how to prepare or for help
gathering your bags together.
Keep a clothes peg
in your handbag. It
makes a great, quiet,
small toy, it also
means that should the
children have any crisps
or biscuits, the packet
can be sealed up again
without having to finish
it or throw it away.
Higher or lower –
Think of a number between 1 and 100, get your kids to
guess the number you are thinking of. You can only answer
them by saying higher or lower, for example:
“Is it 50?” “Higher”
“Is it 62?” “Lower”
“Is it 57?” “Higher”
“Is it 61?” “Yes”
Whoever guesses the correct number gets to pick one next.
For younger children try one to ten or one to 20.
Baggage allowances
Left baggage at Heathrow
Baggage allowances are determined by airlines and will depend
on factors such as fare paid, class of travel, route, aircraft type,
government regulations, and the airline’s commercial and health
and safety policies.
There are left baggage storage facilities in each terminal at
Heathrow. Baggage items can be stored for a few
hours or up to 90 days. All items are subject to security
checks, including X-Ray screening and random hand searches.
Airlines generally set a ’free baggage allowance’, expressed by
’weight’ and by ’piece’. They may allow, and set charges, for
baggage not meeting these criteria (excess baggage). Travellers
are advised to check baggage allowances with their airline when
booking to avoid confusion or complications at check-in.
Left baggage services are operated by the Excess Baggage
Company. Visit their dedicated left baggage and baggage
storage website for more information. Alternatively, call
020 8759 3344 or email heathrow[email protected]
Baggage enquiries
Left baggage office locations
Baggage handling and delivery are the responsibility of the
airline from check-in until collection. If you leave anything
on an aircraft or an airline bus, you should contact the airline
immediately. Some airlines subscribe to a replacement service
for baggage which has been damaged in transit. For details
please contact your airline directly.
Terminal 1
Excess baggage and unaccompanied items
The Excess Baggage Company provides services including:
Forwarding of excess or unaccompanied baggage
(UK or worldwide)
Baggage wrapping
Baggage storage (left baggage).
Express, premium and economy services are available.
Visit for details.
Unusual or outsize baggage
Arrivals level (ground floor), next to lifts for Heathrow Express.
Opening hours: 06:00 – 23:00.
Terminal 3
Arrivals level (ground floor).
Opening hours: 05.30 – 23:00.
Terminal 4
Arrivals and mezzanine level (ground floor), west end
of arrivals hall.
Opening hours: 05:30 – 23:00.
Terminal 5
Arrivals level (ground floor), UK arrivals end.
Opening hours: 05:30 – 23:00.
For security reasons there are no storage lockers for baggage
at Heathrow.
Please inform your airline or handling agent about any outsize
or unusual items of baggage well in advance of departure.
Frequently asked questions
Am I allowed to take a baby bag as well as my own
cabin bag, if my child is sitting on my lap?
Please check with your airline, as each has different rules on
cabin baggage.
Am I allowed to take my child’s pushchair to the gate?
Yes, these items will need to be X-Ray screened, so your child /
children will have to be lifted out at security.
Can we take baby car seats (for use on the plane)
through security?
These may be carried through security, however, please
check with your airline as each has different rules on what
is permitted.
Similar to twenty questions – take it in
turns to think of an object, everyone has
to work out what the object is by asking
questions. The catch being that you are
only allowed to answer yes or no. For
younger children try suggesting they
think of an animal.
‘Can it swim?’ ‘Yes’
‘Does it have sharp teeth?’ ‘Yes’
‘Is it a crocodile?’ ‘Yes’
Family facilities and services
In this section we’d like to tell you more about the dedicated family facilities
and services we offer here at Heathrow, such as our great children’s Stay &
Play areas, or our Reserve & Collect service, allowing you to pre-order baby
milk that’s ready to collect once you’ve passed security.
As a member of the Mumsnet Family Friendly programme we’re proud to have already won a Mumsnet
Innovation Award, and as we’re always working to make every family’s journey better, if you have any
ideas for further family-friendly improvements please contact us at [email protected]
Family lanes at security
We’re giving your family the inside track at security – look for the signs for dedicated Family lanes.
Quick tips to get you through security quickly:
Pack all toys and clothing into your hand baggage. Keep
large electrical equipment, such as laptops and tablets,
at the top as they will be screened separately
Put baby milk / food and prescription medication for your
journey (that’s any allowed liquids over 100ml) separately
into the tray provided
Place any liquids allowed on the plane in volumes above
100ml (such as baby milk / food and prescription medication
for your journey) separately into the tray provided
Fold pushchairs as you approach security.
The first player thinks of something they
can see and says ‘I spy with my little eye
something beginning with...’ The winner is
the first to guess correctly, they then take
the next turn. For smaller children try ‘I
spy an object’ the child then looks for the
object or ‘I spy with my little eye something
red’ the child has to look for red objects.
Stay & Play areas
Mother’s nursing rooms
You’ll find plenty to keep the children amused pre-flight in our
free Stay & Play areas.
We have rooms for nursing mothers’ before and
after security in Terminal 1, after security in Terminal 3
and before security in Terminal 4 – look for signs with
this symbol. Many are located next to the baby
changing facilities.
Located in all terminals, these facilities feature separate baby
and junior zones, and include slides, soft play areas, and lots
more to keep your young ones occupied and entertained.
Stay & Play is suitable for children aged 0 – 9 (T1 and T3 for
children aged 2 – 8), but they must be accompanied by an adult.
Chapel and Multi-faith prayer room
Heathrow has chaplains representing the Anglican,
Catholic and Free Church denominations, as well as
faith representatives from the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish,
Muslim and Sikh faiths.
Opening hours are between 6am and 9pm.
Terminal 1
The seasonal Stay & Play area is in the international
departure lounge (after security), next to Caffe Nero and Dixons.
We have a Christian chapel known as St George’s and
a prayer room for all faiths. Both are at Inner Ring
West, Heathrow, Hounslow TW6 1BP (between
Terminals 1 and 3 and close to the Central Bus Station).
Terminal 3
A quiet room for children aged 0 – 15, soft play area for toddlers
aged 0 – 2, play area for children aged 3 – 9 and an area for
children aged 10 – 15. There is also plenty of comfortable
seating for parents and guardians who must remain with their
children at all times. Follow the signage for Lounge A.
Terminal 4
The Chapel is below ground level; it is usually open from
07:00 to 19:00
The Multi-faith prayer room is at street level above the main
Chapel; it is open from 07:00 to 19:00. Muslim prayers are
held on Fridays at 13:00.
The Stay & Play area is in departures (after security),
on the way to gates 1 – 6.
Terminal 5
Stay & Play is in the main Terminal 5A departures area
(after security), near to Gate A7 (just past Wetherspoons).
Visit to download our terminal maps.
Baby changing
There are baby changing facilities in each terminal
at Heathrow, both before and after security – just
look for signs with this symbol. Many are located
next to the toilets.
Family toilets
We have special family toilets in Terminal 1, both
before and after security and in Terminal 3 after
security – look for signs with this symbol.
Heathrow airport lounges
No matter who you’re flying with, booking into one of
Heathrow’s airport lounges is great way for families to escape
the crowds and relax, with complimentary drinks and snacks,
newspapers and magazines all included in the cost.
The following Heathrow lounges are all located after security,
and therefore only available to passengers. To book or find out
more, visit our Heathrow airport lounge booking website below.
Servisair Executive Lounge
Terminal 1 and Terminal 3
Get your trip off to a flying start in the Servisair Executive
Lounge. You’ll enjoy service and hospitality for up to three
hours before your flight with facilities including:
No.1 Traveller Lounge
Terminal 3
Relax in style before you fly at the No.1 Traveller Lounge.
Facilities include:
Complimentary food and drink
Free Wi-Fi plus newspapers and magazines
Games rooms and cinema
Family room
Runway views
Travel spa
Complimentary alcoholic and soft drinks, tea,
coffee and snacks
Single and twin bedrooms.
Internet access, computer points, phone and fax
Please note there is a separate charge for Travel Spa, Al a Carte
menu and bedroom access.
Television and a selection of newspapers and magazines
Comfortable chairs in quiet surroundings.
For more information or to book call 0844 335 1000 or visit
Please note that a charge is made for champagne, phones
and fax.
For more information or to book visit
A two person game –
Draw a grid of dots, eight by eight (or more if you want to make the game
more challenging).
Each player takes it in turns to link up two of the dots with a line. No
diagonal lines allowed. The aim is to form as many squares as possible.
If a player does complete a square, they write their initial in it. At
the end of the game once all the boxes are complete, tally up how many
boxes each player has. The winner is the person with the most boxes.
Reserve & Collect
Why use Reserve & Collect?
How to order
Reserve & Collect is a free service that allows you to pre-order
items from Heathrow retail stores then collect them conveniently
in the departures lounge. It’s the perfect way of guaranteeing
you fly with your family’s essentials, while helping you clear
security with less to carry.
Reservations can be taken four weeks to 48 hours
before departure. Please visit,
email us at [email protected] or call
us on 0800 678 5324.
Pre-order baby milk with
Reserve & Collect
At Heathrow you can lighten
the load by pre-ordering
products for your baby before
you travel and then collecting
them from Boots after you’ve
passed through security.
When to collect
Boots – Terminal 1
Opening hours: 05:00 – 22:00
Boots – Terminal 3
Opening hours: 05:30 – 21:30
Boots – Terminal 4
Opening hours: 05:30 – 22:00
Ensure the items
you want to buy
are waiting for you
when you arrive
Boots – Terminal 5
Opening hours: 05:30 – 22:00
Take it in turns to pick a word, everyone must then try
to think of words that rhyme with it taking it in turns
to answer. For example ‘bag’ ‘flag’ ‘tag’. This carries
on until the chain is broken; the loser gets to pick a
new word.
Airport concierge
Departure airport concierge
Heathrow concierge service is a friendly and efficient personal
assistance service, and an ideal choice for families. You’ll find
our concierges ready to meet you on arrival before personally
escorting you through the airport, all the way to your aircraft
or onward destination.
Arrival concierge
A fast and helpful arrival service from the time you leave
your aircraft to your final destination.
What you can expect
The concierge greets you on the pier as you exit from
your aircraft
A speedy departure service to get you on your way with
the minimum fuss.
What you can expect
The concierge greets you kerbside
Baggage porters ready to collect and transfer baggage
to check-in
Assistance with all check-in and security procedures
Escort to the departure lounge
Easier journey through the terminal to the aircraft gate.
Transferring between flights at Heathrow
Easier journey through the terminal
Assistance with any visa or landing card requirements
A stress free transit service assisting you from the moment
you touch down until you take off again.
Assistance with immigration and customs procedures
What you can expect:
Baggage porters to collect and transfer baggage
to your transport
The concierge greets you on the pier as you exit from
your aircraft
Escort to chauffeur-driven cars parked in the forecourt
directly outside arrivals.
Swifter, assisted progress through all ticketing and
security procedures (if bags are not through checked)
Escort to the departure lounge, then onward to the aircraft
gate when you are ready to board.
To book please visit for a price list.
Heathrow lost property service
Heathrow porter service
Search for your missing property at, or find the
lost property offices in Terminals 3 and 5:
Skycaps porters are always ready to assist with your baggage.
The service costs from £9.00 for a standard amount of
baggage. Porters are available on terminal forecourts
and in baggage reclaim halls.
On your departure they will meet you and
your party on the forecourt and escort your
baggage to the check-in desk. On your
return journey they will meet you and
your party by the carousel and take you
and your baggage to a point of transport
or a waiting relative.
For further information please telephone:
020 8745 6011 or visit
• Terminal 3: In the Heathrow Express building,
below arrivals
• Terminal 5: In the arrivals hall, near domestic arrivals
are free at
• If you lose something in Terminal 1 or 4
please log on to
Contact us
Opening hours: 07:00 – 19:00 daily
Phone hours: 09:30 – 16:30 daily
Phone: 0844 824 3115 (within UK)
020 8634 4130 (international)
Special situations
and Special assistance
Flying whilst pregnant
Unaccompanied minors
Air travel is generally safe for expectant mothers, however each
airline will have their own policies and provisions for welcoming
pregnant mothers on board, so check with your carrier to make
sure you can travel.
Most airlines will allow children between the ages of 12 and 15
to fly accompanied by an airline escort, providing that the child
is accompanied to the check-in desk of the departing airport by
a parent or guardian. Some airlines also require the parent or
guardian to remain at the airport until the flight has departed.
Here are a few key tips on travelling when pregnant:
Always get the all-clear from your doctor before you
travel while pregnant
The most risky times to travel are in the first 12 to 15
weeks of pregnancy, and after 30 weeks
Once a child has been checked-in and has passed through
security they will be escorted onto the plane and on arrival
at their destination they will be escorted through immigration
and customs, after which the child will usually be entrusted
to a designated adult, who will first need to prove their identity.
Check your airline’s policy – many carriers won’t accept
passengers who are more than 28 weeks pregnant
Airlines will often restrict this service when the instances
below apply:
Long flights can be very uncomfortable in late pregnancy
Think carefully before travelling to countries with poor
medical facilities, countries where you may encounter
a major language barrier, or countries with unfamiliar
cultural practices
Flights with overnight stopovers or stopovers of more
than four hours
Flights that require transfers or inter-airport connections
Flights to certain countries
When a child does not have a designated adult to meet
them at the arrival airport.
Discuss immunisation with your doctor. Some vaccines are
best avoided during pregnancy, but travelling without
protection may be risky
Illness during pregnancy can be more severe, so avoid
contaminated food and water, and insect and animal bites
If possible, take written medical records (including blood
group details) with you
Ensure your travel insurance covers pregnancy
(but remember, your policy is only as good as the
facilities available).
It is important to arrange Visas, and any other documentation a
child may require, well in advance. Airlines will also need plenty
of notice in order to make arrangements for unaccompanied
children, so it’s best to contact them before booking the flight.
For a list of useful airline contact details,
Disclaimer: The information on this page is intended for information only, and is
not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Nothing on this page is intended
to constitute advice to you. Specific advice should be sought in specific situations
from a properly qualified health professional.
If you’re travelling
when pregnant, drink
plenty of water and
take regular walks.
All players sit in a circle,
the first person whispers a
message in to the person on
their right hand sides ear. The
next player passes on the same
message, and so on. The aim of
the game is for the last person
in the circle to have correctly
heard the original message.
Special assistance
Heathrow welcomes everybody, so naturally we’re dedicated to
ensuring that every passenger has the right support for an easy
journey through our airport. If you think your child or another
member of your party might need extra help getting through the
terminal, boarding your aircraft or reaching your onward travel
connections, please speak to us and contact your airline carrier.
When arranging for special assistance your airline should always
be the first point of contact. With a minimum of 48 hours notice
they can organise transport through our terminals to their flight
via a special assistance buggy. You will also need to give your
airline plenty of notice if you have to travel with a mobility aid
such as a wheelchair or scooter, or if you have any other special
needs for your flight (special dietary requirements or medical
equipment, for example).
Help points and Special assistance areas
Free assistance for those with special needs is available at
the Help points located in all our long and short stay car
parks, as well as in the terminal forecourts. You will also
find several special assistance areas in each terminal, their
locations are as follows:
Terminal 1
Before security: near to check-in zone A, behind WHSmith and
near to check-in zone K in departures.
After security: behind WHSmith, near the flight
connections centre.
Terminal 3
Before security: first floor, opposite Internet Café,
above zones A and B in departures.
After security: additional seating area, corridoor through
World Duty Free.
Terminal 4
Before Security: near check-in zone C in departures.
After security: to the left of Costa Coffee.
Terminal 5
Before security: check-in zone H in departures.
After security: T5A, opposite V Bar and T5B
opposite Apostrophe.
Disabled toilets
Most toilet facilities at Heathrow include a unisex, wheelchairaccessible toilet. Occasionally the accessible
toilets are located appropriately within
male and female toilet areas.
Guide dogs
To travel with a guide dog, it
must be registered with The
Pet Travel Scheme.
Before you book your flight,
check that your airline and holiday
destination are happy to take guide
dogs. To find out more about travelling
with dogs, visit
Airport porters are
free of charge for
people with
disabilities and
reasonable amounts
of baggage.
The carriage of medicines
Essential medication in liquid, aerosol, cream, paste or gel
form can be carried with you in sufficient quantities to cover
the duration of your flight including further provision for a
reasonable amount of potential delay.
There are no security restrictions on the carriage of powder
or solid based medicines, however any medication in liquid,
aerosol, cream, paste or gel form, which may be required
subsequent to your flight must be securely packed in your
hold baggage.
Liquid, aerosol, gel, cream or paste medicines in containers of
100ml or less should be either:
Placed inside a transparent, resealable plastic bag no larger
than 20cm x 20cm, along with any other liquid items.
Carried separately, along with supporting documentary
proof of authenticity, such as a prescription or letter from
your doctor.
In quantities over 100ml, medication in liquid, aerosol, cream,
paste or gel form must be carried separately, along with
supporting documentary proof of authenticity, such as a
prescription or letter from your doctor.
Frequently asked questions
Can I take my insulin and hypodermic needles
in hand baggage?
Yes, you can take insulin and needles with you on
to the aircraft. Please read the adjacent information
surrounding the carriage of medicines.
Can I carry tablets or pills in my hand baggage?
Yes. There’s no security limit on the amount of medicine
you can carry in tablet or pill form. And it doesn’t matter
whether your pills are prescribed or not.
Can I carry my EpiPen in my hand baggage?
Yes, please read the adjacent information surrounding
the carriage of medicines.
Can I take my asthma inhaler in my hand baggage?
Yes, please read the adjacent information surrounding
the carriage of medicines.
Can I take my blood pressure monitor into the
aircraft cabin?
At security you must present all liquid, aerosol, gel, cream
or paste medication for inspection. You may also be asked
to taste or apply small amounts of medication as part of the
screening process, but only if it’s safe to do so.
Yes, as long as it’s small enough to comply with your
airline’s hand baggage rules. If you’re not sure, check
with your airline before you fly.
All the above rules and procedures apply equally to homeopathic
and children’s medicines, however there is no requirement to
contact the airport in advance of your travels.
I am pregnant / have a pacemaker. Do I need to walk
through the metal detector?
If you are pregnant or wearing a pacemaker, you may
request a search by hand, rather than via the walk-through
metal detector. Please explain to the officer on duty the
reason for your request.
If you are carrying
medication over
100ml remember to
bring a letter from
your doctor.
Are your child’s travel
vaccinations up to date?
Remember to check with your
GP at least a few months
before travelling.
Think of a country, next person
has to think of a country /
place with the last letter of
the previous person’s country /
place eg, person one; India,
person two; Alaska.. etc.
Departing from Heathrow
Arriving in good time
Making sure you get to Heathrow in good time for your
flight will afford you and your family a more relaxed and
enjoyable travel experience. So beyond allowing enough time
to accomplish essentials such as passing through security, why
not include the chance to enjoy Heathrow’s great range of
shops, restaurants and family-friendly facilities.
Your airline ticket will tell you when to check-in for your return
flight. In general, check-in depends on how far you’re flying:
Dropping off
There are drop-off lanes outside every terminal. Drivers
dropping-off passengers need to follow the departures signs
for the relevant terminal, then use the drop-off lane, which is
the outside lane in all terminals (apart from Terminal 5 where
both lanes on the departures forecourt can be used).
Baggage trolleys
Free trolleys can be found in all terminal buildings. The furthest
these can be taken is the entrance to security.
Long-haul flights (includes El Al flights) – check-in opens
three hours before departure
European flights – check-in opens two hours
before departure
UK and Ireland flights – check-in opens 90 minutes
before departure.
Online check-in:
If you have checked-in online and are travelling with hold
luggage, make your way to the bag drop desks.
Check-in zones are marked by illuminated yellow cubes.
In Terminals 1, 3 and 4, use the information screens to find
your check-in zone; in Terminal 5, you can use any one of
the 96 self-service check-in kiosks or staffed check-in desks.
To save time, have your tickets and passport ready.
In the interest
of safety don’t
let your kids
ride on a trolley.
Flight connections
On leaving the aircraft you’ll need to follow
the purple signs for flight connections along
with the number of the terminal from which
your next flight is departing.
Depending on your connecting flight, you might need to catch
one of our free connections buses, you may also need to have
your hand baggage checked and pass through security. If you
need to visit your airline’s desk you’ll find them after security.
If you’ve time to spare, you’ll find our departure lounges have
plenty of facilities to help you relax, including restaurants, shops
and comfortable seating areas. See pages 26 to 32 for a list of
our restaurants and shops.
Heathrow app
The official Heathrow mobile app puts the airport in your
pocket, with travel planning tools, terminal information,
news, special offers and more – everything you need for
an easy journey to and through Heathrow.
Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time visitor, our
mobile app puts the information you need on the move
right at your fingertips.
Here are just some of the helpful features:
Get live flight updates on demand
Book Long Stay car parking
View the latest airport security guide
Get mobile-friendly interactive terminal maps
See full shop and restaurant listings
Weather and city guides
Airport journey planner
Flight timetables for every airline.
Heathrow Airport Guide is currently available for iPhone,
Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones.
See for more details.
Arriving at Heathrow
If this is your first trip to Heathrow, there’s no need to feel
apprehensive. We have plenty of staff on hand to help (look
out for their purple uniforms) and plenty of signs to guide you
through the terminal.
Most people who get off your flight will be going in exactly
the same direction as you: towards passport control and on
to baggage reclaim, then through customs to the arrivals hall.
For international flights, it usually takes about 40 minutes to
get through the terminal to the arrivals hall, although it can
take longer at busy times.
Choosing your customs channel
Immigration and
passport control
The customs channel you should choose depends on what
you’re carrying with you, and where you’re coming from.
Carry the right documentation
From within the EU (means that your journey started
in a European Union country)
For information about entry requirements to the
United Kingdom, see the UK border force website,
Be sure to check that your passport is valid for the
entire length of your stay in the UK.
Look for right queue
There are two queues at passport control: one for nationals
of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA)
and Switzerland; the other for all other nationalities.
At the passport desk, a Border Force Heathrow officer will ask
to see your passport or travel document and any supporting
documentation you need for visiting the UK. With tougher
checks now in place at the border, you may have to wait a little
longer to get into the United Kingdom, especially at peak times.
Baggage reclaim
After passport control, follow the arrivals signs to
the baggage reclaim area. Look for your flight on
the information screens. When bags from your flight are ready
for collection, the screens will show your carousel number.
There are plenty of free baggage trolleys in the baggage reclaim
hall. You can wheel them as far as the car park, bus station or
rail station access points. Children should never ride on trolleys.
If your bags are missing or damaged, you should talk to your
airline straight away. They’re the best people to help because
they’re responsible for your bags all the way from check-in to
collection at baggage reclaim. If you flew with British Airways,
SAS, TAP Portugal, SWISS or Virgin Atlantic, please contact lost
property for missing bags.
Customs restrictions
There are restrictions on what you can bring to the UK. Some
items (guns and body parts of endangered species, for example)
are banned, while others (foods and plants, for example) are
restricted. There are limits on the amount of duty-free goods
that you can bring to the UK, and you must tell customs officers
if you’re carrying more than €10,000 when you enter or leave
the European Union.
The best place to find out what you can and can’t bring
into the UK is the HMRC website, Or you
can call 0845 010 9000.
Nothing to declare:
Choose the blue exit.
Goods to declare:
Go to the red customs point.
From beyond the EU (means
that your journey started
outside the European Union)
Nothing to declare:
Choose the green exit.
Goods to declare:
Go to the red customs point.
Passengers from the Channel Islands who do not have to go
through passport control are still subject to customs control.
Meeting friends or relatives in the arrivals hall
If you’re expecting to be met by friends, relatives or corporate
hosts, they’ll be waiting in the Arrivals hall. You’ll have to let
them know which terminal your flight lands at!
Hotel bookings, West End shows, sightseeing tours
The British Hotel Reservation Centre (BHRC) manages hotel
reservation desks in the arrivals hall of each terminal and in the
concourse of the central terminal for the London Underground.
As well as booking hotel rooms, the desks sell tickets for West
End shows, London sightseeing tours, onward travel, hotel
transfers and even mobile phone rentals.
Currency exchange
You can change money to UK currency (known
as pounds sterling, symbol £) in the bureaux de
change located in the Arrivals hall and near to
some baggage reclaim areas.
Arrivals hall services
If you need information when you arrive, look out for
our passenger ambassadors, dressed in purple, or why
not pre-book a ‘Meet & Greet’ service? Our arrivals hall
concierge services offer a helping hand to guide you to
your car or onward connections. Your concierge will make
sure you’re in the right car or on the right train or coach
for the next stage of your journey.
Food and travel essentials
When you and your family need refreshment at Heathrow, you’ll never be too far from one of our
easy-to-find, child-friendly restaurants. As well as great family dining spaces, children’s menus and
high chairs, together they offer a wide range of dining options, as you’ll discover below.
"rhubarb" British restaurant and bar
“rhubarb” is an approachable and
affordable modern British restaurant with
an extensive menu based on seasonal
dishes and fresh ingredients. The stylish
space is perfect for families of all sizes
with a fast and friendly service
Terminal 3, after security
Click here for a children’s menu
Caffè Italia
Caffè Italia is a stylish, all-day casual
restaurant for quick snacks and greatquality Italian food. Caffè Italia uses only
primary and authentic Italian ingredients.
That’s the secret behind all your favourite
Italian classics: pizza, pasta, frittatas
(omelets), salads, panini, cappuccino
and handmade cakes.
Terminal 1, before security
Terminal 3, before and after security
Apostrophe is a fusion of expertly
made coffee and authentic food in a
cosmopolitan environment. The emphasis
is on freshly prepared food and drinks.
There’s a good selection of classic and
modern foods and drinks for you to enjoy
in the relaxed Apostrophe café, or to take
with you on the plane.
Terminal 5, after security
Terminal 4, after security
Click here for a children’s menu
Caffè Nero
Caffè Nero is dedicated to two things;
creating the very finest handcrafted Italian
coffee and providing a warm and relaxing
atmosphere in which to enjoy it.
Terminal 3, arrivals
Bridge Bar, Lounge & Dining
Bridge Bar, Lounge & Dining serves
traditional British food and drink
(including barista coffees and English
ales) alongside more surprising, globally
inspired dishes. At heart, it is simple
unpretentious food based on traditional
favourites, cooked breakfasts and
contemporary dishes, served with
speed in a relaxed atmosphere.
Terminal 1, after security
Terminal 3, after security
Terminal 4, after security
Click here for a children’s menu
Terminal 5, before security
Click here for a children’s menu / pack
Terminal 1, after security
Costa is for those who love authentic
coffee served in a warm and welcoming
atmosphere. At Costa, they control the
coffee-making process from start to finish,
from sourcing to pouring. Enjoy yours
with a choice of snacks including panini,
sandwiches and wraps, plus pastries, teas,
hot chocolate and ice-cold drinks for
hotter days.
Terminal 4, before security
Terminal 5, before security
Terminal 1, before security
With a child friendly sandwich menu,
sweet treats and ample high chairs, Caffè
Nero is a perfect destination for you and
your family.
Fresh, funky and tasty – that’s the bite.
approach to snacks and feel-good food
for people on the move. Choose from
freshly made baguettes, panini, wraps,
sandwiches, muffins and granola bars
together with made-to-order smoothies,
fresh orange juice and superb coffee.
For those fancying a spot of retail therapy,
Carluccio’s is also known for its food shop
and deli offering an excellent selection
of fine quality, beautifully presented
products sourced from specialist artisan
producers throughout Italy. Particular
favourites amongst children are the
cupcakes and chocolate teddy brownies,
whilst the chocolate ‘bugs’ never fail
to entertain.
Terminal 1, arrivals
Café Rouge
Café Rouge is an all-day French café
serving a broad menu of classic French
dishes including croque-monsieur, steak
frites and boeuf bourguignon, together
with a superb selection of French wines
and beers. Café Rouge is open for cooked
breakfasts, quick coffees, lunches and
dinners. Highchairs, babyfood and bottle
warmers are available upon request.
Terminal 1, before security
Terminal 4, before security
Click here for a children’s menu
Terminal 3, before security
Terminal 4, after security
Terminal 4, arrivals
Terminal 5, arrivals
Dining Street Restaurant
Enjoy a wide range of great British dishes
in an eccentric environment. Dining Street
caters for breakfasts as well as lunches
and evening meals. The choice includes
fish and chips, steak and Spitfire ale pie,
baked Scottish salmon, classic burger and
mother’s roast of the day, as well salads,
soups and sandwiches.
Click here for a children’s activity pack
Terminal 4, after security
EAT. is for snacks and food on the run. At
this small, British family-owned group of
sandwich, soup and coffee shops, they
make every single sandwich in their own
kitchen. Stop here also for pies, salads,
wraps, sushi, desserts, baked goods,
breakfast (including porridge), cold drinks
and juices.
Terminal 3, after security
Terminal 5, after security
With an art-deco interior reminiscent of
an outdoor café in Miami’s South Beach,
Espresso is elegant and stylish with great
food and even greater coffee. The menu
includes deep-filled deli sandwiches
packed with fresh ingredients, warm
baked pastries and rich cakes that
encourage you to sit back and enjoy
the view.
Terminal 5, after security
Est Caffe
From panini to pizza and salads to sharing
plates, Est Caffe offers great all-round
Italian choice in an environment of stylish
warmth and relaxation. The menu
includes a large selection of all-day
brunch dishes together with antipasti,
pastas and grills as well as specialties
and great coffees. Everything is made
with fresh ingredients packed with
Mediterranean flavour and colour.
There’s also an extensive bar.
Giraffe Juice
Giraffe Juice’s on-the-hoof menu includes
a delicious selection of juices, smoothies,
yogurts, milkshakes and Fairtrade coffees,
as well as freshly made stacked deli
sandwiches, hot soups and light snacks.
And it all comes with Giraffe’s famous
round-the-world twist.
Gordon Ramsay Plane Food
Unwinding before your flight is easy
in this light and comfortable restaurant
with its aerodynamic decor. Gordon’s
‘plane food’ is anything but plain. With
cider soup, salt and Szechuan pepper
squid and roasted bream, there’s enough
choice to keep you firmly grounded.
And with fantastic views of the runway
through the all-glass wall, there’s plenty
to see while you tuck in.
Terminal 1, after security
Click here for a children’s menu
Giraffe blends an inviting global menu
with an eclectic range of world music.
From a hearty brunch to mezze plates,
fresh grilled fish, scrumptious burgers
and noodles, Giraffe is the place to start
a world trip to remember. This is the
restaurant where a smile goes a long way.
Terminal 1, after security
Terminal 5, after security
Click here for a children’s menu
Terminal 5, arrivals
Terminal 5, after security
Click here for a children’s menu
Huxley’s is the British brasserie that serves
the type of food British mums used to
make. Here, they lovingly recreate dishes
of the past such as pie and mash and
spotted dick with custard. The decor
blends British style with off-beat
funkiness. It’s a place to enjoy the
sort of food you loved years ago.
M&S Simply Food
M&S is a British institution. Simply Food
outlets devote themselves to high-quality
foods and drinks. There’s plenty there to
keep you going: snacks for the airport and
the journey ahead, as well as ingredients
and ready-meals for a feast when you
get home.
Terminal 3, arrivals
Fantastic Italian food and a warm
welcome in an elegantly designed
restaurant. Strada is time out from the
pressures of long-haul travel. You can
enjoy a breakfast of scrambled eggs
on ciabatta, a lunch of porcini risotto
with Luganica pork sausage or a dessert
of baked mascarpone cheesecake with
toasted pistachios.
Terminal 5, after security
Terminal 5, arrivals
Terminal 3, after security
Click here for a children’s menu
Itsu looks as good as it tastes. You
can watch the sushi chefs preparing
the food while you wait. It’s fresh and
nutritious: lots of bright salad, crunchy
vegetables, healthy brown rice, light
Asian soups, fresh sushi, skinny
sandwiches, mayonnaise-free sauces
and rice cakes. Eat these healthy,
Asian-inspired foods in the restaurant,
or take them on your flight.
Terminal 5, after security
Oriel French Restaurant & Bar
A French grande brasserie serving a
premium selection of classic French food
with a modern twist. Open for breakfast
throughout the day (oeufs Bénédicte,
royale or Florentine), and later for main
courses including coq au vin, confit de
canard and rib-eye steak. Choose from a
wide selection of wines and Champagnes.
Terminal 3, after security
Click here for a children’s menu
Click here for a children’s activity pack
Click here for a children’s menu
Pret A Manger
Click here for a childrens activity pack
Pret A Manger sandwiches are freshly
made throughout the day in the Pret
kitchen. Pret sandwiches, wraps and
baguettes are natural, handmade, and
lacking the additives and preservatives
commonly found in fast foods.
The Crown Rivers (Wetherspoon)
A family-friendly, relaxing British pub,
offering table service and great value,
with tastes from around the globe and
a number of British classics. Children's
menu, with activity pack, available all day,
which includes a drink and a bag of fresh
fruit. A wide choice of draught lagers,
well-kept real ales, wines, spirits & soft
drinks, as well as Lavazza coffee. It’s also
the ideal spot to relax, while you wait for
your flight.
Terminal 5, after security
Click here for a children’s menu / pack
The Five Tuns
Terminal 3, before security
Terminal 3, after security
The Five Tuns is a gastro pub with a
fresh and modern urban design. The
menu features great-value food; the beer
comes directly from the keg. Among
hungry passengers, the all-day breakfast
and rib-eye steak are firm favourites.
Those looking for a lighter snack could
choose eggs Benedict or cod and salmon
fishcakes with tomato jam.
Terminal 5, arrivals
Terminal 4, after security
Terminal 5, after security
Terminal 5, before security
Krispy Kreme
The Krispy Kreme doughnut recipe has
been a closely guarded secret since 1937.
The Original Glazed is now one of 16
irresistible doughnut varieties served in
store with a wide range of coffees.
Terminal 1, after security
Terminal 3, before security
Leon believes that fast food should taste
good and do you good. So they’re choosy
about their ingredients: meat from farms
they trust, brownies made with dark
Valrhona chocolate, fruit sugar instead
of ordinary sugar. The result is superb:
poached egg & truffle Gruyère for
breakfast, aioli chicken for lunch,
rhubarb panna cotta for a treat.
The Skylark (Wetherspoon)
Starbucks is the world’s premier roaster
and retailer of speciality coffee. It’s an
iconic coffee brand offering a fine range
of freshly roasted coffees, Italian-style
espressos and ice-blended drinks, plus
delicious panini, sandwiches, cakes
and pastries.
A friendly, relaxed, family pub, offering
great value and great British food. The
Skylark (named after the skylarks in
a nearby nature reserve) offers a wide
choice of ales, wines and ciders, plus a
variety of international dishes and British
pub-food classics, such as fish and chips or
sausage and mash.
Terminal 3, before security
Terminal 3, after security
Terminal 5, after security
Terminal 1, before security
Click here for a children’s menu
The Three Bells
The Three Bells is bright, modern, British and quirky.
There are big Chesterfield sofas, cushions in checks
and stripes, and a great selection of wine, beers and
food. The gastro-pub menu includes hand-pulled ham
hock and pear salad, velvet smooth chicken-liver pâté,
aged rib-eye steak and freshly battered fish and chips.
Terminal 3, before security
The Tin Goose
A gastro pub with a bright, modern look and fabulous
views, complimented by furnishings reflecting a
bygone era. Start your day with a full English or The
Tin Goose’s famous Bloody Mary. Or tuck into pub
classics like Cumberland sausage and mash, Guinness
and beef stew or chicken and leek casserole. There’s
plenty of real ale too.
Terminal 1, after security
The Windsor Castle (Wetherspoon)
A friendly, relaxed, family pub, offering great value
and great British food. The Windsor Castle offers a
wide choice of ales, wines and ciders, plus a variety
of international dishes and British pub-food classics,
such as fish and chips or sausage and mash.
Terminal 4, before security
Click here for a children’s menu
Wetherspoon Express
Wetherspoon Express gives you all the great
Weatherspoon’s choice in a simpler and faster-moving
format. This is the place where people on the move
can grab great value drinks and snacks.
Terminal 1, after security
Click here for a children’s menu
wagamama is a noodle restaurant inspired by the
hustle and bustle of canteen-style Japanese noodle
bars. The menu is a blend of pan-Asian flavours
and fresh seasonal ingredients from closer to home.
As well as a wide range of noodle and rice dishes,
wagamama serves desserts, freshly squeezed juices,
hot drinks, wine, sake and Asian beers. Breakfast is
served till 12 noon.
Terminal 5, after security
Looking for last-minute gifts or souvenirs? Designer shopping or something to keep the
children occupied? Whatever you need for your travels, you'll find it at Heathrow.
Reserve & Collect your Heathrow Airport shopping
World Duty Free
Order and reserve the latest fashion, technology and children’s
travel goods at Heathrow Boutique, then buy when you fly.
World Duty Free aims to offer the ultimate airport
shopping experience, featuring over 17,000 products
across its airport stores, bringing you the very latest
products at great value prices.
Why use Reserve & Collect?
Save time and ensure the items you want to buy are waiting for
you when you arrive at Heathrow; it’s fast, free and convenient.
Reservations can be taken four weeks to 48 hours before
departure. Please visit, email
us at [email protected] or call us on
0800 678 5324.
Terminal 1, after security
Terminal 1, arrivals
Terminal 3, after security
Terminal 3, arrivals
Terminal 4, after security
Terminal 4, arrivals
Terminal 5, after security
Terminal 5, arrivals
Shop & Collect your Heathrow Airport shopping
Buy now and pick up on return – fast, free and totally secure.
Harrods' airport stores offer an incredible selection of products.
From the renowned Harrods bear to delicious items from the
food halls, all can be purchased and carried away in the famous
green Harrods carrier bag.
Travelling with young children? See page 17 of this brochure.
How to order
Travelling within the UK or EU? Why not take advantage of
our free Shop & Collect service, buy your shopping when
departing and then pick up your purchases from a convenient
collection point on your return or have them delivered to your
home address.
For more information visit
Heathrow has plenty of shops where you can purchase gifts
for your children, we recommend having a look around.
Free home delivery
When you spend £300 or more and use your WorldPoints
card, you can have your goods delivered to any UK mainland
residential address. If you don't have a WorldPoints card, you
can use this service when you spend £500 or more.
Glorious Britain
Gifts and souvenirs that are
quintessentially British.
Terminal 1, after security
Terminal 3, before security
Terminal 3, after security
Terminal 4, after security
Terminal 5, after security
The world's most famous toy store with a unique reputation
for choice, quality and innovation. Choose from the latest
must-have toys, the exclusive Hamleys Own collection and
leading brands including Barbie and Lego.
Terminal 1, after security
Terminal 5, after security
Terminal 1, after security
Terminal 3, after security
Terminal 4, after security
Terminal 5, after security
WHSmith Bookshop
Whether you’re after the
latest bestseller to read on
the plane, or a puzzle book
to keep the kids busy,
WHSmith Bookshop has the
perfect book for your journey.
Check out the range in store
for great offers on some of
the bestselling titles.
Terminal 1, after security
Terminal 3, after security
Terminal 4, after security
Remember to pack...
Packing for a family holiday can be a daunting prospect, so here’s a helpful checklist of travel
items you may want to include, and some important things to remember.
With the essentials covered, you can look forward to your family holiday from the moment
you close the suitcase.
Quick checklist
For the flight
Holiday essentials
Baby’s passport and any paperwork
Sun hat
Plenty of nappies
Sun cream and after sun
Nappy bags
Plug adapter
Swim nappies
A travel changing mat
Pushchair or stroller
Insect repellent
Blankets and muslins
First-aid kit
A change of clothes for baby and a spare top for you
Pre-measured formula and baby food
Useful contact numbers
Water and juice
Camera / video camera
Plenty of snacks
Toys to play with by the pool / at the beach
Bibs and spoons
Bottles and cups
Bed and bath
Spare dummies, teething toys and rings
Universal travel bath plug
Plenty of books and toys
Baby wash, sponge, shampoo and lotion
Baby sling
Sleep suits and pyjamas
Car seat – if your airline allows them
Travel cot
Baby’s medicines and nappy rash cream
Baby monitor
Mini baby wash, lotion and disinfecting gels – under 100ml
Spare breast pads for breastfeeding mums
A travel DVD player and films for older kids
Other items
Keeping the kids entertained
See if you can
guide the plane
through the maze
to the beach.
Keeping the kids entertained
See if you
can guide the
plane through
the maze.
Can you spot these things
around the airport?
X-Ray machine
A newspaper
Baggage carousel
The runway
A pink suitcase
Three planes
Cargo truck
Security guards
The globe
Police officer
Check-in desk
A taxi
See how many you can spot before you get
on your flight. Bonus points if you can
spot a pilot.
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