North Carolina’s Connection for Exceptional Children Volume 2, Issue 3 EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN

Spring 2008 Newsletter
North Carolina’s Connection for Exceptional Children
Dear NCCEC Members,
Thank you for taking the time to read the NC-CEC newsletter! We recently had
record attendance at the annual state conference in Wilmington. If you were
unable to attend this year mark your calendars for next year! The NC-CEC annual
conference will be February 4-6, 2009 at the Hilton Riverside in downtown
Wilmington. Plans for the 2009 NC-CEC conference are already underway and we
welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions regarding how we can make the
2009 conference the best ever! Please consider completing a Call for Proposal
included in this newsletter
I had the pleasure of attending the 2008 CEC Teacher of the Year Luncheon at the
International CEC convention in Boston, Massachusetts. Our very own Perry Slade
was recognized as NC-CEC’s 2008 Teacher of Excellence. Please consider
nominating a teacher for next year’s award. Nominations will be available on our
NC-CEC website this summer and the award recipient will be announced at our
2009 state conference in Wilmington. NC-CEC also awards several mini-grants, a
student scholarship and the Felix Barker leadership award each year.
NC-CEC gained 365 new members in 2007! Thanks for helping us get the word out!
Current student CEC members approaching graduation can now extend your
membership for two additional years at the student rate through the “TAKE 2!”
program. This is a savings of 40%. Please visit the national CEC website for more
In 2007, NC-CEC held four drive-ins throughout the state. We would like to
continue these regional meetings as part of our mission to provide you with
important information and to build a stronger network among parents, teachers,
professors, related service providers, school psychologists, administrators and
the many others who work in the field of special education. Please contact your
regional representative with ideas for meetings and/or events in your region.
Contact information can be found in the newsletter or on our NC-CEC website: Please continue to email me with your concerns and ideas for
strengthening our organization. I enjoy your emails and look forward to hearing
from you.
As your school year and semester winds down I leave you with the following
quote as food for thought. Never underestimate the impact you have on the
students you come in contact with daily…
"So my reward to you is that you have sent me out in the world with the tools to become
anything I want to be and...I will keep trying hard so that someday maybe I will make such a
difference in someone's life like you've made in mine."
- From a student to her "once in a lifetime" special education teacher -
Thanks for all you do for students with special needs!
Julie Irene Bost
[email protected]
NC-CEC Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue 3
A Word from the President
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NC-CEC’s Teacher of Excellence 2008
NC-CEC Mini-Grant Recipients 2008
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2009 Scholarship Application
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NC-CEC Officers 2007-2008
Past President:
Donna Tilley-Gregory
[email protected]
Julie Bost
[email protected]
President Elect:
Jennifer Diliberto
[email protected]
Margaret Blackwell
[email protected]
Charmion Rush
[email protected]
Bobbie Grammer
[email protected]
CAN Coordinator:
Lynn Zubov
[email protected]
Debbie Metcalf
[email protected]
Tara Jeffs
[email protected]
Student Coordinator:
Beth Hair
[email protected]
NC-CEC Highlights
NC-CEC’s Teacher of Excellence 2008
Mrs. Perry Slade
National Board certified teacher Perry Slade has a multi-pronged,
school-wide strategy for helping students with special needs find
success at Woodlawn Middle School in Alamance County, North
Carolina. Besides chairing the Exceptional Children’s department
and teaching language arts and math to student with
exceptionalities, Mrs. Slade serves on the student assistance and
school leadership teams, helps teachers modify assignments and tests, mentors new teachers, and conducts
staff development on accommodations, autism and positive behavior supports. Additionally, she tutors
students who need extra help and uses her planning time to read tests aloud. Her success is well documented.
Mrs. Slade’s students have achieved as much as three and one-half years of growth in one year. In addition,
Woodlawn’s EC program recently achieved AYP, with 91 of 96 students scoring proficiently in reading and
math. Colleagues say Mrs. Slade epitomizes caring, collaboration and competency in everything she does. She
knows the name of every student, and it can be guaranteed that no Woodlawn student will ever forget her.
NC-CEC Mini-Grant Recipients – 2008
Congratulations to the following CEC members who were each awarded a $500 mini-grant at the NC-CEC
State Conference!
Cathy Misenhiemer, Director of Special Programs, Lexington City
Nancy Yelverton, Transition Facilitator at Carrboro High, Chapel Hill
High School
Project Title: Wilderness Experience
Project Title: Jaguar Unique Celebrations (Student-Operated
Small Business)
The Wilderness Experience is a practical outdoor learning
program designed specifically to target children under 18
with disabilities. While the target group is predominately
children with serious behavioral/emotional disorders, it
will also accept referrals for children in other disability
groups. It is a three day, two night backpacking trip into
the mountain wilderness areas of NC. With sufficient
funding, there would be no cost to the child’s family in
order to participate.
The primary goal of the project is to establish a schoolbased small business for our Occupational Course of
Study students. Because this is a brand new school, they
want to build a brand new business. A secondary goal is
to build relationships within the school and community
that will help students obtain and keep jobs.
Margaret M. Corbi, EC Teacher, Pactolus School, Pitt County Schools
Project Title: FAB 5 (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency,
Vocabulary & Comprehension) Library
Tara Galloway, Gaston County Teacher of Exceptional Children
Project Title: Optimize Interventions Using DIBELS Data
This project focuses on selecting students with disabilities
in first grade who have been identified as needing
strategic interventions based on assessment results of
the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills
(DIBELS). The project will provide selected students with
interactive computerized instruction that supplements
core reading instruction. In addition, students will have
access to manipulatives and other interactive instructional
materials in learning centers in regular classroom setting
to practice essential reading skills.
NC-CEC Newsletter
This project will focus on the development of a working
library to instruct students who have unique literacy needs
that are not responsive to instruction or supplemental
services provided to the general school population. This
project will serve a dual purpose. In addition to instructing
students with these resource materials, the faculty will
also be introduced to how they can be used for
differentiation of instruction. This addition to Pactolus’
newly formed Academic Learning Center will lend itself to
open dialogue and collaboration within the school
community to better serve its children.
Regional News
Do you know who your NC-CEC Regional Representative is?
Remember to contact your regional representative if you have questions about how you can get more involved in CEC. If you have ideas for regional
programs/meetings, please share them. It is easy for us to plan regional ‘drive-in’ meetings that address member needs.
Northeast (Co-Rep)
Lora Lee Smith-Canter
[email protected]
Northeast (Co-Rep)
Alana Zambone
[email protected]
Linda Annas
[email protected]
Central (Co-Rep)
Dianne Owens
[email protected]
Central (Co-Rep)
Wendy C. Lee
[email protected]
Northwest (Co-Rep)
Rose Marie Matuszny
[email protected]
Northwest (Co-Rep)
Morgen Alwell
[email protected]
Vaneta Smiley
[email protected]
NC CAN Up-Date
Lynn R. Zubov, Ph.D.
Winston-Salem State University
North Carolina CEC CAN Coordinator
While educators generally take the summer off, it appears as if politicians take election year off. Last congressional
year there was movement to reauthorize No Child Left Behind (NCLB); however, it appears that the litigation has
As you are probably aware, NCLB affects many people. A number of public interest groups are vying to ensure their
constituents are being best served and CEC is no exemption. For NCLB to meet the needs of students with
exceptionalities, CEC is advocating for improvements in the following areas:
• A process must be developed to enable middle and high school special education teachers who teach multiple
core subjects to demonstrate that they meet highly qualified requirements via a variety of methods.
• Student assessment must be changed to more fairly and accurately measure student progress.
• States must be allowed to measure students’ growth in achievement as well as their performance in relation to
pre-determined levels of academic proficiency.
• Multiple indicators of student achievement, in addition to standardized tests, should be used to determine
student and school performance.
• School improvement plans should be allowed sufficient time to make a difference in student achievement before
sanctions are applied. Furthermore, sanctions should not be applied if they undermine existing effective reform
• NCLB must recognize and address the unique learning needs of students with gifts and talents to allow these
students to realize their potential.
• NCLB funding must be increased without reducing the monies allocated to other education programs.
In addition to NCLB, CEC is also attempting to secure adequate funding for the education of gifted and talented
students. In 2007, less than 3 cents out of every $100 of the federal K-12 education budget was devoted to meeting
the needs of the nation's gifted and talented students. The Javits program is the only federal program dedicated to
addressing the needs of students with gifts and talents. Unfortunately, President Bush did not request any funds for
this program for fiscal year 2009. Senators Grassley (Iowa) and Dodd (Connecticut) and Representatives Gallegly
(California) and Matheson (Utah) are circulating a letter to their colleagues in Congress asking for their support of the
Javits program. The letters request an increase in funding for the Javits program to $11.25 million for FY 2009, which
still is only a minute fraction of the federal education budget.
These are only two of the many issues CEC is advocating. At times, CEC sends out a “Call for Action” where they ask
members to let their voices be heard. If you would like to receive these up-dates or have any other questions, feel
free to contact me at [email protected]
NC-CEC Newsletter
Submit your ‘Teacher Tips’ to
[email protected] for our
next newsletter!
Teacher Tips!
With the End of
Grade/Course Tests
right around the corner,
here is a strategy that
might help reduce test
The BRAVE Strategy
Breathe deeply.
Take long, slow deep breaths throughout the test.
Focus your attention on your breathing and make it steady.
When you feel your muscles tightening, try to slowly relax each muscle one at a
time. Tell yourself mentally that you are relaxing each muscle.
Start relaxing your muscles from the top of your body and go down.
Attitude is everything!
Maintain a positive attitude through the entire test.
During the test, tell yourself that “I can do it!”
Put a star next to the answers that you are sure you got right to show that you can
do it.
Visualize yourself in your favorite place.
When you find yourself becoming very anxious, close your eyes for a few seconds
and imagine yourself in your favorite place.
End is in sight!
Even if you feel that the test will last forever, remember that it will be over before
you know it and your anxiety will fade!
For this and many more test taking and other strategies, go visit The Learning Toolbox at James
Madison University at:
Looking for helpful interventions, activities and tips for teachers, parents, and
students who are faced with behavioral/social challenges at different levels,
including bullying?
Check out: PACER: Bullying Prevention Interactive Web Site for KIDS!
PACER Launches Exciting, New, First-of-a Kind Bullying Prevention Web Site! Children in
second through sixth grades now have an entertaining, safe way to learn how to respond to
bullying. PACER's new Kids Against Bullying Web site includes a cast of 12 animated
characters, celebrity videos, kid videos, Webisodes, games, contests, stories, artwork, poems,
information, and much more. The site is for all children. Children with disabilities are integrated
throughout the website:
NC-CEC Newsletter
SCEC Spotlight
Michael Rowe Receives 2008 CEC Student Scholarship
Michael Rowe, a student at North Carolina A & T State University, was
awarded the 2008 CEC Student Scholarship at the NC-CEC State Conference.
Michael is currently student teaching and will graduate with a double major in
both elementary and special education. He is currently president of the SCEC
chapter at his university, has led book and magazine drives, participated in
Very Special Arts and Special Olympics, and has presented at state and local
conferences. Some quotes from faculty include:
"Mr. Rowe has breathed life into the (SCEC) chapter, held high expectations
for all members, and developed outstanding community and school outreach
projects. Michael is passionate about making a difference and being an
"agent of change" in our schools.
Michael with CEC-President Elect, Jennifer
"Mr.Rowe demonstrates originality, intellectual creativity, strategic planning,
enthusiasm, and perseverance towards set goals. He will be an asset to any
school program.....I have found Mr. Rowe to be an innovative team players
with a personality that is most agreeable."
Congratulations, Michael, and thanks for all you do for NC-CEC!
NC-CEC Conference Poster Presentation Highlights
NC-CEC Newsletter
North Carolina
2009 Student Scholarship Application
This scholarship will be awarded to a graduate or undergraduate student to support educational
needs. The scholarship will be awarded to an individual who has modeled support for and
interaction with individuals with disabilities in addition to university course requirements. The
scholarship will be awarded at the 2009 NC-CEC State Conference Awards Luncheon on
Thursday February 5th in Wilmington, NC. Applications should be typed, and additional pages
may be used as needed. Applicants may provide up to three letters of recommendation. Deadline
for application is December 8th, 2008, and should be sent to:
Beth Hair
Greensboro College, Special Education Dept.
815 West Market Street
110 Proctor East
Greensboro, NC 27401-1875
Questions? Call Beth Hair, NCCEC Student Coordinator, at 336.272.7102 ext. 454,
or email Julie Bost, NCCEC President, at [email protected]
Name: _________________________________________________________________
SCEC Affiliation and Membership Number:
Licensure Area: _________________________________________________________
Future Goals and Plans:
Explain how you would benefit from this scholarship:
How have you contributed to SCEC, and how will you contribute in the future?
North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children
2009 State Conference
February 4th, 2009 Pre-Conference
February 5th -6th, 2009 General Conference
Title of Presentation:________________________________________________________________________________
Lead Presenter Information:
Name:_______________________________________________ Position/Title:_________________________________
Address:_______________________________________________ School/Business:_____________________________
City:__________________________________________________ State:________________ Zip:__________________
Email:_________________________________________________ Office Phone:________________________________
Home Phone:___________________________________________ Fax Number:_________________________________
Co-Presenter(s) Name/Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Presentation Summary for Conference Program Purposes (25-50 words): Provide a description of the nature of the program,
program format, presenter’s role in the program, planned materials for participants, and targeted audience.
Presentation Description for Conference Selection Committee Purposes (up to 2 pages): Provide a detailed description of the
nature of the program, program format, presenter’s role in the program, planned materials for participants, and targeted audience.
Area: Please indicate the area(s) of applicability for the proposed presentation (e.g. transition, IEP, behavior, assistive technology,
assessment, significant cognitive disabilities, collaboration, diversity, reading, writing and/or math strategies, etc):
Audio-Visual Needs (LCD projector and overhead available):
Presentation Format (general session or poster):
Please note in minutes the anticipated length of your presentation/training session:________________ (60-90 minutes)
Are you willing to present as a poster or general session? ____yes
If no, circle your preference: poster
Selection Criteria: Presentation selection is based on the following criteria: innovation for the field, creativity in interaction with
participants, audience appeal, clarity of organization and presentation, feasibility of presentation, degree to which it addresses a
special need or strand area, and overall balance of topics among strands. The Selection Committee is responsible for selecting all
papers and programs presented and for determining the session length. The Selection Committee will review each proposal and notify
you in a timely manner.
Email or Send Proposals To:
Jennifer A. Diliberto
SEND: Greensboro College
112 Proctor Hall East
815 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
EMAIL: [email protected]
Presenters will be notified on or before December 15th, 2008 and are expected to confirm attendance at 2009 conference by:
1. submitting conference registration and $50.00 conference fee by November 15, 2008
2. reserve hotel room on or before January 12th, 2009 (if staying overnight) Hotel information located on registration form.
North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children
“Save the Date”
February 4-6, 2009
Spring 2008 Newsletter
North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children
210 Eleanor Street
Greenville, North Carolina 27858
Questions? NC-CEC email address: [email protected]