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WARNING: Assembly kit contains parts with sharp edges.
WARNING: Assembly kit contains parts with sharp points.
WARNING: Package contains plastic bags that present suffocation risks for children.
WARNING: Assembly kit contains small parts that present choking hazards for children.
Assembly Instructions for Kids Bookcase Item #67
1 - Right Side
1 - Left Side
1 - Small Shelf
3 - Large Shelves
3 - Shelf Backs
1 - Top Backstop
14 - Barrel Nuts
14 - Joint Connector Bolts
9 - 1 1/4" Wood Screws
1 - Allen Wrench
Barrel Nut to Bolt Assembly
You will need a standard phillips head
screwdriver to complete this assembly.
Shelf Assembly
Overall Assembly
1. Please inspect all the parts for damage during shipping. If you suspect that there may be damage, call
us and we will send replacement parts if needed. At this time, visualize how the components fit together
per the above drawing and make sure that you have everything identified. This product is finished with an
environmentally friendly water-based acrylic. It is totally non-toxic and is the same finish approved for use on
wooden plates and salad bowls. There may be an odor when taken out of the box. It will dissipate more rapidly
with warmer temperature and air movement. Clean product with a non-abrasive cleaner and a cloth.
2. Assembly will be easier with everything on its back. Choose one of the Side Panels and one of the Large
Shelves. Place the Large Shelf into the bottom position per the above sketch. Make sure to position so the holes
are on the underside of the Shelf. Insert two of the Barrel Nuts into the two holes on the end of the Large Shelf
making sure that the slotted end of the Barrel Nut is facing out. The Barrel Nut is aligned when the longer slot is
parallel with the edge of the Shelf. You can also make sure it is aligned by looking into the smaller holes in the
end of the Shelf and rotating the Barrel Nut with a screwdriver until you see the threaded opening.
3. Attach the Side Panel to the Large Shelf with two Bolts. Start the Bolt into the Barrel Nut using the Allen
Wrench, tighten until snug then loosen one full turn. Repeat for the two remaining shelves.
4. Attach the three Shelf Backs and the Top Backstop to the same Side Panel using one Bolt and one Barrel Nut
each (as described above) into the large hole in the rear or the Shelf Backs and Top Backstop. Do not attach the
Shelf Backs to the Shelves using the 1 1/4" screws yet.
5. Take this assembly and lay it on its side so that the shelves are pointing upward. Carefully lay the remaining
Side Panel on top, position the parts so they are fully seated into the slots and install the remaining 7 barrel nuts
and bolts, then loosen each Barrel Nut one full turn.
6. Stand the bookcase upright on a level surface. Screw in three 1 1/4" screws through each Shelf Back into the
Shelf. Now re-tighten all Bolts using the Allen Wrench. Do not use a power tool. Overtightening these bolts will
permanently damage the product. Add the six bins to the lower shelves.
All of us at Little Colorado, Inc hope that you and your little ones enjoy this Book Shelf for many years.
Please call us if you have any questions.
Manufactured in America by:
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