Horn of AfricA 2011 Meals Already Saving the Most

Answering the cry
Horn of Afric a
Aug 30
MannaPack Potato–W in Kenya
Meals Already Saving the Most
Vulnerable in the Horn of Africa!
"The kids really loved it. They took a bite, took another bite, and then
before I knew it the bowl was empty.” — Stefan Radelich.
Feed My Starving Children is sending at least 5 million meals to the
Horn of Africa famine over and above what we had already allocated
to our partners in the region for 2011. Nearly all of the emergency
shipments have been sent or are departing soon.
By Mark Crea, CEO/E xecutive Direc tor
As our food arrives in the camps of East Africa, it is gratifying to see
despair turn to hope in the fight against famine.
In the month of August, FMSC sent:
Through an airlift by Reach Now International, 46,000 servings of our
special MannaPack™ Potato-W formula are saving the most vulnerable
young children in rural Kenya – an area that has lost all its resources
during a 5-year drought.
■ ■ Three shipments to Ethiopia
■ ■ Six to Kenya
■ ■ Four to Somalia, including 272,000 meals to the tribes of a Min-
“The look of pride and happiness on mothers’ faces was priceless as
they made the food and fed their children,” says Stefan Radelich of
Feed the Hungry, who delivered the food. nesota Somali sultan (see reverse).
But we’re not finished. Millions of drought and famine victims will
need help as they resettle and recover. Our staff is in close communication with E. African partners, making plans for rehabilitation and
community development work through our next fiscal year.
Our short-term and long-range commitment
This shipment is one of many from Feed My Starving Children to the
Horn of Africa, where 13 million people are threatened by the worst
famine in 60 years. FMSC has worked in East Africa for 15 years. Our
capable partners in the region and our three MannaPack meal formulas designed to reverse severe malnourishment position FMSC to
Please be part of this powerful work.
Donate on our home page at fmsc.org. Look under “News and
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August 26, 2011
Feed My Starving Children
Working Across Faiths
Meals Packed with Somalis and Sent to Their Homeland
The faces of this famine belong to our neighbors: Somali
immigrants who live next door to us here in the U.S.
These dear folks stand watch—desperate—as parents,
brothers, sisters, and even children back in their Somali
homeland suffer from starvation in refugee camps, or die
on the way.
One such neighbor is Sultan Aliyoow of Minneapolis.
When his father died last fall, this young man inherited
leadership of his clan of 40,000 back home in Somalia—
farmers who’ve lost all their cattle. And now the Sultan is
responsible for the tribe’s survival.
A mutual Christian friend—Michael Neterer of World
Relief Minnesota—introduced the Sultan to Feed My
Starving Children, and we responded to his plea for food.
Before long a shipment of 272,000 meals was approved
for Sultan’s people in the worst-hit region of southern
Somalia, near Mogadishu.
The atmosphere was urgent: The Sultan’s community
raised money for the shipping. Minnesota Somalis packed
meals together with their Christian neighbors. And then,
on August 24, the shipment was blessed in a special
ceremony at the Coon Rapids site of Feed My Starving
Children. Soon it will be on the Mediterranean and into
the Somali port city of Berbera, where the Sultan’s family
has taken personal responsibility for its secure delivery.
Keenly aware of lawless forces in his homeland, the Sultan
attached a bold message to the boxes: “Judgment day is
coming. You will be accountable to Allah for your actions.
Allow this food to get to the women and children who
need it most.”
And Michael Neterer prayed, “In the name of Jesus, we
pray protection on this food.”
Sultan Aliyoow braves criticism to work across faiths with
a Christian organization. But he told the media, “This is
just the beginning. We plan a long-term relationship with
Feed My Starving Children.”
In the name of Christ, Feed My Starving Children—and
our supporters—have the rare chance to be a Good
Samaritan to our Somali neighbors, working not only for
survival, but for long-term reform in their homeland.
Somali Friends at our headquarters
From top to bottom: The Sultan's people gather in
makeshift feeding camps in S. Somalia; Members of
Somali Women Education Network pack meals in Coon
Rapidsa; Sultan Aliyoow prays over the shipment which
contains a sign pleading for safe passage of the food.
Won’t you support this effort?
Please donate generously at fmsc.org.
Verse to Remember
“Now which of these three would you say was a neighbor to the man who was attacked by bandits?” Jesus asked. The man replied,
“ The one who showed him mercy.” Then Jesus said, “Yes, now go and do the same.” — Luke 10: 36-37 (Passage on the Good Samaritan)