Robin C. Meade, Psy.D. 1215 Louisiana Avenue, Suite 100 Phone: (407) 622-0825

Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
1215 Louisiana Avenue, Suite 100
Winter Park, Florida 32789
Phone: (407) 622-0825
Fax: (407) 622-0826
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, September, 2000
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
APA Accredited.
Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year Award, 1999
Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, December, 1998
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling, May, 1993
Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, May, 1989
Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts
Licensed Psychologist, State of Florida
#PY 6657
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, State of Florida
Qualified Supervisor for Mental Health Counseling
#MH 3879
Certified Family Mediator, Supreme Court of Florida
American Psychological Association
• Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida
Eating Disorder Network of Central Florida, Founding Board Member
Robin Meade, Psy.D.
Central Florida Psychology and Therapy
Private Practice
Winter Park, Florida
Provide individual, family, co-parenting, parenting coordination, and couples therapy.
Areas of specialization include mediation, collaborative law, parenting coordination and expert
witness testimony.
Presenting issues include eating disorders, grief and loss, marital, divorce and co-parenting
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
Psychological Affiliates, Inc.
Group Private Practice
Winter Park, Florida
• Psychological Resident from 2001-2002
• Provide individual, family, couples, and group therapy to children, adults, and families.
• Areas of specialization include child and adult psychotherapy, mediation, parent
coordination, collaborative law, and psychological testing for individuals, various county
agencies, and the court systems.
• Presenting issues include eating disorders, grief and loss, marital, divorce, co-parenting
issues, and child abuse.
Psychology Intern
Northern Illinois University (APA Accredited)
Counseling and Student Development Center
DeKalb, Illinois
• Provided short and long-term individual psychotherapy and intake interviews.
• Co-led weekly group psychotherapy for university students.
• Year long specialization in eating disorders which involved providing individual and
family therapy, consultation, presentations, workshops and participation in multidisciplinary treatment team meetings and eating disorders task force.
• Provided eating disorders consultation, education and presentations to students, faculty
and staff at local elementary and high schools.
• Provided emergency on-call services and crisis intervention.
• Provided career counseling and assessment.
• Supervised doctoral level practicum student.
• Performed learning disability assessments.
Assistant Counseling Center Director
Counseling and Psychological Services of Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, Florida
• A full time graduate assistantship awarded to an advanced level doctoral student to
assist in the overall operation of the counseling center.
• Responsible for providing clinical and administrative supervision of approximately 20
doctoral students each semester.
• Administrative responsibilities included case management and record keeping; leading
weekly administrative meetings; compiling monthly statistical reports; meeting with center
director, clinical supervisors and dean of psychology; and assisting with student evaluations.
• Clinical responsibilities included individual and group supervision, assignment of cases
and review of intakes and clinical documentation.
• Conducted weekly supervision groups for peer supervisors of practicum students.
• Other duties included 24-hour emergency on-call coverage; consultation; training
incoming therapists; and student and parent orientation.
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
Inpatient Therapist
(Temporary, part-time position)
ValueMark Laurel Oaks Behavioral Healthcare System
Orlando, Florida
• Sexual Abuse Survivor Therapist for female adolescents in Residential Treatment
• Responsibilities included implementation and monitoring of individual treatment plans,
charting and documenting patient progress notes.
• Established sexual abuse assessment questionnaire and screened patients for sexual
survivors group.
• Provided individual, group and family counseling sessions.
Lakeside Alternatives
Maitland, Florida
• Provided various therapeutic services on a part-time, consultation status.
• Provided treatment in adult and children’s crisis stabilization units, short-term
residential unit, longer-term residential unit, and screening center.
• Provided review of clinical documentation and supervision to staff on inpatient units.
• Duties also included attendance at hospital staff meetings.
Outpatient Therapist
Waterfront Center for Psychology of Osceola Mental Health
Maitland, Florida
• Provided brief outpatient counseling services through a capitated managed care
• Population consisted of children, adolescents, adults and elderly.
• Provided individual, family, and couples co-therapy.
• Developed skills related to working in an administrative setting such as managing
reimbursement, requesting approval for services, learning how to work effectively within a
managed care setting, and obtaining new referral services.
Private Practice
Associates in Psychotherapy and Biofeedback of Winter Park,
Winter Park, Florida
• Provided individual, group and relationship counseling.
• Client load included particular emphasis on eating disorders and sexual abuse treatment
for children, adolescents and adults.
• Provided psychiatric referrals and managed reimbursements through managed
care/HMO organizations.
Program Coordinator
The Children’s Center of Osceola Mental Health
Kissimmee, Florida
• Sexual Abuse Program Coordinator. Acting director of facility in his absence.
• Designed and implemented program for community mental health agency.
• Supervised other therapists in program.
Provided individual, family and collateral counseling for sexually abused
children/adolescents and their families.
• Member of District Seven child abuse prevention task force.
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
• Quality assurance manager.
• Conducted monthly peer reviews, represented program at management meetings, and
performed other various administrative duties.
Circles of Care: Sheridan Oaks Inpatient Unit and Testing Lab
Melbourne, Florida
January, 1999-May, 1999
Supervisor: Roger Keyser, Ph.D.
• Sheridan Oaks: A 28-bed inpatient unit of a private psychiatric hospital with a patient
population consisting of general psychiatric ambulatory adults admitted voluntarily or
• Responsibilities include leading daily didactic, art-expression, and discharge planning
group therapies, conducting intakes and psychosocial histories, providing individual crisis
stabilization, and attending hospital team meetings.
• Testing Lab: An assessment practicum serving the adult outpatient/inpatient and day
hospital unit of a community mental health center.
• Responsibilities consisted of psychological assessment including the administration,
scoring and interpretation of intellectual, neuropsychological, and personality evaluations.
Community Psychological Services
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
December, 1997- September, 1998
Supervisors: Radhika Krishnamurthy, Psy.D.
Monique Levermore, Ph.D.
Carol Philpot, Psy.D.
Outpatient community mental health clinic serving children, adolescents, adults, and elderly.
Provided assessment, therapy, and consultation with schools, industry, and community agencies.
Emphasis in training consisted of special attention to the family processes in therapy from a systemic
perspective, and to the dynamics of the co-therapy relationship.
Counseling and Psychological Services
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
August, 1997-December, 1997
Supervisor: James Oelschlager, Psy.D.
Assisted director in overall functioning of university counseling center. Compiled statistics for end of
fiscal year report. Assisted director in grant writing, budget planning, and preparation for
presentations. Liaison to Florida Institute of Technology departments as well as community agencies.
Office of Clinical Training
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
May, 1997-December, 1997
Supervisor: Carol Philpot, Psy.D.
Administrative practicum working directly with the Associate Director of Clinical Training for the
School of Psychology. Assisted practicum students in practicum assignment planning and site
selection. Contacted potential practicum sites to determine readiness for student assignment.
Contacted current practicum site supervisors to obtain information necessary for future student
assignment. Updated practicum manual and practicum schedules.
Counseling and Psychological Services
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
January, 1997- August, 1998
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
Supervisors: Richard T. Elmore, Jr., Ph.D.
Thomas Harrell, Ph.D.
James Oelschlager, Psy.D.
Outpatient university counseling center emphasizing a brief (16 week) therapy model serving
students, staff, faculty, and their dependents. Conducted intake interviews, individual, couples, and
group psychotherapy. Provided psychological assessments, vocational assessments and case
presentations. Provided consultation and psychoeducational workshops to the campus and the
surrounding community on a variety of topics including coping with grief and loss, anger
management, substance abuse, and improving self-esteem.
Master’s Degree Internship
Glenbeigh Health Sources of Orlando, Orlando, Florida
January, 1993-August, 1993
Supervisor: Katherine Bishop, L.M.H.C.
Primary Therapist. Worked with eating disordered and chemically dependent adults and adolescents
in inpatient and partial hospitalization programs. Performed social history assessments, diagnostic
assessments, individual, marital and family sessions as well as group therapy. Prepared for and
conducted specialty groups and lectures. Provided discharge planning, treatment team input and
presented cases in supervision group.
Master’s Degree Practicum
Florida Department of Corrections Probation Office, Orlando, Florida
August, 1992- December, 1992
Supervisor: Anne Heath, Ph.D.
Provided individual counseling at Florida Department of Corrections. Clients were either mandated
to attend or sought treatment on a voluntary basis. Compiled intake and termination reports,
maintained progress notes, and participated in weekly supervision. Additionally, compiled monthly
reports to Department of Corrections to convey information regarding clients’ progress.
Master’s Degree Practicum
Rollins College Counseling Institute, Winter Park, Florida
August, 1992-December, 1992
Supervisor: Anne Heath, Ph.D.
Outpatient counseling center for students of Rollins College. Provided individual psychotherapy,
completed intake reports, maintained progress noted, and participated in weekly supervision.
Student Therapist
Family Learning Program, Cocoa, Florida; Melbourne, Florida
September, 1996-March, 1998
Supervisors: Juanita Baker, Ph.D.
Nancy Wenk, Psy.D.
Outpatient sexual abuse treatment program serving children, adolescents, non-offending caretakers,
and perpetrators. Co-facilitated weekly treatment groups for sexually abused children and
adolescents as well as siblings of sexual abuse victims. Provided additional on-going therapy to
individuals within the program as needed. Conducted intake interviews, psychological assessments,
case presentations and case management. Attended court hearings and filed for Victim’s
Compensation benefits as needed. Functioned as part of the treatment team emphasizing a behavioral
approach to treatment.
Group Co-facilitator
Rollins College Graduate Program in Education and Human Development, Winter Park, Florida
Fall Semesters, 1993-1995
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
Supervisors: Bert Bertram, Ed.D.
Nancy Cruse, Psy.D.
Marie Shafe, Ed.D.
Co-facilitator in a personal growth/T-group consisting of graduate students in mental health
counseling program as a requirement of their group counseling class. Issues related to professional
development, transference/countertransference, relationships, loss, sexuality, life transitions, as well
as various other topics were processed on a weekly basis.
Graduate Assistantship
Teaching Assistant
January, 1998-May, 1998
Supervisor: Thomas Harrell, Ph.D.
A graduate assistantship awarded to an advanced level doctoral student. Aided in the coordination
and implementation of Clinical Skills II class. Responsibilities included presentations of intake
procedures and various theoretical orientations and treatment techniques in preparation for practicum
placements of students.
Graduate Assistantship
Research Assistant
August, 1997-December, 1997
Supervisor: Thomas Harrell, Ph.D.
Conducted research on various theories of Successful Aging. Responsibilities included review of
literature, organization and collation of literature, preparation of overview of prior research
findings. Met weekly with supervisor to provide updates on research findings.
Graduate Assistantship
Teaching Assistant
August, 1997-December, 1997
Supervisor: Richard Elmore, Ph.D.
Teaching assistant for first semester clinical psychology doctoral students. Responsibilities included
teaching students basic counseling techniques including rapport-building, reflection, and attending
skills according to the Carkhuff model.
Academy of Learning, Longwood, Florida
August, 1989-June, 1991
Junior Kindergarten Teacher. Coordinated daily classroom activities and lesson plans for eighteen
students. Participated in parent-teacher conferences. Made recommendations regarding advancement
to kindergarten.
Committee Member
Florida Institute of Technology
July, 1998-Present
Supervisor: Richard T. Elmore, Ph.D.
Selected to serve on planning committee for clinical skills lab practicum. Served as one of four
graduate students to assist in the design and implementation of a clinical skills lab.
Peer Supervision
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
January, 1998-May, 1998
Supervisor: James R. Oelschlager, Psy.D.
Provided peer supervision for beginning doctoral level therapists at Counseling and Psychological
Services. Responsibilities included weekly group supervision sessions in which therapists are
provided with support and assistance in adjusting to the role of therapist, formulating and presenting
case conceptualizations, conducting intake interviews, and writing psychological reports. Issues of
role induction, transference/countertransference, termination, and boundary-setting were also
Administrative Assistant
Office of Clinical Training
January, 1998-May, 1998
Supervisor: Philip Farber, Ph.D.
Assistant to the Dean of the Office of Clinical Training. Contacted potential practicum sites to
arrange site visits. Met with practicum students to coordinate future practicum placements.
Graduate Student Senate Member
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
June, 1997-May, 1998
Elected by peers to be a founding member and representative on the graduate psychology student
senate. Responsibilities included the formation of the senate as this was the first year a senate was
created for psychology students. Created and established by-laws, formed committees, served as
liaison between faculty and students, and represented and advocated for the student body in the
Graduate School of Psychology. Additional responsibilities included the creation of a newsletter for
faculty and students.
Newsletter Editor
Counseling and Psychological Services, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
May, 1997-May, 1998
Supervisor: James R. Oelschlager, Psy.D.
Responsibilities included the coordination of the university counseling center’s newsletter. Specific
duties included generating specific article topics, assigning articles to be written by student
therapists, proofreading and approving articles for format, grammar, and content, approving graphic
lay-outs, and distributing the newsletters to students, staff, and faculty of the university.
Student Interviewer for New Faculty Member
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
April, 1997
Selected to interview and answer questions for prospective faculty member. Provided
recommendations to faculty based upon these interviews.
Student Interviewer for New Applicants
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
March, 1997 and 1998
Responsibilities included interviewing and answering questions for a group of six new applicants to
the Psy.D. program, as well as providing recommendations for acceptance based upon these
Counseling and Psychological Services, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
January 1997-July, 1997
Served as a liaison for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to Crisis Services of Brevard
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
County. Responsibilities include facilitating regular communication between CAPS and Crisis
Services and arranging for requested presentations.
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida
February 8, 1996
Lectured to students, faculty, staff, and community on eating disorders. Responsibilities included
administering, scoring, and interpreting eating disorder screening surveys and made
recommendations and referrals regarding which participants required more extensive attention
regarding unhealthy eating habits.
Certified Targeted Case Manager
The Children’s Center of Osceola Mental Health, Kissimmee, Florida
June, 1991-August, 1993
Lead Case Manager and Case Manager Supervisor. Member of Family Services Planning Team.
Advocated for clients and their families and linked them to appropriate resources within the
community. Coordinated counseling sessions with support personnel. Maintained charts to Medicaid
standards including documentation of progress, treatment planning and assessment. Developed and
implemented respite program. Participated in inservice trainings and weekly staff meetings. Attended
court hearings and testified on behalf of clients. Caseload mainly consisted of Emotionally
Handicapped and Severely Emotionally Disabled (EH/SED) population.
Mental Health Volunteer
The Children’s Center of Osceola Mental Health, Kissimmee, Florida
Volunteered on a weekly basis as a therapeutic big sister for an outpatient client in an EH/SED
program who was also receiving treatment in inpatient and outpatient facilities of a community
mental health agency. Provided appropriate role modeling for client. Served as liaison between the
family and service providers in the community.
Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Assistant counselor to a child receiving outpatient services in a mental health center. Addressed
needs on a one-to-one basis of a four-year old child. Assisted in developing and implementing a
behavioral management program.
Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Volunteered in day hospital. Interacted with and provided appropriate skill training to individual chronic patients.
Assessed patients needs. Planned and participated in recreational activities.
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
More them Meets the Eye: Media Influences on Body Image and Eating Disorders
August, 2009
The Palms at Central Florida Behavioral Hospital
Assessment of Eating Disorders
April, 2008
Eating Disorder Network of Central Florida
Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents
March, 2004
Orange County Child Protection Team
Divided Loyalties
June, 2002 to Present
Psychological Affiliates, Inc.
Multicultural Issues and Eating Disorders
March, 2000
Northern Illinois University
Inservice given to counseling center staff.
Career Decision Making Workshop
March-April, 2000
Northern Illinois University
Six-week workshop for Nontraditional College Students using career assessment instruments.
Males Have Eating Disorders Too
February, 2000
Northern Illinois University
Presentation to students, staff, community during Eating Disorders Awareness Week.
Body Image and Eating Disorders
November, 1999
Northern Illinois University
Graduate level course: Nutrition and Eating Disorders.
Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating
October, 1999
Northern Illinois University
Undergraduate Physical Education class.
Eating Disorders
October, 1999
DeKalb High School. DeKalb, Illinois
Presentation given to High School Students in their PE /Wellness Class
Role Induction and Intake Procedures
September, 1998
Presentation given to second year practicum students in clinical skills practicum lab.
Stress Management
August, 1998
Workshop given to graduate resident assistants for the dormitories at Florida Institute of Technology.
Improving Communication Skills
August, 1998
Workshop given to graduate resident assistants for the dormitories at Florida Institute of Technology.
Recognizing Students in Distress
August, 1998
Workshop presented to all graduate student assistants of Florida Institute of Technology.
Mental Health Services Available for the Elderly
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
May, 1998
Presentation given to nursing home residents, their families, and the community.
Suicide Assessment
April, 1998
Instructed class on suicide assessment techniques to first year doctoral students.
Relaxation Techniques
March, 1998
Instructed class to first year doctoral students using experiential techniques.
Gestalt Therapy
November, 1997
Presentation to second year doctoral students in group therapy class.
Improving Your Self Esteem
June, 1997
Presentation to Florida Institute of Technology students and surrounding community.
Substance Abuse
April, 1997
Presentation to Florida Institute of Technology students and surrounding community.
Anger Management
March, 1997
Presentation to Florida Institute of Technology students and surrounding community.
Coping with Grief and Loss
February, 1997
Presentation to Florida Institute of Technology faculty and staff.
Eating Disorders
February, 1996
Day-long presentation to students, faculty, staff, and community at Valencia Community College,
Orlando, Florida.
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Parenting Coordination
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training
Breaking Down Walls: Overcoming Barriers & Obstacles in Eating Disorder Treatment
Family Mediation Certification Training, Perry Itkin, Esq.
Diagnosis, Etiology, and Treatment of Mental Disorders
Alzheimer’s Disease
Obesity: Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment
Anabolic Steroid Abuse
Domestic Violence II: Intimate Partner Violence
Preventing Medical Errors
Ethics & Law in Florida Psychology
Intensive CBT for Anxiety Disorders with Focused Attention on OCD
Treatment of Gay & Transgendered Adolescents in Residential Psychiatric Treatment
Deliberate Self-Harm Syndrome: A Multi-Dimensional Behavior
Ninth Annual Conference on the Contemporary Applications of Psychological
Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts Mental Health Center
Bipolar Disorder: Current Research from the NIMH
Chemical Dependency: Assessment and Treatment
How Children Respond to Grief from Birth to Late Adolescence
What Would you Recommend to Your Client? Clinical Applications of Domestic Violence
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
Anxiety Disorders: Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment
When a Family Member is Ill- How it Affects the Rest of the Family
Preventing Medical Errors
Art of Treatment for Eating Disorders
Sexual Abuse and Children Exposed to Family Violence
Kathryn Kuchnle, Ph.D., and Tracy Ellis, Esquire
Lunch With the Judges: Florida Judges Discuss Current Issues that Impact Child
Welfare Law and Practice
Judge O.H. Eaton, Jr.; Judge Donna L. McIntosh; George Russell, Master General
February 25, 2003
Tools for Assessing Sexual Abuse
Kathryn Kuchnle, Ph.D.
Preparing to Testify
Deborah O. Day, Psy.D.
February 21, 2003
Understanding the Interconnections Between Power, Identity, and Social Isolation
in Domestic Violence: Implications for Intervention
Florida Psychological Association, Central Chapter
Nancy Cruce, Psy.D., and Kathryn Norsworthy, Ph.D.
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March 6, 1998
February 20, 1998
February 13, 1998
January 30, 1998
Understanding Sex Offenders and the Story of Preferential Sex Offenders: Where
Society Fails
Jennifer Welch, Ph.D.
University of Central Florida
When Victims Take it Back: Understanding Recants
Jennifer Welch, Ph.D.
University of Central Florida
Central Florida Regional Counseling Centers Meeting
Florida Southern College
Domestic Violence
Florida Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Harvey Hester, Ed.D.
Strengthening Couples Relationships: Shared History, Mutual Goals and
Florida Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Blaine J. Fowers, Ph.D.
Working with Gay and Lesbian Couples
Florida Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Jay Asher, Ed.D. and Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.
Patient Rights
Florida Institute of Technology
Gail Mock, Psy.D.
Recognizing and Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury
Florida Institute of Technology
Arthur Patterson, Ph.D.
Integrating Marital and Sex Therapy
Florida Institute of Technology
Richard Elmore, Ph.D.
Forensic Issues in Psychology
Florida Institute of Technology
Wanda Bethea, Ed.D.
Health/Behavioral Psychology
Florida Institute of Psychology
Joel Shuy, Psy.D.
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
January 16, 1998
January-March, 1998
November 22, 1997
November 14, 1997
November 7, 1997
October 10, 1997
September 19, 1997
Couples Counseling and HIV
Florida Institute of Technology
Timothy Short, Ph.D.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Richard Elmore, Ph.D.
21-hour seminar
Update on the WAIS-III
Radikah Krishnamurthy, Psy.D.
Intervention Methods with Suicidal Clients
Florida Institute of Technology
Harvey Hester, Ed.D.
Treatment of Sexual Offenders
Florida Institute of Technology
Scott Whitacre, Psy.D.
Treatment of Substance Abuse
Florida Institute of Technology
Joan Becker, L.M.H.C.
Hypnotic Phenomenon in Psychotherapy
April 4, 1997
March 28, 1997
February 28, 1997
January 31, 1997
January 24, 1997
January 10, 1997
December 6, 1996
November 15, 1996
October 4, 1996
September 20, 1996
May 7, 1996
Florida Institute of Technology
Richard Elmore, Ph.D.
Intervention Strategies for Dealing with the Difficult to Treat Adolescent
Florida Institute of Technology
Roy Lusk, Psy.D. and Susan Hertzenberg, Psy.D.
Impaired Professionals
Florida Institute of Technology
Burt Podnos, M.D.
The Role of the Psychologist in the Physical Rehabilitation Setting
Florida Institute of Technology
Debra Jacoby, Psy.D.
Sleep Disorders
Florida Institute of Technology
David Broome, Psy.D.
Psychological Trauma
Florida Institute of Technology
William Tollefson, Ph.D.
Behavioral Medicine: Approaches to Psychophysiological Disorders
Florida Institute of Technology
Louis Damis, Ph.D.
Criminal Psychology: The Psychologist in the Corrections Field
Florida Institute of Technology
Scott Whitacre, Psy.D.
Update on Alzheimer’s Treatment and Research
Florida Institute of Technology
Eugene Shepherd, M.D.
16PF Research Update
Florida Institute of Technology
Philip Farber, Ph.D.
Working with the Gay and Lesbian Population
Florida Institute of Technology
Lainey Richardson, Psy.D.
Clinical Assessment
Robin C. Meade, Psy.D.
April 18, 1996
December 1, 1995
November 3, 1994
July 15, 1994
June 22, 1994
Lakeside Alternatives, Maitland, Florida
Sharon Burrows, Psy.D.
Alternative Brief Therapies: Exploring EMDR, Hypnotherapy, and NLP in
Clinical Practice
National Association of Clinical Social Work
Ed Reese, LCSW and Maryann Reese, LCSW
Hidden Issues that Thwart Progress in Therapy
Mental Health Counselors of Central Florida
Denton Kurtz, M.Ed.
Emotions: A Seminar for Health Professionals
Institute for Cortext Research and Development
Nicholas Hall, Ph.D.
Body and Soul: Feminist Perspectives in the Treatment of Eating Disorders and
Sexual Abuse
The Renfrew Foundation
Adrienne Ressler, M.A., C.S.W.
Techniques of Play Therapy
Osceola Mental Health, Kissimmee, Florida
April 13, 1994
November 17, 1994
February 15&16, 1993
Nancy Boyd Webb
Dissociative Disorders in Children and Adolescents
Osceola Mental Health, Kissimmee, Florida
John Blankemeier, M.D.
Psychiatric Treatment in Children
Osceola Mental Health, Kissimmee, Florida
John Blankemeier, M.D.
New Chairs of the Old South: Psychiatric Perspectives
Department of Psychiatry, University of Florida
Barry Sieger, M.D.