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25th-27th October 2013
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Max 2 children per adult. Does NOT apply to early entry.
Prat IN tHE Hat
WUWO Media
a COOl Cat Or a bIt Of a Prat?
An Interview with Flume
Australian electronic sensation Flume (aka
Harley Streten) got his first music software
from a cereal box. Since then he’s conquered the
Australian charts and embarked on a European
and North American tour. WUWO caught up
with Harley ahead of his London date.
Editor in Chief
Steven Godwin
Jack Courtez
Copy Editor
Lesley Boardman
Design & Illustration
Marian Hutchinson
Retronaut – Women In Advertising
– 1930 to 1959
The suffragette movement had succeeded and
the sexual revolution was yet to begin. In the
space between we examine how advertisers
marketed at and portrayed women as
housewives and consumers.
Mike Tyson Returns
This former world heavy weight champion
has turned his life around a way many thought
wasn’t possible. He’s gone from eating ears to
veganism, from raising fists to raising pigeons
and from hating enemies to forgiving them.
We spoke to Mike as he prepared to re-enter
the ring as a promoter.
An Interview With Mark Dolan
This presenter/comedian of Balls of Steel
fame has just finished his hugely succesful
stint at Edinburgh with his new show “You’re
Awesome”. WUWO had a chat with Mark
regarding his love for all things wacky, Balls of
Steel nostalgia and opera singing truck drivers.
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Helena Wan
Top Picks
Hand-picked intriguing happenings, venues, clubs,
shops and more from London and beyond.
The Folly Mixtures Review
The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable
Gothic Horror Season
London Honey Show
Madame JoJo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street
London, W1F 0SE.
The first Wednesday of the month,
throughout 2013. £10
Temple Studios, 31 London Street,
Londond, W2 1DJ.
4 July-30 December £39.50 - £47.50
British Film Institute Southbank
Stamford St, London, SE1 8WA
1 October-31 January TBC.
Royal Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster
Terrace, Bayswater, London, W2 2TY.
7 October 6pm £1.00
The glamourous ladies from The Folly Mixtures
offer you a contemporary twist on classic burlesque,
giving you an assortment of dance, circus, song
and burlesque, from showgirls to wartime pin-ups.
They have been nominated for various awards
including the 2013 London Cabaret Awards. Miss
Laurie Hagen will be hosting the show every
month and introducing special guest acts too.
From award winning plays like The Masque of the
Red Death and Sleep No More, Punchdrunk has
now introduced a dark fantasy The Drowned Man:
A Hollywood Fable. It is based on Georg Buchner’s
anti-war stage play, Woyzeck. This unfinished play
was re-written with different endings by various
authors. It is the tale of a German soldier in the 19th
century who is tranfixed by his barbaric experiences,
which eventually lead him to kill his unfaithful wife.
This season, there is an array of events taking place
for Gothic folks. It will include educational activities,
premieres and exclusive previews of Gothic films
and TV. You might end up meeting big personalities
from Gothic films during the events. There will be
a wide range of films, from stop motion monsters to
contemporary films from BFI archives. The season
will screen films including ‘The Cabinet of Dr
Caligari’ (1920) and ‘Woman in Black’ (2012).
A fun and interactive event to celebrate bees and
beekeeping but also to educate non-beekeepers. The
event will be featuring exhibitions, honey tasting, stalls,
expert talks and beehives. Greatly anticipated will be
the award to the ‘London Beekeeper of the Year.’ Apart
from beekeeping, there are various other stalls including
garden decoration, arts and crafts, bee equipments
and beauty products. The entry fee will go to ‘Bees for
Development’’ which assists poor people around the
world to earn their living through beekeeping
iTunes Festival
Horseman’s Sunday
International Chessboxing London
Dino Snores
Round House, Chalk Farm Rd,
Greater London, NW1 8EH.
1-30 September
St. John’s Church, Hyde Park, London.
22 September 10am
Scala, 275 Pentonville Road,
King´s Cross, London, N1 9NL.
12 October 7pm onwards
£15.00 - £50.00
The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Rd, London, SW7 5BD.
12 October 7pm-9.50am £52.00
This year’s iTunes Festival has a bigger line-up
of artists than ever including Justin Timberlake,
Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Queens of Stone Age, Thirty
Seconds to Mars, Jack Johnson and many more.
The shows are free, with people able to apply for
tickets which will be randomly allocated so it’s
fair to everyone. Do not be too disappointed if you
cannot make it to the live shows, you can still have
access through an iOS device. To win tickets for the
iTunes Festival, visit the iTunes store.
Horseman’s Sunday is celebrating it’s 46th year this
year. A procession of horses and riders come to be
blessed after the main 10am Sunday service at St
John’s, to celebrate horse riding in London. Horses of all
shapes and sizes are lined up, together with horse drawn
carriages and buggies. The celebration also includes live
music, carriage rides, raffles, games and other activities.
This event is considered one of the most colourful events
of the year in Hyde Park. The event started nearly 50
years ago in 1967, when the stables on the north side of
Hyde Park were threatened with closure.
An unusual hybrid sport, which has gained immense
popularity in Europe. This is a sport that involves both
brain and brawn and combines chess with boxing in
alternate rounds. The winner of the previous event was
Andy Costello, a heavy weight contender from the UK.
There will be large digital screens placed all over the
arena for you to enjoy the sport ‘til the last drop. To spice
up the event, there will be live cabaret performances,
DJs and a series of special guests on the night.
Are you bored with your partner snoring away ‘til
dawn? The Natural History Museum is offering
a night with Dino Snores, an unusual event. The
event includes a torch-lit tour to galleries, dinosaur
displays, quiz with prizes, stand-up comedy and
a great horror movie marathon. The sleepover
will be held beneath the fossilised skeleton of the
Diplodocus, which is located in the Central Hall of
the Museum. The event will also include a three
course dinner and breakfast in the morning.
food 07
Meat munching, Street snacking and cocktail concocting content created to
provide palates with delectable dishes
La Crêperie de Hampstead
77 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1RE
This tiny Parisian kiosk has been aiding addictions
to buttery and crisp crepes since 1980. People from
all over the world come here to have their meltin-your-mouth savoury or sweet crepe. Celebrities
including Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis visited
here to have a simple French delight on a quiet
street in Hampstead. Do not miss out on their
banana nutella crepe from the sweet section and ham
with garlic mushroom and cheese crepe from the
savoury section.
NEW: Chop Shop
Rola Wala Naan Bar
The flavour of Indian spices served with healthy
options, is a good way to make your tummy happy.
The rolls are inspired from Calcutta, India. It is a
three-step procedure to appeasing your appetite that
includes mixing meat, salad and chutney to make a
delicious thin, tandoori naan roll. They also have
their own lines of raw juices of fruits and vegetables.
As the Aussie owner says, ‘eat fresh, drink raw!’
66 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4RF
Altamarea Group, the acclaimed New York based
restaurateurs, launched a vibrant new ‘butcher-shop
inspired’ restaurant ‘Chop Shop’, on September 2 on
Haymarket in St James’s London.
Chop Shop combines both the British and New
York approach to dining to mould this intimate
‘neighbourhood’ style, well-priced concept.
Chop Shop is casual and accessible, with the name
referring to the cut of meat as well as chopped
meats and salads. The menu itself includes
highlights from Altamarea restaurants in New
York including Morini meatballs, as well as
new collaborative dishes such as the cottage pasta
pie. It is divided into ‘snacks & bites’ of Spicy wings
and Cotechino Scotch egg, ‘jars’ of meat and fish
pâtés and ‘planks’ offering a selection of cheese or
charcuterie to share.
‘Steaks and chops’ are set to be the highlight with
Chop Shop serving USDA fillet and hanger steaks
alongside other various meats served on the bone
including pork and lamb chops.w
The bar has no fixed abode so keep tabs with their
movements on Twitter if you want to track it down.
5cc Cocktail Club
23 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QL
Tucked away within two traditional pubs in London’s
East End lies the capital’s newest old bar concept –
5cc. Since opening a second location earlier this year,
its popularity has grown despite the bar’s slightly
secret location. From the bustling pub below you’d
never realize a broody and sumptuous cocktail bar
rests above.
Following on from their previous “The Forgotten
Range” which consisted of vintage liquors self-poured
from individual bottles stored in an original apothecary
cabinet, their new range launched on September 3 with
a continuing focus of carefully selected spirits.
art explorer
art explorer
Art Explorer
Atlas Gallery’s ‘True Colours’ explores the history of colour photography right
through to its contemporary application.
Styles range from René Burri’s largely black
and white oeuvre to Adam Jeppesen’s eerily
quiet landscapes. The famous portrait of
an Afghan girl taken in a refugee camp,’
Pakistan’ by Steve McCurry and Paolo
Ventura’s fancy depictions of a clown’s life will
also be showcased at the exhibition.
‘Winter Stories’
The Balloon Seller
by Paolo Ventura
by Adam Jeppesen
Horse Pool and House by Luis
Barragan, San Cristobal, Mexico
by Rene Burri
‘Winter Stories’
Sunday Afternoon
by Paolo Ventura
‘Winter Stories’
Albergo dell’ora
by Paolo Ventura
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WUWO music 13
WUWO music
An Interview With Flume
“I’m Sam, I work at Clock, one of the UK’s top digital agencies and write for WUWO
about all things gadget and geeky.”
An Interview with Flume
Australian electronic sensation Flume (aka Harley Streten) got his first music
production software from a freebie in a box of cereal as a child. Since then he’s hit
the top spot in the Australian charts and is currently touring North America and
Europe. WUWO caught up with Flume ahead of his upcoming London date.
How did the BBC live session go?
Yeah it was fun actually. We did a live performance
in the morning then I ended up at the end of the
night back there, showing them more music.
How’re you finding England?
It’s been pretty nice so far. Everyone seems
to go nuts about weather over here. It’s quite
funny actually, like when it’s a nice day everyone
appreciates it like crazy.
How did the collaboration with Chet Faker
come about?
We haven’t actually had that much time to write
together but if we do get together, then we’re just
super efficient and we work really well together; it’s
a bit of a yin and yang kind of thing. Whatever I’m
bad at, he’s really good at and vice versa. We’ve only
really had a few days to write but we managed to do
an entire track each day. We’ve got an EP coming
out this year sometime.
Do you have a special band name for that project?
I think we’re just going to keep it Flume and Chet.
You had a lot of collaboration on your album. Is
there anyone you’re hoping to collaborate with in
the future?
I’ve always thought it would be fun to write with
Yukimi from Little Dragon. I think that’d be fun. I
really like her vocal style, it’s quite unique and she
seems to really have a knack for coming out with
catchy melodies.
I’ve heard you’re a big fan of J Dilla, do you have a
favourite track of his?
Oh man it’s tricky eh. I’m a big fan of his work.
He’s actually quite a recent thing for me; I’ve never
been a hip hop guy. I’m still not really a big rap guy,
but when it comes to instrumental stuff, Dilla was
the first one I stumbled across that really clicked
with me. Before that I was really listening to a lot of
dance music and house music.
Who did you grow up listening to?
The two albums I remember I really liked from my
parents were Van Morrisson and Deep Forest. Deep
Forest was really like world music and its quite leftfield, but the Van Morrisson stuff I really liked.
Are there any places you’re especially excited to
visit this summer?
Everyone keeps telling me how good Calvi on the
Rocks is, so I’m hanging out for that one. I’ve been
checking the weather and it looks super nice.
I really enjoyed listening to your remixes of
Disclosure and Rustie. Is there anyone you’re
hoping to remix next?
No, I have no remixes on my plate at the moment.
I’m very picky and I only remix stuff I really, really
like, but not so much that I don’t want to change
it; if I love something and think it’s perfect I’m not
going to touch it.
Who are you listening to at the moment?
I got the new Foals record Holy Fire and I’ve been
giving that a fair bit of play. What else? That’s
pretty British isn’t it? I got the new Fuck Buttons
album, I’ve had a little listen; I haven’t listened to it
all but it sounds pretty weird. Oh, and Thundercat!
If you could transcend time and see any artist
or visit any musical period, where would you
want to go?
I’d just love to experience the whole early 70s with
the whole acid movement and the birth of all the
festivals like Woodstock. Yeah I’d love to be around
for that. Either that or go far into the future and
discover new genres.
The future electro sound?
Yeah. I’d probably hate it actually. It might just be
dubstep 300 years in advance, just a series of tones.
What inspires you to create music?
First and foremost like most artists, other people’s
music. I feel like if you write a great song with a
great melody and you play it on a standard drum kit,
a guitar and a bass it sounds great because it’s a great
song. If you play that great song with a really unique
sounding drum kit and a bass that has a really
interesting sound to it, it’ll inspire some really odd
reactions. That’s what really sparks it for me.
Where does the name Flume come from?
I’m named after the Bon Iver track Flume. I figured
with this project if I was going to get successful,
then I was aware that the name should look good
written down. I wanted something that looked good
when it’s written on a post-it, a t shirt and all sorts
of things, so as well as something that I liked the
sound of, I wanted something that looks nice from a
typography perspective too.
“Don’t Let Them Call
You SKINNY” weight
gain ad promoting
‘Wate-on’ products
Ads through the ages
‘Married? No reason to
neglect stockings’ ad
In this technological age, you don’t have to look much further than your own
computer or television to be inundated with advertisements. Much like nowadays,
the media in the 1930s-1950s was an important tool for communication.
However, what was advertised and how this was achieved differs greatly to today.
Retronaut explores advertisements in the 20th Century and what they
reveal about society at the time.
A personal hygiene ad promoting “Kleinert’s Dress
Shields” to protect against perspiration
Pepsi Cola ad favouring the
‘slender woman’ – already
we are seeing a change away
from the 1940’s ideal woman
‘How Television Benefits Your
Children’ ad claiming that TV leads
to better behaviour and better marks
in school for children
“Give her a Hoover and you give her the best” ad
denoting the woman’s role as a housewife
The first Kodak digital still camera
invented in 1975 by Steven Sasson
“Presenting The Losers” ad denoting
the tough criteria for choosing an
Eastern Airline stewardess –
Christmas gun ads; “Make this a
Browning Christmas” promoting guns
Vintage diet soaps – “obesity soap”
vowing to reduce fat without the
aid of dieting or exercise
“This is 1961” ad reflecting the social
changes of the “jet” age in the 1960s
“Whiskey tooth paste” promoting the
message of enjoying oral hygiene
“Welcome to someday” ad showing the
advancement of technology in the 1980s
The Osborne 1 – the first commercially
successful portable microcomputer
celebrity 19
Person’s Name
Mini Hedline
Sam Wills began performing at the age of 13 as an apprentice clown in New Zealand.
21 years later, his prop based comedy show ‘The Boy With Tape On His Face’ is one
of the most highly anticipated acts at the Edinburgh Fringe. WUWO peeled back the
tape to talk comedy.
Mike Tyson is a former undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World and holds
the record as the youngest boxer to hold the WBA, IBF and WBC heavyweight titles,
at 20 years, 4 months and 22 days. With 50 wins and 44 KOs under his impressive
pile of belts, whilst famous in the ring he was infamous outside of it, with
convictions for rape, assault and drug possession.
Since his retirement from boxing, he’s attempted to change both his life and attitude,
yet some vices are hard to loose. While ‘The Baddest Man in the World’ has swapped
raising his fists for raising 350 pigeons and biting peoples’ ears off for veganism,
he’s recently revealed his continuing struggle with alcohol and other substances
stating “I’ve been sober for six days, that’s a miracle for me.”
WUWO caught up with Tyson at the Turning Stone Resort Casino, New York before
his August return to boxing as a promoter and before his pledge of sobriety
to discuss drug use, his past and re-inventing himself as an entertainer.
Your turn around in life is incredible. A couple of
years ago you were saying “I see an early end for
myself”. What was your mindset when you were
thinking this?
Check this out, I was planning on killing myself.
My wife was just my friend at the time; we started
spending time together and then she went home,
came back, got pregnant and had to go to prison. She
came back again after six months and started talking
about building a company. I said “look at the state
that we’re in” but I didn’t want to burst her bubble
and I didn’t want her to leave me so I said “yes”. Not
in a thousand years did I plan on doing it.
I went to do a show and it was breathtaking. You
couldn’t hear the audience; everything was dead
silent; you could hear a mouse piss on cotton.
After that show I said “Baby I think I can do this!” I’m
up there taking questions from the crowd and talking
about myself. We got a director and arranged some
shows then Spike Lee calls me and says “let’s take on
I was so excited, I had no idea it would be this successful.
Anyway it all started from my wife saying we’re going
to do this, we’re going to become entertainers. I was a
full blown addict at the time she was telling me this.
My daughter had died and I just wanted to live a
different life. I still struggle; life is very difficult for
me. My whole life I just wanted to be a savage fighter,
that’s all I cared about doing. Then I reached a point
where I realised all I believed was true was a lie. I’ve
changed my life, I’m happy to be alive and I continue
to make progress on this.
What year was it that you were planning on killing
08? 09? I was just OD’ing every night. I was wild;
I couldn’t believe I was waking up in the morning.
“My wife was just
my friend at the
time; we started
spending time
together and then
she went home,
came back, got
pregnant and had
to go to prison...”
What are your recollections of your last fight?
I was just fighting for money to pay my bills, I didn’t
really care, I was in the throes of my disease, you
know, gambling with life, not taking it seriously. I
didn’t care if I won or lost.
What was it like after the fight ended?
celebrity 00
Person’s Name
Mini Hedline
Sam Wills began performing at the age of 13 as an apprentice clown in New Zealand.
21 years later, his prop based comedy show ‘The Boy With Tape On His Face’ is one
of the most highly anticipated acts at the Edinburgh Fringe. WUWO peeled back the
tape to talk comedy.
It was the best moment of my life. When I knew that
fight was over, I knew it meant I could retire. It’s the
best thing that ever happened to me. When I heard
that bell ring I was just happy that it was over.
You’ve been surrounded by promoters your entire
life and you’ve had relationships with them go well
and go wrong. What are you doing differently?
Well no fighter is ever going to say Mike Tyson stole
from them and hopefully they will never end up like
me. They won’t wake up one day and go “hey where’s
all my money and friends gone? Oh man they all left
me, I’m a goner!”
“I reached a
point where
I realised all
I believed
was true was
a lie...”
A big thing with your promotions is promoting
success inside and outside the ring, using your
story as an example of what not to do. What are the
specific things you’re doing to further this?
I’m in no position to stop anybody from hurting
themselves. There’s nothing I can do, there’s nothing
you can do, there’s nothing anybody can do. I’m not
a magician or a hit man, I can’t make anyone do
anything; I can’t even make my kids do anything.
The only thing I can do is suggest and give them the
choice to go in the right direction.
Tyson has not been entirely out of the public domain, here is a list of the most
popular places that his face or voice has popped up in the past few years.
> Tyson appears in Sylvester Stallone’s 2006 movie
Rocky Balboa.
> Tyson appears in the 2009 comedy film The Hangover.
> EA Sports’ Fight Night Round 4 marks the debut of
Mike Tyson on the Next Gen consoles in 2009.
> The Hangover: Part II 2011, Tyson reprises his role as a
fictional version of himself.
> Scary Movie 5 2013, Tyson appears as himself in a scene
where he complains about neck pain.
I’m not going to stop these guys from spending their
money, getting high and partying. That stuff is bigger
than me. It’s an inside job; you have to look from
within. If you don’t, you’re going to fail miserably.
You said you didn’t want to get involved in promoting
because it’s a headache. What problems did you
cause promoters and what problems did they
cause you?
I put my hands on them. You should never EVER
do that. I was a young kid back then and I couldn’t
handle it. I wish I hadn’t done that, hitting promoters.
I hope that they’d forgive me like I’ve forgiven the
ones that stole my money. I’m sorry for all of that,
everything I did out of ignorance. I never would have
done that if I had the experience I have now.
I was told in order to fight you have to be a tough guy.
In order to do that, you have to have a certain type of
behaviour. I’d tell new fighters that you don’t have to
be brutish; you have to be a gentleman.
What are the big differences for you between being
a boxer and a promoter?
A lot of my life as a boxer went so fast. Being a
promoter I’m interested in helping young kids and
giving back to the community. I’m never going to be
wealthy again, but I can give back to the community
that gave me so much. That means more to me than
having money.
What do you think your old trainer Cus D’Amato
would make of this news and are you going to be like
him as a trainer?
I can’t be like him. Cus couldn’t train these guys
because they would lose their minds. From what I
see, the discipline in this sport is only possessed by
four percent of the fighters. Most of the fighters now
can’t even make their own weight, let alone get in the
ring. I think a professional fighter shouldn’t need to
be woken up or told when to run, this should be done
with enthusiasm. They should be the first in the gym
and the last one out.
Is there anything you learnt from Don King as a
promoter – in a good way?
I didn’t learn anything from Don King. If I was
to learn something from him it would be how to
manipulate my fighters and take advantage of them;
how to tell them lies and tell them I love them,
“I’m not a
magician or
a hit man,
I can’t make
anyone do
the white man hates them, we’re all brothers and
everyone else is against us. I’d also learn how to get
these fighters in my pockets. If I did that then they’d
be walking the streets feeling bad, attempting suicide
and using cocaine. Because of this, I have nothing I
want to learn from his perspective.
Like I said before, I’ve forgiven him and whatever
I did to him, I hope he forgives me. I have no hard
feelings towards him and if he wants to work with
us I’d love to. I’m not mad at anybody I’m just saying
it how it is.
> In 2013 Tyson makes a cameo in the How I Met Your
Mother TV Series.
Some gadgets will save you time, bring you amusement or make life easier, others
will do the opposite. Each month WUWO separates the two and brings you
practical, fun and occasionally absurd gadgets.
1. R2D2 Pizza Cutter
with Sounds £11.94
2. Parrot AR Drone 2.0
3. Aquabot £7.95
4. Portable Notebook
BBQ Grill £24.99
5. Samurai Umbrella
6. Bubblehead Webcam
Good news for Star Wars fans.
This geeky gadget is a unique
kitchen accessory for you to
show off to your friends and
fellow collectors; you can enjoy
the sounds of Star Wars while
you’re eating your pizza. It has a
stainless steel, round, roller style
blade which is easily detachable
from the body. The cutter has
four different sound effects and
works on 3 x LR41 batteries that
are supplied with it.
For those who are bored with
newer versions of PS3 or Xbox
360, a breath of fresh air is the
Parrot AR Drone 2.0. This readyto-fly Wi-Fi controlled device is
compatible with iPhone, iPad,
iPod, and Android users can also
get aerial action. If it’s too sunny
outside, you can relax indoors
and activate a virtual robot via
your phone for some real life
action with another user. Battery
charging takes 60-90 minutes,
which gives you 36 minutes
flying time.
Hexbug Towers have introduced
these translucent, micro robotic
fish that can dive, swim and
change direction when in
contact with water. Do not worry
about the battery life, as it will
automatically switch off after
five minutes. Who need the
responsibility of real fish, when
you can have battery operated
ones! Not only popular with kids,
but adults too.
Ideal outdoor kitchen equipment
that is lightweight and portable,
making cooking simple and
enjoyable. The Portable Notebook
BBQ Grill doesn’t take up much
space and weighs around 4 kg.
The body is crafted in pressedsteel with a high-heat resistant
paint. Be it a camping trip, festival
or enjoying a family get together
in your garden, this has more
than enough room for burgers,
sausages and assorted vegetables.
A unique hybrid combination
of umbrella with a sword-like
design, is a new solution to an age
old problem. This super trendy
umbrella is made for warriors
who want to fight the annoying
British weather with the push of a
button. The body is sleek and the
material is lightweight nylon. It
comes with a shoulder strap and
nylon sleeve.
Ever thought of personalising
your mundane-looking PC? Well,
here we have the perfect gadget
to suit your cool personality. It’s
cute, friendly, sturdy and has
poseable limbs with gripping
hands which allow you to
position the webcam wherever
you want it. The glass lens has a
1.3 megapixel resolution and can
be easily cleaned. Other features
include a built-in microphone and
still capture button.
WUWO comedy
Mark Dolan
Presenter, stand-up comedian, writer of new show called ‘You’re Awesome’ and avid
people lover Mark Dolan spoke to WUWO regarding growing up in a pub, squirting
water at celebrities and an opera singing truck driver.
WUWO comedy 27
WUWO comedy
I guess you’re quite interested in the unknown and
the spontaneous?
My career has definitely been about people, whether
the ordinary or the extraordinary, and yes my natural
curiosity. This live show is in some ways a very low
tech and air-mile equivalent of the documentary series
that I made with Channel 4 about unusual people; like
the tallest woman, the smallest man, plastic surgery
addicts and all these other weird and wonderful people.
I had a slightly unusual childhood in that my dad was
a publican for 40 years and I was raised above a pub in
Kentish Town. I had a huge amount of input from loads
of people as a child. I remember my school holidays,
it was the 70’s and there was only 20 minutes of kid’s
telly a day. If I was bored I used to just go down and
chat with the customers. My fascination with people is
deep rooted and it’s not an accident that I’ve become a
stand-up comedian.
I did a hidden camera series for Channel 4 called the
Richard Taylor Interviews, which was one of my first
bits of telly comedy. I conducted a series of fake job
interviews with real people. Even Balls of Steel would
be nothing without the victims of Neg’s Urban Sports
and The Big Gay Following.
What do you think was the ballsiest stunt on
the show?
I think that Olivia did very good work on the celebrity
circuit because I used to make a movie show for Sky
and I know how PR and agents rule with an iron fist. It
was nice to see these very famous people being brought
down a peg or two. That was certainly very brave
and very ballsy. People remember the Tom Cruise
interview in which he was sprayed with water and
went completely crazy; I think it was a dent to his pride.
Others like Sharon Osbourne took it well. She got
sprayed, swore in the most wonderfully colourful way
and then came back 10 minutes later with a bucket of
water and chucked it on the whole crew, destroying
thousands of pounds of camera equipment and she
went up hugely in my regard.
What makes a good comedian?
I think consistency is actually quite underrated
and that’s also why I’m a bit surprised when there’s
criticism for people like Michael Macintyre and Peter
Kay for being too mainstream or too cheesy or any of
those other things that are laid at their door. I think
their sheer reliability is greatly underappreciated.
Do you have any favourite comedians?
There’s a very funny character comedian, called
Gemma Whelan. She plays a character called Chastity
Butterworth, who’s a very prim, ladylike Victorian
character, but what emanates from her mouth is the
most unbridled filth you’ve ever heard in your life; it’s
hysterical. As an MC, I’m quite battle-hardened to
watching comedians and I respect everybody, but only
a handful of people really bring me out in stitches and
she’s definitely one of them.
So with ‘You’re Awesome’ are there any particular
skills or anything you’re hoping to see?
I’ve already had a truck driver who sings opera, a
beautiful woman who can squeeze her face up to look
like Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver and a guy who is
an accomplished body builder but stands at a strange
angle. His friends asked why he stood at an angle; he
explained he had a disease as a d meaning his upper
body muscles didn’t develop. Anybody else would have
given up on physical strength, but he decided to go the
gym and work out the rest of his body and become this
amazingly buff guy; he’d conquered his weakness. The
show doesn’t set out to be mawkish but when you’re
dealing with real people, you get laughs but also the
lovely warm feeling in your tummy and that’s definitely
what the show’s all about.
WUWO's fashion section seeks out the best, the boldest and the freshest in fashion,
presented in digestible chunks alongside exclusive item giveaways.
Baby Maker Cape
Gilmore Shopper
Judge & Jury
Ocean Pacific
Rolled Sleeve T Shirt Ladies
Virginia Ladies Baseball Jacket
Judge & Jury
Sci-fi in Our Time
Sci-fi is something we associate with as belonging to the future, but many of
its ideas (for better or worse) are gradually becoming part of our lives.
From lasers to cameras, below are some sci-fi concepts proven correct and
even bested by modern science.
Here’s our pick of games scheduled for released this month for all
your black mirrors watchers.
Grand Theft Auto V (360/PS3) – September 17
Driverless Cars
Google Glass
It wasn’t that long ago that driverless cars in films were
used to indicate a futuristic lifestyle, such as Minority
Report in 2002. But automated cars are now a reality
thanks to the Google Driverless Car. The Google
Driverless Car was the first real-world attempt that
gained widespread public recognition; even after those
videos of it running over traffic cones! Google claims
that its small fleet has now driven more than 300,000
miles unassisted by human control.
Google Glass is the newest invention to come from the
company and is essentially a wearable computer built
into your glasses.
GTA is back with more controversy than ever including adult only
content. This much anticipated (and delayed) instalment allows you
to play as three separate characters, each with a special ability. The
game features all the comedy, guns, vehicles, free-roam space and
weird radio stations you’d expect based on previous instalments, but
with a giant 8GB of free space required to install on both Xbox and
PS3, gamers should expect a bigger playground, better graphics and
a significant amount of September to be spent next to their console
of choice.
In Sci-fi: Knight Rider (1982), Batman (1967) and I,
Robot (1950)
In-home Camera Surveillance
Puppeteer (PS3) – September 10
Google Glass also has a built in camera that can record
video in full 720p HD, take high quality photos and feed
information into a heads-up display. These files are
created and stored in its 12GB memory unit and can be
uploaded onto the internet via the device.
Puppeteer is a side-scrolling platformer in which players control a boy
named Kutaro, who has been turned into a puppet and had his head
torn off. Throughout the game, Kutaro is able to find various types of
head to substitute for his own, each with their own unique abilities,
such as throwing bombs.
In Sci-fi: Terminator (1984), Deux Ex (2000)
and Robocop (1987)
it will be playable in both traditional 2D and in 3D. Though it apparently
plays better in 3D than other games because the camera doesn’t move
and unlike other 3D games, there is no reduced frame-rate.
Laser and plasma weapons
Lasers are in almost every single sci-fi movie in one way
or another and have been seen to incinerate entire planets
in a split second without leaving a trace. As yet, lasers
haven’t really developed into weapons of mass destruction,
but do we really need that type of WMD (weapon of mass
destruction)? Well, whether you’re opposed to that idea or
not, lasers have been the subject of weapons research and
a kind of laser gun has been developed.
The most common type of laser weapon is Pulsed
Energy Projectiles, a design which emits a laser pulse
which produces explosive plasma (super heated gas)
on contact with the target. At low doses this can stun
people through affecting nerve cells while it can be fatal
at high levels.
Weapons developer Northrop Grumman has built and
tested an electric laser capable of destroying missiles,
boats, artillery and other targets with an estimated
range measured in miles.
In Sci-fi: Star Wars (1977), Star Trek (1966),
Halo (2001) and Firefly (2002)
You are reading this in one of the most watched places
on earth, with 4.2 million CCTV cameras in Britain
alone. With one camera per 17 people, it is quite
legitimate to say that Big Brother is watching you when
you leave the house, but what about inside?
FIFA 14 – September 27
Despite Orwell’s concerns, cameras are edging ever
closer to your living room. Microsoft’s plans to have
a camera ‘always on’ when you use their new console
were shot down by angry fans. This year, Childnet
International warned those with webcams to cover
them up, as hackers can access both microphones and
cameras on devices connected to the internet. The
US, German and Israeli governments have all been
documented as being able to remotely access audio and
video inputs.
I hear you wondering, what’s different? Have they added landmines,
a no-holds-barred option or completely changed the face of sports
gaming? The answer is no, and nearly nothing else. There’s a new
co-op 2v2 online mode and some fine tuning, but purchasers will
essentially be shelling out for FIFA 13 with different player names,
slightly improved graphics and the ability to play as Montenegro’s
national football team.
This said, it won’t stop millions of people pushing this up to near the
top of the UK gaming charts and then forcing their vanquished friends
to admit their shame on a Facebook status.
In Sci-fi: 1984 (1949), Modern Times (1936),
Aeon Flux (1991)
Written by: Harry Whitehead, Hadleigh Wade, Eleanor
Glenister, Sayan Shah, Minesh Popat
WUWO Likes
Every month the WUWO team trawls the internet, hangs around in music shops,
goes to the cinema and sits in front of the telly. We compress a month’s worth of
intensive procrastination into WUWO Likes, a brief guide to this month in media.
Arctic Monkeys AM – September 9
Arctic Monkeys, a British rock band formed in 2002, became one
of the first acts to break through due to their online presence. They
have released droves of studio albums and a live album, since their
debut album release in 2006. Their first single ‘Why’d you only
call me when you’re high?’ from their album AM, is released on
September 2 as a limited edition CD single with an exclusive B-side.
AM is released on September 9.
Hi I’m Sam Fresco and I’m a techaholic. I also work in Strategy and
Engagement at Digital agency Clock and I’m the Co-Founder & Director
of SwipeStation (
Every month I’ll be suggesting a few of my favourite apps, websites
and hardware pieces.
If you have any tech you’d like me to review, please send it to [email protected]
City Mapper
With the catch phrase of ‘finally a decent travel app’, City Mapper had set itself high
expectations. Combining all forms of London transport, from live bus times, TFL departures
boards and taxi price calculation, to Boris Bike docks and walking routes including instation escalator time (have you ever been to Bank?) this is by far the most detailed and
comprehensive travel app this city has.
Including a one-punch ‘Get me Home’ button and some very important features such as time
home by jetpack and time by catapult (as demonstrated by a tiny flying Boris Johnson) this
really is the one every Londoner needs to have, don’t settle for anything less.
Telescopic Text (
Listen up all you wannabe writers! This is a unique way to display your
story by creating expandable texts leading to expandable stories. The
concept is based on a narrative experiment. This program includes
various languages other than English making it accessible to all corners
of the world, so you can have more control over your editing process.
Telescopic Text allows you to unfold words and phrases within words.
It does sound magical for writers, especially as it has no registration fee.
You can save, publish, revert, duplicate or delete text as you wish.
Oculus Rift
If you thought a Nintendo 3DS or Microsoft Kinnect were the cutting-edge
in next-generation gaming, you’d be wrong. This KickStarter project by
Virtual Reality Enthusiast (coolest job title ever?) Palmer Luckey is the
beacon of what’s coming next, offering up a 360-degree sound and vision
experience for truly immersive gaming through an interactive mask.
Currently only available as development kit pre-orders, when this does arrive
it will have all of us blindly shaking around with giant black ski-masks over
our faces, certain to make the morning commute a tad more enjoyable.
NFC Ring
How To Become
A Criminal
September 11
Now You See Me –
September 3
Recently released movie ‘Now You See Me’ directed
by Louis Leterrie, is out on 3 September. It features
a great cast and is already a box office success. The
movie has an engaging plot with a cat and mouse chase
between the FBI and an illusionist gang running
throughout the movie. The former pulls off intricate
tricks to keep the latter at bay and to achieve their goal.
Though the FBI are always one step behind, they are
definitely treading on the gangs’ heels, making for a
fluent and exciting tale. Much like all great illusionists,
the closer you get, the less you see.
This is a story about a guileless man threatened with
house reposession by the bank. This pushes him
in desperation to hiring a coach to train him how to
be the perfect criminal. It’s not over yet, the coach
has his own ulterior motives to train this innocent
man. This micro budget British dark comedy
features a sleazy criminal underworld occuring
against a backdrop of picturesque rural England.
Written/directed by Henry Scriven.
Firstly no, this isn’t another kinky-gizmo (please see Durex Fundawear two issues
ago). NFC (Near-Field Communication) is beginning to crop up everywhere; it’s
what allows your one-tap payment at McDonald’s through your phone or a thick
sticker from your bank. Similar tech to how an Oyster Card works with a little more
intuition, once Apple adopt this then things will really begin to change.
Until then we have this KickStarter NFC-enabled ring that allows you to do super
cool tricks such as unlocking doors, cars and phones with a mature wave whilst also allowing you to pay people by
bumping rings (a true gentlemen’s handshake). Whilst still an infant technology we’re struggling to use sensibly,
this is nonetheless an interesting permutation that makes you feel like a Jedi during the process.
IFTTT stands for If This Then That. Using simple ‘recipes’ this service lets you
hook up two things in super smart ways. Anything from reminders on your phone,
to your email, to your Dropbox and Google Drive; if you have the right equipment it
even works with the lights and power sockets in your home.
This can be used for all kinds of everyday things such as ‘If I take a picture, then
upload to Dropbox’ so your photos are never tied to a physical phone again. It can even tie in with news feeds so
you can email yourself weather or travel warnings. Or use the news feeds and IFTT to set-up notifications for the
things that really matter, ‘if #BonoDies then SMS me’ so you’re never left worrying again!the battery pack means
it can charge you up on the go – late night internet browsing just got a lot more exciting.
WUWO Books
Each month WUWO’s Lloyd Paige reads through as many books as possible and
picks out a mixed selection of literature to review, below are his findings.
The Never List by Koethi Zan
Sarah and Jennifer kept a list of things they would never do no matter what;
the Never List. When they break their rule and accept a cab ride, they end up
being held captive in a cellar along with two others. Years later Sarah, living
under a new name, is still plagued by the past – Jennifer never made it out
and with her abductor up for parole, Sarah confronts her fears. Chases and
mayhem follow, in one of the years’ most anticipated reads.
Published by Harvill Secker £7.99.
WUWO Online
WUWO’s website features uncut interviews, exclusive content and a backlog of our
previous editions. Each month we pick a few new posts we feel might tickle you.
Korean DMZ Photo Diary – The Only Tourist Attraction/
Hostile Border
Korea has been split into two nations for the last 60 years following the Korean
War. The line that separates the two is known as the de-militarised zone (DMZ),
despite this it is the most heavily militarized border on Earth. The 160 mile
dividing line features fake towns, a who’s got the biggest flag pole pissing contest,
tunnels, frequent skirmishes and one of the world’s largest minefields. WUWO
brings you a diary of what it’s like to walk the line between the two nations.
Rio: My Decade as a Red by Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand’s book mainly charts his career after his transfer from Leeds
to Manchester which includes photographs taken from his private collection.
Former team mate Ronaldo receives a mention and his willingness to do extra
training in a bid to become the best in the world, a feat which he achieved.
Rio also reminisces on Sir Alex Ferguson’s habit of making a few unexpected
playing decisions which were always spot on. An enthralling read with
interactive elements for mobile devices.
Published by Bonnier Books £20.00.
Kanye West’s List Of Crazy
Having previously looked into the lives of Gordon Ramsey, Snoop Dogg, Mario
Balotelli and many more before, WUWO has now turned its attention to “the
number one human being in music” himself and we see if Kanye can be crowned
king of crazy. Why does Mr West advise people not to do coke with an intern?
Why did he dress up as Jesus for the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine? And
why did Barack Obama call him a jackass?
Instructions for a Heatwave by Maggie O’ Farrell
Words with Ghosttthead and Ben Sears
We’ve experienced quite an intense surge of heat this summer but it happened
before back in 1976, the year in which Maggie O’Farrell’s story is set. An
Irish family’s life is turned upside down when their dad Robert goes out to
buy a newspaper and fails to return. The disappearance brings his children,
two sisters and a brother, back home. They attempt to piece together his
whereabouts with no idea that his wife, their mother Gretta, may know more
than she’s letting on.
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be an illustrator? Well WUWO has two
interviews online to help you know a little bit more. Self taught illustrator
Ghosttthead tells us about his work, his influences and the power of comics as a
medium for storytelling while American illustrator, Ben Sears, from Louisville,
Kentucky, tells us about his influences within illustration and what writers have
shaped the way he sees the world.
Published by Tinder Press £7.99.
Best of Craigslist
The French Market Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes from
my Parisian Kitchen by Clotilde Dusoulier
With gluten and dairy free options also on offer here, there are no more
excuses for not cooking something delicious using less fish and less meat.
Clotilde Dusoulier is a well known food blogger and offers us eighty-two
recipes, with vegetables taking centre stage. Clotilde started her blog back in
2003 and by her own admission is self taught, sprinkling the book with hints
and tips whilst championing fresh food.
Published by Clarkson Potter £14.48
The Internet can be a wonderful place at times,
providing us information on anything we can think
of, letting us communicate with people from around
the world and allowing us to buy stuff with just a
click of the mouse. But for as much good stuff as
there is on the Internet, there’s just as much (well to
be honest there’s probably a heck of a lot more) weird
stuff. Classified advertisements website Craigslist is
home to a lot of this weird stuff and WUWO takes a
look at some of the weirdest.
@whatsupwhatson @whatsupwhatson
25th-27th October 2013
ExCeL London
23rd-24th November 2013
NEC Birmingham
General entry 11am.
Children 10 and under enter free with a paying adult.
Max 2 children per adult. Does NOT apply to early entry.