Tackle Football Cheerleading

Tackle Football
In addition to supporting the football players, the
goal of this program is to promote fun and to learn
cheerleading basics by teaching techniques that
emphasize safety. The squad participates in the
Mid-Maryland Youth Cheerleading Competition in
Played on Friday or Saturday evenings. Away
games require travel. Rescheduled games may
be held on weekdays.
Played on Friday or Saturday evenings and require
travel. Inclement weather makeup games may be
held on weekdays.
Where: East Columbia Library fields
When: Practice begins the last week of July.
Practice is held five nights per week until school
begins and three nights per week thereafter for
the duration of the season. (Children who are
5-6-years-old, practice two-three days per week
beginning in August.) The season runs through the
end of October, except for those teams that continue to the post-championship games. An evaluation
determines student-athlete’s team placement. This
occurs during the summer practice. We strongly
encourage you to plan your vacation before August.
Equipment Handout
Deposit check ($250) due at equipment
handout. Dates are posted online and emailed
to registrants. Deposit check is required. Players receive a helmet, shoulder pads, and game
jersey. Players must provide an athletic supporter,
chin strap, socks, practice jersey, integrated game
pants, and cleats.
Where: East Columbia Library fields and inside
local school facility once weather gets cold.
When: Practice is on weeknight evenings, 6-8 PM,
starting at the end of July. When Howard County
schools resume, practices run two-three nights a
week, except before the competition weeks. The
season runs until mid-Nov. and runs longer if teams
make the playoffs.
Equipment Handout
Dates are posted online and emailed to registrants.
Deposit check is required. Players receive a skirt,
vest top, and poms. Players must provide a bodysuit, bloomers, warm-up suit/jacket, hair ribbon,
sock, and shoes. Info is mailed to registrants.
Fall 2014 - Terps Football and Cheer
Student-athletes are placed on teams based on
age, weight and experience. Register on the lowest
team that matches child’s age and weight. Program
makes the final decision on team placement.
7120 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia, MD 21046
Fall 2014
& Cheer
Howard County Terps
To Register: Call, Click or Come In
7120 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia, MD 21046
Registration Form, 2014 Howard County Terps Youth Football/Cheer
Age Determination Date: August 1, 2014
Tackle Football: $125 ($150 after June 28)
☐ 5-6 yrs. (5307.101) Pit Bull
Tackle Football: $160 ($185 after June 28)
☐ 6-8 yrs. (5307.111) max. weight: 85 lbs./*94 lbs.
☐ 7-9 yrs. (5307.121) max. weight: 100 lbs./*110 lbs.
☐ 8-10 yrs. (5307.131) max. weight: 110 lbs./*122 lbs.
☐ 9-11 yrs. (5307.141) max. weight: 125 lbs./*140 lbs.
☐ 10-12 yrs. (5307.151) max. weight: 140 lbs./*155 lbs.
☐ 11-13 yrs. (5307.161) max. weight: 160 lbs./*200 lbs.
☐ 14 yrs. (5307.171) max. weight: 135 lbs.
(*Red Stripe)
Cheerleading: $125 ($150 after June 28)
☐ 5-6 yrs. (5306.101)
☐ 7-9 yrs. (5306.102)
☐ 8-10 yrs. (5306.103)
☐ 11-14 yrs. (5306.104)
You may register with VISA, MasterCard,
Discover or American Express over the phone.
Call 410-313-7275 (TTY: 410-313-4665),
Monday-Friday, 8 AM-4:30 PM.
First-time users must apply for an account;
approval of your account takes 24-48 hours.
A $29 administrative fee is deducted from refund requests made prior to July 1, 2014. A 50% administrative fee is deducted from refund requests made July 1-August 10, 2014. No refunds after August 10, 2014. The Finance Office adds
$35 for any returned check. Limited financial assistance is available for HC residents who qualify (Call 410-313-4659).
Child's NameNumber of Years PlayedFee Enclosed
Date of Birth
Age & Estimated Weight (if tackle) on August 1, 2014
Cell/Work Phone (Parent/Guardian 1) Cell/Work Phone (Parent/Guardian 2)
Registrant's Health Problem or Disability
I agree to abide by all rules & regulations of the Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks. On behalf of myself &/or my child: I
agree to hold Howard County, its employees, officials & agents harmless from any & all claims for damages unless due to the sole negligence of the county, its employees or agents. I do hereby grant & give these groups the right to use my or my child’s photograph or image
in conjunction with other persons or objects & presentations, advertising, publicity (including social media such as Facebook), & promotion
for County authorized groups relating thereto. I hereby consent to my child’s participation in this program. My child’s immunizations are
current. ☐ I agree to the above statements. (Please check box.)
Signature of Parent or Guardian
Print Full Name
Print Name
CVC Code: Exp. Date:
Cardholder's Date of Birth
410-313-4660 your VISA, MasterCard, Discover
or American Express info (payment info) and
completed registration form.
Mail/In Person
A $29 administrative fee will be deducted from
refund request made prior to July 1. A 50%
administrative fee will be deducted from refund
request made July 1-August 10. The finance
office will add a $35 charge for any returned
check. No Refunds after August 10, 2014.
Financial Assistance
Call 410-313-4659 for info & guidelines (available
to Howard County residents who qualify).
Payment Type: ☐ VISA ☐ MasterCard ☐ American Express ☐ Discover ☐ Check (Payable to "Director of Finance")
Credit Card #
Signature of Cardholder
Completed registration forms & payment via check
or credit card can be returned to
Howard County Recreation & Parks
7120 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21046
Home AddressEmail Address
Home Phone
For office use only:
Date rec’d
For More Cheer/Football Information
Sandra Lambert
[email protected]
Volunteers Needed
Our program is only as good as the parent
volunteers and coaches. Please consider coaching
this year. An American Sport Education Program
class is provided to train and certify coaches at no
cost. Background checks are required for all
potential coaches. Please indicate the age you
wish to work with.
Check one:☐
Coach/Assistant Coach
Team Volunteer
Booster Club Volunteer
Home Phone
Work Phone
Cell PhoneEmail Address